Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another week gone

All the shopping done, and we've settled back into our usual boring routine.  Amber dropped the girls off last night, as she was going to a concert with a friend from work and Darren wasn't home.  Jessica is just back from spending a week at Caddy Lake girl Guide Camp.  she had a special camp blanket with her, and a number  of badges she earned, while there, to sew on to it.  It was a fleece blanket so we decided to fuse the badges on, to hold them in place, while she sewed.  Cutting the fusible web required tracing circles the right size, so i showed both girls how to use a compass to draw them instead of tracing around the badges.  (It wasn't any quicker)  Jess had just got them cut out when the phone rang to tell us Darren was on the way to pick them up. so the web was quickly fused to the backs of the badges, everything packed up and a quick end to the evening.

Thinking about it, my memories of Caddy Lake revolve far more around spending weekends down there during spring work parties, than my actual time as a camper.  Jessica's big memory was everyone having to move into the Lodge from the tents, to sleep, one night when there was a severe thunder storm warning, and one of her friends catching a fish--evidently the first one ever caught there in 60 years.

It's been very humid here the last few days, but this morning David felt the need to cut the grass.  Once he got out there he realized that it was too wet to cut.  He came in and called me to the window to point out the huge ( yes, huge) mushrooms growing in the grass near the birdbath.  This is the same birdbath that was so damaged that it had to go, and for which Lion was evicted.  Evidently you can repair the cracks with something to be found in the garage, so the birdbath stays for another year.

This afternoon is another meeting of my ATC Trading Group.  I can almost taste that Chicken Souvlaki now. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

A visitor....I had one too!

First off, I received an email from our friends in Medicine Hat - George and Monik. Last we heard they were planning a driving trip in September to Ontario- to visit here and then another friend near Kingston. Unfortunately, she now has some dental issues and must get repairs at an exorbitant cost. So they have had to cancel their plans, and will not be coming after all.
This morning Mike called from work to say Erin was heading down to Toronto to visit her family for weekend and was stopping in here to bring me some K cups  Mike said they apparently had all sorts at work that no one was using and they were going to throw them away so he grabbed them for me. Mostly tea but I love them, and another that sounds nice - raspberry chocolate truffle! I'll let you know what it's like when I try it - but that will not be tonight though. I was working in the yard - trying to cutback the raspberries and clean the patch ready for next spring when she arrived. We had a really nice visit - and it is always a treat to speak with her  - she is humorous, and down to earth and a really sensible person. We walked about the yard and garden - she is planting in pots at the side of their house and has a keen interest in such things. We picked some cucumbers, and lettuce for her to take and Harry had just bought some fresh peaches so she took some with her as well.
I was up one of the crab apple trees picking this afternoon. I had to carry the ladder into the neighbour's yard in order to reach some of the overhanging branches. They were not home at the time but I made sure to clean up any fallen apples and bits of branches and twigs I had let fall. I expect that tomorrow we shall be back into the dehydrating business again. Oh dear!
Well have a great weekend all, and please write a message as soon as you win the Lottery $$$$ so we can all rejoice!   Take care

Thursday, August 27, 2015

A visitor

Spent most of the week puttering around home, but Tuesday, an acquaintance came over to see if she could find a certain type of bead to use in a hanging she is trying to finish by the end of the month.  We spent well over an hour playing with my beads.  She had a scale drawing of her piece--very complex.  It is her interpretation of a poem, that had been purposefully written for this exhibition.  Well, she didn't find the bead she was looking for, I was able to tell her where she might look for it--Dollarama. I had several very similar ones, but she wanted a specific colour.  She did, however, find a metal belt buckle that looks as though it might become somewhat of a focal point to her hanging.

Then, yesterday, my friend Gail came over.  She was running late and didn't get here until almost 5:00, so stayed for supper.  It's been a long time since we've had anyone visit, and even longer since anyone shared a meal with us.

Today was grocery shopping.  The list was quite short, with us having done a bit of shopping every week in August.   We did buy a few things that weren't on the list, but that's okay, we still did well, in my opinion.  We even bought David a couple of pair of new jeans--Hurrah!!

There is still a little shopping to do tomorrow.  Before we went out, I checked all of the flyers in the paper, for things that were on  the list, and found a couple.  I also need to go across town to buy some thread, and hope to be able to drive myself.

Yesterday, I actually got down to cleaning out and washing out the fridge--the nasty job that's been on my list for almost a week. (I wanted it done before shopping.) I approached it methodically, and according to my own pace, and it was accomplished fairly quickly.  Which just proves to me that the anticipation often outweighs the actually event, negatively as well as positively.  I had been dreading that job, but ended up being pleasantly surprised and how quickly it was done with minimal fuss.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Putting in time

It seems with the cooler temps and rainy weather these days that I am just putting in time. Can't really work outside much, and hate to start anything new inside. What a dilemma haha! I made a trip to North Bay today on my own - Harry had advertised house plants to give away on Kijiji. We have too many and really need to downsize a bit. He got a response and was going to get them ready for us to take today but he is a bit under the weather so guess who hauled them up there! I did a little grocery shopping as well so all was not lost. I was back home by 1230 pm.
One on my lasting memories of home was going to the Dentist ( and to Ronald's Shoe Store of course)  I had my share of cavities and hated to go under "the tent" - that big piece of rubber they used to cover the teeth. My how techniques have improved over the years. But I would say my teeth were OK - compared to you Pati describing yours as rotten, and of course Cathy with your orthodontic work. I often wonder how Mom and Dad were able to manage finances but I think Mom had a good arrangement with Dr T over the years- don't you? Speaking of cavities (and me with an appointment for Oct) I have made all sorts of goodies trying to use up blueberries and apples. I made a blueberry upside down cake yesterday and it is really quite delicious - but I sure don't need any of it.  And those butter tarts by the way were not all that good - very (very!) thick pastry and tough at that. I know that for entering the fall fair with butter tarts you have to make thick and fluted edged pastry shells in order to win ( I never won with my ho hum thin and crumbly pastry tarts ) So maybe folks around here just naturally make them that way.
Well, time to round up things for the night. Tuck all the animals in, and pull out my book. "Same old same old"  routine every night! Take care..

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Butter tarts

I hope at that price they were the size of dinner plates!

Just got an e-mail from Amber, who has had the girls to the dentist, and is now looking at an orthodontist for both of them.  I remember Mom and Dad having almost a running account with the dentist--payments every month--with my rotten teeth and Cathy's orthodontist.  I don't remember you having so many problems, Beth.  Am I wrong?

Monday, August 24, 2015

You are so right...

We don't have something for awhile and then have it and realize how good it is. I have had a craving for blanc mange pudding. I even went to the shelf downstairs and brought up and opened a jar of apple jelly from last year. Now all I have to do is actually make the pudding. I ate the last of 6 butter tarts for supper tonight. Harry bought them at a bake sale on his Saturdays round of garage sales. Here's the rub though, even though I love butter tarts and he knows this (thus the desire to purchase for me), when he went to pay they cost $10.00 ( for the six) I had to eat them at that price haha!
Spent most of the day throwing around boxes in the back room looking for a box of soapstone Harry bought about two years ago.. I found all sorts of stuff, but not the soapstone. Harry was sure it was in the back room. So now I may venture downstairs again tomorrow and see if they jump out at me. I heard from our friend Shirley who lives in Ingersoll in south western Ontario. They used to live across the street and she babysat the boys when I was working.. Apparently, she has been a victim of fraud at the hands of her son who is POA and who had withdrawn approximately $42,000 from her accounts over past year or so. She had an appointment with Bank Manager today and then the Lawyer right after that to try to sort it out. I feel for her as she is all alone now, and not in the best shape medically. This happens to people far too frequently - be sure your POAs can be trusted!!
Well, off to bed to read...then try to sleep. It does not come easy these days. I have made an appointment for my annual physical - Nov 18 at 0930 am. Wonder if she would give me something to help me sleep?? Take care

yesterday's task

was to make Raisin Cookies.  Oh My!  I had forgotten how really good those were, especially eaten warm.  Total pig out!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

At least it is cooler, folks.....

The rain may not be welcome in such huge amounts as you described, but it is no longer unbearably humid now.  We have had a bit of rain, maybe just enough to wet the ground but not torrential. I always hope that it will not be torrential, otherwise I am at the window pumping haha
I took my bike around the block yesterday - first time all summer. I had it out once in Spring but otherwise it sits in the stand and cries out to me.  I had to wipe all the cob webs off and oil the chains, and pump the tires, but I think all of that is part of the ride!
I have been looking for a certain item for the last few days - it is here but I cannot find it. I have been throwing around boxes in the back room, and down the basement and in general having a great time seeing all the junk again haha. This morning I plan to drive to the storage unit and see if it might have been taken there.
Last night we decided to stay up a bit longer in attempts to get a better sleep and maybe sleep in a bit longer in morning.  I put a candle on the table and we sat out until after 10 pm - I must say it was quite enjoyable. I had already had my bath so was in my housecoat , but then, no one can see us anyway. In the mornings when I do my walkabout with my coffee I am always in my housecoat and don't think anything about it.
Harry started to dehydrate crab apples yesterday. when I think about the five baskets he did and how much work it takes to clean and cut them thin, and the number of trees we have and the fact that this year is a stellar year for apples,I wonder to my self, " long will this be going on..." You can sing along with me if you like haha While he sat and cut at apples outside, I found my crochet shawl that I started last winter, and did a few rows on it. So I was happy to be doing my own stuff for a change but while still participating in the work of the house so to speak.
Well, coffee is made so the day begins again No lucky numbers on the lottery from last night so I wait until Wed night to try all over again!  Take care

Saturday, August 22, 2015


We had just left for town, about noon, when the second storm hit us.  We could not see a thing on the highway.  We stopped once and the 4 cars behind us also pulled over to wait.  We (all of us) set out again, but everyone had their 4 way flashers on and we were going about 50 or 60kph.  The streets in town were flooded and "rivers" were flowing down the middle of the street.  I got to shop easy, hopped out of the truck and ran into the store and my jacket was so wet I had to take it off. About 15 seconds in the rain.  This morning Jim went down to the colony to get some eggs and came home with banana peppers, green peppers, yellow beans, carrots, cauliflower, fresh corn and a bag of buns.  They sure load him up when he visits!  Corn and chicken for supper tomorrow!  Now he is back in town to play Chase the Ace and I intend to sit on the couch and read another book from my childhood.  This time it is Andre Norton's "Star Gate".  It is one of the books Debbie Ginther bought me after the house burned down.  She went to a used book store and loaded up on a whole bunch of the books we had both enjoyed when we were younger.  A very thoughtful gift.  The rain has stopped but the wind in howling.  A good night to be at home.

Still a little cooler here

but the humidity is high today.  Some terrible thunder woke us last night, and it's supposed to rain off and on all day.  At least we don't have to worry too much about the little plants outside, although we still have to check the ones under the canopy over the living room window.

It's almost time for our first "payday shopping" under the new regime of a smaller shopping every week.  I have about 8 items on the list for next Thursday--so far.  This is a really good result, as far as I'm concerned.  We haven't hesitated to write things down, nor have we hesitated to shop--following the list--each weekend.  We really stocked up on soft drinks at the end of last month. I guess, the real test will come when we have to buy those again, as the effort it took to haul them into the house and down the basement was exhausting, and lead to the change.  I've been keeping track of the sales, and plan to buy a few cases when the price is right rather than as many as possible.

Cathy, it's nice to hear you joking about the environment at work, rather than your frustration with the human interactions.  Things must be a little better from that perspective.  Maybe you should take a couple of those coyotes into work with you to add to the general ambiance.  Their barking might add a harmonious note to the construction din.

Thanks to my daily "busy-ness" lists we are just about caught up with all of the small jobs around the house, so have declared today a bit of a holiday. There are only two things on today's list and one of then is a big job that we are both ignoring--the other is baking off a roll of oatmeal cookies.  So I plan to spend most of the day in the studio.

P.S. I had just posted this, when David called me to the front door to look outside.  Dark, dark almost as though it was 10:00pm, rather than noon.  Thunder rolling, wind blowing and then it started to rain.  I sat down to update this and the man on the radio started talking about how very dark it was, and then he went on to say that it is a massive storm moving in,  Torrential rain and hail, moving at about 80k/hr and covering most of southern Manitoba.  Then David called me again and I saw that the rain had become so hard that I could barely see across the road.  Sat down to finish this and lost power,
Managed to get back in about 12:35. but had lost everything, so had to start over.  The storm has eased off quite a bit.  The corner of the street is totally flooded, almost all the way to our driveway.  Cars on Munroe don't see the water until they hit it.  Boy, do they ever slow down in a hurry.  And again the man on the radio is talking about the storm, saying that most of the underpasses in the city are flooded.

Quite a day in Winnipeg!

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I know your feelings, Beth.  When the heat was here it was so exhausting.  Without air conditioning the windows are open all night (Coyotes barking you say?) and in the morning all windows are shut and all blinds are drawn.  I am glad we have the room in the basement.  It stays cooler than the rest of the house.  On the other hand, the night the heat broke and the colder weather moved in I had a great sleep.  I even had blankets on me.  36 during the day and down to 12 over night. 
 We are still under renovations at work.  They were shut down for over a week for safety issues.  They fixed them right away, but the inspectors didn't come out for a week.  Today they got the "trial" window in.  We thought it was the start to the work, but it seems they have to wait for an inspector to come out on Monday.  Then he examines the window, they then remove it and he examines what they did underneath.  THEN, if he passes them, they can actually start.  The noise yesterday bothered Shirley so she phoned in this morning and said to call her when the noise stopped.  I just left the message and let Eliabeth  (the key for the last letter of the alphabet no longer works on my computer) deal with it.  Shirley will be in tomorrow.  Patty and I were not happy.  Perhaps if she used the earplugs they gave her???   I know she has hearing issues, but I think she should have come in and if there were problems we could have found her work on the other side of the building or in the vault.  (Just venting here)
 Eliabeth brought her dog in again today.  Her house is also under renovations..... total gutting of the main floor and the workers leave the door open, so the dog can escape if he gets the chance. Anyway, we had him on  the other side of the building from the workers and he snores.  Patty and I laughed until we cried.  He snores in the rhythm of the theme from jaws.. Duh DUHH Duh DUHH.  Usually Eliabeth keeps him in her office, but she has no office right now and is working in my office and I am back at the desk I started at 16 years ago.  It is actually nice to be working in an area with another human.  I might have to switch again if Shirley decides she can work away from the construction.  I will have to take her desk.  Once they get going the entire building will be done, so Shirley will have to keep moving to get away from the main action.  Good thing I have holidays coming up the first week of September.
 Jim  was talked into driving potato truck again this year.  he quit when the guy he was working for sold out, but Murray was at the legion today and said his boss called him to see if he could find two more drivers.  He says his boss is really easy going, so Jim said yes.  He starts at 6:30 am on Sept 8 ( Jim? Up by 5:30am?)  I think it will be good to get him doing something again. 
Enough rambling... have a great weekend everyone!

Rain finally and maybe some relief...

The humidity is supposed to break - I just took dog to the Lake and there is a lovely cool breeze so I am hopeful that we shall get some relief. Actually it is much nicer outside but inside the house is still a bit unbearable.
We went to Huntsville today. I poured on our way down the Highway but stopped soon after we arrived.- we visited the lady at the hospital again for our friends.. We took her outside to the gazebo and had a lovely visit. Funny as we had to go past the Boardroom to get to the back door leading to the gazebo and got held up there for a moment. But not before I glanced in and there were people wandering around. One of the old Senior executives spotted me and came over right away - he told me what was going on, (Open House for the public with Board members and executives of organization there to speck to issues) and then he offered to get us some cookies. He brought a plate over with cookies and grapes.and after a few gratuitous words, we left. Again, a nice reminder of another time in my life......Now back to reality. I shall do the dishes, close up for the night, and then off to bed to read.  Another day comes to an end haha! Take care

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More Birthdays ...........

Today is a Birthday for one of our younger woman folk in the family. Happy Birthday Sandi.
Hope you have a special day. Best Wishes to you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

....and still we are suffering!

This heat is just not acceptable any more - nerves are frayed here...'nough said as Pati always states.And not helping the situation is that yesterday Harry decided to dehydrate crab apples - that machine has been going steady since then and the humidity filling the house from it is not helping any.
I was on the phone most of day trying to sort out our Internet statement that arrived today. We have  pre authorized deductions monthly and always pay $33.84. This statement said they would be deducting 118,94.  Remember that trouble I had with our modem when we had to drive to North bay to get another and drop off the old one? Well, as the statement said,  I did not return the old one and was charged 75.00 plus tax.. Do you have any idea how difficult it is these days to get your point across? Yes, I expect you do!  I believe at one point I suggested that the company could be accused of fraudulent business practice...maybe that might help?  Anyway, by 5 pm tonight (closing time) I still had not heard back. Tomorrow is another day and I shall keep on trying........
In meantime I also have my reading that keeps me happy. I just finished the Templar Trilogy that
I have been at for last year or two. Wonderful read. Now I have a Wilbur Smith historical novel about ancient Egypt started.
Well, back to the heat... Sure hope it breaks soon...your message Pati gives me hope!
Take care.

The heat is gone

at least for now.  After several days of almost 40 degrees of Humidex, we ended up wearing sweaters yesterday--and loving it!  It was great to have the doors and windows open and feel the house cool down.

It was a quiet weekend.  We didn't do much other than a bit of grocery shopping on Saturday--a bit more than I had anticipated.  In trying to shop once a week instead of once a month, I have been very aware of the dangers of impulse buying when you're in the store.  We couldn't find any more of the La Cocina Tortilla chips but found bottled water at 12 for $0.99, and ice cream bars, which probably should have been on the list, but weren't.

We lost one of the small perennials from the front,and will try to replace it today ( the Nursery was closed yesterday). We did a lot of reading.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy the books by Gail Bowen, about politics, love and murder, in Regina, and finished the most recent one in jig time.  Then moved onto a couple of recent ones from Nora Roberts, and her alter-ego, J.D. Robb. We've found that, now we seem to need large print books, (for some obscure reason,) we can get things much more quickly, than if we were on the main waiting list--where we would have been #287--"nuff said.

By making up a job list every morning, and working my way through it ( that second step is the killer) we are more active and the house is tidier.  This is a big deal to me, because looking at mess, and not having the energy to deal with  it was really getting to me. We have now washed all of the sweat jackets, jackets, parkas, and coats, in preparation for fall.  In the process a couple of the seams in my parka came open, but have now been repaired.  This is the bright lime green parka, with the blue paint stains on it.  It's many years old, and owes me nothing.  I think I spoke about replacing the zipper in it a couple of years ago.  It's still there in the cupboard, ready for use, once snow flies. There's a pleasant thought!

Finished my tea, now onto the day.  I may even get dressed!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Thanks for your thoughts

It does hurt and hoping the feeling of loss will soon fade to happy memories for me. We received a letter in the mail yesterday from the vet signed by all the staff expressing their sympathy for Kittens death. I thought that was a nice touch.
Today I will be busy with all the produce. Harry bought two more baskets of blueberries and a big bunch of carrots when he went to the Nursery to buy more garlic bulbs to plant for next year. And apples are falling off the one tree- nice tasty big apples so I am making some sauce and likely another apple crisp today.  A loud and colourful storm went through last night and of course, more apples fell off.  This year I am trying to keep up with the tomatoes by making juice- to drink but if I get too much I'll bottle it.  And trying to eat the cucumbers as I have too much of pickles etc ahead and don't want to be making any more this year. I may have to give in....
I heard from my friend Sue and she is organizing another luncheon for me to meet up with several of the old gang so I will look forward to that in late Sept or early Oct.
Well, better get at it... Harry is off to garage sales.
Take care - have a nice weekend.

Friday, August 14, 2015


I feel bad for you. They become family members and it really hurts for a while.  I will be thinking of you

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How sad for you.

We love our animals and care for them, and then they are gone.  You may be wise to keep him close, in your yard.

Think of me...

I just buried my beloved old cat in a most suitable grave in the backyard.  I called the Vet after seeing the old cat just laying on the chesterfield barely responding to my attention.  I took him right in, and by this time it was in it's last few minutes. Still alive but twitching, The Vet did not need to sedate him but instead gave him the final needle with which Kitten died. I feel better now for him and for me as I have been keeping watch for a few days now, and getting up in night to offer water and pet him. He was over 20 years and had a really good life. So that is my life today and now I see the other animals sort of looking around and I'm sure they know something has happened.

Welcome back

Surprise - I see your message and hope it will continue to work for you as I love to read your news. Hang in there - soon another week of vacation for you, right?
I think we are getting your hot weather in a day or so - weekend is supposed to be above seasonal temps.  I guess that means lots of watering in store! Take care

Am I back?

I tried to sign in under a different email account and i think it might have worked.Talk about the blind leading the blind! Hot and humid here which leads to bitchy and tired.  they are working on the office right now.  Yesterday we had construction workers, supervisors, furniture movers, fire alarm testers, an exterminator and a cat all in the office at once.  I am working on 1/2 a desk and have my phone sitting on a stool beside me. And they say the work is going to take longer than they thought.  Surprise!

Foggy mysterious morning...

Just came back from an early walk to the lake with Scooby. I love these mornings that are foggy and spooky - quiet and peaceful. I couldn't see the water until I got right up and could hear it lapping at the shore.
Yesterday I made two blueberry kuchens, and baked off a batch of oatmeal cookies. Yes, Pati you made me do it haha!  I still have a roll in the fridge to bake off today or tomorrow.
My old cat is moribund. hasn't eaten for about five days and is not mobile. Just laying on the chesterfield. I give it water and take it to the litter box but otherwise he just lays. I wish I could help him. He appears to be in no pain or discomfort short of not eating and not walking.
Did a lot of work in garden yesterday. Hopefully today I can rest a bit. Anyway, on with the day..... Take care

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oh, what a feeling..... get your wheels back. It must feel so good to get behind the wheel after so long. Be sure to keep it up. When we go out together it is always Harry driving (mostly always) so when I have to go on my own, I enjoy getting behind the wheel. I like to bring a favourite CD or two to play. I find that I must be super observant at all times for fear of missing something. Not long ago I was driving in North Bay with Harry and didn't I almost miss a stop sign - came to a quick stop with all feet on the breaks. Doesn't do well to do this sort of thing with the spouse riding beside you.
On Sunday I got bit again - this time on my left upper arm. I was picking raspberries and felt something poke me - I thought it was a branch until I started to itch badly. Soon a welt started and grew bigger and bigger. By next morning I was red, hot and swollen down the arm to below the elbow.  Harry had a Drs appointment in Huntsville as a follow up to his colonoscopy two weeks ago so we were in Huntville at the Mall. I stopped into the Pharmacy to see if they had any cream The pharmacist sold me a box of benadryl tablets and suggested I have it looked at. Since there was a walk in clinic in the same building as Harry's Drs I decided I should go. A great line up with about 8 to 10 folks ahead of me but when I got to the check in she asked if I had gone to my own Dr ( also in same building) She actually phoned my office to see if they could see me and sure enough I was told to go there. I was already feeling better about it now since I would be more comfortable with my own Dr.  As it turned out I was seen my one of the other Drs ( this office is a family health team so any of the doctors may see you - the records are all electronic so my history comes up quickly)  She marked the outer edge of the swelling with a pen and told me to keep taking the benadryl but also gave me a Rx for an antibiotic. If I was not seeing any improvement by this morning I was to start on the antibiotic pills.  It was improved this morning and has been improving all day so now I am feeling better about the whole thing. Last year I was stung by a wasp on my finger and it took me three weeks to treat it my self but I had the same reaction - swelling and redness going up my hand to my wrist. I think that as I am getting older, my responses to such incidences are getting worse. I am not as bad as you Cathy, but I wonder at some point if I may not actually develop an immediate systemic response or... with these recent events, is my body developing the necessary antigens to fend off such an attack? I think you Cathy are the the most knowledgeable about this?
Well, time to say goodnight...and do some more reading before lights out. Take care.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Got my Wheels back!!

We saw the orthopedic surgeon again today.  He thinks I'm doing well enough not to need another follow-up for 18 months.  And I can drive again!  So we came home, and then I took the car out to get my self a haircut.  I think I'll still be nervous about driving at night, at least until I see the ophthalmologist at the end of September.  We figured out that I haven't been driving regularly since the beginning of March 2014.  So I guess there will be a bit of a re-learning curve, and I'll certainly need practice.

The slow cooker chicken didn't turn out too badly.  The chicken itself was certainly better than the previous time, when I tried to roast it, but still not great. It was just too tough an old hen. The tomato was fine.  I kept it, and had more for supper tonight.  I think I would make it again, for myself.  I used to make a similar dish,, by frying the tomatoes, and adding a few bread crumbs and some sliced Zucchini, but David is not fond of tomato at the best of times.

Today I made up oatmeal cookies from Mom's old recipe that gets rolled, and put in the fridge to be sliced and baked later.  From the ingredients, I have to guess that it is probably an old depression recipe, and this made me think about how many things we had at home that probably came from the depression, and even from Dad's life at home before that.  Things with just basic ingredients, no eggs or no butter.  Do you remember Boiled Raisin cake?  I used to make that when the children were small.  It was so good with lemon icing.  Remember how Dad used to add bits of cheese and bread to pan fried potatoes.  I sure used to enjoy that, but now realize it was a way to stretch the potatoes and add a bit of protein.

It looks like one of our little plants may not make it.  We'll have to keep an eye on it. Worry about it tomorrow.

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Since I've been eating blueberries and yogurt every morning for the past couple of months, I felt that I just couldn't face another blueberry today.  So I suggested we go to Tim's for breakfast. David doesn't really like eating there and I agree that it's just become too expensive to go regularly, as we did when we were cycling.  I'm sort of glad we did, as it turns out the building is going to be renovated, starting Tuesday, and there will only be a drive through.  Good to know, so we can avoid it for awhile.

We made the mistake of buying some bone-in chicken breasts that have turned out to be old and tough.  We tried roasting a couple of them awhile ago--awful!  So today I decided to try them in the slow cooker.  I remembered seeing a recipe awhile ago, but do you think I could find it?  So I decided to "wing it".  It had stuck in my mind as it used salsa--and I had one jar left.  But that's all I remember about the recipe. Do you realize that it was 2011 when we made salsa?  I mixed it with a can of Aylmer Accents diced tomatoes, and added a bit of chopped green pepper, and basil.  I have no idea how it will turn out, but it can't be much worse than when we roasted the chicken.

My strategy of making a job list, no matter how silly, is working.  We are both getting things done and are finding ourselves more active.  While I haven't finished scrubbing door frames with my Magic Eraser, ( a long term project), today I moved onto washing both thresholds.  Sounds silly, but when I saw how dirty and dusty they were, I knew it needed doing.  I think I did it once before, but the memory is so vague, that I may have just thought about doing it, or it may have been in a different house.  No matter, it's done.

David has been having trouble finding sweat jackets that he likes (and look good, but that's my criterion).  He has had the most success in the States, but now that we aren't going there, it has become a problem.  Awhile back he found one, only one, in WalMart, and it has proven even more useful than we anticipated. When we were in there the other day, I suggested he see if there might be another one.  Sure enough there were three of them.  We sort of looked at each other and I said buy them all, and we did (the price was right).  They need to be altered , just a bit, so one has been done, and the rest wait until he's ready to bring them out.  This has been a long standing problem and I'm glad to see it solved--for awhile.

So now, 11:00am, I can move onto fun stuff. 


Blueberry muffins hot from the oven...I love your recipe, Pati!  The only thing is that these particular blueberries that Harry picked from the Nursery are very large and I fear that I put too many into the batter. Consequently the muffins seem to be mostly blueberry haha!
 Oh, I'll eat them, don't you worry. But next time I will choose smaller berries and perhaps less in amount. Enjoying them anyway!
I'm also trying to put together a train set that Harry bought at a garage sale.  I do not have enough space set up on two card tables with using my styrofoam sheets over them ( the sheets that I was using for my hexis)  The train works even though I don't have it all set up. Enough!
On with the day.....Take care

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sunflower Festival today

The street will be closed to traffic and vendors will fill the space with their wares. Music will be playing from the stand set up in the little park area on the street and food will be available everywhere (for a price)  The officials will give their speeches at 0945 am - sure to see the local federal candidates out seeking every one's attention! And tonight there will be a street dance for those so inclined (not us)  Tomorrow is the big Triathlon - very popular now and people come from all over the province to compete.
Our Dutch neighbours arrived Thursday night about 9 pm. I haven't yet seen them to say hello and welcome but that will soon come as we are out in the yard more. I cherished the quiet and privacy we have enjoyed by not having anyone right next door - our little sitting area may not be as enjoyable for the next month or so. I believe they are staying until Sept 16 this year. The are very nice folks so I don't worry that much, but I think we have been spoiled a little !!
harry is off to his garage sales but will return by 0930 and we'll walk to the downtown from here.
So I better start my Saturday chores (ie washing laundry) and enjoy a little time alone with another coffee while I can!
Enjoy your weekend. Take care.  ps leave the Magic Cleaner Pati - I'll not notice anything when I come. BTW - one of the cats left a dead mouse on the floor for us this morning. I think it must be the little cat as neither of the other two were ever mousers.  I guess I better check my cupboards again yuck!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Rain, again.

The second dull rainy day.  It's so hard to stay up beat when even the Heavens are crying.  Since I can't seem to get settled to anything, I drew up a job list today, and worked diligently from it.  Didn't get everything done, but I kept myself busy.  There has been one especially difficult area to clean.  I've tried several products over the past year with no success, so today I went out and bought a Magic Eraser.  It appears to be working, but takes a fair bit of elbow grease.  I bought 3 Magic Erasers, as there are similar spots in a couple of other areas of the house, but progress will depend on how well my wrists function, so this looks like a long term project.  Maybe I'll be finished by the time you guys get here in December.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It looks very nice

I can now see the finished garden - I think I saw a hydrangea yesterday that was not there yet but now it is..haha.  You will be anxious to start to see the plants flourish and grow. Give them lots of water and TLC.  We have hostas that badly need splitting so perhaps I will take a few lessons from Dave in the Fall and see if I can do the same here.
Bits and starts of rain over last few days -just enough to be a bit annoying - you go out to work, and it starts to sprinkle and before you get inside, the sun is shining. It was the same all day and then again today. I headed out just now to go to the bank in the sun and halfway down the block it sprinkles - fortunately I carried my umbrella. Harry decided we should go to visit the lady in Huntsville tomorrow. He called the friend and she was so glad. She is having some difficulties with her Mother - wants to come home and says she can look after herself (which is not the case). So we shall go and visit and give Carolyn a wee break.
I actually got out my hexis yesterday and did a bit of sewing in between rain showers.It felt good to get back at it but I know it won't be a regular occurrence - not until the winter comes again.  I am into my third book of The Templar Trilogy  by Jack Whyte (a Canadian author) I am so enjoying the read and cannot seem to read fast enough. Usually only a chapter or two each night  Historical fictions are enjoyable as you get the History part all wrapped up in a great story.
Well, back to what I was doing. Just wanted to compliment you on your beautiful front flower beds.
Take care

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Finally done!

Yes, finally finished.  It cost a little more than we had been quoted but then we asked him to do more than what was on the quote.  He has agreed to come back in October and help David divide the Hosta, and he has agreed to do some work for the neighbour in the fall, as well.

Here is the North area with everything done, and the top layer being brown mulch.  We had a choice of mulch colour but opted for basic brown as opposed to red or yellow.  As you can see,the rocks are in place, as well.

On the South side, not only is the Hydrangea in place and mulched, but he area closer to the steps was done as well.  David plans to put the higher Hosta behind the existing ones, when the time comes.

Now for something entirely different.  Have either of you every bought La Cocina Tortilla chips?  They are much lighter, mildly salted, and much easier for elderly teeth to manage.  There is no store in the area that stocks them on a regular basis, but one store brings them in about twice a year, as a special.  I heartily recommend them, if you every come across them. 

Looking mighty fine...

It is so nice to see the pictures - they speak a thousand words. I don't know names of plants either but I love what the south bed looks like with the new hydrangea, and the new soil. You will be very happy with results and as you say, worth every penny for you.
Had some more issues with internet yesterday which cost me about three hours of my time.I initially called my server after I had tried to troubleshot first myself. They were less than helpful, saying they had no troubles on their end and I would have to book a technician to visit the house. OK! So I called my geeksquad on the phone. They helped best they could but ended up saying that it was the server issue because it was not recognizing our username and passwords when we logged on. he said to call the local Best Buy (where our geeksquad contract is) and they could maybe diagnose if we took the tower in. That store said No way, they had no means to diagnose at the store with the sever. So last resort I called the server back - after waiting about 30 minutes (as they had an unusually large number of calls) another fellow (not the same one had first spoken with)came on to say Why yes, after I first spoke with them they did identify a problem and they had the technicians working on it.  About two hours later, the server specialist called me back to say they had fixed the problem, and would I please log to ensure it was OK now, while they waited on the line to confirm. It was the first fellow i had spoken to initially that called me - he had been very short with me the first time, and i wondered if maybe they had him make the call just to smooth things over. I was annoyed with his attitude the first time, but said nothing rude to him. This second time he was all "nicey, nicey"  You never know do you? Long story short, we are back to business.
I have a call into my Broker to see if Mike can get some truck insurance through them. last year he paid $979.00 through his company he was dealing with in North bay but got his statement in the mail last week asking for $2317.00 for this year. That seems a little high!!  Hope we can work things out to the better for him.
Well, back to the garden and more weeding and trimming tomatoes, and tieing up tomatoes. Lots of fun  Take care

Birthday celebration again in our family

One of our menfolk is celebrating today... Happy Birthday Jim!
You have a nice day (of quiet reflection? haha)
Best Wishes.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Not quite finished

The fellow was late showing up and was only able to spend a few hours , but he managed to get all of the soil spread, and all of the plants into the ground.  Tomorrow he will come back to add the landscaping fabric and mulch.  Over all he did a little more than we had originally discussed, so we expect the final damage to be more than we anticipated, but still manageable.  There was no way we could have done it all ourselves, so worth every penny.

Here is how all of the little plants clustered around Lion, to spend the night

first thing in was the Tall Lime Hydrangea on the South side of the stairs.  It will grow to about 4 feet tall, and fill out quite a bit, but willhave smaller flowers..  He then spread soil throughout this whole section of the garden, as we had discussed splitting the Hosta come fall--they are quite root bound.  Not surprising considering that we transplanted them from the house on Woodside.

Now, I'm not sure what these all are,but I know the one in the corner is a drought resistant miniature Maple, what will go through several colour changes over the course of the year.  It will grow to about 4 feet high.  Can't remember what the one next to it is, but the third one in that row is another Hydrangea, one that will have the big ball-shaped flowers.
Then in the corner by the driveway, is a juniper, that will go to about 7 feet tall, with a 2 1/2 to 3 foot spread.  There is a middle row that is hard to see.  It consists of three plants with darker leaves that will grow up to about 2 feet high. My rocks will go between them

 The very front row is smaller ground cover plants that will only be about 6 inches high, but will spread up to 2 feet.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Half done

The young fellow came as promised, and dug out both the area on the North side of the steps and the bush on the South side of the steps.  He hauled everything away, and then brought some plants for us to try out in various areas.  We discussed the plants and made our choices.  Tomorrow he will be bringing a truck load of soil, a load of mulch, and a roll of landscaping fabric, and then planting the things we have chosen.  He is a nice young chap and a hard worker.  We found him through a local plant nursery, and everything appears on the up and up.

Here are a couple of views of the North area in all its glory

And here it is all dug up.  We are hoping to be able to keep the rocks.

And here is the before and after view of the area South of the door.  We plan to put a Hydrangea in the area of the bush.  Removing the bush was a heck of a job, even after David lent him the tools he needed, after breaking his shovel, on the roots.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Wonderful news!

I remember how upset you were when it was lost, and the lengths you went to in trying to find it.  Someone was looking out for you that day, if it got lost in the car and not the community.

I finally got to spend an hour with my friend. Shirley today.  She is not doing well, and I think it is making her somewhat depressed.  She had developed blood clots on, or in, her retinas, and has been receiving a series of shots for it.  She says that she is encouraged because it isn't getting any worse, but this has been going on for months, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  A friend is helping her finish up the quilting projects she had started, but she really isn't able to do any of the work herself.

Tomorrow the fellow is supposed to be coming to dig out and re-plant our front flower bed.  I'll try to get pictures.

Time to write

I did not realize how my communications have apparently been missing for awhile. I guess suffering through this hot spell contributed, as well as being busy with keeping the garden wet, and produce tended.  Yesterday we went to North Bay for the entire day to meet up with Harry's brother Ted and wife Deanna from Kirkland Lake. They are attending a family reunion - The Lauzon family - which is her side. We took them shopping to different stores and then she had a Foot appointment for 2 pm, then we went to eat and dropped them off at the Hotel about 4 pm - just as the skies broke and the rain came. On the way back home we stopped into the Nursery and Harry bought two more 4 qt baskets of blueberries. I shall have to freeze one basket today and we can eat the other.
The day before I decided to clean out the car - vacuum and clean windows and the dust off the front etc. Surprise !! I found my missing gold earring lost in the winter. Harry gave them to me for Christmas and I had worn them only a few times. I thought it was long gone - lost somewhere in North bay. How it ever found it's way into the slot on the central console where Harry keeps his sunglasses I will never know how but there it was hiding. Sure enough the clasps was loose and probably why I lost it.
When we are next in Huntsville i will take them into the jewellry store where they were bought and see if they can be fixed or replaced? That is a happy story for my week, and I was thrilled with this outcome!  I shall write more soon. Take care!