Sunday, July 31, 2011


We have cleaned the office for the last time. Our evenings and weekends are now free!! And not only that, I am on holidays until August 15th. It is hot again here so all our meals are either cold or bbq. Tonight is rotisserie chicken, new potatoes, garden beans, and salad with everything from the garden except the tomatoes. I really enjoy it when things ripen and we can eat straight from the garden. Too bad I also know how much work is ahead of me. We really cut back on the garden this year, so I don't have a lot to put away. We ate all the peas, and the potatoes we are just eating. We will have a lot of tomatoes again, but Rrain wants to make homemade salsa so that will use up a lot of them. I will make tomatoe sauce and maybe freeze junk for soups. I sitll have pickles from last year, but I wall not let the cucumbers go to waste.... I guess that means a lot more cucumber sandwiches. Tim and Maddie and Tim's girlfriend and her daughter are arriving next Monday. We will have a full house by then, so I guess I do have to do some cleaning. We don't have to worry about food, because they have had the meals planned since last year.... fish fry... turkey fry.... hot dogs on the fire.... hamburgers and steak. I hope this new girlfriend is better than the last one he brought home. She can't be any worse. The last one didn't even like kids, including Maddie. This one has kids. APril and her three kids have been over everyday for the last 4 weeks. It is getting to be a bit much. Rrain has taken to hiding in her bedroom and pretending to be asleep. Once in a while is okay but this is wearing thin. Of course the kids love jumping in the pool and it has been hot. And April is having marriage problems and just needs a break now and then, but so do we. Oh well. Today Rrain and I are going to jump in the pool before anyone else gets here. We will have it to ourselves for a while. Just to cool off. Jim & I have pretty much decided not to replace the pool once it goes, but when it is this hot I have second thoughts. We are thinking about replacing it with one of those 3 foot by 10 foot blow up pools. We could sit on the bottom and just soak. It wouldn't be as much work either, because you can empty it easily to clean it. Today I am thankful for getting "hugs" when I need them. Even if they are Zen Hugs.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Good thoughts

We are just finishing the packing for our weekend away.  Setting this up and executing it is almost like a military campaign--and all for three days away.  I have to plan all the menues, then write down all of the ingredients, then shop, then measure out everything and put it in disposable containers for travelling.  I have to pack all of the utensils that might be needed.  Then I devise packing lists based on where the item might be located--fridge, freezer, or pantry.  These lists are used as a check off and then taken with us to re-check when we pack to come home.  Then I have to go through the same sort of process for clothing, followed by the same process for "stuff".  Since we plan to drive back through the States, I also have to plan for border crossings--there are some things I don't want to try to take across a border--either way.  The third type of list is a sort of  "to do" list broken down into what needs to be done on which days, leading up to the event.  Did I mention that this was for 3 days away?

Complicating the whole thing is the painting.  Both David and I have had reactions to the primer he has to use in some areas, so we had to plan out "to do" list for the painting, leading up to applying the primer just before we pack the car and leave.  Now, you must understand that the final primer has now been applied to the back foyer.  The same foyer we need to use to pack the car.  A bit of poor planning there!

As part of all of this, I planned meals for today to use up the last of the perishable food that we aren't planning to take with us.  Screwed up a bit there as well, and my next job is to make sandwiches to take with us.  We've never done this before, but figure on stopping at Pine Grove for lunch.

So what does all of this say about me?  A bit anal, you say?  Maybe I just see a reflection of my business experience?  So, for today, I'm grateful for the type of life that makes me a bit anal in planning for events like this, where there are frustrating  consequnces for doing something wrong.

Friday, July 29, 2011

P. D. James

We went to the library today, where I checked out the various writers of British Police procedurals, and recognized the ones by P. D. James as particular favourites. A little more cerebral than some of the others.  Another favourite is Elizabeth George. Hers are best read in the order they are written, as the lives of the protagonists are fairly important to the story, although each can be read on its own, quite nicely. 

I realized this morning that a couple of my small plants have died from lack of water.  They are close to the house and we assume that when it rains they get water, but this is not always the case, depending on the direction of the wind. And, boy, do we have wind these days!

Today I'm grateful for A/C and cranberry juice.

Be - send some rain, please!

Watering, and then more watering tend to fill my days. Everything is so very dry, and yet, we are picking and eating ample supply of cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden. The neighbours across the street just had central a/c installed today. She told me on the street where I met up with her walking her dog and her 19 month old daughter that they were saving for a travel trailer but had to give in with all this dry hot weather and purchase the a/c instead. We just have fans blowing all the hot air around the house, but I think it does help the animals with a bit of relief. I made a banana cake with maple icing to take to Mothers tomorrow and thought of all of you while making it (and also while testing it to be sure it would be suitable - after the fourth piece I found it to be suitable!!) I'll be going solo again to Mothers and hope to accomplish wonders in the garden. I was fine with planning a light lunch but Harry went shopping this morning and I now have a full meal to cook as well. I finished another novel by Steve Berry last night - really long one called The Venetian Betrayal and what a thrill to come to the end of a good book. You sit for a moment and just fondle the closed cover and ponder a sense of wonder. And then you quickly want to decide what your next book shall be and want to get onto the challenge immediately. Does this make any sense to any of you? No, ok, so I'll just sign off and go to bed then.....haha. Have a great long weekend everyone, and take care.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Books by P.D. James

I believe that I have read her books, and enjoyed them,  but then I tend to enjoy British police precedurals, read several different authors, then tend to confuse their names.

Today I'm grateful for the firm bed in the spare room, where I had a good nap despite a very sore shoulder.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Naughty Blogspot! Bad! Bad!

Hasn't let me in for until now.  We went shopping this morning.  Three thrift stores  looking for blue plates, then WalMart, Zellers, Rona, and a quick stop in the grocery store.  Then home to start the final clean-up of the kitchen.  Yes, the kitchen itself is done. ( The pantry and foyer are still to go, but primed ready to paint.) I knew that blue is not often used for serving or eating foods, because it has the effect of reducing appetite, and that is sure obvious in terms of second-hand plates.  I only found one, and it is more of a serving plate. I found one more in open stock in Zellers, but didn't see much else, even in sets. So the search will continue.  We found some tea towels and small hand towels that match fairly well in WalMart.  But in Zellers we found both placemats and tablecloths, and even a set of pot holders that we decided were acceptable.  ( The right blue, but have a sunflower on them, and I've been trying to avoid yellow)

So now the folding table is finally down, and the living room usable again.  Needs a good ( read re-e-ally good) vacuuming.  We know that we're going to have to have the rug cleaned, but knew that,  before all this started.  Unfortunately, our steamcleaning guy retired, and we either have to find a new steamcleaner or rent a machine and do it ourselves.  Probably do it ourselves, so that we can do the whole house at the same time.  As soon as the dishes are done, and the floor swept, I'll try to take a picture. 

But all that shopping has worn me out.  So I had a good nap, and now a drink before getting to work.  So far today, I'm grateful for getting my kitchen back.  I'm grateful for air conditioning. And I'm both humbled by, and grateful for, David.

Be - So lets all laugh together

It is that time of year that I usually am in your midst and laughter abounds. Every year I have been able to travel west and be with you all - in Neepawa, or Winnipeg, or at Lake McConnell. So it may be a bit sad for me right now but in my heart I am laughing with you and enjoying
your company. It will come to be again, but not right now.
P.D.James - has anyone read books by this author? In my search at the cheap stores I always go over the books looking for familiar authors. I like to read books by the same author when I like his/her writing ie Cussler, Kellerman and now Steve Berry. I have seen many different titles by James and although I have not looked closer at what each book is about, I wonder if he/her might be a next best bet?
Nothing exciting or thrilling in my life right now - we visited with Mike today in North Bay as he is at home this week in between taskings having finished in Meaford and pending a possible Petawawa posting. He is still trying to secure a tasking in North Bay at the Armoury but that has not been confirmed. That is my happy / thankful event for today plus today is Willie's birthday so I, too, propose to dwell on the positive. Take care.

Monday, July 25, 2011


I find that by writing down all the "bad" things that seem to be happening I start to laugh at myself. I guess it's the case of "saying" them out loud makes them seem less overwhelming. I'm thankful for this blog. Even when I don't post anything I log on everyday just to see if there is something new. It makes me feel closer to all of you. A part of the "family".

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I've always used humerous self-depreciation as a coping mechanism.  Once, when I was having difficulty dealing with life, it was suggested that I find something to be thankful for, every day. I, still, often  reconcile my day with the exercise, but very privately. From now on,  I will try to end every blog post by naming the thing for which I am thankful that day.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Be - So much to read

One night without checking the blog, and tonight I have lots to read, and to see pictures, too! Amber, your story of woe seemed to follow nicely the theme of the last week of messages back and forth - but nevertheless, I feel your pain. I think we should choose one day (soon) and call a truce on anything unpleasant in our lifes and decide to do one really nice thing. For example, today I went to Mothers solo and had to stop on the way to buy table cream for her to put on the fresh picked raspberries that I was taking for lunch (she prefers to put cream on her fruit) While in the store, and since I was feeling sorry for myself, I purchased a quilting magazine to read tonight while listening to Randy Bachman. This is a pleasure purchase for me, and I feel great about pampering myself! Silly, eh? Harry went to garage sales today and bought some paperbacks for me to read. Two by James Patterson, two by Mary Higgins Clark, both of whom I have read books by before, and one by Robin Cook, and one by Nelson deMille, neither of whom I have read anything before. So, likely his purchase will be utilized down the road, and not for naught. Anyway, time to relax with my magazine. Take care. (What day shall we choose for our Have a Good Day day?)

Bit of excitement

The police knocked on the backdoor, just to let us know that one of those outlaw bikers lives quite close. Just what I needed to hear.  They are doing this all over the city. It used to be that having the bikers in the neighbourhood meant that there would be less in the way of break ins and car theft.  Now we need to worry about firebombs etc.

Today we discovered that the inside of the back door will need to be painted.  I suggested blue, and on checking the can, we discovered that we had bought interior/exterior paint.  A blue door!  There's a good chance that we'll have enough to do both sides.  Neat!

quick progress report

David got the blue on the kitchen walls yesterday. We've always had paper here, and for the past few years, a brown paper.  I can't tell you how pleased I am with the blue.  It just looks "right".  A nice clean crisp touch.  I know that the overall result will depend very much on what sort of accessories I can find, but so far things are going well.  Today he hopes to work on the chair rail, which is white.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacuuming the lawn???

Trouble always comes in three, right? #1 - We took my car in last Thursday to have them check out the "check engine' light. They told us the parts costs over $4,000, but luckily it's covered by a warranty we didn't even know we had. But it would probably be Wednesday before the car was ready. Well Tuesday, I called to see if it was still on schedule for Wednesday - nope, the part's not coming in until Thursday morning, so it will be ready Thursday afternoon. Well it's now Thursday evening and I don't have my car. The part didn't come in. Now they are saying Monday. Thank goodness we are a two vehicle family, but it's still a nuisance. #2 - Darren called for someone to come look at our air conditioner Friday night. The guy called back and said $150 jsut to come out. So Darren asked if there was another number he could call the guy back at. Yep! (Apparenlty this guy is not new to doing side jobs.) He ended up coming over Monday evening and telling us we needed an entire new unit as they can only get used parts as ours is no longer being made. He came back yesterday after work and installed it with a buddy. $2400. This made us start to wonder what #3 would be. Well, it came yesterday. #3 - With the gusting winds, our brand new patio table and umbrella were blown over. The umbrella broke along with the glass table which smashed when it fell on top of a cooler. What a mess. Darren and I took turns this afternoon vacuuming the grass in our back yard. We only got the table put together Saturday morning as we needed it to host a BBQ for approx 35 people. (Thankfully all we had tgo do was supply the house and backyard.) Because we just assembled it, I still had the paperwork and called the company. They are replacing both the umbrella skeleton as well as the table top at no charge. We only have to pay shipping of $35. I can handle that price. Hopefully this really is our #3 as it turned out to be much cheaper than the other two.

On a positive note, I finally got to see cirque du soleil. I've wanted to see it for years. I went last night with a girlfriend as Darren had no interest in going. It was a nice evening out and of course I had to buy some of the show souvenirs. I spent $18 and got a fridge magnet and a keychain. I enjoyed the show and will plan on going next time the show comes to town.

Tomorrow I plan on taking the girls to visit a girlfriend who just announced that they have adopted a baby. They used me as a reference and have only started telling people today as they wanted to wait out the 21 day period the birth mom had to change her mind. They started trying for a baby the same time I got pregnant with Jessica, so I am thrilled that it's finally happened for them.

Be - survived another day of this hot stuff!

And yet, there I was picking beans and peas in Mothers garden, and then watering the entire garden under the heat of the blazing sun. And then came home and did it all over again. I can hardly wait to go to bed tonight. I keep thinking that all my outside work is aiding in my attempt to lose a few inches but as I sit here pondering the results, I am eating at a bag of Presidents Choice "The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie". Somehow, I am always derailing any weight lose progress I expect to be making by working my ass off in 40 degree weather, and do it by sitting at the computer at night and filling my face. Enough said....tomorrow is another day. It is really hard to plan meals when temps are like this (except eating cookies from the bag!) We made a cold plate at Mothers for lunch - potato salad, coleslaw, cold meats etc and this seemed to be best for her. She is certainly suffering in this heat as the elderly do, so her wellfair is a concern for sure. On the news from North Bay tonight came a story of a 17 month old left in a closed, locked car for an hour by her parents. The baby is OK in the hospital and parents are saying each thought that the other parent had taken the child. Eh??? So long for now

thanks for the offer

I had thought of asking but remembered how long a trip is it is, and I'm sure that, by now, the stuff is so shop worn that it's not worth having.  I had really pretty well forgotten about it!  thanks anyway!

They keep promising us rain, but never deliver.  The garden is suffering, even though we both do a little watering now and then.  Meal planning is getting more difficult, as I'm now limited in terms of how I cook things.  Since the painting has now moved around to the area by the stove, stove top cooking is out, as well as using the grill anywhere in the kitchen, and in the intense heat, we sure don't want the oven on!  I baked  some corn muffins in the toaster oven yesterday and it worked quite well.  As well I put cut up chicken thighs on  skewers and under the broiler.  I was pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Greasier than the usual chicken breasts but quite fine, with a little Greek salad dressing as a marinade.  I'm not sure what we're looking at for tonight.  I had thought about the rice and bean casserole that we both like, but that means cooking  a special rice, and on Tuesday I cooked a huge batch of white rice thinking of fried rice and rice pudding over the next few days. 

Physio again this afternoon.  My range of movement is so-o-o much better, the intense pain on sudden movement is gone, and she is now talking about adding strengthening activities.  Oh! Oh!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Be - inspite of heat wave...

.... I was still outside working all day. I wondered what ever happened with your work at Wilno thinking that you had maybe received them back but apparently they are still there to be purchased. It is not likely we will go back (that is unless you specifically would like me to go for some reason Patty and then we most certainly would ie to retrieve items if requested) I was thrilled to read your message Patty about your new colour scheme and excited for you. I always notice stuff ie the mugs but don't necessarily mention. I can picture all your plates and wonder what it may look like with a complete ( or almost complete) changeover. I would love to redo my kitchen but it is quite far down the list of current events. haha I would like to paint the walls and put a wallpaper border along the top. I have seen a few places with this, and quite like the effect. Although with a small area, such as my kitchen space, it may be too overwhelming. Getting the roof shingled is a good start for all that needs to be done around here. Today I cleaned the area around our little outside iron firestove, and the old pile of wood, only to discover that the base of one of the large white pine trees is rotting. A strong wind could easily blow it over and it is so big, I don't know how we could take it down ourselves although that is what Harry is suggesting right now. Two years ago just before I came to Winnipeg, I had to hire a company to remove a tree in our back yard (at request of the neighbours) There was no time for us to do it so I suggested the hire. It cost 450.00 just to cut it down, and we were left with the cleanup. Wow!! Wouldn't you just love to have at least one day to go by without some "crisis" presenting itself? I know, too much to ask. Your stories of late Patty prove my point! On that happy note, I guess I shall go to bed and rest up for our visit with Mother tomorrow. Cheers

surprize in the mail

Believe it or not, a small ( read small) cheque from the Wilno Craft Gallery!  I had completely given up on them, as it's been well over a year since I last heard anything.  Well, not to look a gift horse in the mouth--I can use the money.

The blue comes from my small collection of Kathryn Koop coffee mugs. They hang in the kitchen over the fridge, but I bet most people never notice them.  We actually took one ot the paint store to see if they could match the colour, carefully wrapped in a special mug bag.  It is a dark blue, but a clear blue--not the smokey grey/blue that was popular a few years back.  I'm also going to change some of the plates on the plate rail.  Last time I hit the thrift store to get the ones I needed, and will try that again.  The thrift store, at the time, was on the east side of Osborne Street, across from Ronald's shoes, but I'm sure that one is long gone. We usually go to a little thrift store up the street, but it's quite small, and we've been talking about checking out a new one in the neighbourhood run by MCC.  Actually, it's always been around, and we may have visited it together some years back.  It was in a very out-of-the-way spot, but now they've moved. I really have no attachment to any of the plates, except for one that Auntie Lorraine gave me.  So now I have a new mission in life--looking for blue plates.  Once I get a little more $$, I'm also going to look for a new artificial flower spray to put over the sink--also in blue.  My intention is to make the blue the dominant colour over the green.  It just won't look right if there is the same amount of the two of them.

And I've just realized that my applique picture of the rabbit--First Snowfall--will fit in quite nicely in terms of colour, as blue is the dominant colour there.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Be - so "blue" it is ?

Sounds like fun to be able to change things up a bit - and going with blue seems like a real change in your kitchen. Lots of work though. Glad you've taken a bit of time to go riding but the weather is almost unbearable. A story about the hot weather in Winnipeg was just on As It Happens on CBC radio - a company selling swimming pools/spas had a promotion that if today's temp reached 34.9 all customers who bought pools would have their money refunded. The owner was interviewed at the airport where the "official" thermometer was located and at the time it was reading 33 so there was a good chance the company would have to pay out- but they had insurance for the eventuality, and 80 customers were hoping for the best. All we do here is water the gardens - both here and at Mothers. We picked beans, peas, lettuce and broccoli and then brought the veg back home where I froze them and will take them back to her freezer on Thursday. Crazy. Tomorrow to North Bay and plan to visit Uncle Walter at the Home. Harry spoke with Aunt Evelyn this afternoon and she is overjoyed that we will go as this means she can rest tomorrow. She is pushing herself too much and wearing out quickly. What a shame. As I see us looking after Mother, and see how things are with Aunt Ev, I wonder if the old traditions of getting into a boat and being set adrift into the ocean wasn't such a bad idea? Well, enough of that and time for bed so good night.

And the beat goes on--

The need was identified for more painting supplies, so off to the store we go.  Supposedly we now have everything we need to finish the job--tools, primer and BLUE paint. ( Ka-ching!) Another section of the kitchen is finished and the contents returned to cupboards.  Drawers put in place--oh s--t!  One of the drawers won't open because the handle of another drawer is in the way.  So, we re-arrange all of the contents--sort, sort--sort--toss, toss, toss.  Finally finished, and David says "What goes in this drawer?"  Oh s--t!  We now have an extra drawer!

But we got out on our bicycles for the first time this month.  ( I've been out twice on my own)  Hottest day of the year so far and we're out riding bicycles!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


We are watching this so closely.  The paint David is using cannot be used when the humidity is more than 80%.  The A/C helps bring it down a bit, and it's hot enough that we seem to need it on most of the itme, these days.  I've mentioned the paint problems, and the computer problems (still not resolved). Well, yesterday, the innards of the toilet upstairs gave up the ghost.  So, even while desperately trying to get the kitchen painted, poor David has had to stop for computers and now toilets.  He got it fixed in short order, once we bought the parts, thank Goodness.  All of this has left us much poorer, (and more to come with the computer).  Amazing how the Fates know when we have little money put aside, but David doesn't want to use any of it, so we're living out of the freezer for the rest of the month.

We're about half way through.  He's still working on the cupboards, and has run out of very expensive primer, so is reduced to sanding the heck out of the doors.  Yesterday we finally took a look at the back foyer.  When we took down the coat rack off the wall, the wall itself was damaged beyond what could be quickly fixed with the supplies he has on hand, so had to head out to buy more patching compound.  He's pretty well decided that the green in the foyer has to be re-painted as well as the white.  I've been thinking about making blue an accent colour instead of the orange/brown that's been there for 12 years, and this may be the chance to do it.  Since we also have to replace the wall paper, I could work blue into that area as well. Just a thought at this point, but could well become reality.

One day this week, there was a little tag associated with the newspaper. We were instructed to prepare a donation bag for the food bank and leave it on the front steps, yesterday, with the tag attached,and someone would come along to collect it. There was even a list of some of the things they need.  Well, we had a single box of packaged rice, that David can't eat because of his allergies, and a small box of brown rice that he won't eat. Hardly worth putting out.  Then I thought, he hasn't baked bread in almost a year, and he had quite a stockpile of flour in the basement.  So we added 10 kg of whole wheat flour to the pile and didn't feel nearly as cheap putting it out.  And it disappeared exactly as they said it would. We wondered out loud about who picked it up.  It was supposed to be people from one of the churches, but it could have been anybody.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Be - date night again yippee!

I love Sat night and my date with Randy Bachman on CBC radio. What a life eh? when this is my weekly highlight. All I hear on the news is the troubles in Winnipeg right now- gang fighting, killing, and deadly fires now. They have interviewed a few people who express real fear for what is happening. I finished painting the picket fence yesterday - at least the outside. No idea when I will ever get to doing the inside but we are the only ones seeing that. We have just contracted a company to shingle our roof- two years of thinking about it and saving $ for it and now have committed to its completion. It isn't even done and yet I feel a great sense of relief already. Funny how these sorts of needs and big decisions play on your mind! It will be end of August that it will be done- would be nice to have this sunny weather at that time but that is thinking only of me, and not the poor men on the roof in this terrible heat and humidity. We did not go to Mothers today as we usually do - Harry called his sister and wondered to her whether she could go - as it turned out she went and stayed for a few hours including for lunch. Mother will be thrilled so maybe will be in good mood on Monday. Well, thats it for now -take care.

Hot and humid

Why is it that we are never satisfied with the weather? We wait all winter for summer and when it comes we complain about the heat. Personally I think a humidex of 45 is a bit much. Jim is trying to finish up some painting at the legion, but it gets so hot at the back that they just can't keep going. There is no relief inside either, because they are painting the stand for the new air conditioner, and it can't go in until they are done. Mid 30s all week. Going to be interesting. They really hope to be finished building it by tomorrow. I am still living out of boxes at work, but at least the new furniture is in place. With Patty on holidays I had her work and mine to complete so I never had time to unpack. When I need something I just go and try to find it. I didn't get finished last week. Patty will have a lot to start with when she gets back on Monday. I really need some new clothes for work, but the choice is limited in Neepawa. We have the bargain shop and giant tiger that I can afford, and then It's Time has really nice clothes with a really nice price. The only clothes that I really like at the Salvation Army are size 8. Do no humans donate there?? We are puppy sitting this week. We feed them first thing in the morning and again at about 6 pm. (That is the royal "we" since Jim does most of it) They are put in for the night around 10. Last night they got fed a bit late, and put to bed a bit early because it was almost 8 when we got there. It didn't seem worth coming back again in 2 hours. Today they will be back to normal. They are 4 months old now and a real handfull. They get so excited when we arrive and won't even let us pet Niki (their mom). They want all the attention. Jim just called.... they finished the painting before he got there so he is happy! They still have to finish building the deck though. He is coming back to get me so we can clean the office. With things still piled everywhere we can't do as much as usual, which Jim likes. He is counting the days until his contract is up. (July 31) Rrain (I will get used to that) was hoping for a day off today, but she has such a backlog from her internet job that she will probably be working all weekend. Time for breakfast.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be -Marathon day outside

It was what I call a "free day" for us today ie did not have to go or do anything for anybody. I always have high hopes for these days and it did not disappoint...started at quarter to seven when I cut the grass hoping the neighbours did not mind the noise too much. Then I completed several other jobs that were pending ending up working outside until about 3:30 pm. The weather was perfect although sunny and hot the humidity lifted and there was a nice breeze unlike the last few days where you could hardly breathe it was so hot and close. I am looking forward to a nice hot bath and to bed early. I have another Jonathon Kellerman book half read so have that to look forward to reading as well. To Mothers tomorrow so I like to relax a bit and get ready for the visit. Glad you got out golfing Cathy - I still have my clubs but haven't golfed since more than twenty years ago. Sounds like my bicycle which still sits under cover in the yard waiting for me to go for a ride. I got it all cleaned and ready for the summer season and thats all that has happened. I guess only my garden work counts for my exercise regime. Now if I could only stop stuffing my face I might make some headway???? Take care

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

way too much fun....

If you can't laugh you cry so you might as well laugh. It's contagious. Our office is in the middle of the big furniture move. We have spent the last while boxing up everything in our offices. Today they come and take away our old furniture and tomorrow the new stuff arrives. I don't think we will be doing much work for the next while. That is probably good since I am doing job interviews at VCC. We had so many qualified applicants for a part time bookkeeper. We eliminated the unqualified and still had 9 to interview and one that we received late that is also qualified. We have interviewed 5, with the final 4 today. I hope the decision will be easy. We golfed on Sunday. I was really surprised at how well I did. FOr the first 6 holes, anyway. We went with Rodney & Kristy, and Rrain walked the course with us. (the royal "us".. we had carts) There was steak for supper afterwards and prizes. I ended up picking a soaker gun. It could be fun for the kids when they are in the pool. The problem is the spray range will probably hit us! We have lots of baby vegetables in our garden now, but Jim was very disappointed that we don't have potatoes yet. He wanted pickeral and new potatoes for supper last night. I must love him because I ended up paying $4 for a tiny bag of new potatoes at the store. Tonight our interviews go until at least 7pm, so it will be sandwiches for supper. Then I seem to be free for a week! Yippee! Maybe my house will get clean. Just as we got home from the golf tournament on Sunday, Sam (the Hutterite) phoned. Could we pick up the girls for a swim. They had started walking. It's a 6 mile walk in total, so Rodney & Jim headed off to pick them up. Good thing Rodney had a truck to load them in. There were 8 of them and they had a real blast. They were so grateful. Jim and I took them home in the van later. They wanted to be let off behind the big tree, but Jim took them to their mile road. They didn't really have permission to come to our house, let alone come for a swim! The pool is at least being used this year. I only go in and lie around. Others really play! Once again it is time for work... I love my job.. I love my job......

Monday, July 11, 2011

Latest giggle

If you enjoyed that, you should have seen us this afternoon when David dropped a full gallon of paint and sprayed the whole kitchen.  I was on the phone with Amber, and I'm not sure she has heard that sort of reaction from me before.

Be - Too close to the truth...

Patty, your tales of woe hit home to close and I think if we collated all our stories we could have a best seller. The difference is that you share yours with us and I appreciate reading them because it points out to me that I am not alone afterall- maybe I should start to tell you a few of mine haha. Its a good way to get it off your mind, and turn them into something funny even if at the time, you see little humour. You are good at painting a wonderful picture of events and I can visualize it so clearly (probably because I have experienced similar situations). Thanks for the laugh - this blog is truly my lifeline! Take care

forgot to tell you about our computer problems

Computer went crazy on Friday.  After running a Norton scan, it was still doing weird things,so David disconnected everything, and took it in to be looked at.  Figured we would be without it for as long as a week, but he brought it home. He was assured that there was no virus, and had been told that we hadn't given Norton long enough to deal with the problem, and that we would have to re-boot 2-3 times to get everything cleared up.  Did so, and left it for awhile, and then more of the same problem, so David changed the batteries in the keyboard and everything settled down.  Saturday morning, same problem. We had been told that everything was pointing to a keyboard problem.   So David disconnected, ready to replace it today.  Saturday about 5:00, we get a phone call from a man with a strong Asian accent you identifies himself as calling from Microsoft technical services.  He tells us that our computer has been sending automatic distress signals to Microsoft for some time, and that we are badly infected, and that the computer could crash any time. He tried to give us some instructions, but he was very hard to understand and we just weren't getting it. It was a very difficult phone call, and we ended up doing nothing but thanking him for calling. So, of course, David then packs up the computer again and off to the repair centre.

It turns out that the phone call was a scam.  They were trying to offer to fix the problem, if we would give them access to our computer, and all of the information in it like banking a credit cards etc. The repair guy said that they had had several reports of this over the past few days.  We have no virus, but at this point, neither do we have a keyboard, so everything is having to be done on the laptop.  Can still play poker though, mouse works just fine.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

You know it's going to be a bad day when---

It's Sunday morning and
--you get up and discover there isn't much of anything to eat for breadfast
--so you get in the car to drive to Timmies and when almost there, you realize you have no money
--You head back to an ATM, then head to Timmie's, wait for a long line at the drive through, get to the window and are told that they don't have what you ordered
--after a detour to another Timmie's, you head home
---Once home, after eating your muffin, you head downstairs to get to work,  Suddenly DH shouts that there is a problem.  He has hit the hose delivering hot water to the kitchen sink, breaking it, and spraying water all over the kitchen, all over the fresh paint, and dripping through the floor and flooding the laundry room
--After finding the main valve and shutting off the water, you clean up and realize that you will be without water in the kitchen until it is fixed.  You can't find the number for the plumber --AND IT'S SUNDAY!
--good news--DH thinks he can fix it--once the stores open
--you head for the store to pick up milk and cookies, while he is buying hose.  You spend over $30.00, and foget the cookies
--later, after relaxing downstairs for an hour, you head up to make supper and --no husband.  Check outside, and at the neighbour's, no husband
--finally, you walk by the bedroom and spot a lump in bed--he's so tired he's down for a nap.
--no more work today.

And how was your day?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Be - Nice work

I like the photo- brings out a brilliant shine on the cupboard doors, and the hardware is quite nice. Do you like to use the handles after so many years without them? Here, although there are handles, I always tend to grab the bottom of the door to open and close. And consequently, the bottoms get grimmy and need cleaning. Today we went to a picnic at the Nursing Home where Uncle Walter is staying. Aunt Evelyn invited Harry and I, and Walter's sister who lives in Sundridge to attend -she was allowed only four guests, and none of her kids were able to attend. A gorgeous sunny, and hot day but a perfect day for an outside event. The Home went over and above to make the setting and day one to remember. Tables were set up all around the back park area - each covered with a white linen cloth with a smaller navy blue placed corner wise so as to serve as a table topper. Balloons, drink stations, bake sale, craft sale, penny sale, and fifty/fifty draw and a BBQ luncheon were included, but the best was Elvis live- singing and entertaining -an Elvis inpersonator that is, but very good. We sat under one of the parubalas ? (gazebos) so were shaded from the direct sun. It was a very enjoyable but exhausting day as Harry and I did a lot of running for the older ones. (haha) I was lucky to win an item from the penny sale and think you may be knowledgable Patty about this. It is a wood carving about two feet long and six inches across -like a miniature totem pole from Creative Carvings from Pinawa Manitoba. The creators name is Peter Symchuk as per the professional card attached to the carving. Do you know this artist / or his work? There is a price tag on the piece that reads $200.00 and I wonder if I might have lucked out in winning a real prized item? Other than this exciting event, life goes on with many trips to Mothers this past week- her regular ministry funded homemaker who comes on Wed mornings for one hour, was on vacation so I did the extras which included changing the bed linen, wash, and doing the kitchen and dining room floors. Lots of fun always. Tomorrow we should be able to stay home which will be good to catch up here before the next week arrives and we start all over again. So, Patty, have fun with your cupboards and kitchen to contend with, and Cathy, enjoy whatever is on your agenda. Take care

Status Report

we've been at it for 5 days now, and it's been slow progress, as only one of us is actually doing the work! That's the arrangement we've found to work best, if we want to remain married. We've also been spending time talking about what sort of small changes we'd like to make, one of which is to add some hardware to the cupboard doors and drawers.  It may not be all that stylish right now, but both of us will be much happier this way. The first half of the cupboards is finished and David is working on the lower section beneath them.  It's been a bit of adventure and we've discovered that neither of us is very good at reading a ruler or knowing up from down.  David has also decided that the rest of the &^%'g hinges will stay in place and not be removed and cleaned up.  'Nuff said about that!  I figure it will take at least the rest of the month to get the job finished, as we have the rest of the cupboards, the pantry and the back foyer to do, as part of the same job.  When it's done I can already see that shampooing the rugs will be next on the list, and painting the living room may have to wait a year.  We startedon Monday and Wednesday evening College Pro Painters came to  the door soliciting jobs.  the look on his face when he saw the mess and I told him he was two days late, was priceless. 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hangin' In

Today was my first private physio appt.  She actually gave me some massage, some ultra-sound and a heat treatment.  Of course, I have exercises to do, and then see her in a week.  I have to say that my shoulder feels better than it has in awhile. I hope this can keep going, and that the pain will gradually disappear. Otherwise, I'm having a "stupid" day today.  From this side of it, it's sort of nice to just go along with whatever is happening, and amuse myself, in any small way I can.  But not great for helping paint the kitchen.

Stopped in Chapters for a bit, just ahead of my physio appt.  It's really hard to find your way in a book store, or to check out anything, when you don't have your reading glasses with you. ( I left them at home yesterday too) I had been looking for a particular magazine,and wanted to make sure there was something in it for me to use, before I put the money out. So, off I go through the mall looking for a dollar store to buy yet another pair of cheap reading glasses.  Being as it was in the mall,  I had to pay $2.00 for this pair, but I bought them, found my magazine, and then read it over an Ice Capp in Timmie's, before heading across the street to the physio.  Once I got home, I looked for the reading glasses I had put in a case to take with me, and found them in my purse.  Looking for a silver lining, I've decided that those suckers can stay in my purse forever, and never come out--after all, I now have enough glasses to put a pair in every purse I own.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Still alive and kicking

I really don't know where the time goes! Already the 6th of July. Had to take Jim to the hospital again last night. He was throwing up blood this time. Of course, once there, he lay down on the bed and slept all night. The tests showed nothing again. (We have to shampoo the carpet because the"nothing" left a lot of stains.) We are going in the Legion Fun Golf Tournament on Sunday. It is supposed to drop down to 25 that day, so it may be bearable. They had 20 teams entered last time I looked. Rrain (I am training myself to call her that..... but she will always be Kik to me) was just going to walk around with us and drink, but Cheryl has asked her to help out so I am not sure what she will be doing. Maybe collecting money. She is coming for the steak supper afterwards. I paid for my drivers license today. The reminder letter was dated May 19th, I received it today, and I had to pay by yesterday. Something is just not right there. My home is still a pig sty. I can't seem to get it clean. There is always something else to be done. The garden really needs weeding right now, but it is too hot earlier in the day and by evening the bugs are out. If I get a chance maybe early in the morning would work. We have been living off of the BBQ lately. It is just too hot in the house to cook. We've also had asparagas everynight this week. Sam brought us a big bag and we all love it. I prefer it raw, but I have been steaming it for everyone. Jim likes his mushy, but I refuse to do that. The plants in the garden are all flowering so it won't be long. I can hardly wait for that first tomato. It tastes so different from the ones in the store. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it and we had a big supper tonight. Hopefully the rest of the week holds less excitement than the first part.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Never a dull moment

Was sitting over coffee yesterday morning, planning my day, when David started taking apart the kitchen cupboards.  It seems that we're painting the kitchen this week.  It looks as though it's going to take most of the week, given how much was accomplished yesterday.  When it came time to sleep, we opened up all the windows and set a fan to pull air in through the bedroom window and out into the rest of the house.  It sure helped with the smell.  I was almost cold in bed, which was a nice change, as well.  But the work started before I even had a chance to wash Sunday's dishes, so that's on the agenda for this morning, as the primer won't be ready for re-coat until about noon.
Then I have to get out a pay for my driver's licence and autopac. According to the paper, that came yesterday, I can pay at the bank this year.  There is also a box of yarn to get rid of, and I've found a group that knits slippers.  Now-- I was allowed to assume it was for some sort of charity, but I didn't ask questions, and will just be glad to get rid of the yarn.  It was given to me unexpectedly, and is all in shades of bright pink--heavy, coarse man-made fibre.  David wouldn't let it in the house, so it's stored in the garage. Another chore to keep me out of the house.
There are also a few good dishes to go.  I haven't used any of them since we moved in 12 years ago, and Amber really isn't interested.  I called Things yesterday ( the consignment shop attached to the ballet) but was told that they don't take some patterns any more and I had to provide a list of the type of dish and maker and pattern before they would even give me an appointment to take them in to be assessed for suitability.  I knew that they didn't take tea cups ( nobody wants them anymore and I have 36 in a cupboard downstairs), but this just makes me wonder why bother at all.  I have a flan dish and covered casserole of Floribunda by Villroy and Boch, never used, and original price of about $700 for the two. ( I didn't pay that, I bought them at Things)  Maybe I'll just use them as gifts.  Make them someone else's problem.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Yes, It's true

Front page of the Free Press,this morning, has the full story on the suspension bridge.  Second time it's been lost to a flood.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

re: Souris suspension bridge

David tells me that there was a planned severing of the Souris suspension bridge, over the weekend, because of the flooding.  We had been seeing pictures of the water just a few inches below the bridge for the last few days.
Torchwood is a gritty, but silly, science fiction tv series out of England. It ran for three years until they had a grand finale and killed off half the cast.  They are now announcing that it's coming back for a 4th series, and the marathon was a way of bringing everyone up to speed on the history of the story.  I very much enjoyed most of the episodes, but there were a few that were too gritty, or silly even for me.

Be - Relaxation?

I don't know what Torchwood is, but the thought of sitting and relaxing sounds delightful. I spent the day outside (what's new about that you say?) but it was a two day marathon for me to gather the pots from all over the yard, sort them all into sizes and store them somewhere neatly and out of the way until they are needed again for planting next spring. Sounds simple but in reality a "pinta" to find the spot, prepare it, carry and sort a million pots, and then pile them up. However I accomplished this chore and feel a sense of pride for a job well done. Yeh, me! I also had to do something with the turtle tank - remember that suggestion to put charcoal into a nylon....well, it doesn't work. Harry bought a new aquarium filter at a garage sale on Sat so this morning I set it up and got it running nicely. I didn't change the water in the tank which saved me a three hour job, but I know I will have to soon depending on how this new filter clears the water. We need some rain soon as everything is so dry - almost hate to be wishing for rain here when I listen to the CBC radio with great interest for news about the flooding. It must be a terrible sight to see all the fields covered with water, and diking all the towns. I still have my map close by so I can refresh myself about all the town names, locations and proximity to the Souris River. I remember our trip to see Souris Cathy when I brought the two boys for a visit, and walking across the Souris River on the suspension bridge. It looked like a nice river at that time but by all accounts has now turned wicked. Well, another week looms and tomorrow it is to Mothers so I better go. Take care.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


A pleasant drink, no pressing responsibilities, and a Torchwood marathon on tv. What more can one ask?


We've now had the A-C on for three days.  It doesn't run at night, and is only on periodically during the day, but I don't know how old the thing is, and thank Goodness that it keeps running.  Only two of my friends showed up yesterday for a stitching day.  They both brought a sandwich and I had a veggie tray and a carrot cake for them.  Later in the afternoon I managed to spill a glass of iced tea all over the work table.  But I spent most of the day fetching and carrying for Dianne.  She stabbed herself in the hand last week and jumped when she did it, wrenching a muscle in her hip/back, so has been walking with a cane.  The other night she got up and tripped over her cane, breaking a toe.  I was quite worried about her making it down the stairs, but she did.  She had two of the cutest little dolls with her.  They belonged to a client who had wanted some repairs done on them.  I took a good look at them thinking of maybe trying to take a pattern, but she told me they were selling for $35 on the internet and looked like they would require about 35 hours of work, so I didn't bother.

Sorry, but we did nothing to celebrate Canada Day.  I thought of the fireworks at the Forks, but after spending Thursday cleaning up for Friday, and then spending Friday running around downstairs, we were both tired, and were in bed early. But the end result is that I have a tidy house, food prepared for the day ( since there were only 3 of us yesterday, there are leftovers), few preparations for tomorrow, and I can do as I wish for  today.  Mind you, the studio is a shambles, and will take a few minutes to tidy again.  There is so much "stuff" in it that I have to be especially vigilent in keeping everything in its place, or the result is chaos.  The secondary advantage is that it is nice and cool downstairs.

Thursday we found the discount plant sale had reduced all the left overs to $0.99, so I bought 10 geraniums.  We left them out Thursday night , under the protection of the picnic table, expecting rain ( disappointment!) and David planted them yesterday morning in a little border for the front garden, where we had to take out a bush.  I believe they are all red, so this will add a necessary bit of colour to the yard.  They are in front of high ferns, so the colour should stand out nicely, and we know they will bloom for most of the summer ( if I remember to "deadhead" them)

Be Overrun with the yearly tourists

Its that time again -I walked the dog down to the main street and the waterfront last night and the invasion has started. Boosting "the largest freshwater lake in the world without an island" attracts the summer visitors every year cramming the many restaurants and beach, and of course the boats and other watercraft on the lake. It is good for the economy locally and is the last year that the Highway goes through the centre of town. The new four lane bypass is almost complete and portions of it are expected to be open to traffic within the next few weeks. It may look like an obstacle course for awhile as the constructors try to divert traffic around the existing highway in order to tear it up and redo it. In the end by next summer Sundridge will be totally bypassed by the main Highway #11. And, traffic from Toronto will be able to drive on four lane straight through to North Bay. Tonight is the Canada Day celebration in Sundridge so we will hear the music and see the fireworks from our front window- I don't bother to go down to the waterfront anymore. I am now off to Mothers on my own - Harry chooses to go to Garage sales instead. I am hoping the slightly overcasts skies will not produce a downpour before I can get some weeding done in her garden. I made some egg salad last night and will make sandwiches for lunch. Nice and simple!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend as I think of you Cathy in the swimming pool, and Patty in her studio. Take care.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Memories of summers past

Today Keri & I went for a swim. We carried our wine glasses while the wine bottle floated in the pool beside us. It tried to escape, but we caught it!

The Cat came back....

It has seemed like Grand Central Station here lately. Two nights in a row I've tried to post something and people have arrived. Even last night! One night we had 16 people drop in! Of course 11 of them were Hutterites. Sam brought Betty & the girls down for a visit. They don't get to go out much, so it was a bit of a treat for them. I'm sure they would rather have gone shopping or something, but it was evening. April and Cory showed up with their 3 kids. It wasn't long before all the kids were playing tag. (Including my "kid") The younger kids loved that she played with them. Finally the weather has turned warm. Unfortunately we are still having rain, so it has been hot & muggy. On Wednesday night we had one heck of a storm. I was up at 3am and the light show was spectacular. Steady lightening. I was only up because Nika is afraid of thunder and she had come upstairs and was barking outside our bedroom door. Not a steady bark. Just a quick yip everytime there was thunder. Of course there was a lot of thunder. Keri has been working very hard at VCC. She has been there 2 weeks now and has done more work than was done by the last 2 employees combined. I am starting to think that we may recover from the last few months. It is getting busy at work again, and people are taking holidays so we are always short staffed. Yesterday it was me & Elizabeth and the summer student. Elizabeth actually said that there was no reason to bust ourselves to get the work done. I only did 30 documents since it was month end and quarter end and I had to get stuff done for that. Patty will be coming back on Monday to a whole load or work that I didn't even look at. One of the District Registrars in another office has been accepting some work for me since I don't have authority to accept. He called yesterday to say he had some time if I wanted to send some more documents to him. I had to confess that I had been so busy that I hadn't had a chance to verify anything to send! It was nice of him to call, though. Today my holiday plans include cleaning the bathroom and the fridge. Obviously I am avoiding the work because I am sitting here at the computer. I am going to get it done and then jump in the pool!
Happy Canada Day!!!