Sunday, December 31, 2017

Losing local businesses

Unfortunately, this is a real problem, as internet shopping becomes the way to acquire things.  I have patronized Sheena's since Carolyn's shop closed, although I did go into it again, a few times,  after Kathryn took it over.  Add into this, the fact that Nordic Needle in Fargo has also closed, and is now only doing on-line business.  Needlework supplies are not so bad, as you can get colour charts that offer actual samples of various threads, so you can see what you're getting, but it sure isn't easy to find the more sophisticated and unusual threads.  I wanted to stock  up on curved beading needles, prior to Sheena's closing, and she had none.  I tried Nordic Needle and couldn't get through their ordering system, so ended up on  I've ordered, and paid for needles from some shop I've never heard of, and was supposed to receive them, by courier ( DHL and I remember the problems you've had with them) ,  between December 27th and January 2nd. And paid through the teeth for them plus postage. We'll see.  I also ordered some clear plastic bags for my book marks, and they arrived in jig time, but I paid more for postage than I paid for the bags. I've been ordering my machine sewing thread over the internet for two or three years now.

The other side of this is that we're using my little credit card more and more all the time.  We had to provide a credit card number before the plumber came out, and David used it for that.  I've been assured by PayPal, that we are insured, for a healthy amount, for any credit card fraud or theft, not only through them, but also through the credit card companies. David still doesn't trust enough to give out our big credit card number over the phone or internet.

The big chill continues.  I've got a doozie of a cold, and David now appears to be coming down with it.  So any plans for tomorrow are up in the air.  Not being well enough work on anything important, I'm puttering away at more book marks, while David watches old movies.  And we both nap frequently.  Ain't it great to get old!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Years end...

And the weather seems to have the upper hand. Many events being cancelled for the New Year Eve celebration. I heard that The Forks will still go ahead (at least that was the last announcement on CBC radio) but the temps are dipping once again so who knows. We don't plan to go anywhere so staying inside at home sounds just fine.
I read in Free Press that "the last cross stitch art store" is closing in Winnipeg. Pati will this affect your access to supplies or did you not use this store much. I guess when your friend Caroline closed down it left few good options, but now it sounds dire for those who count on such places to keep their art viable. But then the on line shopping has really come to be the way to go right?
My neighbour and friend Ruth is having a hard time following surgery. She had her hip replacement Dec 18 and much trouble since then. Had to stay in hospital a few extra days because of BP issues ( she crashed one night and they had to transfuse her)  I was over to their house to visit this past Thursday afternoon and played table game with them and then the next morning saw the fire rescue and ambulance at their place . I called over after the ambulance left and her husband said she started to bleed. He was following the ambulance so I was to look after their dog. I took him for a walk etc and glad he was used to me. Turned out that the North Bay hospital just cleaned her up and sent her home. The Orthopedic Surgeon there would not see her because she had her Sx in Parry Sound. What a terrible health care system we live with today! 
She is home still and waiting to see her Surgeon on Jan 9. Apparently a Nurse visits her every two days.
So I wish you all a Happy New Year. And may 2018 really be happy for all of us.  Take care

Friday, December 29, 2017


Well, not quite the day we had planned, but a good day, none the less.  We found out that the plumber wouldn't be able to be here until this morning ( he's here now).  But David has a sore thumb, and it's been getting steadily worse for the past two weeks, so we took him into Urgent care at Victoria Hospital.  This is the only Urgent Care in the city now, and this was our first visit.  I had been told in the past, that one wants to get there early in the day.  That around noon people start coming out of the woodwork.  That's exactly how it went.  The waiting area there is huge, and there were fewer than 10 people when we got there just before 11:00.  When we left at about 2:00 there must have been more than 50 people waiting.  Considering that there were almost 30 treatment cubicles in the back, it appeared very busy.  Glad we got out when we did.

We had saved our money, and had planned to head out to the casino near Grand Beach, for the day.  Needless to say, we ended up at Regent for supper.  There was a rib buffet, and I enjoyed three different types of ribs, and a salad.  There was also some very nice roast beef that David appeared to enjoy.

At this point we have nothing more planned for the next few days.  It's just too cold.  This is the first time I can remember having our windows frozen over, since we moved into this house.  David lowered the humidity, on the furnace, and that helped a bit, but the ice is still there.  I seem to have developed a bit of a cold.  First one in ages.  So staying inside just might be a good idea.

On Monday, we had divided up the left over turkey with Loren and Amber.  I had planned to make some turkey pot pies, and had bought all the supplies.  But it's starting to look as though there won't be enough turkey, as we're been nibbling on it for lunches etc.  Now we're joking about having to cook another turkey.

Tuesday, I took myself to Micheal's, and bought scrap booking paper at $0.20/sheet, instead of the regular price of $0.95/sheet.  I've started making fabric paper to turn into book marks.  I need some bookmarks for Feb 4th, to take into the gift shop in Selkirk.  Messy, but sort of fun.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Thank you Cathy.

We did have plans but they're up in the air now.  We have developed a leaky toilet, and are trying to get someone out to fix it.  Seems that there are a lot of plumbing emergencies right now, maybe because of the extreme cold.  Since we have a second toilet, we don't have an emergency. Although, since it's in the basement, I worry about frozen pipes, especially if it's not used for several days.

Once we find out whether someone will be out today, or tomorrow, we can adjust our plans.  I guess that no matter what time of the year it is --life goes on.

Happy anniversary!

I hope your day is wonderful and you do something special for yourselves. I love you

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


And you folks are also a wee bit chilly in your parts as well, apparently.  Bundle up to go outside, or if you are staying in, cuddle up!
I was sitting with my coffee on the chesterfield and have the "fire" roaring on the TV.  I have that lovely DVD that plays music and sets a warm fire to sit by. At some point while in this repose, I realized that perhaps one should get on with it.  Reality hit. Christmas is all but over. So I made another coffee and sat down to write a few words. Don't want to move too fast now, do we?  Yesterdays Turkey is the leftover meal for today. And I made the stock last night so all I have to do is make soup and maybe freeze that.
Thinking of my travelers with reports of snow squalls along Highway 11 yesterday.  Mike left Toronto just after 8 am. Erin is staying on for a few days more.  He hit rough going around Orillia cutting his speed to about 30 km because he had zero visibility for awhile, so he cut across on #12 to the 400 and then up to #69 and into Sudbury that way. ( So no visit to dear old Mother this trip) He called about 1 pm to say he was home safely and their three cats all were fine but the house was cold. They have an elaborate heating system controlled by either of their cells phones but when there was no activity he guesses the computer put it into energy save mode. That was soon rectified, and he was about to slip over to the tavern for something to eat.  Erin should be home in about two or three days and when I hear she is safe, I shall worry no longer.
So how are things with you two? Hoping your Christmas was happy. The pictures showed a happy crew anyway, haha! And when I opened the blog just now, there was Cathy smiling at me. What more could I ask family!  Take care

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Here it is.

And a Merry Christmas from here as well

Pictures were great to see - Cathy I saw yours on the email and then the Findlay photo here. No photo from Sundridge but the Toast was made with much pleasure, and many happy thoughts sent your way.
A bit of snow came our way and yes, the cold spell has started and we are in for some tough cold days and nights for this coming week.  Today Harry and I have our own turkey meal and looking forward to it - nice and comfy here at home.
Take care.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Slightly different group this year, and it quickly became obvious that the table was too small.  The picture was taken by Jeremy's girlfriend, Denise, who joined us at the last minute.  David was busy carving a turkey. Yes, Gillian is holding ht bottle of tequila she got for Christmas.

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone had a great day

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Small amusement

Is everyone following Santa's journey on Google?

My glass is waiting

So to am I ready, as I wait for the Toast.  I have pulled out the Family (F) Wine Glass and have it cleaned and ready to pour a wee bit of sherry to join in the Toast on Christmas . I shall be thinking of you all as you are doing the same.  May the feast we grand.  Best wishes as well for a really happy celebration together.  And for the New Year, may it be what we wish for.
Merry Christmas, and love to all.  XX

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Toast

I was speaking with Rraine yesterday, and reminded her about our annual Christmas toast.  Are we all in for 6:00 Winnipeg time?  Got the turkey out of the freezer yesterday.

Just in a bit of a holding pattern here.  We were out for coffee and a few last minute groceries yesterday.  OMG!  What a "zoo"!  The traffic was wild, and I'm used to the usual everyday craziness around Regent and Lagimodiere.  The line up to turn the corner at Panet and Reenders was two blocks long--and I consider 6 cars long.  Listening to the radio later I heard that there were fender benders everywhere as there had been a light snowfall over slippery streets. As well, a "deep freeze" has settled in, with wind chills in the minus 39 range.  So, we've decided to stay home until Tuesday.

I don't plan to do much cleaning until after the company has left on Monday, but will do a bit of putter-y stuff in the interim. I do want to have the studio fairly tidy for Christmas, as that's about the only place to put "stuff", with it having the only table upstairs other than the kitchen table.  I also want to start with the dishwasher empty, knowing it will be full at least once that day.  And I guess we'll have to shovel some snow.  We won't be bringing the round table in from the garage until David has some help.  It's not a problem moving it from the garage to the house--it just rolls--but maybe a challenge to get it up the front stairs and into the living room?

This morning we had juncos at the feeder.  We had an idea the little devils were still around, but now know for sure.  David has upgraded his bird food over the past year.  The last bag of basic sunflower seeds went rancid, so he's been buying a "deluxe" mix at the Wild Bird Store. I'm not sure what's in it, but the birds appear to love it, and we've had more variety of birds this fall.  We put it on his Christmas list, but I have a hunch we won't get it.

So, here's to a great Christmas for all of us.  May it work out well for us all no matter what "well" means in any of our lives.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Frantic times

Not so much because of the season, but rather with a very busy studio schedule.  I think I mentioned being part of a very hush-hush studio project.  I was expecting my instructions by the first of January, and have wanted to clear everything, so as to finish my task by the end of January deadline. Well, they arrived early this week, and I'm so excited.  Have spent the last couple of days planning in my head, and then writing it down, while doing hand finishing on previous projects. Actually started the first step of the task today.  Exciting!

Yesterday was spent finishing the new utility quilt we have for the spare bed, to replace the cats.  They are really too big for the new mattress, and are maybe ready to retire.  The new quilt is not as big now it's been quilted ( I sent it out, as it was too big to be done in my little studio).  So, it may turn out to be just a summer cover.

We were out this morning for David's last orientation visit to the CPAP distributor.  He received his own personal machine today, and will now only have to see them for a once yearly servicing.  Then we were off to the dollar store for a tinfoil turkey roaster.  also picked up some reading glasses with a higher magnification than previously used. (Yikes!)

I need more bookmarks made by the end of January.  The price of blanks ,and accompanying tassels is outrageous, so I've been experimenting with making my own.  I just couldn't find any soft cord, but the lady at Fabricland suggested that I try sash cord, at $0.35/m less 20%.  It only comes in white, but  I thought it might dye, and Heaven knows I have enough dye lying around the house.  Unfortunately the dye I have didn't work, but I found a little package of a different dye, bought years ago and never used.  It had to be simmered for 20 minutes, and setting that up was a challenge.  You both know that David gets involved in all of the strange and quirky things I do, and he really was a help with this. It worked, and the cord is now a light beige ( Desert Sand according to the package).  Twelve of them were finished last evening, while I played poker ( won-first time in ages).  The first 6 were cut 10" long, and the second 6 cut 12".  I think the 12' is better.  Then I shred the cord with a stiletto to make it tassel-y.  Tonight I have to finish the rest of the 10 m.

 I'm struggling to adhere to my eating regime.  ( Bad time of year) I was very discouraged yesterday, and was even think that I should just give it up.  I spoke to David about it, and he is now trying to be a little more encouraging.  My best pair of jeans now has a huge stain on it, and may have to be replaced, I sure don't want to have to go up a size if I buy some. Wish me luck

Watching Christmas movies

A bit of a pause with my Christmas movies as I could not get the VCR to function.  Some time ago a movie i was watching caught in the machine while ejecting and I had to pull it out forcefully with the tape coming out in pieces.  Ever since it would not allow another VHS to go in. I knew i had another machine so pulled it out and tried to hook it up. No luck. Had another look at the faulty machine while I was able to hold it in my lap and peer into its "inards" with a flashlight. There was the label of the above demolished movie tucked inside - so with a great deal of difficulty I got it out in one piece. Long story shorter....I hooked the old machine up again and voila!.... in business. yeah! I plan to watch a movie every day until Christmas. then I will have satisfied my seasonal desires.
Yesterday the Tassimo machine started to flash the warning light to "descale"  Never done it before and was a bit intimidated about the whole procedure. I printed the instructions from the on line book. Harry went off to the Hardware to purchase the required new filter and descaling agent ( wow at a $$cost too, haha!) Long story shorter...I did it and now good to go again for awhile. But all was not lost during this crisis as I had my handy Keurig machine at the ready to provide my coffee fix.
Well to day we are off to Huntsville and first the Mammogram appointment and then to shop. Take care

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One must not complain

How quickly things change!  I should have kept my mouth shut!
It is one above C and drizzling right now - I just had to shovel the driveway where the plow pushed slushy wet heavy snow off the roadway.  But I am making another batch of refridgerator cookies to freeze into rolls for later baking - bought fresh fruit and nuts at the Village Bin store here in town yesterday.  All is good.......

Monday, December 18, 2017

Greetings from the cold and snow...

I know cold and snow are not foreign to either of you but it gets a bit monotonous each day here....same same. Although, it is supposed to warm up and the snow falling this morning is that delightful soft flakes that drift down and fall on your nose. So I take solace in that.
I am interested in that book that you are reading Pati.  So I will ask at the Library if they can order it in. Probably won't be until the New Year but that is fine. It may take me a while to get through it as well.  Right now I am reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. I found the three books in a bag while tidying up and had forgotten I had them.
I have been experimenting with meals and recipes. I get the magazines at the LCBO when they publish them and have found some very interesting ones. Yesterday I made French Onion Mac and Cheese Casserole. I must say it was delicious. I have always loved french onion soup and of course, mac and cheese, so this recipe combined the best of both. The only drawback was that it called for gruyere cheese grated. Harry went to the store and came back with a small slab of it - cost over $12 - I cringed but used it anyway. So I have to watch some of the ingredients as I am not likely to be splurging like that again. Have either of you used gruyere cheese for anything?  The next recipe I am wanting to try is a chocolate chip cookie but made in a cast iron fry pan all in one dish. I looks good and the pictures shows two spoons digging in! Maybe this recipe will have to sit on the shelf for awhile haha! 
So another week ahead and at the end of it is Christmas. If I can get through my Mammo appointment on Thursday, then all shall be well.  Take care

Saturday, December 16, 2017

I am reading a book

It's "Lake Agassiz" by Bill Redekop.  Non-fiction, and a very detailed account of the geological history of Manitoba, plus more info than you ever wanted to know about life in historical North America.  Bill Redekop used to write a column in the Free Press, documenting his travels around the province and the interesting people and places he visited.  The reading takes some concentration, and I'm getting through it chapter by chapter, but I am absorbing what he says, and finding it interesting enough to continue.  I just finished a chapter on the elephants of Manitoba. Evidently, there is a government published  piece titled "The  Fossil Elephants of Manitoba".  Out of print now, but available electronically by phoning the Historical Resources Branch.  What I'm finding interesting is how the geography of the province was almost completely created by the lake.  This is not to say that I'm getting through it quickly.  I also have a thriller in the bathroom for more recreational reading.

There is a lot on my plate right now, studio-wise.  By considering the due date for stuff, I've worked out a time table, giving consideration to the family Christmas here, and the anniversary and birthday events coming up.  It looks like I'll be busy in the studio until close to the end of March.  The gift shop at the gallery in Selkirk is rotating stock on Feb 4th, so this week, and into next, will be preparing new stock for that.  Then I have to finish my hexie quilt.  I am committed to a special project that must be completed by Jan 28, but after that things calm down.  Thank Goodness.

Also trying to settle into "Life as an almost Blond".  Still don't like it.  This may be the last time I do this.

Christmas tree is up, and our share of the gifts wrapped and in place. Yesterday we did our grocery shopping for the feast, but I may still have to pick up a couple of last minute things.  We bought our gifts for each other, both Christmas and birthday--tickets to the Randy Bachman concert in March.  We have never been to a concert before.  Shortly after we moved back  to Winnipeg, the Eagles were at the race track.  I had wanted to attend, but we couldn't really afford it.  It's been a sort of thing between us since, and we never found anything that we both might enjoy.  David is still unsure about this, but agreed.

Okay, lunch is over, and time to go back to the "salt mine".

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Deep freeze here

And a good thing as yesterday we bought foods (at Wal Mart !!)  for our turkey dinner that we plan to have sometime between Christmas and New Years. And since I currently have no room in the freezer, I was able to put them outside to keep frozen - turkey, bread for stuffing, bacon, etc. The two bags of fresh cranberries to make cranberry sauce are in the fridge. 
Very cold but a nice sunny day so I was outside trying to move some snow. The outbuildings needed to have the roofs cleaned off and a few paths around the greenhouses needed to be cleared. I didn't get to the house roof yet but that will come. I hauled out my snowmobile outfit which is nice and roomy and warm - this keeps me comfortable while outside. When I went for my walk this afternoon I put on a pair of sweat pants over my slacks and this made a big difference in keeping the cold out. The hydro bill is enjoying all this weather - I still record the watts used each day and see it jumping up dramatically every day.
I made Nuts and Bolts yesterday ....yeah!! I wonder Cathy why you say your Nuts and Bolts do not turn out well - what is it you think is not right, as I used your recipe to make mine. Maybe we can compare notes??
Anyway, tonight I am going to try to sleep better by having a nice hot milk just before bed. Nothing worse than laying in bed all night watching the clock tick on and on...  Take care (have a good sleep)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Puttery day

Lots of small errands to run.  Started of going out to Selkirk to take some of my smaller purses, as they are getting low in the gift shop, out there. Then to the tea store in River eights.  Dropped a couple of bags off at the thrift store.  Yesterday, I attended the annual Christmas luncheon with my Tuesday Stitchery group.  there were just four of us.  One lady is quite ill with the very nasty flu that we have this year, and another won't come unless she can ride with the  first lady.  A third lady travels a lot, and prioritizes most other things, so we don't usually count on her at the best of times.  Then I went to the hairdresser, as I needed to renew my highlights.  They are supposed to be subtle, but still mask the grey.  This  was the first time this woman had dyed my hair, although she has cut it in the past.  Well, they aren't subtle, but they are still stylish.  I wish they were more subtle.  'Nuff said.

This evening, I was off to my fibre art support group.  This meeting is always a mixed blessing.  The main event is a 'show and Tell of projects we're working on.  right ow I seem to be stuck in a very traditional groove, and am finding it difficult to progress into arty stuff.  The work I saw tonight was wonderful, and left me feeling inadequate.  But I did get my utility quilt back from the long armer.
I am well pleased, and David seems happy with it too.  An acquaintance had expressed concern when she heard who was quilting it for me, and had advised that I might not be pleased.  She was wrong.

Tomorrow, there are a couple more errands, but I should be able to spend some time int he studio as well, and then in the evening, is the meeting of the local quilt guild.  This is the meeting when I deliver the stockings I made last fall.  I admit I'll be glad to get them out of the house.

Let it Snow, let it Snow.......

So much snow - keeps me busy shoveling. And of course as a result, this old back of mine has decided to act up again.  I just keep quiet, share it with no one and carry on.
Thanks for the recipe Cathy.  We did not go shopping yesterday but I have looked at the tubs of McLarens Cheese lately and the price has really gone up hasn't it?  The Cheese tarts I made was from a container I already had in the fridge and just enough left in it to make the tarts.
We visited our friends in Sprucedale on Monday afternoon to take a little gift basket to them and pick up one they had ready for us.  Nice visit, beautiful home and decorated for the season.  They were planning to come to our house on Thursday to deliver their basket to us so we had to quickly make plans to avoid that. Driving by the cemetery going into Sprucedale, we remembered that we had not taken the arrangement off the tombstone as we do every late Fall. So there it was as seen from the highway (can't get into the cemetery now) covered with snow and listing to the front. Too bad - next Spring I'll have to make an entire new arrangement I guess.
That morning I had also gone over to the neighbours with a book for Ruth to read that I had just finished.  Her Surgery for hip has been put on hold until the cardiovascular specialist sees her = the anaesthetist wants her checked because of a constriction in her aorta (she is vague on details) So Bailey and I went in and had a coffee at their insistence. Nice home, decorated with Christmas tree and other ornaments. So in one day I was out and about having visits and coffee in other peoples homes haha!  It was fun!
I have been playing with a little toy Harry picked up at the dump. It looks like a toy sewing machine but I went on line to see and it is actually a toy needle felter. I have been using it with a few pieces of felt I had although you are supposed to only use the purchased kits. The machine came with nothing of course - therefore that is why it was in the dump store. Just for fun go onto the net and look up SEW COOL from SpinMaster. and see what I am talking about. 
My Mammo has been scheduled for Dec 21 in Huntsville so I have that to look forward to for next week. 
Coffee time now and a little peaceful sit on the chesterfield gazing at my little fibre optic lit tree and red cardinal lights. Then the day begins.  Take care

Monday, December 11, 2017


this recipe is the result of my phone call with Beth.  I left the recipe at home, but I searched "McLaren Cheese" on line and this one is pretty much the same as mine  (in fact most of the ones I found were similar)  Sorry I couldn't seem to format it better.  It was all single spaced in my word document but when I pasted it came out like this. Definitely check at the earliest time because my first batch was overcooked.  I still ate them all though. 


  • 1 cup butter
  • 8 oz. pkg. McLarens Imperial cheese
  • dash of salt
  • 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper or tabasco
  • 1/4 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 1/2 cups flour
  • 4 cups crispy rice cereal

  •  Preheat oven to 350F.
  •  Cream butter and cheese together.
  •  Add seasonings.
  • Beat in flour.
  •  Add Rice Krispies. Mix well.
  •  Shape into balls.
  •  Press down with a fork which has been dipped in cold water.
  • Bake for 12-15 minutes, until lightly browned. I baked mine for no more than 12 minutes.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Driving in snow squalls today

Up to North Bay early today to have a day to myself and do some shopping, and then go over to visit with Willie.
I was fooled by the hours of the Mall. I shopped in WalMart first which is open early and was done by about 9:45 and ready to hit the Mall which is usually open at 9:30. Jokes on me - today is Sunday and the Mall opens at 11 am.  I thought being Christmas and all that it would be open regular hours. No. So I drove across town to No Frills and Giant Tiger and put in some time there and then back to the Mall by 11:15. All this time it is snowing and getting worse. I had a visit with Willie as planned and hit the road by 1 pm - slow going to get home but that was fine with me. Only a few snow plows on the highway and only the one lane was suitable for driving although there were a few yahoos who chose to zoom along and pass leaving a snow screen of zero visibility.  But all is well and I made it home safe and sound.   A little disappointed with my shopping as I couldn't find what I had written down as possible gifts for Harry, and that always puts a bit of a damper on things.
Pati I love your jewelry. The best gifts are the ones you buy for yourself haha! And doesn't it feel nice to be able to wear something new and in fashion. Since I don't go out much that requires dressing up, when I do it is usually Mom's pearls that I put on. They feel fancy and comfortable so I wear them with pride.
So I am a bit bushed now - I will have to go out early in the morning to do the shoveling and by then there should be lots more snow to make it worthwhile. I cannot believe the amount of snow that has fallen this past week and apparently not over yet!  My back aches just thinking about it.  And you should see the little dog Bailey run and jump in the snow - he loves it. I wish I could let him run faster but I cannot keep up to him without fear of slipping and falling and no way I want that to happen. So he wants to go faster and I am holding him back and it reminds me of the vision we all have of the reindeer prancing and prancing to take off with Santas sleigh. I just laugh at the poor little guy as he prances along and so tiny he is!!
I better get going. I have to put the birds to bed. We have one new chick hatched the other day, and several eggs left to hatch but maybe they won't. I feel sorry for the poor mother budgie - what a life.  I would love to separate the birds and put all the females in one cage and all the males in another and see what happens.  At least I wouldn't have to worry about chicks hatching haha!
Nighty night. Take care

A little extra pleasure

Friday, I saw some lovely jewelry, at one of the booths.  David and I talked about it, and Saturday morning, I bought three pendants.  (not to worry, I still came home with a small profit, unless you count the gas David burned driving back and forth) With my change in dressing styles, I've started wearing some simple jewelry, again, and the pieces that I wore 20-30 years ago don't quite cut it. These are all one of a kind, and hand made ( I watched her doing it)  The middle one has a chain, but the other two are on cord.  The other two are made of copper wire, and the stones are minor semi-precious.  She told me the names but they really meant nothing to me.  The lilac-coloured stone in the middle one is a new semi-precious stone that originates in Russia, and the tiny bead on the bottom is actually a good-size Swarovski Chrystal.
Merry Christmas to me.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Not sure how to describe the last two days

Yes, we had a sale.  It was in my friend Gail's home--a beautiful open concept home on an acreage just north of Landmark.  Friday we setup in the morning.  By opening, at noon, there were four of us, all of who were to be demonstrating some aspect of our craft, all day.  Since there were  no customers until after 5:00, we had a wonderful afternoon getting to know each other, networking, and sharing our philosophies, and skills within our craft. Later in the afternoon, we were joined by a woodburner, but until then, there were two jewelry makers ( with very different types of jewelry on display), two fibre artists, ( again, each with different types of goods) and a lady with very diverse fibre/mixed media interests.

Shortly after 5:00 we had five customers arrive in two different groups.  That was it for the day.  But what a wonderful day-- making new friends, exploring different crafts, and enjoying a wonderful homemade soup lunch with way too many dainties ( supposedly for customers).

Today there were many more customers, and many more sales.  Everyone made at least one sale, and the jewelry makers both appeared to do very well.  I did a land office business in book marks, but, otherwise not well.  Although David later pointed out that it was actually the best craft sale I've had this year--and he's right.  I also got a good start on two new projects, via the demonstrations.  I also ate far too many dainties, and will have to go back onto Phase one tomorrow, using my new scale.

On a down note, David knocked the passenger side mirror off the car backing it out of the garage, Thursday evening.  He took it in Friday, while I was in Landmark, and parts have been ordered. No, I didn't take in enough to pay for the repairs.

I was exhausted last evening, and I'm exhausted tonight.  I have come to realize that I'm just not used to so many hours of continuous socialization, no matter how much pleasure I actually experience with it.  Not sure how to deal with that.

So, off to my bed time cup of Sleepytime tea, count my money, and, hopefully, a good night's sleep.

Friday, December 8, 2017

A quickie greeting

As we head into another weekend here is a quick Hi to you both.  Pati, thinking of you at your weekend Show. I checked the weather on the Free Press and it should be OK for driving, so take care and have some fun. And Cathy you take care as well, I need to know my sisters are fine.
I baked yesterday and have cheese tarts, mince tarts and refrig cookies to eat! What more do I need? Certainly not a head cold which is what is brewing right now. I felt punk yesterday and this morning I am a bit stuffy. Oh no.....So I shall try to lay low today - I am planning to go up to North Bay on Sunday on my own to shop and drop into see Willie. So don't want to be feeling sick. Harry went to North Bay yesterday on his own and there are a few gifts under the tree now with my name on. 
So time for a coffee and then get on with the day.  Have a very pleasant weekend. XX

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


A small bag of generic Ruffles was purchased at the Bulk Barn yesterday. There were none in WalMart though. I have tasted a few so far - not meeting my expectations but enough to satisfy my latest curiousity. haha! I also purchased a loaf of Italpasta Panettone specialtly cake - usually seen around Christmas time. Years ago I used to buy it - Harry's Mother liked it. But it is expensive now although this was bought mainly because it was on sale for only $3.99 and because I had another urge to try it again.  I just had a piece toasted with my coffee and I think I have satisfied that urge now as well!
Snowed last night as forecast and is much colder this morning. I just wish that it would settle into winter or, better yet, lets just jump to Spring. Enough of this back and forth.
Thinking of you for this weekend Pati, and hope all goes well, and above all else, that you enjoy your time amongst friends. Will be looking for your synopsis once all is said and done. What will you be doing this weekend Cathy?
I am into Christmas cards right now - Harry has this thing about getting them out early and usually I have to have them all ready by end of November so this being first part of December is really playing on his mind. He will be baking again today and tomorrow cookies for Christmas. I have three pounds of butter on the counter for him to use.  We take trays to Mike and also to Willie.  I went up to our local Village Bins store the other day and I bought some fruit peel to make refridgerator cookies (for me) and also some mincemeat to make tarts ( for me) but will wait until the kitchen is clear.
Coding is indeed an IT thing and you were right Pati about your reference to the Kidd novels. I did some research on line to understand it a bit better and fortunately Google had the "doodle" on a second day and I played along a bit more - I think I will leave it to the kids though as I really have no need to pursue for myself haha!  
So back to my coffee and preparing for another day ahead.  Take care.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Don't have a clue.  All I can think of is how computers are programmed with "coding". Different variations of binary code, I believe, and only because I read the Kidd series by John Sandford, which took place in the 90's and involved hackers, who spent a lot of time"coding".

Off to see an ophthalmologist today.  I started a new medication for my allergies about a month ago, and it seems to be bothering my eyes.  Not going to fool around with vision, it's too important to me.

However, the good weather seems to have broken.  Snow and cold.  Looks like I have to get the parka out again, as I've just been wearing my light spring/fall jacket lately.

Just about ready for the sale this weekend, and the jobs that are left have been scheduled.  We've both been having trouble with our weight lately, and are now wondering if it may be the scale.  We've had it for years, and it wasn't expensive to start with, so it looks like Santa will be bringing a new one.  But, I think that it just really may be that I've gained a couple of pounds, as some of my trousers seem to be a little tighter.  Bad time of year for this sort of thing, and it looks like I'll be going back to phase one on Sunday.  Ugh!

Monday, December 4, 2017


The Google page which featured a game on coding caught my attention this morning.  By coincidence there was a radio story today about a school who has had great success by introducing instruction for children in coding. I do not know what this is all about. Perhaps I have missed something? I will research it in more detail at another time but in meantime, I did try the game - struck out after the first round.  Please tell me how you two have succeeded, know all about this and can manage this game perfectly well!!!   

Looks like you got it Pati...

......and thanks. I just browsed Ruffles on Google, and see lots of ads related to Ruffles but also to see they are sold at Walmart stores as a Dare product, and also a similar product sold at Bulk Barn stores. So when we go to Huntsville on Tuesday, I shall have to have a look.  I will buy some to appease my interest, but not likely to pig out for ever ( or who knows haha!)
Just loved to see the pictures of your folding ATC gifts Pati - hope you had a nice time at your group and that they too, enjoyed your offering. No easy job to prepare these so I commend you on your ability to "whip up" such a nice design.
Here we go on another week ( only 22 days until Christmas) Take care.

Sunday, December 3, 2017


I think I know what you mean Beth.  They were called "Ruffles", and I can't say I remember seeing them lately.  But then, I avoid the cookie aisle whenever possible.

Yesterday was the last day I have scheduled, to work, in the gallery in Selkirk.  It was quite a day.  There was a long planned event called "Holiday Alley", where one block of the main section of town was closed, and a variety of events took place over two days.  This block of street is an old street and there are spaces, here and there, between buildings containing a wide walkway to the street behind.  There was something happening in each of these "alleys", as well as at many of the businesses along the street.  On the street itself, there was an auction of hand made wooden ice fishing shacks, and the local blacksmith had set up an actual forge where there were demonstrations etc.  It appeared to be a crowd favourite.  I know there was a"chili cook off" competition, and quite a variety of other events. (David and I didn't walk around to look.)  At the other end of the street there was a craft market.  I had actually seriously considered renting a table, but, at the time, the plan was to have the crafters tables along the street itself--for two full days and evenings--in December--in Manitoba.  David and I decided that we weren't up to that.  Obviously, at some point, it was decided to put the crafters into the senior's centre.

Within the gallery, the room had been specially decorated for the season, but especially for this one event.  There were choirs and musicians scheduled about every hour, all day.  ( The young woman who performed her own compositions over lunch was excellent.  I quite enjoyed it.) The gallery gift shop did a "land office" business, but there were actually people interested in the art.  The show had been listed as one of the events of the affair.  The show comes down today, but all of the work is being kept by one person, in preparation for the show traveling to other areas of the province, over the next year.

Today is my ATC group luncheon. We all have  made little "accordion" books the size of ATCs, with little pockets that had to be filled.  I really don't know what to expect.  I love the little bags I made.  There are older ACT's in some pockets, a bag of beads in another. I made a new rubber stamp of a feather, which I tested 8 times, and put in yet another pocket.  I even added one of my older book marks into another pocket of each.  The paper  I used to make the book is scrap book making paper that I painted and stamped to improve the look.  Each one has a little plastic snowman button glued to the front. Then I put them into clear plastic bags that I had on hand.  I know I bought the darn bags for something, but who know what it might have been.  Glad I found a use for them.

Here is something silly...

For the past week or so I have had an image stuck in my head and cannot seem to shake it. So here is the question: remember those little chocolate covered fingers that came in a rectangular box with cellophane around. They were macaroons I think and maybe even called macaroon fingers?  I looked in the grocery store when we went shopping this week but saw nothing like them.  Do you think they still sell them - have you seen them?  Isn't it silly when you get these notions in your head! Have you two had similar experiences?  Anyway - mild weekend here with rain supposed to fall. Yuck!
Starting to round up some Christmas gifts and hauled out the boxes of wrapping and ribbons.  I put the first Advent candle into my candle holder this morning.  Actually bought new candles ( from the Dollar Tree store haha!) And I have my gorgeous string of red cardinal lights up on the wall. All is good! How about you folks?

Friday, December 1, 2017


So glad to see Pati that your long awaited threads arrived but now you have to see what comes first on your "list"  Thank goodness for "lists' - keeps me going although most of the list seems to get second thought when the spontaneous events take my time eg Harry will be making more homemade cheese today and so I get the necessary items and ingredients etc ready. We had to make a drive to North Bay yesterday to appointment with TD CanadaTrust Bank.  I have up until now been able to negotiate and arrange re investments etc on the phone. But things have changed apparently. They needed both our signatures on disclosure papers and this meant me bringing Harry into the bank. Great fun. But its done.
Miserable weather - mild and wet and then snow. When in North Bay yesterday it snowed the whole time really heavy at times as well. Glad to make it home.
I have my most favourite Christmas song playing on the computer while I write. Chris Rea singing Driving Home for Christmas. A few years ago Mike recorded it off the internet and gave me a stick with it on and I was able to download it to my desktop.  It reminds me so much of "home" - quite nostalgic but joyful to hear every year at this time.
Well, here comes another weekend and it is now officially December, and only 25 days until Christmas haha!  Time for my coffee.  Take care