Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Another sign of pending spring?

Got up this morning and my first task is usually turning up the thermostat. I discovered that the temperature in the house didn't get cold enough to turn the furnace on during the night. It's been warm enough that I've even worn my light spring jacket, a couple of times. But--it's messy--using a lot of washer fluid. There is hope for spring!

Went shopping for fabric yesterday.  There was a 50%off sale at Fabricland, and I was looking for fabric to dye, as well as backings for the charity quilts and larger pieces that I'm making.  Well imagine my shock when, on my way to the cash register, I realized that the most important and expensive  of the fabrics I had had cut wasn't on sale.  The piece was large enough that I probably could have taken it back, but it had been the main reason I had gone.   Glad I had a credit card with me, but now I'm going to spend the next 5 months paying it off.  Guess I need to sell some art--in a hurry. 

Yesterday was quiet ( other than the trip to Fabricland), and we were anticipating a couple of quiet days, but got an e-mail from Gillian, inviting us to a birthday dinner for Loren tonight. (Red Lobster) I've got a coffee date with Gail, this afternoon, and the hydro is coming to change our meter, also this afternoon.  I have about an hour's work in the studio to totally finish the things I need for the sale the first of April, and can then start on the various art pieces that have been plaguing my mind.  I think that everything that has been going on has affected my subconscious thinking, and maybe given more realization of my own mortality. More consciously,  I've come to realize that my studio time is not infinite, and that if I have any hope of accomplishing the things I want to do,  I'm going to have to work like a fiend.  I also know this is neither healthy nor realistic, and may include a fair percentage of escapism.  This internal struggle is sucking a lot of my energy.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Just picked up three big turkeys from someone in town with the Lions Club.  Harry volunteered to cook the turkeys ànd slice and  make the gravy on Saturday for the Clubs Annual Wild Game Dinner. They are frozen thank goodness so I have them in a rubbermaid container outside - they should be ok there until we need to thaw them. Then I need to deal with making some room inside. I will let Harry deal with the cooking and slicing into the chaffing pans although I know I will have a role to play. We deliver the sliced meat and gravy at 5.30 pm on Saturday evening to the Arena for the Dinner at 6 pm.  Exciting isn`t it!   
Otherwise same old same old here. Lots of plants and garden things to do.  I ordered a put together yourself big shelf unit from the hardware and I picked it up today. I have it in pieces downstairs and my hope is to make some room to erect it and eventually start to organize some stuff.  I think i was a bit premature in moving boxes from the floor down there in the wash room and cleaning up water from the rain seepage last week - it is supposed to rain again the next day or so and already there is pooling around the outside from the melting today as the temp was above zero.  
I agreed to complete a survey for a week on what TV we watch. A lady called two weeks ago and asked. I stated quite clearly that we do NOT watch TV but she said this information would also be useful for the survey. I don`t know how ìt will be useful, but I`ll fill it in each day and check off that I ``did not watch TV today ``.
Now time to close up for the night. Listened to the Federal budget on the radio and didn`t get much out of it that will be useful for us. Maybe the proposed Pharmacare if it ever arrives.  
Take care   

Monday, February 26, 2018


"nuff said.  

Yesterday was my ATC group.  Only three of us showed up.  We chatted for good two hours.  One is a long time widow, the other was widowed in January of this year.  Both live alone. There was very intense conversation, a lot of supportive comments, and a lot of suggestions about coping with the health care system.  I'm not used to such intense socialization, and both of them were craving exactly that.

Today was "pension day", bill paying and shopping, along with most other pensioners in the area.  This time we had an extra errand.  David wanted a new pair of black jeans--his "go to" choice for any traveling outside the house.  It's been a long time, and the first stumbling block was sticker shock--on his part, not mine.  . All of the pants I own were more expensive than what we saw,  maybe only by pennies, but more expensive.  But, at the same time, what we saw today,  was better made than anything I own. Then he used the wrong size, but that got sorted out, quickly.  He ended up with two pair of pants and three long sleeved t-shirts.  Hallelujah! 

We had stocked up with a lot of food items in the fall, but most are pretty well gone, now, and this turned out to be a larger shopping than we had anticipated.  Going to be a tough month, especially with an overnight trip planned.  But, it we're broke, we stay home and I get more done in the studio.  One thing we bought was boneless chicken breasts, and this time they came complete with filet.  This means two extra meals for the same price, and we'll enjoy one of them tonight, as I'm too beat to cook much.  But, because we spent over a certain amount at Superstore, we got a "free" gift.  This is a regular thing there.  Lately the gifts haven't been worth having, but this was okay.  It was a big box containing three different boxes of cereal, plus a bag of a type of granola, a box of "fibre" bars, as well as a box of Rice Krispie treats, packaged in portions, and two full size tubes of Pringles Potato Chips.  We've kept the potato chips, and fibre bars,  tried the granola (yuck-almost pure sugar-garbage) and the rest is packaged ready to go to the food bank.

And now it's time to cook supper.  Haven't even been to the basement today, let alone my studio.  Maybe not going to happen.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Treacherous underfoot

Right you are Pati - we do tend to worry about nothing but then we don't know that it is nothing until it happens! So there is a profound statement for so early in the morning....
With all the melting and freezing episodes lately and now freezing rain this morning, it is too darn treacherous to be walking outside. I just had the dog out and felt like I was taking my life in my hands, or that should be with each step. Sometimes I carry the shovel to use as a cane of sorts just to take one solid step after another.  I did fall in the back yard the other day in spite of my careful navigation and sanding and throwing snow along the paths - but then I was carrying a ladder under one arm and I guess not too balanced haha!
Both greenhouses are now up and running with heaters in each trying to maintain the temperature to a nice warm plant growing atmosphere. I cover the door areas from outside with blankets to try to keep the heat in as much as possible during the colder nights. And hope for sun during day to heat it up more. I have no idea what the long range forecast is but always hopeful that there will not be any more deep cold spells.  I have the two propane tanks filled and ready but with all my heart wish not to have to use them. The good part of this current strange weather phenomenon is that the snow is starting to melt away nicely. 
But March is afoot and that always brings a smile as I know there is reason to soon celebrate a return of Spring and then Summer.
So wishing you all a happy day. Hope you will watch the Olympic Closing ceremonies on TV. Canada did well inspite of some upsets. I believe I shall miss viewing the Google Winter Sports Doodles that I have so enjoyed these last few weeks. I looked forward to logging on each morning to see the latest.  Take care

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Worried about nothing

The dress at the dinner turned out to be "basic casual",  or what we used to refer to as "anything goes".  As it tended to be an older group, and mostly female, this mean slacks and a blouse or sweater. The few men were in dress slacks, and a shirt, except for one gentleman who wore a traditional German felted jacket with buttons and piping.  David was just fine in his black jeans and long-sleeved black T-shirt. The program was pretty basic too.  We were in the restaurant of the country club, at an informal buffet, and while we had a section of the room, it was shared with regular Friday night dinners.  We were offered drinks, and some that came from the cash bar, appeared fancy.  Then we could access the German Buffet, ad lib. When everyone had eaten, and were sitting back over dessert, a lady got up and told us we were there to honour three volunteers: a volunteer of the year, a volunteer of the century, and a long term volunteer.  Each was given a gift basket, and it was over .  Speech and presentation-10 minutes. But, later, thinking about it, the event was quite appropriate to the atmosphere/mileu etc, of the organization--casual but sincere.  I'm glad we went.  We need to be doing things like this more often.

Sunday I'm out to my ATC trading luncheon, and the first of the quilts to be taken to Neepawa are to be delivered.  The rest will be coming within the next few days. 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Hitting the wall

We've been very busy in the studio.  There was a detailed, lengthy, and time framed to do list before all the kerfuffle started two weeks ago.  We've been working on it over the past few days, but the self imposed deadlines have disappeared, given that I've had help in the studio, and needed to use it before I lost it.  But with the stress of the last couple of weeks, the pain that I still have from hurting my back last Saturday, and both of these leading to not sleeping, today I hit the wall.  We have to go out this evening for dinner in Selkirk, and David is now starting to feel well enough to drive.  I somewhat disagree, but don't have the energy to fight.  So, if I'm going to enjoy our dinner at all, it looks like a nap may be in order.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Where to start?

If I don't write regularly then I find it hard to get started - it has been a few days since writing and those few days have been less than stellar. The rain, the shoveling the setting up the pump to keep up, the water coming in the basement - what else could happen? Well, I did not remove the pump overnight for fear of needing it and of course, the temps dropped and now it is frozen into the sidewalk. I cannot force it, so will have to wait for it to melt, or maybe a bit of hot water around its base?  Time will tell.
We went to Huntsville today and then I worked at cleaning out the big greenhouse as Harry has decided it will be heated up tomorrow. It means some fancy work to move electrical cords from one to the other. I had a little chuckle while outside this afternoon and thinking of what I shall do - I thought of Dave and the saga of your electrical issues Pati and I could picture him in my mind running around the house pulling cords along after him. So you can now picture me tomorrow dragging cords around the yard - and then having to tape up all the holes and other areas where heat can escape.  One of the roof windows in the big greenhouse broke some time in the last week and when I entered this afternoon found the broken shards all over - so that was my first task - to pick up all the pieces before I could do more.  
Time to put the birds to bed - there are three little chicks in total born to this last batch and it is very interesting to see how fast they grow and develop. Harry has already bought another cage in anticipation of needing to transfer the new birds once they are ready.    
Hope all is well with you folks. I am eating a bag of potato chips while I write this - this is my supper! Take care.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A drive in the country

On the weekend, I received a phone call telling me that more of my zipper purses had sold in the gallery in Selkirk, and would I please take out some more.  So soon after breakfast, we headed out.  Delivered the purses, and had a nice chat with a man working in the gallery.  He makes pens and knives with sheathes. He told us about the processes he uses, and how he has had to develop some of his own tools, having them made by a local metal shop.  We laughed when he said that the machinist looks forward to him coming in, as it's usually somewhat of a challenge for him to produce what the artist designed.  It's also good for apprentices to have to work on unusual items that they may never see again.  I'm thinking it is good for the apprentice to observe the whole process from design to manufacture, to use.

Since I'm going to be the driver for awhile, it was good for me to get some practice in highway winter driving, as well.  It looks like I'll be driving, when we head for Neepawa on the 5th.

Friday evening, there is a volunteer appreciation dinner for the volunteers in the gallery.  Today, we tried on various bits of clothing to see if either of us had anything appropriate to wear.  It was good to hear, while out in the gallery,  that the dress would likely to be dressy casual, because neither of us pwns any sort of dressy clothing. A few days ago, knowing this was coming up, I tried on the outfit I wore to Amber's wedding, in the remote chance it might fit.  No.  When I stood up the trousers fell down.  I've held onto it all these years, "just in case", but sadly, it went to  the thrift store with a large bag we delivered on our way out today.  I had thought that one day I might take to a second hand store, that deals in large sizes.  But the darn thing went out of business.

Yesterday, my Tuesday Stitchers came over, but, unfortunately, only three of us were there.  We seem to "carry on", despite our low numbers, but I have to wonder if there is much future to the group.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Winter cold

This year's winter cold is nasty.  If you are anywhere as sick as people are around here, you will make it much, much worse by trying to maintain normal levels of activity.  Please, please take care of yourself.

The studio is working well.  It's not arranged the same as when I was down there before, and I'm sure there will be "tweaking" periodically for awhile. With moving like this, I've lost track of some things, as well as putting things in different places.  When we moved the other way, I was able to take some pictures of every storage place in the studio I left behind.   When I need something, while not being able to do the stairs, I could show David where to look in the pictures.  That worked very well, but it's been four years, and I know I've lost track of things.  Can still find most things though.  I hurt my back during the move, and knowing we had a lot of cutting to do, I remembered that we had raised the table in the past to accommodate the work. David was distressed, saying that he had thrown out the piping we used to raise the table.  Not so!  The old girl knew exactly where it was along with the pieces of flooring we used to protect the floor from the piping.

The cutting is in preparation for making more charity quilts.  The Guild gave me 3 meters of extra wide batting, and I figure this means that I'm obligated to give them 5 small quilts.  I refuse to even attempt to make large ones.  So the stash reduction process continues.  I delivered two at the meeting last week.  I also took a Zip Loc bag full of beige hexies, basted and ready to go.  That disappeared almost before it hit the "touch'n'take" table. We had needed the laundry hamper that I was storing scraps in, for the new bedroom, so have cut most of the scraps into squares and strips. But, as you can see from the pictures in my last post, there is a heavy duty shelving unit full of fabric still left.

David is getting a little better every day.  His speech is still slurred, especially when he is tired, but things are looking up.

Today, my Tuesday Stitchers are coming.  I had forgotten all about it until Sunday evening.  So after all of the activity on the weekend, yesterday was clean-up and get ready for that.  I confess to being a bit lazy and I just used the Swiffer on the middle of the kitchen floor, instead of washing the whole thing.  Once they leave, we'll have a few errands to run, and maybe even eat supper out.  I think we've earned that treat.

Rain and water, water and rain...

As expected woke up early this morning to rain and drip drip drip off the eaves and puddles of water. It was expected as I say, so I had tried to clean off the lower portions of the roof all around, and set up the drains as best I could the other day. Never good enough really, so now I wait and shovel for a bit until I see daylight come and I can assess the situation better.
I drove to Mikes on my own yesterday as Harry is really sick with chest cold. Mike and I made great progress in organizing his kitchen and bathroom etc. He now feels less intimidated in kitchen as things are where he logically thinks they should be and so he should be able to function nicely.  I have another list already started though, of things he may need - I have so much to offer from here that I tell him to let me gather best I can haha!  One of his buddies from North Bay visited him over the weekend so that was good for Mike as well.
I was feeling a cold coming to me for a few days and sure enough it came full force over the night - don`t know how I will handle this along with the other things I am trying to manage like rain, and greenhouses etc.  Oh well....  February is almost done - can you believe it.  Pati, how is your new studio transition going - can you find everything.  (the computer has switched to french for example a question mark shows as É - I know there is a way to change this but I forget) Anyway, time for a coffee and breakfast and then on with the day ....and week. Take care all.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Long weekend for all of us

Monday has different names though - Louis Riel Day for you folks, and Family Day here in Ontario. Regardless, it is another day off for most.
And today another delightful little Google Doodle - someone is really coming up with likeable cartoons.
Lots of work for you Pati to get your studio and bedroom switched. I enjoyed the narrative and the pictures you sent on the Mouse Factory Blog. Now you can get organized in the new (old) studio and enjoy your sewing which apparently you already started !
I would like to get a bit of snow off the roof today or at least along the groves to help divert some water as the temperatures get warmer and threat of showers. But as we are going to Mike's tomorrow I also have some baking to do and with Harry wanting the kitchen to transplant seeds I may have to negotiate my time. My idea is to start the baking right now and then it's done , but at this early hour I'm just not that into it haha! Even starting a load of wash this early does not appeal to me. I'd rather idle with my coffee and breakfast.  So I shall! Take care all.  ps the horoscope in yesterdays Free Press said I was going to be lucky so I bought a 649 ticket for last nights draw and guess what - nothing!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


The re-organization is proving to be a bit of a challenge. We just seem to be pulled in so many different directions.  Slowly but surely, we're getting the "stuff" in the upstairs studio down to the basement, where just as slowly, I'm getting it put away. 

Yesterday, I had arranged to hold a beading class in the living room.  This is the bartered exchange for having my green quilt done by a long armer. I had thought of cancelling it, but decided to go ahead for two reasons.  The actual date had taken forever to coordinate, as there were to have been 2-3 students. And, I didn't like the stress of having that obligation hanging over my head.  As it turned out there were two of them.  A third consideration was that there isn't much that calms me as well as working with fibre and beads.  So in the midst of our chaos, we set up the card table and three chairs and held a class.  Poor David was banished to the computer room.  The class went longer than expected, and supper was later than usual.  About 7:30 we both settled down to veg out, and the phone rang.  " Can you get to St. Boniface hospital for an MRI by 8:30?"  The instructions were to come to "just behind St. Boniface Hospital."  But we found it, and found metered parking at $2.25 per half hour. Between the two of us we put together about $5.00 and hoped for the best. 

We got home about 9:30, and after the stress of the day, we decided it was time for a glass of wine, but only had enough white wine chilled for one serving. So, I decided to try the Elderberry wine that has been sitting on the rack to about  3 years.  Not too bad, but needs a bit of clarifying.  I still enjoyed a good glass of it.

This morning we were up, and out of the house.  With the development of a left facial droop, David's CPAP mask doesn't fit as well.  I had called the company, and they managed to give us an appointment.  They are quite overwhelmed right now as, with changes in government subsidy, their services are no longer covered, and everyone is trying to get in under a March 15th deadline. 

Then it was off to Best Buy again, but with David's computer.  He had lost most of the screens that he's familiar with and was having a devil of a time getting around on it.  Turned out the machine was in tablet mode, and easily fixed.

The last thing on the list was a trip to the pharmacy to pick up medication the doctor had ordered when we saw him on Monday.  Turned out that they didn't fill David's prescription, for a Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory, for his sore thumb, as it was contra-indicated for someone on his dose of Elequis.  

Now at home, we plan to spend the day vegging out and watching the Olympics.  We've earned it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Day of love?

Just loved the Google Doodle this morning not only carrying on their Snow Games theme, but also celebrating Valentines Day It was beautiful and filled me with wonderful feelings to start my day.
I hope that you were both able to see it also.
I wait here with the weather changing drastically again with rain coming Thursday. This is really nice if other conditions were congruent but with piles of snow and greenhouses needing attention it is not really welcome especially since it will be a day or two in length and then back to cold. Ugh...
I ordered a shelving unit from the Hardware yesterday - if I am to try to organize then I must have some idea of what to do. The idea here is to have a place to put things as I consider the basement mess.I hope to be successful in my push to take action. Wish me luck.
Yesterday was Pancake Day preceding today as first day of Lent and true to my nature, I treated myself to some waffles for breakfast ( not pancakes) Nice for a change but too sweet with syrup in light of my attempt to be wise with my nutrition.
Expecting that you folks are watching some of the Olympics on TV I listen to the reports on the CBC radio and the excitement seems to transcend that media as well. 
Take care all...Happy Valentines Day as I send my hugs to you.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Starbucks anyone?

Good to hear about your critique day Pati but not so good to hear about the other issues. Thinking of Dave, and also how he was able to circumvent your electrical issue. 
I am sitting here early sipping on a Starbucks coffee - just had to brag a little! We went to Mike's yesterday and drove into Sudbury to visit the Costco Store. Harry previously got a gift certificate off kijiji towards the purchase of a membership so we decided to try it. There is a store just opened in Orillia about 1 1/2 hours south of here and of course one in Sudbury.  Mike found a big bag of Starbucks Pikes Place whole beans and asked if I wanted to share it (knowing how much I like to make bean coffee same as him). So I brought a zip lock bag home and just now made a pot in the Bodum. It is very tasty, I must say!
This morning it is snow shoveling for me - another storm came through yesterday ( bad drive home from Mike's) so it it piled high. I'll wait until the snow plow goes by and then get at it. Also yesterday the car gave a warning message that it was time for an oil change. Checking the menu on the dash it indicated we were down to 5 % which did not seem right but nevertheless I shall call for an appointment this morning.  And I expect that more greenhouse work is in store.
We have one new budgie chick hatched - there are more eggs but never know if they will all be fertile and hatch.
Well, here's to another week. See that there is a weather warning in Man for cold temps and I sure hope that will not move here anytime soon. I can't imagine more cold nights and trying to keep the greenhouse warm.  I received a message from my friend Sue about getting together for our annual Spring luncheon together, I can look forward to that and this may distract me from the current conditions haha   Take care

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ya' gotta laugh

Went to the critique session Saturday, with my friend, Gail. ( I always describe her that way to differentiate from David's sister, Gail)  There was little actual critique involved.  The moderator gave us a bit of her background, and her degree as an art historian.  She had been provided with the little statements each of us had provided as part of signing up, and had prepared a set of specific questions for each of the six items to be discussed.  We had also been warned that we would have to verbally introduce our pieces to the audience ( there were about 8 people in total there.)  After our introduction the event was more of a give and take discussion than critique, with the moderator using her questions as cues to further discussion.  Each person ended up getting about 20 minutes of fame. In the end we had all gained a great deal of understanding of each others motivation, the techniques each of us tends to use, and our working systems, and routines.  There was a lot of similarity in those areas, despite the variation in our mediums.  There were two potters, a hand needle felter who makes wonderful miniature heads, a one of a kind book maker, a glass worker, and myself, the fibre artists.  The glass maker was the lady who gifted me all  the fused glass cabochons several years ago.  The ones I still use.  It was great to get in touch with her again, and to find that Gail was a mutual friend.

Unfortunately, when I got home, David was not well, and I took him into emergency.  It appears that he might have had a small stroke.  He recovered fairly quickly, and we were home by about 8:00.  He was okay today, but has been left with a bit of a left facial droop, and some times slurs his words a bit.  We see our doctor tomorrow, and should find out more then.

  My computer had been giving me grief, and had been taken into the Geek Squad Friday.  It had been arranged that it be sent away to diagnosis, and possible hard drive replacement, but Saturday afternoon David got a call saying it was ready to come home.  It was too late to go Saturday, after we got home from the hospital, but when we tried to check for mail, and maybe blog,  we discovered that we had no power in our computer room!  I've arranged to get an electrician in, maybe tomorrow.  However, David had other ideas, and after we picked my computer up this afternoon, he jury-rigged a system using extension cords, so that we got both computers plugged in, and hooked up to the internet.  We had stopped for coffee on the way home, and I had taken mine into Starbucks to see if I could check the e-mail on their WIFI.  A couple of ladies helped me get set up, and what they taught me allowed me to re-access our home WIFI sytem.  

A strange day all around.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Let the games begin..

From today on, the news will be full of all the Olympic events - and I see Google has their own "Doodle Games" started. I was interested in the curling and see Canada is 3-1 in the mixed doubles already so hope they can carry on to success.
Snow again but surely the skies have given up all they have and before long it will be clear sailing. The little greenhouse is churning away with two heaters in and maintaining heat best it can. Already we have kale up and tomatoes starting to pop out of the soil. I don't quite know what we shall do for heat when Harry decides to start up the big greenhouse. I only have two outlets from the house to outside (through windows) and he is using the two I have for the one greenhouse ? don't know- time will tell?
Going to Huntsville today - our days for traveling are all mixed up from the usual pattern but maybe that breaks the monotony of "same same"? They have reopened the ReStore in Huntsville at a new location and the store itself is much cleaner and nicer than the previous dungeon which I did not like.  And word is that Fabricland is going to relocate into this same area but maybe today I can see if that will be true. It is at the Mall and all snuggled into the previous Zellers store that closed a few years back. They broke the huge empty area into different sized store space.
So Pati I commend you for your thoughts related to this new lifelong regime of yours. I bought the first Dr Phil "diet" book the other day at Value Village so now have the three - the 20/20 is still the best reference for me but I like to read the encouraging words that he writes in his commentaries throughout these books.
Happy weekend to you all,  Will be thinking of you Pati on Saturday, And Cathy what are you up to?  Take care

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


We did go to see Jumanji last night.  I've been thinking about how I would describe it.  The word "gentle" springs to mind, but that  isn't quite right for a movie where one character's strongest strength is in "Fight Dancing", and that's one of the women!  I do want to say that there was a depth in the characters that one doesn't usually find in a Duane Johnson action movie.  I also gained a lot of respect for the actor Jack Black, who, as a middle aged man in life, played a teen age girl.  The scene where the other men tried to show him/her, as a girl in a man's body, how to urinate in the bush, was priceless.  The line where he/she says "Oh that is so much easier", comparing it to what she normally goes through, said all that need to be said in the scene. 

It's coming up on two years since I started my new eating regime, (March 1st) and this morning I made a decision.  I don't think, that really, in my heart, I've accepted this as a totally new lifestyle.  I need to start thinking of it as a new lifestyle, rather than something I go through on the way to somewhere else.  As well, a lot of it has become too routine, and I'm not thinking when I plan meals, but rather acting out of habit.  Over breakfast, I finally read the chapter in the book on maintenance.  I have deliberately not read this before.  This step will mean taking a different approach to meal planning, and being forced to think more about what I eat.  One thing he stresses when moving into maintenance, is to continue monitoring weight and body measurements, as a means of monitoring the success of the maintenance--which should continue for the rest of your life.

Back to the "salt mine" this morning.  I started and then gave up on making a blue hexie bag. It just didn't "sing" to me, but I have started a black, grey and pink one that I think I like much better.
We have scheduled a date for me to teach the beading class to two ladies.  This is in payment for the long arm quilting of my green quilt, last fall. Since I want a couple of my older hangings to use as teaching samples, this means that I have to start going through the bundles of hangings, I have stored away, sooner than expected, and may not have the time to fully inventory them.  But I can take pictures and measurements, and that's half the battle.  David has agreed to help me with the first of it today.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Busy busy...

Always so nice for me to sign on and read your messages, and Pati you really had some interesting news to share this time around. 
It will be good for you to have your one on one critique of your art piece, so don't be happy! And be sure to share with your dear sisters.
Enjoyed my tea visit with Daisy and Michelle yesterday and I think it made Daisy's day - at least she was joking and laughing and joining in on the conversation which is good. 
More snow so a bit of shoveling this morning and then a major job with the greenhouse - Harry thinks the tarps should come off so the plants get some light during the day so I shall try to devise somehow to take them off (they are really frozen solid) and then put them back on for the night. They really are preserving some of the heat and keeping the inside warm at night. 
Starting to get some of the forms for income taxes in the mail now so I guess that will be the next challenge - thank goodness I take then to an accountant (and pay for that privilege)
I just finished a book Mike gave me for Christmas called Six Degrees of Freedom by Nicolas Dickner (Governor Generals Award winner and Canada Reads winner) Really enjoyable but for sure I must read again because it was full of time line differences which caught my attention too late - I want to read it with fresh eyes now that I know the story.
Time for breakfast - I love getting up early and idling my time away haha! Take care

Monday, February 5, 2018

the blessings found in very cold weather

Trying to find some good in things can be challenging.  Since we avoid going out as much as possible, I'm getting a lot done in the studio.  Bonus! Today, the clerk at Micheal's and I chatted about there being very little snow falling when it's so very cold. ?bonus?

Yesterday, I finished the McGrath Family Reunion 2000 quilt. (picture pending)  I might have finished it sooner, had I not stitched 3 of 4 corner blocks up side down.  David thought I should just unstitch the one that was right, but my soul wouldn't let me do it, so I spent hours unstitching 3 blocks and redoing them.  I've been working on hexie bags again.  Foolishly, I thought that I could re-use the beige lozenges I made for Oreo Inspiration, and just sew a couple together to get the piece for the hexie bag.  Not that easy!  Especially since I was sewing them by hand.  (I like to have a bit of hand sewing to do while watching tv,  but this was a PINTA, and just too much.)  So the second group of lozenges will be sewn together by machine, starting today. This means that David has to make me another set of wooden "handles", and we stopped into Micheal's this morning to pickup the supplies, on our way home from the dentist.

While out with Gail on Friday, we talked about how we organize and inventory our work.  I spent time thinking about this over the weekend, and finally came up with some long range, SMART goals for organizing, mainly, my inventory process, but I know there will be "spin-offs".  Like many things, once I set up the system, it should be simple to manage, with a little self discipline. lol

The opening reception was well attended.  There was some very nice food.  It was the first time Gail had been to the gallery, and I think she was impressed.  She spent some time going through the gift shop section, and I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to get some of her jewelry in there.  There were several fibre pieces in the show.  I was disappointed in a couple of them, one in particular.  Gail, however, loved it.  It's challenging, and invigorating to discuss a particular piece with someone whose view differs.  You are forced to deeply examine your feelings, and to then justify them.  In the end, we agreed to differ.  

Behind my problems with the piece was my belief that, with fibre being an emerging medium, and subject to controversy,  I worry that any piece that is poorly planned and/or poorly done diminishes the medium, as a whole. 

There was a second fibre piece we differed on, but it turned out that Gail knew the maker, and was more impressed at her moving in a different direction technically, than what she had produced, previously.  It can be a scary thing to try something new, and then put it out to the public.

 I can't remember if I mentioned that I've arranged for my piece to be included in a series of one-on-one critiques, with a respected local art critic, next Saturday.  I confess to being both excited and apprehensive about that.

 I saw one piece that I would have loved to own. A pottery trip-tych (sp.) made by the same woman who made all of my special coffee mugs.  At least my taste is consistent.

Tomorrow we may try to go to see Jumanji.  We found the local theatre so much less expensive than the fancy one we're been going to, that we may just try it again.  I'll still be on Phase one of my dietary regimen, so am a little nervous about buying popcorn.  I gained a couple of pounds with it last week, which disappeared as soon as I took my diuretic.  Not necessarily a good thing. Unfortunately, I can't imagine going to a show and not having popcorn!


A Monday morning Hello

Snow and more snow over weekend so I have been getting my exercise in shoveling. Just the driveway and path to greenhouse mostly, as I am not worried about the rest. It will melt eventually. 
I am going over to Daisy's this afternoon for tea. I thought they had gone back to Toronto as planned but a call from the granddaughter outlined the issues they have at the house so have stayed on to rectify eg need for new water pump and holding tank, need to have bottled water because well water unfit, squirrels in walls, mould in the attic etc. Poor Michelle (the granddaughter) has been trying to work out the details and do the work mostly, except of course having a plumber in which as we all know costs $$$. So I'll go over and sit with Daisy and offer my ear. I haven't been in touch with neighbour Ruth for awhile either and I should really at least call her. Sometimes I feel that I don't want to be bothered or do anything but I guess that is an unhealthy, negative attitude?
Otherwise, should be a usual week here. Hoping that Harry will get his new glasses today so that will eliminate at least one stressor for him. 
How are things with you folks. How was the reception Pati at Craft Council?  Take care

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Dream of summer folks!

Doing a "come quickly summer" dance here. Greenhouses and minus temperatures do not a happy person make haha!
Finally last evening I got out several quilts and struggled (by myself) to cover the entire greenhouse. This helped greatly. The inside temperature of the greenhouse rose nicely. Not heating the outdoors anymore, I guess. Snow and squalls predicted for this weekend so I am hoping I can leave the blankets on but I know Harry will want light to get in so I am preparing myself to taking them off and putting them back on morning and night. It is now that time of year where the planting and maintenance take precedence and other desires take on less time and consideration. So be it. 
And I, too, am thinking of your travels. Both of Cathy and Jim venturing to Vancouver Island, and also Pati and Dave travelling to Neepawa and all of you getting together....a  big hug from me!
I treated myself to a box of Twinings Earl Grey tea the other day - I said blow the budget and do something for yourself - so I did! I have enjoyed several cups so far and even sat down and watched a movie The First Wives Club which is one of my "go to" movies.
So on with the day - I shall have my breakfast and another cup of coffee before getting at it. Hope all is well with you folks.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

P. S.

No, Rrain didn’t tell me you were coming but I have the day off work. We can get together


jim’s sister turns 75 in July and she wants everyone to join her. She has already arranged accommodations for everyone coming.  I have told my manager why and when I want it off. I am hoping my seniority and the fact that I have never asked for a specific time before will help me get it off. She lives just south of Campbell river on Vancouver island.  It is called oyster river. It is a really nice spot on the ocean. You can walk for miles along the ocean and come back to where you started.


Where are you planning to go in July Cathy?  I didn't know you had plans.  As Beth says, most of the thrill of doing something is in the planning and anticipation.  Tell us more so that we can enjoy it with you.

Did Rrain tell you that David and I will be coming up on March 5th to hang the Fibre Art Divas show.  I hope we're be able to see you, or do you have exciting plans for that as well?


Yes, I confess I was in Winnipeg this week so didn't see the moon either.  I was supposed to come in Tuesday morning for a 2 day meeting but they decided Monday afternoon that I should come in right away to miss the weather.  Probably a good idea as the snow and blowing snow just got worse over night.  I don't think I could have made it in on Tuesday.  I tried to write to the blog but my phone just didn't like the hotel I guess.  Couldn't do anything.  I did get a quick visit with Loren on Wednesday.  I was early for the meeting at the Union Centre so I asked if he was available.  We talked for a while.  it was really good to see him and catch up.  At the start of my meeting or rep said we would get together again in 4 or 5 weeks.  By the end of the meeting he was saying 2 weeks.  Got an email today...... Feb. 15th.  exactly 2 weeks.  Our contract is up again so we are heading to negotiations.  Last time for me.  Rrain house sat for us so we had no worries about the animals.  Jim came in with me and, can you believe it, applied for his very first passport in his life!  Now what am I going to put on his tombstone..... I was going to say "never had a passport in his life"  Oh, and while Loren and I were talking my rep came looking to see if any of us were there yet.  He came around the corner and saw  us and said "Oh!  I can really see the resemblance now"  I guess Loren does have some McGrath in him.  I know Amber does.  We are still hoping to get away in July.  Rrain is all set to sit for us again.  I just have to have the holidays approved.  It is Glenda's 75th birthday..... you'd think that management would take that into consideration.    I think I am going to have  to break down and buy myself a new computer at home.  I have 3 that each have something wrong with them.  One is so old I don't think it would work anymore.  the other was free and then there is my poor laptop.  Oh well  Back to work time.