Saturday, December 31, 2016

Don't worry--

it's already in the mail.  You didn't really think I would forget you--did you?


The Free Press on line does not seem to have it available for me to read ( at least not for us non payees!!) and I browsed the entire site - could have missed it but I think not.  I was looking of course, for Aries and my future.  I don't suppose anyone would like to copy it to the Blog??? Don't worry if too much - just thought I'd like to share with yours.
Enjoy your day everyone - a Dinner out Pati sounds like a lovely way to spend the evening.  Cathy, any chance of your company trying to drive up to your place?  The weather may be better?

Waiting for the bag of balloons to drop

Gosh, I was wondering the same thing, when I saw that on Google.

This morning the Free Press published detailed horoscopes for the next year.  At the end of each section were predictions for the future.  Both Cathy and Loren are also Pisces, so I was quite interested.  According to the horoscope, next year I will be travelling.  I wonder if that means that I'll win the contest for a $5000 travel voucher, that was attached to these expensive scratch tickets I've been buying. I will live to at least 2018, and that year I will be returning to school, and by 2019 I will have stellar reputation.  Does that mean that the world will discover what a fantastic artist I am, and I will become a star?  2021-2023 I will enter a period of downsizing, resulting in  a start of something entirely new.  OMG!  I thought I did that!  Did I start too soon?  Or maybe others will be sorting my stash for me because I won't be around--same result, eh?  But maybe not, as 2015 I'll be improving my real estate situation.  Ah well, who really knows, and besides, we have no control over any of it.

This evening?  Well, David's sister popped in yesterday to invite us for supper this evening.  She spent some time with us, and I hope there are topics of conversation that we haven't already covered. She is almost 80, and still working in her son's heavy ( really heavy) equipment business, which is, apparently, doing quite well.  Not only is she listed as executive director, and manages the office, she also runs the parts truck around the city, when needed. When she has to pick up something large or heavy, I imagine the men see this tiny, white-haired lady, and just know she might need help.

I'm always pleased when we get together with her.  I sometimes think that David must feel overwhelmed with our side of the family.

Here's to pleasant outings...

And another to come tomorrow for Pati and Dave as celebration is in the air again!  Glad to hear about your pleasant Anniversary Dinner out. And with the weather holding a bit also hoping your outing set for tomorrow with other family members will be as enjoyable. New Years Eve will be uneventful around here, and I have a turkey thawing for our dinner on Sunday.  I walked up to Foodland later in the day yesterday, in the snow, to buy bread and milk to store up for what they are calling another "advisory for heavy snow fall" for today and tomorrow.  Mike gave us a new roof shovel affair that scopes the snow and it runs down a slide onto the ground.  Haven't tried it yet because we had rain right after Christmas but I'm sure it will be put to use after the next few days haha!  I'v started to put away Christmasy things as well - movies, music etc and will remove the tree and lights after the New year.  I would like to think of sitting by the tree tonight and enjoying a bit of time but who knows what will prevail.
So my best to you all for a Happy New Year.  I'm anxious to see if the current Google animation will respond at midnight - I'll have to wait until tomorrow morning I guess because I won't be on computer right at the stroke of 12 haha! Maybe nothing will happen. But they always seem to post some fun animated activity for these special occasions. XXX  ps any fabulous New years resolutions in the works for either of you ( that you wish to share that is)

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A pleasant anniversary

The restaurant meal was just fine.  We didn't know that the restaurant had an "early bird special menu"  obviously geared toward seniors, and that's good to know, but we ordered off the regular menu.   And, of course, the evening was exactly what we expected and enjoyed.

However, we hadn't given much thought about what might have been going on the the world while we were celebrating.  Yesterday was garbage collection on our street.  David had placed the two bins on either side of the driveway, and when we got home, most of our driveway entrance had been filled with snow from the removal operations and our bins were up in the bank, half buried. This was about 11:00, but he had to get out an blow snow before we could even get the car in the driveway.  Of course, if the bins aren't placed exactly right, they don't get emptied.  The garbage is usually picked up earlier and it was okay, but the recycling will have to be held over until next week.  He just did what was necessary to get us in, and is out there again this morning, cleaning up the rest.  The grow op next door pays a service to clean their driveway, and it comes in a big half ton with a plow blade attached.  Well they filled both our window wells on that side of the house yesterday, not for the first time.  David has cleaned them out now, but is quite angry.  Doesn't bode well.

We're both tired today, and with the change in the weather, both of us are sore, so a quiet day in store.  We need to get out to the library, but that's a short trip.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Anniversary

Hope your day is as enjoyable as you wish for.

December 28 is here again!

Special wishes to Pati and Dave as they celebrate their Anniversary today.  Seems like just yesterday we were doing the same - together!
Take time to enjoy the day everyone - try to dig out of the snow best you can   Thinking of you and Take care

Monday, December 26, 2016

Only in Winnipeg

Blowing snow and snow drifts everywhere, although cars are getting through on Munroe.  And here's a guy walking down the road, trudging through the snow carrying what appears to be a huge "slurpee"!!

Only in Winnipeg!

Clearing paths

Jim has the snowblower out.  The first path cleared is to the bird feeder.  He has his priorities­čśŐ

Not going anywhere today

Just finished breakfast.  Yes, there is snow.  David prefers to get out and at it, before eating, so he's off to start blowing snow.  This means he'll spend the rest of the day reading and watching tv ( and snoozing off and on)  I put yesterday's turkey carcass on in the slow cooker(s) overnight, for stock, and woke up to the pleasant smell--and a morning's work for myself , as we had left the kitchen in a bit of a mess before going out yesterday, and I prepared the stock right over top of that.

David wore his hat yesterday, as, after all, that was the main reason he bought it.  Just after leaving Amber's he questioned whether the hat had been packed up with the three totes we brought home.  Worried all the way home, but found it, so all's right with the world.  Loren let me bring the turkey carcass home in the roaster, so I have that to wash and return to him, somehow.  Very nice roaster, by the way!!!  As things turned out everyone had brought some sort of dessert, although Amber made a very nice mousse and decorated it quite elegantly.  I left most of mine behind, but brought home two almond tarts.  I guess Sheila really feels like one of the family.  As everyone was busy negotiating the disposal of leftovers, she quietly went about washing the serving dishes and cooking pots.  Amber has a very small kitchen, and Judy and I took the option of staying out of the way, with Judy entertaining the children, who were being very good, as it's usually their job to wash dishes, and they were trying to stay very quiet and un-noticed.

  After our dinner we talked and reminisced about Christmas traditions ( A guided discussion)  Judy was the most vocal, talking about her family celebrations with 4 siblings, and how her mother would single-handed prepare huge traditional Ukrainian Christmas Eve and Christmas day feasts, for extended family--most of whom are now gone--Amber and Darren are all she has left.  This is the most we have heard of her family, and I think the grandchildren children were listening. It played in nicely with the dishes she brought to our meal -- a traditional dressing and Ukrainian meatballs with mushrooms. 

It's been very nice to hear from everyone so quickly after the "main event", and to know everything went well, and everyone got home safely.  Cathy, I took the liberty of posting your picture on your blog post, since you mentioned having trouble with that.

Now--onto this week's anniversary and birthday!

Holiday wishes

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Rrain came over for an early dinner and left before four.  She says the highway was already pretty much a white out by then.  Kris, Sandi and Chloe decided not to come, with my full blessing . Much as I wanted to see them I wanted them to be safe.  The snow appears to have lightened up, but the wind is howling and blowing it everywhere.  I took my selfie and emailed it.  I tried to post it from my phone but I couldn't make it work.  We spent Christmas Eve with Kellie (Jim's goddaughter) and her family.  Her first time hosting Christmas at her home.  Sooo much food.  We didn't eat until late by the time everything was ready....... pirogi, cabbage rolls, meat balls, turkey, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes, mashed turnip, mashed yams, taco salad, pickles, cheese, jellied salads, buns............ All I had was turkey, gravy,  beans, potatoes, stove top,  and copper pennies as a salad. (and left over cheese from the night before).  Kris and family hope to make it out on New Years Day.  We have to take food to the levy at the Legion, but will work around it somehow.  I've gathered a big laundry basket of toys for Chloe to play with while she is here so I hope they can stay for a visit.  I have my turkey carcass simmering on the stove and the laundry on.  Jim wants to get out side and shovel a path out from the house, but I think unless he waits a bit he will just lose ground.  Oh well.  It will keep us busy for a while.

Christmas pictures

The pictures tell the story! Thanks for sharing the "toast moment" with me. And I'm glad to receive news from your parts in light of the storm warnings on the news.  Hoping all our family members are now home safe and sound?  Cathy did you get any pictures of the gang at your home that you can send?
Our drive was uneventful as the weather held - beautiful sunny skies and smooth sailing!  I had my toast back at home - while watching yet another of my movies The Polar Express. Mike and Erin were having their toast together at their home but alas I have no pictures to send. And I was on the phone with Willie just after 7 pm to touch base with him - so my family was all heard from haha!
The day for me was wonderful - visiting, seeing their new furniture and decorated house and enjoying a very delicious meal made by them both.  This is the first year that his Christmas tree has been set up fully - for years since he came back from overseas, the tree stayed in the box and he just put lights around the outside - became a standing joke with us and all his friends. This is also maybe the first year that Harry didn't have a hand in the preparation and delivery of the meal, so it was nice for him to relax and enjoy. It seems that for so many years we have been hauling food up and down the highway - first to his Mothers year after year, and then our trips up to North Bay. I love to be together with family but the food part was always a bit of a headache. A change in our lives that I welcome.
Today the weather changes here as well - freezing rain warnings and worst part is that Mike and Erin are heading out to Toronto by 8 am this morning to visit her family - should be back by Wednesday so I'll worry a bit until I hear they are safely home. Willie stays in North Bay so I know he is safe.
Sending happy thoughts today - Boxing Day.  I'm hoping to just relax here, maybe tidy up a bit but we'll see. I do not partake in the "shopping frenzie " as so many do.  Take care

Sunday, December 25, 2016

We made it home!!

A very nice visit, and dinner with the family, but no time for any game playing, as the forecast snow had started, and we were a little anxious to get home before it became too bad.  By the time presents were opened, dinner cooked and eaten, and then dishes washed and left-overs parceled out, it was getting late enough.  Too bad we only get together like that in winter, it would have been a more pleasant evening in June or September.  We traveled home together, just in case, but separated once we got into the city.  David received the bottle of Crown Royal he asked for, from Jeremy (OMG, I have a grandson old enough to visit the liquor store!).  I received the set of earth magnets with handles, I had wanted as well as a gift card from Bulk Barn, from Darren.  It's also interesting, but sort of sad to see the girls turning into young women.  The two oldest have now sworn off meat, but had some fake chicken for dinner.

We did remember the toast, and Amber immediately sent it to you both, but here it is anyway.  Please note the black table cloth, although the centerpiece is just out of view. ( My hand embroidered Druid Santa--what can I say?)

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A good day to stay home

but--with the storm warnings, David figured we should fill the gas tank, and the jerrycan for the snowblower.  So out we went, up to the gas station on Gateway.  Yesterday there was no way to get into the one on Regent, with all the heavy traffic, and we thought today  just might be worse.  No problem the way we went, and I was able to get into Tim's for my daily coffee. Paid for with a  Tim's card I found in my purse, that was probably left over from our wonderful celebration last year. But is it ever cold out!  So our plan for tomorrow is to dress really well, go out early, and come home early, so we can avoid the worst of the storm, which is predicted for later in the evening.  We're pretty well ready.  The veggies are all prepared for cooking, and in the fridge.  I have my almond tarts and Nanaimo bars, but don't dare open the packages, as there would be no way to get more, if I were to eat it all.  So I'll plate them right before we go out.  We plan to cook the "Pip'n'Squeek and then put it in a slow cooker to stay warm during the trip and then at Amber's, before dinner is served. She is making a mousse for dessert, and then the dainties will be kept for later during game playing.  I don't plan to bring any home with me, but I'm hoping for a bit of turkey for our supper on Monday, as it's likely we won't be going out that day, if the storm turns out  to be as bad as predicted.

I didn't buy a table centre, and David won't let me take my big black tablecloth.  He doesn't think it will go well with paper plates.

Have a great day everyone, and remember to raise a glass to "Family" at 6:00 Winnipeg time.

The Christmas weekend has arrived

Early Christmas Eve and a light dusting of snow on the ground and threat of more over course of day.  Greetings from here as we all start our celebrations of Christmas.
I am reading on the Free Press that a warning is in place for severe weather for you folks.  Take care and I will be thinking of all the family, as you drive here and there to be together.
Yesterday I did the roof.  This is a big event for me, took lots of worrying and then lots of work but it is done.  Of course I don't go on the roof but rather on a ladder with the snow rake and only get about six feet or so of snow off from the eaves up. But I had to watch the new eaves this time and ensure I did not cause any untoward damage.  And then clean up the heavy wet snow left on the ground.  Lots of fun but it is done - for now!
Today we shall make up some cookie trays for our trip to Mike's tomorrow and then load up the car with what we can - we have a box of gifts and I have some boxes of stationary supplies for them. I have so much in the way of stationary eg file folders, paper etc. One trip to the dump this Fall netted us boxes and boxes of the stuff and boxes of new bristle boards etc. Just thrown away. and now here, are sorted out, and some going to Erin
We bought a prime rib roast on sale at Foodland yesterday - the butcher is a friend and trimmed it up nicely so we shall likely be cooking that Boxing Day for ourselves.  Looking forward to our meal with Mike and Erin - I know we are having turkey, and also turnip because Mike was teasing Erin about getting his machete out to cut it.  I made some cranberry sauce to take, and I'll also take some onion dip - a favourite of Mike's.
So my dear sisters - have a wonderful family Christmas.  Think of all our old home grown traditions and remember those happy times, and enjoy making new memories together.
I shall raise my glass in a toast at our special time and think of you doing the same.......   Take care and Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2016

last minute shopping

Out for a bit of last minute shopping.  Never have I seen so much traffic in our part of town!  And Regent and Lagimodiere is considered one of the busiest intersections int he city at the best of times! Who are these people?  Why are they out roaming the streets at 1:00 in the afternoon?  Have they no jobs? I am so-o-o-o glad to be home, and don't plan to leave the house until Sunday afternoon.

Movie Night

David and I were just putting in time waiting to head out, so I suggested we go early and have supper in one of the restaurants in the area.  We ended up at Applebees, as I recalled the very nice salad I had when out with my stitching friends.  We got parking right in front of the building, and, when we let them know we were going to a movie, they served us quickly.  It was a pleasant supper, and, because the waitress went to extra trouble making sure we had everything and were served quickly etc ( she really did), I gave her a generous tip, despite being surprised at the size of the bill.  While we were getting our coats on, David looked the bill over, and questioned why we were paying for two salads.  Sure enough, an overcharge.  So they reversed the charges on my debit and gave us a new and correct bill.  I didn't feel comfortable reducing her tip, so she got a bit extra for Christmas.

We decided to leave the car near the restaurant, as we could see how busy the parking lot looked, and walked over.  When we got there, there were several handicap spaces, so David went back and got the car.  With parking right outside the mall entrance, we left our parkas in the car and just walked in.  Met the family, and went into the show.  A quite good "shoot 'em up", Star Wars style, with all sorts of bits and pieces taken from older plots. ( The "token" Jedi was a blind Asian martial arts expert)  After it was over, we all realized that we had been spotting characters from the other movies in the series, no matter how small their part was in this one.  We had also spent time recognizing actual bits taken from previous Star Wars movies, and places where actors who are now dead, had been technically re-animated to appear in this one.  I guess that says a lot about how gripping the plot was.  Regardless, it was a fun evening, and I'm glad we went.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Home again with winter tires on...

Two hours of sitting beside a beautiful decorated and lit Christmas tree in the GM show room at the dealership - wonderful and peaceful and time to relax and read a bit. Does that sound silly? And in the meantime, the car got four winter tires, an oil change, and a fix for a recall for a front windshield wiper defect which I didn't know about, but the dealer did, so it was done ( no charge of course)  Now I hope the driving will be easier on my poor nerves (and back from pushing the car) Not mandatory here but should be.  They also store the other summer tires for us which is a good idea- we have no room for them. In the Spring I'll just have them reversed and then they store the winter ones until I need them. 
I mailed my passport renewal papers, and new pictures I got taken at Shopppers and received confirmation that it was received at the Passport office in Gatineau Quebec on Monday.  Now to see how quickly it will be processed. I renewed it for 10 years this time.
Today we will enjoy three seconds more of sunlight apparently - did you notice it? But it is nice to know that the days will be getting longer now. 
Time for some reading and then to bed. I was going to watch another movie, but think I'm too tired to sit through it. 
By the way, I have the basic front of the hexi table topper done now and just starting to figure out how I shall do the border around it, and just how big I should make the border- it will be in greens.  I must say that I am pleased with how it looks so far.  
Take care 

Snow tires

They're required here, and we have no problem with it.  Once you get over the initial expense, the convenience, and peace of mind are well worth it.

A quick Hello!

Just printing off some end month bills and since I am at the computer, thought I'd send a quickie to say Hi!. Hopefully I'll get more time tonight to write.
This afternoon I go to the GM dealership Service department to get four new snow tires installed.  Not what I wanted related to budget etc, but after having to push Harry out of trouble yet again yesterday, I said to myself. Enough!  Harry has never favoured snow tires but invariably this car of ours cannot control itself - especially in this winter so far - so much snow!  So regardless of differences in opinion, I shall get the tires, on my Visa, and breathe a little easier especially since we are going to Mike's on Sunday.  What do you think - overreaction on my part? (Not!)  I'll let you know how it goes.  Take care for now XX  ps I watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation last evening - what a hoot!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Here's hoping along with you Cathy

With a new pump, all should be fine, but it must have been an ordeal installing it? But, better to solve the problem now. I have been looking up at our roof every day I'm out shoveling - it has to be done, but with the new eaves installed my usual practice needs refining.  I bought not one but two new ladders in the Fall trying to resolve my dilemma but still not good.  I cannot see how I can set the longer ladder up with the standoffs installed - I brushed all the snow off the two this morning, and shall be thinking hard about the next step.  Wish me luck!
Yesterday my happy thought for myself was to make some our family old traditional refrigerator cookies.  I didn't have whole cherries but had some cut peal fruit that had bigger pieces of cherries, and I had some nuts on hand.  Good enough. I baked one roll last evening ( two more in the freezer just waiting haha) and had my fill - gorgeous warm delicious cookies and brought back happy memories for me. Ate them while watching You've Got Mail which is surprisingly enough, one of my Christmas movies.
Tomorrow we go to North Bay, and then the rest of week prepare to go to Mike's Sunday.  Very exciting!   Take care XX

Monday, December 19, 2016


I guess I avoid posting cause I have nothing nice to say.  We have a new pump in our septic tank.  I guess we will find out this weekend if it is working.  I takes about 5 - 6 days for the tank to fill.  Just in time for Christmas.  Work is work...... nuff said.  Jim bought me a present today.  Okay.... I bought it but he knew how much I wanted one.  It was a bath pillow.  Our tub is an older one with the straight back.  You just can't lie back in it and relax.  Now I have a pillow!!  Last night we had just finished supper when 3 sleds pulled into the yard.  We thought it was Kellie and Tyler but one of the guys came to the door and said his friend had been hurt on the trail and could we take him to town!!  Jim took him to the hospital.  It turned out to be someone we knew.  He actually chipped some bones on his back bone.  Nothing that would impair him...... just a lot of pain.  The dogs ran out barking... I told the guys they were all bark and no bite but just then one of them revved his engine.  Both dogs came tearing back into the house with their tails between their legs.. So much for having evil watch dogs :)    I think I am ready for Christmas.  I have 2 mashed potato casseroles in the freeser.  One for the 24th and one for Christmas.  I am having Copper Pennies (a cold Carrot salad)  Green Bean Casserole (the one with mushroom soup and  French's Onions.)  Kik is making Trifle ..  thanks for the tradition Pati!!  My co-worker gave me some of her daughter's toys that she doesn't  play with.  Olivia is one year older than Chloe..  Now I have something for her to play with on Christmas day.   I got her a Play Dough Fire Engine and a Gear Guys (John Deer) quad and lift.  The weather has finally broken. From -33 to -3.  A nice break.  Christmas will be colder but still much nicer than we have had. 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Checked the tickets

Yes, the $20 ones I get come through the Western Canada Lotteries Commission.

We went out an bought me some fabric to make another reliquary, today.  Fabricland had a sale on, and I needed to renew my membership before the end of the month.  Then I spent an hour playing with beads etc.  A good day from my perspective.

The weather is so cold, I was hoping that there wouldn't be too many people out there.  I was wrong.  I wonder how busy the area will be tomorrow when it's supposed to be only -6, instead of the -39 we have today.

Musing about family celebrations

We, as a family, have been planning our Christmas dinner.  Yes, we'll all be together--very, very important.  And we will try to have a family toast at 6:00 Winnipeg time.  But it will be casual.  No-one seems to dress up a bit,  anymore.  Amber is without a dishwasher, so we will be using paper plates and paper dishes.  I understand why things are done this way.  But-I miss the excitement of deciding what to wear, or even the new item of clothing that we would get for Christmas and wear for dinner that day-most often to Auntie Lorraine's, where the table ran through the kitchen, and all the way to the front door.  I miss the opportunity to eat at a fancy dinner table, with silver, and good dishes,  maybe even Christmas crackers and stupid fancy hats?  What about the ritual of carving the turkey at the table?  We didn't do it often, but we did do it.  I remember the Christmas day that Cathy brought a harpist to dinner--in costume.  Not that this had anything to do with our traditional Christmas dinners, but it was a celebratory thing, that made the day special.  Ah well, guess I'm showing my age.  At the same time, I have to wonder what sort of family traditions my grandchildren will remember.

I did it too!

You inspired me to do something as well.  I was out shoveling early this morning ( yes, we are still getting snow) and was thinking about your message, and then decided to do something fun for me.  I walked up to the Lottery Store and asked for the $20.00 package - oh no, they do not sell them here! Is this a Manitoba thing?
But they had $10,.00 packages, so I bought two. When I got home I put a ribbon on both and then handed Harry one package and I sang Merry Christmas to us. Merry Christmas to us.....I methodically scratched each of my tickets, one by one until the last of the six was done.  Guess what, no winners!  And Harry said, no winners!
So the result of this little adventure was that I made it fun, and I enjoyed every moment of the time spent from thought to reality! Thanks for the fun Pati ( however, you won, and I did not haha!)

Saturday, December 17, 2016

I did it!

I bought another package, and won $25.00, which puts my return at well over 50%.  I can't think of any other tickets that gives us that!  I had a lot of fun with it, and each ticket had a section that gave you a code to enter into an internet contest, as well.  Not that I expect anything out of that, but it would be a nice bonus.

Today we are spending quietly at home, and probably tomorrow as well.  Friday I was out to get my haircut in the morning, and then had a meeting in  the afternoon.  That was the last event we had scheduled until  Christmas.  I have the four presents we're responsible for to wrap, but have all the paper and ribbon that we need, ready to go.  I had a bunch of gift tags that I had made a couple of years ago, and will try to find those, but if not, we have lots of bought ones tucked away.

So, other than when I'm watching things like snowboarding on tv, I get to spend most of the day in the studio.  

Friday, December 16, 2016

Good for you

Why not!   Maybe you're on a roll...let us know how you make out.
I bought another Lotto Max ticket for tonight.  I never win, but then, if I don't have a ticket, I'll never win.... Right?
More snow, but who cares right now.  I just keep going out and shoveling.  We did go grocery shopping though this morning to South River.  The roads are snow and ice covered - not kept up very well. We splurged and bought some buy two get one free boxed hors d'hoerves.  Chicken wings which Harry ate because I won't. Potato skins which I will eat. And pigs in puff pastry things which I ate.  I froze more of the same from all three bags so I guess we'll be having another meal at some time soon.  Oh, goody!
I am making out marker sticks for Harry's seed planting. On each stick I print the name of the particular seed eg Black Oval Tomatoes. I only have 400 to write out, so I plan to play some Christmas music, and get at it.  
Hope you have a nice weekend all. Pati and Dave I know will be watching Star Wars. What about you Cathy? 
Take care.  One week until Christmas.  Are we going to bother with our toast?  XXX


I took $20,00 of my frivolous money and bought a special $20 package of scratch tickets.  Got my money back--just.  Whe-e-ew!
Now maybe buy another one?

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

An emotional day

We had a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 2:00.  Leaving the house at 1:15, we had a very difficult time finding parking, but made it into the building at about 1:45, only to find that the parking pay system had changed.  There was an older man trying to help everyone, but the new system was totally different, would only take coins or credit cards, and was so slow that the line up was half way across the foyer of the building. The poor old fellow was taking a lot of verbal abuse, as people were so frustrated. We then sat in the waiting room until about 3:50, when we were called into the examination room. At 4:00, I had to leave and go to pay again for more parking.  I quickly got back, the doctor was in the room with David, and we were out of there by 4:15.  The latest problem identified has turned out to be treatable, and David is willing. What a relief to both of us!  But knowing this caused us to relax and the adrenaline to stop flowing. 

Now we were on McDermot east of  Balmoral, and headed for the Disraeli Freeway.  Fellow on the radio is telling us that Disraeli is closed, just south of the southern bridge.  Okay, we're needing to get to Walmart at Regent and Lagimodiere, to get drugs for David, so we'll go over the Louise Bridge.  It took 45 minutes to travel from Higgins and Main to the Louise Bridge--normally less than a 5 minute drive.  Every single person living on the east side of the city, plus a tremendous number of buses, were trying to get over the Louise Bridge, because there was also a problem on Hespeler, and the Redwood Bridge was not an option.  And this fellow on the radio keeps saying that downtown was a parking lot, and to find other ways of travelling around the city and out to the East.  Hey there Radio Guy, we know!!  We finally got to Walmart, Starbucks and home by 5:35.  I was supposed to be at the quilters' guild meeting and all set up before 6:30.

Grab something quick to eat, and check e-mail, then at 6: 00 David asks me to help him get into, and work through, the website for the public library.  As a result, I was late getting to the hall, and couldn't get a handicap spot near the door, so ended up back in the last row of the parking lot, and had to haul all of my stuff in by myself, but did make it in one trip.  The one blessing was that my half a display table came with a chair, so I didn't have to try to find one within the main section of the hall.

The rest of the evening was much more relaxing, as I just had to sit there an listen and watch what was going on.  I bought home about $70, which is more than I took in last time I was at this sale, and far beyond expectations.  Putting this together with the $25 I made yesterday selling my embroidery fabric, I now have $95 to spend foolishly.  I'll have to think about that as, after all, anticipation is the best part.  

Never seen so much snow...

Snow, and more snow and today squalls so heavy could not see.  I actually forced myself to walk to Post office and Library and had to stop many times to get my balance and look ahead to make sure I was on the right track. Certainly not a day for me to wear my new red Christmas hat.  I had my old winter knitted hat, and jacket hood up and scarf wrapped around that - still not good enough! And I have shoveled three times, and will now wait until tomorrow to start all over again.   I have made a hair cut appointment for 0930 tomorrow morning - can hardly wait, so I have to be sure I can navigate down the street, haha
Oh, to go out to the movies.  I sure hope you will all have a great time together. I continue to watch my Christmas movies on the TV with DVD or VHS machines when I can.  It is been a struggle this year but as long as I get to watch the really important ones - White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, and The Polar Express - I'll be content!
And you ask what we were doing this time last year? I think about it every day and almost count down the sleeps still like I did last year!  Such a wonderful memory that lives on.
Well, time for bed and hope that when I wake up, although it will be extremely cold, that the snow will be gone!! NOT likely. Take care 

Stitchers luncheon

Yes, yesterday was the annual luncheon for my small stitchery group.  We have gone to a few restaurants over the years, but this year we went to  Applebee's, for the first time, although I used to go to a different Applebee's many years ago, with a friend from work.  Good food, and generous portions.  I found a salad which was just about dead on with my diet requirements, so was able to enjoy myself without guilt.  I even had my daily cup of coffee, with lunch, and it was excellent--something to remember.  A good time overall.

I also got rid of a box of specialty embroidery fabric and a box of silk ribbon, along with some special fabric rolls for storing the ribbon.  I'm having a bit of remorse about the ribbon, as, of course, now that it's gone, my brain is coming up with a dozen ways I could have used it.  But now I don't have to worry about it.

Otherwise, we stayed inside, where it was warm.  David has a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and this evening is a meeting of the quilters' guild.  It is the one meeting a year when we can take finished goods for sale to members, and I'm taking my usual basket of purses, and some sewing kits.  I may not sell anything, but then I just might, and I'm going to be sitting there anyway.  I'm also going to be taking a couple of donation quilts, so two more things out of the house.

Loren has managed to get tickets to "Star Wars: Rogue One", with reserved seating, so that the whole family can all sit together.  That is for next Thursday, and then it's Christmas, quickly followed by an anniversary and a birthday.  And what was it we were doing a year ago this time??

Monday, December 12, 2016

Down Day

We've been so busy the last few days, even though we hadn't stepped out of the of house since Friday, that we both needed a bit of a "down" day today.  Friday, we got a message from the doctor's office, asking David to go in to "discuss test results", and I worried myself sick over the weekend thinking that it was be the Sleep apnea test.  Called them back this morning, and it turns out he is vitamin B12 deficient, and we'll find out how it is to be treated on Wednesday.  Isn't there someone else in the family that suffers from that?  I can't remember who.

Cathy, I can see why you're worried.  While we don't have a septic system, I remember the constant worry we had over the sump pump in the last house.  I remember being in my housecoat, along with Loren, out on the deck, in cold, wet snow, at 3:00 in the morning, trying to get the damn thing to work.  This seemed to happen every year, when David was away driving his father to Florida, and again in the spring, when he was away driving him back.  Constant worry.  I was so glad to see the last of that damn thing, and vowed to never have one again.  Then again, I remember the septic system at the lake.  No-one bothered to do any maintenance until it was time to sell up.  We weren't even sure where it was, and David had to dig up half the yard, with a shovel, before finding the access, and then realized that no-one had arranged to have it emptied in almost 30 years.  Lots of very weak excuses about why not, over the years, but we got someone out to do it with one short phone call.

Cooked our turkey, and made stock, yesterday, then spent most of the evening watching "Guardians of the Galaxy", on CTV.  I started watching it, and David got sucked in.  Love that movie, no matter how confusing the plot is. Good to know that there is another episode coming up soon.

David took my "lime green parka with the blue paint on it" into a fire hall this morning, along with a pair of men's gloves, with the price tag still attached. ( too small) Good to know it's all gone to charity, as it was still serviceable even if the colour was awful.  Then we went to buy my daily coffee.  As is my custom, I grabbed my Starbuck's card, and my Interac cards as well, as I thought it might be needed.  When it came time to pay, I discovered that what I thought was my Starbuck's card was my Mastercard.  So our rule about nothing less than $10 on credit or Interac, got broken.  I really can't believe how guilty I feel.

I have started to put the black around my hexie lozenges.  David took one look at what I was doing, and asked "How big is that thing going to be?"  I think I need to get worried too.  This may well turn out to be the lifetime project, that I laughingly described it as.

Septic systems

What an awful experience for you Cathy.  This is when I am happy that we have town sewers ( and pay nicely for this privilege) and our own water well.  Mike is now learning about septics as his home has town water and a septic tank - the opposite of us.
I just came in from my first shoveling for the day as it is still snowing out. I wanted to shovel yesterday but didn't get out so I have a bit more to contend with today. But I made a batch of blueberry muffins yesterday - just to appease my desires haha!  You would think that with all the cookies Harry baked that I would be satisfied - apparently not.
Tell me, do you, or did you keep your cheese tarts in the fridge?  I had them in a tin on the counter - I have my filling in the fridge, but I got to thinking maybe the tarts should also be in the fridge. What's your idea about this/
Well, I have to walk up to the mail now, and will stop into the Lottery Store to get ready for Wed night.  I must be prepared!   
I see how cold it is still in your area and come Wed our temps will drop to minus 25 or so, so I will be in a deep freeze as well.
Take care

Sunday, December 11, 2016

thwarted again

My plan was to stay home and get the laundry done and make 2 mashed potato casseroles for Christmas, and a few more freeser meals.  All that got put on hold when we realise the septic tank was backing up into the basement (again)  Since we had it pumped out in the spring we figured the pump was gone or the pipe to the field blocked or frosen. Called Rainkie Sewage and he said he would try to get there in the morning.  Meanwhile don't use any water.  I guess I won't drink that second cup of tea!  He got there at about 11:30.  Yep.  The tank was full to the brim.  Nothing was getting out.  He pumped it out and discovered the cord from the pump had slipped down and was fried.  He had us turn off the breaker cause it was still smoking.  Four pails of water later he had it cleaned up and said we probably needed a new pump (somewhere between 200 and 1000):  Good luck getting a plumber on a Saturday; and....... the cord on the old one could maybe be shortened and used as a spare!!  Jim called Dustin Wayte, our neighbours son.  He had experience with plumbing and had fixed the pump once before.  He was quite willing to come over in -30 weather and look down our septic tank.  Right after he spoke to us, his Dad called from Texas to say the people looking after their house said the septic pump was running steady.... could he go look at it.  Anyway, he brought all sorts of  plug ends and crimpers and was able to fix the cord.  We are really hoping it is working.  I guess we will find out in about 600 gallons if the sewer backs up again.  The breaker didn't blow when we turned it on again so it looks promising.  Needless to say, nothing got down yesterday.  Today, I have the laundry already started.  Another cold day with high windchill.  I day to stay inside and watch the curling on CBC

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Stayed home today

And did some power cooking.  We put away 5 meals of chili, 4 meals of meatballs in gravy, and 12 hamburger patties.  I've been a little concerned about how hit and miss David's meals have been lately, and hope this helps in having something readily available for him.  We bought a lot of vegetables yesterday, so I used an old Weight Watcher's recipe for supper and had red cabbage with apple.  I think it fits fairly well into my diet plan, and made a nice change from chopped spinach.  But--it's been so long since we did anything like that that we both had to figure out how to process the cabbage.  Finally we realized that we needed my old, old Oster Kitchen Centre that was up on the top shelf of the pantry, rather than the newer Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I had forgotten what a mess shredding red cabbage makes.  David had a treat of a small steak with a baked potato, and fried onions and mushrooms.  Tomorrow we are planning to roast a turkey, and then make stock for me to use in preparing my diet meals.  We had been able to buy two utility turkeys for 0.77/lb yesterday.  Fairly small, but good enough for making stock.

Than David decided to make bread.  It was quite a chore to clean up after supper, but it's now done and we're both pretty well exhausted.  So an hour of tv and then to bed.


And I am tempted to add to your message..."and a partridge in a pear tree"  I can see the little ornaments very well.  And I also see the table topper - I made one the same from your pattern, but I have never been able to put on the backing and quilt it.  It looks lovely on your little table with the tree on it.  Makes me want to be there haha! 
Outings are important even if you don't buy anything.  I often buy nothing when we do the rounds although Harry always finds something. This morning we head to Sprucedale to drop off the gift basket I made up for the friends.  They have to go out by 10 am so I said we would be there at 9am and that we wouldn't stay. This suits me fine, but I fear they may insist on our coming inside for a visit. They have a very nice house. 
Well, up early again so I'll have my coffee and turn on the artificial fireplace ( on the TV) and enjoy some quiet time.  It is cold outside so I may have to turn on some more heaters today - especially downstairs  ( I can almost see the $$$$$ ) I still write down the Hydro meter reading every morning and keep track of usage.
Enjoy the weekend. Take care

Friday, December 9, 2016

Daily adventures now

To a certain extent we have decided that it is good for us to get out of the house more often, even every day, if it's feasible. And what is there to do in December in Winnipeg?  There's always shopping, but in an effort to keep costs down we have been haunting dollar stores.  David's new hat came from Dollarama--$2.00. I'm amazed at how much fun you can have wandering the aisles of the dollar store.

I mentioned that I found some small ornaments for my little tree.  Here's a picture.  I hope they show up enough that you can see them  For the most part they are 1" to 1-1/4" high.  I got four white candy canes, four silver Santas, four tiny bells, and 5 silver pine cones.  I also picked up three of the birds you can see in the upper right.  Total cost?  $2.50 plus tax.

Familiar fabric

Assume that you had the Geek Squad fix things up for you, and hopefully you can work with confidence now?
The quilt is lovely Pati, and I can recognize the little "blueberry" fabric from the Quilt Canada giveaways we both took advantage of...haha!  The border fabric is also familiar and I think I have been using some from it, or if not from you, certainly, a near like fabric, in my hexi quilt. Small world.   Take care 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Quilt picture

Finally I can upload the picture of the little charity quilt I spoke of awhile ago.

Winter update

We didn't leave the house yesterday, except to blow snow and bring in the recycling bin.  We don't know when the garbage was picked up, but it was gone when we got up this morning.  There is evidence of some snow removal going on, but not a lot of machinery  be seen out there. Today, we wanted to hit the dollar store, and grocery store,  and I have hopes of getting to the library a little later--maybe. There is a lot of snow.  David has been out and cleared the driveway 4 times, in the last two 1/2 days.  I wore my new parka today, and only discovered that the price tags were still attached on the way home.  ( Beth, the pink hat that Harry's mother made, that you sent me many, many years ago, goes very nicely with my new parka) Once we got home, in our efforts to get in the house, my Starbuck's coffee got spilled all over the kitchen floor--I hadn't even had  one sip.  That means that the kitchen floor needs washing, and David got a carpet remnant out of the garage to put by the front door, as we have de-icer on the front steps.  The remnant came with all sorts of loose fluff and bits, so the vacuum is going hot and heavy right now.

The trip to the grocery store was to get some baking potatoes and fresh mushrooms, so David could have a nice steak for supper.  We forgot, so now have to figure out what we'll eat.  He hasn't been eating well lately, and I had wanted to have something special for him.  This afternoon the fellow from the Geek Squad is coming to fix  whatever the fellow did last week.  At this point, for some reason, I just want to sit down and cry, but I must carry on-somehow.   Ble-e-ech!

However--while at the dollar store I found some little Christmas ornaments, that I just had to have.  They are on my little tree, and look quite fine, thank you.  Since the little tree just gets moved to the basement January 1st, I don't even have to take them off, if I don't want to. And David found a new hat to wear for Christmas. 

Thank you to the Geek Squad for fixing my computer and letting me post pictures again.

Our turn...

Hi it's early Thursday. No, I didn't win the lottery - so sad!
My plans changed and instead of going to North Bay today, I headed up yesterday, Wednesday - to avoid the storm warnings for snow and squalls coming in Wed night and into Thursday in our area.  This morning there is snow but not as bad as predicted although just a little south of us all the buses are cancelled so they have been hit already.  I expect today we will get the brunt of it.
Hope not as bad as I hear from news reports of Manitoba, though.  So how are you all doing?  Pati you painted a very descriptive picture of Winnipeg - how about Neepawa Cathy?  Take care. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Today's adventure

Since we had to go out, and the sketching group was cancelled this afternoon, we left about 11:30, and added a couple of errands to the trip to WalMart that had been planned.  First the Bulk Barn.  Did you know that Panda Natural Licorice comes in bite-sized pieces, in bulk?  Not only that, the ones we tried were fresher and easier to eat than that in the bars.  It appears that our contractor from the kitchen reno shops there as well, and we had a nice chat with him.

The streets were a horror, and it was difficult to tell where the street, let alone the lanes, ended and started,  We saw more than one car try to turn a corner too tightly and get seriously stuck in snow. After Walmart, we headed to Sears.  In the news feeds we get on the internet, there has been quite a bit about the financial difficulties Sears is in, and predictions that they will declare bankruptcy at the beginning of January, which evidently is the best time, strategically to do so.  So I wanted more socks.  They only had white and cream at the local store, and I bought 4 pair, just in case, as I wear lighter colours in summer, and I got 40% off by buying 4. I even found the panties I prefer, in my size, on sale.  ("Jockey" never comes on sale!  At least I've never found it on sale))Then David got stuck in the parking lot.  Thank Goodness, he had put a shovel in the trunk before we left home.  Did I mention that it was snowing and blowing like a "good thing"?  Two young men helped him out, and then, he decides we should head for Sears at St. Vital Centre.  I had mentioned yesterday, that I might consider doing that one day soon, and today turned out to be the day.  Cars on Lagimodiere were travelling at between 30 and 50, and the visibility was less than two blocks. There were loaders trying to clear just about every intersection.  We even passed one intersection where the loader was trying to dig itself out of a snow drift!  But we made it!  

They didn't have any of the make of sock I wanted, but I did find some "diabetic" socks in black, and they were cheaper than the "Al Day" socks that I like, so I bought some.  We also found a black cardigan-type sweater, on sale, that fit.  David found some underwear on sale, that he bought.  However, when we got it home and opened the package to wash it, we discovered that the Medium size marked on the package, was nowhere near the huge size of the shorts inside.

Home again, via Starbucks, where we had a bit to eat, as it was after 2:00 by this time, and then the grocery store.  We found some sausage that was labelled as having been made "in store".  David checked with the butcher, and was assured that it hadn't been smoked, so we bought two packages--one Honey-Garlic flavoured and the other Salt and Pepper flavour.  We tried the Honey-Garlic for supper.  Oh My!  So good!

Even driving home from the grocery store we spotted several cars in trouble, but they didn't appear to need our help.  Then David had to blow out the driveway again, before we could even put the car in the garage.  Needless to say, between the very difficult driving, and the snow blowing, he's exhausted, so we both pretty well plan to spend the evening vegging out in front of the computer.

Oh Yeah! We've got snow!

And lots more promised.  I had wanted to go out this afternoon for the sketching group I walked out on awhile back.  I had been invited back by a couple of the members, and figured I would try it.  I do have to get out as far as Walmart to pick up some pills.  David is out now blowing snow off the driveway, but if there are to be another 15 cm during the day, it won't stay clear long.  He would rather do a small job twice than tackle huge drifts, in any case.


Makes me wonder why we even shoveled last weekend.  I left work early yesterday, and am not even thinking of going back until daylight.  I don't think I could get out of the yard, yet alone find our road in the dark and blowing snow.  The highways are all open, but snow packed and blowing snow.  There were some closed late last night.  Part of me wants to just stay home, but part of me feels guilty that Patty (who lives in town) will have to be at work, maybe by herself.  I'll see how the day goes

Storm warning

All I am hearing on our news is the winter storm warning for Winnipeg and southern Manitoba - are you affected Cathy?   So I shall think of you today and hope you can dig out Ok and be extra careful if out on the streets!  No doubt we shall also be hit soon but I plan to drive to North Bay Thursday to do some shopping for my Christmas list and don't want to be worrying too much about the drive.
Last evening I watched DIE HARD with Bruce Willis.  Mike and his friends get together every Christmas and watch what they call the ultimate Christmas Movie.  Mike was receiving his friends in his new home yesterday and today ( they bring their own army cots to sleep on) So I decided to also watch the movie as something different to do.  Harry could not figure out why it was a Christmas movie?? I have been watching my collection eg The Santa Clause, and Jingle all the way and White Christmas and for him to see me watching Die Hard was a bit of a stretch.  He doesn't watch movies so doesn't really get into it.  It was a fun thing to do and although a really violent type movie, I thought of Mike and his friends enjoying their time together.
Take care today you folks. XX

Monday, December 5, 2016


I had a picture of a small quilt top I put together, using a partially done quilt top I discovered, that I started in 2004.  However, for some reason, my computer will not accept a download from my camera today. Darn!!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Happy outing!

Scooby and I walked downtown at 4:30 pm and stood on the sidewalk with others - children and parents and dogs and strollers etc. And then it happened!  The flashing lights and the sirens and the Christmas music and the lights and the candy throwing and the waves! 
Yes, the annual Sundridge Santa Claus Parade. It is called the Lighting of the Tree Celebrations. The parade travels down the main street and ends at the Arena where there are family events, and then they turn on the lights of a big tree. (I don't go the arena though) Happens every year, and I am at the parade downtown every year!  I couldn't help but smile and wave and have a great time!  It's a wonderful feeling, and I was happy!  XX

Pondering cleaning

I think there's two aspects about cleaning.  First, of course, is the pleasure and release of stress with having exerted physical control over some aspect of the environment in which you live.  We certainly don't all feel the same amount of stress, in relation to clutter or the need to complete routine jobs, but, at some point, the stress moves us to do something.  David has recently taken to watching "Hoarders: Buried Alive", and may be experiencing an increased need to "clean -up", in response to that.  I feel stress, given the clutter, but not always to the extent that I can find the energy to do something about it ( other than walk away).  e.g. I try to keep the kitchen under control, but as long as I can get around, and get the work done, usually I only put in a major effort once, or at most twice a day. ( and occasionally not every day)

The basement studio is another thing all together.  This time, the clean-up, was also energized by acknowledgement, both mentally and emotionally, that there are some things that I will not (can not-or no longer physically capable of??) ever do again in this lifetime.  e.g., I have held onto the cross stitch embroidery for many, many years in hopes that the physical ability would come back.  It was the least physically demanding hand embroidery that I did.

The emotional acknowledgement that I can no longer do things was by far the biggest component of the cleaning frenzy I just went through.  That had to exist in conjunction with the physical ability to perform the task, and a component of that is also emotional,  e.g willingness to perform.

I think that I'm trying to say that this was a "cleansing" in every sense of the word.   Some of it was also symbolic, and that may be at a deeper level than the physical act.

Boy, can you tell that I didn't sleep well last night?  Today, the big thing is the luncheon with my ATC friends.  Of course it's snowing, just to challenge my driving that little bit more.

Sunday Morning

You have both been busy cooking and cleaning!  I really need to get some cleaning done.  I decided to make nothing this year. Not even nuts and bolts.  I feel a bit guilty, especially about the nuts and bolts :) but I really don't need it sitting around.  I still don't know what I am doing Christmas.  Rrain says Sandi told her that they would be coming here for Christmas day, but I haven't heard anything from them.  I guess I better call them.  Especially if I have to "toddler proof" my house.  As usual I have bought no presents yet, and barely thought about it.  Rrain has cancelled her trip to New York.  I know she was so very excited to be going but she says it just wasn't meant to be.  A few others cancelled and that took them below the special group travel rate they had been given.  She was stretched to save the special rate and there was just no way she could make the regular travel costs.  So, instead of money, I guess I have to come up with a gift idea.  I decided not to even try to do all the work expected of me at work and just relax and do what I could.  So what happens?  I easily did over 45 registrations! (of course they were mostly discharges and mortgages..... very quick and easy) My so called target is 60+, but we are protesting that the other offices with more employees than us also have the same targets.  We feel that the goal is unreasonable when we have to pick up all the jobs of the  missing staff person. What gets done gets done.  They did, however,  pick a very poor time to do the employee satisfaction survey :).  I did get some work  done yesterday.  Washing clothes and dishes, scrubbing (really scrubbing!) the bathroom and tidying the kitchen.  It is going to need a real cleaning next.  I usually do the fridge and stove when I do a major kitchen clean and I wasn't going to do that yesterday.  Jim has been blowing snow.  Last week it was 8 above and the next day fog and the next 3 days very heavy, wet snow.  We got well over a foot.  The tree branches are still hanging down with the weight.  It is hard with the snow blower because it plugs up.  And since we have been driving on it it is packed.  And, of course, the fact the storm started with freesing rain it is all ice underneath.  typical winter. Jim is still sleeping right now.  His lungs just can't keep up with the work he wants to get done.  He was pretty beat yesterday.  He wants to do more today, but I am not going to encourage too much more.  Maybe a bit a day will build up his stamina.  I will go out later and shovel the decks.  Don't you just love winter!

Pictures sure tell the tale...

A quickie message as I get up early Sunday morning.  Happy to see your work in progress. And so much to sort through.  I am also a bit jealous that you are actually able to sort and as you say  "recycle, giveaway, or garbage" .  Oh how I wish I could do that. haha!  Today I make my cheese tarts - I did the mincemeat yesterday but because other things happened I could not get to the cheese tarts.
It is early and my quiet time so I shall drink my black coffee which I am really enjoying now, and check my lottery ticket.  Maybe we'll all be rich millionaires?  Take care XX

Saturday, December 3, 2016

I promised picture

As you can see, total chaos.  Crap everywhere, even in the storeroom.  You can also see the hexie "lozenges" that I've been working on, pinned to the design wall.

We took a car load to the thrift store this morning, and there is now another one ready to go.  I spent this afternoon working on the store room, and have made a big difference there, as well--IMHO, if not the opinion of others.

There is even a better picture of the hexie Lozenges.  I figure I need to cover the wall to get enough for a single bed size quilt.

The thin end of the wedge.

On Thursday, while cleaning off the table, I noticed that one of the heavy-duty shelving units, in the basement studio, appeared to be leaning a bit.  I mentioned it, and yesterday we went down to see what was going on.  A level showed a fair bit of lean and some of the screws holding it together were loose.  These units carry quite a bit of weight, so this couldn't be ignored.  The unit was emptied, and all the bins put on the table that had just been cleaned, and David went to  work.  It was a hideous job, took two hours, and tested the strength of our marriage, ( we only had one pair of glasses between the two of us), and pretty well destroyed the studio, as so many other things had to be moved to facilitate the job at hand. Finally we were down to the part where we had to start shimming the wretched thing to bring it back to level.  While this meant several trips out to the garage, it also brought our eyes down to floor level, where a bit of mold was spotted in the corner between the shelving unit and the bookcase.  So the bookcase had to be emptied and moved, as well, and every single surface in the basement was covered in crap.  We also discovered that the bottom shelf of the bookcase is falling off.  This is the one where all of my periodicals are stored, and the "master" file of handouts and teaching notes for every course I have ever taught was kept.

The wall, floor, and bookcase side and back were sprayed with a special mold removal chemical, and had to be left for 24 hours, before anything could be put back.  I was left to deal with the residue.

The day before, while cleaning of the table, I had started a bag of donation fabric to go to the thrift store. Well, here was my chance to get a little more excess "stuff" out of the room.  Ho ho ho! Oh yeah!
I had a little chat with myself, and decided to get rid of things I knew in my heart I would never use again, using the sorting system of "keep, donate, and garbage".  And the donate pile must not contain anything with a name or address on it!  I worked like a dog.  Up and down those f---ing stairs.  Special needlework projects not yet finished?  I know they will never be done, unless I can get hand transplants.  Everything, fabric, thread needles and instructions into a Zip Loc bag and in the donate pile. ( heart breaking but--realistic)  Magazines that I paid almost $20 years ago and will never see again--but haven't read in years and had forgotten they were there--donate.  Wooden frames that have been coveted and protected since I left work ( I had the carpenter at work make them for me)--donate. Most of the hand made dimensional fabric boxes I've made over the years are gone--but not the reliquaries. The class notes and handout--which have always been available on a flash drive--well, if I haven't taught it in five years, and probably won't in the near future--gone to recycling.  That job meant going through almost a dozen big loose leaf binders, page by page.  All of the interesting articles  and patterns I have taken off the internet and out of magazines over the year--gone and more binders in the pile. (I found my owl pattern!)

It took most of the day and evening. All of my other chores such as laundry, a bit of grocery shopping, and changing the bedding over to the duvet were also taken care of.  I was exhausted and into bed early.  Of course that meant I was awake at 4:00 this morning and planning the rest of the job to be done today.

Pictures in the next post.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Strange, isn't it?

How the computers seem to be taking over our lives?  We have had some issues last week or so - I've had to call the technicians at our Server to fix three times already and have developed a nice congenial working relationship with " Tony" haha!. And Cathy you say you also have some issues with yours, but now Pati, you should be just fine.   I worry every time I try to log onto internet whether it will actually work - for me I can live with this trauma, but Harry needs his computer and I am always the person to have to get it fixed . A little white stuff last night so this only means the temps have fallen a bit and the precipitation we've had with rain and more rain,  has turned to snow.  
The parcel I sent to Erin in the mail arrived yesterday - Mike picked it up at the post office and phoned me, and together we unwrapped the outer papers and box, and then he placed the wrapped gift on the counter for her to spot when she came in from work.  The DavidsTea Advent Collection we sent was on time for her to start December 1 - so I am well pleased!
So here's to another day, and then the weekend. Any plans anyone? 
I may try to make my mincemeat tarts, and then cheese tarts as it seems Harry is now done with his recipes and the kitchen.
Time for my coffee and early quiet time...take careXXX

Thursday, December 1, 2016

The rest of the day

Evening now.  The computers have been fixed--all three of them.  And they all have Norton for the next year.  When the guy from Geek Squad showed up, it wasn't the one we expected.  David let him know that we had expected someone else, but he was here so settled in to fix things for us.  We both believe that he was a less experienced technician, but he got the job done. In the end, we had to buy a new wifi connection (modem??), but the old one was installed in 2008 didn't owe us anything, given a life expectancy of 3 years.  However this meant that the afternoon was shot.

Right after supper, we took David for his haircut.  Worked out this time, and he and the hairdresser decided that he should make an appointment for the first appointment of the day, in future.  He must have heard my comment about shaving his head, because that's what he had done.  I like it.

So now we can both settle down, and play with our computers, to see how they work. Hopefully, this also means that he can sign into Poker Stars, and not get kicked out every two minutes.

Colder now

We got a phone call, late Tuesday, that there had been a cancellation, and the respirologist could see David yesterday morning.  Yes, he has "significant Sleep Apnena", and they recommended him using a mask while sleeping.  He declined.  But I have made a note of the diagnosis on the E.R.I.K package we keep on the fridge.We also dropped my "Remembering" piece off at the clinic where it will be on display for the next 3 months.  Then some more shopping--we were able to cross one name off the Christmas list--and bought a few groceries that had been missed on Monday.  This also included a trip across town to get a sweater that I had fallen in love with, at the local store, but they didn't have it in my size.  I'm finding that, given my current life style, I can make my T-shirts, and jeans look dressier with a sweater, rather than a sweat shirt.

Today, David had an appointment to get his hair cut, but he had a bad response to the scents in the place, so he left.  She had suggested that he go back this evening, after supper to try again.  He's taken a Claritin, and we'll see what happens.  Since it appears to fall to me to solve the problem of where he gets this done, I suggested that we get out the dog grooming kit and just shave his head, given what little hair remains. However, he reminded me that we gave the electric clippers away, in one of my cleaning binges.  

You spoke of refraining from using milk in your coffee Beth.  I have recently found that the pleasure I find in my coffee has been missing.  Now I wonder if the amount of milk I use influences that.  I have always used milk, since being told, by my doctor at the time, that since I don't include milk in my diet, using it in my coffee is a good idea.  Yesterday, and again today, I've significantly reduced the amount I use, and am finding the flavour improves.  Thank you for the suggestion.  ( and the coffee stays warm longer!)

Still haven't dug into the mess in the basement studio.  I know it has to be done, but just can't find the wherewithal to get down there and do it.  Yes, I feel the "blues" creeping up on me again.  But the weight is down-minimally, so there is some source of joy in my life.  I have to wonder if I'll find some treasures digging into that pile.  Maybe so?

Singing in the rain...

Wonderful weather last two days - rain and more rain.  I went out again this morning in the drizzle - I refuse to let a little wetness spoil my daily walk.  In the bank I ran into the neighbour from across the street. She said so will you and Harry be dropping in sometime over the next while for Christmas - or some such words - I didn't catch it exactly except that she was asking us over. I don't like open invitations without substance or intent. So I said back " Is this an invitation, Ruth?"  She said yes and left the bank.  I was just upset because it sounds as if we are committed, doesn't it?  We don't do visiting as a rule although during the summer we did go once to their house for a drink - sat in the back yard.  Oh boy! Something else to worry about I guess. In meantime, the cards are mailed - a bit too early for my liking but Harry insisted.  And I have all Mike and Erin's box ready. Just getting a few things together for Willie and his crew.  Then I guess I'll shop for something for Harry and that's it!!  I keep thinking about last year and the anticipation of the "bus ride" and the visit with you all , haha!  It brings such happy memories to me.  Lots to think about.  Take care for now XX

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Much the same here...

Wet and miserable.  They cancelled the school buses yesterday because of freezing rain in the morning but it turned to rain quickly. The snow has gone down though but I wonder what is next?  In spite of it I did my walk to the Bank and the Post office in the drizzle.  Its more "the walk" that I look forward to even if I have to do business. I stopped into the Village Bins store to purchase a few Christmas candies to include in the gift basket. I purchased a candy covered pretzel that I really liked - haven't had pretzels in a long time and like them plain but this candy cane covering made them even nicer.  But I only bought a few so only had a few to spare for myself once the basket was done haha!  More cookies made yesterday by Harry, and I was able to organize and then wrap the gift basket for our friends.  It is now ready and often we will drive to Sprucedale to deliver.. closer to the time. 
Well, onto another day.  I have started to drink my coffee black and I think it is making a difference in the taste and effect it has - cannot explain it but I read that it was better black and that after so many days getting used to the black, you wouldn't go back to having milk in it? Who knows?   Take care

Monday, November 28, 2016


It's the end of November, and I had to do my shopping this morning in a steady rain!  By afternoon it was changing to sleet-y snow, but rain? In November? 

Your weekend sounds wonderful Cathy.  I sometimes miss the social life that is the reward for being active in the community, but you seem to have it down pat.

Other than shopping, and paying bills, we had a lazy day.  I tended to my dye baths, and then puttered in the studio.  Then spent most of the evening sitting in front of the tv sewing hexies.   The dyeing is over for now, ( I have one small bath going overnight, but it will be finished by morning, and it's just to create a backing fabric to match a couple of the pieces I did earlier.)  My dye supply is getting low, and it will be a few weeks before I can order more.  Not that I'm worried about keeping busy, as the housework has been ignored a bit lately.  As well, the table in the basement studio is about 2 feet deep ( I'm not exaggerating).  David bought a new power bar for the lights and radio down there, so spending time won't seem so bad now.  Maybe I can get the area tidied up by Christmas. 

Since we are going to Amber's for Christmas, and only have to produce some "pip'n'squeak", we're not sure how much we might do around here.  I look forward to making a bit of fuss, and decorating a little, but David appears to prefer not.  It's hard to find a happy medium.  Perhaps a tree this year, but no fancy Christmas dishes?  we'll see.

Not going to worry tonight.  Sleep well, everyone.


I survived the last week and am forging on.  Work is work.  We had our craft sale on Saturday and it seemed to go okay.  I was there by 7 and spent the day.  The best part was just  as we were tearing down we got a message from the manager to leave the tables up and just stack the chairs in "8" and leave them where they were!!!!!  What a nice surprise.  We were out of the Hall by 10 to 5!!!  I was ready to go home, but after a glass of wine I felt I could survive until the Parade of Lights was over.  I'm glad I stayed.  there were only 2 trucks this year without lights, and only 1 Santa.  Last year there were 2!  How traumatic for everyone.  I mentioned it to the Chamber of Commerce the day after the parade last year and Barb said she didn't realize.  I was told that this year the application clearly stated that you could not have Santa on your float.  (Why would anyone even think they could!! Santa always comes at the end)  Sunday I had a teleconference in the morning, but I got to leave early cause I had a performance in the afternoon.  We had our Annual reading of "A Christmas Carol"  Rrain organized the music again this year and it was fantastic.  10 singers performed around 12 carols acapella. They were amazing.  (Spell cheque just gave me the last letter of the alphabet in my words!)  After the performance we had cookies and Wassail.  I make the wassail every year and this year not one person had coffee.  They all loved the wassail.  There was a bit left over for me to take home.  I added a shot of vodka.  Was it ever good!!!  Maybe next year I will keep some vodka in the kitchen for the performers :)    We are having our first snow of the season today.  It is very heavy and wet.  Freezing rain mixed with snow.  Tomorrow should be a fun drive.  Tomorrow's rehearsal is cancelled so I will have another day to rest.  Last night I went to bed by nine, but I was overtired and couldn't sleep.  I think tonight will be different.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My turn--What can I say?

I have been immersed in Ice dyeing.  A fairly complex technique, but after a couple of years of trying, off and on, I'm getting close to the results I want.  Otherwise we watch tv, and tend to housework. 

 We've been out a bit.  We wanted to check out the things we were thinking of putting on out Christmas list, to make sure they were within the price restrictions.  David usually asks for some new sweat jackets from Walmart.  They had none for sale and no guarantee that they would have any by Christmas.  But we found a couple of pricier ones that we both fell in love with, so he has a couple of new ones for this year.  Same sort of result at the liquor store.  The bottle he was thinking of was too pricey for the gift list, but I bought him one for Christmas anyway, just between the two of us.  Good quality Scotch.  something David and Daddy had in common.  So, our Christmas lists are pretty "skint", so far.  I checked out a couple of things on the internet, and there was no way to access them, easily, so they're not on the list either. I would like to have lists posted this weekend, but am having to reach a bit.

David plans to watch the Grey Cup this evening, so we've roasted a small chicken early, and will have a snack now ( 4:00), and another larger snack after the game.  I can keep playing with getting fabric ready for the dye bath, or I can play with hexies, this evening.  Talk about a fun plan for the evening.  On the other hand, we both are feeling the need for a quiet evening and early to bed, so today will probably be the day.

Backing up a bit

On Friday we drove to North Bay to do some shopping and I was very happy to have had a successful go at it.  We found the game Jok- R - Rummi at Walmart and it was bought for Mike and Erin.  They play games and I liked it so much when we all played last year, I thought they, too, would enjoy playing it. Also I purchased the DavidsTea Advent Collection for Erin.  Mike gave me a little list as I mentioned so it was easy to follow the list.  Since it is an Advent Calendar with little teas for each day in December,  I decided to wrap it up, and it will be mailed on Monday with the tag saying Open Me Now!  In Coles I found a Mystery Book for Erin - one Mike had suggested. We also got lucky with gifts for Mike.  It is easy when Erin gives Mike a list of suggestions haha!
So it seems all is well.  I have to make up a basket as we do each year for the friends in Sprucedale ( the ones who were very helpful with Harry's Mother)  I have a basket already, and now several items eg tea, chocolates, biscuits etc and when I have it assembled, then I'll cover it with the clear plastic wrap. Today Harry started his baking with ingredients we bought at the local Village Bins Store ( we like to support the business folks locally when we can) So for today I shall be on guard to assist as usual.  We went yesterday up to the Auction Barn in Powassan to pick up some Cassette music tapes Harry was successful in buying. So on the way we stopped at a few local Christmas Craft shows - I am looking for a red knitted winter hat and usually someone has a booth selling such items ( but I did not find what I wanted).  Well I have a wash on and so should go, and also see how things are in the kitchen!  Take care

We're here for you Cathy!

In spite of your comments, it was still nice to hear from you and know you are in touch through the blog.  And please know, if you wish, portions of your "week from hell" can be shared - maybe spilling the beans may actually help you a bit?? Thinking of you .....take care xxx

Saturday, November 26, 2016

week from hell

  I am not ignoring everyone.. This is just a really bad week.  Hopefully  I will have more time next week Still love both of you.  I might have a breather by Monday night.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Look?

The blog has changed appearance and access - at least for me.  Has yours changed to log on and start a New Blog? Anyway, this seems to be working for me.
Friday morning early and as I sit with my coffee in hand, I am thinking of you both.  Today we are going to North Bay to shop.  I don't think that there should be any problem with what they are calling "Black Friday" sales so I will not worry about that, and mobs of people, even if we are going to the Mall and probably WalMart (yuck!).  I have a little list for gifts for Mike and Erin, and Harry is going to pick up some pennies he bought off Kijiji. Then some grocery shopping and we should be good to come home.  It's funny how I always want to come home - not cut out to do shopping much anymore haha! I have started a list of baking to make and take to Mike's for Christmas.  We are told that they will look after the meal and we are to bring dessert.  Since no one usually wants any dessert that should be easy.  But a tray or two of goodies is always welcome - especially for those two.  Harry takes the lead on baking - shortbreads, and other cookies, and I shall be making cheese tarts, and mincemeat tarts.  I bought a bottle of Cross and Blackwell mincemeat especially for this years baking and I can hardly wait to bake them and then eat them yum, yum. 
I don't have to shovel us out this morning as it did not snow but a sprinkle last night. But I sure don't like what I see outside and at the end of November!
So, I wish I could watch the Grey Cup - I always loved to do so but our TV does not have it. I could try to listen to a radio but even still I don't think radios even have it on.  So enjoy the weekend and hope you have a fun time with the football game!   Take care 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's here!

No more worry or conjecture about when, or how much.  We have snow, and it will be staying, even if there was freezing rain called for today.  Driving will be a little rough and slippery the next few days, but people get used to it fairly quickly.  Evidently, this is the latest "first snow" on record.

Otherwise a quiet day.  We went out and bought more socks, but had to settle for a couple of different colours.  We bought a new housecoat, Sunday.  The lightweight one I bought a few months ago is just too light, and too short for winter.  Luckily, Walmart had them on cheap.  So, a nice fluffy, long, pale blue, with a zipper new housecoat.  Then today, they were on sale in Sears and the price was too good to pass up, so another fluffy, long, with a zipper, in mauve this time.  This means that the two I've been wearing for years( yes, many years) are off to the thrift store.  They were so large, that they were no longer warm.

Some internet trouble today.  The crazy old woman tried to send an e-mail, but it just wouldn't go out, no matter how often the "send/receive" button was pushed.  So her husband got onto Shaw, and they spent almost half an hour trying to sort things out, when she realized that she had tried to send it to the wrong e-mail address.  Worked fine once she put in the right one.  Husband was calm and understanding--that's scary!

For some reason, I'm feeling stress more than I used to.  Maybe because it occurs less often now I'm retired.  The last couple of weeks have been bad, and it's been complicated by poor sleep.  An obvious increase in emotional eating, as well. So I'm entering a "be nice to me" phase.  I've bumped the diet up to phase 3, so that the temptation to eat is lessened, and no more radio music, but rather the "Solitudes" that have had a positive effect on me in the past.  We'll see how it goes.