Saturday, September 30, 2017

Another disappointment

Sale's over.  We took in $57.50. ( Which was better than the last one, when we took in nothing)  Booth rental was $20.00 plus the donation of a tote bag priced at $10.00.  Lunch cost us $5.00, and I spent $13.00 at other vendors' booths.  And how was your day?

David was with me until just after 2:00, when he drove out to Selkirk to pick up the pieces I had in the gallery there.  Neither of them sold during the month long show.

I am exhausted and ravenous--emotional hunger, I know.  I decided to splurge and have a piece of Caramelized Apple Spice cake.  This is a fall special at Starbuck's, and only available for a short time.  Time was up, today, and they had no more. Was Someone looking out for me?

So, as I said in the last post, it's time to "fall back and re-group".  I'm not sure what shape that may take, and it may take the rest of the year to figure it out, but I sure know the door has closed on Craft Sales.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The sale

The sale tomorrow is the last one I've signed up for.  We set up tonight, and found that ti's going to be a big sale.  The spaces they've left as walking aisles are very narrow.  So who knows how anyone is going to be able to see anything that's for sale.  I'm not optimistic and a little sad right now, about the whole thing.  While we both worry about how much "stuff" I have, when it was all on the table, there isn't really that much.

So, while playing poker tonight, I spent some time worrying about how to deal with everything.  In the end I decided that there is probably nothing that will stop me from creating, so there's no point is worrying about what I'm going to do with the finished product.  I have to accept intellectually what I know emotionally.  For me it's the creative challenge and journey, not the product, so I just have to accept the cost of my creativity.  If I can't afford to buy supplies, I'll have to take up something like doing origami with old newspapers.

Then my friend Gail calls from Swift Currant of all places and we have along chat, on her nickel, about finding places where we can exhibit together.  We actually came up with a couple and are going to work on them both.  When one door closes, another opens.

David has long ago gone to bed, and I've just finished a long poker tournament, so should head there fairly soon.  It's been a good week, and I'm up about 400,000 chips ( play money, of course--darn it)

A warm fuzzy indeed!

Thanks Pati for mentioning that encounter. One never knows what impact one may have when interacting with others - this is why one must always be open, positive and presenting. (often hard to do, I agree) But I have been the recipient many times from the perspective of the one remembering ie just like Virginia remembered, and know that sometimes the timing is so perfect to make a lasting impression. For example just the right words or the right acknowledgment and just at the right time in your life! So meaningful to make a difference for you. I will always cherish my time attending both Quilt Canada 2004 and 2006 - they were highlight events for me. Not so much for the knowledge from the classes but just to be there - seeing the big picture and enjoying the time with like people. I will also never forget our outing with those folks in Ottawa and driving around looking for a restaurant with the help of Onstar! What a hoot!
Very cold - what a difference from one day to the next. And I see from the WFP that you folks are also feeling the cold temperatures. I need to cut our grass as well but with rain showers last two days it is hard to schedule. As well the produce keeps piling up here - more tomatoes came into the house yesterday from the greenhouse pending the frost over night. I should have lots of tomato juice to sip at over the winter. Harry wants more pickled green tomatoes made so I guess that will be on my To Do list today or tomorrow. 
Right now we are gathering things to take up to Kirkland Lake on Monday. Actually a bonus because I am getting rid of some of the accumulated small appliances eg coffee machines, irons, toasters, slow cookers, deep fat fryer etc to give to sister in law. She said she can use them and donate to the Church Camp where she volunteers. It didn't really make a dint in space freed up here but in my mind it feels as if I am ridding myself of stuff. However the door here is revolving all the time, if you know what I mean haha!
Time for coffee and my bowl of oatmeal - this time with strawberries from the garden mixed in. Yummy!  Weekend is here folks - enjoy......What's up? (Pati you say you have a sale? Be thinking of you) 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Catch up!

I just remembered another warm fuzzy, Beth.  At the quilters' guild meeting last week I sat with Virginia F.  She asked after you, and told me how much she enjoyed sitting with you at a banquet.  I figure it must have been at Quilt Canada 2004, unless it was Quilt Canada 2006 , in Ottawa.  How nice it was that she remembered.  You must have made quite an impression, as she spoke fondly of it.

Time for preparations for fall.  Yesterday, David got out the leaf blower/vacuum to clean up the patio.  Wouldn't you know it, the darn thing froze up after just a few minutes of use.  David was annoyed, and called a number on the machine to see if there might be a repair  depot close by, the alternative being that we might have to buy a new one.  $$$$  After over half an hour on hold, the lady listened to his story and gave us an authorization number to take it back to Canadian Tire.  Guess it was a "good thing" that I found the original receipt and warrantee card in our old files, while he was on hold.  So he took it in to the store and tells me that the clerk took one look at the warrantee card, and immediately offered a new machine, without worrying about the authorization number or that we had been told to have her call for a "refund authorization".  

Today he's busy cutting the grass for the last time.  Our garbage pick up day changes this weekend, as a new company has won the contract.    According to the paper, it was decided to move the day in areas of the city where back lane fires, and such, are a problem, to Mondays, in hopes of reducing occurrences.  I was a little miffed until I thought about it, and realized that we are very close to such an area. although in thinking about it, to me, it makes sense to have pick up  in those areas on Friday, instead of Monday.

Now, with the grass cut, David's very busy cleaning out the garage. This after helping me wash the kitchen windows this morning.  He's just like the Energizer Bunny.  He must have slept well last night. Washing the windows involves taking them all right out of the frames.  Getting them back is always a hassle.  So, it's not a job that gets done often enough.

I've been busy in the studio.  The studio "to do" list has grown to over a full page, and I've been busy finishing up the mandalas, so I can get going on the list.  The last scheduled craft show is Saturday.  Given the failure of the last one, and the very poor one last fall, I'm not optimistic, so have done nothing more in preparation.  We'll see, but if the results are similar, I have to consider that old definition of insanity--doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  I can't remember who said it--Thomas Edison? or maybe Einstein?  Now, I'm at the point of watching glue dry, so have a couple of minutes to blog.

Or, with the car being out of the garage, while he's cleaning, I can maybe get away for my daily coffee.  Better get going.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fun with Google games

So did you both have some fun with the Google games offered today?  I thought it was a great way to celebrate their 19th Birthday but didn't take full advantage myself - not much time to sit at computer. How about you guys?
Cathy you certainly do have some challenges at your workplace but always glad to hear from you about your days. Forgetting the workplace makes for such a good feeling to be coming home at night after work - I always loved that feeling..... knowing I could relax a bit. With all the rain you have described lately, sitting on your patio wouldn't work, but snuggling up on the chesterfield with a good book would be OK?? 
Speaking of books, I finally finished the Elizabeth George epic A Place of Hiding but as I mentioned it was an excellent story line and had me totally involved to the end.  Now I am reading The Secret Wife by Gill Paul - the one the neighbour Ruth brought over for me to read. Too soon into it to give you a synopsis. 
The heat wave broke with vengeance- actually coldish today and I had to wear a jacket to take the dog for his walk. Supposed to be like this for the rest of the week. Still have the dehydrator going so it is a bit humid inside still.
I haven't had a chance to watch the latest The Quilt Show show that started Sunday, but interesting to read all the comments about the previous Meg Fox Show that I said I loved so much, so I guess others felt the same way. I don't find the The Quilt Show Blog too interesting lately but again it is perhaps because I am not in the right place right now to enjoy it? 
Still every morning when I get up I follow my usual habit: take dog out, feed the animals, make a coffee for me, log onto the computer, check email, check PaBeCat Blog, and then in order, check The Mouse Factory Blog, Not Afraid of Colour Blog, Winnipeg Free Press, The Quilt Show and then log off.  A nice habit to set the stage for my day.  How exciting!   Take care

Quick note from work

Things have been a bit hectic at home and work lately.  The rain has finally let up, so Jim is back hauling potatoes.  They were off for a week because of the rain.  They will probably work right through now without getting Sundays off.  They were done by this time last year!.  Shirley has left work.  She will be retiring next July and is taking her sick time, vacation and then long term disability because of osteoarthritis in her hands.  That leaves us with two, but Surprise!!  They have actually posted for a one year term for us.  Nothing will happen until November but at least we will have someone.  There is just no way 2 people can keep the office open.  Most of our work is scanned into the computer now, so other offices can help with it,  but with the phones and walk-ins we are kept busy.  And, of course, someone has to scan everything into the computer.  Our absentee manager (we might see him once a month)  said that Patty could do all the registration and clerical and I would just accept.  We said NO!  He said OH?  We told him that we could work things out so the office would function efficiently with two people and his method would not work.  When he sent out the notice that we were down to 2 people and other offices would need to help he stated that we were going to work out the distribution of the clerical work between us.  He listened!  A first time for everything.  And so far it has gone smoothly for us, but it will go much better when we get help.  We are still worried they are planning to close us, but what can you do.  I got new glasses, but had to take them back because the bifocals weren't lined up with my eyes.  I should get them today or tomorrow.  I find it is a real strain on my eyes working on the computer all day long.  8 am........ I guess I have to do my job now :(

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Short answer-I don't know

Long answer-there was a reason, way back in time.  I think it probably had to do with fair trade and sustainable development. I do remember watching a documentary on the basic growth and production of real vanilla, and being impressed with how much goes into it for not much return.  It followed the basic farmer in tropical countries, and how the whole family was involved.  But that may or may not have anything to do with it.

Today I'm at the gallery in Selkirk again, but then not again until November, when I have four days scheduled.

Heat wave here right now

We are now getting the summer weather that we did not get in summer! Hot and humid but acceptable for outside work so far. Inside is a different story as the dehydrators have been going full for the last few days and creating what I would call sauna like conditions. So the two conditions of the weather and of the humidity from dehydrators is causing a very uncomfortable situation.
I got more painting done yesterday - hooray! Still lots to do but it is encouraging for me to see results. Harry has had to abandon his desire to do all the painting so I have taken over. He has done some garden work in planting the garlic, and of course doing  the dehydrating. He bought so much at the Market Stand on Sunday - leeks, peppers, beets, tomatoes - so much to to do down. Almost unmanageable but here we go....haha!
We are planning to drive to Kirkland Lake on Monday to see his brother,  As I have said before, it is a four drive one way and when done all in the one day it makes for a very long day. And we will have the dog to sit on my lap the whole way. Thank goodness he travels well.
On Sunday we were expecting Mike and Erin to drop in here on their way back home from visiting her family in Toronto but in spite of my excitement and planning to have a bit of a snack ready for them, they called to say they would just be driving through as time was not in their favour. A bit of a disappointment on my part, but then a realization and quite blatant at that I must say for me, that they have their own life and as a parent in the sidelines, so to speak, I can just sit back and enjoy the moments I do have with them. This is how life evolves, right? Does this make any sense with you two? Still a bit hard for me to digest right now as well. 
Well off to Huntsville today - it is Tuesday! I actually have accumulated a bit of a shopping list - you know all those little items that you use without thinking, and then suddenly they need replacing. By the way Pati I often wanted to ask you why you buy real Vanilla instead of artificial vanilla flavouring?   I know this is a weird question but ever since I went shopping with you and Dave a long time ago, every time I pass this section in the store it pops into my head. I know, I should really get a life haha!
Time for the day to start.   Take care

Sunday, September 24, 2017


I've just realized that if I don't blog often enough, I lose track of the things that I have wanted to tell you.

We woke up one morning last week (?Tuesday), and noticed that the Juncos were back at the feeder. I love these little, always busy, birds.  They're only here, for about 1 1/2 weeks, twice a year.  they inspired the major piece I currently have in the gallery--"Juncos".  This is the piece on which, the ladies there me convinced to raise the price.

Friday, we cooked a turkey.  It had been in the freezer for quite awhile, and Tuesday, we had bought one in Walmart for $20.00, to replace it.  They were selling turkeys with a set price, for all birds within a set size range.  I never figure that it's worth the money to buy a small turkey--too low a meat to bone ratio.  So we got one  of the larger birds, and now have our Christmas turkey.  Even with buying it at Walmart, I don't think it could be any tougher than the one we ate Friday.

 Awhile back we bought a rotisserie chicken at Costco.  It was wonderful, without tasting of too much salt, and fed us for three days.  We'll certainly do that again, given the opportunity.

Yesterday we drove out to the gallery in Selkirk, to take the purses that are to go into the gift shop there.  My first time with the new system they have for replacing everything in the shop three times a year.  I also took things for my friend Gail, who has been selling there for some time.  She's at a show in Ft. McMurray this weekend, and I hope it goes well, as she has pinned a lot of hope on it.

Anyway, we got as far as Hwy. #59, and discovered that the highway was a parking lot.  So we back-tracked a bit and ended up driving out on Hwy. 204 aka Henderson Highway.  It has to have been a long time since we've driven North on that route and there was a lot I didn't remember, once we got past the Perimeter.  We drove South once last summer, but I was sitting so as to see the river side of the road. The view is very different on the land side, as the river side has houses, but the land side has much more in the way of fields and bush.

Not wanting to attempt to come back on Hwy. 59 for fear that the back-up might have been caused by the construction at #59 and the Perimeter, we came back along Henderson as well, stopping in Lockport for a late lunch.  Normally we eat at the A&W there, but this time David wanted to go to the Half Moon.  Needless to say, the diet was forgotten for long enough to have a hot dog and 1/2 a serving of onion rings.  And they had Diet Dr. Pepper in a bottle!  The food wasn't anything great, and price-y as well, but the place was still quite busy for 2:00 in the afternoon.

At the gallery, it took 15 seconds to officially take in my six purses on one inventory sheet, but Gail had quite a bit in the gallery , that had to be taken out, and just as much to put in--four pages each way.

Last evening, I had hoped to do some beading, but got caught up in the opening ceremonies of the Invictus Games--all 2 1/2 hours of it.  I hope you both caught, at least, some of it.  Very moving and inspirational stories.  Definitely time well spent. 

Today I still have that beading waiting for me, but we've also planned to start a batch of wine for Christmas.  Yep, it's getting to be that time again.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Wow...time sure flies when you are having fun....

...NOT!!  Time to write a few words so you know I am still about....haha!  Those Google cartoons for special events are really creative and I love to see them pop up.
Got some wash on, and about to tidy a bit although that in itself is a real challenge. The dehydrator is going full blast and with all the assorted equipment for blending to powder etc, the kitchen is sort of not accessible right now. Harry is off to the Auction barn in Powassan where he will bring home some more purchases - apparently includes a cabinet record player which means the one we currently have sitting in the middle of the dining room will have to be moved down to the storage shed? 
Outside work is taking precedence lately and I actually got some more painting done yesterday - slow but sure this d... fence will get painted.  Bailey dog takes a lot of time - needs attention and since he is really just a pup, i give it play time and walks etc. The Tigger cat of mine has attached itself to Bailey and are best buddies now - good - I'm glad that happened.  And this little chick budgie is growing very fast - now at the bottom of the cage and although parents are still feeding it , the chick is pecking pellets off the bottom and running all over and trying to climb the rungs of the cage.  It is 5 weeks today and according to the literature, by 6 weeks should be able to be transferred to it's own cage, but again, all of this takes a lot of time to manage.
Seem to be really bothered with exacerbation of arthritis in hands - all the scraping and painting I expect and low and behold, this week I experienced great pain from varicose veins again from the positions of going up and down trying to do the fence. Life sucks...
Well, hoping your weekend will be exciting - what's up?? Take care

Friday, September 22, 2017


Did everyone notice the tea drinking mouse on the Google home page today?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Today's adventure

While the very busy days of the last week are done, today we both had appointments at the dentist.  I was just in for a cleaning, but David is having a couple of problems.  It's been quite awhile since he's been, but the cleaning went well,he has another appointment to fix the original problem.  Glad that's just  about over with.

No, I didn't go to the meeting, so, unless they read my blog the other ladies haven't seen the piece.  But a compromise was reached on the problem we had, that's acceptable to me.  One more small piece to finish for the show, and then I will be able to move on to other things.  We have nothing scheduled until next Sunday, and that is just a quick trip out to Selkirk to deliver a couple of things to the gift shop in the gallery there.

The other news is that David has an appointment at the Sleep Apnea Clinic.  This has been a long time coming, and we're really hoping that there will be a quick resolution to the issue that has been a sore point since last fall.

This computer is doing some very strange things and I can't seem to sort them out, so I'll close and re-boot.

Jokes on me....

Now that I have seen your Future Perspectives (on Mouse Factory Blog) my comment about the "candles" with your previous sneak peek now turns out to be the rays of the sun. Gorgeous work Pati, and the detailed quilting is a testament to your expertise and patience in execution. This is a real beauty and you should be very proud. Did your ladies see it last night, and make comment?  
The leaves are turning quickly and also falling to the ground in great piles. I haven't done any raking yet, nor even cut the grass lately. Driving along the highway really shows the dramatic colours - quite a site - I can see why some take bus tours into our area just to see this Fall phenomenon. I had to drive around the lake this morning to the Log Cabin to visit and buy some fruit. The lady called yesterday to say she was up from the south for the week.  She also gave me a beautiful Tabi sweater in Fall colours and motifs, and a red fleece vest. She is cleaning up her house in Beamsville with intent to sell the house and move totally to the Log Cabin and had some clothes to get rid of. She thought of me for the sweater because it has two red cardinals on it and she knows how much I love red cardinals. She is a nice lady and talks constantly moving from one topic to another with ease. Again I seem to be able to follow along the conversation nicely by nodding and grunting appropriately, haha!
Tomorrow I take the car into garage early for oil change - too early to get the tires changed from summer to winter. The alert message came on the screen to tell us Change the Oil. Can't get away with anything hehe
Time for bed and a bit of a read - still struggling through the Elizabeth George novel but at least it is a good story. No word about the Inspector Gamache book yet in my Library - have either of you been able to get your hands on a copy yet?
Take care.

Monday, September 18, 2017

The hard part is over

Tomorrow my Tuesday Stitchery group is meeting here.  I tried to get most of the housework done on Friday, but there are a few puttery things to do today, and tomorrow morning 

I think of Irene Smith a little more often, these days, as one of the retired gentlemen in my art group, who is active in the volunteer center where it's housed, was a prominent detective when the case was active.  It is never spoken of, but whenever I see him, she comes to mind.  I also remember her father coming over to help Mom care for Grandpa Hughes, when he lived with us after his stroke, and his wife, at the time, was unable to look after him.  (Snort!)

Your "spontaneous" day with Mike and Erin falls under the same sort of unexpected pleasure as my shopping trip.  I'm glad you were able to take advantage of the opportunity.  I'm also sure Erin appreciates your flexibility when it comes to scheduling family events.

Well, I've finished my tea. Time to get moving

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Exciting Day

For sure Pati you will be very tired after your volunteer duties have been fulfilled however, by virtue of having satisfied your concerns about pricing your art pieces already, I am sure the entire event will have been a positive experience in many ways?? And you even had your special daily coffee "in hand" to enjoy - that makes it good already, right!
Today was a surprise for us and a departure from the week of scraping and painting the fence which was to be the order of the day for today as well.  Yesterday afternoon Mike and Erin called - in a bit of a quandary trying to organize their schedules and commitments "to please everyone" - they are expected in Toronto next weekend by her family to celebrate her sisters Birthday and her purchase of a new condo. It also is Harry's Birthday next weekend so they wondered if we would like to visit with them this weekend to celebrate. So of course we concurred, and off to Markstay we went early this morning. It was nice for me because there was no time for us to buy and prepare food for a lunch or much of anything so it was a bit of a relief actually.  They had made fresh bread, and had 2 different cold salads and pulled pork in the slow cooker for us to enjoy. And then a layer cake baked and iced for a Birthday dessert.  Nice visit with them as usual, and before I knew it - time to come home - boo hoo!
Tomorrow it is to rain, so no outside work is planned, but the rest of the week is sunny again. Maybe we might actually get the fence finished after all haha!
My friend Janie Marshall called last night from Winnipeg - she is a grandmother now with her only son and his wife having their first child - a boy on Sept 11.  She was overflowing with excitement so I basically just listened and grunted a few times haha! Nice for all of them - the wife's family live in Sask. and had come to Wpg for the event.
On a sadder note, I read the article in the WFP this morning of an update to the murder of Irene Pearson (Smith) in 1979. They call it a mysterious cold case and have few leads but this particular article was the most graphic in details about the murder that I have read on her. I felt compelled to read it in it's entirety, but I was very saddened to have read it as it brought back so many memories. 
And then on the way home in the car today there was a voice mail on my phone from the family of our friend who lives in Ingersoll, On. I called back and spoke with her daughter in law. She died on Friday night. She used to live across the street from us here and was my sitter for the boys when i went back to work. I knew she was ill and has been through a lot in the last few years, and I had spoken last to her in July on her Birthday. Again, saddened by the news.
Bedtime now, and hope to get some rest so I can start the new week refreshed (somewhat haha!)  Take care.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Weekend from hell

Yep, it finally arrived.  Sometime ago I put my name down to sit in the gallery in Selkirk today.  Then came a request for volunteers to sit in the gallery for 4 hours tomorrow to accommodate the "Beneath the Lakes Studio Tour".  I agreed, then was told that the studio tour was also today, and the gallery would be open from 10:00-5:00, and that they were having trouble finding someone able to work with me, as most of the artists would have to be in their own studios, for the tour.  So David and I carefully planned the weekend, recognizing that by tomorrow evening, I would probably be exhausted.  They did find others to work with me, although it is a bit of a "patchwork" arrangement.  By 3:00 today things had settled down a bit, and since there were two other people there, I was able to come home.  Until I got in the car, I didn't realize how very tired I was.  It had been a very hectic and busy day.  

While I was there, the other two ladies and I talked about pricing art.  Since one of them had the necessary procedural knowledge, we ended up re-pricing my "Junco" piece, something that had been preying on my mind ever since we delivered it for hanging.  I'm much happier now.

We got up this morning to cold, rainy weather, and ended up turning the furnace on.  So enjoy the warmth while you can, Beth, winter is on it's way.  Now I have my cup of de-caf espresso pour-over at hand, supper,( prepared yesterday in anticipation) is in the over, and I can relax for a few minutes. I have planned nothing but vegging out for the evening.

Good Saturday morning

Greetings on this Saturday morning - early and with a coffee in my hand - best time to relax and enjoy my time. I have another of the overnight oatmeal breakfast treats waiting to be eaten. I like those for breakfast and have a few a week along with other meals such as scrambles and cereal with fruit. I used to always have a toasted bagel and glad to be eating something else now - got in a rut and wanted to get away from the carbs.
Good weather still prevails here and don't know how long we will be blessed with it - some say it is going to be a long mild Fall. That would be good when i see all around me what needs to be accomplished in the yard before Winter. And then i say to myself just let it ride.
This is Fall Fair weekend in Sundridge - used to look forward to going but last few years I haven't even attended. And this is first year in many that the weather is cooperating - last year it rained so much the fields were turned into a lake and spoiled all the outdoor events.
Another sign of progress ??? The Royal Bank has announced that they will be closing the Branch in Burk's Falls in March 2018 and combining all services into the Bank here in Sundridge. Burk's Falls (town just south of us) is a busy little town and to lose a local Bank building is not good. It won't affect me any but I got a written notice because I have an active account at that Bank ( had to open an account there when i was working so my cheques could be directly deposited) and supposedly it will be automatically transferred without any effect on my banking. it just seems a shame to see this happening in small rural areas - especially when the Bank makes millions $$$ each quarter in profits.
Well, have a nice weekend folks - hope you can get out and enjoy some nice weather. Take care

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Spontaneous Events

If it were not for your cup of coffee Pati, an exciting event like finding new cloths would not have happened. So the cup of coffee was not expensive..... right? What a surprise then, for you to carry on your day and drop into the store. I guess we all have to be open to these happenings and recognize the value of them.
Still really good weather in these parts so the fence job is getting attention here. Harry almost finished the actual painting at the front part and I am madly scraping the back yard part in attempt to maybe get it all done this Fall rather than hold some of it over until Spring. Means a trip to the Hardware to buy more paint so I'll attempt that today. The first two gallons I bought were on sale and wouldn't it be a surprise if I could repeat that?
Update on the chick - growing fast and now feathers of colour all coming in. Parents are still feeding the little one but won't be long before it will start to nibble on its own, and then want to spread its wings??? Apparently I need to prepare a separate cage for it soon. 
The friends from Sprucedale dropped by yesterday morning with many pots from their garden for us (some we had taken in the spring with their tomatoes). I was out scraping so I met them at the driveway and helped carry pots then called Harry from the house to come out. They had a Birthday card for Harry and she brought a lovely bouquet of garden roses for me. We talked on the road for a bit - I expect they probably expected us to invite them in for a visit. They have never been in here but when we go tho their house we always get offered a coffee inside. Oh well....can't dwell on the impossible or worry about it.
So another day and I have already got it planned - scraping paint off fences and buying more paint and maybe if lucky, a coffee break haha! But I don't have a Pennington's Store to visit - too bad.  Take care 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A costly cup of coffee

Out for my coffee this afternoon, and while I was waiting for it to be brewed, my friend Susanne walked in. David was invited in and the three of us sat and chatted for a bit.  During the conversation, Susanne mentioned that she had just come from Pennington's where there was a one day surprise sale, with everything in the store at 40% off. Earlier in the day David and I had been talking about many of my t-shirts getting too large for me, so off we went.

An absolutely beautiful sweater, a pair of matching winter dress pants, a sweat jacket and two t-shirts.  The price was certainly right, but it was an expensive cup of coffee.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Oh, Beth---

I, too, watched "The Quilt Show" this evening.  I turned it off and checked the blog before going for my bath.  There was your post. What a different show!  And as you said, sort of mellow and relaxed, and "go with the flow".  I wasn't sure about it, almost quit, but got caught up in it, and watched the whole thing.

A perfect end to my day....

After a very busy and productive day I treated myself to watching the current show on The Quilt Show. I have just finished it and as I sit here I am feeling very mellow and contented and I owe that to seeing this show.  I loved this show.  It was fun and so easy going and natural - the conversations and the content were wonderful.  Maybe it was just me and how I perceived it - maybe I was making more out of it than was there, but I enjoyed it. I end my day happy.  Hope you both are happy, too! If not, then "make it so...." XX

Good laugh

Just a slip of the finger I guess Cathy but it made for a good laugh.
Glad you made it home safely and the best part is to be back home and sitting and relaxing.
So it is Monday and another week. Still haven't got to the fence yet but the weather should cooperate for next few days. Always something to be doing here and never a dull moment. But little time for other nice habits I need like mornings early to "wind up" for the day. Oh well, Winter is coming so maybe then haha!
Take a few moments for yourself this week folks...we deserve it!  Take care ( a little doggy is wanting out to pee so I must sign off) XX

Saturday, September 9, 2017


Okay.    It was supposed to say that the potatoe diggers shut down, not shit!!

home again

After a very interesting day in Winnipeg I am home again.  A big thanks to Rrain for doing all the driving.   Unfortunately I left my sweater at the union centre. Never gave It thought cause it was so warm out. We got out early but I had no way to reach Rrain cause her phone was dead. She had borrowed a phone and left me a message that she was at a rally on the south side of the legislature building, or on the front steps, or in the beer garden  I walked down there and there were about 800 people on the south side of the building for the rally. I walked through the crowd and then around the edge and then back to the middle. Just as I was giving up there was a break in the crowd with a direct line of sight to Rrain!  I still can't believe I found her in the crowd. The rally went on much longer than she expected. There were supposed to be 7 speakers but people kept asking and there ended up with around 15. I didn't know it but she had gotten an email last night asking if any members of the Winnipeg choir she is in could sing the closing song. Some stayed til the end and she was on stage singing. It was a rally against hate in Winnipeg and the speakers were mostly minority's leaders in Winnipeg ( Jewish, Islamic , Buddhist, native, gay, etc). An interesting end to my day.  Now it is after 8 pm on September 9th and I am sitting outside in a tshirt.  Last night we walked from the legislature to the hotel at 9 pm without any jackets and were comfy.  Weird weather. At least we don't have hurricanes.   Jim was hauling potatoes but they have shit down til at least Thursday cause it is too hot!  I am not going to complain. Enjoy it while you can

Among the missing?

Yeah, probably. 

 I'm very pleased to hear that the parents are feeding the baby bird.  This is the way that parenting skills are passed along between generations, so it's better in many, many ways than them abandoning the bird and you having to take on the task.  Cathy, I think any night spent in a hotel, especially one such as the Ft. Garry, is a treat.  I've heard that the food is great there as well.  We once attended a wedding reception there, and the meal was quite something.

David has now have two finished sets of "handles" and we have the finials for two more.  This is probably enough, but there are hexies coming out of the woodwork here.  I swear they multiply in the dark.  I should have my latest art piece finished today.  I have one side to hand finish, and then put on the hanging sleeve, again by hand. Since David is planning to watch the football game, I should have plenty of time to work on it, as well as putter with other studio stuff. I'm wanting to make some ATC's in hopes that the trading group will be meeting again at the end of the month.  So far, nothing has been heard.  I recently bought two sketch books labelled as being special for mixed media.  Well, I primed two of the sheets for the ATC's, and they both curled up terribly.  I've had them weighted for 48 hours, and there is still a bit of a curl to them.  Very disappointing. Mixed media bases are usually denser and heavier and more forgiving with added moisture. Over the past couple of weeks, I've been saving used tea bags, drying them out and ironing them, to be used with rubber stamps, and glued on to the ATC's as part of the decoration, along with other "stuff".

Last evening we went to the opening reception of the current exhibit, in the gallery my current pieces are going to, in November.  I was stunned by the prices being asked for the work there. I only saw two pieces of hand-thrown pottery that were priced under $100, and both were sold.  Most of the paintings and photographs were over $250.  My two hangings, priced at $145.00 and $185.00, were the cheapest there.  Even David said that they should each have been at least $100 more. This gives me reason to re-evaluate my stand on the prices being discussed by my fibre art group for our exhibit in November.  I have been quite vocal about being allowed to sell for the price I want, but obviously my thinking is out of date.  I've made such a fuss that I cringe at thinking about reversing my stand.

Earlier in the week there was another meeting about the craft sale at the end of the month.  I clashed with the same woman as I had clashed with last time.  After the meeting I tried to smooth things over by apologizing for being a "pinta", and got another tirade about how experienced and skilled she is, and how she always gets along with people, and how everything will work out if we just expect the best in people.  Relative to craft sales, that is not my experience, so good luck with that.  Obviously I've made an enemy there, so I think I'll look elsewhere for volunteer opportunities.

It's now 11:00, and I'm still in my nightie.   I didn't finish my household job list yesterday, so have a couple of things to do before settling in the studio.  The weather is supposed to be much warmer over the next week.  Enjoy it while we can!

Walk down Broadway

Hey Cathy, your story reminds of the walk we all took down Broadway when the sculpted Bears were on display. Remember?
And to be staying in The Fort Garry must be a thrill. At least it was way back when so I don't imagine that such a historied building would change that much...or maybe?
Quite busy and varied days around here and before I knew it, not much writing of messages from these parts - but lots of love haha!. I haven't even had a chance to browse much either but here I am for a quickie before another Saturday begins. Although one day seems to move into another very quickly.
The weather promises sunny days for next few so the "painting of the fence" will take some priority for now. It is wet still but today or tomorrow I will start the cleaning and scraping and then the painting will begin. Actually Harry has planned that i will begin the scraping and he will follow behind with the painting. We will have to see how it all comes together but regardless it will be painted this week. At least a portion of it - even if we can get the stretch along the side at the front of the neighbours yard done - only problem is that the current colour is white and the new colour is beigy so there will be a big contrast and visible difference viewed from the road as one sees the neighbours side and then our road side. Oh well??
The little budgie is growing quickly and I have not feed it as parents were still feeding and now according to what we read we should not be, as it is time for it to be weened by parents and start to nibble as directed by parents. I wish I knew what to do as this is all so new to me and quite frankly not really my 'thing'. Onwards we go....
Today i must clean all the garlic bulbs we dug out of the ground and left to dry in the shed. I started this last night - onerous job! And I have all the green tomatoes to manage - juice is good but apparently i am to make more pickles. 
On a brighter note, I held the new Louise Penny novel in my hands at Coles the other day - too much $$ to even think about buying it. But i stopped into the Library here at home and asked about the book - they have not even received it yet but the new Librarian is on my side apparently (just as the old one was being a friend) as she said when it comes in she'll give me a call. I told her that I would just go on the wait list as I was sure others were just as interested, but she said she would try to call me first. I'll see what happens.
Well, time for coffee and pondering before the sun comes up. Enjoy your day in the training Cathy - let us know what you do after - maybe another trip down to the food trucks perhaps?  And Pati let us know what you are up to....did you manage to buy more finials? Take care 

Friday, September 8, 2017


Here I lie at the hotel Fort Garry. All day training tomorrow. Rrain came with me and we walked down to the food truck wars at Memorial Park. It was packed with people and food trucks. I had a BBQ beef with Swiss cheese and grilled onions. Rrain is going back tomorrow for lunch. I will be indoors☹️  Rrain says "hello everybody". It took me three tries to find the bathroom in here. all the doors are identical. The bathroom, the closet, the connecting doors to the next rooms, the exit is only different cause it has a chain lock. I'm glad I'm not paying cause it is $170.00 for one night!  We do get one breakfast with the room. I guess we'll toss for it๐Ÿ˜Š  Now it is only 9:40 and we are both washed and in our Jammie's. What party animals we are.  It WAS A long walk to the trucks and back. I'll use that as my excuse. Have a great weekend

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


My first day back yesterday:  Elizabeth was sick; Shirley came in but went right to the doctor because she hurt her wrist.  She is off for 2 days and then "administrative" work for 2 days.  No computer.  Unfortunately there is not a single job in this office that does not involve the computer or lifting heavy books.  Not sure what will be happening.  As a result, I am 8:30 to 4:30 this week.  Since I can't sit around the house that long I am at work, using my computer for personal business.  :)  Jim is up at 5:30 to haul potatoes again, so I have been up since then. (awake since 3:45..... it's going to be a very long day)  I developed a bad cough last Wednesday.... lost my voice and everything.  I still have a cough but that is all that happened.  No cold or anything.  I have to go to a course on Saturday.  All day in Winnipeg when it is supposed to be really nice out.  Long way to go for a one day course.  Oh well.   There is really nothing much happening in my life right now.  Pretty boring in fact, so I really have nothing much to share.  That is so sad :(   I am supposed to be writing an instruction manual for work but I have no idea how to go about it.  They want it step by step, even if you have to repeat the steps over and over for different scenarios.  I can do it if they will only give me some time.  It is pretty regimented here now.  The same thing everyday and if you don't meet your "targets"  everybody hears about it.  It is sort of like being back in a factory.  Only 2 more years to go. (barring that highly elusive lottery win). 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A calming time

I think I've reached the point of acceptance in whatever the future holds for my art. 

Friday, when my friend Gail and I were out, we dropped into Michael's to pick up some gesso.  I had a coupon but, of course the darn stuff was on sale, so we got it at the sale price. after coffee, we came home and split the bottle.  But while I was in there, I found some wooden finials that I thought might be worth taking a better look at in terms of purse handles.  I have one hexie based purse made using a very  old set I had here.  Well, a quick trip to Rona and here we are.

They are closer to being the same size than they appear in the picture-less than 1/4 inch between them. 

So we are off on an adventure tomorrow. I have a meeting about the craft show at the end of the month, tomorrow morning.  Once that is over we head out. The quilt store that services my big machine is having a sale, and I want to stop in.  Hah! Stop in?  They're on the other side of town,  Then we plan to stop at the Michael's store on that side of town, to see if we can find more finials.  And that store is right across the back lane from the big bead store.  Then, we may head over to the Michael's store in St. Vital to check for finials.  If we can find even two more sets, I'll be in business for the rest of the winter.

Fall is certainly here.  You're picking green tomatoes, Beth, and I had to add a quilt to the bed last night.  Sure signs.  

Moving right along....

Lots done today - I trimmed all the trees along the fence between us and neighbour. Then I went to the hardware and purchased two gallons of paint the colour the neighbour requested when asked by Harry. It is a glossy beigy colour. Now I have to sand the boards once they dry out a bit - hoping for some nice weather to dry it out and allow me to get started painting. But it has rained yesterday and today so not much relief. Also we did all the three bushels of peaches and nectarines that Harry bought from the folks on the lake yesterday. Saved some for eating but only a few.
And, I met with George, the pet man, at the local pet store at 4:30 this afternoon. George owns the Global Store in North Bay and he finally was able to order and received the baby bird formula which he brought down here to Sundridge for me to pick up. He lives in Sundridge and although another fellow runs the Acme Store here we think that George likely also owns it. Strange fellow. He wanted to come here to demonstrate the feeding process but I resisted. He was a bit upset to have to demonstrate using only his fingers to simulate because I have to do it right or run the chance of drowning the bird. Wonderful! I'll start that tomorrow - wish me luck please.
Tomorrow we head to Huntsville and Harry has a Cat Scan at 8:30 at the Hospital. Hoping that this test may help to resolve his current ongoing physical problems. 
So now I hope to get to bed after closing up, and do a bit of reading. Not much sleep these nights - just seem to lay in bed and watch the clock.  Yesterday i managed to work on the hexi quilt for about an hour.  it felt really good to take the time - I'd love to be able to finish it this winter if i can.
How are things??? XX

Monday, September 4, 2017

Bombers carry on the tradition....

I see that the Bombers were true to their form again in the Labour Day Classic. Perhaps it will always be tradition that they let the Roughriders take it away?? 
Today I am making green tomato pickles using the small pear tomatoes and perhaps cherry tomatoes. The other s picked will sit in the Sunroom until ripened and then I make juice as I have all summer. I can drink the juice and manage to get rid of it over winter but less successful with jars of pickles etc. The jam i can also eat nicely but then i don't really make that much.
Oh I have a little doggy at my heals so I best sign off and take him out. He is up early today. Life is always so exciting with the animals to care for, haha ! Take care

Sunday, September 3, 2017

focus on the good

This morning, I needed to use coconut oil.  The bottle I pulled out of the pantry was almost empty, but I remembered that we had bought one last Tuesday.  Could not find it.  We even searched the trunk of the car, thinking it might have rolled out of the grocery bag.  So, since we had to go to the grocery store, I picked a bottle up.  while interacting with the cashier, I mentioned that we had bought a bottle last week, but between the store and home it had disappeared.  She asked when, and then told me that, if anything is left behind, they keep a record of it.  Who knew?!  Sure enough, the only thing left behind last Tuesday was a bottle of coconut oil.  They refunded the price for me, with no proof other than my word.

a warm, fuzzy surprise. 

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Do bad things come in threes?

I guess it's my week to find out.  The disappointing craft sale was the first thing.  So, we step back, re-group and look for a new strategy.   Friday, there was a flurry of e-mails about the more concrete plans for our group gallery exhibit in November. One of them, from the self appointed leader of the group, suggested that we co-ordinate our pricing, and suggested that ALL of our larger pieces be priced at, at least, $600.  This resulted an another flurry of e-mails, mainly from me to her, but cc'd to the whole group, basically saying no flippin' way.  I didn't get any sort of reply directly from her, although she forwarded an e-mail from a more professional, nationally recognized member, whose work usually is priced in the $2500-$5000 range, saying that her pieces would probably be priced higher.  (This woman later e-mailed me, privately, telling me that I should price my work at any level that made me comfortable)  

By coincidence this "leader" had a show opening, and artist's talk at a small museum here in the city, last night. I was very upset, as I've devoted most of the summer to completing pieces for the November show. I wasn't sure I trusted myself to go, and keep my cool.  So, I timed my appearance for just a few minutes before the talk was to start, and just went in and sat down, rather than mingling. Within less than 10 minutes, every one from the group who were there, approached me and made small talk, letting me know how nice it was to see me there. I count this as subtle support.  I also ran into three friends who are not part of the group, and was treated well.  Not sure how this will play out, but, at this point, I think I'm going to keep my mouth shut and price my pieces where I think they should be.

Then, today we went out for coffee and to the bank.  I sold my< wedding silver, yesterday, and got a decent price for it, so I wanted to pay off some of my credit card.  This would then let me order more dye and paint, which is sorely needed. David offered to do that, while I walked across the parking lot to a different coffee store, than I usually go to.  They were busy, and I got an earful about how one employee had shown up ill and had to be sent home.  I wasn't really surprised when it took a little while to serve my coffee, but then a little while turned into more than 20 minutes, while David was sitting across the parking lot, in the car, waiting.  Finally, I got frustrated and went up to the serving counter, making myself more visible. This didn't work, and there were no other customers waiting, so I went up and leaned on the serving counter with my arms crossed. Finally, a woman came up and asked if I was waiting for something.  ( my brain said snarkeley "you figure?",) but I was polite and told her what I was waiting for.  She went and brought it to me, as it had obviously been sitting on the prep counter for awhile.  I asked if it was even warm, and put my finger in it. Barely warm enough to register.  Then she says "well, I could make another one for you'.  Yeah, like I was going to wait another 20-30 minutes.  I just took my cuff off the cup, and walked out.  The worst thing was that I left my sunglasses sitting on the counter.  Talk about cutting off  your nose to spite your face.

So, how do I turn this into anything positive?  Knowing that my coffee takes a few minutes to make, I usually take my book with me.  I was there long enough to almost finish it, and found out "who dun it".  Somehow that doesn't quite do the trick.  However, I did paint a couple more mandalas this morning, that I plan to work on.  I will dwell on them, rather than think nasty thoughts.

p.s. Nope they come in at least fours. After writing the above, I decided that I needed a treat, and decided to check the balance on my little internet credit card, to see if I could order my dye and paint today. Called customer service and found out that I was only $2 below my credit limit.  I never let it get that high!!? Well, it seems that, when I had the carpet cleaned on Thursday, I used the wrong credit card to pay for it. The only way to deal with that is to take a cash advance on the larger limit card and pay off the smaller one--which I can't do until Tuesday.  I think see wine in my future this evening.

p.p.s. Make that fives.  I decided to treat myself by going on the dye site, and making up a "wish list".  It's been awhile since I ordered any of this stuff and the site has changed--significantly.  They now have just a limited amount of both dye and paint, and even that is only in small ( 1 oz bottles of dye and two oz of paint).  So I went on an American site, and found a much better selection, but in the same sizes and for American prices, plus exchange and cross-border shipping, and with the chance that I would have to pay broker fees.  I remembered that about 1 1/2 weeks ago a member of the fibre group had been wanting to order from the site, and go  to pick up the stuff in Pembina. I've -mailed her to find out if I'm too late, but haven't heard anything yet.

A little fire with my coffee

Surprise...this morning in the cold ( froze last night again) I made a little fire outside and sat with my coffee. it has been a very long time for a fire so I enjoyed every second even if it took three tries to get some flames going.  The paper and twigs I had already in the fire pit were probably overwhelmed with so much rain lately so took a bit of persuasion to stay lit.  So now I am happy and can get on with the day. Harry has already left to run the roads and I have my list made for TO DO.  So let's get going....XX

Friday, September 1, 2017

Just knew it...

The frost came earlier than I wanted - froze last night but we were somewhat ready??  Harry picked all the green tomatoes and they are now sitting in the picking baskets on the freezer and the table in the Sun Room. (So what will I do with them you ask???) Also all the inside plants are now in and on the shelves - sort of.... need to fix it up a bit but they are in. No further cleaning was possible so the "pile" remains but that can wait for now.  Had to rush to make more room for another wine container as well as Harry made a batch of parsley wine yesterday.  All the boxes of wine bottles we got free off Kijiji in the summer need to be washed and cleaned now - They are in the canvas shed at the back of the house right now.  I got about 1 1/2 dozen done yesterday but still many more to do - it is a hard process so will take time. The good part is that my dream to have the table and chair set up in the sun room to sit on for my morning coffee materialized for one morning. So I can't complain right ? haha! 
I was able to track down some "hand feeding formula for baby birds" from the Pet Value in Huntsville - they will order and be there next Wednesday. George, the Global Pets man I have consulted, was not able to source from his contacts so suggested I call Pet Value. But, and it was a very strong but, he still had to show us how to feed the chick because if done wrong we could kill it. Oh, wonderful!  There is only one chick who had survived and I would like to see it thrive if possible.
So that's things around here for now...Hope you folks have a fine long weekend. Supposedly life is supposed to get " back to normal " come Tuesday - you know, back to school and back to work etc after summer break and all...I don't expect anything will be back to normal here but - let's all have a good laugh and get on with it OK?  XX