Sunday, April 30, 2017

A great blog to greet my day..

Pati, I was thrilled to log onto The Mouse Factory and see your newest blog posting with pictures.  You have been very busy and with a little setback like having to tear out stitches, it has come together beautifully. I commend you for sticking to your high standards of workmanship and for caring about your presentation. And I was happy to see those little hexis put to good use. 
Last evening we covered the already covered tomatoes with plastic sheets and tarps to protect from the predicted freezing rain and snow overnight. It froze but no precipitation so far. This is a really wild roller coaster ride this year. I just keep hanging on for dear life and go with the flow....haha!
Yesterday though, I did get much work done in the yard itself (with hat and mitts and winter jacket on mind you)  I have set up most of the chairs and some of the ornaments that I store under tarps for winter. Still much to do, but with this current "on hold" status of the work with the greenhouses, and tomatoes, it gave me some time to do these other chores. 
Now time for coffee and breakfast - I bought another dozen eggs yesterday on sale thinking I needed them, but soon discovered a package of 18 in the fridge that I bought on sale last week. I guess I better have some eggs this morning?? And, maybe tell that crazy old lady who often frequents this home, as well as yours Pati, to be more vigilant? Any crazy old ladies showing up in your place lately Cathy?Take care.

Friday, April 28, 2017

A couple of lost days

Sorry to have been out of communication, but the past couple of days have been unusual. Wednesday we had planned to pay our bills, and then go grocery shopping.  Over breakfast, David complained of having dizzy spells.  He had been quite "out of sorts", the previous evening, so, when he suggested that he needed to see a doctor, I took him into Urgent Care. We spent most of the day there, getting an EKG, a CT scan, blood work, and a fairly extensive physical exam of reflexes--more than I had seen before.  They diagnosed a series of small stokes, and the plan is to refer him to a neurologist, and a Stroke Prevention program. We managed to get the bills paid, on the way home, and after some supper, he appeared fine (F.I.N.E.??). By then the day was shot, and we were both ready for bed.  

Thursday, I had an appointment to discuss the research I had done for the local Seniors' group on craft sales and bake sales, with the Executive Director of the organization, and then we started our shopping.  While we were in Walmart I stopped at the hairdressing area, as my hairdresser had lost her job, and is now working there.  I wanted to make an appointment, and check to see if there was any way she could continue to see David. Well, she was available, the air seemed clear, so I fed him a Benadryl, ( I didn't have any Claritin with me)and he got his hair cut.  I had mine cut too, and by the time we finished it was into the afternoon.

While in Walmart, I had done some price comparison on the "over-the-counter" supplements we buy, (as directed by our doctor), and it looked good.  But, we weren't able to get all, and the bill was still over $99.  This is usually hidden in our overall grocery bill, and the total was a bit of a shock.  Maybe back today, to pick up the last few items.

Then in the evening, my friend Gail, came over and treated both of us to take-out pizza, and then she and I spent the evening culling the many, many photos she has, with a the goal of narrowing the choice down, so she can chose some for publication, in a couple of special interest magazines.  Congratulations Gail!!

So today, I won't be washing windows, but I will be washing clothes and bedding.  We have a little more shopping to do.  I have to plan some menus, which means going through the freezers.  We have food that needs to be used or thrown out, as this spring I do want to clean out both freezers,--while you ladies are washing your windows, maybe.  I think I've given up on mine.

What?...clean windows?

Now you have me all worried.  I didn't know I would have to clean windows besides all the other chores imposed upon me...  haha!
Terrific thunderstorm last evening. Bang, flash, splash!  Just when I thought I could safely go out to shovel water at the front of the house, and fix all the tomatoes blown over by the wind and rain, back around it came again.  At the time of another brilliant flash and earth shaking rumble, I was on the ladder tying to sweep water from atop the big greenhouse. 'Nuff of this nonsense. Back in and under the covers I went. 
Last week I started to buy Daily Grand  tickets - cost $3.00 a row but chance to win $1000 a week for life. Now, wouldn't that be nice? Anyway with two draws under my belt so far I have won a free ticket and then last night $4.00. I think I'll stay with it for awhile and see what happens.
Must go and get to the days events.  Last night I started to pay my bills on line ( as I now must since RBC bank said they won't help me at wicket) The storm came and knocked out the power so I had to quit. I must try that now again - the Property taxes must be paid by Apr 30!!  I am still not comfortable doing on line banking but I have no choice.
It is Friday Cathy - so celebrate the end of this "week of Mondays" haha! And Pati are you having your roof done this coming week as you  mentioned may happen?  

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A week of Mondays

Do you ever have weeks that everything is wrong in?  A week of Mondays.  In fact, 2 weeks of Mondays.  Stress seems to turn me into a bitch... oh wait!  I am a bitch..I better change this to "reality bites' I get so frustrated at work and I try to be "politically correct" but I can only last so long. How do you  deal with incompitence when the "powers that be" have determined that she is qualified.  I guess the standards in Winnipeg are less than here.  We had a meeting with top management yesterday (HR and operations manager)  We talked about how difficult it is to function with only 3 staff.. their response..... that's nice.  Enough trying to meet their goals.  What you see is what you get.  Sorry to vent but I am soooooo frustrated with managements attitude.  We cannot meet their goals with only 3 people.  Nuff said.  I hope spring comes soon so that I can start cleaning my windows and planting my garden. Once again we are trying to downsize but it seems that we want at least one of everything.  Jim had oral surgery last week  I was worried and went to brandon with him thinking that I would have to drive home.  He didn/t even need an asprin for pain.  the downside is that he couldn't eat anything but soft food for a week.  I am so sick of casseroles and pasta,  Back to work tomorrow.  One day I will win the lottery


She saw the Vet this afternoon. Has a terrific bladder infection, with possible bladder stones. She is on antibiotics over weekend and if still not greatly improved, she goes back Monday for xrays to check out "crystals". Not a cheap affair but one never compromises when dealing with one's precious pets.
I had to get a urine sample while there. Picture me crawling along behind her on the grass with a kidney basin stuck under her "you know what" hoping to catch some urine.  I was successful in catching no more than a teaspoon but this was enough for Vet to examine and determine infection.
Rest of entire day spent in yard. Except that is, a trip to Burk's Falls Valu Mart to buy some pork chops on sale for 99 cents/lb. Yes, we did this before not long ago, but Harry likes a real bargain !!  But, I must tell you that I scored myself in finding the Dawn Dish soap I have been looking for ever since you mentioned it Pati.  I bought not one, but two bottles - on sale at this store when I have not even seen it at our usual grocery stores. Bonus!!  
Thats my day.....exciting, eh??

Today we need to do something with the tomatoes..

In spite of nice weather last two days, the bottom is supposed to fall out tonight so today will be panic time to get plants either back into greenhouses, or find a way to cover them. They all won't fit back into the houses as they are too big and staked so I am hoping to fine tuned the covering up to make it easier for me.
On a brighter note, I had lunch with Sue yesterday and as always had a lovely visit.  Harry and I went down to Huntsville early ( I was to meet Sue at noon) and did our shopping. He went to Can Tire for soil while I was in restaurant and then sat in car waiting for me. Reminded me of your tale from Sunday Pati! He tells me he went into Tim Hortons (next to Swiss Chalet) and asked for a hamburger, and when told they didn't sell them, he left with nothing. So he starved ( apparently) while I enjoyed a nice meal haha! Funny thing was that this Swiss Chalet partners with a Harveys  (side by side in same building) so a hamburger could have been had!
Sue gave me a nice solar hanging Owl as a birthday gift ( she always does this in spite of my objections) She knows I love Owls. I took the picture of the three of us in The Pony Corral and also of our dear Owls to show her. So then she thought all three of us collect owls until I told her of our little silly fun we have had with our Owls - I even named them to her.  She may think I am crazy afterall........
So onward with the day.  Apparently as it is the end of the month, I have bills to pay today or tomorrow. The property Tax bill has been nagging at me - due April 30.  I have already paid our Income Taxes so they should not be appearing at my door (I hope).  I may also have to take Scooby to the Vet - last week or two she has been showing signs of maybe a bladder infection or ?  I have to take her out in middle of night and last night it was three times. Obviously something bothering her.   Take care XX  ps no win for me with my ticket boo hoo.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

No snow in immediate forecast...

...and thank goodness as many of the plants were taken out of greenhouses and left outside overnight in the misty rain that fell. All was good this morning in my first "out with the dog" look around. 
The Casino Rama location is on the East side of Lake Couchiching right across the lake from Orillia, which is on the West side along Highway #11 going South towards Barrie and then Toronto. It is on Rama First Nation. The trip will take no more than 2 hours.  When we used to travel to Midland all the time to go the Auction Store there (don't go anymore) we drove to Orillia and then West. It is beautiful country, and I always loved the trip.
Still don't know if Harry is driving today to Huntsville but if not, I have a list of stuff to buy while I'm there and on way back - eg more bags of soil haha! Whatever the case, I shall enjoy my visit with Sue.
Now onto my coffee and then get things organized here before leaving for Huntsville.   Mid week, and since there is the Lottery Draw tonight, I have something to look forward to ...I have a ticket for Ontario 49 - not high stakes ( not that I ever win) but the tickets are only $1.00 each. Good Luck to us all....

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

-----Not with a bang, but a whimper

So much for "Serious snowfall".  They had predicted 5-10 cm, with wind, during the afternoon and evening on Monday.  Got up this morning and there is a dusting on the ground and roofs.  But it is colder, hovering between -5 and +5, night and day, with more of the same predicted for the next few days.

Beth, I hope you enjoy every minutes of your bus trip.  Don't let anything interfere with your going, and $100 sounds about right.  Buffets are usually good.  I remember the absolutely wonderful Seafood buffet we had at Sand Hills, including lobster tails, and the people on the bus enjoyed it as well. I also remember when we used to take the Red Eye to Warroad, where we enjoyed either a bowl of soup Or a ham sandwich, and a single serving bag of chips. But the soup was often a home made turkey and wild rice, and was to die for.  David was interested in where you're going, and we had to try "Googling" the place.  Not much info on location, but I finally got a route map between Sundridge and Barrie, that gave us a good idea.

Be sure to tell us about your luncheon, as well.

We decided to accept the quote we got yesterday.  It was almost $1000.00 cheaper than the previous one, although they are both reputable companies, who were able to provide references.  The one we accepted said that we had a serious problem, and he would try to prioritize us in terms of date.  We may have a new roof by the end of next week.  This one also gave us a choice of shingle manufacturers and colour.

A bit of laundry today, and more preliminary cutting of fabric for charity quilts.  David was having trouble with the long ruler, so we went out yesterday and bought some thin silicone (?) wafers to stick on the back of it.  I tried it out and that sucker doesn't move now!  I also bought myself four 1/4 m pieces of fabric.  Just enough to provide some value changes in the very many pieces we're in the process of cutting. By the time we finish, I expect we'll have enough pieces cut for 4-5 charity quilts, and will  have gotten a lot of fabric out of the basement storage.  Of course, then, I'll have to actually make them, but I can take my time with that.

Everyone have a good day.  Keep warm, and think of the family, over a cup of tea, at some point.

Good laugh for early morning...

Just logged on and here was your message Pati and it gave me a good laugh. What a day you had..snow and all. So make sure you go to the meeting next Sunday!
Didn't sleep well last night and unfortunately, the dog has been getting me up during the night now to go out. And I cannot just let her out the door so its on with my coat and hat and boots and leash the dog and out into the night.
All your snow is scaring me a bit - our weather says it will be warm now for a few days without such precipitation. So much to do in the yard with plants and they have to be taken out from the greenhouse, and staked if needed and left to harden outside, and then taken back in the evening for the night. Some pots I just cover up with sheets. Last night I didn't set the heaters on as it was to be 3 degrees and it looks as if for once it didn't freeze but then the sun isn't up yet either for me to tell.
Well here is some interesting news from me.  On May 25 the neighbour lady and I shall be boarding the bus at the Legion and heading off to Casino Rama for the day. It all came about from a conversation "over the fence" the other day, and I have already followed up with making reservations for us both. It costs $8.00 for the return trip, which includes a Buffet Lunch. And then they apparently collect $ on the way home for a tip for the driver.  The bus leaves at 9 am and returns about 6 pm so it isn't a long time to be away. I have already decided to squirrel away some money from this payday (I think about $100.00 ) for my spending and stick with that amount and no more. Hopefully and with luck I will make some at the machines. I am excited about going...time will tell.
So now to have my coffee and see what the rest of this day will have in store.  Tomorrow I go to meet my friend Sue for Lunch at the Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. I think Harry will be driving me and then do his running around but he hasn't decided yet.
I have yet to hear from Daisy or her family so I plan to call today to see whats up. It's one thing to not be responsible but I feel as if I have been left hanging a bit without word as to whether she is home in Sundridge, or back with them in Toronto. 
Take care...

Monday, April 24, 2017

Did I blink and miss summer?

Today we are in the early stages of a major storm, and snow fall.  The fellow coming to give us the estimate, on the roof, called this morning and asked if there was any chance he could come early, before the snow started.  It started about 10 minutes before he got here. He told David that all of our roof vents are no longer up to code, and will have to be replaced.  The other quote talked about replacing them, but didn't say anything about code.

 Now, at 2:00, it's getting heavy, but we're planning to stay home and hunker down until it's over--hopefully, and according to the forecast, by tomorrow morning.  Oh well, it will probably melt by the end of the week.

The crazy old woman outdid herself yesterday.  Thinking it was the last Sunday in the month, she headed off to her ATC luncheon.  Her husband decided to go along, in case the regular car club display was on in the restaurant parking lot. It wasn't, so he dropped her off, and after setting a pick-up time, said that he'd head for MacDonald's, a long block away, at the far end of the mall, get some lunch, and relax with his book.  She went in and soon realized that it was the wrong Sunday. Knowing that she didn't want to stand in front of the restaurant, in freezing wind, and wait the hour and half for him to come back, she decided to try to walk to MacDonald's.  A long cold walk.  He wasn't there.  So, maybe he had decided to wander through the mall, before lunch.  Back she goes and wanders about half way down the mall, before sitting down and having a long talk with herself, realizing that it was stupid idea.  So she bought a magazine, and headed back to MacDonald's, thinking she could buy a cup of coffee, and wait for him there. Needless to say, by this time she was beyond thinking clearly about the new ordering stations in MacDonald's.  The first one defeated her, so she went to another one to start over.  Same problem.  An employee approached her asking " Are you alright?"  "No", she says.  "These things are crazy, and I can't get anywhere"  The "helpful" employee just stood there and looked at her.  So she walked out.  She was thinking of Erin and her challenges with the new ordering kiosks, as she started to walk back to the original restaurant, figuring that maybe she could sit in the bar, and read her magazine over a cup of coffee, and wait until the pick up time.  Fortunately, just before she got all the way to the other end of the block,  she noticed a familiar car parked behind the restaurant, and realized, by checking the license plate, that it was hers, and he was just sitting there waiting.  Not a good day.

Otherwise, this estimate marks the end of my "week from Hell", and I can relax a bit, finally.  So I sit and drink my coffee, and procrastinate for awhile.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Just got home (with a side trip to Starbucks) after a very busy day.  David asked me if it was worth the money, and I had to think about it.  My goal was to re-visit techniques that I've used in the past, to see if I might stumble on anything inspiring.  I think I might have accomplished that, in which case it was worth the money.  However, the project she gave us--making a collage--may have sent me in an unexpected direction.  Awhile ago, I attempted this, actually drafting three different small collages, but never finishing any of them. I think another look at what I had planned, with an aim of re-thinking them to be machine worked, may just be in order.

And did I mention that we had a heavy, but wet, snowfall for most of the morning?  Beautiful at the beginning, large, fluffy snowflakes, like big balls of cotton candy, but cars and streets were soon covered.  It stopped at noon, but there was still a good coating of snow on all the roofs I saw on the way home,

Of more interest, was the wedding in the room next to us. There were many guests, all dressed "to the nines"!  Most of the men were either in tuxedos or very nice traditional business suits-something you just don't see in young men these days.  But the young women!! Wow!! Most of these young people had black skin, and the ladies' outfits made them look like exotic birds. All of them had very high heels, either stilettos or wedges, and none of them were plain colours--they all matched the fairly formal, colourful outfits--and were they ever colourful--yellows, pinks, bright blues, not a dull colour anywhere.  A profusion of joy!  What a treat!

But I'm beat!  A full day of working just isn't part of my lifestyle any more.  So supper, a quiet evening, and bed.  I don't even plan to empty my suitcase, or set up the machine, until tomorrow.

Want some rain?

It seems that the rain just wants to keep falling - tough on us gardening folk who should really be out there working.  Although to be fair, it did taper off yesterday afternoon enough for us to set up the rain barrels - well, mostly anyway. We do this every year and yet  we still don't quite get it right - we never remember which barrel of the five starts the process and how to attach the hoses from one to another for the perfect gravity flow of water.  We have to purchase another attachment today to complete the process. And Harry bought 7 large bags of soil yesterday and that is always the start of another process - filling the big pots.  In the meantime the tomatoes desperately need to be staked and tied and re potted but that has not happened last few days. Oh well, it will all come together I expect.
One of my friends, Kathleen, that I have Lunch with in the Fall fell last weekend and broke her arm in two spots and shattered her elbow. She has been in the local hospital waiting to find a bed down south (Toronto, Ottawa, or London) so Surgery can occur. In meantime they put her arm in a sling and every night keep her NPO with an IV in case a bed comes available. Yesterday I got another  email from friend Sue (keeping me updated) to say Kathleen finally was being shipped to Barrie (closest major hospital down the highway) for Surgery but because there was no bed available there, she was being shipped right back to local hospital post op. This is the state of our Health care - I hope I never need any thing soon. And then I just read the article in the Free Press about the Jet players jumping the queue for MIRs at the Pan Am Centre and bumping people who have waited months.
My duties for looking after Daisy have been postponed again as she went back to Toronto Wednesday with her son - although I am told her granddaughter is bringing her back again this morning I don't know if she is staying for awhile or when I am to resume my duties. I think the family realize that Daisy should not be left alone but with them all working in Toronto, it makes it difficult. 
Well, morning is here and time for my second coffee ( I love my coffee too much haha) and on with the day. I see that Lotto Max went last night but it sure wasn't me - did you folks win???
Have a nice weekend. Enjoy your workshop Pati, and what are you doing Cathy?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wild times around here.

Cathy, I really enjoyed the pictures.  Amazing how Chloe has grown since we saw her a year ago Christmas.  I still don't think Chris looks old enough to be father.  Yes, I know how old he actually is.

Yesterday we were expecting the installation of our new drawers.  They were late so David phoned, and found out that they were actually coming today.  Then the repairman came to check out our new washing machine, as we had been very concerned about a noise it was making.  Except, I wasn't expecting him until today. In the middle of all of this, we had to make a trip to the store for goodies for the my ladies, and a red pen, because I forgot I was supposed to be reviewing a large set of organizational by-laws-by Friday.

Then my ladies came.  There were only two of them, both welcome.  Except about 5 minutes after they arrived, David had quite an allergic reaction to the perfume one of them was wearing.  We got him medicated, to an extent, but he closed himself in with his computer, and, I believe, an open window.  The same lady was terribly excited.  She is #1 on the list for a suite in a very "posh" assisted living facility.  She has been waiting for 3 years, and at 87, doesn't have a lot of years left. She hopes to be there by fall.  She has a very long-term and dear friend who has been there for several years and they are both anxious to get together.

Once the ladies left, we opened windows, turned down the heat, and left the house for the rest of the day.  You could even smell it in the basement.

So, on to this morning.  David had a doctors appointment for 6:15.  We never know how long it will take, so I stayed home to greet the installer of drawers.  Luckily, David was home by about 7:00, because when the fellow got here, he had the wrong size drawers--custom-made, of course.  He was pissed, also because they had booked him for 4 hours for what he described as a 20 minute job--if he had the right sized drawers. He took new measurements, and now we're waiting for a call from the company.  

Tomorrow, I have an evening meeting.  Friday is the board meeting I had forgotten about, and now, having read the minutes of the last meeting, I realize that, other than reviewing 24 pages of by-laws,  there was an other job I was to do!  Arg-h-h-h-h!  Saturday I'm taking a workshop--quite excited about that.  Sunday is my ATC luncheon.  I have no cards done, but contacted the organizer and have permission to just go for lunch and socialization. Then Monday, we are having what, I hope, is our last estimate done on the roof.

But for right now, all is quiet.  I plan to go out for coffee this afternoon, but otherwise am just filling time either playing Candy Crush, or a new game, Bubble Witch.  Bubble Witch makes me laugh!

Keeping in touch

To keep the ball rolling and to keep our communications open, I shall write a quick message. Really not much to report from this side, except working in greenhouse and today should be no different.
Thanks for the pictures sent of your family get togethers. I took some pictures at Mike's but didn't turn out - also I still can't figure out how to send anyway.
Oh, there is something new - I shall be looking after Daisy again for awhile starting today. She was in Toronto with her family until Saturday when her son and dil brought her back.  They are returning to Toronto today although he is supposed to come back on vacation May 6. Harry spoke with them on Monday and they are to call me before they leave today with an update. So I'll add her again to my "To Do List". haha!
Hope all is well with you folks...

Monday, April 17, 2017

short visit but fun

Everyone was here for supper on Friday.  Arrived late and left early but a nice visit anyway.  Sandi was here
 And Rrain was here
and of course Kris and Choe
And Chloe played with the toys I have
 And of course the kittens watched  (Ally and Tom)
 A good day.

Weekend a success

Sounds as if we have all had a memorable Easter weekend.  Now it is back to the usual. Still rainy here - actually rained all weekend but helps to rid the ground of snow and frost.
We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Mike and Erin - quite rainy so we stayed in and played games - our sort of own "games night" with a twist?  Mike had the Jok-R-Rummy game out that we gave him for Christmas, but, he had just bought another game - Roll It - (or something similar as I forget the actual name) where you turn cards with specific requirements eg a six, a three and two fours. Taking turns around the table you have six dice to roll to capture a card and gain points to win.  Of course it is more detailed than that explanation, but nevertheless a fun game.  A delicious meal and more talk and then it was off home. We had to water the greenhouses, etc. so were home by 4:30 pm.
Still rainy this morning and temps at night still below zero but hoping things will improve soon and there will be nice warm and sunny days.
So onto the rest of life and all that it entails - cleaning your pantry must have been fun Pati. But you are cleaning so there has to be some satisfaction in that.  Erin let me borrow some more books to read so I have a good supply - now only need some time haha!  Take care

Sunday, April 16, 2017

quiet weekend,

after the excitement of Thursday evening.  Now we have the lull before the storm, as my Stitchery group is coming Tuesday afternoon.  I purposely cleaned up, but didn't do the heavy stuff, like washing the floors, before the family came to eat Chinese food in my living room. ( The spring rolls were wonderful!) So we have that sort of thing to do.  We also have to shop for some sort of goodie to have with coffee when they come.  I know what I want to get, and don't dare buy it before about noon on Tuesday, or it will disappear before I can serve it.

Very slowly, we have been emptying our pantry.  A lot of stuff, that we don't use often, was put in there when we had the kitchen done.  As it gets used, we aren't replacing anything that will interfere with my new lifestyle.  Most of what we're finding now is outdated, unfortunately.  We needed to use some chicken, and decided to have stir-fry chicken with Teriyaki sauce for supper tonight.  Well, not only was the bottle of Teriyaki sauce almost full it was both outdated and had gone bad.  It's gone.  David also found two cans of Tim Horton's French Vanilla Cappuccino mix, one almost full and one unopened.  They were only outdated by a year.  I really hesitated about what to do, but they're gone too.  It broke my heart, but I read the ingredients, and one of my coffee mugs would provide almost a full meal and one half, worth of calories, within the new regimen. I'm still not strong enough to take that risk, because I really love that stuff.

Yesterday, I spent the day writing up my research on regulations surrounding temporary food vendors in MB.  Cathy, I remember that you had to get your Food Handlers Certificate to work behind the bar at the Legion. I found a statement saying that the Certificate was required in the city, but not in rural areas.  Made me wonder how recent the information was.  Everything else had a list of amendments and effective dates at the end of the document. Anyway, 'tis done, and the actual write-up was only 3, well spaced, pages.  Since I also added copies of all the pertinent regulations, it's a decent bundle.   I hope she has a few minutes to spend going over it with me, as I want to say a couple of things, that I don't want to put in writing.

No Plans for tonight.  Today's "to do" list is done, except for preparing supper. A couple of the channels we usually watch have had various marathons of series, and we keep  getting sucked into those.  We both watched several ancient episodes of Bar Rescue this morning, but now David is watching the second half, not the first half of Ben Hur.

Friday, April 14, 2017

A good time was had by all?

The pictures tell the tale of a fun evening Pati.  You are right about how the children grow - hard to recognize them from when I last saw them in person.  Gillian must have just returned from her trip to Spain as well. How long was she there?
Now Cathy, are you thinking of sending a pictorial message of your day today?  I'd love to see your family as well.
I was out side early this morning - raking a few beds. and also set up the fire pit and sat with a little blaze going and with coffee in hand.  This is my first fire for the season and I intend to keep the momentum going - I love this pleasure and only my resolve will allow me to enjoy it over and over.  Also set up a few tables and chairs ( at Harry's request)  We worked in the greenhouses and yard all afternoon yesterday - have several tables covered with frost resistant plants - geraniums, parsley, onions, kale etc and I had to cover them with sheets for overnight - went down to minus 5 last night.  I haven't yet removed the covers to see if any damaged.
So today will likely be the same - I shall be making myself a pizza as my favourite Birthday meal. You see, I bought some frozen Spring Rolls as my meal for yesterday and so excited as I love them. What a disaster. Horrible and awful and half my meal went into the garbage. They were Irresitible Veg Spring Rolls. Don't buy them!   Well, I shall sign off for now.  Have a good day.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


We got together for a games night, and to celebrate birthdays, Jeremy, Gillian, and even Beth.  Congratulations all!

By the time everyone arrived it was quite late for supper, but over to the mall and bring back Chinese food.  Of course, we bought too much!  After eating we settled down to a game of "31". 

 We even got Sheila to play.  She isn't really a card player but did well this evening.

 Samantha was being silly all evening, making faces at everything, and purposely hiding behind her mother, in the first picture
 Such a silly face.  It makes it hard to believe she is only 9. She looks more like herself in the one below.  That one came when birthday cake was served--a sudden rush to the kitchen.  I had figured that everyone was so stuffed with Chinese food, that no-one would want cake.  Silly me!

Here is another one of my three Grand Daughters.  Hard to get a good picture of them all together. Of course, Samantha was making faces again, but I see that she was looking at her cards, so maybe she has a reason for the look?  They all grow up too soon, don't they?

Jeremy does well surrounded by all the girls.  He is working in a furniture manufacturing plant right now, and appears to be doing well with it even if it is physically demanding, and for minimum wage.  He was telling me about some writing he's doing.  It seems to be very private, but important to him.  He was excited to hear about other people with a knack for writing in the family,and even went to tell his father about them.  When we talked about family connections, he told me again about the night you tried to explain all the family connections to him, Cathy.  He mentioned that he thought you had been drinking, and he really didn't make much sense of the explanation.

The evening ended early, as everyone had been up early this morning.  Jeremy starts work at 7:00, but has to get up early enough to take his medications an hour before he drives a car, and he works on the other side of the city.  Darren had been into hospital for a biopsy yesterday and they kept him until 5:30 this morning, which meant that Amber had to be at HSC to pick him up then, after driving in from Lorette.

So now it's a bit of relaxation before we too, head for bed.  Tomorrow should be quiet, but it will still be my regular laundry day. I did a little too much sewing today for my wrists, so will have to find some other way of amusing myself, after changing the sheets and making the bed.  Maybe I can iron more tea towels.  Hot Damn!

Your happy thoughts have been well received....

Thank you both for your greetings - I logged on hoping for such, and was not disappointed. Hoping that my day will be special - it is up to me to make it so, right? 
Thinking of you Pati with all the family arriving for a family get together tonight. Have fun.  And thinking of you Cathy, with Kris and family (and I assume Keri) for your family get together Friday.
And I can hardly wait for our visit to Mike's on Sunday.
So all is well with us gals!  XX

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

too late to be first

I logged on thinking I would be the first to wish Beth a happy birthday and I find out I am too late.  It doesn't diminish the thought though.  Happy Birthday.  Hope it meets all your dreams

And a very Happy Birthday to Beth!

Have a great day, Beth.  Maybe you can even find some time for yourself, for a quiet cup of tea, and reminiscence. 


Still here, alive and kicking.  The past few days have been interesting.  We had arranged for two quotes on the roof, and were actively looking for a third potential quote.  The first one was very business like, supplied a reasonable quote (reasonable maybe,  but still +++$$$).  We waited for the second one to show up at the agreed upon time--no show. Loren was going to talk to Sheila about a recommendation, but we won't be talking to him until tomorrow. 

My meeting yesterday morning was regarding my offer to assist with an upcoming craft sale to be held in the facility that houses my art group.  David drove me, and I waited, only to find out that it had been cancelled, and no-one told me.  I was pissed, as I had rearranged my dentist appointment, so as to be able to attend.  However, I got to spend a few minutes talking to the Executive Director of the organization, and we agreed upon a task that I can do at home, at my leisure.  Then, today, I got a call from another lady ( the one who was supposed to have phoned me about the cancelled meeting).  Well, it seems that she is in charge, ( she told me so) and she has scheduled another meeting, where we will be told how we will be contributing to the event, as she needs to make sure that everyone does their fair share.  I explained what I had been asked to do by the ED, which was to research Gov't regulations and expectations relative to any and all potential food services and sales by vendors.  Well, the lady on the phone advised my that she had that well in hand as she had been organizing the congregate meal program, for a couple of months now, and although she was new to the organization, thought they were managing quite well. And that there was no need to worry about vendors who might have rented a table, and were planning to bring in food that had been prepared elsewhere.  After all, she has been organizing bake sales in other locations for some time now.

So it would appear that I have screwed myself in terms of any further involvement with the group, especially after I told her that I had never attended any one of her congregate meals, as I had never been made aware of them.  ( a possible flaw in overall communications?  Certainly not with this one in charge!  Just ask her!)  So I will do what I promised the ED, although it's obvious that this "Coordinator of Volunteers", probably won't pay any attention to what I may find out.

Perhaps it's just as well that my membership runs out the same day as the craft sale.  

My visit to the dentist was a good one.  I had chipped the crown, not cracked it, so he smoothed it off and told me not to worry about eating or anything else, that it was fine.  He then did the little filling, that had been my original reason for the appointment.  Total cost to us--$11.37.  We had been trying to figure out how we could pay to replace the crown.  This is the dentist I was referred to a few years back, when the thought of any procedure that required dental dam, was so upsetting to me, that sedation was strongly recommended.  I have a much better feeling for this fellow ( trust?) and am quite relaxed with him.  Still, he treats me very gently, always asking and making sure that I don't want IV sedation or a pill of some sort.  Quite a nice fellow.  Mind you, over the years, I've had a lot of training in behaving myself with the dentist.

So now, once the fellow who was hired to power rake our yard is finished, and paid, I can relax for the evening, and get ready for the family gathering tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Probably not the best way to view one's life by thinking of it as getting another day in...but that's basically it. To the dentist first and have nice clean teeth now, and with xray's and examination all is well. However I was a bit surprised when the Dental Hygenist started by taking my BP. I said "why" and she commented that their College now requires them to take it before proceeding.  I asked her what then was her responsibility and process to determine if the BP was OK and if she determined it was not, what then did she do about it.  I know that I demonstrate what is called the white coat syndrome when at the Doctors - so much so that I have had to undergo further investigation by doing home measurements, logged and then returned in one month to assess. Anyway I guess I caught her off guard - she had to take it a second time and then said I guess it's OK.  
I bought some hard cover novels at the ReStore in Huntsville.  I took your example Pati and just choose any authors known or otherwise. Can't beat the price on Tuesdays - 10 books for $2,00 (although I only bought 5 books). I have two Clive Cussler's (Zero Hour, and Poseiden's Arrow) although I have read many and many of his in the past. That August long weekend years ago that we all met at the Lake and had a nice family reunion got me onto Clive Cussler - Cathy you had got them from the Library for Jim I think and so when I returned home I started to take them out of the Library one by one and got through most of his series. The other authors that I bought today are: Brad Thor (The Last Patriot) , James Patterson (Truth or Die) and Frederick Forsyth (The Afghan). I'm almost finished Miss Julia Renews Her Vows which I shall have to return to the Library and then will start on these.
I have made a hair cut appointment for Thursday and can hardly wait - I have taken to pulling it off my face with a beret. I also have about half of my knitted hat done - try to pick it up and do a row or two in between other tasks. My kitten likes to help me and somehow knows exactly when I pick up my yarn and up it jumps without fail haha!   So long for now...take care.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Siblings and the dentist

I did not know we had a special day, either.  Thank you for letting us know, Cathy.

I, too, will be spending time at the dentist tomorrow, dealing with a small filling, found when I had my teeth cleaned, as well as investigating a cracked crown.  I can afford the filling, probably not the crown.  

Had the first fellow around to give the estimate on the roof, today.  He told us that we would probably start getting leaks within the year, if the singles weren't replaced.  He also mentioned that this is a huge problem around here, with shingles not being up to standard.  Evidently this has affected an entire development in the area, and has been such a problem, that it's the focus of a large class-action law suit.  He told us that he could arrange to have our name added to the suit, and maybe, at some time in the future, we might get as much as $100.  We have a call in to another fellow, but haven't heard from him yet.  Loren was going to ask Sheila for a recommendation, and we're still waiting to hear back on that, as we wanted to get at least 3 quotes, before making a decision.

Between my teeth, and the roof, we're having to make some uncomfortable financial decisions/changes, (also in consideration of my developing need for another hearing aid).  Just for fun I posed the question to the Tarot, and got a stunning response that exactly echoed my thinking, and my list of "pros and cons".  Creepy/scary. 

Well, I thank you.....

...and I wish the best to you both as well.  I did not know this was a special day for us...usually just a silly day declared, but I think this is special. 
In midst of a thunderstorm and the dog is going crazy as usual.  So I took her onto the bed and started to brush her - she likes this, and it helped to calm her down a bit.  The snow is disappearing nicely with this mild weather, but it is disclosing a winters worth of Scooby stuff.  I will have to take a bag out one of these days and walk about with great intent to cleaning the ground haha!
I go to the Dentist tomorrow morning at 8 am for annual check and cleaning, and then we are off to Huntsville. It is Tuesday, after all.
Oh Pati ...a Games Night sounds like great fun... if I get the bus in the morning, I should be able to get there by Thursday, but then someone would have to pick me up at the airport, and that's a long drive, so maybe not such a good idea?  So instead,  I'll just stay put and wish you folks a grand time together.
Better go, and feed the animals...I want to watch the current Quilt Show that was posted Sunday, but I don't know if I can stay up today - really bushed as not much sleep these last few nights - anyone else experiencing insomnia lately?  Must be the weather?
Congrats on your continued success with the new life style you enjoy Pati....keep up the regime but don't sweat the "indulgences" - after all it is special to have family all together - cake and all!

Happy National Siblings Day!

Love you both!!!!!!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Homebodies today

Yesterday too, for that matter.  Quiet after one of those weeks from Hell.  A bit of fuss for Amber Friday night, when Samantha had a bad reaction to a new medication prescribed by their pediatrician.  They had to call the paramedics, and while they managed to deal with it,  a trip to hospital in Ste Anne was still recommended.  With so many allergies in both sides of the family, it shouldn't be a surprise, but it's funny how a person can feel guilt for passing along a genetic issue.

My time has been spent in the studio this weekend, not worrying about anything significant, but rather playing.  I took a look at some stuff that I had stored, and decided to deal with it.  It's been hanging around for years, and it was time.  So we continue to "de-clutter, bit by bit, and I end up with a tiny bit more stock for next time I choose to take part in a craft sale.

My new life style appears to be back on track ( Maybe I shouldn't say anything--I might "jinx" it!) I have relaxed over the past few days, and just done my best on "phase 3", and my weight is lower than it's been since I was in my early 20's.  Not by much, but enough to be encouraging.  I figure another week doing this and then back to phase 1.  I say this knowing that the family is coming over for a "Games Night" on Thursday.  We plan to order in supper, either Chinese or Pizza, or maybe both.  As well, there will be birthday cake, for Gillian and Jeremy.  Double indulgence this week, but that's why it's considered an indulgence.

So a bit more sewing, then supper, then a bit of tv before bed.  Good day to just "chill out".

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Common themes...

Enjoyed the last few conversations about homes and maintaining same...seems we all three concur with issues/solutions or lack of such.  Maybe we can consult from time to time to discover ideas, or at least seek solace.
Since Wed night we have been suffering through a nasty winter blizzard - very, very strong winds, lots of snow and blowing snow. So flickering lights which are usually the precursor of hydro outages in this area which meant lack of sleep pending trips out to greenhouses to reset electric heaters or set up propane? With any flicker of hydro, the heaters go off and no other way to turn them back on except creep out, open up door and reset. Fortunately, Friday afternoon it cleared up, and the sun came out although winds were still substantial.  Fortunately also that the need for setting up propane tanks did not materialize. Shoveling snow was not on my list of things to do anymore, but that quickly changed. Heavy cement like snow tumbled onto the driveway from the snow plow up trying to do their best under poor conditions.I would guess that they, too, thought their plowing days were over since the streets were basically clear and dry up to the time the storm appeared.  But, weather should be ok from now on - just a little setback to keep us in our places haha!
I washed one of our white goose down queen size duvets in the washing machine.  It took some courage to throw it in but it was soiled and it was "wash and see what happens, or throw it out." And it would not be taken to the Dry cleaner or professional Launderer as was specified on the duvet tab. Wonders of wonders, it actually washed well, and dried beautifully. No clumping as was my fear - fluffed up nicely.  So there is my experience if ever either of you have the same issue.
Sharing another expression that turned up on my daily Cat calendar yesterday - since Pati shared, I thought I would also include here: "My husband said it was him or the cat....I miss him sometimes  anonymous. 
Saturday morning and I have already been told of my things I have to do, so I better get at it.  Never a dull moment.
Have a nice weekend . Take care

Friday, April 7, 2017


The head librarian at our branch has taught both David and I how to reserve books via the internet.  Big mistake!!  We were at the library yesterday to pick up three books and then got notification this morning that there were 10 more waiting.  OMG!  Well off we went and, low and behold, more had come in and David lugged a bag containing 14 books out to the car.  Than Goodness they are not New Releases that have to be returned in one week, but rather regular books with a three week deadline, and the ability to renew as necessary.  Only five of the 17 books are mine, so David has some reading to do.  I have pretty well been served notice that I'm on my own for household activities for awhile.

But we did get busy this morning re-organizing the downstairs studio.  We removed one shelf from one of the heavy duty shelving units.  This involved taking everything off, unscrewing it from the wall, moving it out into a work area, and cleaning up underneath, where there has been no cleaning done in about 15 years.  Once the shelf was removed, I washed it down and back it went, to be screwed into the wall again, and shims adjusted.  Then we found every bolt of fabric in the house, including some that were brought from our previous house, and putting them on an empty shelf, on end.  A huge improvement.  Now I can see the stuff, an important thing for someone like me who functions on an "out of sight, out of mind" level.  We even found two bolts, in the wardrobe in the store room, that I think came from the house on McMeans. When did we move out of there?  Was it 1987?  

This was a huge job, but could it be considered part of routine household management?  Probably not.  However, we did get some laundry done, even if we need to consider that routine, repetitive work,and not really part of overall management.

I ran into an expression I had never heard before in one of the books I'm reading.  A very nasty lady has died, and the comment was " Thank God and Greyhound, she's gone!"  Love it!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Something in common??

Sounds a little like you're going through the same things as we are.  The house is falling apart, and neither of us is capable of physically handling the chores.  Just the routine things like heavy cleaning are quickly becoming more than we can handle.  This week David vacuumed the house, including the basement and stairs (quite necessary after all the traffic through relative to the washer), then he was pretty well wiped for the rest of the day.  I can just manage to keep appearances up, in terms of the bathroom fairly clean, and the kitchen free of dirty dishes etc ( even if I have to hide them in the dishwasher or oven.)  I try (key word "try") to make the bed every morning, as it's visible from the hallway.  Even so, the contractor was in there in Monday, as David was asking about adding one more circuit to the room, for the machine he hopes to get for his sleep apnea.  It will cost over $1000.00, so the contractor suggested we just buy and extension cord.  

Sorry to hear that Jim is having more trouble.  This must be a worry for you.

Life in the fast lane......

not😜  My life is work and home. The four foot snow banks in or yard are slowly melting. I want them gone!  I have to go to Brandon tomorrow for two hours to take part in a focus group on our business. I know it is based on numbers but there will be 5 focus groups in Winnipeg and one for the other five offices. Doesn't seem fair. At least they have one person from each of the regional offices outside of Winnipeg at the meeting tomorrow. I feel like my house is falling down around me. Jim is no longer physically able to do repairs. His lungs are really shot and he can do very little before having to stop to breathe.   At least he is trying to do things. Just not having much luck. When I am in Brandon tomorrow I intend to take time to buy some new shoes. I am desperate. Kris and family are coming here on good Friday. I have a 17 pound turkey to cook so I hope they are hungry!  I was having a bath tonight but the two kittens got together and managed to open the door and let all the cool air in. Cut the bath short for sure!  I have a lottery ticket. Wish me luck

Another stressful day

We were off for a bit of shopping.  We stopped at Tim Horton's, as I had two coupons left of the several I received in early March.  I ended up with  a cookie, a large coffee and a small coffee, while David had a donut and a hot chocolate.  The cookie was not very good.  I've thought about Tim's cookies ever since they came out, but this was the first I tried.  Never again!  I'm cured!  And I even paid a premium for it over, and above the coupon value!

Coming home, we approached the house from the South, not something we often do.  I noticed that the shingles on that side looked funny. Well, it appears we need the roof re-shingled.  All I have to do is find the money, somewhere, because David has taken on looking after finding someone to do it, and even has arranged for an estimator to come out tomorrow.  

Now he's concerned about when the garden waste pick-up will start in our neighbourhood.  He bought himself some compostable bags for it, and then discovered a whole lot of them, when he went to put the new ones away. Whoops!

This afternoon, there was an offer on Poker Stars for some free chips, but David had trouble accessing it, so I was on to "help" again, and again had a conversation with Diego.  This was exactly the same problem as David had last month, so this time we were given detailed instructions for how to access the chips through our "accounts'.

So, no huge problems, other than the roof, just a bunch of piddly things that ended up driving me crazy.  In retrospect, I can't find much correlation between the day I had and the Tarot draw I had today. Guess that just proves that what we're doing is just for amusement.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Red Hat

Remember when I was looking for a red winter hat to go with a red scarf I had? Well, I never did find one but, after having just finished that orange knitted hat I mentioned last week, I decided to go downstairs and sort through the boxes of wool/yarn that I have stored. And there it was - a nice ball of variagated reds yarn - enough to do another hat. I started it this afternoon and not only will I have my red hat, but also I have something to do. And I do like to knit. My hands and fingers work well enough to be able to manage.
I started the Miss Julia book last night and I find it easy to read and so far enjoyable. I have charged my KOBO Ereader and downloaded latest updates and hoping that there may be some of hose books available - and even better if they are available to download free! Some of the books are free to download - I know this because those are the only books I have downloaded in the last two years.
Well, must go...expecting lots of rain tonight and turning to snow tomorrow - oh joy!

H'mmmmm is right....

Today in answer to my question, instead of the usual "Pentacles " that I have been drawing regularly, XX Judgement/The Acon appeared. Read into it what you wish, but it follows what I have been getting all week : Rebirth. ...spread your arms, make peace,,,,,,learn to forgive without forgetting...draw a line under that which was... Very interesting and still fun to do every day.  I find that what is drawn as a card from the deck, most often is pertinent to what is going on, or what one asks as a question. Glad you are still enjoying it Pati ...and Cathy, are you following all of this fun? 
Is your new book enlightening Pati?
 Better go, Harry has plans to fly a new flag from the flagpole but it all has to be put together - I just tried the ladder and it isn't tall enough to reach the top to attach the new cord we bought. This may turn out to be an exciting adventure ( do you think?? ) Oh Canada.....


I pulled another Tarot card this morning.  In some fairly plain terms it recommended the consideration of "down time", or a vacation, or some means of renewing the soul.  While a vacation is out of the question, a "staycation" might be reasonable--once the flood waters go down.  But Quiet time, of a short withdrawal from outside forces would certainly be welcome.

Food for thought.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Just a note

David and I had a laugh this morning.  After everything that's gone on the past three days we both slept better last night than we have in months.  We must have been both physically and emotionally exhausted.

However, the washer had not been leveled, and that was our task this morning.  David was up and out to Rona to buy shims, first thing.  Then we spent several hours trying to level the damned thing.  Finally, we decided that it was good enough.  Very stable and, using three different  levels, looked fairly good.  Only later did we realize that the lid of the machine was actually slanted, and we would have never got it right.

By that time, it was 2:00 and well past lunch time.  We put a load of towels in to give the machine a good test, and everything went well.  Who knew you could wash a large load of towels with only 4 tablespoons of detergent?  The other loads were smaller and used even less.  WE may never use up the two gallon plus bottles we have.

After a trip out for coffee, and to the library, we tried to spend the rest of the day relaxing.  Both of us had very sore knees, David more so than me, as he had been the one kneeling down to put in the shims.

So now it's bed time.  Maybe we'll sleep well  tonight too.

Library trip

Raced up to Library quick thinking it closed at 2 pm.  As it was today is Tuesday and it is open until 3 pm. But, I asked re: Ann B. Ross Miss Julia books - they had only one so I took it. Not in order of publication according to the list I printed from net, but I wanted to get a taste. Called Miss Julia Renews Her Vows.  So I shall have some reading for tonight and see how I enjoy this one - I can always order more books in if I wish.  
Hope all is well with you and your repairs Pati and I expect you have had time to do a few washes by now - how does it work?
Back to work for me......take care.

All day I was thinking about you, Pati...

.....And here is your story wrapped up in one blog...a tale of the day.  Oh, I hope this will get sorted out for you both.  You have "contacts" though, so that was a good move to seek advice/help with the dryer hook up. We all need our washer and dryer - is essential, and every time I go down to do a wash I have a little prayer that they will function.  Our washer is old and at times gives me a little trouble. But in my case, I would not be able to get a new one nor, have anyone deliver or set up.  So my fallback would be the laundromat.  It is open 24 hours here in Sundridge so I could work around that - but hope this will not be necessary. Cathy, didn't you have to get a washer in the recent past?
It is raining here right now with a warning of heavy rain and potential for flooding in low areas. I did all I could to set up the downspouts etc so again, hope for the best. We are to go to Huntsville this morning so will see what greets me when we get home. That ( water) and the greenhouses keep me busy haha!
The lady I care for - Daisy< has gone back down to Toronto with her granddaughter for a visit  there - they are not sure when she will come back but will let me know.  It is a blessing that they are taking hold of her care more, and that Daisy is actually receptive of their advances. Hope this too, will work out for the best.
Well, coffee time and then get ready for drive to Huntsville. Thinking of you both Pati and Cathy...take care XX 

Monday, April 3, 2017

Well----let me tell you about my day

Yesterday, after two days of frustration, we contacted the contractor who did our kitchen, by e-mail, and asked him of he could recommend someone who might be able to help us with the dryer venting system.  I figured that phrasing it that way, he could either offer to help or give us the contact info for one of his sub-contractors.  We got a message back asking us to call him this morning.

The washer was to have been delivered today. We had been told that we would get a phone call, between 9:00 and 9:30, from the delivery service telling us when they would be here to deliver the machine, set it up, and remove the old one.  There was no call by 9:45, so David called Kern Hill, and we got a call shortly after, telling us that they would be here between 1:00 and 4:30.  Then he called the contractor who, after some lengthy discussion, said that he would like to see what's going on, and that he had to come into the city for a medical appointment and would be here around 4:30.

My Tarot book was to have been delivered last week and never arrived, so yesterday, when I got a request for feedback from Amazon, I contacted the seller by e-mail, and got no response by noon today.  So I filled out the feedback form and sent it away.  The book arrived early this afternoon.

I played telephone tag with the dentist's office, in hopes of changing and appointment for April 11th, as I was double booked and had cracked a crown, over the weekend, so would need a longer appointment than booked.  Got that sorted out.

The washer arrived at 1:45, but the delivery personnel refused to set it up for us because of a policy change in their business, effective this morning, that came as a result of a very expensive law suit.  So David's on the phone to Kern Hill again, and promised a call back. Finally they got back to us, and promised to get here about 4:30 to hook it up.

Yep, you guessed it!  Right at 4:30 two men from Kern Hill showed up at the back door, and the contractor at the front door. They all ended up in the laundry room at the same time.  The salesman from Kern Hill had brought a young fellow from the shipping department, so he could learn to hook up a washer, as it's going to be his job from now on.  Naturally, they didn't bring the right tools and had to borrow some from David. But it's hooked up.  I just hope that it isn't in the way for the fellow working on the dryer. He's now out to Rona to buy some sort of flexible hose that is up to code, in hopes that he can fix the dryer problem.  I certainly hope so because I have two full laundry hampers.

I decided to do a little mindless machine sewing--maybe a some piecing of squares, for a charity quilt.  Stress reduction therapy. Got everything set up and pulled out the many, many Ziploc bags, each full of squares that had been carefully counted out so as to have one large quilt square come from each of them. Don't know what I had been thinking, but every bag has a miss-count in it.  Put them away again.

The phone has rung more frequently today that the total number of times over the past two months.  It's now 5:00, and I have nothing out for supper.

And how was your day?

By 5:15 it was determined that the contractor would prefer cash, but wasn't sure how much, as he had to buy more supplies.  So off he went, and off I go to "find cash", somewhere, somehow, as the bank closes at 5:00 on Mondays.  Of course, driving out of the bank parking lot, I hit a curb.  So much for the front end alignment David had done on Friday.  It's now 5:45, and they are still working in the basement, and we still have nothing out for supper.  Good thing I got enough "cash" for McDonald's.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Oh what a day for you Pati!

And a new washer to look forward to having.  Sometimes things just work out right!  Too bad the new washer doesn't do it all on its own - you know, carry, sort, fill, empty, etc.  In my case I always have help in folding the nice warm newly washed and dried cloths that I bring up from the basement.  The cats are attracted to the warm I guess and know when I come up and are at the ready to jump up on the bed where I dumped the basket, and snuggle in.
We are heading out to Bracebridge early this morning as Harry has negotiated some items on Kijiji to pick up. I have been working on my "little bitties" as I call it to try to clean up a bit - most often it is just moving items from one place to another but I had to engage myself in the reality that it is "I" who has to do something. So to be picking up new items on a regular basis doesn't quite fit into my plans haha! Oh well....
Time for my coffee and to check my Lottery ticket for a win! 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mission Impossible or Today's challenge

Recognizing that we can only go so long without clean clothes, and delivery can often take 7-10 days, after tucking plastic money in our pockets, we set out this morning to look at washing machines.  It was the "plastic money" that hurt the most, as we had finally paid the card off, on Wednesday.  We decided to start at this end of Nairn and work our way down toward the east end of Regent. 

OMG!  Have washing machines ever changed in the past 15 years! Other than the scarcity of top loaders, the most surprising was that government regulations now require machines to be "High Efficiency".  This means that the machine itself decides how big a load it has and what water level will be required.  Special detergent is also required ( Have you ever seen High Efficiency laundry detergent?)  The first place we hit was Kern Hill. There the nice man showed us several machines, including a GE one that I fell in love with.  Of course we played it cool and thanked the man very nicely, taking his card, and telling him that we were just starting out, but expected to make a decision before the end of the day. As we went out the door, I told David that I really liked the machine.  He looked at me said "so buy it."  We turned around and bought it.  Delivery  on Monday.  They'll even take away the old one and hook up the new one.

We had just bought two very big containers of laundry soap and headed home to see if we could find the receipt so we could take them back and buy the other kind.  Imagine our surprise when we looked at the new bottles and saw the High Efficiency label on both of them.

Then came the challenge.  Could we get the laundry room cleaned up and ready by Monday morning?  It's been spot cleaned, but never fully cleaned since we moved in 18+ years ago.  Well, we (??the Royal we??) have been working like dogs. Everything has been disconnected, including the almost full wine rack, and moved.  The room emptied of all but the washer and dryer, and shelving unit in the far corner.  The shelving unit was emptied, moved out, washed down and moved back into position, after the floor and wall around it were washed.  Now David has to buy replacement vent hose for the dryer, as that broke when we were moving the dryer.  Tomorrow we'll look after that, and hook the dryer back up.  We decided not to replace the plastic sink, as it is only discoloured, not damaged, and it might be hard to find one the right size.  Then we wait for the new washer to be installed, and then put the rest of the stuff back.

Most of this activity was accompanied by a gentle, but accepting, discussion on how poor health over the past few years has lead to not keeping up with the major cleaning jobs that are part of owning a house.  We haven't come up with a plan for dealing with that--yet.

In the meantime, I've started on a new series of books--The Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross.  This appears to be an up beat account of a childless, gentle "Southern Lady", who has been protected and coddled, and generally treated like a 10 year old all of her life.  Now in her 60's, she is suddenly widowed, and forced to take a look at her life.  It is a humorous, but well written account of her awakening to her strengths and abilities, as a woman, despite being treated as almost mentally challenged by her husband and many other men around her.  (Her female lawyer has to teach her to write a check)  There is also a cynical account of the role of the church in her rigidly Presbyterian life--and how she starts to view that relative to the situations she finds herself in.  These books may not be for everyone, but I can't seem to put them down!

This is long enough!  Time for tea ( and more of Miss Julia)