Sunday, March 31, 2013

Did the Easter Bunny come to your home?

I was out early with the dog and to check the greenhouses, but I couldn't find any chocolate eggs hidden for me.But I did listen to the weather report on the radio and somehow missed the call for rain today. That should present with a very interesting day of shovelling and worry so I am going to prepare myself a nice special Easter breakfast to get me in the mood haha Rain will certainly help rid ourselves of some snow, but will also bring with it runoff and pools of water lying around the house and yard. So far the melt has been gradual and managable - lets hope it remains thus! Well, yesterday was our last trip to Zellers in Huntsville - the store closed offically as of March 30 but we were there at 0730 lined up at the door for the final mad rush with most items at 90% off.I thought we had bought most of everything over the last wek attending every day except Good Friday when the store was closed. But somehow came home again with bags and bags. There is something I haven't mentioned yet is that Harry signed up with Nielsen HomeScan to do homescanning of all purchases We received a home scanning barcode device with instructions and have to log in every item with barcode, price and store etc. Each week I log onto the web site and download my recorded purchases. A person can accummulate reward points and get prizes once you reach certain amounts.  So.I am also doing this everytime we shop. Lots of fun! But with every day we visited Zellers this past week, it became a ritual to have to come home, line it all up and start barcode scanning. Each grocery trip also requires this same procedure.
Well, to you all I wish a very Happy Easter and hope you enjoy this special day. Patty will have Diane over to visit so should a great day, and Cathy has Rrain for dinner and TV hookups |I think? so great fun there as well. By the way Cathy I see on the news that the Men's Worlds has started in Victoria BC - hope you are cheering for Northern Ontario rink as this years Team Canada. I wish them good curling. Take care

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I forgot to mention.  Yes, spring is coming, even if the temp remains below zero. The geese are back at the Taxation Centre, and we are experiencing fog again in the early mornings.

Musing yet again

I read in today's paper that a man has successfully sued Disney World, for pain and suffering, after he had been left stranded on the ride "It's a Small World" for over 30 minutes, while they had been unable to turn the music off.  I went on that ride.  I was never so glad to get off a ride before, nor since.  That  same four line song over and over and over and over.  I think he earned every penny of the $8000--the hard way.  And I mean it.

David bought his new LED, 39" flat screen tv today. It fits the living room beautifully ( we measured)  It has been years since we had a new tv, having got the last couple at garage sales, usually from Amber and Darren.  This means that we have to get a High Definition box from Shaw, but they don't have any right now, ( We're on the waiting list).  It still looks a lot better than the old one, and fits the space much, much better.

I've been having more problems with my hands, and think I'm probably seeing the end of my ability to stitch by hand, and to sew on beads.  This makes me very sad.  But in the past, recognizing that I'm down has usually given me the ability to deal with the "blues". However the future may work out, my friend Dianne is coming over tomorrow to spend the day in the studio with me, and she can always make me laugh.  And I am still able keyboard and play poker.

For today, I'm grateful that we have anew tv.  It was time.  And I am, again, grateful for prune juice.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Productive days

are really great, but somehow it should be later than it is.  Breakfast was made and eaten. The dishes are done, the last load of laundry is in the dryer, the kitchen is tidied, the floors are cleaned.   I shoveled out Rrain's shed (there wasn't much snow) and hauled all her empty boxes out.  I've played a couple of games on the computer and decided it was happy hour and I would have a glass of wine.  It's only 12:30!  This is just not right!  The best part is, I have 3 more days to go!  I really needed the break.  I have been so busy at work trying to catch up from being off sick and doing 2 jobs.  Shirley & Patty were puttering around, organizing papers, talking,,,,,, and there was Cathy... too busy to stop and breathe.  The bad part is I am making mistakes because I am trying to get all my work done in too  much of a hurry.  I did get an email saying my acting status was approved and would be retroactive to Jan 1.  That should get me a bit of back pay.  It will go on bills, but at least I will have some money to pay the bills.  The weather is warming up a bit finally.  Not as warm as they originally forecast, but we will have a couple of days above zero.  I want spring to come, but we really don't need a quick melt because of the flood risk.  Maybe it could get warm just around here.  All we have is the Whitemud and its idea of flooding is to reach the highway.   We are having turkey on Sunday.  Rrain is coming over.  Kris & Sandi are in Souris.  Her whole family will be there (even the ones from Alberta)  Kris's new store opens in a couple of weeks.  He says it will be really nice and new.  He will be busy but I think he is looking forward to being there.  Not to the move though.  I am going to get  Rrain to help me hook up NetFlix on Sunday.  We have a tv downstairs that is capable, but I usually watch upstairs so I am going to see if we can hook something up.  If not, Jim will just have to give up his TV occasionally.  I think he will like netflix since it has so many old shows and classic movies (as well as the "girlie" movies that he likes though he hates it when I call them that)  The dryer is calling me.  Today I am really grateful that I will have some time off with no housework yelling at me to get done.  It has been a while.  (of course I am ignoring my office.  It doesn't count)  Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter.

The Sun, the Sun... shining brightly and I can hardly wait to get outside. I just put a wash into the machine and have a coffee ready to go. Yesterday I dug out a lawn chair and placed it into a snowbank in the back yard, and sat there with the dog and a glass of wine. Do you know how pleasant that was? I am about to open up the greenhouses for the day - take off the covers and turn down the electric heaters.The sun shines into the greenhouses and heats them up a bit during the day. These wonderful days are being very productive for the Maple Syrup industry - last year it was a disaster but with cool night time temps and warm sunny day time temps, the sap is apparently flowing nicely. So is the snow off our roof haha but is controlled right now - I account the difference to my vigilence over the winter in keeping them clear but that maybe just to make me feel good! I spoke with the old Hospital yesterday and confirmed I am no longer receiving benefits as of end of March - sad. I also made a Dr appt in order to have a form signed for one of my meds to be covered by Ontario Drug Benefits. I received my full HOOPP Pension for April anticipating a reduction as result of lost bridging but that will likely happen May 1 or they may ask for a refund? Who knows - I will have to go with the flow haha Well Happy Easter to all, and enjoy your days off. Take care

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another day, another adventure

This morning the phone woke us to let us know that my compression stockings were in.  David says "Let's just go, and we can buy breakfast".  Off we go, spent over an hour getting all of my instructions about the stockings, then to the bakery, and finally to our side of town for breakfast. But by now it was 11:30, and Tim's stops serving at 12:00.  I had mentioned that we had never had breakfast at a fairly new Tim's, half way to Transcona on Regent, a little further from where we were than the ones in East Kildonan, where we usually go.  Now, if we are going toward home, we take the Disraeli Freeway, but if we are heading toward Kildonan Place, where we planned to go this morning to shop, we have to take the Louise Bridge and then East, along Nairn.  So along Higgins toward the Louise Bridge, but traffic is quite backed up, and cars ahead of us are turning around and heading back.  This is very unusual for a Tuesday morning.  We finally go close enough and realized that a large semi had tried to drive under the railway overpass just south of the bridge and didn't have enough clearance, and was now wedged under the overpass, in an area of the street with only one traffic lane.What to do, what to do?  While I mentally revised my planned breakfast menu to a lunch menu, we talked about which route would be fastest, back to Disraeli, and try to get through, or South on Waterfront to the Provencher Bridge and through St. Boniface.  We chose Provencher, not realizing how far North of that area we were.  Through St. Boniface with one eye on the clock, down Mission ( a tried and true short cut) to Panet, and then disaster,  There is a freight train stalled across the level crossing just north of Mission on Panet, and traffic is well backed up. Quickly, we turned South on Panet, aiming to get through to Lagimodiere through Warman Road, a 1/4 mile south.  So did everyone else that had been caught, including half of the lined up cars--who were all turning around and heading for the same intersection as we were.  Warman and Lagimodiere does not have traffic lights, and there is only a stop sign in front of us, not on Lagimodiere.  Finally, roaring up Lagimodiere, onto Regent, we make our way to the Tim's, which requires a left hand turn across traffic, and there are three vehicles ahead of us.  It's 11:55.  We get into the parking lot, I rush to the washroom, while David goes to the counter.  Yes, we made it with 2 minutes to spare, sat for a couple of minutes catching up to ourselves, and then thoroughly enjoyed our biscuits.

I have been wearing the stockings all day, even while having my nap.  They are quite fine.  My legs feel better, and for some reason, I seem to have more energy today.  Most of all, I was told that, if  I wear them everyday, there is no reason for me to sleep with my feet elevated on a pillow ( or on the 3 pillows the doctor recommended). For that I am grateful.

More trips to Zellers

The Zellers store will close on March 30 and the percentage off on some items is already 80 to 90%. I bought myself a new watch today for $4.29, and some greeting cards for 10 cents each. That even beats the Dollar Store! Of course, the stock is also diminishing so selection is limited. I bought a nice sheet set for double bed for $7.99 - could make a nice gift? While we were in Huntsville we also went to Harry's sisters place to take a bread making machine - her husband was home (she was a work) and  Harry showed him how to get it started ( I had measured and packaged to take with us the ingredients for a loaf of white bread) We had four of these machines so I didn't mind giving them one. He sent an email to say the loaf turned out so good, he was making another loaf already. I actually like making fresh bread in our machine but you can only eat so much.The weather is starting to cooperate and I can actually see the snow starting to melt away. It feels so glorious to walk down to the lake and enjoy the sun shining down as you sit on a bench and view the peacefulness of the snow covered lake. There are still some huts on the lake - need to be off by end of March. There is also some open water along the shore, too! Otherwise the greenhouses and planting and watering etc monopolize a good portion of my day - there are already red flowers on the geraniums that we wintered over inside, and then planted in pots out there. Things are growing very quickly now that the temp is increasing. The cold days of Feb and March were not good for them, but they all survived those miserably frigid spells (thanks to keeping the heaters going haha) Take care

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pancake House

I loved to see the pictures of the Birthday Party. I was so excited that I made a Pancake House Apple Pancake for my breakfast - the recipe you sent me some time ago. Early this morning as I was walking the dog down by the Lake, and I was thinking about your message and pictures, I decided right then - why not go home and make a Pancake even though I had already had two muffins with my coffee earlier.Thanks for the wonderful prompt to action. Today was a bit of housework, a bit of outside work, and a quick trip to North Bay to buy more soil, and then more work in the greenhouses. In between I am watching the dripping water around the house and chipping ice where there is some accumulation. I fear the report of rain Monday as it will mean some intensive energy to manage it. But hey, it also means no propane heaters - hooray! So Cathy, did you watch Canada's Woman's Curling Team win the Bronze Medal at Worlds? I saw the highlights on the 6 pm news.
Well, Palm Sunday today so that means Easter approaches next weekend and March will be over. Just to get into April brings a smile - it means Spring/Summer weather is really coming and the snow will be disappearing. I hear on the news that a FED EX Panda Express airline has left China with two Giant Panda Bears for a 10 year stay in Canada. It brings back memories of the Pandas in Winnipeg and my visit with Will and Mike when they were young. I have pictures of the two boys with Daddy at the entrance to the Zoo - maybe one of only two times that he saw them I think. And Patty you served Panda Ice cream and the boys were so excited as they had not seen anything like this before! They were also excited about riding on an escalator for the first time. Well enough reminiscing and time for bed - it promises to be a busy week ahead. Take care

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nope, sorry, no housework being done here

Haven't seen any elves either, unless you include David, who accomplished more than I did today.

Yesterday we got our income tax refund, and it just HAD to be spent, you understand.  We did buy a new camera, and then had to go back again today as the case they sold us didn't fit the camera?!  David is looking at tv sets, but they are turning out to be much more expensive than we had thought. The government has added an environmental levy on tv's, and, as well, we will have to upgrade our cable, at a cost of about $200  We need to talk to Shaw to find out exactly what will need to be done.

Today we had a birthday brunch at the Pancake house on Pembina.  Thank Goodness I only ordered the Baby Apple, as I had trouble finishing that.  Loren was concerned about how poorly he was able to follow his diet while in Mexico last week, and he ordered a salad. At the Pancake House?!? And , yes, that' a Jeanne's cake on the table--to eat after that Baby Apple.

Hello again....

Hey, Cathy - it is so good to see a message from you. Did the elfs arrive yet - I just sent them. Since they couldn't seem to be able to clean up here I told them to help you. Probably stopped off at Patty's.
Enough silliness as there actually is some housework to be done here and I better get at it. Have fun.....

Saturday at last

  and here I am sitting, drinking my tea and blogging.  Life is good.  I got the staples out yesterday and my tummy feels way better without them pulling at me.  (Of course my tummy is really sore since I have to pay lotsa tax this year.  Money in and money out and out and out........) The doctor says that the pain in my side should be gone in a few weeks.  It is just my insides healing.  Kik gave us Netflix for Christmas, but I have only been able to access it on my computer so far, since curling is on.  I like curling, but it can get to be too much when you want to watch something different for a change.  I know, Beth  At least I get the curling.  Today Jim is going to help me clean out the freezer. I still can't bend over comfortably. At least not enough to clean the freezer and I need to know what is down at the bottom.  I also have to go shopping.  I have lots of stuff in the pantry but nothing in the fridge.  It is hard to believe it is spring when I get up in the morning and it is 25 below.  It is supposed to warm up by next weekend but I guess I will believe it when it happens.  Meanwhile I stay curled up in the house.   Since I am not all better yet, I have an excuse not to clean the bathroom or wash the floors.  They will still be there and still be dirty when I feel better.  I think I need some kind of magic elf to do the work for me while I am sleeping. Maybe I can borrow one from Hogwarts.  We get our offers from Teranet on April 12 and we have until April 26 to decide if we are staying or going.  I am staying since there is really no other comparable job in Neepawa, and if I choose to stay with the government they can send me anywhere in the province.  I hope to retire in 6 or 7 years (or with a lottery win )  so I can stick it out.  I have heard nothing on my request for acting status. Elizabeth says I will have to contact Winnipeg to find out what is happening.  I would like it in place before we get our offers from Teranet.  It makes be feel like a "bitch"  when I keep asking about it.  Oh well.... the squeaky wheel and all that rot.  Meanwhile, I have a weekend at home and curling on TV!  Hope you both have a great week ahead.

Friday, March 22, 2013


I was thrilled to see the email with newspaper articles honouring Patty- although I turned myself upside down to read them both. I am so proud and happy for you Patty.
Had a busy day starting with cleaning the turtle tank - I am getting much better - only took almost two hours but thats faster than any other time. Made some orange oatmeal muffins from a new recipe and although they were ok, not as yummy as my banana muffins. Lots of work watering greenhouses, and mixing dirt for Harry to transplant with, and moving transplanted plants from one house to the other.. and on and on. But I bought a ticket for the lottery tonight and intend to win. With that happy thought I am off to bed to read. Have a great weekend - the weather calls for wonderful temps next week so hopeful that some of this snow will melt away. There are little puddles here and there and that excites me! Take care

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A bit if this and that...

I love your postings Patty as you seem to have such an exciting life - or else you are very good at descriptive prose? What a day for you and by the sounds of it - positive and fun! We had another trip to the closing Zellers store in Huntsville this morning. We thought it opened at 8 am but when there realized it was not until 9 am. So we walked through the empty Mall (even the Tim Hortons kiosk was closed!)  until 0830 when the food store Metro opened - in there spent money on food that we probably did not need including a box of donuts which weren't really all that good once I tasted one at home! At Zellers I had wanted to purchase some body butter that was on sale for $1.04 each - several shelves of it on Sunday, but today there was none. I bought three containers already over several past trips so really don't need any more but I found it to be nice and smooth on the arms and legs. But I did get a book - Learn To Crochet Decorative Edgings -It is full of all that is Crochet - lessons, stitches, how tos, pictures, and then how to do different edges. It will be most useful for me with my shawls - I intend to finish the edges of this latest one I have on the go right now and found something interesting I would like to try. Also picked up more boxes of Kitty Litter for over half price off - we need quite a bit with three cats and Mike has a cat so got some for him as well. Do you folks have any special plans for Easter this year? We do not, and it is still a relief for me to know that, after so many years of doing it all for Harry's family. Time to go - Take care

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Todays adventure

It's been an odd three days.  Monday I had a 6:00 am doctor's appointment,and we were out and about at the beginning of the terrible storm we had here for most of the day.  David was out to move snow a couple of times but wasn't able to keep ahead of it. but, as you say, it is mild between the snowflakes and the clean-up here is just about over.  I wish it would all melt, as our street is getting more and more narrow, and turning into our driveway is becoming an interesting problem.  I was supposed to have a meeting at the Elmwood/East Kildonan Active Living Centre ( and say that 5 times fast!!) on Monday, but a lot of the highways were closed, travel was not recommended on the Perimeter, and no-one was going anywhere!  So yesterday I was out for that, and then a bit of shopping, and out for supper.  While I was at the doctor he had given me a prescription for compression stockings, and yesterday we dropped into the store to find out about them.  It turned out that I had to be measured ( although the doctor had said that I could just get a pair off the shelf) so we had to make an appointment for early this morning.

 While we were there, we looked at winter outdoor shoes for me. The ones I've been wearing were bought before I left Deer Lodge in 2001.  Today we ordered, and paid for (Ka-a-a-ching!) one pair of stockings, and then bought me a pair of outdoor shoes (kaching! kaching! kaching! I am so excited-- and very thankful to the tax department for sending us a refund ( I hope) within the next week or so. The stocking come in black, also beige flesh and white.  I never expected that.  I could have danced out of there!  All's right with the world!  They also suggested that we check with Blue Cross to see if the stockings could be covered. A side trip toBblue Cross and found out that not only are they covered, they are covered under both of our plans, so we end up paying nothing!!  More dancing in the street.  And we are covered for up to 6 pair per year!  I can get another colour, should I choose to.

Leaving Blue Cross we decided to celebrate life with a chocolate bar.  Since we had planned to go to WalMart on Empress anyway, we stopped and went through the express checkout with our little pharmacy package.  If you know the WalMart express checkouts, you know that the entrance to them is a narrow U-shaped aisle with displays on both sides of chips etc, including chocolate bars.  We were the only people in the aisle, and reached the top of the "U" and stopped to look at the chocolate bars.  Then a lady came up behind us and, with a smile, started ordering us to move along --to keep going. We both stepped back and gestured for her to move past us, but she wasn't having any of that, and again told us to get going. David gestured again and said " go ahead, we're looking for something".  So she again told us to move along, and then must have seen something in our faces. The smile was abruptly wiped from her face,and she looked confused, as though she had found herself in the Twilight Zone.  she very quickly brushed past us and almost ran the rest  of the way to the checkouts.

All of our travels today were through parts of town that we haven't visited in awhile.  We were surprised to see how much things had changed.  I remember that when we came back from Edmonton, there was no problem getting our bearings, as nothing had changed in the years we were away.  But I couldn't say that now. There is a lot going on in this town, and much of it appears to be new development or re-development.

Young Samantha had some dental surgery today.  Amber tells me that everything went well, despite the need for an anesthetic.  Poor little thing.  And David found Arrow on a higher channel at 7:00 our time. I don't know if this would be our first choice. The sound was terrible, and there were so many commercials that we started timing them. Two minutes of commercial and two minutes of show.  We have seen the "Huntress" before.  I didn't like her then and liked her less now.  David had wiped the memory from his mind.

Arrow...and more snow

Just watched Arrow - and I know Patty will be watching in three hours so I won't be a spoiler!
I was going to take a picture of my snow and send it to you both, but then I thought better of it - you both know what snow looks like, right?  And apparently you are sending me more from your locations as well. It has snowed for three days and I have shoveled, and cleared, and cleaned off the roof and yet it is still here. It was funny this morning on the radio. The announcer was talking about it being the first day of Spring. He said in two minutes it will officially be Spring. So in two minutes you can look out the window, and all the snow will be gone. That didn't work either. One bright note though is that I am not having to light the propane heaters. It is nice and mild in the midst of all the snow so the greenhouses will be fine. Oh, what a glorious thought! And I haven't had to light them for two weeks. We received another DVD we ordered of Daniel O'Donnell in the mail, and it is another good show. I am glad to watch them as the music is enjoyable, and the talent and stage presence of Daniel is always good. Apparently he is performing live in November in Hamilton, On but that is a long way off, and likely I'll never really go. Otherwise, things are about the same here. Take care

Monday, March 18, 2013

Great - feels like we are all together again

This is wonderful news Cathy and glad to be hearing from you. Now, you take care of yourself and don't work too much if you really don't feel good. Better to take it easy and heal properly. I am preparing for that snow storm coming my way this evening and overnight.  Will it ever end? At least the temps are a bit warmer.and I don't have to worry as much about the greenhouses. I made a recipe from the Whats Cooking book (Spring 2013) Mom Knows Best meat loaf on page 26/27 for supper and I really enjoyed it. Something a bit different although I had to buy the stuffing mix and the cheese so not too economical I guess! And I made another batch of banana muffins which for some reason I have enjoyed over last few weeks - so in total about four or five batches so far! And you're worried about your body?? I say who cares -the summer is approaching ( I hope) and I'll get lots of exercise in the yard. So for now, take care.

I can't beieve I'm back

and sitting at home on my couch! Thanks for the invite, Pati.  It worked.  Of course I have nothing new to say, since I have emailed everything.  I am still really sore, and I really thought I would feel better by now.  Oh well.  I see the doctor on Friday.  I will go back to work tomorrow but I am not working all day unless I feel up to it.  I have a board (or is that bored) meeting on Wednesday.  And more coming up.  Back in full flow I guess.  Meanwhile I paced up and down the house today, just to get my exercise.  A bit more everyday and I will be good as new before I know it.  Jim ventured out this afternoon.  He phone to say he made it to the highway but I have heard nothing since.  I guess he made it in to the Legion.  I was just as happy to stay here and rest. Lots of snow again.  I hope we don't get too much for the run off to handle.  I don't think this province needs a flood again.  Jim is making taco's for supper. (right, the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese are ready)  I am hungry today, so maybe that is a good sign.  Though looking at my body after this surgery really makes me nervous.  I need to exercise to get rid of all this extra body that has appeared.  Before I knew where my body fat was..... not it has relocated and I don't think it is welcome in the new neighbourhood.  Too bad I can hardly move yet, let alone exercise.  There is always next week.  Especially since I can blog from home.  One giant thing to be grateful for.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

weekend plans

Yesterday, while sifting through my e-mail, I found an announcement that a site I joined last summer--The Quilt Show--is putting all of their shows on for free viewing this weekend, to celebrate International Quilt Day or some such event.  This show has been on the internet for a few years, and puts out a new, one hour show, every two weeks.  I have really enjoyed their shows, and think the $35/year, I paid to join, as money really well spent.  But I've only been able to view shows that have come on since I joined.  To view any of the older ones ( well over 100 of them) I would have had to pay $3/show.  So, starting last night, I have been immersing myself in their shows, picking and choosing a bit.  I'm even comfortable leaving a show, if I find it doesn't interest me--something I would never do if I actually had to pay for it.

Tonight we're out for Chinese food with my friend Rose Anne.  Between all of this social life, and trying to get my quilting done, the house has suffered. This morning I tackled the bathroom.  Not my favourite job, but "tis done.  David vacuumed on Thursday, so I don't have to worry about the floors.  The dishwasher is clean--for once, and the only other job for this weekend is that hideous cupboard under the sink--the one where we keep the garbage.  It is physically hard to get down to clean it as thoroughly as I would like, which means that the job sometimes gets left longer than it should.  I have that to look forward to tomorrow.
And in the meantime, I'm drinking tea, eating graham wafers and playing on the computer.  Life is good.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I am back on...

After promising to write on the blog, wouldn't you know that our Server went crazy and I was not able to log on. I was on the phone last evening for about an hour with a most obliging Technician but to no avail. The Server has been doing servicing in the early mornings for about a week to upgrade but apparently has a few "bugs" to work out. When I tried to log on, the Server bounced me back and forth between IP addresses and consequently prevented me to get in. I will not pretent to understand, but the Technician said it was now beyond his ability after trying several attempts and options to help me, so he would have to 'send it up the ladder' to the IT department. Apparently something has been done or, the IP selector is behaving right now. I was not the only customer with this problem and I could sense the frustration in the Techician although now directed at me at all. He was very nice - I have always got very patient and helpful advice when I have had to call. Anyway, so here I am.......
How about some more snow? I spent this afternoon shoveling after about 6 inches of the white fluffy stuff fell last night and this morning. I even did the roof again because I was not going to jeopardize all the work I've done all winter for the sake of thinking this snowfall would not harm anything. I really probably did not have to as the sun in the next few days would likely melt it, but I was not going to take any chances. I helped Harry in the greenhouses this afternoon as he wanted to get out and do some transplanting so I was there to fetch and carry. I've put them to bed for the night and have not lite any propane even though it is a bit colder these past few nights. I put some extra blankets over the smaller one but expect that the wind may blow them off. Always take the dog out first thing in the morning and also check the temps and so far been lucky. I wish this winter would be over! Anxious to hear all the news from the weekend and thinking of Cathy and Jim as they win the Provincials. I am also guessing that Patty and Dave had great fun celebrating last night. I went this morning for a Pharmacy Consultation - 30 minutes free to review your medications -  arranged with the Pharmacist to discuss changes to benefits and cost of drugs as I lose my benefits and move into the Ontario Drug Plan at age 65.He was not there as arranged as he went to a funeral, and the replacement although very obliging, was also very busy so there I stood at the open counter as she tried to answer my questions, and greet customers and pour pills. All in all very unproductive and frustrating. I left at least with a form that I need my Doctor to complete for one of my meds in order to be covered, but doesn't that mean I now have to make a Doctor appointment??? Ugh
Anyway, must go for now. Have a good weekend. Take care

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My thoughts

Greetings to all:
I do not think there is anyone more than myself who delights in getting a new message and enjoys the news so I agree that we must keep the blog going. Perhaps there are times when it is not that easy or accessible for me to blog, so although I appreciate your comments, and enjoy the telephone calls just as much, I will endeavour to be a bit more forthcoming with messages. Every one of us goes through these "funks" in life and I always feel it too when the big Birthday comes along - I guess my time will come around middle of April - so many changes in everything - pensions, health benefits etc when you reach 65! So onwards and upwards folks - lets all hang in there. I am told Spring may actually come this year although the storm we had last night is no indication of such happenings. I watched Arrow last night again. Seems to be jumping around with reruns as you mentioned Patty? but enjoy each episode as is! Well, another day begins, so I'll sign off for now. Take care

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Musings and navel gazings

I know we have been phoning more lately, but phone calls are only two way, not three, so someone gets left out.  Please don't forget to blog.

I have been a little weepy today, which means I'm a little depressed, and I think I figured out why.  Everyone worries about "decade" birthdays, but those "eights" seem to get to me more.  The worst was a couple of months after Amber was born, and the end of having children, then the next occurred during a difficult time, personally.  Then came the one about the first time I actually had to face the reality of being old enough to be a grandmother.  Next was the one when I retired for the last time, and actually had to face surrendering my professional licence, and losing the individual identity that went with it.  With this one, I'm facing the reality of an aging body, and all that entails.  None of these may be all that horrible, but just enough to feel a little sorry for myself, for awhile.

On a brighter note, I am making great strides with my latest quilted piece,and have the next pretty well planned, in my mind.  Tomorrow I hope to buy some "tracing parchment" to use in drafting the actual pattern, and, if I'm lucky, the thread I ordered to make it will arrive in the mail.  I'm grateful that the Post Office appears to have their act together and things are arriving in short order, from Canadian sources. I'm also grateful that the person ( I think it's a woman--at least it was last time this happened) who delivers the paper was only at the foot of the driveway, when I looked out at 4:00am this morning, and not yet at the door, because I was only wearing my nightie.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


that's what we said when we lined up for pictures.  David kindly took the pictures for us in Keri's new kitchen.  We have just had a very nice supper at Mr. Rib,and came here to play cards and drink wine.  Unfortunately, there are only two chairs, and those are the ones Cathy brought with her.

P.S. It's now Saturday morning,and I finally remembered how to download pictures into this computer.  We tried to post last night, but instead just sat and talked.  Early to bed, but a restless night, so David wants to head home tonight.  Cathy will be coming here for breakfast, any minute.  No phone, so we couldn't get in touch with you last night.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ah, 'tis the anticipation for sure

I write now because I expect there will be little time for you folks to be looking at blogs on weekend and I wanted to be sure to get my two cents worth in before you are all off to the races....I'll raise my wine glass to you both sometime this weekend just to be a part of the fun! Look forward to an update from you perhaps on Sunday or Monday ( Hint hint)
We are off to Kirkland Lake tomorrow leaving at 5 am - a long day ahead. Harry's brother Ted's grandson died on Monday - only in his 31st year but has been ill since teenage years. Still a shock for his parents - Derrick is Ted's eldest son and he and his wife Brenda are very upset - not likely a happy day. Harry's sister Donna is also going for the funeral but on her own apparently, so it will just be Harry and I in our car. So there was the getting ready to do last two days - the suit, and white shirt, and "what do I wear" questions of my own. And then my hair became a problem so a quick phonecall and I was able to get a short haircut done yesterday. I had wanted to hold off until I could get a perm but maybe its for the best because I'm thinking now that maybe I'll just leave my hair short and straight for over the spring and summer? We made another trip to Huntsville Zellers this morning to pick up some more big plastic outdoors watering cans - tried the two we bought last week and they are fine so home we came today with six more! We can throw out some of the other older leaking ones now ( I hope)
So I wish you all a wonderful weekend and good workshop for you Patty - you are well prepared so should be just great and the students will be all the wiser to benefit from your excellent "qualifications". Take care folks

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A re-run!

Arrow was a darn re-run.  A good show non-the-less.  l love the line " Just a minute. I'm the one with the grenade launcher!" A slow week again, getting ready for the trip North. With all of the preparations you would think we were moving to Alaska.  Keri tells me that the class is full, and that she had inquiries about my qualifications.  Qualifications??  I need qualifications to do this??  Whoops!  Didn't think of that.  I am working on another hanging, and it just isn't working well, although I'm well pleased with the results I'm getting.  Every one is a learning experience, so it all works together in the end.

Anyway, the weekend is almost here.  What do they say about anticipation being the better part of an event?  Don't worry Beth, we're taking our camera, such as it is.  Maybe we can take our Family wine glasses and raise a toast to the three of us being together again some day.

Monday, March 4, 2013

I got mail!!!

I got birthday cards from my sisters!  What a warm fuzzy feeling that gives me.  Tomorrow I am going out for lunch with my daughter.  She let me choose and I was very bad and chose a beef and mushroom pizza (yummy!)  Lots of snow today.  I called and cancelled my scope yet again.  There is no way I am driving to Brandon and back in this weather.  (the roads are still open, but they are not advising travel)  My weekend didn't go as planned but at least I wasn't here.  I worked a short shift at the Legion on Friday night and were my feet ever sore afterwards!  Next time I am wearing my good shoes and not my cheap ones.  I' ve just got the blogger open and am writing as I get a chance.  Patty is off today so I am a bit busier than usual (3 jobs instead of just my usual 2)  (Don't be so bitchy, Cathy)  Well, now the rest of the staff is discussing the roads.  They might be staying in town tonight.  I, however, will be going home no matter what!    We heard from Dauphin Land Titles and they are going to have to close early and maybe not make it in tomorrow.  There are only 2 people there right now and both live outside of town.  I have to go and get Jim some drugs now.  Convenient how he runs out when he isn't coming to town.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wiggle my nose?

If I could I would wiggle my nose and transport myself immediately to Neepawa for this coming weekend, I'd be there.  Patty doing her course, and then family get together - lots of fun! And throw in a few birthdays such as March 5 and March 14, and an anniversary March 8, and voila - more exciting times. I am nibbling on some caramel  popcorn that we made - second try at a Kraft recipe for microwave caramel popcorn. The first try did not turn out too great so with a few adaptations, this second one is just OK. Worked in the greenhouses all morning, and after a little rest, apparently, we shall be going out again. Transplating seedlings now as they are starting to grow better now that there are warmer days. Still not really warm enough but maybe this week with some forecasted sunny days, things will change. Went down to minus 14 C last night and yet I still did not fire up the propane heaters and have my fingers crossed that I can be as lucky again tonight. I am probably pushing it a bit but hey, why not try! I pulled out my yoyos to have a look - has been quite a while since I did any work on them and actually, I only looked at them again - did not do any actual work. But it is the thought that counts. I met a lady at the post office the other day who I know to be an excellent quilter from town. She told me she has been inside most of winter because it has been so harsh, but that she managed to complete a quilt and proceeded to tell me about it. It sounded so nice and gave me an urge to want to do something myself. So looking at my stuff is a great way to satisfy that urge don't you think? My friend Sue, emailed the other day to say she is tired of this winter and suggested we book our Spring Luncheon date so that we could look forward to it - so May 1 has been chosen and hopefully it will come to be. It is true that if you have something specific planned, then the time goes by nicely.Example being my trips to Winnipeg - I get so much enjoyment out of the anticipation. But alas, no plans for this year (yet) The outdoors beckons so I will sign off for now - tonight is Saturday so I look forward to my date with Randy Bachman and then winning the lottery later - good luck! Take care