Monday, July 30, 2012

'Nuff Said?

We don't take delivery until tomorrow, but they gave Beth a sneak peek tonight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


We now find we probably won't be able to pick up the car until Tuesday.  Our only local option for colour was white and we both refused that, picking cherry Red. ( we had seen a couple of them on another lot).  But they weren't able to make a deal for one of those and are having to bring a car in from somewhere in Manitoba that is 288km away. (Kenton??) They have to send someone to pick it up.  This means that 288+ km on the odometer before we get it, so David negotiated that we get two free oil changes.  We have the bank draft already, so I sure hope there are no more problems!

The mattress will be delivered sometime after 9:00 tomorrow morning, probably just about the time church is in session, and the truck won't be able to get down the street.  I hope my old sheets will fit, as I don't want to put out the money for new ones until the dust settles and we know exactly where we are, financially. Those suckers are expensive!  We have to set the alarm ( On Sunday!  Ar-r-g-h), so we can get the waterbed drained and the area cleaned up well, before they come.

Loren told us that Jeremy is in Clear Lake, working as a counsellor at some sort of camp.  They have been attending this camp for several years, as it is a family camp.  Loren and Gillian will be heading up there on Monday.  You probably wouldn't recognize Jeremy of you did see him, Beth.  He's 15 with a deep voice and facial hair, but still only about 5'5", and all skin and bones. Can't be a McGrath if he's that slim!  Nervous energy, I guess.  He has been training for his job for the last couple of years, and, evidently, loves working with younger children, who love having him as a counsellor. Loren has a good friend who is in a senior position at the camp, has been keeping an eye on Jeremy, and providing Loren with reports.

With all of this fuss and bother, the house looks like a dump.  We've done nothing, just getting meals "catch as catch can".  I turned on the dishwasher this afternoon, for the first time since we got home from Fargo.  I did take a few minutes last evening to read the Prayer Shawl book.  What an inspiration!

News from Beth

I just read Cathy's post and then your post about new purchases. Congrats and anxious to see both the car and mattress. I don't know how you dispose of the water in the mattress in order to move it but you can tell me when I get there as to how you did it.
I am a bit concerned about Cathy's message about having to clean the pool after I leave -when I started to laugh she realized how that might have been interpreted!! No reflection on me personnally I am sure, but it did startle me for a moment!
Will see you both on Monday morning and be awe struck driving in behind the bright cherry red car sitting in the driveway!

We took Neepawa by storm

Beth got here on Thursday morning.  I scrambled to finish at work and raced home.  We ate lunch and talked and then went to see Kik at work.  Then I went to work and Beth wandered.  By the time I got to the Legion she was almost done her beer!!!  Then we had another beer because Stu won $500 and bought a round.  (rough life, huh?)  Friday we hit all the stores in town.  We only spent money on foolish things, though.  Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, puppets.... the usual stuff.  Today I go to the wedding and Kik & Beth head off to take over Clear Lake.  One forecast says sunny... the other thunderstorm.  We'll go with the one we like.   Sounds like the two of you went Wild in Winnipeg yesterday.  You certainly bought more interesting stuff than we did.  And your plastic worked!  I tried to buy a case of beer and had to use cash!  How primative is that.  We've hit the pool a couple of times now.  When Beth leaves we will have to clean it.  The Hutterites have filled it with grass and sand.  It still feels wonderful just to float around.  Tomorrow we have no plans at all.  It will be our sit around and do nothing day.   Enjoy your new toys.  You will have to send us some pictures.

Friday, July 27, 2012

We've been shopping

We have bought a new Chrysler 200, in a deep Cherry red.  We will be taking delivery in the next day or so.  We have bought a new mattress that will fit nicely into the waterbed frame.  This is not the top line but just below it, with a Euro-top.  It arrives and will be installed for us on Sunday.  We have looked at cameras, but have not yet bought one.  I have a new purse, a new shawl, and a new Royal Doulton Coffee mug.

Isn't plastic money wonderful?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Quiet day--NOT!

David took the car in  this morning and the problems are minor--thank Goodness.  They think that the water was caused by a blocked outlet for the A/C.  But the writing is on the  wall, so we spent some time looking at new cars. The last two we bought were year old, but David is determined that it will be a new one this time.  We also spent some time looking for a regular bed to replace the waterbed.  I think we must be the last people inWinnipeg using a waterbed!  Not really or we wouldn't be able to buy sheets anywhere local, I guess.  We really only need to buy a mattess that can be fitted into the waterbed frame, and I think we've tracked one down. All of the climbing on and off beds wasn't easy with my sore back, but by late afternoon, I realized that I was no longer experiencing the sudden excrushiating pain on movement and was just experiencing darn sore back muscles, from hip to shoulder.  David tells me that back pain can come and go like that.

This evening we were off to see Loren at the fringe.  The play was a little "fring-y", and the reviews were not great, but it was a kick to see him on stage.  And his part was bigger than he had let us think.  Afterward he introduced us to the author, and I just couldn't compliment her on her writing.  I just couldn't do it!

I hope you are having a ball, up in the wilds of Neepawa, and not having to fight off the hoards of Hutterites for the pool.  For myself, I'm just very grateful that the weather has broken, and it might be cool enough to sleep tonight.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Differences in existence

You  are on the computer.... my yard is full of Hutterites.   Ryan is spending the night again, but with all the bedrooms full he gets to share with the dogs.  It is sooooo hot here.  Humidex of 46 tomorrow and we have no air conditioning.... Are you sure you want to be here Beth??  Barring something horrible happening, it looks like I will have both next Thursday and Friday off.  Elizabeth says that she has someone coming on Thursday and she will make sure that nothing is registered or put through the accounting program on Friday.  If necessary they will write paper reciepts.  I can deal with everything on Monday.  That sounds good to me.  We work Meat Draw this Friday, but it is Lily Festival, so I have no idea if it will be busy or not.  Jim wants to go to the Lily Tent after meat draw for the music.  I guess since Kellie is staying here he figures we have a built in driver so we can stay.   I am usually so tired by the end of the day that I just want to go home.  I have already announced that the pool and house are off limits next week, so we shouldn't have a "herd" of Hutterites here.  I am really looking forward to just relaxing, and visiting, and doing whatever we want for 3 days.   Kik is looking forward t going to Clear Lake on Saturday.  Sorry to leave you guys on your own, but the wedding has been planned for a while.  Patty is sure in wedding mode.  She is having trouble concentrating at work.  She starts holidays next week.   I hope she survives til Saturday.   I will see you soon, Beth.  I will make sure that Pati's casseroles are loaded in your car as soon as you arrive

Hi Cathy!

As you can see Beth made it!  And now we're playing with the computer.  Hoping you'll respond
waiting for the prompt

My God!  it worked!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

I think I'll take a drive.......

your weather sound wonderful ( just like ours haha) so I might as well get in my nice air conditioned car ( ie roll the windows down and pant a lot) and head west. There actually may be a chance for rain today but just to be safe I have the barrels filling now so we can water. We came home from the wedding early (just before the dance we left) and spent the next hour watering last night as everything was so dry.The wedding was lovely as all weddings should be and I was so proud to see Mike all dressed up. The tuxedos were not blue but instead black with aqua / turgoise blue crevattes as fitting with the brides colour scheme. I have some pictures that I am hoping  to get developed today at Walmart so hopefully can show you a few when I get there (of Mike that is). The ceremony was outside - in the sun - and the temp was close to 35 - but we survived. Harry has gone to his Mothers to pick beans and to water. I guess I'll be freezing beans this afternoon. Hope I can pack the car in time to leave in the morning haha. This will be my last blog as I am shutting the site down now. So take care all, and I'll be seeing you soon.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy, busy

I have a "to do" list for everyday and we are working our way through them.  But I still seem to find time to waste on the computer.  I signed up for an internet on-line course on fabric dyeing, then spent the entire afternoon at the computer.  Then had to try one or two of the things she taught.  The teacher is an internationally-known authority on fabric dyeing, I own both of her books and swear by them, and feel very privileged to be taking the course.  But the timing sucks.

We've been able to get out on our bikes the last two days by getting up very early, and going before it gets too hot.  Getting up early comes easy, when you can't sleep because of the heat.  Other than that we haven't really been out of the house.  David went to the bank on Thursday ( it was on the list), and it looks like we're going to have to head out on Monday to buy groceries.  This sedentary living is just because of the heat. We are that much more comfortable inside, especially me, when I'm able to spend most of my day in the basement.

so, for today I'm grateful for the internet, and air conditioning.

Is it the heat or am I just really lazy?

I have done nothing all week but go to work and come home and sit.  Today, Jim & Kellie went to the parade in Minnedosa.  I was going to go, but I really needed to do some work around the house.  My 12:20pm I was so hot and sweaty that I quit.  At least I got something done.  I would have put on the dishwasher but it really heats up the house.  While puttering in my office I found my license renewal.  Seems I have been driving illegally all month.  I guess I better do something about that.  The Neepawa Lily Festival is next weekend.  I will go to that parade.  It might even cool down a bit by then.  They are talking about highs of only 26 or 27 next week.  We finally got some rain yesterday.  Unfortunately it all fell in about 20 minutes!  The 20 minutes that I had to go to the bank.  I ran for the truck, jumped in, and said oh "darn!": I seem to have left my window down.  My pants were soaked!  It was raining so hard that the rest of me matched my pants just from the run to and from the truck.  When I got back to work the door had blown shut, so I used the car phone to call the office to unlock the door for me.  The rain was pounding so hard on the roof that OnStar could not understand the number.  It kept putting extra 1s & 9s in.  Eventually I got through. Tomorrow Rodney & Kristy invited us on a quad ride, but I told Jim I would only go if there was a new seat on the quad.  He never got one, so I guess I stay home.  Do you think it was deliberate?  It would actually be nice to have another day at home.  Next week will be busy with meetings and working meat draw and other stuff.  Enjoy your week.  See you very very soon Beth

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

And all is well.....just came in from the yard and watering again! Apparently there may be rain on Sunday so I have my fingers crossed as we have been told this before and it did not materialize. Tomorrow we go to the big wedding of Joe and Barb - Joe is Mikes best friend. I am most curious to see Mike in a blue tuxedo haha but he is not amused with the whole affair! He is more comfortable in his jeans and tee shirt. I shall write again on Sunday and then sign off before my trip begins Monday morning. I have vacuumed the car clean and Harry kindly took it to the car wash this morning for me. Have a nice weekend Take care

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


As I get older, I find my body acting like a row of dominoes.  Fixing one thing, causes a reaction in another.  My doctor suggested arch supports as a way of reducing foot pain--and it did.  But the change in my gait pattern is now causing very painful hips, and very poor sleep.  So--in an effort to make lemonade out of lemons--today I had a massage.  She concentrated on my hips, and now  they feel comfortably worked over, but the basic pain is lessened, and I feel good.  Gosh, maybe I need to have a massage more often!

Today is my last free day to work in the studio, but David is Gung Ho to get onto the "To Do" lists. Since they are just in my head, at this point, I still have a little control, but I've promised to get them written down for tomorrow morning.  I promise you, moving huge paving stones isn't going to be on the list.  Not in this heat.  ( Who am I fooling?  Not on any list--ever!)  Still, I can understand the thrill of the hunt--almost like a treasure hunt to find free, or almost free, stuff, especially if you actually need it.

The forecast is for another week of the high temperatures.  We're fine, but planning meals is becoming a challenge.  Yesterday, we felt we needed an adventure, so David suggested that we drive out to Deacon's Corner for onion rings.  Well, it was after 4:00 when we got there, so we each had a Momma Burger and a medium mug of root beer, to go with the onion rings.  The total was over $19.00.  When did food get so expensive?   Good thing I had $20.00 that I had won on a Lotto Max ticket--our biggest win in years.  Today we bought a grocery store B-B-Q chicken, in hopes of it lasting through tomorrow as well.  Those suckers are getting smaller.  I can remember feeding four of us with one, but not now.

Today I'm grateful for Blue Cross covering most of the cost of massage therapy, and I'm grateful for a basement studio that stays pleasantly cool.

For the time being I'm OK with signing in...

But as you know last year I had some terrible times trying to get on and figured out a back door way through e-mail for awhile. For some reason when the blog format changed I was able to get on the usual way by entering my e-mail address and password and so far I've been OK. Now having said that, time will tell. I intend to delete the blog from my favourites list before I leave on my trip so it may be that after I return and try to get onto the blog site again I may be presented with some issues. I'll worry about that at the time. There was just an item on the news about the increase in seniors using social network sites to communicate with friends and learning to navigate the computer and internet and skype etc with little troubles apparently for the highlighted 85 year olds in the story. Research at the University level is trying to develop new ways to help Seniors such as huge icons of an envelope on the screen that they just touch and new emails come up, or similar icons that are user freindly for visually impaired users. I wonder what it will be like when I'm 85 years old and trying to send you folks a message. Who knows what other tricky software will be in place then.
So nothing much new here to relate other than struggling with the watering and gardening. Harry got free cement blocks (eight large and 36 small) off of Kijiji and so we had to make two trips to North Bay on Sunday to pick them up. Monday we laid them in the garden - each large block is 24"X24" and heavy enough that I cannot lift one by myself. We piled them at the back driveway when we made the delivery trips, and then used a heavy duty wagon we have to wheel them one by one over to the garden to lay. The smaller blocks are 18 X10 and heavy enough that I could only lift and carry one at a time.We are not finished yet as there are many more smaller blocks to move but they are also just fine right now piled in the back driveway haha. I have a hair cut appointment scheduled for Thursday to trim off some hair - amazing how much it has grown since I had my permanent in early June so needs a bit of a trim to look decent for the trip. tomorrow we go to Mothers again to do more garden work and also to air out the house a bit - Harry got a call from the real estate lady to say the buyers and an electrician are coming in on Friday to assess the wiring and estimate the cost to change it over completely because it is aluminum throughout. We knew this and I am sure that the initial inspection indicated the same to them but regardless they bought the house. Same for the roof - they know they have to replace the house shingles - we did the garage last summer so they are new. Anyway, time to fill the water barrels ( four large barrels all connected with hoses) and then to bed. I finished my Templar novel the other night and will not be starting a new book until my trip. I might try to see if I can buy the next two books in this trilogy when I'm in Winnipeg - I'm sure there is a book store somewhere in Winnipeg where I could search !!  Take care

Monday, July 9, 2012


I have found that if I scroll down the right side of the screen to "contributors", and click on my name, it takes me into an area where I can get into the blog to post.  I've had to scramble to get in other ways and this one appears to be the most consistant.

Golfing in the Sun

I apent some time outside yesterday golfing in the Legion Golf Tournament.  It was very hot, but fun.  We were some of the first ones done, so we spent the rest of the day at the Legion.  The time in the sun was enough to turn me very brown and red.  I don't know how the rest of you are signing into this blog, but I seem to have a heck of a time.  It wants a new email account, but when I try to set one up it rejects it.  I just keep trying and trying until I get on.  It is going to be very hot for the rest of the week, so unless I go out at 9pm the garden will not be weeded.  (No that I ever weed it anyway.)  Lily Festival is coming up in a couple of weeks, so we want to have the office looking nice, since it is on the tour.  The new caretakers are useless.  They finally cut the grass this weekend, but they have not weeded or watered yet this year.  It looks pretty bad.  Jim wants to go the the Fair Parade in Minnedosa on Saturday.  It is usually fun. It is just about the same as our Parade and the bands go down to the legion there and have a jam session after.  That is the best part of it all.  Time to face reality and get ready for work.  Have a great day

Sunday, July 8, 2012

still warm

We spent most of the day inside, away from the heat, but, this evening, I went outside with  my book after supper.  It was absolutely beautiful.  The one perfect day that we wait for all year long.  The long range forecast is for high tempertures for the next week.  We do very little in the heat.  Quiet times for both of us, which means there is nothing exciting to report on.
We do sometimes get out on the bikes, if we are up and ready early enough to escape the heat.  I continue to do my dyeing, and remain as excited about it as I was at the beginning.  I have finished the quilting on my first piece, but there are now two more in line for attention.   I have set a deadline of Tuesday to finish up everything in the studio, that I want to take to Pinawa.  We want to have everything priced, packed and ready to go before Beth gets here.

A couple opf days ago, there was mention on one of my internet groups, about how the birds suffer inthe ehat, if there is no ready source of water.  About the same time David read a plea in the newspaper to keep the bird baths full of clean water, changing it every day, so this is what we've been doing.  In other years we've been asked not to keep water in any containers, for fear it will breed mosquitoes. Now we spend  lot of time watching the fun out there.  We must have the cleanest birds in town.

So, for today, I'm grateful for beautiful summer days and birds.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


yesterday it rained so was both hot and humid, but today we had winds ( Strong enough that I can't say 'breeze"), so it was nice enough to sit outside for a bit.   I have spent the last few days in the studio trying to finish a piece to take to Pinawa.  If I can't get it finished, it will still be something to work on while we're there.

Got my haircut yesterday.  Went back to the hairdresser in the mall across the street. I had left them over a year ago because I kept getting the same lady, who kept giving me horrible haircuts.  They must have thought I was crazy, because I looked in through the window before going in to check to see if she was there.  She wasn't, and there was an entirely new lady who told me that they had changed personnel last November.  This new lady gave me exactly the haircut I asked for.  Now I need to see if it was really what I wanted.

Yesterday, I had a craving for--hold your breath--jello?!!??  David went out to buy us a bagged salad for supper, and picked me up one of those pre-packaged jellos containing fruit ( at least it says it contains fruit.  I guess that's their story and they're sticking to it!)  It was exactly what I wanted. Had a little more of it for lunch today, and there is still enough left for tomorrow.

David decided that today was the day to pick the Nanking cherries.  We now have enough juice for about 3 batches of jelly, so tomorrow, when it's up to 30 again, we're making jelly.

Yes, time to start counting the days.  I made an appointment for a manicure and pedicure while we're in Mahnomen, but knew better than to make one for you, Beth.  I could have made it for a pedicure and massage for a little bit more, and would have got a "gift basket of salon products".  Then I remembered that we would be in the car together for several hours immediately after, and the smell would probably make us all sick. And the "salon product" would probalby be pretty smelly as well.  So, I have a massage scheduled for next Tuesday, and since it's here, Blue Cross will pay for it.  Win-Win!  I haven't had a massage since I broke my shoulder, but have a hip that's giving me grief.

Surviving still....

and suffering through this heat wave as all of you have - hoping your temps are more bearable by now. Tomorrow, Friday, is supposed to be the worst so from then on, things should be better here. However, the plants still want to be watered so that has been the priority these past days. Mike had to drive to Sault Ste Marie Wed and back today ( part of his job delivering supplies every week) so the heat would be exceptionally harsh for him, and to make it worse, there was a bad truck collision on Highway 17 just west of Sturgeon Falls that closed the highway for hours - and I am sure he would be caught in that . We haven't heard from him yet so who knows where he might be - hopefully back home with a beer in hand haha! The black bear continues to make his nightly appearance off and on - was here again last night as the container of feed was upturned, and several items in the front broken. It makes me really anxious esepcially early in the morning when I get up and take the dog out. I look out all the windows to check before I cautiously open the front door and of course have the dog tightly held by the leash.
Other than this, not much new and just counting the about you folks?? Take care

Monday, July 2, 2012

Watching your hot weather

The weather forecast on the news tells me all about the hot weather and potential storm making weather coming from Manitoba over next day or two - so I can tell what we shall be having here by reading your comments as well. Trying to keep up with the watering in the garden is a full time job without any precipitation for a long time. We keep running the pump to fill the barrels and by some miracle, we still have water in the well to fill all our water needs. Hope it stays that way !!
I cannot seem to kick this damn stomach thing but trying to eat what I can which lately has been salads - this seems to satisfy me and keep things running smoothly. What really feels good is a nice hot cup of chai tea so I have been drinking that a lot - it's also good to quench the thirst when I am outside and working in the hot sun and heat so I guess it is true that a "good cup of hot tea is the panacea for all that ails you" I was listening to a CBC radio show the other day about overutilizination of metaphors, and words or saying put into parenthesis all the time. I am quilty of both so I shall be trying not to use them so much. Harry got a GPS at a garage sale last week and I have tried to program it in and use it with some difficulty - he thought it would be good for my trip. Last night Mike and his girlfriend surprised us with a quick visit into Sundridge on their way from NewMarket to North Bay and I mentioned it to him as he uses his GPS all the time. He said it probably wasn't telling me the right info because the highway has all changed with the new four laning and that the GPS's need to be upgraded by going on the computer and getting the newest programs programmed into the GPS. So now I don't know what to do about it - MIke said he would help if I brought it there one day but I'll have to see. I've always been really close to my paper maps haha Well, tomorrow it is another trip to North Bay ( it is Tuesday, after all!!!) so I better get ready for bed and get things organized for shopping. I always make out an itinerary so I don't forget any stops we have to make, and already it is getting far too full. I haven't even looked at the flyers yet for grocery shopping but that always seems to get done regardless. And besides, my appetite has been scarce lately so I won't want to buy much anyway. Take care

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot here too

We don't usually like to have the A/C on but it's been on since we got up this morning. I've been dyeing and set up my drying rack outside. Things were drying in about half an hour, much faster than normal, so I got a lot done today.

Friday we finally got new tires for the car.  We've known for awhile that we needed them, but this trip to the States forced the issue.  David had to leave the car to have them put on and an alignment done, so he took his bike and rode home in the heat, then reversed the trip when the car was ready.  Since this was in the afternoon, I was concerned abbut him working so hard in the heat. Yesterday we took it out on the highway and everything seems to be working okay.  I had to go out to Selkirk to pick up the two pictures I had in the gallery there, as I want to take them to the sale in Pinawa. I have more stuff than I expected, so, one day soon, will have to sit down, price everything, and draw up an inventory. I always dream of selling a lot of it, but I don't really expect much from this sale.

Tomorrow, being a holiday, my Ravenesque group will be getting together. When we have these all day events, people are free to do whatever they want,  but I usually end up doing whatever is the theme for the day.  Tomorrow we are stamping, but I have other stuff to do, and no real interest in the stamping,so have packed two bags, one with my stamping stuff and the other with the stuff  I really want to work on.  I hate it when I have to pack half of the studio, but one wants to be seen as a positive part of the group.

I laugh when you say I have my grocery shopping under control.  Yeah, we do one big shopping every month and then try to stay away from the store, because you always spend more than you anticipate--every time you go into the damn store.  But we often end up doing small shoppings during the month, especially for perishables like milk and fruit. And bread is only bought on Tuesday, to take advantage of seniors' discounts.


SOmedays I really wish we had air conditioning.  It's already hot in the house and it is only 9:30.  Jim is watering the garden before it gets really hot out.  I think I will be in the pool for a while.  (IF the Hutterites will share with me!)  It has been a lot of bbqs the last few days.  We didn't get any of the rain that was forecast for our area, but they had a really bad storm only 5 miles north of Neepawa.  I don't want the storm, just the rain.  Kellie moves in tomorrow for the summer.  She really wanted a job in construction and she got her wish.  Work has been a real stress lately.  On Tuesday I am going to talk to Elizabeth about moving some of the jobs around.  I just don't have time to everything I am supposed to do.  I have 6 plans backed  up in the vault now.  Some of my jobs are real timewasters.  (faxing the searches, making caveat notices, copying search requests, stuffing envelopes)  I ended up with them because Debbie refused to do them, but now that she is gone, maybe Shirley will do them.  They really are part of her job.  I get 2 weeks off in August and I am already looking forward to them.  Elizabeth has someone coming in on one of the days you are here, Beth, and she figures they will just do catchup on the other day and leave most of the work.  Keri would like to go up to Clear Lake on the Saturday if you are interested.   I have my new computer now, but it isn't set up yet.  I will get Keri to help me with all the technical work.  Hopefully I won't have to wait 5 minutes for a program to load.  I am looking forward to using it.  I just hope my old one lasts until I get everything transferred.  I think that now, I shall move to the basement.  I am sitting here with sweat running down my back and the basement is much cooler.    Have a great Canada Day!