Friday, March 31, 2017


Well, we've bought David his boots, and had the car serviced.  The "peace of mind" inspection paid off, as they found some problems in the rear end that were covered by warrantee-thank Goodness.  And thank Goodness over all for tax refunds.

However, this morning we were faced with the reality that we need a new washing machine.  We've had a few warning signs, but were hoping to put it off for awhile.  Damn!  Appliances sure don't last like they used to.  And they cost a lot more too.  We very much prefer a top loading washer, and they're hard to find, but half the price of the the newer front loaders.  Wish us luck.

Exciting happenings you say?

Always enjoy reading about your adventures Pati - you do have an interesting life after all. Now, you have me wondering about Blue Dawn. I plan to look at it my next shopping trip. Maybe if I buy it, my life will turn into something exciting haha!
So many plants and so little room. It is really getting a bit "tense" to use your word Pati. And it is only the end of March. Some of the tomatoes are strong and straight up and reaching about 8 to 10 inches. I had a flashback yesterday of last year where we were hauling huge potted plants in and out of the house as the night temps dropped. Now however, I cannot figure out where in this current house environment we could put them.  I will have to organize something in my mind.... real quick I guess.
I have been trying to do little bitty jobs as I can in the house and found my unfinished winter hat I started to knit in 2013. Well, since it was almost done, I actually did finish it. It turned out very nice and colourful as it is shades of orange and yellow variegated wool. This is the pattern that Harry's Mother always knit for me and you folks too!  Too bad that winter is almost done and I'll not have much use of it. Wearing hats over winter and even now helps to hide my hair which is in need of a cut. The hairdresser is on vacation until April 6 so I shall make an appointment after that. I need to get my picture taken to renew my driver's licence and also to go to Luncheon with Sue on April 26.  So, I guess I, too, have some adventures in my future haha!
 Have a great weekend all. What are you both up to?   Take care.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blue Dawn

That crazy old woman was grocery shopping this morning and picked up a bottle of Blue Dawn.  She had noticed that the bottle in the kitchen was getting low, and put it on her list.  Well, her husband got irritated and told there was lots at home.  A little tense for a few minutes and the bottle got left behind. Well, they got home and he went downstairs and brought up three full bottles including one that was huge-obviously meant for filling up the smaller ones.  Now, Blue Dawn is the best thing since sliced bread.  It can be used for anything.  But nobody needs that much in a domestic situation.  (We're not re-habing birds or animals covered with oil here)

A little later, David dropped a brief case on his head.  GOK how something like that happens.  His says that he was putting it up on a cupboard shelf, and dropped it.  At least that's his story.  He just missed his left eye, hit his cheek bone, and is now developing a beautiful shiner.

David bought himself a new pair of boots yesterday.  This is a big occasion around here, and he's probably needed them for awhile.  Glad to see it finally happening.  Now he plans to spend a few days giving them a good shine ( once we buy some shoe polish),  I think the old ones will likely go to a shelter or some place similar. 

 We now plan to have a "peace of mind" inspection done on the car.  Our extended warrantee is up in July, and this will give us enough time to get any necessary work done before then.  Hard to believe that it's five years old.  Remember us buying it Beth?  The pieces falling off the old car on the way home from Fargo, and then "losing" the bank draft we got to pay for the new one?

We had to cross the river a couple of times in our travels yesterday, and I noticed that it was covered with water.  Today on the radio they were talking about the ice going out in the last 24 hours.  This brought back memories of how Daddy used to look forward to the ice going out.  I'm sure this came from living in a family of prospectors. This was a big deal in earlier times.  The ice going out meant that travel was possible on the rivers and lakes.  Made me think of Barney living in our basement every winter and then disappearing over the summer.

And to think I was complaining just a few days ago about nothing ever happening around here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I say "take content"

What a wonderful feeling to be sitting at the table, sipping a special coffee, and feeling "content".  I'd take it all in and enjoy every minute.  Good for you, and especially good to express it.
I expect it is more plants today - the day time temps are above zero, and we made a special trip to Trout Creek - two towns up -  to buy two huge bales of Pro Mix. More soil, more planting. 
Mike asked us to come there for Easter - it is appealing and I will likely respond today in the affirmative. I assumed they may be going to Toronto, but Mike says not. Some of her trips there have been somewhat stressful (she has told me so ) Family dynamics are so difficult to manage.  
Mid week and apparently "pay day" so I expect a few bills will be paid and we can get on with thinking about the next month.... haha! What a vicious cycle we live.....   Take care

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A bit of excitement

The grow-op next door had a delivery.  It was a very large flat-bed truck with all sorts of shiny metal industrial equipment on it, nicely wrapped in plastic.  We took a couple of pictures, and then started phoning various city departments.  As far as we know our neighbourhood is zoned residential, not industrial, and this was obviously industrial equipment.  I ended up talking to a man from zoning enforcement who told me that the federal government has jurisdiction over medical marijuana , and that as far as he knew, there was absolutely nothing they could do. Well, s--t, and lots of other bad words. 

Then came the letter from CRA telling us that our tax refund was being deposited into our chequeing account.  So hurry off to the bank.  Nope, not there yet.  ( I wasn't expecting it until, at least, Friday)  Ah well, excitement for a minute or two.

Got my coffee and came home.  I have spoken about "wasting" time over the past few days, and there are certainly things I could be doing, but as I sat there drinking coffee and reading a silly science fantasy novel, I realized that I am content.  It may not last, and that's okay, but for today, I am content.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Nice to think the days are becoming more beautiful and sunny...

Always hopeful that is....Just skirting around the zero degree mark today but lots of melting, and water to show for it. Some planting was done today though, and some shifting of locations to put them - I had to get busy in the back room to make room for plants. Lots of stuff was quickly shuttled down to the basement and I set up a little shelf near the window and then Harry hauled in pot after pot and I placed them. The greenhouses are full if you can believe it and yet there is so much more transplanting to do!  But I had my little kitten right underfoot to help me with this chore so that made it go so much better haha!
Tomorrow we are off to Huntsville as usual. I was to take Daisy to a Dr appointment but her granddaughter who has been visiting since last Wed decided (with her mothers insistence by telephone) to stay on a day or two more and take Daisy herself.  Good idea! But I expect that come Wed I shall have to pick back up with my duties!
I just watched the most current episode of The Quilt Show and found it to be interesting, yet again.  I always think that even if I just purchased all the tools and fancy gadgets they are offering by way of demonstration that I would be a much better quilter haha!
It still gives me ideas and is a fun way to spend an hour just before bed.  Speaking of which, must go. A little reading and a little music or radio to lull me to sleep.   Take care

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Beautiful day

Warm and sunny, but not really that warm.  We went out for coffee and I thought about sitting outside to drink my coffee--nope, not that warm!  Otherwise a quiet weekend.  I spent some time beading, but otherwise relaxed with reading and fooling around with the computer.  We did a bit of grocery shopping yesterday morning.  David has won absolutely nothing on his lottery tickets since mid-January, so is looking for a different vendor.

A lot of the people I interact with on the internet are active on Pintrest, but I've never tried it.  I've not heard anything negative, other than the danger of having pictures of your work stolen and used by others.  Probably not something you might worry about Beth.

I put away the duvet this weekend, and went back to using two quilts.  Nice and cozy, especially when I added the new nightie David found for me.  It's  a cotton knit, and gets in the way a bit when I'm moving in bed, but covers my shoulders and neck s-o-o-o much better than the nylon tricot ones I've been using for the past 10+ years.  I had received a card in the mail Friday telling me I could buy anything and everything I might want, including sale items, at Pennington's for 40% off--Friday only.  We went to see if there was anything that I might want, and found a new shipment of nighties.  We haven't found anything anywhere else we've looked.  Right time-right place.

So now it's a bit of poker, then a shower, and then watch the new episode of "Bar Rescue" before bed.  

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Thanks Cathy about this...I spoke with Mike and he says Erin uses it all the time and next time we are there, she can show me.  But I think I have more confidence now hearing all this and will attempt another looky see on my own.
Speaking of Mike, he called last evening - he would be alone all weekend as Erin went to Toronto to visit her family.  Since we had some items to take to him, and also some of the Model Kit orders that Harry ordered from EBAY for him, we made a quick decision and drove there this morning. ( We were going to wait to visit until the last Kit order came in, but it can wait for another trip) We picked up Subs in Sturgeon Falls on our way through to Markstay. We had a short but nice visit and then were off again. But it made a nice day for me. 
Milder now so not as worried about the heating of the greenhouses and can just use the electric ones but now looking at the water flow off the eaves and since rain is scheduled I will likely be out again tomorrow trying to find a solution to what seems a continuing issue. 
In meantime, it's fill the water containers ( we use empty plastic pop bottles) ready to use tomorrow for watering plants, do the dishes that were left in the sink all day, and off to bed to read and perhaps listen to Randy Bachman.  By the way, I read in the Free Press this morning about the study being done related to the unique linguistic peculiarities of Manitobans and Winnipegers. So very interesting to me because several times in my history, someone has asked me about my accent and where I was from having noticed a difference. I often wondered how I was speaking any different than others, but apparently we do have a recognizable way of speaking?? Do you folks notice anything different about the way we locals speak?  Did you read about the study?
Nighty night - take care


I've accessed Pinterest in the past.  Usually for recipes.  I looked up Hexis and there were so many links.  It usually takes you to someones blog.

Friday, March 24, 2017

FYI Pati re: hexi english paper patterns

Just tried to log onto ciaspalette for more hexi patterns - to print page and then cut out for making more little hexis - NO MORE!
Notice says the web site has gone and she is offline as she has opened a store instead - she had been selling exclusively online for past 15 years.  So, at least I have one copy in my file that I can photocopy for more hexis but I thought that it was a bummer! I was directed to another site called "pinterest" that apparently had the patterns but was asked to sign in etc which always scares me away. So I'll just do on my own I guess.

I wish "the melt"...

This morning freezing rain and snow is what I see and feel outside my door. The school buses cancelled again and calls to the radio station from folks on the road paint a poor picture for conditions. I know that soon I shall have melting and then have to deal with those associated problems, but I am tired of this snow and colder temps.  I know that soon I shall also have to get the sump pumps back in action as well - that has to wait until the greenhouse heaters are no longer in use as I only have two outlets in the house I can use, otherwise blow the fuses. Ain't life grand?
I am eating leftover pizza for my breakfast this morning - this is truly my comfort food of choice. Cathy's pizza recipe wins me over every time, and it is so easy to make.  Yesterday I made a new recipe for pork chops in the slow cooker - it turned out nice and I enjoyed that as well. We have lots of pork chops to use up so I'm looking for any of your tried and true recipes, please.
Pati I asked about David Handler books at my Library and they have none - I would have to order again.  So for now I'm trying some other authors and their new publications eg Steve Berry and his newest The 14th Colony . But I am also watching DVD s again on the little portable machine. A  year or two ago Mike gave me the first three seasons of Arrow as a gift and I am into that now - it will be a long haul - the first season has 5 discs and I am only just finished the first disc. But I am enjoying it again - thanks to Pati who got me onto it in the first place.  The best part is that I can actually see the picture now - when I tried years ago to watch on the TV the reception was so poor that I could barely see what was going on.
Well here's to another day. I bought a Lottery ticket for tonight's Lotto Max and totally expect to win the millions and millions of dollars. haha!   Take care

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The "Melt"

The snow is going quickly.  We, again, have a lake in the backyard.  Seeing it made me think about the time we had a huge lake in the backyard, sharing it with the neighbour across the back.  There was a lot of flooding in the area, and we wanted to buy a little submersible pump and there were none to be had, anywhere in the city.  Cathy found us one in a hardware store in Neepawa and shipped it down by bus.  It turned out to be a "Godsend" for both us and the neighbour.  We still have the pump, but I don't think we'll need it this year.  And there's lots of geese around--everywhere.  Looks like another good year for geese.  Darren once told me that they are smart enough to know that they won't get hunted in the city.  True, I guess, unless you count the number of them that appear to commit suicide by wandering around on the roads.

Finished cleaning the stove this morning, and David re-siliconed the bathtub.  We found an area where a gap had formed, where the tub and tile meet, so knew we would have to take care of it pdq, before water got in.

The rest of the day was pretty well wasted.  We read, and went out for coffee, but not much more.  I've been working on a beading project, but now, have to admit, I'm in wa-a-ay over my head!  It is going to be very heavy, and I can't figure out how I will ever be able to mount it or display it.  Still, it keeps me off the streets, and I have the beads etc so all I have to add is my time.  And while I'm doing the "donkey" work, I can plan my next project, which is going to be a tree of some sort, worked on a piece of cotton I "rusted" earlier this week.

But this evening, I will probably waste more time with poker or more reading.  I'm still working my way through all of the books by David Handler that I can get from the library.  I'm into the third one of the series he has written, and, again, it is very different from either of the other two.  A little grittier, and much more cynical.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bug on the wall

Wouldn't you love to be a bug on the wall when her relatives come?  Her perceptions are so screwed, she might tell them anything.

Hourly variations in weather seems to be a sign of spring in this country.  Fall comes all at once--sometimes over night, but spring spends days just testing the waters, before making a commitment.

Learned a lesson yesterday.  Don't leave your husband at home alone with a phone in his hand.  I got back from my meeting yesterday afternoon to find out that we're retro-fitting drawers into the lower cupboard that didn't get them last summer.  After I got here, we were off to the bank, and then to the manufacturing facility to make a payment on the quote we got by e-mail earlier.  This is the same facility that we worked with last summer, and they had all the info, knew what cupboard we were talking about, and were confident in their quote. It was a little pricey but it is a retro-fit.  We crunched the numbers and decided that  we can cover the cost with David's income tax refund. Then first thing this morning we got a phone call from the designer telling us that he had mis-quoted and the price was actually about 30% less.  He was at the house a few minutes later, returned our cheque in exchange for a lower one, and every thing is now in motion.

The crazy old woman decided to clean her oven this morning.  She turned it on, and then as it heated, the room started to smell, but she wasn't worried.  It's not that cold out and she could open the window, and maybe the front door to create a cross breeze.  The silly twit forgot that she spent a fortune last summer on her kitchen and had a wonderful range hood complete with a strong exhaust fan that would take care of the problem quite nicely.  By coincidence we were talking about her yesterday and wondering why she hadn't been around lately.  David had assured me that she was still around but I just hadn't noticed her.  He must be right, as I found a paint stain on one of her pretty new white bras this morning, despite her wearing an apron most of the weekend.  How in the world does she get paint stains on her bras?  This isn't the first time.

Roller coaster ride?

It is just like being on a roller coaster these days with the weather variances on a daily basis, if not on an hourly basis!
Buuuurrrr... this morning. But both greenhouses are protected with two heaters in each and I was just out to check - both propanes are aglow so all is well.  We shall have to do the same tonight and then maybe milder for next couple of days.
Daisy's granddaughter is coming this afternoon for a visit and is to stay until Sunday.  She is 36 years old and although Daisy has a few complaints about her approach, she plans to ask her to do a few "jobs" around her house.  And I shall have a reprieve of sorts - I shall not telephone her every day , nor take her to Church Sunday - the granddaughter shall do that.  However, Daisy informs me that she has a Doctors appointment Tuesday Mar 28 in Burk's Falls at 10;15am. Oh well....  As well, she tells me that her son and daughter in law are also coming up for a visit on April 15 apparently, although she does not know how long they will stay. 
Today I go to the Library to return the books I have and now read, and hopefully take a few out - some I have not heard of - I'd like to mix it up. I have the authors name you mentioned Pati, so will look at them if in the Library.
So here's to another day.....Take care

Monday, March 20, 2017


Today's little Google title was a delight.  I noticed it too.

Very productive

Amazing what a good sleep can do to you, eh, Pati....nice days work by the looks of it. Now to see what is in your head as ideas, and transformed into art.
Extremes of conditions - go figure! Since it was warm and sunny, and the melting had started, I spent yesterday trenching into the thick ice to divert the water coming from the kickers and accumulating around the foundation. Tough work but someone has to do it haha! And this morning woke to snow coming down.  We will have to set up the propane heaters again at least two nights this week as temps going down to close to minus 17 or 18.
And today is the first day of Spring? I loved the Google vignette today - who thinks of these cartoons?
Likely stay inside today as it is a bit glummy and coldish but Harry has ideas of fertilizing all the plants so my plans may not materialize. Right now I'm sewing his new housecoat - while lighting a burner the other week, his sleeve caught fire and since it is fleece - it burnt and disintegrated rather quickly - thankfully I was there to hit and pound the shit out of it haha! This work can be hazardous!  And you wonder why I am shying away from direct involvement.  
Have a good week Cathy and Pati....don't take any wooden nickles!  XX

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Slept well--for once

Woke up this morning with a little more energy than usual, so decided do some "wet" studio work.  It took about an hour to set up, with David's help.  I worked steadily for 2 hours, and then took 45 minutes to clean up.  I'm not used to working that hard and steadily, all at one time, and I was exhausted.  But I have 11 pieces that can be used for the background of more formal pieces, and I'm well pleased.  ( see other blog)  I also found that Blue Dawn dish detergent is wonderful at removing paint from my hands. Bonus!

So not much else has been done around here today.  I put a chunk of pickled beef in the slow cooker this morning when I first got up.  This is the smaller, flatter slow cooker we bought on clearance at Walmart.  We have found that a "high" setting on this is the equivalent of a low setting on the other slow cookers I have, so 10 hours is probably a good range for today. This may be the reason it was on a clearance shelf.  This is such a treat for us.  I'm quite looking forward to it for supper, even if I can never eat as much as I would like to.  So-o-o good!

I think I mentioned a series of books I have been reading by David Handler.  I started another series of his this weekend, and I'm quite enjoying it.  It follows a detective named "Benji Golden".  A slightly built, younger man with a"baby face".  This makes him very good at finding runaway teenagers, but of course, that is just the beginning of the fun.  He may be young, and somewhat inexperienced, but he doesn't stay that way.  A lot of humour along with the mayhem.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Shattered Dreams

Pati, what a pleasant and appealing difference in your piece since you added quilting and thread painting. It is an amazing piece, from my perspective, and I am sure you are well pleased. Congrats. You do such fine work although I know there is much tedious work involved - you make it seem simple!  

Friday, March 17, 2017

Reversed cards

Yes, he did, but he took the only concept of the reading into consideration, while pondering his particular issue, but not  giving that concept any predictive value.  While he knew how each of the cards was thought to be interpreted, he only used that to guide his thinking about whatever issue he was dealing with. A different way of looking at a problem.This was how the Runes were used as well--taking the traditional way of thinking, such as one of the five basic tenets of the Serenity Prayer, and look at how giving that basic concept some thought, could influence the issue at hand.  I took yesterday's disastrous readings to mean that that things can always go wrong, and to be more cautious about whatever activity I engaged in during the day. After supper, within a few minutes, three different things when wrong--empty bobbin, broken thread, and difficulty ending off. So I decided that I was probably too tired to be doing what I was doing.  Turned my hand to playing poker and finished in the money for the first time in ages.  Good decision.  I even talked David into playing cards for awhile, and that was an unusual, but pleasant way to spend the evening.

Today we have grocery shopping to do.  Amber may be over to do the taxes this afternoon, or maybe not.  It depends on how her day turns out.  Then we plan to go to the casino buffet for supper with her.  If she can't make it, we'll probably go anyway, but more to eat than play.  At some point we have to get out to buy gas.  We got some coupons from Tim Horton's in the mail.  I don't remember that happening before. They are for Dark Roast coffee, so we're planning to go to the gas bar by Tim's, rather than spending a lot more money at Starbuck's, for my coffee today.  I managed to get my free coffee on Tuesday, so there isn't the ridiculous need to accumulate points, in a hurry, with them any more.

Other than that, there is laundry on tap for today.


Desperation for me and needing a haircut. Just cannot seem to make the appointment with all the other stuff - I really should "just do it". Soon I won't be able to hide it with a winter hat.
Pati, you speak of reversed cards - my Tarot book does not mention card spreads and having some turn in reverse. The section on specific interpretation of each card makes no mention of any differentiation. I know that when I used my Runes, there was this differentiation and reference to an alternate interpretation. So now I am wondering. Did Kidd ever mention a card turning up in reverse?
It may be a bit warmer over the weekend and i am hoping so .. we did not turn on the propane burners last night and it dipped rather close - I can only see the thermometers reading close to freezing and won't know until sun comes up and we can open the doors to check.  Oh woe is me !!
Happy St Patrick's Day to all. Hope Dave can wear his smart green stetson to Dinner tonight. Enjoy! Cathy do you have a function at the Legion to mark St Patrick's?  
Take care

Thursday, March 16, 2017


My card today was the Queen of Pentacles reversed.  Evil, suspicion, suspense, fear and mistrust  Oh My!  try again.  Whoops Five of Wands, again reversed.  Litigation, dispute,trickery, contradiction.  I think I'll wait for a different book before going much further.

We both need haircuts, so I called the place to make an appointment.  David needs to go first thing in the morning, so we usually have to book well in advance to get that appointment. It was already 10:00, so imagine my surprise when she says "when can you get here, there's been no-one in so far today?"  So here it is 11:00, and we're home again with hair done and me having had my coffee.

That's the fun of it all...

It is the fun of turning a card and then reading the interpretation - always several ways to look at it and most often I read into the interpretation something connected to my current situation or event. You say, Pati, that you have ordered a book from Amazon - hope this book will add another component to your Tarot reading. Cathy do you follow this any - it is a nice distraction for me and no harm done. I have my Waite cards snuggled in a silk bag sewn from fabric Pati gave me years ago. I think half of the fun is unwrapping the bag haha! I have never laid out a spread as is suggested in my book but mostly just draw a daily card similar to what Pati just wrote. Thanks for sharing your current experience Pati and I would like to hear more about your card drawings - gives me some perspective with mine.  How about joining us Cathy?  Take care 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fooling around

I'm very tired this evening, and playing poker just isn't working for me, so I've been fooling around with my Tarot. The deck came with a very small booklet containing a very brief description of the meaning of some of the cards.  I remembered that in the Kidd books, he would sometimes shuffle and pull one card out for a quick reading.  I did this and pulled the 10 of Cups.  This is supposed to represent contentment, and repose of the entire heart, and the perfection of that state.  I did it again and pulled the 8 of Pentacles.  This is a picture of an artist at work, representing work, employment, craftsmanship,and skill in craft and business.  I think I'll stop while I'm ahead, and count my blessings.

Catching up

Yesterday was busy, but I now have a new toothbrush, so can clean the tile in the bathroom with the old one.  We had supper at Applebees, and by then filling out an internet survey, have a coupon that will give us a free dessert next time we go.  David did well at the casino, later.  I didn't.  "Nuff said about that.

Today, Amber called and we had a long chat, so I was able to catch up a bit with what's going on in the family.  She and Loren are going to try to organize a family game night.  Quite a challenge with everyone being as busy as they are.  Gillian is evidently off to Spain as part of a school trip, next week. Amber is coming over to do our taxes, for sure on Sunday, but if she can arrange it, Friday afternoon.  The three of us may then go out for supper--probably at the Casino again--so that David can wear his green stetson.  We won't be able to afford to do much gambling, but we usually enjoy the Friday night seafood buffet.

Early this afternoon, David's computer went "wonky".  We couldn't sort it out, so off we went to access help.  Actually, he dropped me off at Starbuck's with my book, and went on his own.  I had barely got into my coffee when he was back.  Somehow he had put the computer into "tablet" mode, and it was a very quick fix.

I also spent some time over the past couple of days, playing with my Tarot.  The "Tarot for Dummies" book hasn't helped that much, even though it was a very interesting read. (I get into the Tarot every time I read the "Kidd" books.)  Anyway,  I went on Amazon and found different "how to" book, " Tarot Basics".  It was less than $10, so I ordered it.  Something to look forward to.

So for now, back into the studio, where my latest piece is coming along nicely.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's here Pati!

A very Happy Birthday to you, Pati.
Enjoy your day best you can, and keep thinking happy and warm thoughts. We all celebrate with you on this special day.
Have a great day XX

Monday, March 13, 2017

Well done

Cathy, sounds as if the weekend was lots of fun and also a winner with third place!  Next year it will be the Dominions for you - where are they going to be played?
Pati, I am fascinated with your current art project (Mouse Factory Blog) using three words and voila - a piece of art just from your creative ideas. Please keep us informed, as usual.
"As usual" applies here right now with what else but the greenhouses. Just spent 1 1/2 hours trying to heat the propane burners. Talk about pinta. And lots of bad words back and forth - great fun! I still have to go out once more to see if they are still burning. A few more nights and maybe things will settle down a bit ( or not!)
We go to Huntsville tomorrow  (it is Tuesday after all)  One good thing is that my friend Sue has planned for our next luncheon together - April 26! She sent me a few dates that fit into her busy schedule and this seemed the best for me as well. So I have something to look forward to now. 
Well, back to the grind. Hope all is well with you both. Take care.

A good weekend

Glad your weekend went well (Cinnamon french toast?  Bailey's?  I dreampt about Bailey's a couple of nights ago!)And you're right, third is none too shabby! Treasure the memories Cathy.

 This morning David's new frother arrived.  Pound, pound on the door, doorbell ringing.  What a way to wake up!  Not a bad start to the week, though.  Yesterday, I actually started a new piece, and reached a troublesome part just before bed time yesterday. So I have a task to look forward to, as well.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Home again safe and sound

We had fun.  I guess that tells you how we did :).   Actually we came in third which is not all that shabby.  Maybe next year.  Who wants to go to Winnipeg anyway.  It is a 5 1/2 hour drive to The Pas  if you only have 1 pee break and no food.  Didn't need food.  That's all we did.  Eat, drink and play cards.  A truly fun time.  When they said there would be breakfast both days we expected muffins and fruit.  Hash browns, bacon, sausage, eggs, cinnamon french toast and Baileys for the coffee.  No wonder I am full. And now I have a lap full of purring kitten.  It's good to be home

Saturday, March 11, 2017

"Day is done, gone the sun......"

.....see the moon and the stars in the sky, all is well, safely rest......"
I had a very nice day of visiting with Mike and Erin.
Sort of made up for all the trouble we are having with keeping the greenhouses warm. Terrible time last night and tonight promises to be worse as far as temps are concerned. Early this morning right at opening time, Harry went to Hardware and bought two new propane tanks - do you have any idea how much a new tank costs???? We have just hooked them both up and have them running and they will last this night and hopefully tomorrow and over night Sunday. These are to augment the already running, at full heat, the electric ones.  
So I am going to bed , to read a bit and hope to get some sleep. 
We turn the clocks ahead tonight, and I was wondering if this means that winter will finally be over? It is time to end this cold, miserable weather....enough already! Take care. (Thinking of Cathy and Jim as they play their first game early Sunday.)

Friday, March 10, 2017

You can't make this stuff up

I read an article in the computer news about towns in Japan that are being taken over by radioactive wild pigs.  This is in the area where they had that reactor problem awhile back.  The people had to leave and wild pigs from the mountains moved in, and now are over-running the deserted towns. People are now being given permission to move back and are facing quite a problem.

Wisdom from the coffee shop--"if you don't have unhappy once in awhile, how will you  know happy when it comes".

Weekend Plans

What are our plans, you ask.  Well, I thought about it a bit, and my first clear thought was that definition of insanity--"doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result".  We sit in the house, rarely, if ever, speaking to another person other than the clerk at the grocery store.  We play poker and Candy Crush.  We read the news on the computer and in the Free Press. We even order library books through our computers, making it a rare occurrence that we speak to the librarian on our twice weekly visits. We don't need any groceries, and have lots of books to read-so no outings of that sort planned, this weekend.  Yesterday, for excitement, David put the homemade grocery bags through the washer, and today the turned the mattress. He was into poker by 10:00 this morning. ( He won!  I never win!) I am amost looking forward to having my teeth cleaned on Tuesday.  What a way to spend your birthday!

Is it any wonder why I value this blog, and the monthly get- togethers with my stitchery group and fibre art group?   Cathy, no matter how much you complain about the time you spend at work, and at the Legion, they are both social contact, and I see the value of that more and more as I age. Treasure the anticipation and interaction around your Cribbage tournaments.  

One guideline that's been suggested for creativity blocks is to "just do something', even if that's just sorting fabric or cleaning the studio. In consideration of that idea, and in terms of changing the way things are done in the studio, ( remember that definition at the beginning of this post?), I have gone back to the the jar of "prompts" that I made awhile ago, and haven't dared touch ever since.  This was little pieces of paper with an idea or suggestion written on each one.  The idea is that, when you're in a "blue funk", and don't have any ideas of what to do next, you reach into the jar and pull out a piece of paper and do whatever it says.  I found a much larger jar, as the little one I had been using was packed full, and getting anything in or out was a challenge.  So, it's now sitting there, staring at me, and daring me to pull an idea.  I'm just having trouble actually reaching into it.  What if, whatever I pull isn't something I want to do?  What a stupid way to think!!

So, I think my next project will be making sign to tape on the mirror in the upstairs studio that says "JUST DO IT!!"

Pondering the weekend - cold temperatures.

So we are heating the greenhouses with not only the electric heaters but also the propane heaters - temps are in the minus twenties for the next few nights with wind chill. Not pleasant but I just have to "let it ride...."
Pati, we know what Cathy is up to, and we know what Beth is up to, so what will Pati be doing over the weekend?
I started to sort through some of the little plastic storage units I have in the sewing room looking for the iron on patches that I know I have.  I checked every store in Sundridge without luck - apparently no one knows what iron on patches are anymore?
Luck was with me at home though - I found them but in the meantime I have created quite a mess of all the other stuff I have accumulated over the years. Disheartening I suppose to see all this potential and know it will never materialize. eg embellishments of all kinds, and ribbons, and beads etc. But I also find some pleasure in just seeing it, and organizing it. I found a bag of "assorted needlework threads" that you gave me Pati on one of my trips.  So I took the time to sort them out and organize as to type and colour and put into a special box. It will just sit there but I know I have it.
Yesterday Daisy told me that her purse had been taken - with all her money, and cards and cheques etc.So I went over, did a little snooping around best I could under the circumstances. Then I took her to the bank to get a new card ordered, she got some cash, and four printed cheques to have on hand.  I had taken one of my old purses with a wallet inside for her to use in the meantime.  It is not easy to deal with.....
Well, must go for now. Lots to do, as Harry is not feeling well and in bed today. I have to get things ready to go to Mike's tomorrow, and keep an eye on the greenhouses.  Are you getting sick of me talking about the greenhouses, yet?  Well, it lets me vent a bit in my own way, so keep listening OK?  XX

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Have a good weekend Cathy and Jim.

Will be thinking of you as you travel, enjoy some free time and then win your games on Sunday....Yeah!!
Hope you both will have a pleasant weekend. I will be for sure with our planned visit to Mike's.
Take care

Back to work

I made it into work about 10 am on Wednesday.  We had to dig ourselves out of our yard. It might not have been so much effort if we had noticed the shear pin was broken on one side of the snowblower.  No wonder it was hard to move.   I'm not used to all that exercise.  I fell asleep on the couch, got up at 10 and went to bed.  Woke up at 5 the next morning.  I know Jim made some French Fries for supper but I can't tell you if I ate any or not.  I guess that means I should exercise more often.  Our highway wasn't open when we went in, but it opened late in the afternoon.  It is still ice covered today.  Elizabeth spent 2 nights in a hotel in Neepawa.  She couldn't get home to Minnedosa.   This is the first time that I have missed work because of the weather.  There were a couple of times that I was already on holidays when the storm hit but this was just weather.  I should have done housework, but I watched curling instead.  Oh well.  I hope the roads are better for tomorrow.  We are leaving for The Pas to play crib. We play Sunday morning so won't be home until later on Sunday night.   And the clocks go forward.  We may be playing at 9am but my body is going to be saying 8am.  Time to pretend to work.  I'll let you know how we make out in The Pas.  We are only in teams, so our progress depends on all four of us winning our games.

Not nice here either...

Snow squalls and cold temperatures - and with two greenhouses to heat - quite a pinta!  We have not only an electric heater in each, but also now have the propane heaters going - these are the ones that put me into a tailspin! Both greenhouses are mostly full by this time - Harry worked all yesterday doing transplanting - I made out labels for all the pots ( names of tomato etc on plastic sticks) 
But I am baking - cookies. Plan to take to Mike and Erins on Saturday - the thought of visiting is keeping me going these days haha! I have choc chip (Ednas) and peanut butter made yesterday, and will bake a batch of Pati's oatmeal/raisin today when the hydro rates decrease at noon. A few tastes of each - to make sure they are acceptable - also keeps me going!  Take care

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


We've been listening to the news as well.  It sounds like 
Western Manitoba has been chaotic the last day or so.  I don't mean to make light of it, as there have been serious danger for folks out there--15 hours sitting in cars waiting for help-closed highways-accidents on highways that have not been closed--and damn bloody cold and miserable.  We listened to the wind howl all night.  Yesterday evening there was snow falling and blowing around--hard to tell which and maybe both together, but it's clear today and the roads are fine-in the city. Still cold and miserable, though.  Have you managed to get out yet Cathy?

Wicked storm for you folks

Hearing on the news about the awful weather in your midst. And for Cathy to have to stay home it must be really really bad. Thinking of you and all the digging out. The news says lots of power outages so also hope that is not your issue as well.
Keep in touch - call if you need my help. I'm good at shoveling haha! The bus trip might be too much though....trying to keep it light and cheerful for you.  Take care

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


I can't remember having snow days when we were young.  Snow days for a working mother were to be dreaded.  Stat holidays were a bonus, because that's when we had time to do housework.  Now they barely register as one day is very much like the rest-except for "payday" when we pay bills and grocery shop.  I think my kids were short changed in some ways, but they turned out okay--a testament to having responsibility young.

Pets.  It now appears that everyone in my family has pets except me.  Notice the plural.  Amber told us yesterday that they have acquired a young female black Lab to replace the female Golden lab that they recently lost.  This goes along with their older Black Lab and two cats. Cathy has cats and dogs.  Beth has a menagerie.  Even Loren has his cat-Mickey- although there is some confusion about whether Loren owns Mickey or Mickey owns Loren.  I miss having an animal.  It was a conscious decision not to, when we were doing so much travelling.  Now we have to consider that any pet we acquire would be likely to out live us, and that has a lot of potential pitfalls.  I don't think either of us would enjoy having the responsibility of having a dog.  We're just not mobile enough.  So give your "little ones" a snuggle for me.

Quiet day today.  We have the wind that Cathy is sending out way.  Just imagine--4 below with a wind chill of minus 25.  so we are staying inside and playing internet poker.

Snow day

Amasing how the words "Snow Day" used to get us so excited as kids.  Not leaving the house today.  Highway has been closed since last night.  IF the wind dies down we won't be getting out of our yard without a lot of snow blowing on our part.  Even then I am not sure about our road.  Oh well.  We are prepared.  Wine and potato chips.  Life is good.  At least our power is staying on.

Monday, March 6, 2017

The day has come.

David finally stated quite firmly that some of my pants were past their prime and had to go. ( He's been sneaking up and pulling them down when I don't expect it, but I guess he didn't think I got the hint.)  Over the past couple of months, I've been getting discount cards from the two stores where I've been shopping, and I was saving these to use on my birthday, but today turned out to be the day.  With the help of the coupons and the spring sales that are on, we made out like bandits.  More importantly, I found bras.  I haven't bought any bras since Beth visited and we went down to the States with Amber.  Some of my bras are well over 20 years old and a little stretched out ( a lot stretched out).It was certainly time to buy more, and I've been looking for while.  We had thought that it might mean another trip to Fargo. But, we found some lovely ones in one store, but they only had two in my size.  She checked in other stores, as they won't be getting any more in, and found 3 in Edmonton.  David told her to have them sent here! The price was certainly right, especially when they were buy one, get one, as they were considered "old" stock.  I also got a very pretty T-shirt there, and at an excellent sale price. Then we went to a  second store, for trousers.  I found three pair of trousers, on sale, and--more bras!  So we bought two more.  Again, thanks to three $$off coupons, from that store, we saved a bundle.

I had been paid well for teaching on Saturday, and had bought home kit fees as well, so this isn't as much "spur of the moment", as it may sound.  I'm certainly getting spoiled.  So now, I have to stay home and behave for awhile.

Another year older....

but not really because all last year I thought I was 63. Now that I am 63 I am no older than last year.  My day was sort of relaxing but I must admit that when Jim asked what I wanted for my Birthday supper I foolishly thought he meant he would make it!  I did send him to town for Ice Cream because I baked a Saskatoon Crisp for dessert.  Rrain came over and we played a couple of games of Frustration Rummy.  I remember your rules were harder, Beth, and you played 10 or 12 hands. DO you still have those rules?  The challenge might be fun.  I told Beth, but not Pati yet, that Jim came home with another kitten on Friday.  His name is Tom (That was his name when we got him and Jim thought it was okay...... unlike Ally who used to be Thelma)  It took a couple of days but the two cats are getting along now.  They play like Kittens and chase up and down the halls.   My 2 weeks of  hell at work should be over today.  Patty is going to be back, but she texted me to say she has very little voice.  That will rule out her answering phones.  A small price to pay to have another body there to help.  The sad thing is that after being so far behind for 2 weeks, with everyone there we will be all caught up by Wednesday.  It might be nice to sit around with nothing to do.  We head to The Pas on Friday to play crib.  We are only in teams this year, no doubles, so we don't  play until Sunday morning.  We will get home pretty late on Sunday night.  Hopefully as winners

Sunday, March 5, 2017

No more deadlines

A truly freeing realization.  I think my class went well. We had some fun, which is always a good sign.  And I got paid, as well as getting rid of a lot of beads.

Cathy, I hope today's going well.  We've all reached the age now where what we want/need to do on our birthdays is quite different than what we did when we were younger.  I only hope you're having some sort of celebratory dessert--with no guilt--where ever you may be and whatever you're up to. 

Wishing Cathy warmth and happiness

Bitter cold morning here so this Happy Birthday wish to you. Cathy brings with it some warm and happy thoughts.
Happy Birthday to Cathy. Enjoy the day the very best you can. Best wishes XXX

Friday, March 3, 2017

40 lbs of pork chops anyone?

Two trips to the Valu-Mart in Burk's Falls this morning and in total we bought 40 lbs of pork chops. It was 99 cent/lb on sale and people were just grabbing at it and the workers couldn't get it onto the shelf fast enough.  But it is not all for us - don't panic. I called Mike and he said yes and his friend said yes so we have frozen it all in individually wrapped packages and next Sat when we go to Mike's we'll take some. I have a bit left out and plan to make a stir fry tomorrow.
And the other good happenings for today are: #1:  I got a Tim's dark Roast coffee at the Tim Horton's on the first trip, and #2 I got the ordered books three and four of the Kidd series at the Library to read.  I'm almost finished book two of the series, so good timing. 
Happy weekend every one. XX

A minor adventure

Today we got an e-mail from Air Miles telling us how many air miles we have.  We never use the actual "reward" miles, but do use the cash miles all the time at the grocery store.  Well, today they had a little box telling us that there was a sale on at their"virtual store".  I took a look for the first time ever, and found a hot chocolate maker and frother.  Over the past while David had expressed interest in a frother, but the price in stores was just too unreasonable--even at 75% off.  So we ordered the frother.  We are told to expect delivery in four weeks. We'll let you know what happens.

Cathy's birthday

I hope Cathy has a great day, doing whatever she chooses to do.  Still, it's a bit of a "bummer" to have a birthday on a Sunday.  Sunday makes it harder to find those fun" things we all enjoy but don't talk about much. Cathy, enjoy the anniversary of your 29th birthday.

Weekend events

It will be a busy and fun filled weekend - for my sisters !!
First, it is a Birthday weekend for Cathy. Special day looms ahead and you can bet I will be sending my best hugs your way.
And also for Pati, her Teaching Class on Saturday. You are well prepared so I know it will go well, but I will also be sending my thoughts your way.
As for me, I expect some shoveling and of course planting and greenhouse work so if you wish, you two can send all your love across the wires to me!
Cold here as well as in your area but expecting that to change again come next week.  Today we plan to drive to Burk's Falls (next town south) I will deposit our Income Tax papers for processing at the Accountants - anxious to get the numbers back so I can plan the payment for end of April.  Then there is a sale of meat at Value Mart - good deal for pork chops. If I am lucky, I may get a Tims as well. There is a Tim Hortons in Burk's Falls but rarely have we ever gone in, in spite of driving by to Huntsville every week.
Daisy has informed me that she has a Dentist appointment Tuesday at 1045 am. Tuesday is usually the day we drive to Huntsville to forage the cheap stores, so I guess Harry will have to change his plans for next week. When I took Daisy to the Village Bins on Wed she bought some raisins and other items. I put them on her kitchen table when we got to her place. She informs me yesterday that "they" came and took her raisins.  She had washed them and put them into a container, and now they are gone. All I can do is listen and ask a few open questions to allow her to talk about it.  At no time will I actually call her bluff so to speak, as she might just as easily turf me out of the house. It gets difficult at times for me to remain open and neutral and yet supportive for her. And yes, it has become more of a "job" than I had thought but, that's the way it is.
So have a great weekend folks.  Think Spring if you can....
Take care

Thursday, March 2, 2017

re: geese

On the news yesterday they reported that the first goose had appeared in Oak Hammock Marsh last week.  This is the earliest spring appearance since they had started keeping records.  Not sure what this portends, but it means the two geese we saw by the Taxation Centre weren't eating loco weed.

And today it's cold.  Cold enough that we've decided to stay home.

I finished the necessary work on my beading sample yesterday, and David helped me pack my bag for Saturday. Of course, now I've found a few other things to pack. But this means that I can start a new project.  Yeah!  So, in celebration I washed the walls in the back foyer this morning.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sit and wait

We picked up my piece at the physio clinic this morning, so the only thing on my studio agenda is picking up my pieces in Selkirk on Saturday and the beading class I'm teaching on Saturday.  Do you sense a double booking there?  We'll deal with it.  I've just about have my last beading sample ready--it should be done my lunch time today.  And I have reviewed and revised not only the class handout, but my teaching notes as well.  Other than packing up everything on Friday, there isn't any more I can do.

Beth, what you're now talking about with Daisy sounds like a lot more than you originally signed up for.  Wasn't it just to take her to church on Sundays, when this started?  Now you're looking at daily phone calls and church on Feast days as well, with a bit of running errands thrown in.  But, it does get you an outing, and some socialization with other than family.  We need that sort of thing.

After picking up my piece this morning, we stopped for my daily coffee.  There is a different crew on earlier in the day, and I got a thank you for the bookmarks I gave them instead of a tip. This short conversation is often the only outside of the family socialization I get.  The cup of coffee is a nice way to start the day, as well. Usually I get it later in the afternoon.

I talked about seeing the geese yesterday. This morning I noticed that Dairy Queen is open now.  I guess that, even if we have a couple more blizzards, spring may actually come this year.

Fabrics on sale?

Do you still ever go into Mitchell's Fabrics Pati?
I see in WFP that it is liquidating all stock starting on Tuesday - closing apparently.
I will always remember going in there and being a bit overwhelmed.  I also think this was the store where Mom bought that shorty fur jacket she wanted so badly - I could be wrong but it strikes me as so. 
Seems so many landmarks are closing. You folks would notice it far more than me by virtue of frequenting the area - I only read what I can in the WFP. And sometimes have to consult my tattered map to orient myself to location etc.
Today is raining and turning to snow and then snow storm and squalls with plus plus amounts of snow. All buses cancelled again.
I was prepared to shovel water last night but it did not amount to anything but is raining now so maybe in for another wonderful day. I have to take Daisy to Church and then shopping so hope I can navigate about safely.
Take care ...Happy first of March to everyone.