Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Today was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  That crazy old woman and her foggy brained memory did me in.  But I survived.  Needing a "pick-me-up", David cut me one of the peonies from the front garden.  This is the one peony that we have actually planted ourselves since moving in, and is a beautiful shell pink.  The others were here when we arrived and are dark red.  I love the look of the delicate pink flowers, but their life span is so short during these hot humid days.  This bloom would have been brown and ugly by tomorrow, but now I have it with me for ever.

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Big Canada Day celebrations in Sundridge yesterday ending with 15 minutes of bang bang bang fireworks at 10 pm.  I just came back from taking the dog for a walk to the water front - all I could find was a dime. Sometimes after big crowd affairs one can find a quarter or a loonie but not this morning haha But it was nice and peaceful with a very fine misty rain falling. One house close to the lake had a bonfire going in their back yard - either still partying from last night or they like an early sit outside by the fire. I couldn't see any real person about but a few cars including one with a licence plate from Alberta.
I treated myself to a fire last night too! Sat by a real good fire fed with lots of the branches and sticks accumulated around the yard and I roasted marshmallows. It was great, and Scooby and I had a peaceful time.  I was hoping to sit long enough for the light to fade so I could see the fire glowing but by 8 pm with still lots of daylight in the sky  I gave up and came in.
Yesterday , speaking of scavenging, Harry went to garage sales and this time around I was the recipient of a couple of nice items. One was a Tim Hortons Limited edition mug new in the box with a package of coffee grounds. It was a 2011 mug which fortunately I did not have already. Also a gorgeous book The Notebooks of Emily Carr complete with an additional folder with 6" by 8" prints of some of her work. Wonderful - I shall enjoy reading this.  So I guess I can't complain about this can I?
Anyway, today, being a bit rainy outside, I plan to freeze strawberries, and bake banana muffins and maybe even sew a bit !!  Glad to hear Pati that you have some projects to concentrate on and feeling better getting back into the studio again. And what are you up to Cathy? Soon vacation ,eh!  Take care.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pink Panther

When I actually think about it, I was dating at the time the movie first came out, so you were probably a little young.  It certainly  had an impact, along with the various sequels.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Pink Panther

You know, I can  hum the theme for the Pink Panther but I cannot say that it is part of my memories

Another memory?

Lately we have been putting the tv onto music stream when we're not watching.  Our favourite is  smooth jazz.  I was sitting in the kitchen when I recognized a smooth jazz version of "The Pink Panther".  David caught me just smiling and listening, and gave me a strange look, until I pointed out what I was listening to, and then he smiled as well.  They say that the events of our late teens and and early twenties colour our memories more than any other time of our lives, and "The Pink Panther" absolutely fills the bill.  You have talked of finding the dvd and buying it, Beth, so it must bring memories for you too.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Strawberries anyone?

Out the door early this morning and at the Berry Patch by 8 am - opening time.  Was easy picking as many nice ripe berries hanging down fresh with rain from the night before. We got 6 large baskets picked in no time, and then back home via the Nursery where Harry bought more plants for the garden.  I have one basket cleaned and some NutriWhip whipped up ( some left over in carton from Cheese Cake I made) So you know that  shall be having a bowl before too long (wish you were here!) The other five baskets are currently in two coolers with ice until I can find a way to get them into the fridge.
Did lots of weeding yesterday and expect will soon be out there again as it has cleared up nicely from that little bit of rain we had.  So much lettuce grown that I must have a salad or sandwich every day to keep up with it. Last evening I gave the neighbour two heads of romaine so thats two less that I will have to eat. Don't get me wrong - I love the fresh veg and salads from the garden but they all come to full growth all at the same time and its far too much for one person to "enjoy" - I will eat it all but eventually it is eaten to get rid of instead of to enjoy.
Hope all is fine with you folks. I really enjoyed our trip down memory lane Pati - any more we can take together? Only thing is you two seem to have the advantage of being still close to the action whereas it has been far too long since I left the city and have no idea of the changes that have occurred.  Pity....I often have to bring out the map to refresh my poor old memory of streets and areas that you mention.  The changed the Wpg Free Press web site so much that I don't go there every day like I used to and I miss that. It was a daily habit for me.  Take care

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Park theatre

I think that the Park has become well know to just about everyone in the "arts" community, for just the sort of event you've described, Cathy.  The "vibe' I've heard seems to make it a vibrant addition to the community, filling a role similar to the old version of the West End Cultural Centre, before it was renovated and became pricier and more difficult to book.  I'm sure you'e right about the screen, but I also know that the stage is used  for other events, as a stage.  There have been write-ups in the newspaper about what they are doing there and the plans they have for the building, but the bottom line to most of it, is that it remain a theatre, in some way, shape or form.

The Park

I, too, have memories of the Park theatre.  I used to go on Saturday.  25 cents would get me in and popcorn.  I remember once, a man, sitting behind us, kept giving us money for candy.  I know now that he was a "dirty old man" but he never touched us.  I also remember seeing a horror movie where they ripped the beating heart out of a man.  Daddy had heart for supper.  I didn't eat it that night and i have never eaten it again.  I also think they must have some sort of screen there now, because a short film, filmed in neepawa, and starring local talent had its debut there just a couple of weeks ago.  It was called "Mockingbird"  It was a night of short horror films (June 12).  I auditioned but didn't get a part.  The other film "Amityville horror" had it's north american debut in Neepawa last week.  It was a British production.  We are so full of culture here

Point of view

I think I see it as a triumph over circumstances.  As you said, Beth, smaller theatres have all had to convert to digital or stop showing movies.  Certainly in the city, the multi-screen theatres, have taken over and the small theatres have mainly disappeared or been re-purposed.  ( You can now watch a first run movie from an easy chair, with food service including liquor, if you want, and have the money.  But of course, you can also do this at home) The "re-purposed" Park Theatre has become  a venue for any sort of alternative event--craft sales, lectures, music etc.  If you have the money to rent it, you can come and lecture, providing your opinion of the fate of snow geese because of global warming, or why white should not be considered a colour.  And it is well booked. When we saw the marquee on tv there were four distinct events advertised.  When I see other old theatres torn down or turned into retail outlets, or soup kitchens, I consider the survival of the Park as a very good thing.


Certainly, I have similar memories of the Park Theatre, and somewhat saddened to learn of renovations that you described have gutted the theatre proper. I thought it may still be a Theatre that showed International Shows but that must have been a long time ago.  I loved the bathroom - which I thought were so "elegant" as a young girl.  I can remember the owner stopping everything to caution us all. I guess all the old Theatres downtown, as we knew them,  have met their demise. Didn't you tell us Cathy that the Metropolitan was now a Restaurant?  On a brighter note, the little Village Theatre in Burks falls down the highway opened again after a two year hiatus. It was needing to upgrade to the new digital projection equipment and was either to close permanently or try to raise the money locally. A project was started to Save the Theatre and was very successful. We used to go there with the kids  - only open in summer months and draws a lot of the tourists. But now I don't go to Movies. I used to go occassionally with Mike in North Bay but that has long stopped.  I count on my DVD or VHS movies to keep me happy! I just bought the original The Pink Panther and watched it the other day. Fun to see all these old classics, and fun to look for them at the Restore or Value Village etc.
Rained last night and is very dark this morning so maybe more in store. It would be nice for the garden to get a soaking, and I would look forward to an "inside" day haha  Take care

Monday, June 22, 2015

down memory lane

Last night, just before bed, a low budget tv show came on, made here in Winnipeg.  It's called "Buy it, Fix it, Sell It".  Strange people buy very strange things at a local Auction house, and then fix them up--sometimes to the point of being unrecognizable--and try to sell it for lots of cash.  One man bought an old bicycle, and turned it into a vanity, including adding a sink--I kid you not.  Then he tried to sell it to the man who bought the old Park Theatre, and is trying to turn it into a venue for live music.  Are you still with me?  Well, it fit quite nicely into a washroom, that was being renovated, and a deal was made.  However, the cameras took us on a tour of the theatre.  The seats are gone, as is the screen.  The floor no longer appeared to slant ( I could be wrong about that)  There is the stage--I think the original one, and the lobby appeared well tarted up.  All I could think of was the many years that we spent every Saturday afternoon there, usually watching a duster or two.  Fifteen cents would get us admitted, and buy us an " all day sucker".  This may be more one of my memories, rather than you two, but I think you both were able to catch part of it.  Every Saturday afternoon--a double feature, and cartoon.  Sometimes the kids would get unruly, and they would stop the movie, turn up the lights and the owner would tell everyone to calm down and be quiet.

I remember Daddy telling us how, during the depression, the theatre would be renovated every couple of years, so as to provide a little work for the men in the neighbourhood.  Even when I was going there were regular "rag drives' with prizes for the biggest load turned in.

I'll have to see if I can stumble onto the tv show again.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Today, David's sister came and picked us up and off we went to a 90th birthday celebration at an elderly persons' residence out on Roblin Blvd.  Quite a trip with all of the construction around the city,and the Manitoba Marathon being run through the city today. The building we went to was, at one time, a personal care home run by the Oddfellows, but has now been converted into individual suites, with a common dining room.  I'm not sure what level of care they provide, but the facility appeared very nice--nice gardens etc.  Pretty good for a building dating from 1920.  The party was for June McTaggert, mother of my teenage BFF, Judy Wynne.  June, and her first husband were very close to David's parents, a relationship that lead to David and I meeting. It was a "come and go" reception, so we stayed for a little less than an hour, but it was nice to touch base again, after all these years.

Since getting home we have both vegg'ed out watching Border Security, We couldn't even be bothered cooking supper, and instead made some salmon sandwiches.  Neither of us has any energy or initiative. This was a short outing, and Gail did the driving, so why are we both so exhausted?   Doesn't make sense.  There must be some happy medium between being constantly busy, as I see in the next generation, and not having the ambition to do anything.

Cherry Cheese cake

Haven't made one of these for ages and just now completed said cake and stored it in fridge for tomorrow.  Mike called to wish Harry Happy Fathers Day and wondered when we might get up to visit. As it turned out both Mike and Erin are off tomorrow so, tomorrow it is!  So as a treat I made said cake. I had all the ingredients as had thought of making it for their Birthdays (but Rhubarb prevailed at that time) I had bought a bag of ground graham wafers crumbs but when I added the melted butter, the concoction turned to a glue like substance. The grounds apparently were really too fine and I did not want to chance using this as the crust. So into the cupboard and fortunately I had a box of graham crackers - took out the rolling pin and had at it. Now I was happy with the crust. I have to remember NOT to buy crumbs again.  Have you folks had similar problems?
Been a really slow kind of day and when things slow down like this I start to feel like I'm not moving and basically useless. So I'm trying to keep myself busy - organized the shelf of plastic ware in the kitchen if you please haha!  Now I'm eating a bowl of potato salad, and next I do not know?  I likely will get out my hexis - this always makes me feel good.
Well, enough of idle talk and nothingness! Hope you folks are being a little more productive?
Take care

Friday, June 19, 2015

Dreary, rainy day

It's so hard to get "up and at 'em".  David was quite busy, today, trying to rack wine ( move it from one carboy to another, so as to get rid of some of the sludge at the bottom), but ended up breaking a 19 l. carboy.  Yeah, lots of broken glass all over the cement floor in the laundry room.  This lead to a trip to the wine store to buy a couple of more carboys, and handles for all that we own (Kachi-i-ing).  He was trying to get the laundry done at the same time, as I still haven't ventured down the basement stairs yet.  This afternoon was my second knee class, and amongst the nine of us there, eight complained of having a very poor day because of the weather.

Yesterday was a bit better.  We were out and about. and stopped into the store where my Royal Albert Commemorative mugs are sold.  Sure enough they had the "Poppy" pattern in. ( they had promised to call me when it came in) They also had one with the "Duchess" pattern.  I hadn't really looked at that one before, but it was quite pretty, with little blue flowers all around the inside rim.  Needless to say, we bought both.  This gives me 7 of them now, more than enough for anyone, so won't be looking any more.  Having checked them all out on the internet, there really isn't any other pattern I'm interested in, in any case.

Last night I watched "Balletluah"  on CBC.  This is an original ballet performed by the Alberta Ballet, choreographed to the music of k.d.lang.  The choreographer had tried to incorporate the emotions expressed in the music, as it related to events in her life (?!?)  There were several scenes of her discussing this with the choreographer.  The show had been heavily promoted, and I had wanted to see it, but was somewhat disappointed, as I had trouble relating emotions to music, despite having it explained to me.  I think if she had actually written some of the music and/or lyrics, it might have been easier to understand.

So now it's evening, and both of us are ready to turn into vegetables.

The weekend is here but...

...for some reason life seems to be the "same old same old" haha!  I just came inside from watering everything outside. I was doing great until at the very last the hose turned on itself and on me - and I got soaked before I could run to grab it and turn it away from my direction. Oh well, it was time to come in anyway and get my jammies on and start to fill in the Food Diary for today before I head for bed. I got my lucky ticket for tonight so there will be great celebration tomorrow morning when I check the numbers!! and for that reason I should get a decent night's sleep which for the most part has eluded my lately.
Yesterday we went to Bracebridge Hospital and visited  the mother of our friend - she was in bed when we got there and we wanted to take her outside to sit in the gazebo and talk just as we had done the other times. She was OK with it, but the Nurse said she had already been up for 5 hours so she was now going to stay in bed. I thought this odd but what can you do so we talked there for over an hour and then headed home. I called our friend and related our visit and she was not too happy with hearing her mom had been put to bed. She may speak to someone about it but I left it with her to deal with.
I bought some bratwurst sausages today so we had a BBQ with potato salad, and the sausages. These were on special as they were introducing them as a new product. I love bratwurst but these seemed to be a bit dry and not too tasty. I do not think I shall buy them again as prefer the others I have had from the same store.
Tomorrow is garage sale day so I expect Harry to be off early and I have plans for washing cloths other housework, as well as several jobs in the yard that need attending to. never go wanting for things to do whether I want to or not haha!
Have a good weekend and Happy Father's Day to those fellows who like to celebrate!
Take care

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Two steps forward, one step back--or vice versa

Yeah, I ran into a little trouble Friday.  We were out an about quite a bit last week, with me using my cane.  Friday both legs were fatigued, and, unfortunately, a transfer went wrong.  Much pain,--scared me silly.  Then I couldn't get out of the tub.  David had to come to help, with me all naked and slippery. So, as of Friday afternoon, I am back with my walker, in the house and everywhere else.  I have limited my transfers to two chairs, my lift chair in the living room, and a wooden chair with armrests in the kitchen.  My office chair in the studio has been relegated to the closet by the front door, just in case I forget and try to use it.  Saturday, I didn't even get dressed.  Just vegged out in front of the tv, and napped (3 x during the day).

Yesterday, I had my Physio assessment.  A student, so a very thorough assessment.  I start knee class tomorrow, but in a basic beginners class, twice a week.  The Physio ( I had a chat with his supervising therapist, after my assessment.  The same lady who ran the knee class when I was in it last fall.) agrees that it's just a case of regress back to the day I got out of hospital, and take it one step at a time.  However, I have been doing a little "furniture walking" today, and managed a shower this morning ( after re- thinking my bathroom adaptations).  The hardest thing is not being able to get into the studio.  I was so ready to get down to work.  However, I am reading one hard cover book a day, so will be needing regular trips to the library over the next little while.

Beth, I've looked at underpants at Dollarama.  They are cotton, are they not?  And not my size (nothing inexpensive is--big sigh)  The last few times, I've bought them at the Bay.  Every time I go I pray that they still stock them--Jockey Silks ( or is it Silkies?)  They use a French sizing system, and actually carry large enough sizes for me.  However--almost $15.00/pair.  So I don't go often.

Yesterday, I made Seven Layer Dinner in the slow cooker.  Not bad at all.  A little overdone, but that was my fault for leaving it too long, as I was afraid the carrots wouldn't cook.  I had forgotten that it wouldn't loose any moisture in the slow cooker, Another time, I'll reduce the amount of fluid I put in.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Trip to North Bay today

Mike's actual Birthday is today so I went up with rhubarb cake in hand and visited with Mike and Erin. They were both off today so made it easier to make plans for a visit. Harry stayed home as he is nursing a really sore neck and can hardly move it much.  I shopped at No Frills, got some gas in the car ( darn thing always wants gas!) and went to Dollarama to buy one pair of underpants. I had seen them there for $2.00 a pair on my last trip to the store. I need new underwear and usually buy them 2 for $14.00 at Walmart. My plan is to try this one pair, and if suitable I'll get more. They look quite suitable to hold up but time will tell if they will actually fit comfortably. A lot cheaper if they do....yeah!  Maybe new underwear for my trip?
The neighbour across the street who we gave tomato plants to came by just after I got home with a gift basket thanking us for the tomatoes. A big wicker basket with dishcloths lining it full of a bottle of home made wine, some crackers, brie cheese, a candle and a book. I was quite surprised. She wanted to look around so I gave her a quick tour and even picked for her a handful of fresh parsley she was eyeing. She is nice and likes to talk so it makes for a little pleasantness for me.
Now I must log into the Food Diary for today and then to bed.
Overall, a very nice day! Take care

Friday, June 12, 2015

Two rough days

Yesterday, David had a doctor's appointment to get the results of the MRI he had on his right knee in early May.  This meant getting up at 5:30 and sitting in the office for over an hour until we were seen.  Unfortunately, the results couldn't be found, so home we came, with a trip to the grocery store on the way.  Later in the morning the Doctor phoned, to let us know that the results had been found,and he suggested that we go back this morning to discuss a course of action.  Just be there before 8:00, he says.  Well we slept in until 6:30, and made it, and were seen right away.  He agreed to a prescription for an electric lift chair like mine,( it saves us the sales tax) and an application for a handicapped parking permit for David.  ( he uses mine, which, of course, is illegal.)  But it was just after 7:30 when we got out of the office, so we came home for breakfast, and then headed to the other side of town about 10:00 to buy the lift chair, and then home again via the grocery store and library.

We have both spent the afternoon vegging out.  Absolutely exhausted.  Our cable tv is out, so we didn't even have that, and barely noticed it was missing.  We had planned to have Chinese food for supper, but didn't even have the energy to walk across the street to get it, and,instead, just raided the fridge.  I'm starting to feel guilty about how little we are doing, but right now see it as a necessary evil, until my knees settle down.  Maybe I should just enjoy it while I can.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crazy few days...

... and it could tell a really weird story if it weren't me that lived through it. Harry was the highest bidder on a few lots of coins at Midland Coin Auction that ended Sunday night. So Tuesday we drove to Midland to pick them up. It is a nice drive through some gorgeous scenery but never the less a long one especially when we stop in Huntsville on way back to go to the ReStore and Canadian Tire. The lots of pennies turned out to be a bust - very few worth keeping. So the pennies were wrapped , labelled (have to write your account number on each) and boxed up. Total of 283 rolls which had to be put into three separate bags because of the weight of so many rolls of pennies. And then Wednesday I took them into the bank to exchange for cash. Fortunately they were not too busy so were able to serve me. I am always prepared with them all wrapped into 10 rolls each with elastic bands as they have to be for accurate counting.
This was yesterday when - if you were following our news, we were under a tornado warning and advised to watch the weather carefully and take cover. The new provincial warning system was implemented for the first time and every few minutes on the radio and TV the news flash came on complete with a siren to announce the communication.  I was prepared - planned to go downstairs and put animals in the bathroom and I was going under the stairs. I had the box of all the important papers ready to take down and my purse was packed with medications, bank books, and flashlights and my cell phone charger.  By about 4 pm they downgraded  the warning in our area to a watch, and by about 6 pm they called our area clear of danger although further South around Lindsay they were still warning. As it turned out there were severe thunderstorms everywhere but no active tornadoes touched down. But it gave for a real scary day for me wondering what was to happen and what one would do if the tornado did hit us.
To add to the days anxiety I told you both that our Server was transitioning to the new owner Bell Aliant overnight Tuesday to Wednesday morning and so when I got up early Wednesday morning, I had to implement the changes for both Harry and myself hoping and praying that I could follow the instructions the Server sent to us by email. It seemed to work as we can get messages but still have a few concerns for which I may have to call the techs about.  It was all too much don't you think? So I took a few minutes time and did some more sewing on my Hexi table topper. I am happy with how it its coming. But seeing your gorgeous pink knitting bag completed was great Pati. It is really lovely how you have put it together. Anxious to see the geese quilt complete. I only have about ten little geeses made so far, but its a start right!
Well, time for bed. Hope all is well with you folks. Take care.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stormy Weather

We are still just putting in time.  I admit I'm feeling a bit of cabin fever, but at the same time, where do I need to go?

Yesterday was a rainy day.  Not good for old bones.  I tried to have a nap, and just lay there listening to rolling thunder.  It went on for a couple of hours, without a break, just wave after wave of thunder.  I can't remember ever hearing anything like it before.  Then, about 4:00 the actual storm arrived, with a vengeance. Heavy hail, torrential rain.  We were sure glad the car was in the garage!  And then the sun came out.  And it got humid.

Yesterday I gave into my laziness, and made a pot roast for supper, by throwing everything into the slow cooker.  Potatoes, onions, and carrots, along with the meat.  Added 2 cups of beef broth from a packet, and topped with a package of onion soup mix.  I had heard of this (Yankee Pot Roast??) but David hadn't, so was a little apprehensive.  But it was great.

Other than a trip to the library, we have nothing planned for today.  I am going to my Tuesday Stitchers tomorrow. so am going to practice with my cane around the house today, so that my friend, Susanne, won't have to deal with my walker.  The problem is that I keep forgetting it!

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Jim's sister, Glenda, arrived this week.  Last time she was here we surprised his other sister, Jean, with their arrival.  This time they showed up and Jean said " turn about is a bitch!"  Needless to say, Jim was surprised.  He is at Chase the Ace.  I am about to go out and start a fire.  I am having a mole removed from my face.  Dr. T froze it on Thursday.  He said 2 - 3 weeks and it should be gone.  It is now peeling and I want it gone NOW!  Rrain is performing in Brandon today with the community choir.  Next Saturday she is here.   She is soooo involved in the community.  It is amazing when you consider how much she dislikes people :)

Friday, June 5, 2015


today was the big day.  I got to remove my dressing, which was not a problem, and everything looks good.  But this also meant that I could have a shower!  I've been sponge bathing, but that doesn't really cut it.  Yesterday I got so frustrated that I had David take me to the walk-in hairdresser, who washed my hair for me.  Anyway, I now feel clean!  And that feels good!

I finally prepared a more complicated meal--Pasta Primavera with Shrimp.  This takes a bit of preparation, but I worked slowly over the afternoon and had everything prepared and ready to throw in the pot when the time came.  We had some shrimp in the freezer that needed using, so I just used the whole package.  What a treat!

David looked after the laundry today, as well as a grocery shopping trip.  It took a lot out of him, as he fell deeply asleep in his chair for almost two hours, this afternoon.

But all of this left both of us ready for an early bed.  the only problem with that is that we are getting up earlier.  Now I'm ready for bed.

Not so sunny this mormning

Woke to cloudy skies and potential for showers today.  This will be good for a few reasons: the garden needs a good soak especially with new plantings done in the last two days; and I would like an inside day haha!  Hope it goes as planned.
 I bought my Lotto Max ticket yesterday so I am in the race for the millions$$$$ just like many others.So I have a full day and night to dream about the "what ifs" I guess that is really the point isn't it? But a few bucks my way wouldn't hurt would it?
Otherwise little in the way of excitement around here - I guess my neighbours are not nearly as interesting as Pati's!  The new Splash Pad Opening is to take place tomorrow to much fanfare - I do not want to go down to the waterfront to spectate but we likely will just to show community support. Afterall isn't who sees you there that matters?
Here's to a nice weekend for everyone. What plans do you have? Take care

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Splendid Day!

Quick update on my day. We went to Mike and Erin's for birthday celebrations today  It was so special that the Canadian Snowbirds gave a demonstration right over their house while we ate Lunch. North Bay was a busy place today as it was Armed Forces Day, and as well the Torch for the PanAm games passed through today. As a matter of fact the torch then made its way down the highway and stopped here in Sundridge around 4:00 pm. I had lots of food made and the chocolate dessert was a big hit. Erin had never tasted this before and I think loved it. She has the rest of the dish to finish up anyway and didn't seem to mind that challenge.  Mike had his Rhubarb Crumble Cake so we pleased them both! They bought themselves a dishwasher as a birthday gift - Erin wanted to have one so badly. We had given Mike one several years ago but it died so now there will be peace in the household after not having one for quite awhile. haha!  So I didn't have to do any dishes before leaving their place this afternoon.
Did not do any work in the yard once we got back home except some watering and  just as well as quite tired now! I think I'll head for bed, read a bit and hopefully get some sleep The last little while has not been conducive to good sleeps but the night time temps are up again so no need to worry about the plants.
Take care

Ah yes--Kapuskasing!

All of the neighbours there were interesting.  The ladies from the brothel were friendly.  We had very little to do with the bootlegger. The guy with the chainsaw next door was a total jerk.  His wife finally went to the employer and arranged for company housing and pay assignment, to her.  It annoyed me when the landlord's wife had a stroke, and they put him in a nursing home, because she couldn't look after him anymore.  I also remember the fuss when the 300lb stripper came to town to work under black light.

But those people were there when we moved in.  Our current neighbours came after us.

Did you ever think it was you?

Remember your house in Kapuskasing?  You had interesting neighbours then, too.  And police raids.  Life does tend to repeat itself!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Be careful what you wish for......

Yesterday we were saying that we needed something to wake us up and provide interest so that we don't doze away the day.  This morning it was more of the same,  By 1:00 I gave in to inevitable, and went down for a nap.  David often snoozes in his recliner while I do this.  At 1:30 he woke me to tell me that the police were conducting a raid on the house next door.

Twelve marked and unmarked Police cars, the the Office of the Fire Commissioner, Manitoba Hydro, and the truck from a large electrical firm, plus a couple of others.  We even had one of them parked in our driveway ( with permission).  Several neighbours were sitting out on front steps observing the action. It was all cleared away within a couple of hours, but I'm sure the neighbourhood will be talking about it for quite awhile.   David did find out that they did have a medical permit, for a grow-op, but they had finally been brought down via bylaws and construction code violations,most specifically electrical changes that had been made that were not according to code. We also found out that they had two houses, and a raid was taking place simultaneously on the other house.

Hopefully, we can now sleep at night with the windows open, but the future may be of concern.  For awhile, the house will be closed up, and, probably, the garden neglected.  Worst case, the Fire Commissioner will condemn the house and order it demolished.

And that's our story for today.

hey, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Hey Pati - we know you are there and we know you are slightly more compromised than us right now (really ?) but take solace in the fact you shall survive and recover from your "mushy" facilities. As for me, sometimes I wonder haha!
I just made a Rhubarb Crumble cake, and have all the ingredients ready to put together the Death By Chocolate dessert. I have the sandwich makings ready and just cut some carrots for the first of the veggie tray.  I have to go shopping later to get the rest of the food I want.  I decided I am going to have some fun putting together this Birthday luncheon for Mike and Erin. We go tomorrow to celebrate!
I was up last night checking the temperatures and even wandering around the yard at 4 am. It is really quite peaceful and serene at that time, all alone. The last three nights were iffy but now temps are getting better so maybe do not have to worry as much about the plants for awhile. I achieved my goal of cleaning up the picnic area and getting all the ornaments arranged around the yard. It looks very nice and welcoming now and I can walk round and choose where I would like to sit for awhile as there are several little resting areas to enjoy. I have several chairs around the fire pit and imagine you all sitting with me talking and having a great time together haha ! My Lily of the Valley is also all in bloom now and a beautiful sight with delicious scents to sooth my soul!  I know how you feel when you see and smell this gorgeous offering. Cathy do you have Lily of the Valley?
Well, back to my fun. I am about to go out and pick some chives for the egg salad and some parsley to decorate. Take care

Monday, June 1, 2015


You ask about the garden.  At least one bunch of Lady Slippers is in bloom.  David has picked rhubarb three times now.  Yesterday, Loren and Jeremy were over to set up Netflix for me,and we had an abbreviated "Lion Ceremony". So, again, i can watch him dozing in the sun under the birdbath.  The front flower bed is a mass of ugly weeds.  But walking out to the car, I could smell the Lily-of-the-Valley, and I spotted both of my Columbine, one doing much better than the other.  "The other" is the very pretty one that I especially like.  We've discussed putting the whole flower bed into ground cover cedar, but the peony and ferns are doing fairy well.

Today we went out the the library.  My first outing.  We both agree that my brain appears to be turning to mush and I need more stimulation--so that I stop napping all the time.  I still haven't been able to take full responsibility for a meal, but then we are both dedicated to the simplest, easiest meals we can think of.  ( This was set up before I went into hospital)

Please keep blogging.  I can't contribute much right now, but I miss both of you.