Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another All Hallowed's Eve done...

All done for another year. It rained all day so I put Plan B into place - set up a table and umbrella in the driveway and moved all the decorations from the front of the house to along the driveway. This way I could keep the two pumps set up at the front window and did not have to move them. I dressed up as the Devil and stood in the rain from 5 pm to 7:50 pm and served a total of 13 children. A good time was had by all....NOT! Tomorrow I shall have to clean up - all the decorations I threw into the greenhouse - soaking wet. I'll deal with this tomorrow as well. So for now, I am in my housecoat and shall have a Chai Latte and go to bed. If it rains any harder we shall have to do more pumping but for now, that too, is under control. Take care

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Life, take 2

I have been reading your emails and feeling very inferior!  All I do is go to work and get frustrated by my out of work committees.  Both Whitemud Comedy and ACT seem to be going through some "violent" issues right now.  And this is supposed to be the fun in my life??  I have enough stress at work right now... my extra activities should make me happy... not more stressed!  Kellie (Jim's god-daughter) is pretty much living with us right now.  Her boyfriend told her that sleeping together was a sin and they should stop.  I can understand him telling her that he was raised to think it was wrong, but to me telling her it is a sin is imposing his beliefs on her.  I wish I had some of this insight when I was a kid.  We had a strategic planning session for VCC for the last 2 weeks.  I am not sure that Keri is really related to me.  She is so competent!  She clarified so many points that the facilitator was raising.  She put all the issues into perspective.  WOW!  Tonight I had no meetings, so I was vegging in front of the TV when the new President of ACT phoned me in tears.  I guess I have to thank Elizabeth (at work) for some of her input on defusing situations.  I was calm and tried to be reasonable the whole time, even though I have been cursing her and her emails for the last few days.  She needs to calm down and review the entire situation from the outside instead of from her heart.   Needless to say it was like having a meeting tonight too!  Enough whining (besides, I am out of cheese). I  am going to try to find something in my life that is different and fun to share with you!

A little escape sounds good...

Good on you Patty to plan your escape - a trip south sounds to be a wonderful idea if it means I could avoid this horrendous weather. More snow last night and although the temps are a bit warmer, I find myself chilled all the time. I put out some of the Hallowe'en decorations outside but know it will not be a good move as it is supposed to be rain, rain and more rain tomorrow. May cut down on the number of children out and about, but also will cause me a bit of trouble as I will have to have the sump pumps set up and can't have that if people want to come to the door. I guess I will put my worries away for now, and think about it again tomorrow when action will be required.
Took the car down to the garage tonight as have an appointment for winterize tomorrow. I dropped in to see about winter tires and was terribly disappointed  with the quote - asked him to look again tomorrow for a better price because I could not even consider that much. I don't know what outcome will be - could be we do not get any winter tires which is not my first choice.
I joined two others for lunch today at noon. The fourth person had to send regrets as her son is leaving for England tomorrow. But the other three of us had a really enjoyable time - it was a very relaxed time spent with continuous flow of conversation and good food. I had been looking forward to this outing and I was not disappointed. They both wore bright and colourful Hallowe'en jewelry (blingish!) and told me they should have let me know so that I could also dress up. On thinking about this, I don't think I have any such jewelry so maybe just as well I wasn't informed.
About three weeks ago I attached the electrical cord to the little greenhouse and brought the end through the back window to plug in in the spring and taped the windows up. Out of the blue two nights ago I woke up suddenly and the vision was in my head that I had done it wrong and put the wrong cord through the window. Why I was suddenly struck with such a thought is not understood - I had not even thought about this so why would I be prompted to take action, and by whom????? Sure enough the next morning I checked and I had done it wrong. So now I have to redo it all but need nicer weather - the forecast is for rain until next weekend. What I also cannot understand, is why I am doing "wrong" things lately eg the greenhouse tarp that leaked and I had to redo. Am I losing it altogether? (don't answer that please haha)  Anyway, soon time for Arrow. It is on CTV tonight but time has changed to 8 pm this season. I liked it better when it was 7 pm. I'll look forward to a picture of Generations Patty, and hope I can recognize the people. Take care

Still running errands

It never seems to end!

 The last part of the garage was done on Saturday while I was away.  The "people" door was installed--a very nice white steel door.  No more hole cut out of the bottom for the rabbit (previous owner).  Now the garage looks better than the house.  I am pleased.  There is still a little bit of stucco to be added around the lower edge, but that has to wait for spring.

Yesterday I got down to work on the people in my "Generations" piece.  Today I did the machine work for the facing, and once that is hand stitched, I will try to post a picture.  I'll let you tell me who the people are.  Today was my small quilting group at the Active Living Centre.  I showed them the technique I learned a the retreat for piecing scraps a "Mile a Minute".  They loved it and spent the entire three hours playing with scraps.  I was sure glad I had it, as I didn't really have anything else prepared for them.  They have decided to actually buy fabric and make themselves a single bed quilt. (OMG!  I don't believe it!), so have asked if I would teach them how to make "half square triangles" next time.  Pretty simple, so I won't have to spend too much time preparing.

We have decided to go South for two days next week.  About time, as my B&B is getting low.  Just a quick trip with some shopping in Fargo.  The deal is that I have to work my fingers to the bone over the next few days to make up for the lost time in the studio.  Sounds good to me.  And today David made the first of the Christmas Shortbread.  Guess we need to include some Christmas shopping in the agenda while we are away., although there are two young girls with birthdays shortly after we get back.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Home again

A very tiring weekend.  I was up and busy from about 7:00 until 11:00 all three days.  The food was wonderful, but the venue a little shabby and starting to be rundown.  ( twice there was a problem with the oven and they had to make a last minute change to the menu)  My body must have found it stressful, as this morning I discovered the beginning of shingles.  This seems to recur at regular intervals but, since the vaccine, is quite mild and only bothers me for a day or two.  I completed 96 six inch 9-patch blocks and three 12&1/2"  sixteen patch blocks.  There was a choice auction, and my name was drawn for the first two prizes.  I took what I wanted and re-wrapped everything else for another draw, which was won by a lady who had to drop out at the last minute, because of a death.  So she will never know what I took.

Once home, I had messages that my smaller sewing machine was ready for pick-up and that the picture I was having processed at Don's photo was ready.  So we were off to pick them both up this morning.  As well, we dropped off my parka to have the zipper replaced.  It is the zipper that hold the inner portion into the outer shell.  It cost us $78.16, as the process actually involves two separate zippers.  The parka cost me $85.00, and I have worn it for 4 years.  Replacement would have cost quite a bit more, probably well over $200.00, and who would want to replace a lime green and white parka, artistically embellished with bright blue paint?

So here it is --noon--and i haven't even unpacked the suitcase yet.  Guess I better get busy.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Looking for my sewing machine today

My goal for today was to uncover my sewing machine and try to set up a little space in my studio (haha) so I could possibly do some work down the road.  It went OK actually but not near as done as I envisioned. As with everything you tackle, one step leads to three others and then backtrack by two and do it all again. At least that seems to be my results. Found all sorts of treasures in the cupboard and naturally had to go through everything. eg two scrapbooks of our years in Germany, a bag of pictures of the boys when young and from special occasions eg. Confirmations, Baptisms. and looking at some of my art books and unfinished projects took a bite out of my time as well. But it was time well spent and I'm not at all upset not to have finished. The sewing machine is still there, and I know a bit more time and work and I'll have set up a little space for a wonderful winter pastime. So it is all good.
This morning we had a discussion about going to South River to shop, or (as I suggested) I could walk over to the local store and buy milk which was needed. It became a marathon discussion ending with us getting in the car and driving to South River. Here's the best part.....the store was closed with a hand written note on the door "sorry closed - no power". So back to the local store and I ran in and bought my milk. So much ado about nothing you ask? haha
Anyway, looking forward to hearing from you Patty, likely tomorrow ( I expect you will want to rest tonight after the trip home?) Here's to another good week ahead for us- throw in Hallowe'en,  and my luncheon with the girls on Wednesday, and the car goes into the garage on Thursday for winterization and winter tires if the price is good. How about you folks?
Take care

I wonder why?

I wonder why I look forward to the weekends?  All week all I could think of was that I had nothing to do on the weekend.  Hmmmmm.  Yesterday, while I was scrubbing the toilet, Jim walked by and told me he was going downstairs to watch TV...Hmmmmm.  So, I finished the toilet, and the rest of the bathroom, did 2 loads of laundry, washed the dishes, went shopping, made a snack to take to the Legion for Saturday supper.  (garlic sausage, cheese and crackers)  It seems that it has become a bit of a tradition to have food on Saturday for the Round Table.  (Last week we had home made peroghies and pork roast.)  Today I have gotten caught up on all the records I had to sort last week. I have a pot roast in the crock pot for supper and now I am going to sit.  Enjoy your Sunday!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Today had it all....

Every possible inclement weather came today - starting with snow all night, and then high winds this morning with blowing rain/snow, and then rain, and then sleet and freezing rain, and then some sun and now sleet again. This morning down at the lake the winds were so strong that the waves were crashing into the shore with fierce surges and whitecaps on top of huge thundering waves. I have never actually seen it so scary. Scooby and I did not stay there very long as we too, were getting blown around. This afternoon I walked down town to the Caswell Resort to attend an Art Show and Sale. Area Artist display their work and sell it as well. Everything from painting, to jewelry to wood work and stained glass. I especially like one's work called photography on canvas - it looked like a photo but was enhanced somehow to resemble a painting. I did not buy anything although I noticed a few of the pieces of art had the little red sticker on the card which indicates that it had been sold. Yesterday I managed to fix the roof on the greenhouse - I bought a new tarp at the hardware and went about redoing it. I checked it today with all the rain and snow and blowing and so far it seems to be holding up. I got the Hallowe'en decorations up from the basement but will not put them outside until this horrible weather subsides a bit. The long range says the whole of next week is not good and it is to rain on Hallowe'en so maybe few children will be out anyway! Well, time for Randy Bachman on the radio so I'll say bye for now Take care

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Have fun Patty

We shall hang in and wait anxiously for your return blog entry. It sounds as if this will be a happy weekend for you but you seem to have quite a few projects in mind to complete. Here's hoping you and "Big Bertha" get along famously and that you shall return with a few more pieces of art to hang at your show perhaps? Since outdoor work is not particularly wise with these cold snowy days, I have being doing some tasks indoors that have been hanging on for awhile and happy to get a few things done. I even watched the first tape of the movie Fiddler on the Roof while doing some knitting on my hat. I'm not sure if I can complete the movie tonight by watching the second tape as I am quite tired. Anyway - have a great weekend both Patty and Cathy. Take care

Today has been a good day

I was feeling quite chipper this morning and knew that it would be a busy day.  I am leaving tomorrow for a 3 day "Scrapbusters"  retreat with a group of traditional quilters.  This has been in the works for awhile, David has helped tremendously in getting all of my projects cut and ready to sew.  I've made arrangements to stay in a handicapped accessible room.  I even took my Pfaff machine in to be serviced, as this is what I prefer to use for piecing.  Well, it isn't ready, and I have to take "Big Bertha".  Not my first choice, but it means that I can tuck a little free motion project in, in case I need a break from the piecing.  We don't get much working room at these things, and "Big Bertha" is so very much larger than most machines.  About half of the group are heading out today, so I sure hope there is some room left for me.

Also tomorrow is a big art show at the race track.  I am somewhat committed to go, but it doesn't open until 1:00.  Sowe will be off to the race track, leave within the hour and head straight for Pinawa.  I am expected between 3:00 and 4:00, and must be there before supper. David will drive,and drop me off.  I suggested that he treat himself to a $3.00 Teenburger, for supper, in Lockport on the way home.  We have the man coming to replace the small garage door on Saturday.  Poor David then has to drive out to get me on Sunday.

So you won't be hearing from me for a couple of days. Today I am grateful for the handicap Parking Permit that arrived in the mail this morning.

Slurping coffee

I went to the Dentist this morning early and now slurping a coffee trying to work around my freezing that is coming out but not enough to prevent coffee from dripping out the side of my month. what a funny sensation !
Still snowing here and really a dismal mood created by same. I walked to Dentist and wore my new winter jacket for first time because of the coldness, and halfway there realized the tag was still attached to the sleeve.  Glad I noticed it and was able to tear it off quickly. I am in the process of trying to coordinate the bills and payments. Try as I might to keep things reconciled and balanced, I goofed again this week and found myself short about 10 dollars on a preauthorized debit. I immediately went to the Insurance office and she phoned the company, and they would try again in a few days ( because I told them I deposited the amount needed) but would charge me an extra 50 dollars. Can't win! And the bank may also charge a NSF charge as well? I open the account online every morning to check and so far no additional charges have occurred but that my change as they catch up with me. I do not think it is alzheimers but just plain too much to do so have challenged myself to take the time every day to ensure I am on top of things. It would help I am sure if there were more credits than debits each month haha Anyway, enough about that..... How are things there ? I went onto the Gwen Fox site and found your name Patty for December and was thrilled to see it! The pictures allowed me to browse the gallery and visualize how your exhibit may play out. And do you have gifts in the store as well?  Take care

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Good Morning

I am sitting waiting for the kettle to boil so that I can make my morning tea.  This week is pretty busy for me, so the few moments I get to myself seem far between.  I have the choice this morning of organizing some records on my computer or talking to you.  Guess which I find more important?  Of course the people that need the records might not agree.  My first free time this week will be Friday night.  AGM on Sunday, work and rehearsal on Monday, work and Strategic Planning Session on Tuesday, work and MCing a fashion show on Wednesday, work and rehearsal on Thursday and only work  on Friday, except that Kristy said last night that she would like to go to meat draw on Friday.  She has been recovering from surgery and hasn't been out much lately.  We got new phones last week and bit the bullet and cancelled the land line.  I was able to transfer my home number to my cell so at least I have retained that much.  I am not too comfortable with it, but so many people are doing it now just because of the cost of keeping everything.  We have to pay full price here because MTS doesn't offer TV or internet so  we can't take advantage of their special bundle rates.  Patty, at work, started her Mat Leave last week so we are down to 3 people.  I am already very tired and it has only been 2 days.  I sure hope that they fill at least one of the vacant positions!   We have had scattered snow fall, but nothing like they had in Pinawa or Gimli.  I still have carrots in the ground so I hope it waits until after this weekend.  I was supposed to go to a workshop on Saturday but I told them I was already busy that day.  In a way I am... I am busy trying to get my own life together!  My water is ready.  Have a great day

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

thinking of Harvey

A friend picked me up to go to our monthly "Tuesday Stitchers that used to meet on Wednesday but now meet on Tuesday again" meeting.  The group gets smaller and smaller, but we have been meeting for many years, and are good friends.  On the way home, my friend Susanne told me how excited she was to be going to the Theatre Centre tonight to see Harvey.  I didn't realize that it had been a Broadway Play long before it was made into a movie.  What a coincidence with you talking about seeing the movie a short while ago, Beth.

 The conversation at the meeting turned to the negative effect, on our social skills, not having a good education can have.  One of the ladies was educated in England during the depression, and because of poor health, only completed 3 1/2 years of school, before being sent out to work.  Another of the ladies, told of being very dependent on her mother to support her in social situations, again in the 30's, in England.  Her mother died when she was 13 and she was immediately sent off to boarding school.  She told us that she realized very quickly that no-one would be supportive to her there and she would have to look after herself.  Makes us appreciate the lives we live now, doesn't it?

Let it snow....

The ground is white as it snowed all day here in Sundridge. We went to North Bay early where it rained but coming back down the highway this afternoon, we could see that it was not to be the same here. I wanted to get some pictures on my camera developed so we went to Walmart. This store has being under renovations all summer and is now a SuperCentre. We hadn't been in it since the construction had started but today had to venture in because they had moved the PhotoLab to the very back corner from its original spot at the front entrance. Could not believe the store - doubled in size and a full grocery store laid out in the very centre. Row after row of groceries, meats, produce that had not been there before. I'll admit that I was a bit overwhelmed. We travelled up and down the aisles just to look but of course came out with a few things haha  In the Resource store I bought the VHS movie Fiddler on the Roof - two tapes and 3 hours long. I thought I would watch it tonight but it is already 8 pm so decided to postpone that for bed instead ! Which sounds like an excellent idea..... take care.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

When snow is in the air, you know....

.......the seasons are changing for sure. No flurries seen here yet but this week's forecast is mentioning a rain/snow mix most of the week. Regardless of flurries or not, the entire week is supposed to be a washout.  I think I mentioned that a week or so ago, I did the large greenhouse - covered the glass/plastic roof with wood and then covered with a tarp tied down and secured. I went in there to get something and noticed above my head that the plastic on the roof is sagging with water from all the rain we have had. This should not have happened! When I started to think further, I realized the tarp I used had been covering the sheets and blankets all summer and when I was clearing them up for storage, they were all damp, so I had to dry them. This tells me that the tarp is not repelling the water but instead allowing the water to go right through. This is not the purpose of a tarp and will not serve any useful purpose for my needs. I will have to purchase a new heavier tarp now, and dismantle what I have done and start all over again. The rains are to last all week so I may not be able to get this done until it clears up. Hope winter will hold up for a bit. I was very happy I had done this early so as to avoid the windy cold weather that really hampers the process. Guess I can't win on this one and wish I had realized this tarp was defective before I went through all the work, for naught. We got all our Hallowe'en bags of goodies done up today so I am ready for that - just have to decorate a bit outside and then find a costume to wear - the only way I can tolerate standing and dishing out candy is to dress up and become a part of the whole affair.
Another busy week ahead with appointments etc Tomorrow we take Harry to the specialist in Bracebridge ( 1 1/4 hours south) and Thursday I go back to the Dentist for a filling. Throw in another day to go to North Bay and that will pretty much use up the week. I know what you are saying Patty about always seeming to be going out to do errands, and then wonder where all the time went.
I started a new winter hat by knitting with some very bright variegated orange/white/yellow wool. I was very surprised to realize my poor old fingers did not want to work for me. I haven't knit since last winter and what a change in dexterity - tells me how much the summer outside work has taken it's toll. But I shall persist even if it takes a little longer. Anyway it's off to bed as we are leaving early in the morning to head south. Take care

Seasons Change

Today is the day.  We can finally say that it's fall quickly moving into winter.  The yard is covered with leaves, the juncos have been, and while a couple are till hanging around, most have left.  Loren and Jeremy were over today to help bring the contents of the garage back from the storage locker, and while they were working, little snow flurries started to fall.  Very tiny flurries and few and far between, no accumulation so far, but they continue to fall.  And cold enough for a warmer jacket.  Got out the liner of my very warm parka, and realized that I had forgotten to take it in to have the zipper changed last spring.  Whoops!

Was out to Selkirk today for the artist's reception for a show by two acquaintances. A wonderful show and a very well organized mixture of fibre and painting.  The paintings were very realistic, and a couple of them quite mind blowing.  I sat down and just looked at them for quite awhile.

When I go to Selkirk, I head north on Hwy #59, then west on hwy#509  to hit the northern extension of Henderson Hwy, to head around a big curve on the Red River, and ultimately to the Selkirk Bridge.  Then reverse the process to get home.  This curve is almost always the site of fishermen, and frequently Pelicans.  Spring, summer and fall, the shores often have people fishing with fires going, campers  etc.  Quite a community of Fisher Folk.  During the winter the whole curve, and it's a big one, is covered with ice fishing huts.Today, coming home, for the first time,I saw quite few small boats with people fishing.  But, more interesting was the cruise ship River Rouge slowly making its way north along the river, and through the smaller fishing boats. It looked so very out of place, but then I remembered that it is wintered in the Selkirk Marina, and was probably heading for its winter anchorage.  I believe it is the largest ship that can pass through the Locks.  The locks will be opened Nov 1st, and then,  there will be no way for larger boats to pass until break up in the spring.  Many years ago I went through the locks, but believe it was on the Paddlewheel Queen ( or maybe the Paddlewheel Princess)  We were on a day long excursion up to Lower Ft. Garry, but I don't think the cruise ships do that any more.

For today, I am grateful for the opportunity to view some wonderful art.  In many of the paintings, the colours were from my palette, and the subject was trees, especially the bones of trees.  Exquisite!

Friday, October 18, 2013

My head is spinning

We just seem to spend every day running errands.  It has been over a month since I sent in my form for a handicap parking permit. The doctor said it had been almost too long at three weeks, and for the past 10 days we have been leaving phone messages.  The last time David tried he got a message that the number was no longer a working line. this just made him more determined, and he finally found a 1-800 number for the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities.  The lady who answered told him they had been having lots of complaints, that there was no-one answering their phones, and we might have better luck coming in to their Wheelchair Services office and actually talking to a human being. This is away out near Red River Community Collage on Notre Dame.  So off we went, and found out that it can take 6 weeks for any sort of response, and to watch the mail for the next couple of weeks, as my name is definitely in the system.

Then it was toward home again and into the shoe maker on Henderson Hwy.  Last March I bought a new pair of outdoor shoes to wear in winter.  Bought them the same day as I was measured for compression stockings.  I am hoping they still fit well enough to wear, even if I need an extra pair of socks.  However, the one day I wore them last year I developed a blister on my left big toe joint.  I paid too much for the shoes not to want to use them for awhile, so went into have it stretched over the bunion.  Get it back tomorrow.  We'll see how well it worked.  If not "bye bye" $175.00.

Then to the library, via Tim's, of course. Not only did we need books, but we took in 36 Harlequins as a donation.  Found out that he still hasn't processed the last bag full we took in.  Now he has a deadline as they must be processed by year end.  So he's going to put the two donations together as one.

Earlier this morning David had taken a look at my large cutting matts, and condemned most of them.  But they are on sale so off to the fabric store for new ones.  Not the same brand but they appear to be quite serviceable matts, and the price was certainly right.  Home via the bank, and time for a nap, while David headed off to Rona for spray foam insulation for a coupe of places in the garage.  He had primed some of the raw boards  earlier in the day, and wanted to fill in some of the holes, while the weather held.  That's now done.  Supper time?  We're both so exhausted that it was off to the local Mongolian grill.  I think I've mentioned it before.  We are quite enjoying the food and, again, the price is right.

And how much sewing did I get done today?  Yeah!  Right!  Better luck tomorrow--except I think we have some errands to run.

Cranberries anyone?

Today was the trip to the Cranberry Festival in Bala Ontario ( Cranberry capital of Ontario) We left home at 7 am in the dark, and with very overcast awful looking weather. It rained on the way and the sky started to wake up with the most gorgeous skyscape I've seen in awhile. Between rain and the sun peaking out, I was amazed to see a complete rainbow - full horizon to horizon and all aspects of the spectrum in vivid colour. It was breathless - one of my blessings for the day. We took the more meandering picturesque route to get there - never having driven this way before, I was intent on reading the map and keeping us on track but was able to view the beautiful Lake Muskoka area with all its waterfront mansions - this is where all the movie stars have their summer homes. Reached the Marsh before opening time but were able to wander about before the shuttle buses began their routes back and forth between the Marsh and the downtown area. It was better to rely on the buses because there would be no parking if we had driven to town - only 7 km away. Here in the village, streets were closed to traffic and vendor tents set up everywhere and the arena and community centre also full of venders. So much to see and of course so much one could buy if so inclined haha After wandering around here, it was back to the Marsh on the bus and the wagon rides had commenced with tours around the many fields of cranberries. It was very interesting to see the fields flooded and berries gathered, and then into the factory to see how the berries are cleaned. dried, and sorted on large conveyer belts with real people sitting at the tables hand picking/sorting the berries. Then they go up another conveyer belt and into the bin where they are bagged and sealed and boxed. This company also is home to Muskoka Lakes Winery where they use the cranberries to make wines of all sorts. They had a wine testing/cheese tent set up but we didn't go in to test. Harry bought a 25 lb box of cranberries. Tomorrow apparently we are making more juice.
So that was my day. I shall go to bed now to rest up for a full day of juice making tomorrow. The weather is calling for rain for a week with some mixing ( rain/snow) at the end of next week. Dismal weather to look forward to especially when so much needs to be done outside.
Have a great weekend, and I look forward to seeing your messages. Take care

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pickeral fillets anyone?

Just finished wrapping and putting into the freezer 43 pickerel fillets - fresh caught today on Lake Nipissing. No, I did not go fishing. But did drive to Garden Village (First Nations) to pick these up. Yesterday I reminded Harry that if we were to freeze all this fish, perhaps we should find some space in the freezer? So (out of the blue) at 3 pm yesterday he decided to defrost the large chest freezer in the basement. Oh joy and bliss! But, hey, why not just carry on up the ying yang I say to myself...(hardy har!) and I go to it! But by 6 pm it was all said and done except for a bit of cleanup on my part and now we have a bit more room, although the fish has taken a big bite out of that already. We met Ted and Deanna at the hospital in North Bay at 1230pm and I sat with her in the Ambulatory Care Unit until about 2:15 pm when Harry and I had to leave to get to Garden Village by 3 pm. As it turned out, she was finally seen about 30 minutes after we left them, and the Doctor did not remove the stitches but only changed the bandage on her hand. They drove from Kirkland Lake (2 hours 30 min drive) just for that! Deanna was quite upset when Harry just spoke to them on their return home, and says she'll not go back to North Bay now, but get the sutures removed at home. Health care is really lacking here in Ontario and especially for us in Northern Ontario - so much driving to get health care attention for those in the North!  And Harry's sister who still works at Huntsville Hospital tells of many horror stories related to lack of staffing and client care issues. So one must not get sick! I went to the Dentist this morning for my yearly check, and must go back next week to get a filling - One of my teeth broke off about six months ago and hasn't bothered me but Dentist insists it be fixed. Tomorrow we go to Huntsville to take tickets to Harry's brother in law, and then (oh joy and bliss again) Harry wants to go the Cranberry Marsh in Bala Ontario ( about 1 and half hours south west of here) They have a big festival every year at this time for cranberry harvest, and since we have never been to this area, off we go.  I shall find some small blessings in this outing I am sure. In meantime, take care

Still here---

A quiet weekend.  We didn't venture out until yesterday when a  trip to the store was needed.  At the same time we dropped off a couple of receipts at Blue Cross.  Except for running( running??) into Tim's for the washroom, I didn't get out of the car but was still exhausted when we got home. so a nap.  I seem to be doing little other than sleep, but believe that I have to listen to my body.  Actually, yesterday wasn't a great day and I really didn't trust my judgement in terms of making decisions  in the studio.  On Saturday and SI had tried to work on another larger piece.  Nope! Not going to work.  At the same time, in places the colours just sing and I wish there was someway I could separate those areas out and use them in another smaller piece.  If nothing else, I discovered another wondreful quilting thread.  The same Sulky Blendable but a new colour.  Wow!

So now we are off to the local Active Living Centre for the small quilting group that I run there.  There are-finally-workers finishing up the driveway, and the people are coming at 11:00 to up-date the overhead door.  Thank Goodness, I won't  be home for any of it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Good to see your messages

I won't even offer any further comments about my body form - enough said! But best wishes to your efforts to a better life style. I agree that it is not the diet that counts but a change in habits like walking the dogs, and watching your snacks. In my case, it is the intense outside work that possibly keeps me going but it also takes its toll eg increase discomfort with arthritic fingers and other joints. Today I thought about trying to play the piano again - so I cleared off the bench but realized that it required other cleaning of boxes under the bench and on the piano itself, so left it for another time. I thought the finger movement might help me. I am doing the fourth and final side of sewing on the backing on the hooked rug - worked all day yesterday and got three sides done - now, here is intense work but thankfully not so many stabs of the needle into my fingers this time haha  We shall take it to Mike on Wed - we are going up again to  meet Harry's brother as Deanna has a follow up appt with Surgeon at the hospital- likely to remove sutures and check incision. Also Harry got onto the internet looking for pickerel and found a man in Sturgeon Falls ( 40 km west of North Bay) and ordered ten fish - already filleted and vacuum packed. We pick that up at 3 pm. Also his brother in law in Huntsville won two tickets from the Radio station to see a live show at Casino Rama in Orillia but we will have to pick up the tickets in North Bay and then drive them to him in Huntsville on Thursday as the show is Friday night. Oh my......
Anyway, I am about to finish the rug and then, since it is sunny again, I shall go out and do some work. I raked leaves two days ago, and after the wind and rain yesterday, the ground is covered again. Lots of fun! Take care


I, too, seem to have inherited the family genes.  I am a pear.  To get pants to fit around my waist, I can usually pull them off my hips without undoing them.  I decided last week that enough is enough and picked today to start to get in better shape.  I am not going to diet, since I know that won't work for me, but I am going to eat more sensibly and watch my snacks.  If I am thirsty water or tea works just as well as a soft drink (or beer).  I can't drink diet drinks so my consumption is full calories.  I am also walking the dogs around the trail. Once winter hits I will have to find a different route.  Yesterday we celebrated Kik's birthday.  Chinese food and pumpkin pie.  What more could she wish for.  I have also discovered that if you process hot banana peppers without gloves you shouldn't touch your eyes or nose for days afterwards.  Hard lesson to learn.  I am trying to step back from some of my outside commitments, but it seems once you are there you are there for life.  With the stress at work I just can't handle the stress in my leisure time.  Patty is done next Friday and there is no word on a replacement.  We have been training the other woman at work in most of the jobs, but she is like my old dog.  She gets an idea in her head and that is the direction she goes in.... over and over.  Sometimes you feel like there is nobody there when you are trying to explain things.  She even argues with you when you are trying to explain what she did wrong.   the next few weeks could be interesting.  Patty suggested that we put her back on registrations.  We sort of took her off them because she kept doing the same mistakes over and over, but it is a job that at least 2 other people have to verify after it is done, and everything is fixable up to acceptance.  I will be a lot less stressed out with that than I will be if she is doing to bookkeeping where there is no follow up until month end. Enough bitching.  This is thanksgiving.  Today I am thankful for life.  Even with the pain of growing old, it is way better than the alternative.  Everyday is a gift.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

glass half full

Today I'm thinking about what we pass along from generation to generation.  To be hair or not to be hair.  Yes, Loren, Sheila, and the children were over Friday night for Chinese food and Farming Game.  I'm afraid I wasn't much of a hostess, I just opened the cupboards and the fridge and said "help yourself".  And yes, Loren seems to have less hair every time I see him.  Yesterday, Amber and I went to a large size clothing exchange.  Seeing all of the large size ladies made me think about how much general build is similar amoungst family members, and how hard it is for any one person to fight the tendency to a large build.  Amber has been paying for, and taking advantage of, a personal trainer.  She tries to always give priority to her gym appointments, and has been doing this for some time.  She finds it a great stress reducer.  She is looking quite good now.  Still has the Findlay/ McGrath (female McGraths, that is) build, but slimmed down.  She is not happy, as her weight doesn't seem to be dropping, but to look at her, I see a tremendous change--for the better.

Thursday, I had a cortisone injection in my left knee.  I thought it was helping, until the local anesthetic wore off.  Spoke to a friend today who has had three such injections and overall, none worked.  We bought me a cane on Thursday, and I am very grateful for the assistance it offers,  having become quite dependent on it quite quickly.  Today, I e-mailed the organizer of a quilting retreat I have paid for at the end of October, asking if there might be a handicap room available on  the main floor. ( I know the venue and know there is such a room, but thought I might enquire gently) There is no way I can carry anything up or down stairs, although, with the cane, I can still manage the stairs, slowly. All of this lead to a conversation about Grandpa Findlay's wheeled walker.  Not only did he use it, but Loren's former father-in-law had used it as well. Talking about it  lead to a trip to the storage locker, and we now have it at home.  The electric scooter was well used when Grandpa bought it 15 years ago, and for sure needs new batteries. We left that in the locker. And the hydraulic (water powered) bath lift has been in the garage for 12 years, and I'm sure rats have gnawed all of the rubber components.

But think about it,  I am now grateful to have inherited a wheeled walker.  I will be the third user, and the second generation.  I wonder how long we can pass such a thing along.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thinking of you on this Thanksgiving Weekend

As always, thinking about you both. Wondering what you will be doing to celebrate Thanksgiving?
We will cook a prime rib roast today with turnip, and brussel sprouts. I made another apples pie yesterday for dessert. I really wanted to make a pumpkin chiffon pie, but since Harry bought copious amounts of apples in North Bay, I thought prudent to make an apple pie! Harry has gone to Sprucedale to take the grave flowers off. I was invited but I am trying to do some indoor work and then plan to go outside while the sun still shines. Tomorrow there is a call for rain. The hooked rug is completed and now the push is on for Beth to sew the backing on. The other day I bought the VHS movie The Blues Brothers which I had not seen before and which I played that night with some licorice allsorts to keep me company haha I enjoyed it and glad I have it - some movies are classics and I try to buy them when I see them. A great evening for only 50 cents?
So be thankful for what we have. I share the inspirational thought from my calendar from the other day ....In order to acquire a disposition of gratitude, it helps to learn to be delighted. Learning to be delighted depends on the practice of noticing things. So true. Take care

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And another adventure--sort of

We have been living quietly, lately, given my difficulty getting around.  today we spent most of the day in the basement cutting fabric in preparation for my going to a "Scrapbusters" quilting retreat at the end of the month.   We have done this sort of cutting marathon before, but had to adapt most of the activities to accommodate my working from a chair.  It went well, and we got the cutting done, but were very tired and sore, so headed upstairs to get supper going.  I got everything ready, ( Y-a-a-y!!) and set the first timer.  Desperate for a nap,  I got into my nightie, and went into the kitchen to respond to the timer.  Door bell rings .  I quickly hide in the kitchen while David responds.  It is some quick speaking young man-- sounds like quite a salesman--what I can hear.  He is from the Hydro and wants to give us new telephone showers, and faucet caps, free of charge.  He will even install  one shower and all bathroom and kitchen faucet caps. Well, last week we had received a notice in the mail box telling us that the Hydro would be around to talk to us about this, so David says yes, and while the kid goes to his truck to get the second telephone shower, I make a dash for the bedroom and promptly fall asleep for the best part of an hour.  When I awake, everything was installed and the fellow gone.  David has a form describing the program and assuring us that there is no charge.  Are we in wonderland?

Anyway, with the kurfuffle. supper got forgotten.  When it came out of the oven, the pork was w-a-a-y overdone. almost inedible. When I cut into the baked potato there was a big bad spot in the middle. Garbage!  And the piece of baked squash, that only I would eat, was succulent, but hardly a main meal of the day.  So I called the local Chinese restaurant and David trudged over to the mall for our supper.

The electricity was re-installed in the garage yesterday, so all that remains to be done is to ramp the driveway, but nothing heard today. David has made an appointment with the overhead door company to come and check out the door and install a heavier motor.  This is something we have talked about for awhile.

Tomorrow I will be seeing the doctor to talk about the cortisone injection for my knees.  I have accepted, emotionally, that I will be needing, at least, a cane, in future.  We still have  the fancy walker that David's father used.  Actually, Loren's ex-father-in-law used it for awhile, as well, but it's still in pretty good shape and easily adaptable for another user.  I'm just resisting that for now.

so for today, I am grateful for having finished the cutting for the projects I plan to work on at the retreat.  This means much less in the way of supplies that I'll have to carry with me.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Here is a real puzzler.....

I found myself to day doing lots of cleanup as the weather was gorgeous after several days of rain. I have made a list of all that has to be completed in time for end of Fall for Winter. Today it was the big greenhouse. I am crawling on a wooden shelf on my hands and knees cleaning the inside of the glass windows. Now I ask you ...wouldn't you wonder at me doing this when I haven't cleaned my house windows for quite a while haha Where are the priorities in my life, I ask and then shake my head a bit! But it was a very productive day and I accomplished much. I even got started on the small greenhouse to patch up the gaps with Gorilla tape, and get the electric cord stuffed into a crack between two panels and tape it all tight with more Gorilla tape, and fashion a cardboard piece to go above the door to plug up some bigger gaps there and of course, tape it all with Gorilla tape. Not quite finished but if the weather holds as promised, I 'll have a few more days to putter around.
Tomorrow we go to North Bay to meet up with Harry's brother and wife, Ted and Deanna. They are driving down from Kirkland Lake for her scheduled second Carpal Tunnel surgery on Thursday morning. They will spend the night at the Comfort Inn and we will take them out for supper. It is planned that we will go back to the Chinese Buffet to eat as they liked it there last time a few weeks ago. I think I would have been fine to go somewhere else but hey, doesn't really matter.
I am still listening to that audio book I started last week - I happened to read the cover again to realize it is 13.5 hours in length - I must have listened to at least that many hours already so maybe tonight it will end? I am enjoying it but find it is going on, and on and on...
Harry is just about finished the little 3X3 hooked floor mat for Mike, and then I shall sew a backing onto it just like the last one. I have enough fabric left over to cover it nicely But I worry about my poor fingers - last time the needle kept pricking me and my old fingers were pretty beat up by the time I finished it.
One of our flags we have hanging on the large mast outside came off with the very strong winds yesterday. One of the brass rings tore out of the fabric. I retrieved the flag and the brass ring and will now attempt to sew it together enough for it to hang again. We went into the Canex store on Base a few weeks ago to buy a new one - it is a Support Our Troops flag and was getting a bit worn, but the lady said they aren't supplying these flags anymore. We were a bit upset at the time so you can see why I am even more anxious to fix it and get it flying again.
Bed time, and book time. Hope all is well with you folks. I had my dates wrong Cathy as to when your company was leaving. Good to hear a few days off are in your future. And have fun shopping! Take care

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Winding down

Jim is out hauling potatoes and Glenda is at Jean's and Pete is reading the new National Geographic.  We are have a "thanksgiving" dinner tonight 'cause Pete and Glenda are leaving on Wednesday.  Keri will be coming over too.  I am cooking the last of the big turkeys from the freezer.  I already made my mashed potato casserole and I have brussel sprouts and beans and sliced tomatoes. (and stuffing and gravy!)  I actually thought about cooking up some beets with Auntie Lorrain's sauce on them, but decided it might be a bit messy for a lot of people.  I will make them later this week.  I am taking the Tuesday and Wednesday after thanksgiving off work.  (Unless Patty decides to have the baby early.  The doctor told her it could be anytime in the next 3 or 4 weeks) Jim will be done potatoes then and we might actually drive into Brandon and shop.  Jim will have his potato money burning a hole in his pocket.  He usually buys something for the truck (running board, mud flaps, tonneau cover....) This year he is looking for a patio heater; a new weather station; a work jacket and something else I can't remember.  Yesterday I helped work on the Whitemud storage sheds.  They are getting run down and needed a facelift.  I didn't think I worked as hard as the others, but my shoulders were really sore by last night.  We put a tin roof on the big shed and put vinyl siding on the bottom up to about 4 feet.  Just to protect the wood from all the water splashes.  The siding was used and given to us so the price was right even though we had to cut around some broken pieces.  My job seemed to be the "gofer"  I was sorting through the siding and cutting the pieces and hauling the wood from the shed and handing the wood and metal sheets up to the guys on the roof and the regular grunt work. (and then putting all the stuff we didn't use back into the shed!)  The weird thing is that the kids and I were in the work party that originally build the shed over 20 years ago!!    I guess I should finish pretending to clean up the rec room.  We will be eating down there 'cause the kitchen is way to small for all of us.  I am trying to clean up the dog fur and smell.  Nika is still having a lot of bladder control problems.  It does get to you  after a while.  Today I think I am really grateful that we have this blog.  I miss you guys!

So, here I am....

This weekend is proving a challenge to get things done outside but I am persevering haha. I just set up a second pump outside at the front. I had this second pump at the back and used it only occasionally. This morning as walking the dog down to the Lake, the owner of the Outfitters store spoke briefly to me and said we were getting "lots of rain today" which I hadn't heard,  "yah, about 50 mm they say". So I thought I would set up the second pump in hopes of scaring the rain off, or helping to move some of the water that accumulates. Lately, the rain has been so heavy ( and the eaves trough deteriorating ever more), the one pump just doesn't keep up. Yesterday I was out for a bit and determined to have a little fire. So I made a teepee with twigs and small sticks and lite it up with coffee in hand and enjoyed a brief time of tranquility. I managed to clear several flowerbeds and trim back some trees. I am always looking to get things ready for the snow shovelling I know is in the near future. Having done this for many years, I know what I have to move to make the job easier for me eg clearing the flower bed of large growth so that I can pile the snow back off the driveway, trimming branches close to the roof so that the ladder can be set up to remove the snow - Last year I got hung up on branches too close so this year I secretly cut some back haha. Last evening before bed I watched an old black and white VHS movie with James Stewart called Harvey about an invisible 6 foot white rabbit imaginary friend of the character played by Stewart. I had never seen it before and inspite of it being fairly old, I really enjoyed it - took my mind off other thoughts for the moment. We have such movies in boxes here and occasionally I go through to see if anything interests me. The night before I watched (again) The Davinci Code, and Angels and Demons. Well, the day begins so I better gather up some wash and get at it. I bought some beets on sale the other day and plan to have them for supper - I guess Harvard beets again although I'd like to look in some cookbooks to see what else I can do. Hope you folks are having an interesting weekend? Take care

Friday, October 4, 2013

The beat goes on----

Here is the garage with its nice clean new floor.  Of concern,is how much higher the floor is than the driveway, but our contract requires that they re-do about five feet of driveway to create the proper ramp to allow us to put the car in, should we ever want to.  You can also see, on the right hand side, how the workbench has been raised along with the garage.
David has a large wooden cupboard, out of the garage, on the patio, closed with a simple padlock. Someone broke in,but I guess they didn't find anything worth stealing, as nothing was taken.
Now we wait for a couple of days, for the cement to cure.  This time they put rebar in, so this floor should last longer than the last one.  As well, this one is on a good base of crushed concrete, not fine sand.  We'll probably be long gone before there are any problems.  We will probably have to get someone into look at the overhead door, as the frame is not right.  We had been talking about this even before deciding to have the floor done.  It is a very small motor and has done us for 14 years, so we have no idea how old it is.

Otherwise life goes on.  My left knee is bothering me enough that I have made a doctor's appointment to maybe have a cortisone injection.  This is an old treatment, but often helps.  Still, the changes are coming so quickly, that I may have to re-consider the knee replacement.  Don't want to do it,but I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair either. Right now I am sticking close to home, and actually accomplishing a fair bit in the studio.  As much as I can sitting down, in any case.  For today I am grateful for the rolling executive chair that we bought me a little over a year ago.  I can scoot around quite nicely on that.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wow, the pictures do say it all...

I was happy to see the pictures and know what is going on at your place Patty. No wonder you took off for your facial! Your pamper day sounds wonderful - imagine a massage so relaxing. Were you singing all the way home "I feel pretty, oh so pretty" Have been busy with cleanup here, and more apples. A man came to the door on the weekend asking to have some of the apples for deer feed. He thought he would be back on Monday after work to pick them. But a no show and haven't seen him yet. We were out shaking the tree and picking off the ground today and not only filled many boxes for this man if he shows up, but some good big ones for us - I made an apple pie for supper and then enough for a big dish of apple sauce. Yesterday I spent most of day emptying pots of dirt - and if that wasn't enough, I hurt my little finger on left hand - I was sure I broke it ( yeh, another injury haha) but today it is only mildly sore with limited movement in joint so maybe it will be OK ( not like my toe which is still bothersome) Harry bought a couple of very neat little audio tapes at the Salvation Army the other day and I have been listening to one at night in bed. It is very long and I'm still at it but it is very interesting. Years ago when I worked and drove a lot, I used to listen to the cassette books in the car. It is a change from reading and easier on the eyes. A quick note for tonight as I haven't had a chance to access or write last few days. Your company must be gone now Cathy - now you can relax again? Take care all....

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A day of self indulgence

yes, today was the day.  I went for my facial, which took two hours and involved all sorts of magical potions and touch, including a half hour back and shoulder relaxation massage.  She told me that I have very dry skin ( not a surprise given the diuretics) so sold me a couple of more potions to use at home.  I have worked a bit in the studio, and now that the Bobcat is gone, plan to have a short nap.  That massage exhausted me.