Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pay day again

And that means grocery shopping.  To amuse ourselves, we plan this carefully.  Sales at the grocery stores start on Friday, and the ads come out in the Thursday paper, which means running out of food on Wednesday becomes a problem.  I have the list I've been keeping all month, and it's a long one.  I go through it, and prepare another list of things we must buy today, when we head out to pay the bills.  Then we'll go through the ads tomorrow and prepare three shopping lists for the three grocery stores around here.  Then we'll head out Friday, and I'll have to fight off the other old women for a scooter at Superstore and WalMart.  Most people don't know about the one at Safeway, but we just "cherry pick" a bit there, so I don't often ask for it.  We have a couple of things to get a Home Depot this month, so that adds an extra flourish to the whole event. I sometimes think that this excursion is the highlight of our month.

I've arranged to visit my friend, Shirley, this afternoon after shopping and bill paying.  We've been trying to get together for over a month, and the problem is really mine, as she is somewhat confined to her apartment, with some serious visual problems.  It'll be nice to see her, as it's been awhile.

P.S.  3:30
David was a little "ants-y", so we did the bulk of the shopping today.  I get my little scooter, and David pushes the cart, so when I say "we" did the shopping, it really is almost a "Royal we".  There were a couple of things that had a limited number under the sale price, and I can get a share and then take them through the cashier's line on my own, but the bulk of the work falls on David--and it is hard physical work.  Our cart was so full and heavy that he couldn't push it out into the parking lot, but had to leave me at the door with it, while he got the car.  Then, when we got home he had to unload everything.

So, this sort of lead to a discussion about whether we should maybe shop twice a month instead of once.  I fully realize that no matter how often you go in the store, you spend more than you plan, but maybe we're getting too old for the labour involved.

When I phoned Shirley, at 2:55, to say I was on my way over, she said it was too late to visit as she would have to go down for supper by 4:00.  ( Say what!??) So here I sit enjoying my cold Dr.Pepper--probably much more than I might have enjoyed the hot tea she would have served me. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dare I say it out loud?

I don't think I have a commitment until September.  That is 6 weeks just for me (and the garden and the house......)  I only had a 2 hour shift at the antique sale today.  I worked with Chris Waddell (her husband is former mayor and owns the Neepawa Banner)  Much to my delight we had a wonderful conversation for the entire shift.  Together we solved most of the problems of the community :) .  We even had a number of secret pleasures in common (like being polite to people we don't like  or who don't like us)  It was an eye opening experience that I enjoyed.  Rrain had the entire day to work at the sale and then a meeting tonight.  She is taking tomorrow off work. It is so hot and muggy right now that I think supper will be cold ham and beans ( and the first tomato from the garden and a cucumber! mmmmmmmm!)  The forecast is for rain tomorrow instead of the thunderstorm watch that never develops.  We need the release from the humidity.  It will be early to bed for me tonight, mostly because I have no concerns anymore.  I will be able to sleep without being worried about tomorrow's commitment.  (It will be work and nothing else,  unless you count having to freeze more beans)  I was going to make cream of broccoli soup today but it is too hot.  I think I will freeze the broccoli and make it when it is cooler outside.  Yesterday's events went really well, even though the attendance wasn't great.  All the feedback was positive, so maybe we will do it again next year.  Loren and family stopped by on their way home, so I got to spend a bit of time with them, and I got to meet Sheila.  They bought 2 cherry pies to take home.  The Hutterites make them from fresh cherries and that is what Sheila remembered from her childhood.  Now is time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day.   Have a great week!

Something else I forgot.

Today was ATC trading day, so off we went to the Pony corral.  While I joined the ladies for lunch David went off to explore Grant Park Mall. It's always a bit of a challenge to select something off the menu.  The food is well priced for the location and ambiance, but not necessarily friendly to a fixed income.  The food is well prepared and the portions large.  So over the past 12 months I've tried several dishes.  All good but nothing that excited me--until today.  I ordered a Chicken Souvlaki appetizer.  OMG!  I had forgotten what real Chicken Souvlaki tasted like.  And the dipping sauce----o-o-o-h!

I know what I'm going to order next time.   And my little cards were well received, even if there were only 4 of us there.  And David discovered the McNally Robinson book store.  Another happy camper!  A day well spent.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday!!? You say it's Saturday?

Loosing track of the days is one of the first signs, isn't it?  Oh Well, better one of the first signs than one of the last.  The crazy old lady hit a new low.  Her "Grannie" panties are big enough that she was able to get both legs into one space and not realize it until she stood up.  Not pretty!

Wednesday --as predicted--I was discharged from Physio.  She let me do my exercises, then put me through a thorough re-assessment, then put me through a revised exercise program.  Needless to say on Thursday I hurt all over and could barely walk.  We were up early and David took the car in for scheduled maintenance  and oil change.  Hard to believe it's been three years since we got it.  I've never forgotten getting the bank draft, and then showing up at the dealership the next day, each thinking the other had brought the money, and neither of us being able to remember where it was. Talk about panic!  But we found it, and Beth, you were able to observe us running around in a panic!

While he was gone, I processed all of the turkey for the freezer, including turning the stock into gravy.  Once the work started it never stopped, and by bedtime I was literally exhausted.  We were in bed before 10:00--about 2 hours early for us.  

As I'm slowly getting better, I'm finding little jobs that have been neglected for far too long.  I have women coming over for a meeting next Thursday, so started to tidy the basement today.  If you remember, over the bar, I have a little roof covered with cedar shingles.  Purely decorative.  But it attracts dust like nobody's business, so today I wanted to vacuum it.  I haven't had to do any vacuuming for a few years ( since I broke my shoulder tripping over the vacuum cleaner).  Well, I turned the beast on and only got a whine.  Sure enough, the bag was not only full, but full to the point of bursting.  Did we have any more bags?  Panic!  But luck--we didn't have to re-cycle the old bag.

Cathy, in some ways I envy you with your active social life.  You get out and spend time around people.  I miss that, and see our life getting more and more restrictive.  Make sure that doesn't happen to you.  but at the same time, you need some time to veg out.  Balance--I wish I could find it.  Is the antique sale a fund raiser?


I will be working at JamFest all day.  I said I only wanted an early shift but Rrain has to go to her Gramma Prior's (Linda) memorial service today, so I guess I will be covering for her.  Tomorrow I work at the antique sale from 11 to 1.  A definite shift time.  This JamFest is an experiment, since the Lily Festival died.  There are drag races at the airport, Lilies at the Lily Nook, the antique sale tomorrow.  JamFest has musical entertainment all afternoon with open mic times and times to jam with the band.  There is a farmer's market and a jam tasting contest.  For a quarter you get a ballot and get to taste the jam entered and vote.  You can but as many ballots as you want.  there is an outdoor art show, kids events and an air conditioned building to take a break in.  We'll see how it goes.  As for anniversary?  We may have to put it off for a while :)

July 25

And Happy Anniversary to Cathy and Jim.  Any special plans?
Best wishes to you both.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Computer problems (again)

It appears that I am no longer able to access my internet. Harry still can so this entry was done by attaching myself to his internet (somehow? but it worked!) Yesterday our modem failed resulting in long calls with the Server Specialists - finally saying we had to get a new modem. So up to North Bay to pick it up and home again (home again jiggity jig) When I attached it nothing seemed to work. So another long (very long) call with Specialist ending up with Harry being able to access everything but I not able to access anything on internet. Funnily enough though I can use my email OK.  This saddens me because I loved to log onto both our blogs, and Not Afraid of Colour and the Quilt Show every morning to check each one for new and exciting news. I also used the Bell web site for receiving my telephone bills which may prove to be a problem now.
Anyway, if this way works for now, lets go with it. Its long and convoluted for me, but I will do anything just to keep the blog coming my way .The Specialist stated that he tried everything he knew to troubleshoot and if I knew someone who was "computer savvy" I should have that person come here to try to work it out on our computer .Ya, sure, like that's ever going to happen!
So that's all for now. (keep smiling Beth!) Take care.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All quiet on the home front

Lion remains under the Spirea.  I'm sort of caught up in the studio (the mess remains--maybe tomorrow)  David is spending a lot of time watching the Pan-Am games, and disagreeing with the commentators and judges.  Today we decided to cook our last turkey.  It had been in the freezer too long, and over the weekend, we ( the "Royal" we) had to clean out the freezer-- a filthy job that is attended to in odd numbered years.

Well, for a variety of reasons the bird didn't go in the oven until after 4:00.  At 7:00 we got enough off the breast to eat,and now, at just after 8:00, it's finally out of the oven. We had planned to make stock, to use in gravy, so that we can freeze some of the cooked meat.  Maybe tomorrow.

Things are going better with my knee.  The Physio suggested that I was progressing myself too quickly, and should move a little slower with reducing the Tylenol.  She suggested that I take one at bed time, and then be willing to take another couple during the day, until the pain was just controlled.  Since I had found that I just couldn't manage with out something, her suggestion made sense. I had been in pretty bad shape, but over the past week seem to have returned to my old self--and I seem to be doing it on 2 Tylenol Extra Strength a day, although I'm willing to take the the occasional third one.  Functionally, my walking and tolerance are a little better as.well.  I still miss being able to drink a glass of wine, once in awhile.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend done

And, no, I was not the winner of the $55 million. Try again I guess haha!
Working in garden all weekend and making some progress to catch up with needs - lots of weeding and trimming done and I am happy with how things are starting to look better. Last night a deer decided to run along the freshly seeded grass at the front of the house. The footprints gave him away! So today I tried to water and erase the big marks he left. Didn't work too well, but then what can you do?
Surprise for me - Harry did not tell me that I had to start another 7 day food Diary on the computer for Nielsens today. I just finished logging in and doing today's menu. Only 6 days to go.  I look forward to those $25.00 Visa Gift cards I get for all my work. I think it should be more - don't you?  But I took advantage of a little Irish Cream liquor left in the bottle from making the dessert Death by Chocolate several weeks ago - had myself a nice little glass full while doing the survey!
Now time for bed and believe me I am hurting all over from the garden work - hope it will translate into a good sleep?  Take care

Friday, July 17, 2015

Poor Lion....

I am sure that you will find a most satisfactory solution for the Lion's home. He is special, and I remember attending a few of the coming out ceremonies or the going back in ceremonies with you. Mike even carried him out one year when we came to visit for the May long weekend.
Today finally it is raining so no need to be out watering. We have been watering the fresh grassed area at the front of the house two to three times a day this past week when the temps were so hot and the days so sunny.  Only thing is, I bought german bratwurst sausages to BBQ today - instead I fried them in the pan and we had a full supper meal at lunch time!
I was hoping to do some inside things today for myself but Harry thought we should go to Huntsville and the ReStore, and Thrift Store, and Dollar Tree and Bulk Barn - which we did!  So there isn't too much time left in the day for me to start anything exciting.
I visited with Mike and Erin yesterday as part of my trip to North Bay to do chores. She is a bridesmaid at a wedding on Saturday so I was hearing all about the arrangements and the dress and the hair and the nails - she is tired of the whole affair but is hanging in best she can. Weddings nowadays are so complicated !  Last weekend the girls had a "Batchelorette Party' in Niagara Falls for three days which she had to pay her own way. Mike is NOT attending the wedding, but may go with Erin to the Sunday BBQ for the members of the wedding party. Far too complicated from my way of thinking,  I think our weddings were just fine!
So have a good weekend folks. Enjoy the rest of your holidays Cathy. And lets hope one of us wins the $55 million tonight !  Take care

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Looking after Lion

Ever since we moved into this house--16 years ago--Lion has dozed away the summer under the birdbath. You may remember the Lion Ceremony we hold on the 24th of May and Thanksgiving.  But now the birdbath is falling apart and David wants to get rid of it.  (I suggested that we find a new bowl for it, but I think I'm being out voted)  This means that we need to find a new place for Lion.  I want to be able to see him from the kitchen window and I want him to have a bit of shade.  David made a little platform, under the bush that is against the fence between the house and the garage, out of bricks left over from when we had the garage floor replaced, and he has been there for about a week.  Today we noticed that he is covered in bird droppings.  This didn't seem to happen nearly as much under the birdbath--go figure.  Anyway, we need to find another place,and there just doesn't appear to be one that meets my criteria. It looks like he will end up at the corner of the garage that faces into the garden.  It's a nice place, in easy sight from the kitchen, but no shade.  Oh well, at least there is no bird perch above him.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I sort of work with this recipe (and the one from the carnation milk can)

Preheat oven to about 350 or 375.   You know your own oven best.

Frozen Deep Dish Pie crust.  You can prebake for about 10 minutes if you want. Or if you are really talented, make your own pie crust. 

1 1/2 - 2 c filling (chopped onions, cooked chopped bacon, shredded cheese (swiss is best.  Chedder is kind of greasy), mushrooms,  brocolli or whatever)
4 eggs
 1 1/2 c carnation evaporated milk
1/4 - 1/2 tsp herbs (your choice)
1/2 tsp salt (optional)
1/4 tsp pepper (optional)
1 tbsp flour  ( sometimes I use this,  sometimes not)

If using the flour, I mix the flour and all my fillings together and spread on bottom of crust.  If not I just dump the fillings in)
Beat the eggs and combine with the milk and seasonings.  Pour into pie shell.  Cook until knife inserted in middle comes out clean. About 35 minutes.  Let stand for 5 - 10 minutes before eating.

They had the office decorated really nice for the party.  I will try to get a picture from my phone for later.  Right now my computer won't talk to my phone.


Hey, Dave, you have the right of it.....chocolate chip muffins.  Just hot out of the oven and about to be tested!
Yes!  delicious. The batter texture is really nice, Pati and of course I first tried choc chips just because... but berries would be equally as wonderful.
And now I wonder about quiches Cathy. I do not believe I have ever attempted a quiche - If I did, it was so long ago I have forgotten You must be the expert if you carry off to parties as you are doing today? So could you oblige me with your recipe.  Not that I wish this blog to turn into recipes of sorts, but I love to try what you folks are making.
Another scorcher but again with forecast for thunderstorms by afternoon.
Take it easy everyone

Monday, July 13, 2015


Starting my second week now.  They sure go fast.  You wait all year and then "BAM"  They are done.  Tim and family arrived on Friday, and we had some friends over on Saturday.  One of Cheryl's friends, who had moved to Winnipeg, came out on Saturday afternoon and he stayed the night.  Rodney & Kristy came over and Kellie & Tyler.  Tim's two girls ended up going to a party with Rodney's daughter Jen.   They were supposed to stay but decided they wanted to come home around 12;30 and phoned for a ride.  They only one not drinking was Kellie, but she had never been there so Rodney went along to show her the way and Tyler decide he wanted to see the place. (Bush party with a cabin, and outdoor bar and porta potties and a home made water slide where they pump the water from the creek and come down a  long hill.)  Anyway, they stayed over an hour and 1/2 just checking the place out.  By the time everyone had gotten home and had a drink and finally gone to bed, it was after 3 AM (Yes, Cathy,the 9:30pm bedtime girl)  It has been so hot and muggy out.  It might cool down a bit this week.  They keep forecasting rain and thunderstorms but all we get is the light show. Today I have to cook 2 quiches to take to work tomorrow morning.  I will make 4 and leave 2 here for the others to eat, but it means heating up the kitchen again.  They are only a few days of the year when I really wish I had A/C and this past week has been all of them.  I had a pleasant surprise when I went back to the dentist on Friday.  He wanted to shave down and smooth the edges of a couple of my fillings (one I got from Dr. Tregabov!)  When I went to pay - "No Charge".  He must have felt bad for taking over an hour to pull my tooth last week.  I am the only one up right now so I am taking my tea outside to drink and check out the garden.  Have a great week.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blueberry Muffins

We are really enjoying this recipe, so I thought I might share it.  I think you could use any type of berry, and David plans to try it with chocolate chips.  It might even be fine just plain.  If you were planning not to add anything, or to add something sweet, I might cut the sugar in half.

Dry ingredients--mix well together
2 c. flour
3 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 c. sugar

Wet ingredients---Mix well together and then add to dry all at once
2 eggs--well beaten
1 c. milk
1/4 c cooking oil

Add 3/4 - 1 c  of washed, dried, and lightly floured blueberries

Makes 12 reasonable sized muffins.  Lightly dust the tops with cinnamon sugar before baking.   Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

Pacing the work

It's funny how the priorities change, as nature dictates our abilities.  Ever since this journey started I've been more and more aware of the need to pace my work.  I will frequently sit for 5 minutes for a gulp of tea and 3 or 4 pages in a book, in the middle of a job.  I think of the old adage of work expanding to fill the time allotted to it, but this is more than that.  The work gets done at a pace that suits me.  But, along with that, my standards have changed, and in some ways, my methods.  This spring has involved lots and lots of experiments to find out what can safely go through the dishwasher and what can't.   David believes that the process took a tiny chip out of his wine glass, so now that gets washed by hand, and maybe not as quickly as he would like.  It destroyed the surface of one of the Teflon frying pans, but only one.  So now I spay that pan when I use it.  And what can't go in the machine, piles up on the counter for a day or two.

The heat isn't bothering us as much as it could, as we've had the A/C on for the last week.  Neither of us likes sleeping with it on, but we are.  I have been trying to taper off my Tylenol, and sleeping pills.  I managed 5 nights without the sleeping pills, but have found that I'm waking very early without the Tylenol, and have taken a small dose of the sleeping aid between 4-5 in the morning, the last two nights. And I'm sore and cranky.

Not much on for the next week, nor the weeks after that.  My Physio is off on holidays starting next Friday, so I fully expect to be kicked out of class on Friday, by her replacement.  Their guideline for d/c is when you have 110 degrees of flexion, regardless of how you are managing otherwise.  My problem is strength--I haven't any. Oh well......

Hot days, sultry nights...

Early morning blog again.  I love to get up early and enjoy the quiet. Your heat has hit us - very hot days right now with some chance of thunderstorms for today. We have been watering the front at least twice a day. The Hydro dug up a trench to bury new wires - it went down about 8 feet and right across the front of our yard and driveway.  They back filled it nicely and even new driveway stone at the bottom where the trench was dug. And fresh top soil with grass seed. Harry augmented that seed with another bag bought at the hardware. But with this dry hot weather the seeds don't stand a chance without moisture. Thus our efforts to help it along with lots of water. The area never really had much in the way of grass - mostly weeds so I am hopeful that real grass may come.  Eating lots of cucumbers, lettuce and now cherry tomatoes off the vine. Trying to stay ahead of the lettuce has turned me into a rabbit!  Visited Aunt Evelyn at her cottages on Thursday - it is at Eagle Lake which is only about 15-20 minutes from us so not far to drive. She and Uncle Walter ran a Cottage Rental with two nice cottages plus their own on a point of land on the lake. very nice and secluded spot. She is still trying to maintain it on her own now, with help from one of her daughters (who lives near Hamilton) who does soliciting on the internet and arranges for some of the new customers. But Aunt Ev loves the connections still and doesn't mind the work as long as she can still manage - she will be 90 years next March.  She has hired some local people to clean and do general maintenance around the area.  I think not much profits once it is said and done, but she wants to keep it going in spite of her family wondering about selling the place. We went Thursday morning when only she and one daughter were there pending the arrival of other family for the weekend - Son and family of three kids from Sudbury, and two granddaughters and one great grandson from around Hamilton area. We sort of wanted to miss the onslaught when especially Aunt Ev gets all excited and flustered haha
Otherwise we are keeping busy with yard work and then sitting on our butts at the back enjoying the rest.  We seem to be taking more and more rest breaks and I can see the work that has been neglected I was always right on top of pulling all the weeds and had the gardens looking real nice, but not this year!  Which is OK.  Little time right now though, for my other sewing endeavours - I loved to see our pictures outside with your small quilts Pati - now you get to do some FMQ. Have fun. And Cathy - how does your garden grow?  Hope you are enjoying your vacation time.  Take care

Thursday, July 9, 2015

A warm fuzzy in the mail

Well, a surprise in any case.  We got out Senior's School Tax Rebate.  I had forgotten all about it!  And it was about double last year's.  This is proving to be an expensive month, and one with 5 weeks between pay days, so, needless to say, a welcome surprise.  We've been careful--not even a trip to Tim Horton's, but maybe we can breath for now.

But we did make one extravagant purchase.   I am getting quite tired of chicken breast.  On Tuesday I had such a craving for beef!  I asked if we could go to the store and just look at the beef.  Well, we found  a small ( supper for two) pot roast.  The price. of course, was outrageous, but the roast was delicious.

The last couple of days I've been working in the studio--(mainly to stay out of the heat), and today we were ready to spray baste some wall hangings I've been working on.  David set everything up in the garage and we spent most of the morning out there cutting batting and putting together the pieces, ready for quilting.  They may languish in my closet for awhile, but when I'm ready, they will be.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Another Birthday....

Our family has another Birthday Boy celebrating today!
Happy Birthday to you!
And congrats to his Mother.... well done!


Now I know... I see the little cartoon captions every once in awhile and I put the cursor on it to see what the commemoration is about, but I have never proceeded further into anything like you described. Now I shall take more care to investigate each one a little closer! Thanks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Every once in awhile, the Google logo that comes up when we first sign into the internet, has a special interactive "thing-y".  It is often in commemoration of a certain event or anniversary.  Today it was in honour of someone's 114 birthday.  By clicking on various screens, that came up automatically,  you were able to create a little cartoon--sort of a Godzilla thing where the superhero defeated the monsters.

Away all day...

.....just logged on and found you inquiry Pati.  Since I do not understand it, suffice to say I did NOT make a movie on Google today.  Should I know more about this?
We went again down to Bracebridge hospital to visit the elderly Mother of friends in Sprucedale. It was a rainy day and we had hoped to go it turned out, we went outside the entrance door and sat under the quasi roof where there were benches. Since it was warm and humid, the temperature was just fine for her to be outside in spite of the times. These days always consume the entire day as we start in Huntsville and go to the stores eg ReStore, and Sal Army Thrift Shop etc. and then over to Mall for Harry to have poutine and for me to have a Tims coffee and apple fritter (shame on me) and then to look in Coles. So the time goes by and  then drive another 45 Km to Bracebridge to the hospital.  I just spoke with the friend to give her an update, and she is very appreciative of our going to spell her off a bit. But it does make for a tiring and long day. I shall be hitting the bed real soon haha  Take care.


Did anyone else make a movie on Google today?

Monday, July 6, 2015

more flowers

Guess there's a lot of crap around right now, Cathy!  Glad you took care of the problem.

The jelly is made. Thirteen lovely ruby red jars.  David will enjoy them over the winter.  But by the time the supplies are purchased, the berries picked, cleaned and processed, the jars washed and sterilized, the various accouterments collected, cleaned and sterilized, and the darn stuff cooked, jarred, labeled and put away,and then the kitchen cleaned up, each jar can be called an extravagance .  It ain't cheap!

While David was out picking berries, he acquired/picked me a rose.  A lovely tiny rose in a delicate blush.  We don't grow roses in our yard.  H-m-m-m??

Last night was rough, and I was up for a couple of hours between 5 and 7 this morning.  I can see why that time of day appeals to you, Beth. Quiet, calm no one about--.a very meditative time,   But for me, no lake, no dog--so I grabbed a quilt to keep me warm, and went back to bed.

This morning, I had an appointment to get my toe nails cut.  I've tried twice since my surgery, and it just isn't going to happen.  But this also means that I have my lovely fuchsia nail polish back.  Things seem to be progressing in fits and starts, Three times now, I've been forced to slow down, and go back a couple of steps. I find myself feeling as though I've had enough.  It's time for this to be over ( it's been going on for 2 years this month.)  So I'm looking for ways of making myself feel better about my self and my situation.  Paying for my toe nails was one way,  I wore my new jacket for the trip, ( it's much cooler here today)and bought alcohol inks to play with on the way home.  Sure hope it works

Breaking the law

Not anymore!  I got my license today.  Thanks for the reminder, however unintentional it was.  Why can't it be on our birthday when we can associate.  Why does it have to be 4 months after our birthday and why do they send out the reminder 6 weeks ahead!?!  I saw the doctor today.  He is going to leave the remainder of the mole he was freezing off and check it in October.  He also put me on an anti-inflammatory for my shoulder pain and if it doesn't get better he wants an MRI to see what damage is inside.  This growing old really sucks!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Driver's License??

Oh crap!

Same old--sort of---

We haven't been out since Friday, when we got my driver's licence paid.  Loren was ever for a few minutes, that morning, and I mentioned, that it needed paying.  Look of horror on his face--seems he forgot to pay his which was due before June 30th.  I hope he sorted that out.

Yesterday David mowed the lawn, and noticed that the Nanking Cherries were ripening, so spent a fair bit of time out in the heat and humidity doing that. The cherries were so wet with the humidity, once we got them inside, that they were the very devil to clean--and they needed cleaning.  But the job got done, and we can now look forward to  today's chore of making jelly. We have the jars in the dishwasher, and every thing ready to go, but as soon as the stores open, he has to head out and buy Certo.

Hopefully, I can get a few minutes in the studio, either while he's out, or while waiting for the dishwasher to finish.  I managed to get in for a bit yesterday.  I worked hard on a piece,and once it was was finished, took a good look, and decided it was for the circular file,--- I needed to start over again. The main problem was drawing an oval, which is difficult.  But I chose a shortcut. This meant getting out all of my oval platters and using the "right" one to trace around.  Of course, they were all up high in cupboards or on my plate rail.  My long-suffering husband helped without complaint.  So, of course, I'll help with the cherry jelly later today.

Sunday Morning

Holidays have started.  I am looking forward to the off time even if I will be busy.  I had a tooth pulled on Thursday.  It took him over an hour to pull it, but he got it out in one piece.   There was no way to save it.  Of course the timing was bad because Friday was my lunch at the Rotary meeting.  My daughter is now President of the Neepawa Rotary Club.  The first female president.  She gave a speech on the history of women in Rotary.  It was really interesting.  Her friend Amanda was also a guest and Amanda happens to be the Governor of  District 2 of Kin Club of Canada.  I wonder how the old boys club is going to handle those 2?!  At the lunch Val served Cream of Wild Rice soup as one of the choices.  OMG Was that ever good!!  I also had an egg salad sandwich (One of about 7 different choices) which I ripped into tiny pieces and ate on one side of my mouth, and Lemon Meringue pie (also one of about 7 choices).  No wonder she joined Rotary.  The lunch was great.  Rrain invited a number of guests and I think 9 or 10 of us showed up.  We definitely changed the gender balance in the room.  And Rrain bought all of us our lunch.  As for me, I have my cleaning timetable all balanced out.  Now I just have to do it.  I got sidetracked yesterday and ended up tidying and sorting the "pantry" downstairs.  Out of order, but done.  We finally got some rain yesterday.  Only 3/10th but we really need it.  The smoke is still pretty thick around here.  I'm just glad I don;t live where the fires are!  Jim is up now.  Time to think about breakfast.

Misty Sunday morning

Took the dog down to the lake early - what a lovely time to go - quiet and misty and mysterious! The local coffee shops were just opening up and the usual clientele were straggling in for their morning "chat" with the others.  Down at the lake, although the sign says No overnight camping, there was a fifth wheel trailer which had obviously camped overnight. I could hear movement inside and a fellow was at the swings with a young toddler, so maybe the mom was inside making coffee and breakfast?
I like this time of day as it sets the mood for the rest of the day. To get up early, have a coffee and chill out for a little while before the days activities start in earnest.
I did a lot of wash yesterday - chesterfield covers etc. I had to wash the new large comforter we had, and tried to stuff it into my washing machine. No go!  It was a bit wet even and ended up with water all over. I finally decided to head for the local Laundromat in the afternoon. They had a big washer so I managed to get it washed and then dried in a little over an hour but, if you please, $6.00 for the wash, and another $3.75 for the dry!  Obviously it has been a long time since I had to use a laundromat!!  Well, action from the back of the house so I guess the day has started in earnest haha!  Time to go....take care.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

And a Happy Day to you folks....

Here it is cold and wet. I wish I could take a coffee and sit outside as well, but it is really too miserable today.  Fortunately, lots to do inside. Yesterday we went to Huntsville to the ReStore, and other equally amusing stores.  I bought a cookbook at the ReStore The Classic Herb Cookbook by Jill Norman.  It is fascinating to read through and admire all the very well laid out photos. All the herbs and eatable flowers etc are highlighted in detail. and the recipes all have pictures and detailed instructions.  I just made Parsley Soup and enjoyed a bowl before sitting down to check the blog. Not what I thought it would be but nevertheless very delicious. It can be eaten warm or cold - I choose warm but there is enough left over that I'll try it cold later.
Cathy, you got me interested in herbs and herb gardens a while back, and now with this book I am even more enthused to learn more. For example I have been weeding our garden frequently and pulling out a weed that looks like clover leaves. Apparently this is wood sorrel and eatable. I tried eating some yesterday while reading the book. Not that I am now going to save all my weeds!! but interesting.  I don't have any cucumbers like you describe. My zucchini is too small yet to see it growing tall. We have planted cucumbers along the fencing and tie them up so some are climbing but not on their own. You are right - very strange. Keep us informed as to their progress. Your picture of the peony Pati  made me go out to look at mine. This flower is so very beautiful. I have doubles like your pink one and then a deeper rose coloured single. I also have double white which is gorgeous. I would like to take a picture and send but that technology eludes me haha
At the Dollar Tree ( you can see we shop at all the best stores)  I finally bought a calligraphy pen that I had been looking at for a few trips now. This is to do a "tangle" Surprise. I wanted to try since you mentioned it long ago Pati but never had a pen to start. It's not the pen they suggest in the instructions off the web, but it will do for now. I started a simple one but have yet to do any more- not what they suggest either in the instructions - you are to take the time to relax, and draw, and enjoy the experience but that may come later for me.
Hydro are working closer to our house now. I mentioned a while ago that they are digging and putting in new underground wires all along the streets.  They have dumped long pipes about 8 inch in diameter in our ditch. They will have to dig across our driveway as I witnessed them doing in the next street but it will be fast I think without too much disruption. As a result I got out of cutting the grass again - the pipes are covering all the lawn where they shall be digging so I couldn't get near with the lawnmower.
I can't seem to eat my way through all the lettuce we have - I have been having sandwiches, and big salads for the last few days and still have two big bags in the fridge and pots of it ready to cut (more than ready) outside. Too bad iI couldn't send some your way "on the bus"
Well, time to get back to nothing. I could do the wash but not interested. I could tidy up, but not interested. I'm like you today Cathy - just want to do what I want to do!   Take care

Happy Canada Day

Or, for those of us still working,  Happy don't set the alarm day! 2 more days until my 2 weeks off.  Or at least 1 week of trying to clean up and 1 week with company.  But I won't be at work.  I will on the 14th but just for breakfast. they are having a province wide celebration and I offered to make quiche for our office (Then they changed the day to one of my holidays...I still want the party)  HAve either of you ever grown cucumbers that grew straight up!  We left a 5 foot area around our cukes for them to spread and they are all over 2 feet tall and no sign of laying down.  Very strange.  Even our 1 zuchini is standing straight.  I just fed the dogs their treat.  Jim found some old bacon in the back of the freezer so he cooked it up and they got bacon, and watered down melted bacon grease poured over their food.  They  are eating it up. I will have a left over hamburger whenever Jim gets up.  We are determined to have a lazy day.  If something needs to be done we will do it but otherwise we will do whatever we feel like.  I had a doctor's appointment for tomorrow but they had a cancellation at the dentist for the very same time.  Needless to say I took the dentist.  I had a piece of filling fall out then 1 bit of tooth broke off ( I only had a small shell on 1/4 of the tooth) and then the main filling fell out so I have a tiny spike of tooth left and some filling lying on my gum.  There is nothing left to repair, so I think it is coming out tomorrow.  And then I have Rrain's luncheon on Friday where is invested as Neepawa Rotary President.  Hope they have soft food :)  Time to go sit outside and read, 'cause that is what I feel like doing