Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pondering the benefits of social outlets?

Its a tough decision to make especially when getting out socially is important - however, this particular group seems to be more of a stressor than any positive influence for you - or is it?  I do not speak from experience - oh, how I wish I had some social outlets. I do if you count the twice yearly luncheons I attend and I must say how much I look forward to those! Have you been thinking of any other similar groups that might catch your interest and attention? I would think it would have to be very stimulating and with like persons to make it worth while?  You like your ATC group don't you? I wish you well in whatever decisions you make for yourself.
We went to Huntsville today - usual rounds and I didn't buy anything. Feels good not to spend, but on the other hand, I also like to show something for my effort - even some small little inexpensive token....haha!
At the dump today Harry got a full box of packages of Metallic craft cord.. All colours and various makes eg John Bead Corp Ltd of Ontario. The cord is 85 % Rayon and 15% metallic and Made in Japan. It is described as ...use in crocheting, beading, and macrame projects. Excellent for use on plastic needlepoint canvas.  I thought of you Pati, and wondered if you recognize what I am describing and/or use it yourself.  I have never done plastic canvas work ( nor really have a desire) but I am sure it could be used in fibre art pieces. I have seen on The Quilt Show how couching has been done on the machine with similar cords.  I'm open to suggestions and even to sending if you thought it would be useful for your work?
Well, bed time. And get some rest to be able face another day! haha.  Take care

Damn alarm clock

I have spoken before of the hate-filled relationship we have with the alarm clock.  While I can turn off the alarm when it rings, it will continue to ring every day at the same time until we unplug it, and take out the battery. We realized yesterday that we had to have an oil change this month or void our extended warrantee on the car.  Last evening I set the alarm clock for 7:15am, so he could take the car for a "walk-in" oil change first thing this morning.  we were late going to bed, and David had just got to sleep, when the alarm went off at midnight.  I was in the kitchen and ran for it, but he was up and walking around the bed,when I got there.  He had really been startled out of a deep sleep.  Then, of course we both had more trouble falling to sleep.  The problem appeared to be that, somehow, the button for the second alarm got pushed when we were setting the first alarm, but it wasn't noticed and the time of the second alarm was never changed from the original midnight.   Needless to say it was unplugged and left unplugged for awhile, once he got home from the dealership.

Yesterday, there was a bit of a brouhaha via e-mail about show guidelines for the local art group.  I was quite upset about it, and was brooding over it most of the night.  Before bed we had talked about the benefit I receive from my membership in the group, and came to the realization that I really need to take a look at the cost benefit relationship with this group.  We both know that we need some sort of social outlet, and this group has served that role with me for several years now.  I'm not going to make any rash decisions, but I am going to start looking around for additional social outlets so as to have more choice should the small "p" political aspects of it become uncomfortable.

Out to the library today.  The tv said the temperature was -4 when we left he house, but it was darn cold, and very windy.  Far nastier than we had expected.  We also went for my coffee.  I got a Starbucks card in the mail today-period.  What the heck?  I tried to go on the website with no luck, so took it into the store to ask about it.  Just some sort of marketing ploy to make me feel more special, evidently, as I have a card I've been using for months.  Tempest in a teapot, but I was po'd at not getting any satisfaction from the website.

Now home and in for the evening (if I don't consider having to put the garbage bins out tonight).

Monday, January 30, 2017

Shopping and travel

Today we took five of my pieces, and 3 large pieces of my friend Valerie's out to the gallery in Selkirk and helped to hang them.  It's a very nice show, but a little strange, IMHO, for an art gallery show.  I have always made a distinct difference between craft and art.  This show is actually being advertised as "Jane Doe and friends: featuring the Winnipeg Embroiderers' Guild".  Most of Jane Doe's work is not original, although some is ( she is showing embroidered tablecloths and dresser scarves that have been done on pre-printed fabric that used to sell in Woolworths and Walmart), some of it is not embroidery, nor even fibre, and a great deal of it is not for sale (NFS). Displaying well-done, original art embroidery and fibre art in such a setting diminishes the whole genre.

Then home, and I shopped for beads in my basement studio.  I was very pleased at the variety I found that will be useful in my new piece, but still had to go and do a bit of shopping.  I decided to check out a local bead store that I hadn't visited in some time.  I guess nobody else has shopped there either, as it was gone.  This meant a trip out to St. James to the large bead store there, and success.  On the way home we back-tracked to the needle art store on St. Mary's Road, to pick up some thread to match the beads I had found. All together a very successful day, but a full day.

Not for once I'm sure

Pati, I think you are busy all the time - you are always doing something exciting. And to get your blood working on new ideas is just what you thrive on. Good for you and hope you will share some of your work if you can? I like to see or hear what you are up to.  I have been sorting through "stuff" these past few days - can't see any real difference for doing this, except that I know what I've done and feel good about it.  Some of this sorting was books and patterns and other accumulated quilt/sewing/knitting/ crochet materials. So I guess you could say it got my blood working too, except you produce, and I just dream haha! So to appease myself, I made some more hexis. It is great fun to have the little kitten helping me - maybe I will have a quilting companion yet?  Regardless of what he is up to at the time I take out my baskets to work, there he is right in the thick of it.  Try to cut out the paper hexi pieces with him trying to play with the sheet of paper! I love it.
Just logged in the Food Diary for today and to help me along I had a shot of Galliano liqueur - Mike and Erin gave me a bottle for Christmas and I am milking it so it will last for a while as can't buy it in the LCBO stores locally.   Take care

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Busy for once

Early yesterday, we took one of my reliquaries out to the gallery in Selkirk.  It was an exhibition of work from the Embroiderers' Guild, but there weren't enough entries, so they were accepting them from anyone associated in any way.  There appeared to be an awful lot of pieces, so we just dropped mine off and came home.  Later in the afternoon, I got a call from my friend Valerie, saying that they hung everything and still had a least one whole wall that was empty.  The lady from the gallery asked if maybe Valerie and I could bring in some more stuff. Of course I said yes, and then spent yesterday finishing three pieces.  Today, I had the monthly luncheon of my ATC group, and Valerie came to the restaurant to give me her pieces.  Tomorrow morning David and I have to be at the gallery by 9:00 to deliver everything, and maybe help hang them.  It's not often the chance to be part of a gallery exhibit this way comes up, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

The frenzy of activity yesterday stirred my blood, and today I started a new piece.  It started off with my thinking about how I could best demonstrate something for the beading class I'm teaching in March, and has evolved somewhat.  So after getting home today, I started the basic preparation, working until about 7:30.  I should get the basic work finished tomorrow, and then will have to choose beads. That always takes time and is a wonderful creative process. I may even have to go shopping--too bad.  I'm hoping this is the start of a period of activity and productivity.  Being active helps me sleep better at night, and right now, I need to be doing that.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Good feelings - what a great message

How wonderful to log on and read your message Pati, and I feel so good for you. Of course you are pretty and you can pamper yourself - who better than yourself.  I have those moments too, and it does make you feel special. We need more of these feel good events and celebrate more often. Let's all do it more often and share with each other.  Even having a nice bath brightens me. Then I try to do a pedicure but that physical effort sometimes gets the best of me haha! 
Well, there is always some good that comes from giving of yourself to others. Pati, I thank you for your comments however, I do not deserve such high praise and I firmly believe we are all capable of the same if it comes to that. On Sunday morning I am picking up Daisy and driving her to Mass in South River. She goes regularly and since our goal is to try to eliminate her driving, I have stepped up and offered to take her.  So I shall be Driving Daisy but the good of it is that I too, shall be attending Mass. It has been years and years ( not necessarily of my choosing or liking) ...so here goes.
On another note, I shall also be starting another week of logging in our Daily Food Diary starting tomorrow. Everything we eat and drink for seven days! Done it so many times, but still a real pinta for me. The $25.00 Visa card reward is my incentive.
Still some snow everyday but mild. No need to shovel just yet.
Have a good weekend you two, and let me know what you are up to. Take care

Friday, January 27, 2017

Quite a day

We were up early (for us) and off to our hair appointments. David was through quickly, and took off to buy gas and pay bills, while I had my hair coloured.  It was called "streaking" but not like anything I've ever had done before.  When she was finished, the difference was very very subtle, but I love it.  I had been avoiding streaking, as the last few times it was done--many, many years ago--I ended up with what I call " zebra stripes". but this is such a subtle difference that it's really hard to tell that anything was done.  It's wonderful!  I feel pretty!  Which is not something  a woman of my age should be thinking.  There is even a tiny bit of grey at my temples, so someone might not think anything had been done at all.  That may not have been intentional, but I prefer to believe it was.  It al felt so good that I went to the trouble to give myself a pedicure this evening, certainly not before it was needed. After all that, it was grocery shopping, and a quiet evening at home.

We're tired, but satisfied.  I hope everyone feels a little bit of that, at some point, this weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Getting old

I think it speaks of the very basic compassion that is part of your soul, that you willingly accept the care giving role that is so often thrust upon you.  I know you must be frustrated and angry at times, but you appear to carry on.  I so envy you the inner strength to do that, as I doubt I could.  But then we never really know until we're tested, do we?

David has been doing a little care giving these days.  No sooner had my cold cleared up when I was visited by the flu that's also going around here.  I had the shot, but this must be the version that comes with it. Monday I was feeling really weird, even believing that I had suffered an adverse reaction to the caffeine I was drinking, but then Tuesday, I just wasn't well, even throwing up a bit during the night.  Then Wednesday, I spent most of the day in bed, until about 2:00.  Then I was fine.  Today I'm tired--huge bags under my eyes-- but otherwise fine.  Even went out for coffee--the real thing--this afternoon. My volunteer activities came crashing down the past couple of days.  Nothing that couldn't be dealt with by computer, but a bunch of silly, time consuming crap.  Calmed down now.  We'll wait for the onslaught, again, tomorrow. Just your basic week from hell.

Tomorrow, first thing, David and I are going to the hairdresser.  We made the appointment awhile ago, as David needs to go as the first appointment, to avoid smells.  But then I'm  going to have my hair streaked.  I've been considering it for awhile, as it's one way of minimizing the grey.  I think I could deal with going pure grey or pure white, but the salt and pepper bothers me.  It struck me today, that I may be going back to Mom, toward the end, when she would make us put her hair up in rollers every day.  It was quite salt, and pepper, by then, with a bit of red here and there.  It was a job I resented, as we never knew when she would demand it, and we couldn't say "no", no matter what else was going on.  It's funny how this type of memory strikes you unawares.  A bit disturbing, as from the perspective of age, I feel guilty about feeling resentful then.

With the reliquary finished, I have to spend some time preparing for the beading course I'm teaching in early March.

Had a call from Loren today. He was asking us for a airport run, as he and Sheila are going to Jamaica for a week.  They got a good deal, even if it isn't all inclusive-just a room at a resort, and breakfast.  He says they're quite looking forward to eating out locally.  I hope it turns out well for them. 


Much "intent" but certainly not "frivolous" - by my standards! You must be very proud to have done such a beautiful work of art under some very real physical constraints.  Good for you.
In this book I'm reading by Andrew Greeley The Occasion of Sin there are detailed descriptions of exhuming bodies (as part of the process for the substantiation needed for sainthood) and about the reliquaries found within containing the particular items required. Timely in my reading about this, and you completing another of your works.
My goal now is to: reclaim my studio (ie little room). I have worked some today in between other chores, and have given myself a good time line to be reasonable and so as not to fail. It becomes a process of hauling stuff here, and then moving stuff back, and then hauling more stuff and then not knowing where to put anything, so haul it back.  Sound interesting?
Strange events yesterday as we received a call from an elderly lady in Sundridge-  the sister of deceased Uncle Walter, and by chance the Sponsor for both Willie and Mike for their respective Confirmations years ago.  She is close to 90 years. But her concern was people breaking into her place and taking things and then returning them, or not. She had already had the OPP there a few days ago but was now asking for our help.  I told her to call the OPP again, and that we would come over.  We arrived as OPP were finished - he spoke with us outside and reiterated our belief that she was most likely demonstrating paranoid behaviour and obvious confusion.  We stayed for awhile speaking with her and following her about her place as she described what was taken and what was returned etc.  She showed us her kitchen cupboard and pointed out where they had taken her container of powdered skim milk. Today I called her, and fortunately they had returned the container and the measuring cup that was with it to the shelf last night.  Harry has spoken with her daughter in law in Toronto ( as has the OPP spoken with her son) We shall be keeping a close watch and try to take her shopping etc as all feel she should not be driving. So as life continues, it seems we are into a "caretaker" role once again. I'll keep you informed as to how this will evolve.
So back to tidying up from my messy cleanup attempts today.  I shall try again tomorrow. I might actually succeed in getting my sewing machine back into use! Take care

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

"There be SNOW here..."

Unusual to see the white stuff falling yesterday and covering the sick looking brownish ground. But I loved it.  I even went down to the Lottery Store before Supper just to walk in the falling flakes and take it all in. And yes, also to buy a ticket for tonight!
I bought a Quilt Book yesterday at The Thrift Store ($2.00) - The lady in charge of books was just bring a cart full from storage to shelf, and so we went through them together - she being a quilter was looking at them all as well, and having a great discussion with me all the time.  This book was an older pattern  book with coloured pictures designed for childrens pieces. What caught my eye were the patterns for Fish, and Cats, and Dogs and Owls. So I got it.  I photocopied on our printer the patterns for the two different fish offered, and have them cut out. Now I am planning what I can use to cut the fabric and make a prototype block.  Just another flashing thought in my mind but it's enough to keep me amused for now.
I am reading another Andrew Greeley novel right now - I always loved his writing and had this book here at home (unread) so voila. 
Otherwise - nothing much going on .....Mid week though, and apparently all the end of month bills are starting to come in - always a lovely treat.  Now where is the money to go with them haha!  Take care.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

There's nothing like a little warmth

to help us forget what a cold country we live in.  I think you should listen to the lady at the nursery, but that's just my humble opinion.  The last few days we have been out in sweat jackets or sweaters, but back in the parkas today.  It has been so beautiful that we should be giving thanks for every single pleasant day.

Colds appear to be over now.  I had a rough day yesterday, but I think I was reacting to all the caffeine I've been drinking lately.  Since earlier this month, I've made an effort to drink green tea with every meal, and enjoying a special brewed tea a couple of times a day.  I've also been having my one coffee a day, but the last few days have been getting a larger portion, as they were offering a type of coffee I really like.  so I'm trying to avoid any caffeine today, even asking them to make a special cup of de-caf for me at Starbucks.  Lemon water instead of Dr. Pepper doesn't cut it, but I shall persevere.

Quiet around here.  Lots of reading and computer games.  I was going to try to sew my reliquary together today, but determined that the base needed adjustment, so had to take the little feet off and then re-glue them, when I had corrected the problem. Now I'm watching glue dry. Lots of time to think about the beading class I'm teaching in March.  I'm having to re-write my handout, to better fit with the audience I expect.  I actually had one lady tell me she joined the quilters' Guild so she could sign up for it!

I've recently heard of a couple of opening receptions for fine craft shows, and think I'm going to try to attend.  They're evening events,  and this gives me pause. One is actually out in Selkirk, although the other is at the art gallery.  We'll see.

Do we plant or not?

The subject of firing up the greenhouses has been at the top of discussions here lately. It has been so mild that I guess one forgets it is only January. Yesterday I went to North Bay to do a few errands - one of which was to pick up potting soil at the Laportes Greenhouses.  The owner met me at the store (store not really open yet but with a prearrangement, she met me there) and couldn't get the soil Harry wanted as it was frozen solid in the back rooms. I did buy some other though, that was in the store proper. But she cautioned - "too early- it will get much colder soon." She does not start until March. She told me to tell Harry "too early"  I did when I got home , but ? will it make a difference? Time will tell haha!  Today we may go to Huntsville as Harry likes to do - I wouldn't mind staying home.  
What's up with you folks?  Take care

Sunday, January 22, 2017


we have just now finished our supper, as it took longer than anticipated in the new Crock Pot.  I am sitting, not with tea but rather my favourite Dr. Pepper.  And I will raise a glass to us all.

There are only four Kidd books:
 The Fool's Run
The Empress File
The Devil's code
The hanged Man's Song

While they don't have to be read in sequence, I encourage you to do so.  The "Cat who" books can be read in any order.  The important things are 
What he did with the money he inherited
Who his lady is, although neither of them is entirely faithful
Hi remote history as both a reporter and drunk

Afternoon Tea and Tea Buscuits

Just to share with you both - I have steeped a cup of DavidsTea called Chocolate Orange, and have placed some of my favourite biscuits called Maria into a fancy dish. I shall drink my tea after straining it into my Duchess China cup and I shall sit and stare at my hexi topper and listen to Roger Whittaker.  Hope about joining me?
I printed off the list of The Kidd Series - I have read some if not all but will look in the Library to make sure. Also printed off the list of "The Cat Who...." series.  Another very long list but I shall not get myself obsessed with reading them all in order ( been there, done that with Stone Barrington)
So have a great afternoon.  Glad to hear about your workshop Pati, and very happy to hear about your reading Cathy (in the bath was it?)  Take care

I have to agree with you both

I, too, have special books.  But in my recent "clean-out", I was forced to take a serious look at those I had, and sort out those with special meaning or emotion attached-the ones I couldn't bear to part with.  Right now, I'm re-reading the Kidd series by John Sandford.  I may have mentioned it before.  This was written in the early 90's when computer hacking first became an issue, but I feel an attachment to the characters.  They appear to have some human feelings, and, to an extent, ethics. This was also the series where I became aware of more routine usage of the Tarot, without attaching any mystical or magic meaning to it.  I will keep them -there are only four in the series--and probably re-read them again in the future.

I had done a major clean-out of my craft/art books early in the clean-out process, and there were some of those that emerged as "keepers', s well

I attended my " Watercolour Dragon Flies" workshop yesterday,  She is a somewhat inexperienced instructor.  It was a three hour class, but we had all finished our project in about 1 1/2 hour.  She scrambled a bit and found a second project, but I didn't have any extra paper.  She said she had run a practice class, but it was friends, and they took the full three hours. She now realized that it made a difference to have experienced artists.  I only had some powdered paints, and was wary, but they worked beautifully.

In the afternoon, we went to the casino--after over two weeks of being stuck in the house with our colds.  We only stayed for a very little while, but both felt better for having done it.

Otherwise, David has been watching the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction on tv for three days solid.  Evidently it's on again today.  He's been actively interested in it, and frequently comes to tell what's going on.  since I've been holding back on any hand work, it's meant a lot of time at the computer for me.

However, my weight is continuing to decline--very, very slowly, and with ups and downs.  I am hovering around my next goal, and have been for about 3 weeks.  Twice now, including this morning, I was dead on the goal--not 0.1 lb above or below-- but just can't seem to manage to get below.  Because I couldn't get the yogurt I wanted, I bought it in a different package, and took the time to read the ingredients, coming to realize that there is a bit of real sugar in the one I've used for months.  Not good.  So I checked the ingredients in a couple of other things I use regularly, such as my whey protein and discovered it also contains a sweetener ( Steava, whatever that is)  Have to take a look at options next time I shop.

Today, I'm cooking one of my pickled brisket pieces--definitely not on the diet, but this is a planned diversion.  And I'm going to try some beading.

Books are special Cathy and I agree.......

...and it seems we three have all been smitten with the same desire to read, to own on occasion, and to covert special books.  I have many books I covet - will not rid myself of them even though I'm not sure I will read them again - but I know I have them. I have found the Library to be my current source though, by virtue of space and cost to do otherwise.  But as I have mentioned a few times recently, I will also buy a book when it is necessary. haha!  I enjoy hearing from you both about good books you recommend, so please keep mentioning to the,.... I write them down and have the list in my '"Library" envelop that I take with me.
Still very mild here and I can almost see the snow melting down. Not to say this will not change but it is a refreshing break don't you think?
Early morning here, and I have my coffee in front of me, and I am about to check my winning numbers - if you hear screams of delight in the winds coming your way - it will be me!   Take care 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Memories of books and feelings

Today I am re-reading a book that I have had for many years.  It is a paperback. It is very tattered... The pages are yellowed and falling out of the book.  It makes it difficult to read in the bathtub, but I keep trying.  This is the book Beth bought me the day after the house burned down in1988.  We were in a store in Sundridge.  I don't know what store, but the book rack was by the check out.  I saw it there and mentioned that I had that book before and how much I enjoyed it.  Beth bought it for me and told me it was the first book in my new collection.  I have many books now..... lots of them came from Debbie Ginther... she went to a used book store and bought a whole selection of books that we had both enjoyed as children.... Whenever I look for a book to read, whether I choose it or not, my hand touches this book. "Treasure" by Clive Cussler.... the first book in my new library..........  Memories of books and feelings

Friday, January 20, 2017

It's all in how me handle it.....

....so, OK be cranky. It's allowed ( with us anyway haha!)  It's how we manage it that counts.  Sounds as if you are fine with plans to go out to a workshop - good to get out and circulate!
I managed my " feelings" today by walking to Lottery Store and buying a 649 ticket - I usually never get a 649 but it sounded like a good idea at the time.  Maybe a wise decision - we'll know come Sunday morning, when I check the numbers.
Got the roof completed today - at least cleared for about 6 to 8 feet up from the eaves. To get the whole roof done one would have to climb on to the roof and start to shovel from the top down.  Then watched the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump on the CTV. I had to swallow hard all through his speech.  I was sad when they showed Barack Obama and Michelle Obama walked to the Helicopter and waved off. 
So here's to the weekend - have a nice relaxing few days. Cathy, when is your theatre performances?  Take care

I'm cranky!

I've just come home from a meeting of the executive of my volunteer art group.  Somewhat contentious, and frustrating.  I am just now eating lunch (3:30), and my tummy is upset.  Humbug!

My left hand continues to ache just enough that I'm aware of it.  I slept in my little splint last night, and it helped somewhat.  I basted a few hexies at the quilters' guild meeting last night, and that definitely bothered the hand, but the beading doesn't appear to. It is now the whole hand.  This wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't realize that it means that my days of doing any hand sewing are numbered. This is going to be hard to accept.  

We both are still bothered by a cold.  David appears a little better today, and my crankiness may be all that's left of mine.  Here's hoping!

Tomorrow, I'm taking a workshop.  I hope this will be a small step toward life getting back to normal again.

We are enjoying beautiful weather, and the last few days have been bright and sunny.  Temps still hovering around zero.  The sun is now gone and we're told it will be cloudy for almost the next week, but the temps will remain good.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Sometime back Pati, you had recommended these books and only now I'm starting. I very much like this author's writing style and although only half way through, enjoying it. - my first "cat" book.  I am sure to get more although I haven't checked the Library. This book was a paperback I had here at home already.  I was just watching a few things on The Quilt Show and happened to check the blog before logging off and fortunately caught your question. Nighty night!

The Cat Who read backwards

Is this a Qwilleran novel?  Love those!

It is lovely weather ....

....and one should be happy to have nice mild temperatures rather than the bitter cold and wind that could be with us, or probably will be with us before long.  I took advantage of this lovely weather, and started to clean off the roof this afternoon.  I tackled the back and got only one side done - by the time I got it cleaned off and then the hardest job to clean up the heavy pile of snow on the ground as a result of raking it off the roof, that was all I could manage. Perhaps tomorrow I can try again.  I did more hexis this morning, after walking to the Lottery Store, and the Bank. At the Bank, I was presented with more issues.  For the last while RBC has been on a promotion for clients to use the online site for transactions. I have fought this every time I approached the Teller - although as I am told by the teller - it's not them. And today I was told that I could not pay my cell bill the usual way and rather I should be using on line banking. The Teller could not do it the usual way either and she had to go online to pay the bill (although I thought they always did this once I logged on with my client card?)  She told me to express my concerns with the Management. I do not feel my voice of concern would make any difference. I stated that as long as the Bank was still here physically, and the doors open, and I enter during posted business hours, I expect that I can carry out all my business there. So with a heavy heart, I have just logged on to the RBC site and printed off the list of "payees". Now I shall reconcile these ( they only use a # for each with the actual account number of payee which I shall have to isolate specifically) Then I shall try to pay my bills for this end of month "online".  I really am kicking and screaming into the new age of technology.  I feel the same way about "texting" and there is always a real tug of war here when Harry communicates on the computer with prospective receivers or givers of items on Kijiji. Then they always respond with texts to "my" cell phone which Harry has given as number. And it is always then my job to respond and make arrangements. I have vowed to try to learn to text on my phone - it is only a little flip phone and no internet etc as is usual with all these smart phones everyone else uses.  The last message I had to send ( in the car) was on Tuesday when we were meeting up with this gal to give her the boxes of VHS's. She wrote several times ( always started with "Hi there" ) asking if we would still be there at the ReStore at 9 am etc etc.  My response after several tries was "YES" (and I was thrilled to have written that much  haha!)
Well. I seem to have vented enough for tonight - do you think???
So I'll go to bed and read.  I am reading The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" right now. A real nice change from the previous marathon with Stuart Woods novels!  Take care

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

What a beautiful day!

Temperature just below zero, bright sun, and almost no wind. However, the roads etc are getting sloppy, which means they'll freeze overnight and be quite slippery in the morning. While I'm almost over the very nasty cold that's been going around, David is still suffering.  He's just feeling absolutely miserable and sleeping quite a bit.  He's also discovered the joy of NyQuil.  Since he takes so very little medication, it really has a very positive effect on him.  We still try to get out once a day, for lottery tickets, the odd grocery item, and my coffee.

Yesterday was the monthly meeting of my Tuesday stitchery group.  My friend Susanne picked me up, so, again, I didn't have to drive.  I enjoy getting together with these ladies.  I have no idea how long we've been doing this, but I'm betting it's well over 20 years. I basted 4 hexies in the two hours we were there, but that's as much as I want to do right now, although I have done a little bit of beading.  Beth, the only way to finish anything out of hexies, is to either leave the edges in a zig-zag, or attach filling hexies one at a 

We did get out on Monday over to the bead shop near Polo Park, and to the fancy tea store on Academy Road.  On our way, David asked if we could go to Cantor's to see if we could get any corned beef that had actually been pickled, rather than smoked.  Of course, we did get some deli meat that fit the bill, but I also bought a piece of pickled brisket.  The same thing, but in a much larger piece suitable, for cooking and serving as a roast.  Daddy used to make this for us at one time, even pickling his own beef.  I think he did a batch when Harry;s family came to visit before you were married, Beth---how many years ago??  Anyway, this is a very special meal that I always used to love.  The piece was big enough to cut into three pieces, each of which will give us at least, two meals.  And it was much cheaper than the same size of roast beef would have been

Since I'm starting to sit up and take notice, after almost 3 weeks in a fog from the cold, I've realized how badly the housework has been neglected.  This morning I tidied the kitchen, polished the top of the stove, hand washed a few dishes, and did a small laundry.  I'm beat!  Even though I tried to pace myself,  I just don't-yet-have the endurance to do too much at any one time.  I'm determined to get back to my reliquary, but things like poker and Candy Crush seem to continue getting in the way.

Okay, time to think about supper.

Getting tired of all this

Freezing rain, drizzle, dripping from icicles on roof, ice all along the eavetroughs, back screen door iced in - I am really getting tired of this. Very mild temps right now. I am pouring gravel onto the steps and sidewalk to try to prevent any falls. Not nice.
But I am getting further along with my hexi table topper.  I am excited to complete the outside border but each little hexi is being placed individually because I cannot quite see any other way.  Wish you were here Pati to help, and Cathy to offer your critical eye advice haha!  Oh well, fills a few hours with fun. 
In our efforts to organize all the electrical equipment "acquired" I got a nice CD player and one speaker set up - it will hold 5 CDs . I find it great to sit with my sewing and hear all my nice music playing. Although, my little kitten also enjoys sitting and hearing the music - but he wants to sit right on top on the topper!  Great fun!
We took a car load of equipment, and old radios etc to brother in law yesterday in Huntsville. He is into all this thing. He wrote back that a lot is not usable and thus will be taken to dump.  Also dropped off about 5 boxes of VHS and DVD to a girl who met us at the ReStore to pick up. Nice to unload some of them as well. But not a dint to be seen around here as a result...... haha!
Take care all....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

To Amber

The very best of the day to you.  Happy Birthday!
Have a wonderful celebration  - whatever event is of your choosing.  XX

Monday, January 16, 2017

Front or back?

Yes Pati, your revisions were observed by me when I checked before bed last night.  I thought it wonderful that a piece of art can actually have two sides each with it's own statement of sorts.  And I see how you could like the back side as much - it does offer a subdued, peaceful view.  Could one hang (display) a piece like this so that both sides can be enjoyed?  Nice work indeed!

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I updated the last post on the other blog, to show the finished product.

Lazy Saturday for me

I puttered away with sorting through old paperwork with intention to get rid of excess. I managed to create one bag on shredded paper for the compost and organized a shelf into better shape than it was before I started - so that was a good attempt!.  Then we drove to Powassan to pick up an auction item Harry purchased - had to get gas in next town - $114.9 there . What are you folks paying now?
This is also the stop point for sledders on the trails. So many machines parked at the restaurant and gas station, and so much noise as they rev up the machines prior to take off. Glad the tourist season is profiting this year with all the snow around. There are also so many more ice huts out on our Lake this year.
I didn't do any wash as is usual Sat event, but instead worked a bit more on hexis.  Then a nice bath and into a clean bed.  A real lazy day. So today I make up for it - lots of wash to do.
Pati, I loved the way your "sunset" embellished piece is looking - very nice indeed. And nice that you are trying out this method again after so long. Hopefully your finger will get the rest it needs, but as you say, you are tempted to try some hand work soon. Take care with it and look after your finger.
Today I should get out and do some more shoveling - it is funny because I have created walking paths around the yard - to get to the compost, or to get to the bird feeders etc. And now I make it my fun thing to do - to walk around the yard following my well cleaned out paths. - and envision my very own "winter palace" sort of......
Have a nice Sunday folks - any special plans your way Cathy?
Take care

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Out again!

We knew David was getting low on pills, but found out that he didn't have enough to last the month.  His Blue Cross doesn't kick in until February, and the pills are expensive ( well over $300.00 per refill).  We knew my blue Cross, much lower limits than his, came in January 1st, and thought there might be a bit left on his from last year, so ordered them.  Picked them up and NO CHARGE!!  Between the two plans we were covered 100%.  What a relief!  Leaving the store we checked out the clearance rack, as we were going by, and found a Crock-Pot, for $24.00.  Well, having saved so much on pills, we had to buy it. My oldest slow cooker has a broken lid, and broken dial, and we only use it when absolutely necessary, but now I can get rid of it.

More poker last evening, and I actually won a tournament.  It's been a very long time since that happened.  But today I need to get back into productivity.  I managed to easily shred the yarn I bought yesterday, and when shredded, it's light and fluffy as a feather--everything I had hoped for.  However, my skin soon told me that it was pure wool, something that hasn't been a problem for years.  I guess we must suffer for our art!

A little less cold today, but cold enough.  The streets are very, very slippery, and there was equipment out today that we had to play "wait'n'dodge" with, so hopefully, we're home to stay for now.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Swimming lessons

I certainly remember swimming lessons at the Sherbrook Pool.  I also remember riding-by myself-as a young child-on the bus each way, with two transfers.  You won't see any  kids doing that now! One of those transfers was at Pembina and Stafford, and I traveled that way often enough, that when we had the very big blizzard in, I think, 1965, I was stuck downtown, near the Bay, when all of the trolley buses went off line.  I remembered that the Stafford bus could connect with the Morley bus, and that they were both motor buses.  I quickly transferred to a Stafford, and actually got safely home, at a time when many people didn't.

My swimming teacher was Mrs. Birt, and she had been a girlhood friend of Mom's.  Wasn't she one of the Spinsters group?  My kids never went to the Sherbrook Pool, as far as I know, although they may have a few times.  But living in Transcona, we had a local pool, just a few blocks away.

I worked on some needle felting yesterday, but ran out of yarn.  We were able to pick up something I think will work, at Micheal's today, thank Goodness.  I was worried that I would have to travel around the city to those high priced little specialty stores, and the piece isn't important enough to spend that sort of money.  I've sort of been planning 3-4 felted pieces, each about 12" by 12".  I spent far too much on specialty yarn at the FAN retreat I went to last fall, with this in mind.  It's been quite awhile since I used the embellisher, and obviously need practise.  Unfortunately, when I was playing yesterday, I discovered that I have a "whack" of yarn stored downstairs--enough that I'm a bit embarrassed.  some of it is definitely "specialty" yarn, and I'm looking forward to playing with it. 

I've also given my hands a rest for 8 days now, and am thinking about trying some hand sewing--maybe some beading.  We'll see.

So we did get out today, once David had blown the driveway clear.  We made it to the library and grocery store, as well as Micheal's, and I got my coffee at Starbuck's.  As I mentioned, our trips out for coffee are costing us a bit extra, with stops at the grocery store. (David buys his lottery tickets there, as well, so we're both involved in this) I readily admit that the coffee is an extravagance, but I'm going to track the other for awhile, and figure out if there really is a problem.  I have the records for December, but that is really an a-typical month, so January and February will have to be watched. Not fun, but maybe necessary right now.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

If it weren't for the weather...

......our lives would be very uninteresting. Last night it rained again and out I went to shovel water but this time with the front light to guide me. No power outages, thank goodness. But strange today to get an email from Lakeland Power with an apology for the unplanned outage and sorry for the inconvenience.  Never had that before.   It started to snow when I got up with the dog, so after a bit of breakfast I went out to shovel.  I decided to do a really good job as I have been slack over past few weeks and the paths etc were mostly covered - not my usual standard! haha  Well, didn't I work from 8 to about noon without a break ( sorry, one pee break!) and so proud of my progress.  Still no roof cleaning but the rain has done a fair job in diminishing a bit of the problem, so that shall wait.  Other than that, a bit of hexi making, and a bit of spotty cleanup here and there and that is the extent of my day. 
I read in the Free Press the title of the article about the reopening of the Sherbrooke Pool after a five year makeover.  It brought back so many memories.  I wondered if you folks read the full article and were you taken back in years just as I was.  Pati, did your kids ever go there, or Cathy, do you have remembrances of the pool?
Well,bedtime for me . Here's to our exciting lives and here's to getting the messages about your exciting lives - I love to hear what you both are up to. Take care.


Before we got up this morning, we could hear the wind howling around the house.  Bringing in the paper it was difficult to see across the street.  Not snowing, but wind blowing the fallen snow around.  The tv said the wind chill was over minus 40.  The wind dropped a bit and visibility cleared just before noon, but the wind still blows and it's still cold.  David went out to fix the recycling bin, as it hadn't been picked up yesterday, and it appears that someone had hit it with a car, knocking everything all over the street.  Other than looking after that, we haven't ventured out,  and have no plans to.

So, looking for something positive in my life, at 2:50, I made a cup of coffee, and sat down to watch Dr. Phil.  Wouldn't you know it, the phone rang.  It was my friend Shirley, whom I haven't talked to since May.  I had been thinking of her recently, but hesitated to phone.  However, she's still alive, but not well, as she explained in great detail.  Then she told me that the roads had been so bad, and the weather so cold, that the big trucks hadn't been able to delivery food to her facility, and the menus had been very strange for several days.  There are 300 elderly people in the facility, many very traditional eaters ( former farmers, with religious traditions as well).  Obviously it caused quite a stir in the facility.  Needless to say, I wasn't able to watch Dr. Phil, although I did manage to catch it later on another channel.  

Do I sound bored out of my mind?  I've been avoiding any hand sewing, and doing some small jobs with my embellishing machine, but now need more supplies for that.  This evening, I may just try some beading.  Otherwise it's back to poker--yet again.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

hate to say it out loud

But there is more nasty weather coming your way.  Extreme cold warnings here, with predictions of very high winds Friday and Saturday.  So we went out today to buy me coffee.  Since we also stopped at the store to mail a card to Amber, we bought a couple of things.  I truly believe that you save money by limiting your trips to the store, and it's hard to justify going out in the cold for no more than a cup of coffee. However, every day I feel grateful for a house big enough that we can each find our own special place.  I think with the cold and the colds, we would have killed each other, or at the very least come down with full blown "cabin fever".  So, we justify our trips out for coffee as making sure we get out of here every day. 

The cold is still hanging around, but I'm feeling well enough to believe I'm winning the battle. No drugs today.  Good thing, as my fibre art support group is coming over this evening, although I have enough "regrets" to wonder who might actually show up.  Still, it's an excuse to tidy the basement, and scrub the bathrooms, so all's not lost, either way.  I have no work to show them, and no "give away-s", so I hope they're not too disappointed. Still not sewing, and the hexies have all been put away--out of sight-out of mind--works for me.  The little splint doesn't fit as well as it should  for doing any work, so we're both playing a lot of poker.  I actually won "money" twice yesterday--something that hasn't happened in awhile.  Once this evening is over, we have no other events scheduled for quite awhile, and I've set up the basement to start a new project--mainly machine, work to save my poor hand.  We seem to be able to keep the housework under control, but every once in awhile stumble upon something nasty.  During our efforts to tidy up we found a couple of things like that, so have filled our quota for this week and don't have to worry for a bit.

Time to go.  Keep safe and warm--especially you, Cathy, with the need to travel into town to work

Oh, what a night!

Snow squalls all day and then temps rise and we have a rain storm with winds up to 80 km/hr and I am out shovelling the front of water build up - in the dark - because the hydro went off just after 4 am!  And so... no coffee this morning. The hydro came back at 10 am and the first thing I did was to make a coffee - priorities after all.  Yesterday I was able to clear the snow from the outbuildings - grey shed, little and big greenhouses and the situpon roof.  But gave up trying to do any more with the snow and blowing - glad I got those done as the rain would have been too much maybe? Anyway still have the roof to do - but not today. Too much blowing still although the rain turned to snow and then the snow stopped. How's that for a detail of my conditions here right now?
My new passport arrived in the mail this morning - and is good until 2027, so I guess that means I'm also good until 2027... haha!
I think I may just work on some hexis today - too tired to do any more heavy work.  Take care all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Doctors, and colds, and all that fun stuff

It sounds like we are all having fun visits planned for our health.  I saw the doctor last week, have my mammogram next week and the dentist the week after that.  All during the longest most depressing month of the year.  At least I have something to look forward to this month.  :)   The doctor just keeps saying that all my problems stem from the lupus.  I have more and more trouble with swollen joints in my feet.   I am also, according to him, susceptible to gout because of the lupus.... yeah!!  I figured that one out!  We have had heat problems at work for the last couple of months.  The temperature in our area sat at around 16C, which is way to cold to sit around in.  The repair people are here today and it is currently about 23C where I work.  I might need a nap!  We got snow again last yesterday, but it was big fluffy flakes.  Our forecast was for 1 to 3 centemetres, but we were on the edge of a heavy snowfall warning and got over 10 centemetres.  we haven't been able to keep up with the snow blowing and just have a path from the garage to the house.  I shoveled both doors out, but they blew in again.  Good thing we have a sliding door in the rec room to get in and out.  In an emergency we could get out the front door, but we would probably destroy the door doing it.   We were spoiled last year with such an easy winter.  We are paying for it with cold and snow this year.  I have to go home after work and pick up some of my prescriptions.  One of them has a higher dosage than I wanted, and the other is back ordered until mid February and they want to figure out a substitute for me.  Oh to be young and healthy.  Lunch is almost over.  Back to work.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Fingers and splints

Decided to check the blog after watching the first of the two movies I mentioned earlier - I'll wait for another time to watch #2. Glad to hear that you have had the finger examined and by the sounds of it had a pretty thorough examination and competent Doctor to assist you. Now you can test the splints effectiveness with hand work as you seem to indicate how nice the splint felt on the finger, but don't overdo things ! Keep us informed of your progress Pati.  This reminds me of Cathy's problem with her foot and since we haven't had an update for awhile - how about it Cathy - good news? 
I received feedback from the requested referral sent to the Eye Specialist.  I go Feb 3 for the tests and then return Feb 7 to see the Doctor. This is the Dr who did all the Laser Sx a few years ago when the retinas tore and bled. I requested another referral through my Family Dr ( way it has to be done) because I see flashing lights all the time - good to have it rechecked.  I'll ask him about the cataracts at the same time.
Well, time to hit the sack - tomorrow is another day, and with this current snow fall and snow squalls today who knows what tomorrow will actually bring - always fun to get up and dressed  and open the door for the dog to see what its like out. Scary sometimes.  I have to get to the roof sooner than later and think maybe Wed or Thurs.  Take care 

Today's adventure

The saga of my poor finger continues.  Right after breakfast, I had David take me into the Urgent Care Centre.  I figured that by the time I managed to get a doctor's appointment, I would have lost a lot of critical time in treating this, based on my experiences when I ruptured the tendon on the other hand.  It was a bit of a wait, but I did it x-rayed, and get to see a doctor.

Well, it turns out that this probably isn't so serious, but maybe more disheartening.  It seems that the joint isn't dislocating but rather subluxing--a similar process to what happens when people crack their knuckles.  There are no tendons on the sides of the joint, only on the front and back, so no tendons are at risk.  Rather, the joint is wearing out with use, age, and arthritis (as shown on the x-ray), and simply becoming looser.  The tendons I do have are quite strong, and not at risk.  He suggested that I consult a private practice Occupational Therapist to work with me to identify any potential areas where my work habits might be changed to reduce stress on the joint.  ( I didn't say anything like "been there, done that")  He felt that my toothpick splint wasn't effective as it didn't cover more than one joint, and he gave me a long piece of foam-covered metal that could be bent into a splint for sleeping, as well as a small thermoplastic splint that I should try as a working splint.  As soon as he put that on, I felt immediate relief, and it must have shown on my face, as he says     " Oh, you like that one, do you?".

So that is how I spent the day.  Didn't get to the library, and didn't have a chance to prepare the fancy supper that I'd planned, but I think this little splint just may be the answer to my prayers.

Maybe it's the downer after the excitement of Christmas?

But January always seems to be a drag, doesn't it? And made more so by the relentless deluge of snow.  It just does not stop. So maybe we should all ( for ourselves that is ) make a list of all that is great right now in our lives, just as you did with your last message Pati - I loved that! 
Tomorrow we go to Huntsville - to deliver stereo parts to brother in law and then to meet up with someone to whom we are giving boxes of VHS's free. Life goes on as you say - never know what will be next and because of that I often feel I am sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next thing to which I must respond haha!
I am about to sit now and watch Highlander which I found while sorting through boxes of VHS's.  I found both Highlander and Highlander 2. I just made a cup of tea called 'Forever Nuts" and it smells gorgeous.  So wish me peace.....take careXX

Life goes on

Nothing much has changed.  My cold continues, and as of this morning, it appears to have spread to David.  Loren and Sheila dropped in yesterday, to pick up his roaster, and a small gift we had bought her, for no reason at all.  He told us the roaster, which we had admired, had been bought with the gift certificate we gave him for Christmas in 2015.  I guess we had good taste, even then.

We read, and play poker.  I never win, but David does once in awhile.  Today we have to visit the library, as one of the books I picked up Friday, had already been read.  I'm going to see if I can get into see a doctor this week, as my finger is still in trouble, even though I'm not doing any hand sewing.  I have splinted it with toothpicks, and that seems to be helping.

Keep warm!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Not the best of days

My cold is making itself at home, in my chest.  Yuch! There is minimal housework getting done, but we sure are playing a lot of poker! I've decided to take an extra day at phase one in my diet, as I ate a handful of raisins last night--really shouldn't have.  When I looked back in the calendar, it has taken me 4 months to loose 10 pounds, but I have been a little lax about some things, so 2 lbs/month really isn't bad, for a diet that I've now been on for 10 months. I will keep plugging along, and start phase 2 tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I sit here thinking about how much I would love a piece of pizza, but it's just too cold to go out looking for it.  So lentils and spinach will have to do for supper.

I also decided to find something positive about the cold.

  •  it gives me an excuse to wear my fairly new, heavy, ugly sweater in the house
  • we are assured that the car will always start, as we are sure to plug it in every night.
  • When it's this cold, it probably won't snow
  • the warmth of my daily cup of coffee feels so-o-o good to my cold hands.
  • an excuse to cuddle up under a quilt, while watching tv
  • we are less tempted to head out to do things we really can't afford, like hanging around shopping malls  (tongue firmly in cheek)
  • it makes the home delivery newspaper subscription worthwhile
  • gives me incentive to invite my lady's groups to come here, which gives me incentive to tidy up the basement
 That list is actually a little longer than I thought it would be.  Now I've run out of lives on Candy Crush, so time to think about supper.

Good Saturday Morning

Up early again to greet the cold outside - the dog always wants to go our first thing in the morning - wonder why? It means I have to put boots on, and coats etc and then wander about the yard. Actually I should not complain as I like the crispness of the morning outing - then I run in and make my coffee.
I just checked my Lotto Max ticket and thought of you last week Cathy - that would have been very exciting (albeit a bit disappointing as well). I would take a $100.00 gladly anytime - but coming so close.  
Keeping busy around the house doing odds and sods really.  I managed to get the Christmas mess put away and while at it, organized all the rogue plastic storage containers onto a shelf - at least all those I found tops to - the others are in a big box waiting for help.
I rummaged through a fabric box and found a lovely dark green print fabric - just what I wanted to continue with the hexi topper. My plan is to border with several rows the now completed centre with various green hexis and then use this newer print also for the backing. Should be nice - if ever done haha!
I've backed away from the Library for a bit - finished off all the Stone Barrington novels and then got into the Alan Bradley Flavia series. But now I have pulled some of the books I have at home and will slowly read through them for awhile. I can do that my leisure and not worry about due dates etc.  It has been hard to do much reading lately so this approach should help.
Hoping all is well again with you folks - back to feeling better Pati?
I still have so much snow to shovel here - I was the recipient of a almost new snowmachine outfit - leggings and coat (from the dump) so I will enjoy putting on the leggings for the outside work.  I've always wanted a snowmachine outfit - funny to finally get one now and only have shoveling to do!  But I'll take it.
So long for now ...my coffee awaits and quiet time for a bit before the day begins.  Take care

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Out and about a bit

We've both become a little PO'd with trying to see anything in the very dim glimmer of light the new LED lights provide, so went out today and bought every tri-light bulb in the local Canadian Tire store.  Bought some traditional incandescent light bulbs as well. We just might do this again, if we come across another Canadian Tire in our travels.  I've been trying to do some beading, in my studio, and had to bring in two Ott lights and two more powerful incandescent lights, since David replaced the bulb in the ceiling fixture with an LED one.

But I'm going to have to take a break from hand stitching, for awhile.  For some reason the distal inter-pharyngeal joint of my left index finger keeps dislocating.  I've never felt it happen, but can see it leaning to one side, and know I have to pull it back.  I have no idea when this might have started, but when I analyzed the action of hand stitching, including threading a needle and knotting the thread, it was obvious how that action could effect it. Unfortunately, it continues to happen, although I haven't been able to track down when, but am also a little suspicious about the action of reading a book. 

If I had access to the supplies, I would just make a little splint and wear it for 6 weeks, as I did when the tendon on my little finger ruptured, but then I ask myself, what the point would be. Would function suffer if I just left it?  About all I can do right now is treat it conservatively, and hope for the best.    

Obviously, I have too much time on my hands if this sort of crap in occupying my thoughts, as much as it is.

Cathy, we've just heard on the news, that the forecast for Neepawa is below -40 for tonight.  Please be careful.  I imagine your animals might be sleeping inside tonight?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Starts in a New Year

Hope everyone is safe and warm.  Very cold here right now.  At least being in the house we don't feel the wind chill.  And we have the wood box filled in case we need it.  I spent my holidays very sick with a cold.  I am still coughing and now Jim has caught it.  Oh joy.  I managed to switch 2 of my vacation days over to sick days so it wasn't a complete waste.  We never even made it to Brandon.  I was going to get some new clothes because mine are looking very warn.  At work we have the joy of mouse feces on our desks every morning.  It started last week.  So here is Cathy, on vacation but sick in bed and as the Health and Safety rep for our office I am having to email all around complaining about the situation. It is almost a week later and we still have problems.  Poulins is supposed to come today and the cleaners came during the day yesterday and vacuumed up the visible feces and then washed our desk surface.  They say they will do an in depth cleaning after Poulins has come. The part that is really bad is the facility manager knew about the problem and didn/t say anything to anyone.  She swept up a whole bunch of feces in the basement mid-December.  The man that was with her to Patty she had done it.  I got all excited last Friday.  I had 5 of 7 numbers on Lotto max.  I figured a couple thousand at least.  $104.80.   A big win for me, but I really thought it would be more :(   At 60 million I am going to keep trying but I bet I am never that close again.  Or maybe I will be with different numbers!  Kris and Family didn't make it out on Christmas because of the storm but they were here on New Years Day.  It was a nice visit.  Chloe sure is talking now.  She still loves her "Auntie Kik"  Whenever she says it she gets a big grin on her face.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Coming to the surface

Sort of...  But my thinking is somewhat clearer--thank Goodness.  Spent the day sitting in front of the tv, slowly sewing hexies, and even that was a challenge.  I'm sewing black to black with black thread.  Try that when your eyes are watering, and you feel like crap.  However, I'm back to phase one of my diet, as planned.  I've been able to eat and drink green tea--but I think I'm turning green with all the spinach I've consumed.

More snow, and David had to head out with the snowblower, although he sure didn't want to.  However, books due at the library,  I sometimes wonder if it would be worth paying the $1.20.  Now we're facing extreme cold.  Cathy, the cold warnings for your area are serious.  Please be careful out there.  

We're hoping to get out tomorrow.  Not sure why, other than to buy more spinach.  Oh yes--I have some supplies being held at the local needlework store, and they can only be held so long, although I know her well enough that I could probably talk her into keeping them for an extra day or two.  What does it say about me that I'm that well known at a needlework store.

Anyway, everybody keep warm, be safe, and keep in touch.

We are all with each other in spirit, right?

Take care of yourself Pati.  And know that we are all in this together and it doesn't matter if one writes or not.  For me it is the thought that we are all reading, and enjoying, and anticipating. It gives me the chance to log on and open the blog and see all the messages we are sharing together - and the pictures you two send.

Last evening I bit the bullet (of fear) and subscribed to The Quilt Show again for another year through Pay Pal.  And you know, it wasn't all that bad, this time around.  Maybe I am starting to overcome my issues with using the internet? So I'm good for another year - i enjoy logging onto the site and looking at what others are doing - not that I will do it. I am still working away with my Hexi table topper. Slow ans steady!
Today weather warnings - freezing rain, drizzle and then maybe rain or snow.  Yuck!  Not nice at all.
Here's to a good year ahead for us and our communications.  And everyone take care of yourself!  I'm still eating turkey from our delicious meal on Sunday.  I enjoy it but only for so long haha!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Not a good day

While yesterday we celebrated David's birthday, just as he wanted, including supper with Amber, today I'm not well.  I very seldom get sick, but today is sure the day. I have slept most of the day, and even now can't seem to concentrate on tv, a book or anything.  Not a great start to the new year, but so be it. I'll be back in touch whenever I can manage to make it up to the surface again.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

The balloons are falling

....to greet another year and to celebrate Dave's Birthday today.
Happy Birthday Dave, and have a good time enjoying the day with family.