Monday, February 28, 2011

Or twist it around

In my mind, it means that, things that I might not do, or consider, if I were working consciously, can influence my thoughts or behaviour.  I can, unknowingly, do or think things to meet a sub-conscious need that would be unacceptable to my brain if I were actively thinking about it.  So my desire to separate myself from the Museum existed only in the back of my mind, but when a socially acceptable reason or excuse for the action arose, the idea immediately jumped to the fore front, even if I had never before consciously considered it.  This can be scary.

But I think I can figure out a way to work it out.  If she will agree to pay me, I will agree to immediately make a cash donation to the museum for the full amount, on the understanding that I will receive a tax receipt, for a charitable donation.

Amber and the girls came for supper last night. We were all exhausted, and sat around staring at each other until they went home.  I gather that none of them had had much sleep lately, and David and I were both tired as well.  Amber says that Darren's father's estate has been settled, and they've been able to catch up with the bills.  Darren has also bought himself a quad--something he's needed for his guiding.  Both of their vehicles have been repaired, which is a load off my mind.  We've still heard nothing about our car, and I have a sense that the longer the delay, the worse the news.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Be - Wonder why things happen?

I often wonder this but never come up with a reasonable response. So your Freudian thoughts may have some "misunderstood" meaning. It is events that happen randomly at first blush, that seem to have a much deeper impact. For example, I prayed so much for some change in my work situation and then got fired - an answer for sure! but maybe not what I was originally seeking?? Thanks for the lead on the tartan - I shall follow up as soon as I can but saved the site in my favourites for now. Must run...other distractions right now. Take care

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Taught my collage course at the Crafts Museum today.  At the end the Museum rep thanking everyone for coming and then thanked me for volunteering to teach the course.  Say What!!??  I had thought we had discussed paying me $100 for the three hour class.  The rep said she would have to discuss it with the curator, and I may or may not get anything.  But in the back of my mind I find myself wondering if this might be the excuse I use to end my relationship with the group.  And I don't know where that thought has come from, as I don't think I had been consciously thinking in that direction.  Must be Freudian. Have to think about that one.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Shock and awe

Just home from the gallery show opening reception.  Way too much food, but a fair number of people.  But--tada--one of my pieces has sold.  I had noticed quite a bit of interest in it both yesterday and again this evening, and had wondered ( read hoped) it might sell during the show.  It was the collage I did with the make-up puffs, and I got a reasonable price for it.  I'll have to see if I can find a picture of it to put on the other blog.
So here I sit with a glass of wine to celebrate. ( left over peanut butter marshmallow dainties and white wine.  Blec-c-ch)  David has gone to bed, and I plan to be there asap.  Sleep well .

Be - Cookies again

I wanted to post last night but was presented with that pesky notice about "cookies" and "enabling" and did not have the time nor inclination to resolve. Now tonight, I get onto the blog without difficulty - I don't really understand it all but here I am so I guess it doesn't matter and I should just ignore those minor glitches? I just received a phone call from Aunt Evelyn -the couple I helped in North Bay - she has been calling me regularly with updates- it seems the biopsy of Uncle Walters lung mass indicates it is indeed cancer. They are not going to treat him so he will remain at home with her caring for him and gradually deteriorate. I would like to be able to help her more but will let her decide when.
We had the daughter of Mother's cousin (now deceased) come for a visit and lunch at Mothers today. She was a very pleasant person and I had an enjoyable visit. She is 68 years so she relates, and now retired. I believe she wanted to visit to keep in touch with her own Mothers relatives - we had never met her before, and Mother says she had only seen her once.
Good to hear about your art show and "catering duties "- hope it all went well for you Patty. I always really enjoy your descriptions of your activities and wonder how you ever do it all.... Kia car not withstanding? Cathy I heard on the news about herds of horses running wild on the Trans Canada out your way - Virden I think. Sad to think of them being killed by cars and trains - no explanation yet as to why they were loose.
I have been interested in pricing a Manitoba tartan skirt/kilt type skirt. I looked on internet but could not find anything (my knowledge of web searches is limited though) Would either of you have a lead for me? I wondered if The Bay sold them? Take care


I've been thinking of the Swiffer Duster myself.  I hate dusting.  The tv screen gets done when the picture gets cloudy, and the keyboards--don't ask.  But lately I've been finding myself wiping down counters and the fronts of my white cupboards, and yesterday I noticed the bathroom floor (enough said).  I wonder if women are gentically geared to clean in the spring?  Certainly in pioneer times, that was when you could get your bedding and carpets outside and into the air.  When I worked, the four-day April holiday was my spring cleaning time.

Yesterday we hung the Eastern Mantiboa Artists' Co-op show at Cre8ery Gallery.  The opening reception is this evening.  I have  to pick up three large food trays from Sobey's, as well as taking napkins and plates and dainties etc.  Others are taking dainties as well, so there will be plenty of food. (I just hope there are enough people there to make the food worthwhile)  I mention this because the rental car we have is a tiny little Kia Reo.  Talk about a tin can on wheels!  David compared the motor to a sewing machine motor, but I think the motor in my machine runs smoother.  But Autopac is paying everything but the no deductable insurance, so we make do.  We'll be quite a sight ferrying all this stuff downtown.  I really hope the reception goes well.  This will be my last public official act as Chairman of the Board of Directors and I would like to go out with a bang.

Cathy, I still have your Kraft Canada magazines, and would like to be able to get  them back to you.  I can't see us getting out to Neepawa in the near future, but is there any chance you could drop by sometime when you're in the city?  I also have information sheets and entry forms for the Gwen Fox Gallery fibre art show.  The gallery will be putting it all up on their website but not doing much else.  If I sent them to you electronically, is there any way they could be passed along to the quilters group there?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ups and Downs

Good news from one sister and scary news from the other. I sure hope Dave is okay, Pati. Winter driving is bad enough on the highways. Winnipeg streets must be awful. I did get started on my house cleaning yesterday. By noon I was thinking it must be 5pm!!! Jim worked on the Rec Room while watching curling, so I won't have to do much there. I bought myself I 360 Swiffer Duster yesterday. I used it this morning on my ceiling fans. Obviously I have never dusted my ceiling fans before! I was even able to reach the one in the entranceway by standing on the stairs and extending my arm as far as I could. Today will be the bathroom and washing floors and then sorting stuff. (Maybe... maybe not...) Even if no one else can tell I will know that I have cleaned. It may still be messy but the underneath is what was getting on my nerves. I made it out to the garden shed yesterday. The snow was up to my crotch. I would have liked to have been watching myself lunging through the drifts! I got my bedding trays and then coming back I tossed my shovel ahead, then gave the trays a push forward, and then lunged forward myself. Reached the trays and shot them forward again. And so on........ I bought potting soil, though. I had some in a big pail in the shed, but there was no way I was moving that through the snow. Flowers here I come. Jim has been having pains in his stomach the last couple of days. With everything that has been happening to him lately, I am making him phone the doctor today. Hopefully it is just because he eats potato chips and jujubes instead of real food. (You'd think his wife would feed him, wouldn't you?)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How wonderful!

These small victories and blessing can be so important.  I'm pleased for you, Beth.  We need to find, identify and glory in small pleasures, as sometimes, it's the only validation to our lives we can find.

My news isn't so pleasant. unfortunately David was in an accident with the car tonight, and it's not drivable.  He has a bit of whiplash, but is otherwise okay--except for being a little annoyed.  And there's too much snow to get out the bikes.  Tomorrow and Thursday are very busy days for us, but we have loss of use coverage, so it will just depend on how soon we can get a rental.  I'm more worried about the long term, but there's nothing can be done about it tonight.  This is one of those times when we thank Goodness for people and not things.

Be - Violin

Today I experienced an extraordinary lesson - it was very rewarding - even the instructor commented on what a good lesson it was - cannot say for sure why I feel this way but regardless, it leaves a lasting impression of accomplishment of some sort and of great anticipation for the next week to come. For me this is good - to look forward to something of a positive nature. I go to bed happy! Take care

Monday, February 21, 2011

Be - I better contribute

or else you will forget who I am. I did not have a chance to log on over the weekend. Today we went to Mothers and tomorrow, being Tuesday, we go to North Bay. I like the opportunity to visit a bit with Mike. He called Saturday night to say when he got home from work (he works every weekend as a Truck driving instructor) one of his degu died. Now he has only two left - he likes these little guys and all his friends do as well - they like to take them out of the cage and play with them -they will crawl over you, or just cuddle in your hand, and are very gentle to handle. Well, we had spring last week with rain, and melting but we are back to winter with a vengance. The greenhouse at night can hardly keep above freezing even with two heaters. During the day the sun helps to keep it warmer though. Your stories sound like so much more fun than what I tend to relate to you -although, Cathy, I too made a big bowl of popcorn, but only to watch the Hockey Heritage game on TV. Wow! After supper I take the dog for a walk into town to see how many people are eating in the local restaurants - there are five restaurants on the main street and often there isn't a soul in at least three of them. How can they stay in business I wonder, and then realize that they change hands frequently. Sunday night while I was watching the Hockey, I could hear lots of banging outside. Sure enough, there was fireworks being put off at the town dock - we can see them over the trees out our front window. I guess that the town decided to put them on for Family Day ( new Ontario holiday long weekend the third Monday in February) The fireworks had to be cancelled on New Years because of the mild rainy weather we had then, so better to use them now rather than waste them. It was a bit of excitement anyway! Have a great week off Cathy, in spite of your threats to clean house. And Patty to hear you are back to list making can only mean things are looking up, right? Speaking of lists, I must go and make my list / intinerary for our trip to North Bay tomorrow and then hit the bed. Take care

Computers and LIfe

My computer had been doing very strange things lately... like trying to access programs I have never heard of and then closing down everything I have open. I will try to post again. JIm's scope went well, but they still did not find as much as they need. They removed a few polyps and his next joyful event is a barium enema. Lucky Jim. I don't know if it is good or bad that they are not finding anything. I know something was wrong because of the blood and drop in blood pressure, but maybe it was a one shot thing?!? Today I go to the Roxy at 9 am and make popcorn for the family day at the flats. At least all I have to do is make it. I really don't think I want to be outside this afternoon handing it out. Monica is in charge of that and I think she has a couple of other parents with younger children to help. I suppose if I had grand children I would take them there. It seems like a lot of fun with free skating and fun games and food. The best thing about making popcorn today is that Jim has put off cleaning the office this weekend so he will have to do it himself while I am at the Roxy. Rehearsal tonight is all of Act 1. I am afraid I am like a university student. I study like mad for the "test" one day and then immediately forget everything and memorize for the next. Now I have to try and remember everything. It is not going so well right now, but I think once I get on stage and have people to interact with it will come back to me. Then I have promised myself that I will spend 3 days cleaning the house (some vacation, huh?) Over the winter it has reached the point of being dirty, not just messy, so it is time to do something. I figure if I break it down to rooms it won't seem so overwhelming. The basement is the one that never seems to get done. I don't think I will include it in my 3 day plan, but I will work on it slowly over the next few weekends. You know it is time to clean when your dust allergies kick in while you are in bed! Jim must be getting into spring mode too. Yesterday he was trying to figure out which table he should bring into the house for my bedding plants.(flowers only) I did absolutely nothing on the weekend. I didn't even get dressed yesterday. It was wonderful

Good Morning!

I feel a little like the groundhog, awakening after a long sleep.  Over the past couple of days I've slowly become aware of the condition of my house, and have found a bit of energy to start dealing with it. Today is six weeks since my fall, and I woke up at 5:00a.m. with my brain full of thoughts and ideas.  It's been about the six weeks since I can remember feeling that way.

Yesterday afternoon I had a meeting, but spent the morning tidying up the kitchen ( don't know why I bothered, it's messy again) and scrubbing the bathroom.  Then I got all of my papers ready for the meeting, and when I came home, I finished sorting out the computer room/office.  Took a full bag of shredding out of there.  That's more effort than I've expended since my fall, and I was ready for bed early--probably why I'm up so early.

When I did wake up, I remembered that I'm supposed to be teaching a class this Saturday.  So I'm guessing that most of today will be preparing for that.  I have a few errands to run in the next couple of days, but just in case there is still some mush in my brain, I think I better make a list.  OMG!  I'm feeling well enought to make lists! One job that needs doing for sure is dusting.  I HATE dusting!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Loren got his name

Memories are funny.  With all of the trips to hospital the issue of first names always comes up.  Loren has laughed about being asked, when he was in hospital, if they could call him "Jim", and replying "no, but you can call me Loren".  I always knew that I would name a son after Daddy, but hated the idea of "Big Larry and Little Larry"  Do either of you remember the neighbour who used to get drunk and play the bagpipes at 2:00 in the morning?  Mr. Kerslak, who lived on the corner of Maplewood and Mabel. For some reason he always called Daddy Lorne, and I knew that's what my son would be called.  However, my best friend's  family had a boarder named Lorne, and there was no way I wanted to get into that, so chose to change the spelling to Lauren.  Which worked until Loren was in  high school and decided that Lauren was a girl's name. I was really glad I did change it when, years later, I heard the story of a woman with two husbsands, from a very remote source, and realized that it was the story of my friend's family,-- her mother, father and the boarder.  And that's enough said about that --on the internet.

The execises are causing a lot of pain.  One in particular is more painful than I believe it should be.  This week has been hell on wheels, but is over now until Sunday.  I'll be very happy to spend a couple of days doing as little as possible at home.  Or I was until David told me that we have no bread.  And we're in the middle of a blizzard.

So, I have a big glass of Southern Comfort, and I'm in my nightie, planning to sleep until morning.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be - Watson on Jeopardy

Neither of you likely watch Jeopardy on CBC but tonight is the third of three episodes utilizing an IBM computer called Watson against two real contestants. This show is on now as I write to you. It has been interesting to watch as the computer is faster to click into an answer and it is annoying the other contestants. But the computer is making a few mistakes as well. One million dollars is on the line with the real people donating 50% to a charity, and IBM contributing 100%.
I went to North Bay this morning to help Aunt Evelyn with Uncle Walter. He was discharged from the hospital today. I was at the house and welcomed him home, and then looked after him so Aunt Evelyn could go to get her hair done. She came back with a huge wrapped fruit basket for me as a thank you. I hated to accept it but did so graciously for her sake. It was supposed to be freezing rain today so was dreading the drive, but thank goodness that forecast changed and although mild at 0 to 2 degrees above, it did not rain, and I had an uneventful trip both ways. Now, tomorrow it is freezing drizzle and we have to go to Mothers. Can't seem to avoid it!
Funny about memories Cathy - I often go into the past and think of happy times (keeps me sane). But it is sort of weird your recollection should come out of the blue like that especially to hear the music. Mom loved to sit at the piano and play - I wish had been more interested in lessons, or at least wish Mom hadn't so quickly given into my plea to quit. I sit in my livingroom and stare at my piano standing against the wall untouched. What a shame - would so love to sit down at it and bang away on the keys. Mike still expresses interest in having it, but so far no sincere offers to come and get it. Now with his new roommate moving in, there is very little room in his place anyway. Maybe one day I'll make an effort to clear away the junk covering it and the bench, and have a go! (talking about dust Patty, the piano probably would not even be able to play!) Last year I watched every episode of Republic of Doyle that comes on at 9 pm Wed nights on CBC, but I can't seem to be able to stay up that late anymore so have missed out this year. I watch the commercials for the upcoming episode and swear I'll watch it, but here we are again tonight, and I'll have to throw in the towel, sign off this blog entry and go to bed. Take care.

night-time day-dreams

Last night (at 1:37 am by my bedroom clock) I remembered Mom playing the piano. I could even hear the song. I hadn't thought about her playing piano for a long time. I think I may even have forgotten. I can see her down the basement (just to the left of the stairs) playing away. Strange how thoughts can materialize at night. I guess it was because I have been trying to remember good things about Mom and having trouble. The good thought came when I wasn't trying. I don't really remember Mom the way you two do. I guess she was starting to be visibly sick by the time my memories formed. I remember hiding in the corn and Mom crying "where's Cathy" and me giggling. I remember taking her the coffee pot while she sat outside and I remember the time she had friends over and I ran outside so excited and announced to one and all "I can 'pop' out my front bum too!" Today Jim gets to eat only clear fluids. He made himself two bowls of Jello yesterday. Talk about desperation. I have a meeting at 5pm, so I guess I won't be sitting around laughing at him as he drinks his golytly. Poor Jim. I remember having to drink that stuff at your house Pati, the day before you and Dave took me to the hospital for surgery. It is not pleasant. I think I have had it three times now and still cringe at the thought. At rehearsal on Monday they had me wear a dress for the last scene. They all laughed at me. I am so glad I could entertain them. I think they have finally come to believe me when I say I am not feminine. The director said, through tears of laughter, that we will work on it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Made it

Got through the day. Had some giggles at HSC. I was wearing my sling and my knee was acting up, so, of course, everyone thought I was the patient. One poor fellow was determined that I couldn't see the doctor until I had been to x-ray. They really didn't want to let David leave with me, even when we told them that our son was picking us up. While the process was not too bad, they gave David a narcotic, and he has slept most of the rest of the day. Now he just has to pee into a paint filter for the next week and has a little bottle to keep anything that the filter catches,so that he can take it and show them.

Neither of us was in great shape so we just cooked a frozen pizza for supper. I now know that a hamburger pizza is not the same as a ground beef pizza. I couldn't figure out what the taste was. Not unpleasant but very distinctive. I finally realized that it was green pickle relish.

Here's hoping that by the weekend, one or the other of us will be feeling like doing some housework, or I may have to follow Cathy's lead and plant some test seed beds in the dust.

Execise! Say What!!

Yeah, she gave me a page of exercises. I'm to do them regularly and check in every once in awhile. My arm was quite sore by early evening, but in a different way, so something must be happening..

David and I had a bit of a giggle this morning. My right knee was mis-bahaving, as it sometimes does, so I was walking around holding onto furniture and walls, trying to loosen it up. He's slowed down with his problems. Loren hasn't seen either of us since this all started. Going to be quite a shock to him to be faced with two such decepit old codgers. With the melting, rain and re-freezing that's going on, we are both walking quite gingerly, and tending to hold onto one another.

But my soul is still young and agile. I have to hold onto that. Yesterday I worked with my embellisher and sewing machine again. I even did some beading. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Time to stop this pity party.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Seems that we're all thinking of spring. Glad I don't have to worry about planting seeds. I'll wait until June and then go and pick up something off the distress racks of bedding plants down the street. It's a good system and I get to experiment with new and different flowers every year.

I haven't driven since I hurt my shoulder. David doesn't think it would be safe,and I have to agree--until I get better range of movement. Went out to supper at a local buffet for a special Valentine's meal, and they had a chocolate fountain. What a messy rigmarole! Now to bed so we can get up for my 6:00am doctors appointment.

Be - Happy thoughts to you both

for the week to come including Valentine's celebrations (if you are so inclined), surgery( a ncessary requirement) and dreaming more about planting flower seeds (even when covered with snow). Patty, I will be thinking about Dave, and you on Tuesday and glad to hear Loren will drive you - I was actually wondering why you would need a cab? I read your Mouse Factory blog and see you are on the right track with your work - maybe it is really a change in perspective that feels the best? We are forecasted for rain this week - apparently coming from your area (yuk!) Rain I don't need with all the snow and ice on the roof - may mean water in the house. One day at a time though - tomorrow to Mothers. Take care XX


With the temperatures hovering near 0 my thoughts turn to spring. Yesterday I bought a bunch of flower seeds. Today I am anticipating planting them in the starter trays that I have in the garden shed.... the garden shed that I can just about see beyond the massive snow banks in the yard. I may have to rethink my plans. Maybe I'll send Jim to try and find the shed. Oh well... I can look at the pictures on the packages. Kris and Sandi dropped in yesterday. They had been in Neepawa to see their friends' newest baby and stopped in here for a little while before heading home. With rain in the forcast they didn't want to stay very late. They brought me a souvenir from Mexico. It was a wall placque of a aztec pyramid. I have it in the rec room. I didn't win the lottery on the weekend, but I see that noone did. My hopes are still alive. I bought Jim a Valentine's Day card yesterday. Was I ever surprised when I got to the till and it was $5.00!!!!! I'm not sure that I love him that much!!! This morning he told me that he wants to go to town at noon and buy some valentines chocolates. I think he really wants the candy and valentines is an excuse to buy some, but the thought is there. One more week and then I am off for a week. I am really looking forward to it. I watched the opening ceremonies for the Canada Games. Elizabeth's (my boss) daughter is competing in air pistol for team Manitoba. I told Elizabeth that I would look for Caroline but they pan the athletes so fast you can't see anything. Caroline isn't expecting to win, because some of the competitors from other provinces have competed internationally and this is Carolines first major event, but she is really excited about being on the team. Elizabeth and the rest of the family are leaving for Halifax on Monday to watch the competition. I remember how excited I was when Kris competed in the Manitoba Summer games. They only got to enter as the host team, but they ended up with the bronze!! (in soccer... Kris was goalie) I guess it is time to go and stare at the garden shed and sigh heavily. It probably won't have any effect but it is worth a shot

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Nothing new

David is still struggling with those pills. I'm still still struggling to get enough sleep. So we both nap and wander around the house like zombies. Fast food is our friend, and dishes get washed every 3-4 days. However, we are keeping up with the laundry, and went out today to buy food and new pillows. Hot Damn! Both pillows and socks inthe same year!

Loren is going to drive us to and from HSC on Tuesday. This is a relief, as I wasn't looking forward to paying for cabs both ways. So while we were out I bought a handful of Harlequins to take with me, so I won't get too bored during the three hours I'll have to wait.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Be- Lots of news to read from you folks

First chance to log on and I see much in the way of news from Daddy's ribs, to Dave's kidney stones, to Patty's rehab. It has been hectic here. The 90th Birthday party I told you about is cancelled because he (Uncle Walter) was admitted to hospital over the weekend. I went on Wed to care for him to help Aunt Evelyn out because she was exhausted. I was at the hospital by 8 am driving through snow squall conditions to get up to North Bay and then try to find my way around the "new" hospital that opened Jan 31. It is huge and combined three area hospitals into one big complex. I had a map of the complex detailing parking, entrances, floor plan etc but once you enter the facility you are overwhelmed at it's vastness. However I did find his room and began immediately to start "my shift" I was there until 5:30 pm doing one on one nursing care all day with him. I expect his real nurse was thankfull for my taking over. Aunt Evelyn was able to do some running around in themorning and then went home and had a lay down for a few hours in the afternoon. One daughter arrived from Toronto area in the afternoon, and another daughter arrived in the evening so I was happy to hear Aunt Evelyn would have some help and support. Monday we were at Mothers, Tuesday in North Bay, Wed I went to help as per above, and today at Mothers again. And surprise, we have to go to Mothers again in the morning. The Hydro will be off on her street to replace some poles and for some reason a Hydro man came to her door this morning to inform Harry and strongly recommended that someone be there throughout the outage. I figure they know she is a frail elderly and don't want to take responsibility in this very cold period - whatever!! -we are going. I ask myself "what the h--- is going on with my life" but I don't get an answer, or else I am so busy running around the answers are missing me! So I haven't had time to keep updated with you two - keep writing as it seems to keep me balanced to know I can read "my" family news and feel connected. Take care

rough days (and nights)

David is finding the side effects from the drugs they have given him to be very troublesome. Neither of us is getting much sleep. I'm very glad that the surgery is scheduled. We'll have to take cabs both ways, as they won't proceed unles he has someone with him, and a ride home. I'll talk to the physio on Monday about how long it might be before I can drive again, but I don't think I'm in that much of a hurry to do it. So our lives, at this point, are "hurry up and wait", between medical appointments and my classes. I told my computer teacher that I wouldn't make it next week as there is a conflict with the surgery, and she is cancelling the class. Amber won't be bringing the girls over for supper on Suday, as David just isn't up to it. I wonder if life will ever be back to "normal".

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fast Track

Wow!! Got a call this morning and have a physio appt. next Monday afternoon. And David got a call offering him an appointment for his kidney stones next Tuesday. They are going to blast them with ultrasound. I had thought they used lasers, but this should work as well.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What a treat!!

Jim made Daddy's ribs for supper. And he didn't even tell me he was going to do i! MMMMMM
YUMMY! That is good news from you Pati. It must be a relief!

Good news

Pati here
My xrays show good healing and I've been told that I can sleep where I want to, and wear the sling as much or a little as I need for comfort. I'm being referred for physio, and have been told that they fast-track fractures. Now, I know this isn't permission for activities as normal, and I've been told that there is still to be no abduction or external rotation, but he suggested active-assisted movement within those limitations.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wow! What a wake-up!

Hope you had your clothes on when they arrived.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


okay.. I really appreciate the RCMP... but..... today we were minding our own business and the RCMP appeared in our driveway... it seems there was a 911 call from our phone number... obviously we didn't make it , but I am wondering if someone made it and the GPS (or whatever) was wrong and someone was really in trouble or there was a glitch somewhere. I hope it was a glitch but it is kind on comforting to know if you really send a message they will be there. (unless it is a glitch) anyway... glitch or not... I know they respond


I've always thought that this is the one place where we can vent--if and when we want to. But there is nothing confidential about the internet, as we know.

Beth, I feel for you, and wish I could be with you to pour the wine and open the sour cream and green onion chips, and rub your sore shoulders. Magazines are my indulgence, (among others, I know), so I say "Go for it! Enjoy and savour". You earn every minute of self indulgence.

I've given up my subscription to "Cloth, Paper, Scissors", for the second time. I think it'll stick, this time, but I treasure my "Quilting Arts". I find, now, that I rarely even look at magazines. Instead, I've bought a couple of video's of instruction in various fibre-related techniques, and the various, 13 episode, Quilting Arts series. I'm waiting for series number 700. I ordered them shortly after hurting my shoulder, to give me something to do while I sit and wait for it to heal, but no sign of them yet.

Overall, I think we have all earned every right to pleasure without guilt. We have reached a time in our lives when we have to ask "If not now, when?" Both David and I are now facing the reality of impending physical deterioration. It changes your perspective. With all that has been going on, I'm constantly fighting the specter of depression. I have the choice of becoming a bitter old woman or dealing with it all and looking for silver linings. I found one! With keeping my arm in a sling, my finger nails are growing! lol

We live in interesting times.....

unfortunately its not always the way we want. Pati, you certainly have had things happening lately. And Beth.... I wish I was there to share the load with you. I guess I am the only one just trudging along. We went to a Progressive Conservative fundraising dinner last night. We figured we had to show up since Stu (our MLA) phoned us at home to ask if we would go. The food was good and the speach was short. What else could you ask for. There was extra pie after dinner, so Val (the caterer) made up four "sample" plates (a piece of different pie on each plate). there were two auctioneers attending and they auctioned the pies off to raise money (we did not bid... I think the cheapest went for $50.00) but it was entertaining the hear them auction. I decided that I could have a glass of wine with dinner, but when I went to buy one, Carey gave me the whole bottle free. I guess they had wine for the tables but decided not to put them out unless requested. (Less waste that way) So, I had three small glasses!! (I did share the bottle with the others) Today the wind is blowing again. The snow has stopped but it is drifting. It is nice in the shelter but as soon as the wind hits you it sucks the air from your lungs. I should be memorizing my lines but I am procrastinating again. I have made a start on the last of them and am taking a break. The only bad part is that now we have to start over from the beginning and I have to relearn all those lines! I am going to try and call Kris and Sandi again today. I guess they have been busy since they got back from their holiday, but they are probably accepting the fact that it is winter in Manitoba and they have to work. At least they picked a really good time to be away! I sure hope next week is better for both of you.

Be- away for awhile

Just logging on now -Sunday morning - Harry has gone to the auction barn. I had every intention of venting to you both until I read your note Patty, and realize that Job does a lot of traveling and interferring into many peoples lives. I got home yesterday afternoon from Mothers - thank goodness Harry came to pick me up. Her arm started hurting her last week and on Thursday was much worse. We took her to Doctor Fri morning - I was hoping for an xray to rule out a stress fracture but all she got was a cortisone shot in her shoulder. I stayed with her at her home to assist her - always good intentions on my part although not always perceived as such. Anyway, enough about my issues with Mother. Went to bed early after two glasses of wine as I do not sleep at all when at her house.
Pain is such a horrible experience and I wonder why we have to bear it in sickness and distress. I hope things will settle down for Dave with treatment and that you can get yourselves through this latest "trial".
I splurged this morning at the store - Harry decided to make strogonoff to take to Mothers tomorow and needed cream so I drove to the store in the next town (nothingopen in Sundridge) I bought a 2 litre container of Soya milk (I like it, so no adverse comments please) but more than that, I bought a McCalls Quilting magazine - far too much $$ but I figured I deserved it! So whilethe wash is washing, and the vacuum sits at the ready, I shall sit and have a glance.
Take care

Saturday, February 5, 2011


David had another kidney stone problem Thursday night. This was much worse than the previous one, and we ended up with firemen and paramedics in the livingroom, before they took him off in an ambulance. He spent the night in Concordia emergency, and they did enough testing to determine that he has, at least, one very large stone that will have to be treated with lasers. So, he's been referred to Health Sciences Centre, and instructed to go to that emergency if there are problems in the meantime.

I had called the non-emergency line to get a ride for him to emergency, explaining that neither of us could drive, and he wouldn't have been safe with a taxi. The fellow listened to me and up-graded the call to emergency. The last thing David had wanted was the lights and sirens!

So yesterday we spent our day quietly, as neither of us had had much in the way of sleep. Toward evening it became obvious that both of us were quickly developing head colds. Dammit! I sometimes think we're experiencing the "trials of Job". Here's hoping for a quieter weekend.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Be- nice to see a happy note

I needed to see some "happy, happy" and there it was in your note about your class. It is always so rewarding to sign up, and attend a class where you feel you are benefitting rather than be faced with "the jerk". I felt that way with all my French classes over the years I attended and regret having to stop with them. I was getting so good at verbal and written skills but if you ask me now, I would have to say I have lost it all. Shame really! Well, we got a good bit of that nasty winter storm that went through last night and today - more snow, and wind and cold. The snow plough hasn't gone by on the streets yet but I expect to see a huge snow bank at the road in the morning that I shall have to clean off before we head off to Mothers again. Her homemaker was not able to come today because of the roads, so guess who gets to do all the work tomorrow? Oh well, it makes the time go by faster! I made a French Meat Roll for supper tonight - of course it was very tasty but I always think of you Patty when I make it because I think you got me onto it. I also made blueberry muffins and rice custard pudding for Mothers tomorrow, and Harry will be baking a salmon for lunch. At least Mother eats well! I sewed together another mug matt today.It is good pick up work and gives me the feeling of accomplishing something. I started to sew and nothing was happening and the thread was bunching up and I could not figure out what was wrong until I realized that the teeth were down from when I was doing the free motion quilting. Duh! We were invited to a Birthday party for Feb 12 - Harry's Aunt Evelyn in North Bay is having a 90th Birthday party for her husband Uncle Walter. I really like this couple - when we lived on the Base in North Bay he was a maintenance worker for the military housing - he used to come in and fix something and talk, and talk and I quite enjoyed it. She was always good to me - I stayed at their place when I had to do my placement on weekends at the hospital when I took my Nursing Refresher Course. They have 5 children and they will all be attending with their children so it should be fun. She is having cake and sandwiches from 2 to 4 pm at their Church. His sister lives here in Sundridge so we will be picking her up to go with us. I think it is a bit sad that I get so excited to be going out somewhere and to see people other than Harry and Mother, but who cares, I'll take whatever outtings I can. Anyway, time for bed, so take care.

New endevour

Yesterday I took my first hands-on lesson with PSE7. This lady was a delight compared to my previous teacher. The previous teacher ( known as "the jerk") demonstrated things, but was so very knowledgeable that he was often working "over the heads" of many of the students. This lady is foremost an artist. I met her at an art class. She works with painted collages, and uses photos and script in many of her pieces. This means that we can communicate on a different level. She can understand why I would want to do something, and she can tell me how a technique could be used in creating art. I hope the rest of the classes go as well. Now, she didn't even try to do anything in the "organize" section of the program, but that is where I feel most comfortable, using what little I learned from "the jerk". I would like to be better able to organize the photos I have, but I think I'm just going to have to puddle along and sort that out. Before next class, I want to have 5-6 photos to play with in the "edit" section of the program--and I'm sure I can find some that need help.