Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Be- August Long Weekend

I have been thinking of nothing else but at present cannot give a positive response as it has not been discussed with any serious intent and at present, does not seem to be a realistic possibility. Whatever may be outcome, I shall inform you soonest and even if it is a last minute decision, I will ensure I am not a burden ($$) for meals or lodgings. So go ahead and plan as if I am not there. But just in case, I will add consideration for tin foil dinners, and Daddys BBQ spareribs.
Tomorrow July 1, we are driving Mike to Petawawa for his summer posting. He just got the final details at 3 pm today so it is a bit of a rush, but we were preparing ourselves for a trip so all is well. I was up to North Bay this afternoon in order to take him around to the Armoury, so after he got the final news, it was a panic to get his haircut quick, and then shop for essential items reminding him that tomorrow there will be NO stores open for the last minute purchases. I guess it is back to "housesitting" for him again - not a problem except I am no longer every day in North Bay as I was when he was in Afghanistan.
Patty, who of our relatives lived on Wexford in Charleswood?
So life goes on and I seem to always be on the run...but tonight I am treating myself and I am drinking some white wine........Take care.


Pati here
I hope you're still going to try to get here Beth. Cathy is going to try to get some time off and join us. My friend Dianne ( you've met her Beth) will be with us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. Saturday and Sunday, during the day, Dianne and I will be in Sioux Narrows for the Annual Arts Festival, but home in time for supper and evening frivality. ( She's a cut throat card player) Amber and the girls will likely be down on Saturday to spend a few days, and she may or may not be bringing a friend with a little girl the same age as Jessica, but the friend would only spend the weekend.

David and I have started to plan menues. Are there any requests? We bought a package of ribs yesterday. I have a turkey (those Hutterite turkeys are go-o-od! Come fall maybe we can get some more, Cathy?) I thought of a lasagne. I will make some cookies, but I'm not buying the chocolate chips until later in the month as they tend to disappear, if I leave them lying around. I was thinking of that BBQ pork tenderloin recipe you use Cathy. I usually wrap it in tinfoil to bake, and it comes out so beautifully moist and delicious! Any other thoughts?

Monday, June 29, 2009

No title... just sore hands

The two of you have been having some not so fun excitement lately. I am glad that everything is working out okay.. My day didn't go quite as planned. I went into town with Jim because I had to drop some samples off at the lab. We planted some replacement flowers at the office. Not enough replacements though. Sometime this weekend someone snapped the stems on over 6 flowers! They weren't dead, so I heaped soil around their stems where they were bent. We'll see if they survive. Then my timing was WAY off, because I got to the legion just before they brought in about 5 yards of gravel. Guess what I was shoveling today! We shoveled and raked for about 2 hours, but we got most of it done. Once again I was the youngest. There were 4 of us there. the last to arrive is in his 80s!. Then I came home and foolishly worked at digging out some ornamental rocks by the bleeding heart. My entire body is now so sore it hurts to move. I am making so many mistakes typing because my fingers don't want to move. The rest of my body just wants a really hot shower (or a hot tub, but I guess it will be a shower) I will see what I feel like tomorrow before I decide what I will do. (cleaning the fridge and washing the floors were on my list) OF course I am on holidays, so I guess I can make excuses for not doing anything. Well, I am off to the shower and then to bed to read What a rough life!

Be- your latest news is good to hear not as serious as imagined

I was thinking about it since your last message and wondering what was happening. Never good to have trees blow down and create damaging situations - we have had many in last few years but fortunately not onto house. You are smart to get professional help especially with a big tree - on the other hand, I had to buy a chain saw and away we went to it!
Today between rain showers we were out painting the new chairs - they are on small tables and we have a huge tarp that we kept pulling over top when it rained, and then pulling off to side when the sun came out - this happened about three times until the sun came no more and we were stuck indoors.
Yesterday was a terrible day - we decided to go for a little ride, and so we went to the Callander Cranberry Marsh Trail for a walk as we do frequently ( I have told you about this trail before) The dog was having a great time but so were the bugs - out in full force and really bothersome - more so than ever. Then the dog suddenly vomitted several times and became listless and finally collapsed on the trail. Fortunately we were close to the entrance on our way back so I quickly picked her up and placed her in the van - pouring water over her and trying to hydrate her but it was looking bad. We drove to the nearest Vet that I could think off which was right in the town of Callander. It was closed of course, but calling that phone number and after several more phone calls I reached a Vet on call in North Bay and was told to come to the Animal Hospital and she would meet us there- about a 15 minute drive. All the time I was in the back seat trying to keep the dog from unconsiousness, but we got to the Hospital before the Vet so had to wait about 5 min - by then I had the dog taking sips of water so I was feeling a bit better. It appears she may have had an anaphylactic reaction - likely to a bug bite. Her BP was almost nil and very weak pulse. An IV was started immediately and pumped fluids into her quickly. Also blood work was taken, and some medications by IV were given. After about an hour she was responding positively to the treatment. The Vet wanted to keep her overnight at first but then when she rallyed it was decided we could take her home. She is better now, of course, but I am very frightened by what happened. The Vet suggested we go to our local Vet and see about getting an epipen to carry with us. This trip turned out to be a very "expensive" $$$ little ride!
well, soon time for bed, so I'll sign off. Right now it is thundering loudly with rain falling steadily- and you're right Patty, with a bit of a wind starting ! Take care

Sunday, June 28, 2009

re: the kitchen

It appears that there isn't too much damage, but we are going to have to get professional help to lift tree off the peak of the kitchen roof. There was a lot of damage from wind in the area and this one is rather a low priority, so it may be a few days before it gets done. There is at least one more that is part way down, and it will have to be removed as well. David is home, safe and sound, but now expects to be fed. Since he makes poached eggs much better than I do, I'm going to let him do it.

It never rains, but it pours

What an apt cliche! David and Gail just took off for the lake where we have tree down onto the kitchen--the best building on the place. At least with Lyala and her two teenagers there, there will be lots of help. They have no idea what damage there may be, or how long it will take to sort it out. Since Gail took the kitchen out of the cottage, they really need to take care of it right away. So I am alone in my house. How strange! And I may be here alone for a couple of days.

Wind and Rain

Too much of one and not enough of the other. It's hard to believe that after such a cold and wet spring, we still need more rain. Comes from living on sand I guess. I have a weeks holidays right now, and by mutual agreement Jim and I are doing nothing that we don't have to do this weekend. We stopped at the office yesterday and then went to Minnedosa to drop in on a friend. Back home and after such a "stressful" day, I fell asleep on the couch while trying to watch Get Smart. Today we will check on a friends dog again (they are away for a few days), maybe stop in town to check on a couple of things at the office, maybe see if we can pick up any more bedding plants. We had some flowers die. IF not we will do without. Tomorrow will be another day. Jim has to have his heart ultrasound on Tuesday, so I figure I will be able to get some work done around the house while he is in Brandon. Tonight we will bbq some supper and maybe sit around the fire for a while (only if the wind dies down) What a rough life I lead! Next Sunday we are playing golf in the legion tournament (playing golf.... I carry around a stick and try to hit the ball... at least I provide entertainment for the others.) The weekend after that they are painting the legion, so I will be busy for a few hours. I should probably do the minutes from the last VCC meeting. Usually I try to get them done quickly before I forget what I have written down. This time that will be a challenge. So, all in all I have no plans for today. Time for whatever I want (hard to belive!) Love Ya

Home again

What fun! Two days at the lake in cold, driving rain! We ended up sleeping in the cabin--more for bathroom access during the night, than shelter. That meant that we had to do a quick and basic clean-up there--including removal of mouse mummies etc. We had to stick around Saturday morning until David's niece arrived, so that he could show her the basics of the plumbing system. Three hours we sat inthe rain, inthe cold kitchen, in wet clothes, waiting for her. I only had one more set of dry clothes tto put on, so refused to get out of my nightie until it was almost time to go. But there were leaves around that I needed for my sunprinting ( sun??) so I was running round, in the rain, picking leaves,in my nightie. We got home--still in the rain--and both slept for a couple of hours. There is construction all the way between Deacon's corner and Hwy 12 and then again from the Ontario border almost all the way to the lake. That was fun in the rain--and DH never slows down below the speed limit. Of more concern was that all of the ditches and fields were flooded. I don't think I've ever seen that much water east of the city. Many of the fileds had been planted and will now be a total wash out. We joke about "lake Elie" when there is overland flooding west of the city, but this looked very much the same--fields of water on both sides of the highway (what I could see over the washed out construction)

Not much new here. No way to get out into the garden. Too windy to bike. Yes, Beth, the two days of rain also involve four days of very high (40-60 k gusts) winds. Something for you to look forward to. Our printer died again on Friday. So Friday, before we left, David was so PO'd that he was off to the UPS Store where he actually paid money to have it packaged up to send to the repair centre. Prior to that he had had a long chat with a nice man in the Phillipines, who told David that, since this was the second time in two months that we have had this problem, they will probably just send us a new one. But, of course, before he gave us permission to send it in there was over an hour on the phone trying to fix the problem from this end. The nice man in the Phillipines also told David that he was in the middle of a horrendous two-day tropical storm with winds over 100mph--so I guess we can't complain.

A meeting this afternoon and then Amber and Samantha over for supper--Jessica is spending the night with the other Grandma. Since I haven't been shopping yet, the menu is a problem--especially since I probably won't get home until around 4:00.

Be - New Chairs

Yesterday Harry bought kits for construction of Northern Ontario White Pine wooden chairs for outdoors. They are called Bear Chairs and similar in style to the more famous Muskokan Chairs. Bear Chairs are becoming very popular and best part is that they are manufactured locally in the little town next to us - South River. However, I need to put them together as they are in pieces - mind you there are the detailed instructions and screws and predrilled holes etc provided. We bought some exterior paint in a forest green to paint them as recommended so all that is left is the actual assembly. That is on the agenda for today - wish me luck!
The next five days is promising rain and possible thunder storms so gardening may be put on hold?
Mike still needs a ride to Petawawa next week but we are not sure what day he has to go so we are on "standby" more or less. we visited him yesterday as he had the flu = took some fluids etc and of course so Mommy to check on him. Always wondering about the pandemic H1N1 but he did not have respiratory symptoms. There are several reported cases in this area now. When I think of all the years and hours and time and work that I put into planning for the Pandemic in both my previous careers, it seems odd that I am now on the sidelines when an actual pandemic has been declared. Blessings for me that I do not now have to implement the plans I worked so hard on producing!
Anyway, must go to check my lottery ticket and maybe I might be a millionaire haha. Take care

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Be - The weekend begins..

I guess Patty is at the lake for the weekend so I wonder what Cathy is up to?
We went to Mothers yesterday. Her younger sister ( Harry's Aunt and Uncle )and her husband passed through for lunch on their way up to Kirkland Lake for a wedding. so we had lunch with them and visited a bit. Then out into the garden for the rest of the afternoon to try and get a handle on all the weeds etc. Both her garden and our garden have really come ahead quickly over the past week with warm ( hot) temps and a sprinkling of rain. Again yesterday it clouded over when we got home, and rained about five minutes only, and then sunny again. But it was enough moisture to say we had "watered" the garden. Our flower beds are looking especially beautiful this year but I think it is the attention they are getting by me finally having the time to put the effort into minding them, plus all the plants Harry started early in the Spring and nutured in the new green house. However, the housework tends to be neglected somewhat haha. You are supposed to keep reminding me to play my violin - remember! I try to play a bit every day but with all the manual work in the yard, my fingers and hands are cramping up with pain / arthritis and I find it very difficult to manipulate the fingering needed to play. Perhaps if I keep at it, by hands may adjust and become subtle?
Anyway, on to the laundry..I have been hanging it outside lately to keep the hydro down a bit. I like hanging cloths but it takes a bit longer. Harry is out and about at usual Sat moring garage sales. Take care

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yeah, too many blogs

Since you had read it, I deleted it off the other blog. Slept for awhile this afternoon, as lying down was the only way I was comfortable. We're just about packed, and plan to do the rest in the morning. I probably won't have a chance to write anything before we hit the road, but I should be back in business on Sunday at the latest. Both of you have a great weekend!

Be- Too many Blogs?

I was just cruising quick before bed and discovered your Mouse Factory Blog perhaps should be your PaBe Cat Blog? Just a reminder because I know that you want the Mouse Factory to reflect your artistic endeavours and not necessarily javex in the water stories, or falling off your bike tales? Now me, on the other hand, enjoy both your blogs whether the info is one or the other.
More tress felled today in our yard which means carrying limbs and also bruising of limbs( mine!) The temps have been outrageously hot and humid - I actually do not mind this but you sure start to sweat when working outside. Tomorrow to Mothers.... I'll hope to write a bit longer message next time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


It took me awhile, but I've come to realize that most of the deadlines I work against are self-imposed. I know most yours aren't, Beth, and I wonder what we can do to help you. This is a stage in your life that you should be finding the occasional period of "me" time. Did you know that many agencies, that rely on volunteers, make a special effort to target newly retired professionals? People with undedicated time, but with a history of over-achieving, along with a social conscience. Families probably do the same thing. But, you must realize that this is being said by a woman who tried to read the paper this morning while wearing her husband's glasses-so what do I know? CPP will be in the bank on Friday--the third last banking day of the month.

Yesterday I played with my Photoshop Elements (PSE). I finally got four pictures to print on the same page. This took size and colour adjustments, a lot of cropping etc. I wasn't totally pleased with the results but blown away by actually accomplishing the task all by myself. I know I need to do it again, just to get it more formally into my memory. Then, for some reason, my laptop stopped accessing the internet either in the kitchen or the studio. "Internet connectivity problem"--whatever the heck that means. Last time I had this problem, we needed to replace our very old modem--and to turn on the function on the laptop that allows me to do this. So I checked that function button right away. Now this might not be a problem except that this is the only way I can play poker. Two of us in the "office" at the same time, just doesn't work. I attend to all of my blogging and e-mail on the desk top, just because it offers a better functional working position for my hands, than the laptop.

Yesterday Samantha was to the doctor and diagnosed with Croup. It seems that there is always one or more of that family sick, at any one time. We went out to look after Jessica while Samantha came into the city to see the doctor. It was Jessica's last day of nursery school. Her report card says she has done well, but still, sometimes, prefers to play on her own. I know she has friends in the neighbourhood, so this isn't a worry, but she also sometimes just prefers to have a little "alone time". When I see all of the toys etc in her bedroom, I think I can understand why.

This morning is a meeting with a "mentor" for the Crafts Museum. This is woman with a long history of working in donation/grant funded arts groups, and the curator has already found the mentoring experience useful. The Board felt that it might be useful to have one or two Board members sit in on the meetings, as well. Unfortunately, our President is being treated for a rare and difficult cancer, and isn't able to attend, so the task has fallen to me. This summer is a bad time for the Board to be, more or less, leaderless. The poor woman is spending most of the summer visiting family around the country. She is in her later fifties and only recently retired.

Well, this has been along one. Have a great day, and a cool drink at the end of it.

Be - a day at home today ( hopefully)

and already been up several hours and hard at it. I "ache" in every inch of my body without question. How does one push and push oneself to the point of exhaustion and then get up in the morning and start all over again? Cathy, I do remember getting up and going to work and now wonder how I ever fit that into my life as well? Still have no EI coming my way - I totally understand how those people who have been layed off and have NO other income find themselves so helpless and frustrated with the system. I have been informed that I shall get CPP at end of June so I am looking at my bank account every day to see if there are any deposits for that as well as anything from EI.
The LCBO employeees in Ontario ( liquor stores) threatened strike action for midnight last night however I hear on the news they are at work today. But it did cause a rush of people into the stores last few days to stock up. I took Mike yesterday for a few things he wanted to have on hand, and was amazed walking around the store to see people with carts full and overflowing and yet still trying to cram more and more in. Funny!
Mike just got a posting to Petawawa from July 2 to August 30 which means he leaves next week. It is work $$$$ for him which he wants, and he doesn't mind going to Pet but for me it means he is gone again ( although not so far - is a three hour drive) He will also get some weekends off where he can come home.
Well, must go for now and get my body outside - Take care

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I read your ramblings Pati. There are still hidden in the blog under drafts! I usually see Loren and the kids a couple of times during the summer. They will stop in here on their way to Clear Lake. Jim is feeling much better today. Whatever we had seems to be only a 24 hour bug. Our office supper last night was quite nice. For the first time in my life I ordered off of the seniors menu. The portions are certainly better suited to normal humans. I even left my rice (it comes with everything) Of course by 9pm I had opened a bag of chips and grabbed a handful. Today I finally get my hair cut. I have once again reached the desperation stage. I certainly don't understand how the weather forecasting works. For the 3rd time we have been under a thunderstorm warning and haven't had a drop of rain. And it changes constantly. Yesterday there was a 100% chance of rain on Friday... today it is sunny and dry. Oh well. Back to the old standards... get up and open a window and look out. I'm glad that Samantha is okay. I was thinking about all of you. Sandi is almost done her course. Kris says she still has to go through another set of exams and a licensing thingy, but she will do okay. She really seems to like this ultrasound technician course. I am glad that she is finally feeling so much better. They have had a long haul. I plan to call Keri sometime this week. Ruth is out visiting and I just want to say hi. Time to get ready for work (you do remember about getting up and going somewhere else in the morning or does that memory fade with retirement?? :P)
Take Care

Monday, June 22, 2009

I typed up a lengthy post discussing the meaning of life, predicting te future of the world etc, but blogger ate it. I wonder if this one will get through? I put in the application fo my old age pension today, and now I need special treat to help me deal with my grief.
Pati here Typed this yesterday but it was hiding. Tahnkyou for searching it out Cathy.

Actually woke up this morning to drizzle. I woke early hoping for a bike ride before I have to leave for a 10:30 meeting in St. Norbert. With all of the construction, it's impossible to estimate travel times, so I give myself extra time and take a good book.

Amber and the children were over yesterday for supper and Loren phoned while they were here, so David heard from both of them yesterday. Loren and his children were out running in the Manitoba Marathon yesterday--a tradition with them for the past several years, from even before the divorce. He gets them every year on Fathers' Day, and she gets them every Mothers' Day. Jeremy is going into grade 7 next fall, and they had been concerned about him going to a high school with grades 7 to 12, as he immature physically as well as socially/emotionally. So they have arranged for him to go to a private junior high school. He had to apply and go through quite a evaluation process, but was accepted.

Twisted my back playing with the little ones, so am moving v-e-r-y carefully today. Amber is quite relieved that things seem okay with Samantha. I had no idea that a cold would play such havoc with a hearing test, but I guess the discomfort is distracting to little ones, and they have no idea what is expected of them in the test situation. She seemed to do fine yesterday, even following 2-3 step commands. And she told Grandpa that what she was holding was a "bahl". She's been referred for speech, although there is a very long wait in Steinbach. Both Amber and Jessica were very slow to speak--maybe there's something to think about in that.

Things didn't go well in the studio yesterday, but now I have a lot of hand-dyed fabric scraps to play with once I get home today--since I have two projects to cut up and re-cycle. Maybe I was trying too hard.


You two have way more than I do. We got an early start yesterday and did gardening and cleaning and laundry and by 10 we needed a break. Rodney and Kristy dropped in at 10:30 and left just after 10 last night. While they were there, Carrie, Richard, Allan and Stu all dropped by. I felt like I was holding court right in my yard. Basically we sat around outside for 12 hours. Nothing to brag about, but it was kind of fun. Back to work today, and then the farewell supper for Lisa (she still has 2 weeks, but this was the only day that everyone was available) Jim is going in early to do some yard work at the legion. They want to get some more sidewalk blocks set in before it gets too hot to do physical work. He also wants to mow and weed whack at the office. Jim goes for his heart ultrasound next week. They told him it could be months before he got in, but it was less than one month. This is just to confirm that his heart is all fixed up and working properly. I have next week off work again, but I think I will get some more cleaning done without him around to distract me. (ie..justify my sitting around doing nothing). I discovered ants are coming in on the south side of the kitchen again. I'll have to get rid of them this evening. I really hate ants! Summer is finally here... enjoy it while we can.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Be= the forecast stated a big front coming from Manitoba

So I assumed that you were having some rain in winnipeg and surroundings, but I guess you are desparately hoping for rain instead....
I had a busy day mostly on my own as Harry is in bed all day as frequently happens when afflicted with his gout. Did gardenig until about noon ( from 0730 am) and then housework - vacuumimg and general tiding up and bringing Harry sustinance as requested. Tomorrow I go to the doctors as I as I had mentioned and then after shopping for Mother I shall go there and weed her garden. I doesn't get any better!!!!
Right now I am chosing fabric for making nine square blocks - all from your box of 2 inch squares Patty, and this is what I am making my "quilt as you go" quilt from. I hope to give it to Mike when finished which may be some time yet haha But this is what I work at when I have the time usually in the evenings and which I find very relaxing. I may not be able to communicate for a couple of days as Monday is booked as you see from above, and Tuesday I am going to North Bay to help Will. So stay tuned... Take care

What rain?

Pati here
David has been fussing and fuming for a few days now because they keep promising us rain but it never comes. He might actually be forced to go outside and water his garden.
I was sure on a roll yesterday. After our bike ride, and several battles with worms when I went under a tree that I shouldn't have ( you can see the threads--it almost looks like rain coming from the trees) doing a bit of housework ( I've opted for the one-room-a-day approach) we made several trips to the garage sale where we finally bought the little table for the studio. Then re-arranging the studio, which meant moving a shelving unit and the cedar chest --both full. Since the vacuum was in the basement anyway, I cleaned up the sitting area. Then I sewed until David came down about 4:45 ( a visit at that time usually means "where's my supper?"). I even sewed while watching Elvis Costello last night--great show!

For the whole day I felt good and was full of energy. It was a great feeling! I had to wonder if the activity itself served as a stimulus to the CNS. I've certainly read about such things. If so, I've let myself descend into lethargy over the past little while and somehow I need to get that energy back.

Be- First day of Summer and Father's Day

Apparently it should be a wonderful day for all concerned....the rain that you folks had has hit us over past two days, but I see the sun coming up brightly now so maybe will be clear today. It was drizzling most of day yesterday so consequently the picnic for the fiddle school was held in the church basement and not in the outdoor theatre at the waterfront. I thoroughly enjoyed myself although I did not play BUT after observing the event for the first time realize I could have participated quite nicely. A seven year old not even as high as my waist dressed in a pretty pink dress and carrying a matching half size "pink" violin played her heart out and obviously captured the hearts of all there! There was a wedding at the church at 2 pm so the music had to stop until the service was over and the wedding party departed. So we had our potluck lunch - not BBQ but Delicios pizza and KFC. Funny part was that the volunteers in the church kitchen activated the smoke alarm and it could not be turned off for about 20 minutes - added to the music being played. Anyway, after sitting and conversing with folks for quite some time, the MC announced " OK folks, the bride has left the building so we are good to go again" Someone asked if the groom went with her??? Out of it all, I have a renewed interest to get at my fiddle and try to memorize my tunes and play with more speed and rythym to capture the mood or feeling for the songs eg the irish tunes. I heard them play some of the tunes I have learned already and realize how different (and better) they sound when done right. So that is my goal for over the summer.
In meantime, the garden beckons now that everything is growing including the WEEDS. Tomorrow I have to make a quick trip to Huntsville to see my Doctor for a prescription renewal - no more over the phone renewals and since it is actually time for my annual physical, I need pills only right now and so will schedule my annual for another time.
I can just see you jumping into the pool Cathy ( cloths and all) and remember when we went in on my visit. It was a great pleasure to be able to get into the water but I don't think I could "keep " a pool here - actually there would be no place to put a pool anyway so why think about it? Take care

Saturday, June 20, 2009

the day after the day before

I was so sick yesterday that I came home from work and today my chest muscles and back muscles are REALLY sore from being so sick. But... other than that I am fine. I even ate food today. Worked in the garden this morning and then off to town to do the office. Jim forgot they wanted a work party at the legion, so I did the office myself while he helped next door. Of course, he arrived just as they took a beer break, so I was working and he was drinking... go figure. He set up the pool this week. I thought it would be to cold, but when we got home from town I tried it out (still wearing the clothes I had on) It was cool, but really nice. It is a new pool from last year. This one is a 15 footer. Cheaper than our old one, but still good. For supper we had bread and cheese and pickles. Tomorrow I will make something. (maybe) I really need to do some housework. It seems to fall behind in the summer. I don't want to be inside, so the house looses out. At some point I have to do something. If I can hang on for a week I have the first week of July as holidays. Maybe (maybe!) I will do some cleaning then. After a rough start the garden is taking off. We will have lots of fresh veggies soon. I just want it for eating and maybe a few dills. No preserving this year. The farewell supper for Lisa is on MOnday. She isn't done until July 3, but this was the only day that we could all make it. We are just going out for supper together. Time to go back outside and putter. Have a good weekend!


Pati here
It finally got so hot in the house that David agreed to have the air conditioning on.
The movie I went to last night was at the Ellice theatre at Ellice and Sherbrook. I was taking admissions, so got free admissiona and a free soft drink. Before and after the movie there was a craft sale. I had no idea but this weekend, there is a Do It Yourself (DIY) Festival inthe city. I was looking at the events, and it was impressive for an organization I've not heard of before.
The theatre itself is part of the renewal activities of New Life Ministries, and the theatre and cafe next door are special projects that provide jobs for those who might not otherwise be hired, because of either events in their lives or lifestyle choices they have made. I don't think I've ever seen so much strange clothing all at one time before.
The theatre was hot. Once I got home I went straight to the basement and stayed there to play poker, rather than in the kitchen. The other problem we have is canker worms--everywhere. We can't be outside for a minute without running into them. But we did get to a garage sale down the street. An older fellow whose wife has died within the past year, and he's selling the house and moving on. His family and a couple of neighbours were helping him, and obviously the goal was to get as much money as possible--no dickering here! We found a kitchen table and four chairs that we plan to take to the lake, four partial bolts of fabric for $2/each, and a little table that I plan to use for my needlefelter. We'll have to cut some of the legs off to get the height I need, but it's solid wood, so that should be no problem. This meant coming home and totally re-organizing the studio to accomodate it. But at least Iget to work in the cool of the basement, although with the a/c on it will probably be cold by the time I get here.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Be - Picnic Plans

Tomorrow we are going to attend the annual Fiddle and Stepdance School ( aka where I take my violin lessons) Picnic in North Bay. I wanted to go because there will be entertainment from students and instructors and the current owner who is an accomplished artist. Not me though as I have chosen not to participate. But I volunteered Harry to barbeque and I am taking a pot luck tray. The weather calls for rain and the event is outdoors ( with an alternate for inclement weather at a church) so it will be a go regardless. In meantime have been doing garden work, and laundry and bbqing supper etc. and of course at Mothers yesterday.
But tonight is Friday night yahoo!!. My night to watch TV and wait especially for 10 pm for Spectacle with Elvis Costello. Trouble is I am so tired after long days of constant work that I have an issue of staying awake that late anymore. Wish I were only 29 years like Cathy! Take care

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gallery Opening

turned into a non-event. About 5 people showed up other than the artists. As chairperson of the organization, I had to be there and "perky". It was hot and my feet hurt--like they haven't hurt in years. Tomorrow night is the showing of the film "Handmade Nation" about the "Do It Yourself" movement in the USA. I have volunteered to sell tickets, and tonight saw a woman who is involved in organizing the event and she promised me that I could do it sitting down. Thank You, Alison. Now, to head for the basement and some coolth.

Walking away

Pati here
my experience in leaving something has been to walk away. Leave it all behind. Make a little separation ritual for yourself. Now looking at situations from 5 years down the road, I think this is the only way to truly survive. I can now look back and evaluate my decisions without the gut-wrenching emotional component that can paralyze you. But life doesn't always let you do that, and sometimes you have to make a conscious effort to separate the emotional aspects of the situation and the surface "face" you need to assume to actually deal with a "here and now" situation. But--once you have faced it sucessfully, it's usually a long time before something like that comes up again, so you have recovery time to mentally re-live/renew the "walk away" process. Each time that happens it gets easier

RE: rabbits Cathy, you have reinforced my decision not to own a dog. However, I might be able to use one for a few days to deal with the d--n squirrels! All of my geraniums and all of my Portulaca-gone. For some reason they are leaving anything I have with silver leaves. Go figure!

Decisions! Decisions! It's almost 8:00 and I'm sitting here in my nightie drinking coffee. David wants to get out with the bikes. Every joint in my body aches and I know I'll be on my feet for 3 hours tonight at the gallery opening. But he is only pushing me toward a healthy lifestyle. Darn it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dogs and Rabbits

they really don't get along. It was such a beautiful evening that we were just sitting out on the swing. A big rabbit ran down the road and both dogs were off and running. Nika came back, not because we called her, but because she couldn't keep up. Jim had to get on the quad to get Chi back! I'm in the house now. It's probably time anyway. Went to the Viscount meeting tonight. I'm glad that the information you managed to find helped, Pati. It is nice to know what you are facing. I remember hanging shows. For me, the centre of the picture had to be at my eye level. (closer to 5 feet than 4, but what the heck) Did you know there is a manual on hanging artwork? Book larnin'. We got our new car today. I had hoped for something cheaper, but Jim had his heart set on an Impala. The specs are really good on it and if the mileage is even close we are way ahead of the Equinox. It is a pale gold (autopac has no gold or beige... we are now a yellow car) Our autopac actually went down $10 per month because we are not an SUV! I think my age (29) is catching up with me. The stairs are hard on my knees, and it is sure hard on my hips to get out of bed these days. Not to mention my stupid wrist. Elizabeth (my boss) asked about hiring a student today.. If approved we will have to settle for a high school student, but even if they can answer phones and take messages. With Lisa leaving and holidays there will be alot of time with only 2 people here. You can't even go to the bathroom with 2. I am once again counting days until the weekend. I really need to do some housework.. With the sand we have here, and 3 animals, the floor is never clean, but I would like to maybe smooth it out a bit. I made Daddy's ribs in the crock pot on Monday. Yummy!! One meal that Jim and I can agree on. No supper tonight because of the meeting, and tomorrow is a meat delivery, so no supper again. Friday is meat draw...... maybe Saturday. You'd think I would lose weight but no such luck. I ordered Microsoft office enterprise today. A special deal for government employees. Only $11.00 dollars. Even if I don't want to install it right away you can't turn down a deal like that. Time to get cleaned up and crawl into bed with a book. I have 3 on the go right now... decisions, decisions.

Be - Now it gets hot and muggy

Up to North Bay today for my last violin lesson before the summer break. Received two new tunes that I am to learn during summer break. Both sound wonderful by the instructor playing them for us, and so I can hardly wait to be able to try them out. But that will have to wait. Apparently it is to Mothers again tomorrow as I heard when I returned home tonight. Had to buy a small electric chain saw today at Canadian Tire for Harry as Mother has some trees to cut /trim and we also have had several die and fall so need to do some clearing. I was able to spend a little bit of time with Mike this afternoon - went to Mall with him and his friend, and then back to his house with A&W hamburgers in hand to eat in relaxation. I treasure the times I have with him. Not sure what I will be doing for Mother tomorrow as I am suffering from a very sore thumb - almost think I sprained it or something worse, so doubt if any more window cleaning will be accomplished. Last evening I received a phone call from an employee from work - asking if I would be a reference for her as she had an interview at 0830 this am. This person is the Lead Caseload Planner and has been with the employer for over ten years. I read into the state of affairs at work by virtue of her looking for other employment. She did not sound enthusiastic about how things were going at work but then I did not ask any pointed questions either as I did not want to pry. I am trying to "move forward" as they say with my own healing and any such conversations I feel are not productive. So I guess it is early to bed tonight again - I find that when I drive distances such as to North Bay especially when it is hot a sunny, my eyes get really bad and so I can't focus on sewing or too much reading when they feel this way. So take care for now...
Pati here
The meeting went well, but thank Goodness I spoke to Cathy before hand and did some research. I felt prepared and I felt that I had a good idea of what sort of approach to take. Then today, when we went to hang the show, those members who were there had lots of questions, and I was able to answer them. The show was hung quickly. We had been told to accept a maximum of 40 pictures, and ended up with 29 pieces, but that included some pottery. The gallery looked good when we finished, but maybe a little bare. Still I would rather see it that way than overcrowded. Hanging was a mental challenge. The horizontal center of each piece had to be exactly 48 inches from the floor. This all had to be calculated taking into consideration the height of the piece and the location of the hanger. As well we had to space each piece, on the wall, in consideration of all of the other pieces on that wall. The opening reception is tomorrow evening, and we'll see what sort of feedback we get from those who attend.

Then we came home and, yet again, I have no ambition to do anything. All week they have been advertising the first season of Torchwood being shown starting tonight, but it isn't in the tv guide, so I probably won't get it. We are so lacking in ambition that David went out and bought cole slaw and potato salad for supper--despite the cost. And he's complaining that I'm not eating the cereal we bought, since we so often go to Timmie's. Isn't it amazing the things you worry about when you're retired?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pati here
This is going to be a busy week. Yesterday will likely turn out to be my only quiet day and I just frittered it away watching reality tv. What a slob I'm turning out to be in my old age. Now this morning, for some reason, every bone and muscle in my body aches, and DH is antsy for a bike ride. Since Tim Horton's have raised their prices, we just can't afford to have breakfast there every morning, so we're going to have to change our route and routine.

Tonight I'm going to have to drive out to Pinawa for a meeting. There is a movement to form a regional arts council, and this is an informational meeting. As chair of the artists co-op (EMAC), I need to find out what is happening and how it might impact the operations of the co-op. Cathy, have you any insight for me on how regional arts councils function? I've never had to deal with one. In fact, I just learned that there is a Winnipeg arts council in existance. How much control could they exert on the operations of a marketing co-op? It sounds as though they want to coordinate activities between groups to make sure that there are no date and place clashes, and to get the best use of advertising dollars by coordinating all advertising for any arts related activities in the region. We have just a few members in the region in question, as our catchment area is much, much larger, but our Annual Show and Sale--the biggest of the year--is held in Pinawa. I would hate to see us shut out of the area.

More and more I'm seeing the need for a good thorough clean-up around here. Beth, maybe I can hire you when you get your housecleaning business set up. I need someone to take my windows apart and clean them. We used to do it regularly, but the last couple of years David has attacked the outside with his power washer and I've done ( or not done) the inside. This spring we found that the power washer has packed it in. I've found that the best way for me to attack the job is to dedicate one or two days to it and work my a-- off. Then we're both exhausted and have a big fight. The other option is to pace myself an tackle one room a day until the job is done. However, I usually run out of steam and interest by about day 4 and the job is just never finished.

But today I get my sewing machine home from the hospital. David has expressed concern that I seem lost without it. My response is "Yeah, and your point is?"

Home on the Range

where there are baby deer in the fields around us. Mama always makes them lie down when she spots us. We have had 3 days of wonderful weather. There are 5 days of rain in the forecast, but we will ignore them. Rodney & Kristy dropped in on Sunday. Actually Rodney had "dropped" on Saturday.... he jumped out of an airplane!. Fortunately he lived to tell about it, because he arrived and Jim was right on him... "can you look at Jean's weed wacker?" Whiz Zam and it's fixed. "How about the sprinkler?" Whiz Zam and it's fixed. Both actually required brute strength, but he had it! He also threw the dogs toy across the yard and beyond the trees. When I throw it, she is back before I can even sit down again. Taked to Keri on the weekend. She won't be out this summer. She is laid off as of July 10th. The girl she replaced is back from mat leave on July 2. Keri has 7 days to train her.... 7 days to train the girl who trained her! She is applying for other jobs and I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will get one she wants. They are getting close to getting all the insulation out of the building. They are at the back now, over the vaults, so it doesn't seem like the ceililng is going to come down us. I guess we are getting a new car this week. Jim got his Impala. (Unless we don't get approved for credit) The last VCC board meeting before summer is on Wednesday. Hopefully we will get a quorum. If not, I think a lot of issues will have to be dealt with at the executive level. Time for work (Whoopie!) I better win that lottery soon, so I can retire

Monday, June 15, 2009

Be - Up to North Bay this am

We went to North Bay this morning to celebrate Mike's 25th Birthday. Card, and cake and little gifts are gratefully accepted. He has plans with friends for afternoon and evening so we had to get our time earlier in the day haha! I have a picture of Mike and me on my new digital camera, and so my next challenge is to figure out how to access computer and post same so that it can be shared.
Then this afternoon was outside working in garden and the bugs, yet again, were having a territorial war with me. As well, I eat peanuts in the shell now as a treat- much better for you than other options - so I also had a little squirrel seeking favour for a treat from me.
Hoping to get some sewing in again this evening. I have found that this is the time I have for myself - to sew, or read, or whatever, so have embraced it as "mine" and pour myself a little wee bit of wine and so enjoy!! Take care

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Be - Bugs keeping me inside this morning

I was just out to cut a bit of grass I missed yesterday - wow the little black fly creatures are out in full force this morning - they swarm you and you haven't a chance of survival so in I came again. Thats OK as the dishes are beckoning me and I have a load of wash on and a basket of ironing: or, I could always sit at the sewing machine, or play a tune on my violin! Tough decisions...
Funny you should talk about going for a picnic at Lower Fort Garry. There is a commercial on the TV right now about Canadian National Parks and the camera passes over many noticable landmarks such as Fisgard lighthouse, Jasper Park, and one quick view of Lower Fort Garry from the air - I focus my attention on viewing this part of the commecial and think fondly of home. Crazy me...
I had a revelation last night that perhaps my problems with my hands may be directly related to holding the dog leash. It all fits perfectly because where I am bothered with great pain in the palms which extends into the fingers is exactly where I put the most pressure when trying to hold onto the dog who is very very strong. So I am experimenting with a different leash and how I hold it. Wouldn't it be great if I have found some relief - not totally though as I do have problems with arthritis but maybe not solely the issue?
Got an electric smoker yesterday at a garage sale so had to try it out - used some of the fresh pickeral we buy at the Reserve and had it going overnight. Not bad tasting but need to perfect the adjustment of the temperature. We go to the reserve often and buy fresh pickeral usually caught that morning - they use gill nets and then fillet them at the house. We ususally bring them home to package them for freezing ourselves. Excellent feed and I love fish.
Well, must go...take care

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lower Ft. Garry

A very strange type of picnic. We had rented the picnic shelter. Very nice! L-shaped with a huge fireplace in the L-corner. Lots of tables, but open areas as well. They had strung clothesline from tree to tree where quilts were hung for an in-guild competition. A couple of active games. All events in close proximity. The garage sale tables were set up under the roof. It was cold and windy and those of us in the shelter were freezing. Those sitting outside the shelter, in the sun, were warm and cozy. Lots of door prizes( not for me!), and the usual raffle ( My non-winning streak continues--almost 10 years now). I ended up selling about $145.00 worth of stuff--at fantastic bargain prices. But the stuff is out of my basement! And that makes David happy.

Home in good time and relaxing in the garden with a book. So relaxing that I almost fell asleep. So I think a nap is in order.
It might actually be nice out today! The sun is peaking through the clouds, and the forecast is for no rain. I'm hoping to get into the garden to weed, and may replant some radishes and onions. The grass in the garden is growing better than anything else. They have finished removing the insulation from half the attic at work and start on the smaller "half" on Monday. It will be nice when they are done. They are sooo noisy. A light cover fell off, nails are falling out of the ceiling and everything is covered in paint chips and dust. We to meat draw last night. Didn't win meat, didn't win table draw, didn't win the patio set,...... I see a trend developing. It was the shopeasy bbq. They donate all the food and do all the work and the proceeds go to the legion. I don't go to meat draw that often anymore. I seem to like to get home and snuggle with a book. The lease is up on our car this month. After much "discussion" we are getting the Impala that Jim wants. It is a really nice car, but more than we need. It is also very pale, but they offered to scotch gard the seats for free (usually $300.00). I'm not sure when we have to go in and sign our lives away. Probably today or Monday. Still don't know if Keri will make it out in July. I think she should save her money, especially if she is laid off. I haven't had much luck with rhubarb pineapple jam. I must be doing something wrong. It is always too watery to use. I get a weeks holidays starting June 29th. I think I need it. I was supposed to get 2 weeks and if Keri does come out I am only working 1/2 days while she is here. We will be short staffed, but I can get most of the daily work done in the morning and the rest can do what they can in the afternoon. Either way, I am looking forward to my week........ Have a great weekend
Pati here
boring day yesterday, compared to yours. I didn't even get to wash any windows--not that there might be any around here that need washing--lol. Yesterday was actually pleasant day. We got out on our bikes in the early morning, then grocery shopping and then into the basement. In the basement is usually how I get to enjoy summer, but this year I've decided to make an effort to get out into the garden more often--at least as far as the patio. If I was clever, I would be out there now, before mosquito season. Today is the quilters picnic out at Lower Ft. Garry. I have booked a garage sale table, but will have to man it all by myself, so no diuretic for me today--at least not until I get home.

My plans for getting into the garden are to prepare to have some hand sewing that I could work on out there and then spend a little time every afternoon out there. I have the picnic table that Daddy made set up, but it's not really a good height for some things--about an inch too high.

My Hellebore is thriving. A surprise after the trouble we've had the last couple of years getting it established. The Ladyslippers are in full bloom, even 4 out of six of the transplanted ones have at least one bloom. They only last for a short time, but what a display! A couple of tiny tomatoes out there, if the squirrels don't get them. We caught sight of four squirrels all at the same time yesterday, so Mom and the third little one may still be around. There had been a second red squirrel around earlier in the spring ( Dad?) Could be him, I guess. And how do you tell squirrels apart in any case? Although when we had the greys here and the first couple of years we had the reds, we could pick out a few regulars.

Time to eat and pack. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunny weather sets a happier mood

At least you begin to feel brighter when the sun is shining? Poured a coffee first thing this morning and then out to the yard with the dog. Sat on the table for a bit sipping the coffee ( in my Winnipeg mug by the way)and just enjoyed a few moments. I have a bit of time now as the garage sale man is already out and about. When he returns we shall be going up to North Bay area - to deliver some tomato plants to some people he ran into the other day. Thats good because it reduces the number in our garden - count planted so far is about 90! Then a stroll along the Callander Marsh Trail- a beautiful walk along a constructed structered trail with benches and lookout towers and nature/history signage. This is the same place where years ago we used to crawl through bush and marsh with the kids when they were small to pick cranberries. Then to see Mike for a bit. It is his birthday on Monday.
Well, Mother has most of her windows cleaned. She tells me that since they moved in ( 1977) the windows had never been removed as I had done. She would wash the inside and then the outside but these are the ones you lift out of the frame and can get right into the groves etc. for a meticulous clean which she never attempted. Curtains washed, hung onto the line to dry and then put up again nice and fresh. And at same time, lunch made for three. I thought maybe I could go into the Home spring renewal business? as well as car "detailing" business? My own home in meantime fends for itself as once back home it was outside yard "detailing". Oh well, it keeps me busy and out of mischief. Anyway, hope all is well with you both. Take care (ps no lottery win yet but I'll keep trying)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another day of small achievements

Each day for me produces it's own small remembrances or successes - at least I endeavour to make it so. Today I made another batch of rhubarb/pineapple jam. I will take one jar to Mother tomorrow when we go again. It is always at least two days a week and sometimes more. Tomorrow my plan is to clean her windows so wish me luck. I also have to take my violin as she loves to hear the music which is good because I can practice under the pretense of giving a performance! Harry will complete the outside work / plant the garden etc while I entertain Mother.
Also today I attacked the van - it was so dirty that it smelled. The incentive was loading all of Mike's empty beer cases yesterday to return for him, but a sudden brake this morning upset a case and stale beer seeped all over the floor and over a full box of kleenex. Vacuumed and shampooed the seats and carpets, and sprayed lots of Febreze to my satisfaction of a good job done. Tomorrow the van will be loaded again with plants etc to take to Mothers and likely won't be long before it gets back to its usual dirty state.
Also, I started the new BBQ by myself ( don't laugh) It has a press button starter and once you turn on the gas it must ignite quickly so gas does not escape. I hate gas! It frightens me! So with beer in hand and some sausages that needed to be cooked for supper I took a brave step forward. It really was no problem so maybe I've kicked this monster off my back?
When you speak of animals in your yard, I could share a few stories about the birds we have. Two bluejays nested in the apple tree and we watched it for a long while because it was right outside the bedroom window. But with the rain for so long the birds disappeared and we did not see them for days. So Harry took the ladder and reached into the nest to find one lonely egg- cold and hard. I guess the parents had to abandon their nest. Sad. But in another wooden bird house that is perched on a small shed in the yard, we actually have babies - we see the parents flying in and out constantly. We also have many many rabbits this year - the neighbour yells at them and then shots them because they are damaging his garden. Actually I think the rabbits just run into our yard to avoid him.
Anyway, time to bed and get some rest for tomorrow. Take care


Pati here
Glad to hear from both of you. Still watching the little squirrels. Only two of them now, so I guess the crow got one of them. These two tend to stick together, but Mom no longer seems to be involved. Having trouble sleeping. I guess I'm worried about little Samantha.

Last night was my last computer class. We were asked to do an evaluation, and I had to give some thought to whether or not my expectations had been met. They really weren't, but I went in there with unrealistic expectations. So how do you express that in an evaluation? I tried to think about what had changed as a result of the class. Certainly I'm more confident and adventursome with the computer, but is that maybe also because I have my own computer, and can use it whenever and wherever I want? I'm doing some new things, but I'm sure I'm doing them the hard way. I've been scanning in older pictures. My laptop doesn't recognize the scanner, so I have to put them onto the desktop and then save them to the F drive which I then physically move to the laptop and call up the pictures. On top of everything, I need printer ink, so can't even run anything off right now.

When I got home last night, David was not well. He had spent the evening passing kidney stones. Since this also involved gastric and bowel distress, we had some work to do. But as he said, he couldn't believe how he felt completely better once the stones passed.

Today the sewing machine goes in for servicing. Always a gloomy day in this house. I was so very much into what I was working on and looking forward to two uninterrupted days to work, when I ran into trouble. I can't carry on using Lorraine's old machine as it just won't do what I want it to. I hate leaving a project half finished, as I often have trouble getting back to it. But I've been wanting to find some time to spend with my needlefelting machine, so maybe this is it.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

t'is I t'is I

What can I say. I's here I's here. Let the bells ring out and the banners fly...Feast your eyes on me... It's too good to be true but I'm here, I'm here. I think I must have watched too much television when I was young. Where were my sisters? You were supposed to stop me from this! They are still taking asbestos insulation out of the attic at work. So much fun. As we sit there the paint falls from the ceiling as they scrape away. I think it is the nails that fall from the ceiling that scare me. We had a big meeting with health and safety and they told us exactly what would be happening and asked if we would be willing to go ahead under those conditions. Of course, we said. Unfortunately the conditions they outlined are nothing like what is happening. The negative air flow extraction with venting to double bagged storage is nothing like the guys on the roof throwing garbage bags of insulation down to the ground. OOOPs our misunderstanding. I put more bedding plants out this evening. IF they die, that is it. Jim thought that we had about 3/4 of corn survive. I think he meant 3/4 of 1%. Good thing we have market gardeners here every summer. Tomorrow the flowers at work go in. We can only wait so long. Everyone at work is stuffed up and snuffling. It is not the asbestos, we must have picked up a bug somewhere. Why am I so bitter? Could it be..... cover up?? We have been soooo busy the last couple of weeks. With Lisa on "i'm out of here mode" there is a lot of work for the others. I guess we are looking at late August at the earliest for a replacement for Lisa. And... for the 4th time, my holidays are cancelled because of circumstances. You'd think the gods would do something to offset that, wouldn't you? One of these days I am going to get 2 weeks in a row off and look out! talked to both kids this week. Both are okay. Every mothers wish is to make their kid's lives perfect. The next best thing is to be there. Gee..... I wish I could be positive in my messages. Let me vent for a while longer and I promise that I will come up with a really up beat message. Love Ya both

Action Action - where is the action!

Hi, Been a few days but I have access now and see little in the way of postings - so this means that everyone is very busy?
Monday went to Mothers - all day and you know how I manage this. Tuesday was raining and raining and in summary, a totally miserable day. I practiced violin a bit, did some housework, and even did some sewing before the big hockey game at 8 pm. Had some potato chips ( bought especially for the occasion) and was able to stay awake only for the first period. Had to give in and go to bed and missed a great game apparently. Today I was in North Bay all day by myself - had to do some moving for Willie, so Mike helped me with this and consequently was able to spend the afternoon with him until my violin lesson at 5 pm. We went to the Mall and this was a wonderful opportunity for me to go to Coles - of course bought a book ( shame on me !) called The Third Man Factor by John Geiger. Plan to get into it tonight. Amazing at what excitement a new book can bring to one's life! I keep wanting to go to the local library but do not know their hours of operation - but have been wanting to read more of Wilbur Smith. Years ago when I was on the road a lot, I listened to many of his books on audio tapes and thoroughly enjoyed them. It may be different to actually read the printed word instead of hearing someone read the story but it's worth the effort to try. By the way, at violin tonight I think that I have improved a bit by changing my style and practice as result of the lesson I had to myself last week. I put considerable effort in preparation and practice and I feel it has paid off. I am feeling more confident now in what I am doing and really anxious to keep going - too bad only one more lesson before summer break. You both must keep encouraging me to practice all summer and not to forget about it because I do not go to lesson every week - OK? It was a quick supper tonight - I picked up a frozen pizza on way home and baked it when I arrived - never a really good idea money wise, or nutritionally good but nevertheless, a great treat. And best part is that I have some leftover for breakfast!! Well, hope to see some postings soon. Take care.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The red squirrel who has been at our bird feeder all winter has brought her three babies. We're having a great time watching their antics. At first the little ones were very careful about doing as they were told. We watched as two of them were absolutely still against the hydro pole but under the protection of the wires, when the crow came around, while Mom was frantically trying to get the third one under the rhubarb. Now they play and chase each other all around the garden, and all over the garage, even climbing the stucco garage walls. While they're on the garage walls they tend to stay close to the over hang from the eaves--more protection from the crow, I guess. BUT ( there's always a "but"), for the first time in years we've run into a problem with them eating the bedding plants. At first we thought it was the rabbit, but it started at the top of the "construction" (that pile of raised planters), and there's no way the rabbit can climb up there. Finally, yesterday, I saw one of them having lunch. We not going to fill the feeder quite as quickly for awhile, in hopes that they find other sources of food, but I know that eventually one of them will drive the others away. Those little buggers are so very, very territorial. We used to have big grey squirrels in the yard but for the last few years, nothing but reds.

Rain again today. Yesterday was pretty well spent inside, although I was off to the doctor in the morning. It's been great to spend time in the studio, but looking around I can see that it's getting toward time to do a little housework. We had talked about trying to paint the kitchen this summer, although there hasn't been a lot of talk of it lately. David hurt his wrist somehow, and has been wearing a wrist brace for the past little while. It's been years since he had a problem like this--even to the point of having trouble when riding his bike. I guess I should have seen it coming. For the past couple of months he's insisted on doing all of the heavy carrying around the house, because of my hand problems. Life always goes back to that old saying about "moderation in all things".

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pati here
Talked to Amber a little more today. She said that since they told her, she's been watching and it's obvious that Samantha is not hearing a lot of what is said to her, but does hear louder deeper noises. She is a very verbal baby in that she makes a lot of babbling noise, but I know that unless they can do something to help her hear, that will slowly disappear. I think they can perhaps help with the hearing but there is a two year wait for the speech part of it. I thought of Sandi and we'll keep that in mind. The next assessment is in two weeks, and ther isn't much that can be done until then.

Another wonderful day

We are just puttering around inside today. It is too cold and damp to be outside. I think I will probably break my tradition of only wearing sandals in the spring and summer. A high of 8 is not conducive to my health. Sorry to hear about Samantha, Pati. I understand the tears. Depending on what the outcome is, perhaps Sandi would be able to talk to Amber and give her some hints. She would be better than any of us at understanding.We picked up some new bedding plants yesterday. (they are in the house for at least a week) and we are replanting the beans and, if you can believe it, the radish. We are going to wait and see what happens to the rest. We are back to full staff at work for a while. That will help my frustrations, but I think that Patty will be in training for Lisa's job for the next few weeks. It will still be easier with all of us there, even if we do have to double up on some jobs. Jim is busy vacuuming downstairs. I think I will stay out of his way until he is done. I have been craving Daddy's ribs lately. Next week will be a good time to turn the oven on since it is going to be so cold. (I have adapted the recipe to the crock pot with great results) There is a bbq at the legion next Friday. Shop Easy does the whole thing, even cooking! It is usually quite good... pork on a bun, pork and beans, cole slaw ......... I suppose if I was a good wife I would be helping Jim. I did some laundry. That should count. Enough rambling.... Love Ya

And so the day begins

What a thrill to log on early and see another post. I appreciated your sharing of emotional expression ( a few little tears) and totally understand . How do we seem to shed our tears unnoticed and to ourselves so that we can present a positive supportive front - to whatever "audience". I was watching a David Suzuki show of Nature of Things on Senses and they had one episode about ocular inplants at an early age because most of acquired skills in comprehension and speech occur by three or four or five. It was most interesting but did point out your concern about this being the critical time in her life to investigate and take action. Here I sit with deteriorating vision and hearing deficits and realize how lost I am becoming, or will become if things get worse. I enjoyed some sewing for about 90 minutes last evening but at that point my eyes could not take any more (granted end of day is not ideal time for focused work but you take what you can) Today promises to be variable with weather conditions - possibly raining so maybe will get more "in house" time. Just checked the lottery numbers for my ever hopeful self - no such luck this time around. So everyone have a great Sunday and take care.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

End of the day--and what a day!!

Pati here
Went to Gillian's dance recital. For her age she is very good. And, of course, high as a kite with all that was going on. She is good enough to be in some of the speciality groups, and usually the smallest person there. These things are neat to watch because you can see the expressions on all of the faces, and tell which ones are there because they love it, and which ones are there because Mom says so.

Heard today that there were some problems with Samantha's hearing screening. Amber is concerned, but referrals have been made and more in-depth assessments scheduled--in about 2 weeks. She's almost 18 months but isn't talking yet. I guess we're finding out why. Jessica was slow too, as was Amber herself. Thank Goodness, little Samantha is as sharp as a tack, so there is hope that any problems can be resolved, in some way.

So, in the dark, during the dance recital I had a little cry. I don't think anyone noticed. And now I can be as strong as I have to be, in future.

computer frustrations

Pati here
I had my own frustrations yesterday. I was trying to place in internet order with Interweave Press. I filled in the blanks, gave them my credit card number, hit "submit order now", and up popped a box asking for my password. So I bravely typed inthe generic password I usually set up for this sort of thing. No dice. Well, there's a little button that says" click here if you have lost your password". I did. It turns out that this informs them of a lost password, and they then e-mail you to confirm that the password is lost. When you confirm, they e-mail you back with a new password, which you can then use to place your order. I found a button that says "contact us". I did and went through a whole rigamrole until I got a dialogue box, where I ranted for a bit. While all these e-mails were going back and forth ( it took 45 minutes), I travelled around the site a bit and found a place to"change password', so I did and placed the order with my new password--the generic one I mentioned for this sort of thing. Finally they got back to me and told me that they had re-set the password and that my new password is PeriwinkleLilacs--case sensitive. Now, I ask you, am I a PeriwinkleLilac type of person--case sensitive or not?

We got away on our bikes for breakfast this morning, a nice treat. Amber is picking David up at 12:00 to go to the annual picnic for her work. She wants help with the little ones, as it can be chaos, evidently. I may go to a Stitch'n'Bitch session this afternoon. I've been to a couple of these and enjoy them. Then this evening Gillian has her annual dance recital. David drives me to these, as parking around the concert hall is a horror, and I don't want to be walking around that area late on a Saturday night.

Our garden appears undamaged. My Hellebore is frost resistant in any case. We picked rhubarb yesterday and enjoyed a small pie for supper, but still managed to put almost 40 cups of chopped rhubarb away in the freezer. We should get another picking off it before July 1st. Earlier this spring I turned the rhubarb still left in the freezer into Rhubarb and pinapple jam. I really love that stuff and it brings back so many memories. My comfort food has always been toast with red jelly (or jam).

Cathy, David says to cook your roast like any other. About 2 1/2 to 3 hours at 350 degrees. I've been enjoying roast potatoes lately but I dress them up a bit before they go in the oven. I use soya sauce for colour and dry herb and garlic dip mix, as a type of Shake'n'Bake. However, today will be fast fry boneless pork chops( $1.00 each at Sobey's) and oven french fries. I just hate to spend the time cooking that I could. I would rather be in the studio, as I'm way behind in my stock for sales.

Computer frustrations

After all that, the reset email they sent me made no sense, so I went back one more time and got in right away. I wonder if it is my computer! Anyway, having -5 last night was a bit more than a frost. We had turned the sprinkler on the garden in hopes of saving some of it, but this morning the tomato cages were solid ice. We will go to town early this morning and try to get some replacement bedding plants (us and the rest of the area) Had a nice quiet evening last night. I curled up in front of the TV and read a book. I got 2 loads of laundry done, but that you can ignore and let happen on its own. Today we will clean the office, buy plants (Yippie!) and clean house. I will NOT be putting the bedding plants in until next week (maybe). I friend is coming over to take the hidden hitch off of our car. Our lease is up, and contrary to what we were originally told, we will not get credit for the hitch, so it is going to a better home. We may be down to the Beast (van) by the end of the month. We lucked into a 10 lb. sirloin tip roast this week. I don't think I have ever cooked anything that big. Any suggestions on how to make it perfect. Jim seems to think I know how and has invited the neighbours over for a thank-you dinner when we cook it. This could be interesting. My tea is ready and my "man-servant" is bringing it to me. Isn't he sweet. Hope you have a good weekend. Love Cathy

Saturday update

Ahhh another weekend which means last evening was my Friday night TV fest with popcorn in hand to enjoy another couch event but the best part was that the temperature / weather was warm enough NOT to have to cover up. Spectacle is the highlight at 10 pm and I must admit to getting a bit laggy by this time at night.
Spent most of the day Friday at Mothers again - this I find draining however keep a stiff upper lip, my mouth shut and carry on.
Hopefully today will be an "at home" day for me - lots of laundry to catch up on and heavens knows other housework which is usually ignorned most of the time due to lack of ability / time to do. I would love to have some time to sit at my sewing machine but maybe that will have to be a treat for 7 pm when I listen to Randy Bachman on CBC.
Hey Cath - just listening to radio and they are playing a song by Alana Levindowski from rural Manitoba - would this be a Levindowski from the Neepawa area? I have heard you mention this last name frequently.
So I am experiencing increased pain and immobility with my arthritis in hands over last few months - can't imagine this flaring up now when I thought I could be spending more time for myself such as violin and sewing. I find it hard just to tie my shoe laces without fingers locking and constant pain- very debilitating feeling. On the psotive side though, I love to do the dishes because the hot water soothes the hands somewhat. Like Cathy, this should not be happening when I only just turned 29!
Speaking of work, I better get at it and take advantage of Saturday morning when I am alone for a few hours while the garage sale circuitor makes his rounds. Take care

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Pati here.
When you sign in, Beth,there is a little box that says "remember me". Make sure you check it whenever you are asked to sign in. It should last about a month, before you are asked again. When I had my mammogram last month, I teased the technician about having one of the worst jobs. She mentioned that she would rather do mammograms than scrotal ultrsounds, and that barium enemas are the worst possible job they ever have to do. Count your blessings! And you can always talk to your union rep about a reclassification. It won't do any good, but if he can't help he deserves to bear the brunt of your frustration!
I bit the bullet this week and put some of the very expensive needlework supplies I had bought years ago into the sale at the Embroiderers' Guild. Two of them sold out of three!! I took a big loss but I would never have actually used them. On June 13 I plan to do the same at the Quilters' Guild garage sale. Wish me luck!
Today was meat day. We had about 87 boxes delivered. Unfortunately for me, Gary ordered stuff on his own that was included in this order. Now I have to figure out exactly how much we own them. Last time we ended up about 80 dollars short that we had to make up. This time if we don't come out okay, I am going to get Jean and Gary figure it out. If they are going to order stuff and not tell us. how am I supposed to make it work out. If I am short this time... it is their fault. How is that for bitchiness. Jim saw his cardiologist today. His blood -pressure is out of sight. The cardiologist says that his bl00d pressure medicine was only meant for short term.... his own doctor said to continue on it... makes you scared to trust your doctor! He still has to have a heart ultrasound.... it could take about 6-8 months to be scheduled. Work has been crazy this week. Patty was on holidays, and we have had crazy registrations and crazy requests. we just couldn't keep up. Lisa's last day is July 3 and she is in "I am out of here" mode. Makes a lot of work for me. I am falling behind. Oh well. If the powers that be don't like it.... get me help.. Sorry Pati, (my Winnipeg sister) but the staff in Winnipeg is underworked and overpaid. Winnipeg is so important... the centre of the world. Sorry I am frustrated by the focus of winnipeg..... they have no idea of what rural offices do... if I worked inWinnipeg I would be an ADR (based on the work I do and my responsibility) Here I am a Clerk 3. It is so frustrating.... perimeter vision (once again, sorryPati... you did say we could vent on this sight...... I have 5 plans waiting for registration.... in Winnipeg that is the job of surveys... guess what their classification is?&*^^!# Do you get the idea I am frustrated. On another note.... I don't know if either of you remember Debbie, Pat and Marilyn ( my best friends from high school) Well, I am in touch with all of them..... Pat's son was on facebook, and I asked him to tell his parents I wanted to be in touch with them.... Marilyn was on facebook herself... and I call Debbie every year on her birthday... what is it about the friends from your youth that make them last forever?
Sorry about the frustration but.......... what are sisters for?

Logging on

No problem for me (I too received an email about having to log on) but I only had to input my username and password again and all was OK. I expect that Google does this periodically?
I have been busy last few days - mostly with hauling plants inside at night and then outside in morning, or covering up at night and then hanging the dirty sheets all over the yard in the morning. It used to bother me to have people think this was my laundry but not any more. Now some of the tomatoes are actually planted into the garden so have to cover each individually. Lets hope that after the full moon on June 7 that we will be OK without frost for a month or two?
Received notification from Service Canada today that my application for CPP has been accepted and I should start to receive my pitence. I feel as if I should celebrate or something. Haven't I earned it after working for the last forty years and would there be any doubt that I would be accepted?
I made a batch of rhubarb/pineapple jam this morning and you wouldn't believe how excited I was - it reminds me of home and I had been determined that I would make some this year (it has been years and years since I had some) So now I guess I have toast and jam every morning and get bigger and broader!
Had violin class yesterday and since I was the only student to show up, I had a marvelous one on one lesson. It was most beneficial as she took the time to check my violin and how I was holding it and how I was bowing it and made several suggestions for my improvement . Now I have some very good ideas to put into practice and anxious to try it out. I have been using a shoulder rest and she suggests I do not use it but instead make a soft pad to go over the chin rest. But alas, today did not have time to pull it out, and tomorrow we go to Mothers. Well, must go Take care
Well, it seems that last post was a"show stopper". Not meant to be, just a reflection on my own life experiences. I apologize if anyone was offended.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Early wakening

This can also be a symptom of depression, or the use of alcohol as a sleep aid. I got a message from Blogger telling me that someone, previously approved, had tried to get in with a wrong password. Glad you sorted it out. On one of my groups, I can't get in by going to the home page through the internet. It refuses to recognize me. But I can get in by following the links from the messages I get. Go figure!

i hate computers

I tried to log in to this site and the ?#@^% computer told me my password wasn't valid. I did the password reset thing and it took the same password right away and when I went to login, I was already in.. I hate computers. I was in touch with 3 friends from school this week. Pat, Marilyn and Debbie. It was nice to be in touch, but sort of weird to realize how long it has been. Riverview School had it's 100th birthday last week.. Debbie tells me there was a woman there who was 99 years old: the oldest alumni present. It was in the middle of the week, so there was no way I could go. I sometimes think the world is passing me by. So much happens and I am here in town.... working my little heart out. I have 3 men and 3 dogs outside beside a fire right now. I wonder if that is significant. I am concentrating on going to bed at a decent hour. ( 9pm doesn't cut it.) I just don't seem to sleep well anymore. I can fall asleep fast, but I wake up and that is it. ( yes, I know that that is a sign of age, but I am only 29!!) Oh well, life goes on
Love Ya

Tuesday already!

from Pati
Well, the studio didn't get as tidy as I would have liked, and the rug didn't get vacuumed. Only two ladies showed up, so we spent a quiet evening chatting. Both Roseanne and I worked on small crafty things, and Linda sorted buttons for Roseanne. Watching her brought back memories from several areas of my life. Sorting buttons appears to be a global stress reducer. Anyone, faced with a button box, starts to sift and sort.

Lately I've been craving Nanaimo bars. Given how much weight I've gained this winter, this isn't a good thing. I looked up a recipe ( Jean Pare, of course), and made up a shopping list. If I bought it all, I could make two or three batches--just what I need. So, even at bakery prices, my hips would be better off I f I bought one pan, and ignored the tempation of two or three batches. So that's the plan, unless I can stay at home and behave myself. I found a new Shake'n'Bake--Parmesan Herb. If you brush oil on your meat before coating it, it forms a very tasty crust--again just what my hips need.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Oh Oh! I have bad feeling!

Water coming out of the tap this morning was brown. It didn't last long, but I have a very bad feeling about this. A couple of weeks ago we had the same problem in one of the toilets. The city has been working on some sort of water main problem about 1/2 block away, and I sure hope the problem is related and will clear up. Life throws you some curve balls, doesn't it? We have just finished consolidating and paying off all of the credit cards. If the problem is on our property, we have to pay to have it fixed. And we pay city workers at union rate. I've heard that sewer/water problems often cost between $5000 and $10,000. Not a good day, but I seem to remember my horoscope saying something about problems like this.