Thursday, March 31, 2016

An adventure or Challenge or general exercise in frustration

We've barely started and I'm starting to realize how much energy this is going to require--both physical and mental.  We still can't define what we want in any detail, nor can we agree about what we want in any detail.  Tomorrow we're going to the Home and Garden show at the convention center.  Friday afternoon is 1/2 price admission for seniors-ka-ch-ing $10 saved. We are also taking a newspaper coupon for a draw for supply and installation of a counter top--value up to $5000.  Five thousand dollars just for a counter top?!?  Boy are we in over our heads!

We have agreed on a couple of things.  The exhaust fan we have is very, very noisy and doesn't do a decent job.  The smoke detectors go off whenever we fry or broil meat.  So a range hood with a decent exhaust fan.  That will eliminate the two cupboards over the stove and the fluorescent light fixture that has the short and keeps blinking on and off all the time. So the range hood will have to have a light. We like the small cupboard between the stove and dishwasher, but it's a bugger to clean.  So keep the cupboard but without the dividers in it that leave spaces too narrow to get a hand in.  That's as far as we've got, but we're now discussing the shelves over the fridge where I hang my hand-thrown mug collection.  We also plan to explore replacing the upper cupboard to the right of the sink with some sort of corner cupboard or similar arrangement. We believe that we'll be forced to add at least one more circuit to the kitchen and put the fridge on one by itself.  Both a light in the range hood and replacing the back splash dictate the involvement of an electrician,in any case.

This means fewer cupboards, but I presently have 20 cup-board doors in the kitchen, and a lot of things stored that I never use.  I only have 5 drawers, and don't really use two of them.

And we're only just getting started.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Here's a plan....

What do you say Cathy that you and I live our dreams of a new kitchen through Pati and her plans. We can enjoy her musings about design, and colour and chip in when we feel the urge, but all the time thinking it will be ours. What do you think of this plan Cathy, and what about you Pati?   hehehehehe

Sitting at my desk.....

and avoiding work.  I'm at one of those points that I can't do anything until someone else finishes what they are doing.  And since I am the only one here right now I guess I wait.  I didn't sleep well last night, and I was so tired this morning I found myself singing "Onward Christian Soldiers"!  And then I caught myself thinking to the same tune.  It is a really weird feeling to realize that you are singing "It's almost 7:20.  Time to get ready for work"  Rain and snow in the forecast for the next few days.  Fortunately not much of either.  Just enough to make it miserable. I wish I could replace my entire kitchen, but that is not going to happen.  I watch those renovation shows on TV and I yell at them..... " The stuff you are calling crap is better than anything in my house!  I'll take the rejects"  :)  Shirley just pulled up so I guess I have to pretend to work for a while.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dreams vs Action

David and I have come to realize that our kitchen cupboards are at the end of their lifespan.  I fully believe that they are original to the house--built in 1959.  We knew that they would be a detriment, whenever we sell the house ( we have agreed that when one of us goes, the house goes).  But we now find that they are causing problems for us right now.  We've talked about what we might like, but recognized that we needed a reality check.  We've decided to actively explore our options, being prepared to spend some time in the process.  We accept that it's not only the cupboards that will have to be replaced, but also the counter top, and back splash.

While we doing our fact finding, we need to sort out our finances, and this means a bit of an austerity program, starting now.  We went shopping today, and OMG this is going to be hard.  A pleasant facet of this was that we had to buy very little food for me, and only meat and canned goods for David.  Not keeping any snacks of any sort in the house pays off, in some ways.  So the next step is to try to make it through the month.

Finally - some sun.

Last few days have been rainy and snowy and windy and cold.  I was pumping water during the night and then all day yesterday, going to bed last night with it blowing hard and hoping the hydro wouldn't go out. By morning it had cleared and a sunny day lay ahead - a bit cold but nevertheless, no pumping required haha. Harry had a Drs appointment this morning in Burk's falls, so we went to Huntsville after.  I splurged on myself - always a fun thing to do. At the Salvation Army Thrift Store, I found an almost new, six cup Corningware percolator type stove top coffee pot for $2.00.  I know, this excites me greatly - what can I say. I have it completely clean and ready to go for the morning. I ground some special coffee beans I had in the fridge, and hope that when I try it out, it will be perfect!  And to make it even better, I can also use it as a tea pot if I wish. 
So I finished the Gamache book really quick, and started on an Elizabeth George book until I can get to the Library and get the next in the Gamache series.  I needed something to read while waiting for Harry ( almost two hours in the car).
So off to bed and read now. I am realizing that my blogs continue to be about weather, and books. Anyone notice?? Take care

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sort of sad

Today we sorted out the trunks in the basement.  This means that most of my old work is gone, either to charity, or garbage.  I've known the day was coming for a couple of years, and since I had another reason to start sorting through the stuff, it turned out today was the day.  I don't know if there is a word to describe a feeling of mixed sadness and relief, but I know how it feels.

I've slowly been giving away some of my fabric and supplies, but that usually occurred when I found the right person. This was a wholesale clean-out.  A couple of pieces need a bit of mending before they go, and almost everything needed washing.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Glad to hear it's sorted out.

Computer problems are so frustrating.

I'm now reading the latest Rebus novel by Ian Rankin.  I've come to enjoy them, and was pleased to see it on the "New Releases" shelf at the library.  I've also been reading the Sue Grafton "Kinsie" series.  Loren gave me the first three in one volume quite awhile ago, but I've only just read it, after picking up and reading one of the much later ones recently.

Like a dirty rag.... I am again!
This is what my daily inspirational saying told me: You can give up if something goes wrong, or you can let misfortune transform you into something better.   I don't think I'm any better, but I certainly have had my share of misfortune this last little while.   I actually think it's the rye on the rocks that I'm sipping away at that is transforming me haha. 
Best Buy reversed our computer to Win 7 and it all looks the same as when we left it. I signed on for the Geek Squad again - monthly payments this time but included is the anti virus protection of Defender. They deleted my current anti virus called Kaspersky ( only 3 months left anyway) and serviced the hard drive and cleaned up the computer ie checked for viruses etc. 
When we got home and I connected the cords ( by the way, I had drawn a picture of the back of the hard drive with all the cords labelled before I had disconnected it. This was a great help in reconnecting it) the internet and thus email was not working. I phoned the server Ontera help desk - they are only working now Mon to Friday. So no help there.  In my desperate attempt to rectify, I went into Control Panel and decided I would get it done on my own - come hell or high water. Voila! She is successful!. We both can now get onto the Internet, and email.  I don't know how - somehow through Broadbend Connection, but it's working. On Monday I'll call the Ontera help desk and check things out.
So that's my day....How are things there? I have a ticket for the Ontario 49 draw tonight - highest one can win is $2 million- but I'll take it and run haha!   To bed now and read Gamache. Hopeful that tomorrow will bring sunshine and a better day. Take care

Not the day we planned

Yesterday I had a bit of hand sewing to do, so sat down and watched the end of "Let's Make a Deal" with David.  Not quite finished the sewing, we looked around for something to watch when it ended, and stumbled upon "Mystery Diners".  This is a half hour show where owners of restaurants that are having problems, get a guy to provide surveillance of the restaurant, when the owner is not there, to see if the cause of the problem can be identified.  Well--we got caught up in this and watched a 5 hour marathon.  We were so involved that we forgot that we were doing laundry and now have to finish it today. Altogether a very sedentary day, but I did get a fair bit of the sewing done.

Sorry to hear about your problems with the computer, Beth.  David has had problems with Windows 10, but we can trace it back to him downloading what turned out to be an American version.  He, too, had to take his computer into the Geek Squad.  This was a couple of months ago, but it now looks like it's going to have to go in again, as he can't get away from Bing as his internet default.

On the other hand, I had the Canadian version installed here, and haven't looked back. There was a very short learning curve and I love it.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Be patient

Well, there is trouble in paradise again....with the computer that is, haha  For some reason, and there is no plausible explanation, the computer suddenly downloaded Windows 10 (from our usual Windows 7) Now, of course, everything was different and we couldn't get on email or internet. I had to solve the problem. I phoned the Geek Squad - they could do nothing short of saying "someone" had to have pressed the button to activate Windows 10. OK then, lets try to rectify the situation.  I have to take the computer into the Best Buy store and they can restore it to Windows 7 without losing any of our data. OK then I say, again, so it's Good Friday. Nothing open. So I called the Server (Ontera) support services.  I got some one who was less than happy to be working today I think - he was a little short with me. But, he did get us connected to internet and email on the Windows 10 setup. 
So I am writing this note to say that we are going to North Bay in the morning with the hard drive in my arms and desperately hoping they, at Best Buy, can do magic.  
If you never hear from me again, you will know why!  .....or, I shall write, back onto the usual screen, that all is well again. Any bets?

On a happier note, sending Best Wishes to our Birthday Boy today - Happy Birthday to Jeremy. Hope you have a great day.


Still here and alive - apparently survived the worst of the storm. We maintained our hydro so far. This morning I am out trying to shovel away huge chunks of ice snow. We got snow and then freezing something(?) that left a thick (about 3 inches)  heavy sheet all over the ground, and car etc. Yesterday I thought enough ahead to cover the big greenhouse with the tarp again and secured it around with cord and a few boards on top. This was to protect the roof as much as possible if lots of snow actually did come.  So far I have the driveway and car done (snowplow came early ) I am about to do the sidewalk and greenhouses. Harry wants to go into the greenhouses to check for watering and do a bit of planting - this means I need to shovel and open them up. Taking the wood and tarp off again may be a problem right now but I'll take my time. Actually I would rather be reading -the Library called yesterday that my next Gamache book was in ( The Murder Stone) - I'm reading them again in order - so I'd love to get at it. But I'll leave that for my before bed reading time. 
Long weekend to celebrate Easter. Thinking of you all. Best wishes for a Happy Easter. Take care

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Calm before the storm...

Huge storm on it's way to start today and into tonight bringing up to 30 cm with wind. This could mean more hydro outages and that could mean having to set up the propane heaters in the greenhouses and that could mean a very interesting time to be anticipated. In this case I am not enjoying the anticipation haha.
Yesterday I had my first of two appointments with the dentist - root canal treatment done. My mouth is extremely sore this morning as he said it would be. When things are allowed to settle down, I go back April 5 to assess and if all is well. get a permanent filling put in place instead of the temporary one I have now. Lets hope things settle down.
So happy to hear about your High Tea adventure with Loren yesterday. I was thinking about you and wondering how you might enjoy it. Always interesting to try something different, and apparently you were with the perfect guide. Loren really has embraced the culinary side of life and seems to like this. How was his trip to New Orleans?
Well, the morning starts and hopefully this storm turns out not to be as bad as predicted.
Take care

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Lovely Day

First of all, I slept well last night and felt good today.  Bonus!

Then I finished the machine quilting and construction of the last small purse I plan to make for the upcoming sale.  I may make more of them in future, in fact, have several cut out ready to go.  But the best design for completing those few escapes me at the moment.  So--take a break.

Then my son took me out for "High Tea".  A lovely interval in life.  The food was very nice, and well presented, and the company wonderful.  The restaurant had an attached bakery, where the most intricate type of dainty is produced, and on our way out, we checked the bakery counter.  I was appalled by the prices, and when I thought about it, realized that we had paid almost the same price for them.  (Not that I was supposed to know, it was his treat)  It made me think about the mystique that surrounds "High Tea".  I think that, unless the surroundings are very, very special, it's an event that is somewhat over rated.  We had very special food, and the drinks were served with a slightly different flair, but the surroundings were not that special, and anyone could have come in off the street, and had the same thing, any time the place was open.
Would I do it again?  Yes, I think so.  In fact, my thought on leaving was that I would love to enjoy this with my sisters.

This evening David and I played Joke-R-Rummy and he won. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


I have now eaten eggplant.  "Nuff said!

Monday, March 21, 2016

For what it's worth...'s my experience with blenders. We latched onto a blender at a garage sale and found it worked very very well.  The blade slips in and out for easy cleaning. It is called Ninja. I have seen them at Walmart and Canadian Tire. We like it so much we bought one for Mike and Erin who make lots of smoothies. It crushes frozen fruit and ice quickly. It might be worth a look?


We bought a small blender at Canadian Tire, because it was the only one with an extra smaller jar for smoothies and such.  We should have bought a better one, somewhere else.  It generally works, but the instructions tell you not to try to crush ice cubes, so I try to find the little pieces of ice out of the bag.  There's no question that I'm spending more on fresh food,  since I'm buying smaller amounts more often, but I'm not buying junk, so I figure it evens out in the long run.  David just sees the total at the bottom of the cash register tape.  I really think that when we sort it out at the end of the month, we'll have spent less in total.  But then, that's not counting related purchases like small blenders.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

I Hate Colds

I just blew my nose 12 times in a row (too much information Cathy) and I am still plugged.  Speaking of smoothies, I won a "bullet" a few months ago but have yet to use it.  Everyone says it is perfect for smoothies.   First day of spring and Jim was out on "Poop Patrol"  It is amasing how much they can accumulate in the winter.  Not that it was much of a winter.  I wore my parka three times all winter.  The rest of the time it was my fall hoodie.  What a winter.  I wonder what is ahead.  hopefully no more colds.

Bravo, Pati

What a great start to your adventure with a change in approach from living to eat, to eating to live. I like the sounds of your morning smoothie - I have frozen strawberries in the freezer and willing to give it a try, too. Now having said that, and with little giggle at how I am so influenced by emotions to eat, I just put a pizza (homemade) in the oven.  I guess greenhouse work is too much for me haha!  Take care

Not much spring here

but none-the-less, I'm celebrating with a lovely (?) strawberry smoothie for breakfast, the creation of which has been a challenge.  My small blender jar was not really up to the challenge of both frozen strawberries and yogurt, and refused to blend.  We added water, and it still expressed annoyance.  Then it refused to release from the blender blades until I sought help.  David had to take the bag of ice to the basement to pound into small pieces while I tried to unscrew the lid of the jar.  I dropped it, of course, and spread strawberries and yogurt all over the floor.  By doubling the amount of water, we finally got the thing blended, but I'm still having to eat it with a spoon.

But yesterday,  I worked the full day in the studio, with appropriate breaks for meals, and a "coffee" break--generous breaks.  I finally quit about 8:45, so I could watch "Dead Files" at 9:00.  I was still feeling energetic, and would have worked longer, but forced myself to quit for the night.  I can't remember the last time I had so much energy and enthusiasm.  Certainly speaks for the diet--which promised more energy.  The weight is coming off, as well, eight pounds in three weeks.  I don't expect that to continue, at least not at that rate, but it's encouraging.  I'm spending a little more time in the kitchen, but the book warned about that.

Friday, the doctor gave me a cortisone shot in my left hip, and the pain was alleviated within hours.  He expressed that he thought it was a large bursa and not joint deterioration, and it looks like he might have been right.  Now I'm wondering if that pain relief isn't contributing to my energy and mood  improvement.

We may have to go out to buy zippers today, but otherwise, have nothing planned until Wednesday, when Loren and I are going out for "High Tea" at La Cuisson Cafe.  You may remember seeing the magazine article ( cut out-no magazine), when you were here at Christmas. He gave me a gift card, for Christmas, and we're finally finding time, as he's on holiday for the next couple of weeks.  He's in New Orleans right now, attending the finally face-to-face class  for an internet magic course he's been taking over the past few months.

Now, off to sew.

Happy Spring...Happy Day

Greetings on this first day of Spring. I liked the Google cartoon this morning - cute.
Nice and sunny but still chilly. Minus 16 at night. The greenhouses have survived a few cold nights. Today we go at it again in earnest - more transplanting and carrying from one to the other. It is almost at capacity already - can't you just wait until they start to grow bigger and then where do I put them?   Ah......."tis Spring indeed!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Take care

Friday, March 18, 2016


I got hit with another brutal cold this week so I have been reading but not contributing.  I stayed home Wednesday, but darn that Daddy and his work ethic anyway, I knew we would be short staffed all week so I went in the other days.  Now Jim is at meat draw and I am just about ready for bed (okay, I know it is only 5pm)  I will stay awake as long as I can so I can sleep in.  My alarm woke me everyday this week.  Usually I am up about 20 minutes before it is set to go off.  Today I was busy all day but I feel like I got nothing done.  Now I am trying to decide if I have the energy for a bath, but I don't think so.  Time for my jammies and curl up with a book.  ham and turkey at meat draw tonight. I hope Jim finally wins something.  I left him money to buy me six tickets so maybe we have a chance.

WFP web site

Here's a quickie:
This morning on the Free Press web site Gordon Sinclair Jr's column is headed Candy Crush. Now I am curious - did you read his entry and does it support your desires to play candy crush -or was it about something altogether different? haha 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A-a-h-h-h, snow

We knew it would be back.  Above temps called for tomorrow, so we should enjoy it while we can.

I've been toiling away in the studio, trying to finish the reliquary so that I can start on the replacement purses for the sale in April, but I think I'm going to have to put it aside for a bit.  I hate to loose momentum, but it has no deadline and the other does.

Today I have a morning meeting, and then we need to buy groceries.  The weird diet is going well, but the weight is slow to move.  I know that exercise is a big part of the program, so I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow ( 6:30 am- OMG) to work out a plan for that.

Happy St Patrick's day to you all

I always look forward to today - just to quietly celebrate with my self. I skim through some favourite Irish books,and  cookbooks, and listen to my music. I plan to make a nice supper on the Irish theme as well.... So here's to the Day - may you all enjoy in your own way. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ides of March

Today was the Ides of March - so how did your day go for you?
For some reason I always remember today as being the Ides - no idea why. But the day shaped up to it's reputation for my activities today. I can only laugh at it all and move onto tomorrow! haha
Lots of water and melting but unfortunately, colder weather is in the very near future. I'd rather Spring came quickly. I couldn't bear more snow and winter. Bed early tonight for me . How was your entertaining today, Pati?  Take care

Monday, March 14, 2016


My stitchery group is coming here tomorrow,  that means that the whole kitchen has to be scrubbed, then the bathroom, then make sure there are clean towels to put out.  The living room needs to be tidied and dusted, and then the vacuum comes out for the whole house ( whether or not it needs it lol)  I need to bring the fancy tea cups up from the basement, and wash them.  Then I have to talk David into helping me get out the old coffee maker--the one I got for Christmas in 1980, when we visited you, Beth.  I think about that trip every time I use the coffee maker.  Since I still have the original package of filters, maybe not as often as I think I do.

Then we have to go out an buy both coffee and cookies.  So far--at 12:30 pm., I have the kitchen ready for the floor to be washed and the living room dusted. I did wash out some kitchen drawers and under the sink on Friday.

This group used to visit every month, back when I was working.  I planned it that way so that I would be forced to give the house a good cleaning.

Surprise Pati, It's your Birthday

Happy Birthday To you, Happy Birthday To you!
(sing along with me if you want.........)

I echo Cathy's greeting. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Celebrate and enjoy. And let us know what you have planned. 

Take care

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Cribbage and curling

We saw most of the curling this week but we were in Roblin for cribbage yesterday.  And no, we won't be moving on.  There is something about getting 72, 90, 92, 94 that destroys any chance we might have had.  It was a lot of fun.... great people.  We didn't win any door prises either but they had a silent auction and Jim was highest bidder on a cordless drill.  He was bidding on a larger one but the price got too high.  I also put a bunch of rainbow auction tickets in one for him but no luck at anything.  We had a chance to be in teams as a spare team, but Don was really sick and didn't think he could make it another day.  He even agreed to go to the doctor this week so you know he is sick.  And today Jim has a body ache and upset tummy (he's drinking 7-up!!) I decided that I would do nothing today so I am watching the bronse final between Manitoba and Northern Ontario.  And tomorrow is another special day for our family  Happy Birthday Pati!

Exciting weekend anyone?

The only way I can follow the Curling at the Brier results is to log onto The Free press and read the headlines.  Actually went on the CBC web site yesterday to see if I could find anything. Sorry to see Manitoba did not make it to finals, but surprised to see Northern Ontario did not as well Are you watching the TV broadcasts  Cathy? - I know Jim watches.  Sounds as if you are finding some treasures as well Pati in searching for Quilt Shops and beads. Always love to read your news.
Much the same here though - greenhouses work and garbage dump trips. Yesterday it was two car loads - lots of wool which I spent time sorting through. Mike's friend Barb does charity knitting so I hope to give her some to use.More than I could ever use, and besides I have two or three bins full already on hand.
I took the Income taxes papers into the Accountant on Friday - very anxious this year to see what will be owed.Then I can plan for it and have until end of April to pay.
Time to make my coffee and check my lottery tickets. The clocks were turned ahead last night and I'm a little slow this morning. Take care 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Did they like my work, you ask?

I didn't show them the reliquary, but during conversation I mentioned that I was participating in a show, and planned to take along some"junk".  They were curious, and we talked a bit about re-purposing and using scraps.  They asked to see what I was selling, and I showed them.  They bought 3/4 of the stuff, and now I have to make more for the sale.  ( I didn't have that much, about 12 purses)  They also admired my quilting, and it looks like I'm going to get a class out of that.  Gives me food for thought.  I've often said that I consider myself more of a technician than an artist, and it's my technical skill that is paying off right now.

Re: needles  Quilting needles have quite sharp points, which is much better for working with cottons. Multi-purpose needles, or all purpose needles are just that, and they work on everything because they have a very slightly rounded tip that is needed for anything with a polyester content. But you still have to have the right size for the job you're doing, and this is determined by the size of thread you're using.  I imagine most of your work is done with a 50wt thread.  While they recommend a #90 needle for that, I've found that this can leave holes in the fabric where the needle goes through.  I've had success using a #80 needle for 50wt thread, with less chance of those holes.  But having said that, I use titanium coated needles, which are much stronger.  They don't break, they bend--same disaster, but less chance of shrapnel.  I also use a topstitch needle which is less likely to cause the thread to fray when sewing at speed, and is more versatile in term of the different threads I might be using.  I could send you a package if you're interested in trying them  (Maybe through the mail, rather than on the bus)

I had a great breakfast this morning.  I stir fried a chopped apple in a teaspoon of oil ( coconut oil, but that probably isn't necessary)  I beat a large egg and soaked a slice of multi-grain bread in it, and then fried that in the same pan, after setting the apple aside.  When it was brown on both sides I topped it with the apple and 1 tablespoon of chopped pistachios.  Very nice!  Overall, I think I'm starting to see a increase in energy, I'm sleeping better, and walking better.  Not sure what's causing the improvement in walking, but I'm not complaining!

Today we're off shopping.  I went through my entire bead cupboard and didn't find any long black bugle beads, so will be trying to find some of those for the reliquary.  I need more "greens" for my diet,  and then I need a couple of very cheap plastic table clothes from the dollar store to protect the floor while I do some mono-printing this afternoon, so I can start making more "junk", once the reliquary is finished.

Here we are at Friday again

And another week of March. Perhaps Spring is also anxious to get here and so time is flying.  You can tell when it approaches - tomorrow is the Annual Maple Tree Tapping Ceremony - the start of the Maple syrup season.  Every year one of the local Maple Syrup businesses hosts the event - lots of people and fanfare attached with it. Of course it is a time to draw in the customers as well.  It is March Break here next week and so they have horse rides and syrup on snow taffy for the kids every day etc. We always go to Harry's old friends Dave, Matthews Maple Syrup and tour, and buy some syrup.
The other day I went to North Bay and actually went into the sewing store called The Sewing Machine. This is the Husquvarna store and I had wanted to see inside for a long time. I was putting in time until I could go over to Mike's as planned- he was coming off nights and wanted to sleep until about 2 pm. So I actually had some time to myself. I was pleased with the store - had a long talk with the owner and she advised me about so many little things - especially needles. I bought two packs of "quilting" needles which she said I should be using for my sewing, and some new bobbins. She also gave me a brochure for classes they have - of course! But I can get my machine serviced there which was really what I wanted to ask about.
I also went to WalMart and got my pictures developed from the Anniversary. When I gt home I put them together into the little album I had waiting for just this purpose.  labels and accessories all planned. And then so pleased with the album, I got all emotional - food, food, food! I know that you are not supposed to feed your emotions but there you are - raisin cookies were baked. A whole tin full. Yummy!
So here's to the weekend ladies! Hope you are all OK. I am loving reading about your gorgeous Relinquary, Pati. Cathy, isn't it wonderful to see the process? Thanks Pati for the step by step. Did your Ladies like your work last night?  
Take care

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Another adventure

Yesterday, My friend Susanne and I drove out to Steinbach to see our friend Shirley, about whom I've spoken before.  Shirley moved from an independent living center close to Concordia Hospital, to a similar one in Steinbach, to be closer to her family.  The road was good and the weather tolerable, so we got there about 11:00.  After visiting for a few half an hour. Shirley took us to the dining room for lunch.  Then we went to the local Arts Council building, where we viewed a small art show.  I knew a friend had been involved in the show, but not much about it otherwise.  It was a small group that meets once a week at the centre, and paints, or otherwise.  An obviously wide range of skill levels, but, according to the brochure a friendly, non-competitive group.

After visiting the show, Shirley took us to a local bakery, that advertises following a "British" baking model.  Sure enough, Eccles cakes, Steak and Kidney pie, sausage rolls etc.  Not only were they available in the showcase, but also frozen in family size packages.  A few succulent-looking dessert-type goodies, but also a small display of the most intriguing looking cakes.  Turns out that they offer a specialty cake service--for a price.

Not the best place for someone on a diet! Yes, I'm still persevering with the diet.  Eating some very weird things, but they're all supposed to be very healthy.  Cooked spinach for breakfast leaves me cold, and I just can't get used to mixing raw rye flakes and rolled oats, even if they are mixed with yogurt.  The texture just makes me feel uncomfortable.  But David and I have worked out a system for meal preparation that works.  He's slowly working his way through all of the prepared food in the freezer. Sometimes he runs across something outdated, and that'snot a bad thing.  The freezer probably needed a bit of a "sort out".  I've started preparing something in several portions and freezing them for future use.  I balked at opening large cans of beans and such, and facing throwing most of it out--so even canned beans are getting frozen in portions.

This evening my fibre art support group is meeting here.  The basement is ready, and now it's just "hurry up and wait".  But I always enjoy the meetings.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What's coming next?

While we were out, I saw geese flying by, and pointed them out to David.  We were both surprised to see them so early, but there they were on the front page of today's paper.  It seems that others are just as surprised.  Or else it was a very slow news day.

Stupid geese!

And our cactus are a riot of blooms, probably the best blooming we've had in this house.  David wondered if it had anything to do with getting the humidifier put on the furnace.  It's certainly made us "bloom" a little better!


Well, our time frame was much like Pati's.  We got to the office and waited an hour or so.  Then they called him in, but that was just for the nurse to look at him.  Then we sat in another area for 15 minutes or so and the doctor called him in.  About 3 minutes later we were done.  There are 2 surgeries the doctor was prepared to do.  The one we expected was his second choice.  That was to remove some flesh from his eyelids so they don't droop down. The first choice, was his eyebrows.  It seems his eyebrows have fallen down and now sit over his eyes.  The doctor will make a slit in his forehead and raise his eyebrows back to where they belong. IF Manitoba medical covers anything they will only cover one surgery.  The second is about $1800 (we're not sure if that is for both or per eye)  Now we have to wait to see if Medical will cover it.  Jim has substantial loss of  peripheral vision in both eyes.  Other than that it was in and out.  Didn't even stop in Winnipeg.  Had a hamburger in Portage and picked up dog bones in Gladstone and then on to home.  A very exciting day. It has been so warm here we have slush during the day, then the ruts freese at night and in the morning it is all ruts and bumps until it thaws again.  The snow is really going down.  Makes me wonder what is coming next?

Monday, March 7, 2016

An adventure

Yes, today I had my test.  What a strange experience!  The only really uncomfortable part was the ultra sound.  The way she was digging around under and through my left boob you would think she was drilling for oil!  Bruises for sure. There were delays.  The doctor was called away for an emergency.  After waiting a bit, they called in another doctor, and we waited some more, but when the other doctor came, all he really had to do was explain the procedure and the precautions and get me to sign a consent.  Then. after it was done, my blood pressure was very low, and they had to wait until it reached a certain level before they would let me move.  David was sitting outside, and he told me he was getting worried.  We had been told 30 minutes, it was moving toward an hour, and people kept coming and going.  But we both survived. although we both almost had heart attacks when we were faced with $11.25 for less than 2 hours parking!

Cathy, how did Jim make out?  Any idea when he gets his surgery?  I understood that this was a preliminary to the actual surgery, or was I wrong?

Both on the road today....

According to your messages, you are both running the roads today going to different appointments.  I shall be thinking of you all and hoping your day will be smooth going, and with positive results. 
Take care

Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5

What a wonderful day for a Birthday! And Cathy has this honour today - all to herself. Happy Birthday to you, Cathy. 
Thinking of you as you celebrate your day.  I think pizza is a great Birthday meal choice. Hope you enjoy every minute of this special day. XX

Friday, March 4, 2016


Another long week at work, but it is over.  Monday we are off to Winnipeg for Jim's appointment with the eye doctor.  His eyelids droop and his vision loss is significant enough that medical will pay for the corrective surgery.  He looked into it years ago, but it was over $2000 for the surgery at that time so he just dropped it. Now it is paid for.  We worked meat draw again tonight.  As usual we won nothing, but Maureen, on her third win, gave me the pie she won.  My birthday treat.  I have decided on a Beef and Mushroom pissa from ChickenDelight for my birthday supper.  I know it sounds silly, but it is what I want.  And a warm weekend ahead.  Not as warm as 2000,but still pretty good


Thank you for thinking of support.  David has been good, even to the point of looking after his own meals, as mine are at odd hours.  I'm eating so many nuts that I'm starting to think like a squirrel.  And that means flossing after just about every meal, which may not be a bad thing.  I finish phase one today.  That means that a few more foods are added for phase two.  Well, by the time we'd finished shopping we had spent well over $100.  $32.00 just for nuts, and that was at the bulk food store.  The whole premise of the diet is that certain foods, if eaten together can facilitate weight loss, as well as provide excellent nutrition for fairly minimal intake.  As well, adding certain flavourings or seasonings can enhance the pleasure of eating.  And certain foods can help you feel full for longer periods, so you aren't so tempted to binge.  I can't argue against any of that.  I haven't felt hungry, although sometimes the clock tells me it's time to eat.  They deal with this by having 4 meals a day at certain times.

Otherwise nothing seems to be happening.  Lots of snow today, and this made the shopping trip a bit of an ordeal.  Both of us are finding this, and we haven't yet found way of dealing with it satisfactorily.  I have kept myself busy in the studio, always a bit of a refuge for me.  Today I got a call offering me an appointment for a pharmaceutical echo cardiogram.  I knew this was in the wind but had been told there was about a 6 month waiting list.  However they had a cancellation.  So off we go on Monday.  What she described does not sound appealing.

But--tomorrow is Cathy's birthday!  One year closer to retirement!  Yay! Have a great day, Cathy, and make sure you do something that gives you a sense of pleasure--no housework.

Two greenhouses up and running...

The little greenhouse was opened up today and heated and now is home to multi planted pots all happy to be growing nicely in the warmth and sun.  Since it was another really cold night last night we had both the electric heater and the propane heater on in the big greenhouse. This morning when the sun came around, the temps rose significantly and before we knew it, it was over 100 degrees in there.  Some quick action was required which was another reason why the little greenhouse was put into business today. So we carry on...
A received a call from the Library to say the book I ordered had arrived and I was so excited I raced right over.  It is Dr Phil's 20/20 Diet  book and I ordered it in so I could read it, and be better able to appreciate and support Pati with her endeavour. Now I can hardly wait to start it. And the funny thing about it was that it had been sent to Sundridge from the Dryden Library.  
So here's to another week completed - the first week of March. I bought a Lotto Max ticket on speck, hoping to share my $55 M win with you both! Start dreaming.....Take care

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Here we go again..

What a treat to get up in the morning and know exactly what you will be doing for the day....I had to shovel my way out the door just to take the dog out and check on the greenhouse early this morning. It seems we are getting more than our share of snow - not fair! Anyway, I am in the house now, enjoying my first coffee of the day, and venting to you both. Then I guess I'll have to get my act together and prepare for some more exciting outdoor activities haha! Take care.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Today's adventure

David had an early ( to retired people!) doctor's appointment, so we were out an about early and having to deal with rush hour traffic again, after all these years.  The office was on Taylor just south of Grant Park Shopping center, and we allowed lots of time, but then got there early.  We were seen quickly, and were back on the road a few minutes before the actual appointment time!

Next off to Canadian Tire.  This diet I'm trying uses a lot of blended food, smoothies and such, and dealing with the big, heavy container of my blender is a nuisance.   We found a smaller blender, with an extra small jar, that will be much easier to use and clean.  We also picked up a new iron.  I've made a habit of buying cheap irons and replacing them when they start to become troublesome.  Research on the internet showed me that the same problems tend to re-occur no matter how much you pay for them.  However, with the Loonie being where it is, there are no more cheap irons.  I'll have to take better care of this one.

The diet is a pleasant surprise.  Some really strange foods, and strange ways of putting them together, but I feel satisfied and haven't yet felt hungry.  It means that my meals are different from David's, and even come at different times.  He's being helpful by mainly looking after himself, but I was expecting, and was willing,  to cook separate meals for us.

Part of my plan was to keep myself busy in the studio, as a distraction from the food.  One of the goals of the plan is to have a person start to eat to live, rather than the other way around.  My eating has become so restrictive, in some ways, because of medical needs, that I was probably half way there , in any case.  The only thing I seem to be missing is my daily handful ( or 2) of chocolate chips, once in awhile.  So, it's stitch, stitch, stitch.