Friday, July 23, 2010

Bad luck demons

Beth, I think I know why your lights started working this morning,---the bad luck demon who had been travelling on your shoulder for the past few days jumped over onto mine. Out on our bikes my front wheel got caught in a long, skinny hole hidden by water and I went down, onto concrete. We made it to Tim's, I went to the washroom to clean myself up, saw the blood on my left knee and freaked out. David had to ride home and get the car to come and pick me up. We were afraid that I might have broken my left hand, so off to Urgent care, where I was cleaned up and x-rayed, and seen by a doctor who didn't stay in the room long enough to even tell me his name. Anyway, I have had a tetanus shot, and have a large dressing on my left knee, and both hands and wrists are very bruised and sore. I have to wonder if I'll get any of those little purses sewn. I've been sitting with a cold pack on various parts of my body all afternoon.

Have a great weekend ladies, and hopefully I'll be feeling better come Monday.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Shuswap Lake

The town Auntie Margaret uesd to live in is on Shuswap Lake. It's a marvelous vacation spot, and you might enjoy it more than you think. Many young people want their parents along so that they can revert back to childhood and have someone else cook and clean for them. Now, I'm not suggesting anything--just saying--you know!

Be - Last message before leaving....

Trying to get my things together for the trip and I am not winning the battle!
Hope to pack tomorrow so that I can take off early on Wednesday. Not very organized this year with all that is going on... but nevertheless, I shall throw it all in the car and head out and take it as it comes. You'll get me as I am even if I do not have the right cloths to wear or look halfways decent haha
See you all soon....... take care XXX

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Down time..

Tim and the two girls left for Clear Lake a couple of hours ago. They will head home from the lake tomorrow. The girls & Tyler Drader spent last night here, while Tim & Tyler's parents went to an all night outdoor party. Two girls... one boy.... not a good mix. Everything seemed forgotten this morning, though. They spent most of the evening on the quads. Jim says he told them to pack it in around 12:30 or 1:00 am. I was in bed asleep before then. Now I have Beth's visit to look forward to. Only 5 more sleeps. I don't think we had one towel left in the house. Those girls would use one and then just dump it on the floor. Next time they would take a new one. They are all in the wash now. I also got the beds stripped. This is way too much like being organized. We had deep fried turkey on Thursday night. It was really good, but I have a lot of leftovers to deal with. Tonight Jim & I are having BBQ ribs, with new potatoes and garden beens! Yumm. They want us to go to Alberta next year, instead of them heading west. In fact, they want to rent a houseboat on Shushwap Lake (BC) It would be fun, but would you want your father along on a week long party?? We'll see. Meanwhile it is back to normal here. Go to work, go home. Ad nauseum. Just thought I would let you know that I survived the visit. Teenage trauma and all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Be - I almost blew my trip....

I was walking today over to the Convenience Store to buy a ticket for us to win the Lottery, and then to the bank, when on the way home down the wooded path I tripped on a stump sticking up and could not catch myself falling down hard on my left hip and arm and stubbing my toe. This is my always sore hip besides so I gingerly got myself up and felt my response to ensure no broken hips etc. I limped home but have a very sore hip and a big bruise now but no broken hips that I am aware of ! I must be careful so as not to interfere at all with my coming. However, it is my left hip afterall, and I really only need my right leg to drive right? My every moment is now focused on my departure (One week today)
Spent the entire day (until 6 pm) painting our picket fence white. I accomplished only one small portion but it is done and looks wonderful. We have a picket fence surrounding three sides of our lot so there is a long way to go yet - this portion abuts our neighbours at their front yard and they were thrilled to see it finally being painted. Then I came in and made a shepards pie to take to Mothers tomorrow. I am bushed and running on fumes but then I am used to that haha. So must clean up and head to bed. Take care

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sounds to me that someone was doing a lot of "Cathy-bashing" while you were away. Both David and I think you need to get the Union involved NOW! If you aren't comfortable with the local people, get in touch with Loren. If nothing else he can advise you off the record. He has become very knowledgeable about these things. You need to protect yourself. Take the fight to them don't wait to be ambushed. You have rights!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sisters aren't guests

they are family and you don't have to clean up for your family. Besides, even if you do, they are just going to mess it up again, so why not save everyone the effort and just leave it messy? At least that is my theory. Unfortunately, things like dishes and laundry do have to be done. Unless you are very rich and just buy everything new once it gets dirty! Tim, Mady and Mady's friend arrived last night. Everyone is off to Minnedosa to watch the parade. I stayed home to do laundry and dishes (go figure) Actually, I would have gone, but the guys are meeting Stef and going to the Legion after the parade, and the girls are supposed (I say that with tongue and cheek) to be helping Kristy with some kids booths they have set up for the fair. I knew that I would want to come back long before the others, and this way I get some work done. I have to go in and start the office soon. With the golf tournament tomorrow we won't have time to do it. Elizabeth has arranged with Human Resources to have an "Early" office intervention meeting. Early being the week of September 13. No, things have not been going well. It didn't help that I broke down and cried and cried on Jim's shoulder on Wednesday night. In his well intentioned MALE manner he phoned the office manager. I have no idea what he said. He told me that he said for them to contact Human Resources or he would. There must have been more, because the office manager phoned a co-worker (one I had been really upset about) and I have no idea what was said, but she was furious with me on Thursday morning. (And me not having any idea Jim had called) OF course, she was furious with me on Wednesday morning too. I sometimes wish I could at least have time to do something to them instead of them snarling at me as soon as they walk in the door. (And you thought your blog was depressing, Pati) I am sure glad that Beth is coming to take care of us. But who is going to take care of Beth. I think I will declare a Beth day while she is here and she can sit around and read books and eat candy all day. How does that sound, Beth? The dishwasher is almost finished, as well as the dryer. I guess I timed things well! If I delay long enough Jim will be back from Minnedosa and he will have to do the office. How's that for a plan. I am counting the sleeps until you're here Beth. Lotsa hugs and kisses to both of you. (Keri & I call them Zen Hugs)

Beth is coming! Beth is coming!

Gotta clean house! Gotta clean house! well----maybe not. Just gotta keep her out of the pantry! No energy! Not for anything. Even sewing is becoming a chore. So I just do what my body tells me. Yesterday it told me to sleep, so even with a nap earlier in the day, I was in bed by about 6:00. You'll be glad to know, Beth, that while I've bought lots of food, you'll be able to do all of the scratch meal prep that you want, while you're here---'cause I'm sure not getting anything done! Dianne stopped in for a minute yesterday to drop off my Mastercard bill--which I left at her house, for some reason, when I was there on Monday--along with two rubber stamps, an ink pad and two yo-yo makers--go figure!

David was very busy getting ready for our sale next weekend. He washed all of the backdrop and table covering fabric. This year I have a lot of darker pieces that really don't show well against the black back drop, so we bought some white fabric and I'll have to make a new backdrop. Playing it smart, I bought white fabric that I know I'll be able to dye later. This is the first of the summer sales, so a lot of energy goes into it. I'm so glad I got the stock ready a couple of months ago, before I got bogged down with tooth aches and generally feeling "crappy". But I see the doctor on Tuesday. Now--I know he has no magic wand and won't be able to say " You have feelincrappy-itis and you can cure it by taking this one little green pill", but it will be nice to perhaps get the ball rolling with allergy testing or something!

David has decided that it just doesn't make sense to drive out to Portage to pick a couple of baskets of strawberries. He's done it every July for years, but I haven't been able to help pick for at least three years. Sort of sad to see these small habits and rituals hit the dust, but maybe it's just another sign of our aging. More and more, when I read about very old people, they are the ones who keep extremely active well into thier 90's. Well-- the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! I have interests, and I remain curious. I believe that curiosity has been the driving force in my life. It's healthy to be always asking questions. The system falls down when we lack the physical stamina to take advantage of the answers we receive.

Now I've just re-read this looking for typo's. What a depressing blog! One day at a time!! This will pass! And in the meantime, I can look forward to seeing Beth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Be - Mid week blahs...

I'm back again, too, but I bet you never missed me either - Network / Internet off since yesterday but now back on. Must be something in the weather that causes havock with communications things?
I am getting my hair done this morning - it is already 36 degrees and I can only anticipate what it will be like for three hours under a plastic apron. But oh, how I look forward to the end results.
I bought a most beautiful blouse yesterday at the Recycled Resources store and now I am trying to figure out what I can wear it with for my trip without having to buy more clothes. I think I can match it with a pair of slacks I have. Now to decide for what occasion - The Lily Fest Parade, or Rainbow Stage or the Sioux Art Show, or maybe to all since no one will be at all three except me perhaps? How can you tell that I am getting very excited about my trip!
But back to reality - I have a wash on, and after my hair appointment I must get back onto the greenhouse to do more caulking on the roof. And then plan and execute the food prep to take to Mothers tomorrow...ah, it goes on and on but to repeat Cathy, one day at a time will get us all through. So good to hear from you Cathy with such an upbeat, positive message. I agree with you - you are indeed "on your way", and good on you for carrying it off so admirably. You make me very proud.
Take care....(and keep cool haha)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I think I'm here too

but I'm not really sure. Whatever happened last week took a lot out of me. The last few days I just plug along holding everything together--barely. I've been staying in the house with the air conditioning on, which sure has been helping. Today both the heat and humidity are much lower, so we've taken a chance and turned the A/C off and opened the windows to air out the house. I have an appt with my doctor for July 13, and hope he is agreeable to some allergy testing and maybe pulmonary function studies. I think I want to be assured that there would be no problems with the IV sedation for dental work. The tooth is acting up again to the point that the whole side of my face hurts.

But that didn't stop me going to the Ravenesque meeting at Dianne's last night. I'm afraid I wasn't very good company. Three of us were supposed to be driving out, and at the last minute the driver decided that she didn't want to drive in rain. David agreed to drive Rose Anne and I out, as we had no way of getting in touch with Rose Anne to let her know that arrangements had fallen apart, and she was already on her way to the meeting spot. The rain storm was a doozy, but didn't last long. There were power outages and problems with traffic lights. It took Rose Anne almost half an hour to drive down Assiniboine from the legislature to Main St.--and then 15 minutes to get from there to Fermor and Lagimodiere. ( enough said!!) In the end she agreed to drive to Steinbach and David was able to go back home. Rose Anne bought her car for $700 four years ago, and her mechanic in Dauphin has kept it running fairly well for her. Over time, the Ravenesque ladies have teased her about him, even asking how she pays him, but I found out last night that she actually had lived with him for almost 20 years, before he found someone else and they split up. Puts a whole different slant on things.

Been thinking about you Cathy and wondering how things are going at work. I know yesterday was your first day back and I think I can understand how you were feeling. Three years after I left Deer Lodge I had to go back for a meeting, and my stomach was just churning as I walked up to the door. Thank Goodness the meeting was in a room that was new construction and I had never been in before, so I was able to participate. Not fun, but a good chance for you to work on your acting skills. Please pass on our congratulations to Keri. I know this has always been a dream of hers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I survived

I'm back to work and I have survived. I started the day with shaking hands and an upset stomache but I am still here. Tomorrow is another day. Like Beth said.... think about AA.... one day at a time. On a much happier note, Keri phoned me today. She has s0ld a short story. I always knew she could write.. now someone else agrees with me. In the words of Mr. Spock.... Live Long and prosper.... I am on my way

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm back, not that you knew I was gone. No internet yesterday, and this morning I was afraid that I had no computer at all! The power went out again last night and this morning I couldn't get any programs to open up. Patience and perseverance! I am back in business. The storm this morning seemed to sit over the house for quite a while Lots of lightening with immediate cracks of thunder. The dog came into the bedroom and wouldn't leave. It's thundering again right now, but no lightening or rain. I finally got into the pool yesterday and it was great. It was so muggy out, but the pool was refreshing. Now all I need is a cover for it. Today is my last day of holidays. Back to work on Monday. Now, why doesn't that thought excite me? I got all my cleaning done early on in my time off, and now it needs to be done again. I can't understand why the house doesn't stay clean once you do it! We work meat draw again tonight. I have no idea if it will be busy or not. With yesterday a holiday people will either be away, or they will have visitors. I didn't win the lottery on Wednesday, so I guess I'll have to try again. What would our lives be without hope.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just to let you know

Pati here
I finally turned the air conditioning on this morning, and I've been doing fine ever since. Didn't even need a nap today. I was out this afternoon to spot while David was up on the ladder cleaning eavestroughs, and felt the effects fairly quickly. Don't know where this is all going to end up, but at least we now have a sense of direction.

Building things

I've learned to stay out of the way as much as I can whenever such activities are going on, but here is always that moment when you hear" Can you come and help for a minute?" So I do as I'm told and try to keep my mouth shut--doesn't always work though. I hope you had a good soak to get all the aches out.

The last few days have been rough. For some reason I've been having a terrible time breathing. Tuesday night the boys across the back had a fire pit going, and I was a basket case. Used all of the OTC stuff I had around but by Wednesday noon I had David take me into emergency. I spent the afternoon and evening sitting reading without any physical activity or stress, in a cool air conditioned space and realized that I hadn't felt better in a couple of weeks. Of course, they didn't find any problems after chest x-rays, blood tests and EKG. So the doctor finally suggested that I was reacting to an environmental stimulus. So the next step is to see if I can arrange allergy testing and maybe pulmonary function studies. My biggest fear is that I'm somehow reacting to the house.- ( mould??). I also know that we bought a new comforter last week and some fabrics, especially man-made fabrics--give off fumes for awhile. Funny thought but the timing is right.

Had thought today was going to be sunny and very warm, but instead--right now--we have cloudy and wind, wind, wind. No cycling since Monday. Darn it! I plan my meals around the weather during summer and we had planned cold meat and potato salad. David has requested the potato salad--I'm not fond of it--so we'll probably go with it anyway.