Sunday, April 29, 2018

Interesting day yesterday

I spent most of the day playing Candy Crush.  I couldn’t seem to lose.  I did spend some time in the studio, and spent most of the evening watching tv, but at 9:00pm, when I played for a few minutes, I left with over 4 hours of infinite lives, and a whole bunch of  boosters, with lengthy lives.  I went up over 50 levels.  Not so lucky today though, only 4 levels, but I did help David pass a level he’d been stuck on for over a month.  More time in the studio, where I just played.  It may result in a charity quilt, but if not, so be it.

The people we hired to clean up the yard, showed up yesterday, and did an impressive job.  Of course, maybe they wanted to impress us, as we know they were actively looking for new customers.  There were three of them, and they brought their own equipment, then spent about an hour and half in our yard—all for $89.95 plus $5.00/bag of refuse.  We are very pleased, and would recommend them.  They would have preferred to get a monthly contract with us, and we’re talking about it as we’re not too thrilled with the people who are doing it now.  But the contract would be pricey. David is going to cut the grass himself this year, and we’ll see how that goes.

I got the money from the quilt show on Friday-more than I expected, so I took some of my scissors in to be sharpened.  I pick them up Tuesday, and if he does a good job, I have quite a few more that could be done.

It’s become obvious this week, that I’m as much allergic to coffee as I am to the caffeine. This is going to be quite an adjustment for me, as I tend to have a cup of something in my hand most of the day.  Did that when I was working as well.

Success for sure..

Just logged on quick to see what the day brought forth while I was enjoying a road trip to Markstay. You have been successful Cathy and I hope that it will continue for you - I love to read all the messages and news from you both.
The snow all around, and there was lots more at Mikes place, gradually melted as the day progressed and the sun shone bright and the temps improved. So it turned out to be just a lovely day. I fell pray to the little devils telling me to eat - along with a few prompts from my son, to eat far more than I should have. But, oh boy, did it feel good haha!  After we ate our delicious lunch at Mikes, he invited us to go to the local Tavern for coffee and desserts. He has befriended the operators of the Tavern which I think has been good for his sake, and wanted us to meet them. So we had our coffee but I had what they called a chocolate poutine which was waffle cones cut into french fry shapes topped with ice cream and strawberry and choc sauce and whipping cream .... need I go on??  And didn't I eat it all ( of course) Harry had a choc sundae and Mike didn't have anything - he has so much more control than his Mother.  All in all a very nice visit.
Hope all is well with you folks.  And if Jim is thinking about planting already you are ahead of us...the ground here is still covered with hard ice but is melting gradually. Our time will come and I hope the plants growing in the greenhouse will be patient. Take care

Success (I hope)

After multiple attempts and failures it appears I can once again access our blog. Of course I think I may have changed my password on all my google accounts but at least I am back. I finally found an option that would send me a text with an access code.  We were out for about four hours cleaning up the yard and trimming some dead branches. The temperature may be warm but the wind just won’t quit. Jim is sitting outside just inside the garage door. I am inside with the windows open I have had enough wind for the day. And it is so dry there is a constant dust storm. Especially when the quads go by on the road. Jim is bbqing a beer can chicken for supper and I have made potato salad. Our first summer meal😄  Which we will eat inside because of the wind🙁.  Jim is planning the garden which is something he never does. I guess this has been a really long winter for him. He has our seed potatoes ready to go in. He just isn’t sure where they will go. I wish his copd wasn’t so bad. He has lots of ambition but no air or energy.  Slowly but surely we will enjoy our summer

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Actually does not seem to make a difference around here whether it is a weekday or a weekend only that I get to do the laundry as the hydro rates are at low haha!
Nice to hear about your party Pati - I was thinking about you - sorry that the whole "fam damily" were not able to attend but nevertheless a party it was! Now about the food - I really do not like to eat out or for that matter get take out. Harry brought home a tray of chicken wings yesterday - I do not like chicken wings ("nuf said ?) Your anticipation of the pending outing, though, should make up for the disappointment of the service and food?
Today is supposed to be rainy/snowy and hovering around the freezing point. Good thing I spent the entire day yesterday outside doing work! I enjoyed my time and walking around in shirt sleeves added to the day.  And today we shall get things ready to visit Mike tomorrow - Harry will prepare veg - carrots and parsnip fingers, broccoli and potatoes. We bought frozen HighLiner Salmon as a treat as Mike likes it, as do I.  No desserts as none of us needs it ( even if I might want it haha)
Have a nice weekend. How is the new car so far, Cathy? Take care.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Celebrating my birthday

Yesterday the family went to Boston Pizza to celebrate my birthday.  Loren's children couldn't make it.  Jeremy came home from work exhausted, and went to bed, and Gillian couldn't get off work.  She is working two jobs this summer.  Good for her.  It was a pleasant dinner.  We were given a long table, so David and I chose to sit in the middle of one side.  That way we could both interact with the others.  This doesn't always happen. There was no problem with the food; we both ordered the same dishes as we had when we ate with Cathy, Jim and Keri, at the very new Boston Pizza in Neepawa. We certainly enjoyed that meal.  However, it was sort of sad to see how very shabby and run down the one here appeared to be.  It took ages to get our food, and the waitress apologized for the "back up" in the kitchen.  But later, talking about it, David commented that if it was dirty and shabby in the dining room, what were conditions like in the kitchen?  David was up most of the night with an upset stomach, and I has problems for most of the day, so I don't think we would choose to go back there.

We did our grocery shopping today, and by the time we were finished, we were both exhausted.  David slept in his recliner for awhile this afternoon, but I had the week's laundry to look after.  Thank Goodness, I had put a roast in the slow cooker before we left the house this morning, so supper was quick and easy.  Now we're both sitting here like zombies.  Looks like an early night.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Gotta love "pension" day!

We had a few errands on our to do list, as well as our regular shopping trip, but knowing we're going out for supper, we decided to just run the errands today, and grocery shop tomorrow.  To the bank to pay bills, and then I got my hair done, and that took far longer than I expected. Gas prices have been all over the place lately.  About $1.09/l, then today $128.9.  And we needed gas.  The biggest fill we've ever had to put in the car, as we had been waiting/hoping for a lower price.  Then on our way home it was down to $125.9/l.  We were all over the city. One place was out of the way, and we had a discussion about the best route to get there, keeping in mind what we had just paid for gas, got half way there and realized that the parcel we needed was sitting at home. Hit the bead store for more beading thread, then the tea store, where I bought enough tea to last until Christmas (Ouch-$$$).  Then back to the tea store in the mall for a few tins to store all the tea in.  We had been there earlier buying empty tea bags.  A stop at Home Depot for more 12" curtain rods, and finally to the library, where I wanted some help on some research.

By the time we got home we were both exhausted.  David took a nap, and I dealt with storing all of that tea, and catching up my cheque register.  Now we're both trying to relax a bit before heading out for supper.  The one positive thing was that I got my money for the boutique sales at the recent quilt show.  Now I don't feel to guilty about the trip to the bead store.

Nice weather and melting

And with it all, starting to see the dirt and residue on the ground from the Winter that was!  Oh well, with time maybe I'll get it all in order haha! Not much rain really yesterday, but it fell all day enough to make outside work a bit miserable.  And I see where Winnipeg's temps are also warm so I expect your snow will be gone by now - are you outside enjoying the sun? And Cathy are you also enjoying this nicer weather? 
We are going to Huntsville today after Harry's Dr appointment at 11:30 am. So it will be a late day - not our usual morning shopping.  We are going to visit Mike on Sunday so will pick up some food for our lunch - we often take something and then I know he gets at least one good meal. Although to be fair, he is eating well and watching and maintaining his new regieme. I think he is motivated to get fit and that is half the battle.  I am also motivated to stop eating constantly, and get back to my regieme. Pati often mentions "grazing" as her deterrent, but mine is just stuffing my face with anything. I feed my emotions whereas some starve theirs. 
Starting to get many emails from my Nursing Alumni in preparation for the 50th Reunion next May 2019. I often think it would be nice to plan to visit at that time, and maybe take advantage of attending the reunion. I have never kept close to many or attended many reunions. Janie Marshall has been more of a friend than anyone. It was always a group of cliques and from the sounds of the emails, it still is. But the whole adventure shaped my life and because of that, I have strong feelings/memories.
Speaking of eating, its time for another coffee and some breakfast - then the day begins. Glad to see the pensions have finally been posted this morning so now I can pay some bills. Yeah!  Take care.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


A new car is exciting-always, but a bit of a mixed blessing, because it's always scary to take on that debt.  But you've managed before, and will this time.  And to get a new car is a special feeling.  Enjoy it.

Oh, a new car

Exciting day for you Cathy to pick up your new car.  We have an Equinox so I think I can picture yours. What colour and year is it. Ours is 2016 and I do not think has the bells and whistles you describe in yours.  Have fun enjoying the newness of it - this soon fades as the driving takes over haha!  We have one more year left in the lease and have to carefully watch the number of kilometers we put on - I have to watch, that is, as Harry enjoys his road trips!

Rain is in forecast for today - that means water watch!  The drain pipes are still frozen in but as I did my walks yesterday to keep an eye on things, the water is going somewhere or somehow? I have the sump pump ready to go at the front and other than that, it is just watch with fingers crossed.
I had my Dentist appointment yesterday - same procedure of cleaning and then the dentist has a look, and then I pay money for the pleasure haha!. This time it was a young, new dentist - don't know where the old  Dentist is - but I know he was wanting to ease out and turn it over to someone else.  I can still remember him coming to Sundridge (young and new) and taking over for the other one. He set up shop and had a family and has been my dentist ever since. Reminds me of our family dentist in having Dr Tregobov (? spelling) 
Take care all. 

Monday, April 23, 2018


The snow is almost gone and the weather is warming up.  Of course with the warmer weather comes howling winds again.  We've sad outside a few times now, and to celebrate "earth day"  we cleaned up 2 big pails of dog poop from the yard.  Oh Boy!  Jim phoned me at lunch on Friday and said he wanted to trade in the truck on a car.  Saturday we bought a new Equinox.  We should get if tomorrow.  We checked the dealership in Neepawa and the one in Brandon and Neepawa didn't come close to what we could get in Brandon.  There was almost $4000 different in what they offered for a trade-in on the truck and the car was a better model.  They are all so computerized now it is scary.  We have back up cameras and sensors.  Our side mirrors tell us when someone is in our blind spot.  We can link our phones to our car to start and stop and other stuff I can't remember.  We also have a sun roof and data ports for our phones (or laptops). I'm leery of having payments again, but the financing is .99% for the life of the loan so it isn't that bad.  I am going to miss the truck though.  It has been a really good vehicle.  I won't miss spending $120 to fill the tank.  I guess tomorrow will tell.  Meanwhile I am thinking about the garden and flowers and summer.  Can't come soon enough.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tomato soup on sale?

On the road today and we stopped into a Valu Mart in the Haliburton Highlands in a town called Minden. We were meeting up with someone to get some free CDs and VHSs. I went into the store for a few needs, but spotted a shelf full of soup of all different flavours - Campbells tomato soup on for 50 cents a tin. Of course I thought of you Pati and had a little chuckle and wondered how many cans I should buy to send to you haha! Do not fear - I bought none!
The day is glorious. Outside doing the greenhouse work once I came back home from road trip - outside with just my tee shirt on and I even took a wee drink and sat on my bench by the fireplace. Oh, it was just great. Bailey did not seem to appreciate it the way I did but maybe he'll come to see the pleasure in it??  The snow is melting and I see hope that soon we shall see bare ground and perhaps more walkabouts and sitting with a coffee outside. I can hardly wait.....Take care.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

I smell Spring

Just a quickie. I just took the dog out for his first outing in the  morning. I could smell it..... Spring, that is. It was a new smell, It smelled fresh and I was so excited.  I think there is reason to celebrate. Yeah!!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Love to see pictures...

As I was browsing one last time before closing here for the night, up popped your studio pictures Pati. I sat and had a really good look. To me, it looks like a much better set up and an organized way to situate all that you need around you - and there seems much more room?  You must be very happy with this set up as you seem to be flourishing in the studio right now. Is "a change as good as a rest"?  And on the Mouse Factory Blog you posted your cat fabric. It is simply delightful. I can hardly wait to see the finished masterpiece from the "idea", to the "work of art" you shall produce. It is so exciting!

Poor memory

When I moved the studio downstairs, I forgot to post a picture of he new layout, so that you can visualize what I talk about.

Porridge this morning..

Just felt like a nice big bowl of porridge to start my day today - oh, it is instant but still good. I have Cream of wheat and red River that i could cook but in the morning when I want it, it would take too long to cook so I settle for instant. haha!
Always like to get suggestions for reading. I just finished that second Uplander book of the three I have on the go. I thought I would stop at two, but as usual the author left us hanging and wanting to read more, so I started on the third. Takes so long for me to get through 1000 pages of fine print. 
To Kirkland Lake yesterday - early start at 4:45 am and then a quick turnaround so we were home by 3:30 pm. 30 minutes of that was sitting on the road blocked by Police cars because of a collison, but that was short lived with the ambulance leaving and then the tow trucks removing the cars to the side of the road.  We made a pit stop in North Bay to find a bird nesting cage but no luck so Harry bought some wood things at Dollarama and will fashion something? The second pair of budgies have been courting for awhile now and she laid an egg yesterday. This first batch may not produce anything as the other two birds first batch did not, but you never know.
Seems no relief with this weather and wonder when we will have some melting. Was snowing even yesterday. I note that Winnipeg temps are above freezing now and so probably soon we may soon enjoy the same? Cathy are you melting there - can you see your ground? haha!
I expect greenhouse work today. i watered when we came home yesterday but the plants need some serious work which has been badly neglected this past week. We have blossums on tomatoes, and on geraniums, and one nasturium is in full bloom. Makes me dream more of summer being here and sitting outside.
Weekend here again. Hope you all have a nice break planned. Sounds as if you are running at full speed Pati. Loved your hanging posted on the other blog. Lots of work. What are you up to Cathy? Take care

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

I just finished a book

"The Hope Chest"  by Viola Shipman.  It is both sad and uplifting.  It covers the last year in the life of a woman who is dying of ALS, but doesn't deal with any of the physical issues of the disease, but rather the relationships she has with her husband, and the woman who is hired to provide her basic care, as well as that woman's young daughter.  It's been a long time since I enjoyed a book this much, even as it made me cry and examine my own life.

Out a bit

Yesterday was the meeting of my Tuesday Stitchery group.  The meeting was at my friend Susanne's house, out near Lockport.  Only three of us showed up, and Susanne suggested that we might want to visit the new-to-me quilt store in Lockport.  A very interesting place.  I had difficulty visualizing the renovation history of the building, but came to understand that, at one time, it was the entrance to a small resort that had been expropriated during the construction of the floodway.  A small property was left over, and sold privately, to be turned into a large home.  At one end there had been a swimming pool( not sure if this was before or after the re-construction), and later, the pool filled in, and that area is what is now the quilt shop.  The living area of the house is attached. Really, a nice shop with lots of high windows to fill it with natural, but indirect light.  I found several items, including the thread and machine needles that I've been mail ordering, and these were at a good price.  So, I spent more money.  Yes, it's been an expensive month for studio supplies, and something better sell soon.

Then, today, the fabric I ordered after the quilt show arrived.  One piece is intended for a large exhibition piece, but the other is just-for-fun, something I haven't done in years.  It turned out to be twice as big as I had thought, and I may have to re-think my plans.

Prior to the meeting yesterday, I had decided that I absolutely must do something with my hair.  About 9:20 am, I called the shop and spoke to my lady.  It was a very strange conversation, with her heavy accent, made worse by being over the phone, and a mis-understanding about who I was, but the result was; she  would do what she could for me, as long as I was finished by the time her 10:00 client arrived.  I was there by 9:30, and was walking out by 10:00, having received every service I had wanted. No sign of her 10:00 client though.

A bit of grocery shopping today, then more studio work.  I'm really on a roll down there, especially with my pretty new fabric to play with.  I even have a small project planned to try out the Apliquick tools.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Inspite of weather, I'm still here...

Here I am after getting through the weekend. Still not nice out but better than the freezing rain and ice pellets. And the power stayed on so far and the heater in the greenhouse stayed on so far. What more does one want? haha!
I postponed my Luncheon with friend Sue for Wed and we rescheduled for May 2. I did not want us worrying about the highway and driving - she comes up from Bracebridge alone. Harry would have driven me but still I was not comfortable with it all. As it turns out we are going to Huntsville today anyway - have some reel to reel tapes to deliver to Harry's brother in law. And then to Kirkland lake Thursday. It all seems too much really. 
Besides working in the greenhouse yesterday, and getting things ready to take to Kirkland Lake Thursday, I have not accomplished much of anything else. It took me a good hour to clean off the greenhouses - uncover the blankets and then try to gingerly remove about 2 inch thick ice and slush from the precarious roof of the big greenhouse. That thing is not safe at all. The trusses Harry made last summer to repair it still lie out there in the snow. I do not know what will happen this summer but do not hold my hopes high.  The other day it took me two hours to clean the bird cages. A big clean includes changing all the paper and cleaning all the seeds up and changing the feeders and then vacuuming the floor- this is all done within the confines of our small bathroom. This time around though I had an accident with the Scentsy hot wax dish I have going in there - the top dish full of melted wax fell off and the wax spread across the counter and all over the portable telephone sitting there. Well, just imagine me having to clean the telephone as once the wax hit that, it hardened. All the little numbers and cracks covered - no easy task. This is when I think about humour to get me through.
Well time for my breakfast - spinach scramble this morning. And then on with the day. Hope all is well with you folks. Take care.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Planned humour

There have been a lot of adjustments around here over the past couple of months.  I decided that I would try to find the humour in our situation whenever I could, as any alternative would lead to disharmony.  I have to confess there's been a bit of that, too. We do the best we can.

We have but one bathroom.....

And it has forever been so... I find nothing humourous about our situation and never have. So good on you Pati, for working through this issue at your home. Any suggestions? haha!
Freezing rain here... I expect you have heard on the news about the storm and weather warnings issued in these parts - anything that will affect Toronto adversely seems to get headline news. Will be like this for this week to come. We just cross our fingers and hope that we will not lose the power - then things will get really interesting.  But then I read in the Free Press that the Jets were stranded in Minni because of a severe snow storm - did it reach as far up as to you folks? There were many fans that had driven down as well so I expect they are in the same situation.  But the Jets did win so that is worth celebrating. Does Loren still enjoy the games Pati?
We are planning to drive to Kirkland Lake on Thursday - have some things to take to Harry's brother and sister in law and his brother is giving Harry all sorts of planting pots to bring back - his brother is not into gardening now since he has some health problems. 
No greenhouse work for today because of the weather so I am now planning to take out my hexi quilt and maybe do a bit of work on that. It has been ages since I have touched it and it always brings me a bit of calmness when I am at it. I'll make a cup of tea and I am set.....Take care
ps tomato soup on toast - exactly what Mom used to make for us. I do not make it for myself so much anymore as it is not, as with so many of my memory dishes,  a "Pearce" kind of dish haha!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Tomato soup

Tomato soup on toast?  Is that what Mom used to serve us.  She didn't dilute the condensed soup,(much), and added a bit of Lea and Perrins, and maybe some scraps of old cheese.  Called  it Welsh rarebit.  I still use something very like it as a sauce on a French meat roll. (sure haven't made on of those in awhile!) I think we even made something very like it in Home Ec class.  And wasn't that some time ago! 

The trouble with enjoying my studio, means that the basic housework piles up.  Today I get to deep clean the bathtub.  This was never that much of a chore before my knee surgery, and I used to do it much more often.  Now it's major chore and can be quite painful.  But it's gotta be done!  We have a stain on the bottom of the tub, left from the suction cup shower mat the previous owner used.  It seems to gradually attract dust/dirt until it becomes quite visible.  I've never been able to completely eradicate it, but yesterday thought of the Goo Gone, and think I might try it.  Yesterday I used my new basic Swiffer to clean the kitchen floor.  It came with samples of both dry and wet disposable clothes.  It did a pretty good job--much better, and easier than the old Swiffer--which is now in the studio for quick clean ups.  Of course, now they want me to buy a bunch of disposable clothes for the new one, which is slightly different in size than the old.  I'm going to try to use the old ones that I have stock-piled.  Here's hoping!

David and I are still sorting out new routines, since he  started using the upstairs bathroom.  With not having shared a bathroom for almost 30 years, we've both had to change habits, and this gets so much more difficult as we age.  A couple of "bumps in the road" yesterday, but we're learning to deal with it with humor.  Still- change is difficult.

I need to visit Fabricland today, and will see about a glue stick while I'm there.  Based on your experience, Beth,  I may open it in the store, in front of a clerk.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Good day...

Thank you for all the greetings and best wishes. It was a good day for me just as I planned it to be .....
Indeed, it was a "red hat" and I did actually many years ago have a red hat and a purple outfit - some of the girls at work were organizing a Red Hat Society. It never panned out and I think the hat is somewhere here in the house - I'm sure I will come across it some day haha!
I have several numbers for the Lotto Max draw tonight so I am still hoping to celebrate some more when we all win! So for now, it is time to close up and enjoy what is left of my day - I was reminded that 70 is "just a number" so who really cares, right?   Take care XX
ps I have bought tomato soup on sale and stocked up. Both my kids still like tomato soup on toast so they appreciate a few cans once in awhile. Pati, have you tried the tins of crushed tomatoes in Seven Layer Dinner? They are always much cheaper.  I like to use these cans for scalloped tomatoes which I love. and for homemade pizza which I love. Just a thought. 

When did soup get so expensive!!

Talk about "sticker shock"!  Tomato soup--one can--$2.19.  OMG!  I had bought a couple of butcher-made honey garlic sausages, and wanted to make a Seven Layer Dinner for Saturday's supper.  Well, this is no longer a budget dish.


Wrote the last message late last night.  I guess I was half asleep.  It was a red hat, wasn't it?

Thursday, April 12, 2018

And it's a wonderful day...

for Beth that is.  Happy Birthday, Beth.  May the snow stop, or even snow so heavily that it gives you a "snow day", and you can spend the whole day hunkered down at home, playing with your Apliquick tools.  You're further ahead than me, at this point.  Mine aren't even out of the package, even if they are snuggled down in their box.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great time doing it.  You're now old enough to take to heart the message in the "When I'm an old woman..." poem.  Did you ever get a purple hat?  lol

"Don't worry, be happy!"

Thank you and what a beautiful reminder to me when I seemed to have floundered a bit. What would I do without my sisters to be there, and pick me up, and carry me, until I find purchase again for myself!  Funny you should mention the wooden box you have waiting for your tools, Pati. I, too, took a special moment and prepared an oblong metal box (once had been a Russel Stover chocolate box) and lined it with felt pieces and snuggled my tools with the directions from their plastic sleeve holder, and the packing slip from the delivery all together. Fit perfectly and even room for a glue stick or two once I get them. I labeled the outside and secured it with an elastic and.... Bob's your Uncle! I found my bag of stabilizer, and a perfect quilt pattern book from which I plan to use a pattern for an owl and for a cat and will cut some fabric and practice. Looking forward to doing this. 
It started to snow heavy this morning and has not stopped all day and is still pelting down. We did some greenhouse work but finally gave up - but I had to do extra covering up for tonight because of all the snow. 
We took our little cat to the Vet for 10 am this morning for her Sx and picked her up at 1:30 - she was still groggy and wobbly from the anaesthetic poor thing. Right now she is sitting behind me on the computer chair which is her usual favourite spot. And Bailey dog is curled up in my arms. Ever tried to type a message with all this going on? But on the other hand what a wonderful feeling to be loved so much! 
So time for bed and to wake up to another winter wonderland in the morning (and all the shoveling that goes with it) Take care

I'm worried

We don't often enough give ourselves permission to enjoy a small pleasure.  You may have been slapped in the face by life associated with this pleasure, but, you are no less worthy.  Don't let this happen!  You deserve every tiny bit of pleasure you've granted yourself.  Wallow in it.  Fondle the tools.  Think about them--just imagine-- tools for women made out of surgical quality stainless steel, and you have some!  Amazing! What a privilege to be part of this.  Mine are still in the package, and sitting on the kitchen table, where I can see them several times a day.  Waiting downstairs is a small wooden box, just the right size for them.  I meant to throw it away a couple of months ago, but fate intervened, and now it has a very special use.

A pleasurable meeting with my Fibre Art Divas group last evening.  I had not been looking forward to it, for some reason, but everything went well.  We did find out that one of the women has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but she has had surgery, and based on the results, may have to have radiation, or chemo, or both.  She is comfortable with her treatment and quite up beat.  Another lady brought her most recent piece.  Jaw dropping!  I so admire how this lady has developed, and grown since the group was formed.

Now I have to face the work waiting for me in the studio.  A pleasure for sure, but exhausting, in a very good way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Makes one wonder....

....about stepping out of one's usual and doing something different.  By this I mean the decision to order the Apliquick Tools. When Pati said she was ordering them, well I said to myself "why not you too?"  But I ordered from The Quilt Show where as Pati ordered from another source.  Already I was starting to feel a bit sorry that I had forged ahead and spent so much but said to myself " this was for you as a gift to yourself" Mine were recently delivered to the door by Canada Post asking me to pay even more money for a Customs charge before they would hand the package over. So now I was really feeling that I had overextended. Tuesday we went to Huntsville and I stopped into the Fabricland Store and purchased two packages of fabric glue which one needs to actually utilize these Tools.  I opened one this morning to examine, and low and behold the stick was dry.  So I opened the other, and it, too, was dead!!  I was on the phone to the store right away and they said if I had the receipt they would redeem my money and promised that they would be ordering more in ( as I told them these two were the last on the shelf and I figured were obviously old stock). So now I am wondering if all of this was just a really bad idea on my part...haha!  Now, given time, I am sure that I shall come around again but for now it is so fresh in my mind and worth this rant  - don't you think???   Pati I hope you have better luck with your new tools so please let Cathy and I know that all is OK?
Take care. ps it is snowing again today so we are staying inside and will leave the greenhouses alone. Yeah!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

All shall be well...

Pati, I was anxious to hear your report on the Show. I had been thinking about it all weekend. Glad to see your "whe..ew" as I am sure you would be very tired after it all. Surprise also by the sounds of it for you to sell the pouches - so you can never tell what is going to be a hit. After reading both of the blogs I assume that there were come judges comments for you to digest thoroughly but as I know you, the ideas will percolate for a bit and then you will respond positively and appropriately. It was supportive though, for you to hear from valued others about your work.
Things are the same here and I am hesitant to blog anymore because it is always about the damn weather and how dreadful it is here. Struggle to keep things going. We lost most of the plants in the big greenhouse but over the weekend the dead ones have been turfed and more transplanting has occurred so the shelves are full again.  Almost the middle of April and we have as much snow again as we had during the "real" Winter. I am really very discouraged about it all. 
However, I have my Luncheon with friend Sue next Wednesday so I can look forward to this outing.
I will take our middle cat to the Vet on Thursday for surgery to remove a skin tag on her right eye brow. He will have to give her anaesthetic but she will only be in for the day. Still it is always worrisome.
So it is time for my morning "refresh" ( coffee and sit for a moment to reflect on the day and week to come). Here's to a good week for all of us. Take care

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Whe-e-ew! Glad that's over!

Quite a weekend.  Sold a little bit, and some of that was surprising.  Little pouches, that haven't even received even a bit of interest at other sales this year, appear to have been my best seller.  Sort of glad to see half of them gone.  But overall, the sale was disappointing--to me.  Others had a great time, and did quite well. I received the judges notes on my quilt.  I was so very disappointed that it received no sort of prize, but when I read the notes, calmly and carefully, and gave it some thought, I understood.  At the same time, at least three people, whose opinion I trust, approached me and told me how much they loved that quilt. I'm much calmer, now, and can accept what happened.

I did buy a bit of fabric.  I have an idea how it will be used.  Can't ask for more than that, at this point.  I'm very tired, and glad that we have nothing strenuous planned for tomorrow.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Not encouraing results

Did my shift at the boutique at the quilt show today. I had my hours all screwed up, but did arrive in time for the shift I was down for.  Parking was impossible, until I found a row of parking stalls that had been covered in snow for about half the width of each stall.  So I parked sideways to the row.  Car was still there when I came out, though. Sales were slow, but steady.  Unfortunately, none of what we sold was mine.  As well, there was no thread vendor of any sort there.  However, I still managed to buy some spray baste and a bit of fabric.  I needed the spray baste, but the fabric?  Not so much.  The piece I entered won nothing, but did have a small "point of praise' attached.  Those used to be worth $5-10, but not anymore ( I checked).

So, all together, not one of my good days.

I have tomorrow to catch up with things at home, and  back to the show for most of Sunday.

Where is Spring?

I am not pleased with the weather lately.  Beth gets blizzards, we get freezing temperatures with howling winds.  And the highest temperature I have seen forecast in the next 2 weeks is 7, but back below 0 for the night.  All the snowbirds are coming back and I pretend to sympathize with them but secretly I am enjoying the fact that they are getting some winter :).  I keep buying lottery tickets but no luck yet.  Our taxes are done, but we can't get them til next week.  I have no idea how much he will charge or how much we will owe, but I just couldn't see me doing them using my phone as a computer.  Maybe next year.   work is getting weirder and weirder.  Now we have record our non- productivity time and enter it into a program..... gee creating a folder and entering my non - you see something strange in this?  I got a letter from Service Canada yesterday...... We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible to collect your old age security one month after your 65th birthday...... do they have to rub it in my face!  I know how old I am even if I will only admit to 29 :). My plans for the weekend are to think about cleaning the house and then reading instead.  The house is in such bad shape I don't know where to start so I get overwhelmed.  One room at a time.... I know.  Lunch is almost over :(.  Time to pretend to work.

Your weekend

So here it is the weekend again and I wish you both, Cathy and Pati, a fun time.  It sounds very exciting Pati to hear of your plans at the Local Quilt Guild Show.  Will be crossing my fingers that your entry garnishes the accolades it deserves. And wouldn't it be wonderful to walk around with you at the Merchants Mall. Hang onto your money if you can, haha!  But if not, tells us all about your purchases. And Cathy what of you, and your plans?  Take care.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

No snow here

but we still seem to be in a deep freeze--well below zero, and I'm, back to wearing my parka.  No relief predicted until into next week, but we are blessed at the lack of snow coming down.  Got the wind, though.  This seems to be the case right across the country.

Off to the CanadInn by Polo Park, today, to deliver my competition quilt and boutique items to the upcoming quilt show.  It opens Friday afternoon, and I'll be busy volunteering Friday from 3:00-7:00, then again Sunday from 1:00-3:00.  Sunday wasn't very well planned, as I have to be at the venue for 5:30 to pick everything up again.  It's been many years since I entered a competition quilt.  I don't expect first prize, but will be mortified if it doesn't win something.  On the other hand that might just serve me right for being arrogant.  I have high hopes for the boutique items I submitted, and again, will feel terrible if nothing sells.

But, I get to shop at the vendors!! Yay!!  The usual thread vendor will not be there this year, and I'm sure hoping that there will be someone else selling her brand of thread.  I'm not in a panic over it. I can always mail order from her, if I can't get what I want at the show, but the postage will really add to the cost.  The last two shows I saved, and saved, and then dropped about $300 at her booth.  But I somehow managed to use most of it.

Working on charity quilts the last couple of days.  These are the ones that David and I spent so many hours cutting pieces for, a few weeks ago.  I've run out of the sewing machine needles ai like to use for my thread painting, so don't want to proceed with the art pieces I've been working on lately.  Hope to find some needles at the show.

Supper finished, and off to the "salt mines" again.  Spending a lot of time down there these days.


A quick update on my day. The Good Snowy Morning I wrote about earlier turned into a full out Winter Blizzard all day and still going strong. I`ve shovelled many times over and done all I can to protect the greenhouses - I can do no more right now. I pray that the power stays on - if not, I have the coal oil lamps filled after buying a new bottle at the hardware, and have the huge floor candle ready to go for the one greenhouse. I am counting on Harry being able to start at least the one propane burner that worked the other night when the power went out and put it into the little greenhouse. I have covered both greenhouses with quilts and blankets and tried to secure them against the strong winds with boards. Other than that, all is well (haha!)  Time to get ready for bed and hope it will be without incidence.  Take care

Good Snowy morning...

The snow plow just made its way down the street as I sit here with my early coffee.  The forecast snow came through over the evening and night and more expected throughout the day. In preparation I covered the roof of the big greenhouse with two blankets - this way the snow will not melt and leak into the greenhouse and I may be able to just pull them off with snow and all? Hope anyway. The roof integrity is very poor and so one must take care to prevent a worse scenario ie total collapse.  Wonder when this bizarre weather will ever end?
Harry covered the keyboard keys with little coloured letters that we bought at the Dollar Tree yesterday. Weird feeling as they are sort of cushioned in texture. Not sure I like it but then this is what I have to work with haha!
I have started to do some shredding of papers stored for years in bags and boxes. It is time to get rid of some of this unnecessary accumulation! I know you have to keep Income Taxes for 7 years, is it? so I feel safe in shredding that which dates earlier. I am struggling with other stored items such as all my French notes and books from the classes I took and had to quit, and also many of my flying papers and equipment which I know I will never use again. It is tough to find all this which brings so many memories and possibly a few regrets with them. One must do what one must do!
Well, on with the day. I am making a toasted tomato sandwich to get rid of some less than fresh tomatoes haha!  Take care.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Enjoyed the Family time yesterday

Yes indeed, I surely do enjoy these times.  Puts "things" into perspective for me and for this I am grateful. The meal was wonderful and the conversation inspiring as we heard of Mike's plans for his future.
The trip almost did not happen. Saturday afternoon the forecast snow storm came roaring in with heavy winds. The power went off around 8 pm. For the next few horrendous hours we tried to get the propane heaters going in the greenhouses. We had no need to use them up to this pint and so it was tough going. Of the three heating elements we have, only one would start and that was with great difficulty. It went into the small greenhouse. Since we lucked out with getting another started, as a last resort, we put our collection of 6 old coal oil lamps into the big greenhouse. We had no choice and it did help to produce a bit of heat. We ran around in the dark and wet snow trying to do something. A 1:00 am the power came back and so it was a quick outing again to start the two electric heaters. Into bed at 1:30 am for a quick sleep which did not come, and I was up again at 4 am to get ready to leave. We left at 4:45 am and into Mikes driveway at 6:45 am. We unloaded and Harry started the roast in the oven and I made coffee for us, leaving Mike to sleep in until about 8:30 am. 
The rest of the day was uneventful and most welcome. Once home it was an early to bed plan. I also spoke with Willie on the phone who called to say Happy Easter. So touching base with both of my children feels good. And for me it was indeed, a very good Family time day. 
Hoping that you folks also enjoyed your day and weekend.  Now it is April and hope springs eternal for me for some relief to this horrible weather. Lets get on with it OK, haha!  Take care