Saturday, November 30, 2013

And that's a wrap!

It went really well.  The audience loved it.  So too bad for the ones that didn't buy tickets.  Maybe next time they will realize that they have to buy in advance for dinner theatre.  It was my night, so I had wine!!!!   There were two couples from the audience that showed up at the kitchen and started helping us with dishes  So nice.  We got them  laughing since when they showed up we all went to the other side of the pass through from the kitchen and watched them work.  We went back of course.  I am always on a high when we end production.  Tomorrow I will crash.  At least until later.  Rrain will be singing at the concert at 7pm so I will be there.  What a night.  The two bottles of wine helped me out.  Now I get a chance to rest.

The Prairie Garden, you say?

Last Wednesday, I attended the AGM of the Elmwood/East Kildonan Active living Centre.  The meeting was short, as there was no quorum, but they still served the cake an ice cream, that is traditional with them.  I came in late and ended up sitting at a table with a woman I had never met.  In casual conversation she mentioned that  this was her first day to relax, in quite awhile, as she had been quite busy organizing the 75th Anniversary celebrations of The Prairie Garden.  Her brother is the current editor.  She had never heard of Phyllis, but her involvement with the magazine has been fairly recent.

Today I attended an all-day workshop in acrylic painting. About half an hour before it was to end, David arrived with the cellphone and a number, telling me there was a problem with hanging my show on Monday.  I called and spoke to the lady at the gallery who was having much trouble finding a volunteer to let me in and assist with the hanging. The final result of the conversation was that we are hanging the show tomorrow morning. OMG!  Well, we left the class and rushed home and then spent a couple of hours sorting my quilts and bundling them up for transport.  The people who had said they might be available to help hang, won't be, but the gallery lady herself said she would help.  I know her and am confident she will be a asset to the process.

Yesterday, we attempted to go grocery shopping.  We got to the store. The parking lot was full, and there were long line-ups of cars on the surrounding roads.  I just knew that I wouldn't be able to cope with what was obviously a very busy store.  We went to a smaller and more expensive store and bought a few basics-hopefully enough to keep us going until Tuesday, but we also picked up a very nice looking piece of beef.  I only have a beef roast once or twice a year, and tomorrow was to have been the day.

For today, I am grateful to have had a fairly good night's sleep last night.  After everything that has happened today, I would never have made it otherwise.

Another weekend is here...

Oh where is the time going? And really nothing to show for it. Not like Cathy who is in production and the Show on stage already, nor like Patty whose butterfly art I just enjoyed on her other blog.  I have shoveled snow though, so that's something to write about haha
This year's copy of The Prairie Garden 2014 arrived in the mail the other day. It is the 75th Anniversary book and celebrated the many past years of the book with history and names. Phyllis's name came up in several different articles about the book and it was very nice to see that and then reminisce a bit. The book's main theme this year is in fact all about Gardens. Really interesting articles and coloured pictures.
I shall be starting my sourdough starter this week. In years past I used to make the starter just in time for Christmas and cinnamon buns but going to start a little early this time. The starter takes 10 days to ferment before it is ready to use in baking. The past few years I did not bother with sourdough but made Patty's recipe instead ( like tea biscuits) Going to be fun to taste the sourdough again.
Its soon time for a hair cut and likely make an appointment for this week coming. Fortunately I can hide it under a knitted hat these days but starting to bug me so I know I must do it NOW.
Last Wed Harry was successful in bidding on the online Coin Auction so decided to drive there right away. This is in Midland about 2 1/2 hours south west of here towards the Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. The morning was snowy and weather calling for blowing snow in those parts but off we went. To my delight the roads were clear south of us although we left in blustery conditions, and continued to be favourable through out the whole expedition.  On the way back we got a stone on the windshield. Couldn't see anything to show a mark or worse but yesterday when Harry turned the heat on high to clear the window, the shatter came right across the driver's view into the passengers view. So a quick phone call on my part to the Glass place in North Bay and we have an appointment Monday at 9 am. They will drive us to the Mall and so we can put in time ( about three hours) and likely spend a few dollars while we're at it.
 The other day when we went up to the see the live show ( Thursday) we went to Canadian Tire to look around - what a mad scene of people shoving and pushing - no carts available so I went out to parking lot and nabbed on. We did buy some stuff on sale but I tell you, these mad rushes are not my style. But, the Show was fantastic - well worth the free tickets I got to see it haha. I kept thinking of you Cathy and your production while I watched as I could imagine all the time and preparation that goes into such a marvellous presentation and yours the same. I so enjoyed it - Ebenezer - and adapted to the live stage so well
Well, I must have another coffee and sit by my tree before the day starts in earnest I am up early just to write a few words.  Have a pleasant weekend - Cathy tell us all about your show when you catch your breath OK? And Patty you will be busy preparing for the hanging of your Show Dec 2 so thinking of you both. Take care

Thursday, November 28, 2013

one night off

tonight I sit and do nothing.  Yippee!   Today Jim gave me an early Christmas Present.  The warmest snuggliest house coat you have ever seen!  He says he got tired of seeing me in his old housecoat.  It made him feel bad.  It is absolutely the nicest thing I have seen in years.  The last time I got a housecoat for Christmas I think I was 9.  It was yellow and I wore it until it was almost obscene.  I guess when I like something I really get my monies worth.  Tomorrow is production.  Sunday Kik sings and Kris has invited us to Killarney on the 8th.  I shall survive!

nothing settled

Today we saw the orthopedic surgeon.  He examined me, and told us the potential  side effects etc with knee replacement surgery.  He would only do one knee at a time, which was re-assuring.  I decided to discuss it further with my family doctor at an appointment on Dec 17th.  If I decide to go ahead, I need only call the orthopedic surgeon's office and ask to be paced on the waiting list--which is about 8 months long long.  He advised that there may be surgeons with shorter lists, and if I advised the regional health authority that I would accept any surgeon, I might be able to get in sooner, but the surgery would have to be done at Concordia not Grace.  This would not be our choice.
So-o-o The beat goes on!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas traditions

We no longer have any traditions.  David is dis-interested, and without the children, it hardly seems worth the effort.  I do bring out the Christmas dishes the first weekend in December. This year I have had the blue Christmas tablecloth on since early November when the last one died and this was the only blue one I had,  (thank you Beth).  I also put up my little tree and my glass icicles. there are about half a dozen other ornaments that go on, and when I think of them, most of those also came from you, Beth.  but, I see remnants of some of the traditions I tried to develop when I see the children or visit at Christmas, and most of those revolve around food.  Amber and her family always have cinnamon buns for breakfast Christmas Day, but later we enjoy Darren's family tradition of meat balls.  We have always made Mrs.F's shortbread.  I'm no longer physically capable of doing it, but David has stepped up for the last few years.  The larger family, especially Loren, demand Scottish Oatmeal dressing for every Christmas dinner.  And Loren has always tried to cook a bird for those times when he has had his children over Christmas. For many years, when I was working, I could buy an excellent Stollen (sp?)at work, which I served as a snack on Christmas Eve.
But maybe the most worthwhile tradition is getting together over Christmas.  It doesn't matter what you eat, if you are with the people you love, although talking about food always makes the conversation easier, when you haven't seem each other in awhile.

More flurries

Just came in from walking the dog and shoveling the driveway.. I might as well get in lots of practice as I think this white stuff is here to stay? Harry entered my name in a draw on the radio station and I won 2 tickets to see a live musical presentation of Ebenezer on Thursday night at the Capital Centre in North Bay. We picked up the tickets today while in North Bay. Actually I am excited to attend as it will be a night out and a Christmasy event which I love. Hope the road conditions will be OK. Add this to next week's Scott Woods Show on Wednesday night and you would think I'm a real gadabout haha  I bought myself this year's annual Christmas Tim Horton's Special Edition Mug set. I gave up hinting to folks for a gift and never getting, so the last few years I have splurged and bought it myself. I am not really taken with the style and design this year but nevertheless, it goes with my other mugs and I cherish the Tim's tradition I have started for myself. Each morning I can choose which mug I shall use for my morning coffee and all of them a Tim's mug - silly eh?
Yesterday when I got up I was determined to set up the Christmas tree come hell or high water. And guess what - I accomplished it -yeah! Some tricky maneuvering of furniture and bird cages and some exhausting carrying from basement to front room gave me pause to reflect on how much it means for me to have the tree up and lite brightly. We have so many decorations still in boxes downstairs but I got the basic done and for this I am very very happy. Really no more room for any more. Now, the first thing I do when I rise in the morning is turn the coffee machine on, and turn the tree lights on. Then take the dog outside, and then relax in the comfort of sitting on the chesterfield, sipping a nice hot coffee, and enjoying a moment of peace. I am a bit early this year compared to years past, but that only means a longer time to enjoy right? Visited Mike briefly today to take him his cookies - he is working weekends instructing on a course right now, so has the odd days off in the week. His girlfriend Erin, was returning from Toronto this afternoon after visiting with her parents for a few days. They are trying to organize the Christmas time because we suggested we could go there on Christmas Day to make the meal, but apparently they are visiting her parents  just before Christmas and planning on driving back home Christmas morning, Isn't it a shame to have to have such a tight schedule in order to try to please everyone? I can remember so vividly the Christmas routine we had to accommodate going to the inlaws (every year) while I tried so hard to build  firm family traditions of our own. Didn't work haha  I still make cinnamon buns and have oranges on Christmas morning though - even just for myself! Enough of this - sounds like I am complaining. I should go and sit by the tree and mellow out.....Take care...Thinking of you Cathy all week - break a leg, eh?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Gosh, even your writing sounds tired.

This is the season for this type of activity, and in some ways I envy you, but not when it gets to the point of exhaustion.  I haven't been out of the house since last Wednesday, and am looking forward to a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow--maybe.  Cathy, hang in there!

Two Down

The day started at 1:45 this morning when I woke up and realized that I hadn't put my Wassail on to simmer.  So guess what I was doing at 2 am this morning.... at least I got it all ready to go last night.  Then this morning they called to tell me my meeting was cancelled. Yippee!  Jim was all set to make us breakfast since I didn't have to be out until 1pm. Oooops.  The people from Winnipeg were already on the way or here, Sooooo, Cathy was at VCC at 10am.  It was actually okay..  There were 3 people from Winnipeg and me.  Ron had come in last night, Caren had stayed with family at Onanole overnight and Richard (a brand new board member had driven in that morning) BUT,  we talked for 2 hours and came up with a lot of really good ideas.  Our Dickens reading when really well.  We were expecting 5 or 6 grade 5 students to sing a song.... instead there were about 20.  They were also first in line at the dainties.  5 or 6 each just to start.  I tried to get them to hold back but gave up and just took 3 trays off the table to put back out when the adults came through.  It was fine.  The audience was really supportive.  We had asked each reader that was a member of Whitemud to bring 1 or 2 dozen dainties.  John told his wife, and she made up a beautiful tray of assorted dainties, all wrapped up and tied with ribbon.  We ended up leaving it and offering it as a raffle prize.  All proceeds today went to the Christmas Hamper fund so it went to a good cause.  Next week is the play.  The caterer wants final numbers by 7:30 tomorrow morning.  I am assuming we will go ahead with the play, but I think we will loose money overall.  Neepawa is such a last minute town.  We will probably get all sorts of people phoning next week, but we will have to say no.  What a shame.  Oh well.  Next Sunday (Dec 1) is the Christmas concert at the Yellowhead.  It is advertised as the Choraliers concert, but all  sorts of singers perform... school choirs, church choirs, community choirs etc I went last year with Lynne and had a really good time, so we are going to go again.  Even though I really snapped at her today.  I apologized, cause she really didn't deserve it.  My only defense is exhaustion.  She was really good about it.  Oh!  Today Rrain was in the choir and had a solo.  She is really good!  I am so proud of her.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

one day done.....

Today was the VCC Craft Sale.  We did some set up last night and I was there at 7am today.  We finished packing up at 5;30.  The Santa  parade was at 6 tonight, It was a parade of lights again this year.  I came home and made 2 batches of wassail for tomorrow.  Now I am sitting with my feet soaking in my foot spa. (They are so sore from today)  Tomorrow I  have a board meeting at 10:30am and then the annual Dickens reading at 1pm.  Monday night rehearsal, Wednesday is dress rehearsal.  Thursday is another rehearsal if we need it, and Friday and Saturday are performance  Next Sunday I can stop and breathe.  I just hope I can survive this week.  I will probably be reading the blog every day, but won't feel like writing anything by the end of the day. Or maybe I will.  I am seriously thinking of bed, even if it is only 7:45. Have a good week!

Snow all around so inside feels good here too......

I tried the Dr Who thingy on the Google and also didn't get far but then really didn't have the time to spend on it either. I enjoy their little tributes especially the animated ones. We went to two Craft Shows here in Sundridge this morning and then a quick trip up to North Bay to buy some pennies for Harry. He requests them form Kijiji and usually gets lots of responses. One man tried to sell him pennies for 5 cents each! The driving was treacherous and in North Bay near whiteout conditions so I was very glad to be back home again. I am at my sewing in between loads of wash, and cleaning fridges etc. I am hoping to finish the little quilt this weekend. I play Christmas music, sing along, and nibble on licorice allsorts and drink Root beer. What more can a person ask for? And the daily inspirational today read: It's a new day, and a chance to try again. So for now, I shall keep on keeping on....Take care all.

Just cold!

We are pretty well staying in the house, unless we REALLY have to go out.   David is looking forward to watching the football game tomorrow, but i'm not sure what I plan to do.  I can remember that stores etc would be empty during the game ( which was on Saturday then,) and the women would try to do some Christmas shopping. I also remember that when I first started to work for the Federal Government, that we got Nov 11th off and could accomplish a lot of shopping then.  My hands are quite sore, and I am only able to accomplish a very small amount of sewing before having to take a lengthy break.  The same with using a keyboard.  I still can't get my wedding ring on.

This fall we bought the whole series of Joe Pickett novels by C.J.Box, and I have been slowly working my way through them.  I have read a few of them before, and have always enjoyed them, but too many at one itme can get a little "gritty" for me, so I have been taking the occasional break with a Harlequin.  But this week a few of the older books in the Lucas Davenport series by John Sandford came in at the library (We ordered them quite awhile ago), so I am reading one of the very early ones of those.  Oh My!  How dated it is, but none the less true to the times.  I read John Sandford books when I can, but prefer the Virgil Flowers series.  It's a much shorter series and I think I've now read them all.

And if reading fails to keep me happy, there is a Dr. Who marathon, of sorts, on this weekend to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series.  Google has an interactive thing-y that allows you to pick a Dr. and have him try to battle a Darlech.(sp?)  I couldn't get very far with it.  It  is very much like Pacman, I think, but then I never played Pacman.  Well, if all else fails, I think there is a new Bar Rescue.

When so very much is wrong or painful, it's hard to think about something for which I am grateful  I am grateful that I still have my vision--such as it is--so that reading and television remain options for me.  I am grateful that we have a warm house, and a full pantry.. I am. grateful for a second pair of hands, for those times when mine don't work.  And, I'm grateful that the city has not finalized plans to stop plowing residential strees, and deferred the decision until next March.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh, Beth---How awful for you!

and made worse by your gentle and nurturing soul.  I can see this being very upsetting for you.  But, it sounds as though you met a very compassionate vet.  Did you know him before, or is he someone new in your life--so to speak.  He sounds like the kind of vet I would want to know, if I still had animals. I'll be thinking of you a little more in my prayers tonight.

Funny things happening with blog?

Strange happenings that I don't understand with blog - messages telling me I have errors and to expect more errors. So I will try to write and see if it publishes.
Less than stellar week so far. Monday after supper I took dog for a walk - a neighbour dog got loose from his electric fence and bounced over to play. I chased him back to his yard but on my way back, over he came again. I allowed Scooby and dog to play and then I chased him away while I proceeded home - he was headed back to his place but in a flash I heard a huge thud noise and turned to see a truck had hit the dog on the road. The truck stopped while I ran after the dog who headed for his own yard. No one was home at his house. The dog fell onto the ground. I called with my cell phone to directory assistance for the Vet number - was connected to him through his answering service and he said he would come to where I was. In meantime the truck driver said he was going home to call police ( I told him the police would do nothing) I covered dog with my jacket and sat beside him talking but I could see he was quickly dying. I called Harry to come and get Scooby who I had tied to a tree. I felt so helpless all alone and in the dark and cold. Finally the owner drove up and as I called over to her, the Vet and his wife also arrived. He pronounced the dog dead. The owner was less than reactive in my opinion ( but then the Vet said to me later that she may have been in shock and all people act differently in situations like this.) What I didn't realize until that moment was that I had been bitten in the hand when I initially went to the dog right after he was hit. I had my mitts on but when finally looked I was bleeding a lot. So the Vet told me to get into his car and he drove over to the office where his wife attended to the wound. They were very clear that they were NOT treating me but he had been concerned when he had seen the hand on the street. Once cleaned off  it was dressed with a betadine soaked dressing and taped. They advised me to seek medical help the next day if it felt worse and also that usually a tetanus shot is given in cases of bites. I called Harry to pick me up there. The Vet and his wife were very kind - did not ask for payment even when I asked them specifically. Needless to say, this tragic situation upset me terribly and I did not sleep at all Monday night and still shocked on Tuesday. Today the shock has subsided a bit but not totally. I think this will haunt me for a long while as I keep wondering if I could have prevented it somehow?
Today was baking day for Harry. He pulls off recipes from Internet, and I get all the ingredients etc ready. And then he goes to it....after a day of baking, we have lots of delicious cookies. Tomorrow he will decorate them and then I will box them up. We'll give some to both the boys, and of course I'll eat one or two of them haha. While he baked, I did more sewing on the little Christmas throw I'm making with flannel fabric. I only had to make one trip to the store for more butter and walnuts!
Almost time for Arrow at 8 pm on TV and then to bed.  Take care

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Busy Lives

Sorry to hear you are having surgery, Pati, but happy that it is not as serious as it might have been.  There is lots of snow falling here right now.  Looks like a blizzard outside with the wind and the snow.  Our rehearsals are starting to resemble a play.  Good thing since it is only 2 weeks away.  Next weekend is the Craft Sale on Saturday and the Dicken's reading on Sunday.  I also have an ACT Board meeting on Sunday morning, before Dickens.  Next week is the VCC AGM.  We have 3 new board members!  Quite an accomplishment these days.  Everyone is so busy that they don't have time to volunteer.  I am afraid that I will really have to bite the bullet and buy new clothes.  I kept hoping I would lose weight, but that is just not going to happen.  The clothes I have are starting to show their age.  I also discovered, onWednesday, that my shoes have a hole in the bottom.  How did you discover that, you ask?  Must have been all the rain and snow that fell and melted into puddles on the ground.  My feet were soaked!  Elizabeth and I seem to have the same warped sense of humour.  They finally finished up the work at the office.... okay, THEY say they are finished .... WE say there is a lot more to be done.  We couldn't resist opening a "Complaint Department".  You can't really read the sign in the picture.  Small pleasures for small minds.   


It has been 11 months since we were told we were being sold and the deal still hasn't gone through.  It will be next year now, before it is finalized.  The original date was to be last June. As long as someone keeps paying me.  I would much rather win the lottery and retire, but that just doesn't seem to be working for me.   I would really like to get the signing bonus they offered.   Almost time to go grocery shopping.  My excitement for the week.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So, more surgery?

But you will have it fixed and that is what matters. Grace is right across the city too, so a really early start for you that morning. Will be thinking of you Jan 9 - the image of a golf ball under my hip lets me know totally how you have been feeling ugh!
I went to the Fabric Store in South River today and bought some more flannel (On sale but still expensive) The fabric I made into the little throw simply wasn't enough to make even a little throw so I plan to make two borders around the edges with more 7 inch squares and fancy it up a bit with decorative stitches. So buying a $2.00 piece of fabric did not pay off in the end but at least now, I will have something usable and useful.
We heard from Mike from the hunt camp - they now have three deer to share for the party of nine so he should get a good portion of meat. His girl friend  Erin,  is out pricing a taxidermist as Mike would like to have his 8 point buck mounted. Too bad Darren wasn't a little closer. If he can't get a good price, he said he would just take the rack.
I just watched the movie The Fisher King with Jeff Bridges and Robin Williams - not too bad. The temps are rising now and rain should be the order of the day for the next few days. At least it will thaw out the sump pump and tubes that have been frozen lying outside the last week. I will have to drain them once the rain ceases and box them up for winter.
We are getting tickets again to see the Scott Woods Band Christmas Show on Dec 4 up in Callander (just south of North Bay) This is fiddle music and dancing and singing and comedy all in one and we have enjoyed every show we've seen over last few years so expect this one not to disappoint!
Hope you all have a pleasant weekend. I hope to do some more sewing and maybe finish that throw, and finish backing the hooked rug - ambitious aren't I,  haha  Take care

More doctors

Just returned from the doctor.  This is a surgeon to whom I was referred because of a  lump on my left hip.  This has been around for many years.  My previous doctor told me it was a bursa--the A-hole.  It has now been diagnosed as a lipoma--a type of very benign tumour.  None-the-less, because it is very slowly growing, and now can cause pain when I try to sleep on that side, it is recommended that it be removed.  (think of a golf ball just under the skin of your hip.)  So I have an appointment for surgery on Jan 9.  We have to be at Grace Hospital by 6:30 am. It could have been done on Jan 2nd, but neither of us wanted to have to be well behaved on Jan 1st.

Monday, November 11, 2013

How wonderful, Cathy!

What a validation of the special person you are!  Always doing what needs to be done, but not expecting that anyone will ever notice.  People who matter DO appreciate you, and have now told you so.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Transport myself...

If any morning aroused me more to transport myself with a twitch of my nose, it was this morning. Getting up early in order to check the blog, I read both of your messages and wished I could give you both a long, loving hug. Perhaps for different reasons - with exultation for Cathy's award, and with encouragement for Patty's beautiful art work not quite right for her(?) Instead I made a cup of coffee and sat down to share the time with you both.
Snow has turned to rain this morning - I did not realize just how much it was coming down until I walked down to the Lake with Scooby and without an umbrella, we both got a bit wet. Usual type of weather for Remembrance Day celebrations tomorrow. We shall go to the Legion again. They started having the Service inside a few years ago, with a short Cenotaph laying of wreaths immediately following. People have option of driving to the Cenotaph or staying at Legion for a hot lunch. We will go to the Cenotaph and then head home without the socialization aspect of the event.
Wednesday I have my annual Doctor appointment - always look forward to this event as well! haha If it weren't for the need for renewal of medications, I'd probably not go so often. But these days one needs to have a family Doctor which are very scarce and often many not accepting new patients at all. And when one does get a Doctor, one needs to comply with her requiem, right? And also answer her truthfully about the number of coffees I have a day?
Well, more housework today, and I pulled out the Christmas card box to get organized. I also found the box of Christmas music and movies. Starting to find myself getting a little excited about the pending session but won't advertise this too loud. I watched Cast Away with Tom Hanks last evening and enjoyed it - this is what encouraged me to seek out the Christmas movies as I always watch The Polar Express which although animated, has the voice of Tom Hanks starring and which I find very good.
Sounds as if you are both fully scheduled for this coming week - take care and pace yourselves. Thinking of you both.....

Saturday, November 9, 2013


We just came from the Legion Dinner and I got a service award.  Much to my embarrassment, when my name was called, everyone in the hall heard me say "for what?"  I was totally taken off guard.  It seems it was for all the little things that I do.  I guess I am sheltered, but I thought everyone helped out, but I guess not.  It was because I count the change from the poppy boxes and clear tables when needed and work behind the bar when they are short and stuff like that.  I am so thrilled!  I never expected anything for that!  This is so exciting!  Tomorrow is another rehearsal.  I am making Daddy's ribs for supper.  I cook them in the crock pot.  Keri will be over.  I have another rehearsal on Monday (for a different presentation)   Another strategic planning session onTuesday then rehearsals Wednesday and Thursday.  We both went to meat draw last night.  I have been staying home on Fridays but Kristy said they would be there so I went.  She was delayed at the doctor's and they didn't get there until almost 6:30.  Oh well.   It is still crazy at work.  I have 7 days of holidays and 5 days of overtime banked.  With only 3 of us I can't take them.  Could be interesting if they insist we all use our time before the new year!  This is way past my bedtime (Yes, it is not yet 10pm) but I haven't been sleeping well.  I sleep for 2 hours then toss and turn for 3 or 4, then doze until my alarm rings. Not very restful.. I got a letter from the sleep clinic.  I think it is about 2 years since the dr. recommended I go.  Maybe by next year I will have been assessed.   Jim is about to give Nika her medicine.  She hates it, but it works.  Jim swore he was having her put down by the end of October if I didn't do something about her bladder control.  She is not ready to go.  She is still happy.  I am really glad this medicine helped.    And yes, we have snow on the ground.  At least we didn't get what they got north of here.  Hopefully I will sleep tonight.  I am still so excited about this award!

Trying to catch up

After being away for three days, I wanted to get back to studio work.  I had a particular piece that I wanted to work on--one that represented the last major piece for the show. Well today it went "south", and I have had to accept that what I have is what I have.  The up-side of this is that I got so frustrated that I cleaned out the bead cupboard, and managed to clear out enough stuff that there is now enough room for ALL the beads.  Or so I thought.  Then I discovered another box while starting upstairs.  I'll deal with that tomorrow.

Otherwise, some of my Ravenesque ladies are coming over for the day on Monday.  Not really what I would like to be doing, especially when one of them has invited herself for supper, as she has an evening meeting quite close and didn't want to go home in between.  This means tidying the upstairs kitchen, living room, and bathroom, as well as the basement. But I have to remind myself that there is "give" in relationships, as well as "take".  Which then reminds me how much I need and value my social relationships outside of the family, and how grateful I am to have them.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


I agree, as I am also very anxious with such inclement weather conditions and a few "nods" upstairs are usually my solution too! Glad you are now home, with money in your pocket, Metamucil in your purse, and that your cupboard holds more B&B.
I am sewing! I mentioned I was cleaning up in order to make the sewing machine usable. At the Habitat ReStore I bought a big piece of Christmas design flannel for $2.00. I cut it into 7 inch squares and started to sew it into a nice small throw. I am determined not to put any more costs into it but since  I am utilizing my fancy stitches and find I am using far more thread than usual, I will have to go to the Fabric store tomorrow to buy more. But the fact that I am sitting at my machine and sewing something thrills me to bits.
Harry made a huge roaster pan of cabbage rolls today and so we have lots to eat and lots in the freezer. And of course, I have about six cups of cooked rice leftover in the fridge so tomorrow I guess it will be creamy rice pudding that I will be making. Good that I like it so much.
Anyway, hoping that the snow will hold off here for awhile but the weather forecast begs to differ. I am reading Pride and Prejudice right now on my Kobo - this was one I downloaded free long ago. So it is off to bed now and hope the ground isn't too white when I get up. Take care

Home again with a little help from Above

Lovely trip.  We both enjoyed the time away, we did a bit of shopping, and came home with money in our pockets.  David found himself a new winter parka.  He really doesn't like shopping, for himself, and is never happy with anything I buy,  but he found the parka, as well as a new sweat jacket, and even some underwear.  In the same store. I found a blouse.  This is a discount store and you can never tell what you might find.  This blouse appears to be very well designed, and well made.  The name on the label isn't familiar, but it appears to have been a high end blouse.  It fits a little large, but the entire back panel is pleats, and it drapes and flows beautifully.  Machine washable, in white, and it cost me $10.98 plus tax.  Of course, I bought beads and fabric, but this year I gave Nordic Needle a miss, for the first time.  There is just nothing I needed to buy there--my work has changed so much over the past 10 years.

Coming home today, we ran into snow, just outside of Crookston.  It lasted all the way to Grand Forks, where it had been on the ground for awhile.  Everything was icy and cars were slipping and sliding.  We slowly made it to I29, where the ice was even worse.  We were sliding, and David didn't make it over 80km until we were well out of town.  (the speed limit is 70mph).  I was scared, as I usually am in such circumstances, but a couple of miles north of town the sky cleared, the snow disappeared, and there was no evidence it had ever been there.  And yes, I did say a little thank you prayer.  The icing on the cake was getting into Pembina and finding out that they still had some B&B left in the Duty Free.

The only down side to it was that I forgot my Metamucil and had to buy some on the way down.  With no way of measuring it, I took too much Tuesday night, and spent the next couple of days not wanting to get too far from the bathroom.  This can be a problem when you are travelling.

So now it's back to work.  Today, I can't tell you how very glad , and thankful, I am that the weather cleared enough for us to get home safely.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Running the roads

Last two days it seems we have just been running the roads - down to Huntsville, and up to North Bay. Sold my tires as I mentioned yesterday - the guy was very happy to see them in such good condition and he should be as he got them for a song! C'est la vie.
Mike, my "hunter", got his first - a four point deer. His girlfriend called me this afternoon to tell me the good news. I have to be happy for Mike even if I don't share the thrill. He is out for two weeks with his hunting party at a camp East of North Bay. It must be close enough because Erin drove out last night to take him some more clothes and apparently going again tonight. She states she refuses to stay overnight. Not her scene! A girl after my own heart?
I am staying up to watch Arrow at 8 pm but should really be going to bed - not much sleep lately. I have made an Eye appointment for Dec 11. I had to cancel an appointment in Feb and never called back to reschedule. Will be glad to see how things are as I feel I am getting poorer vision as time goes by. I should also make a Hearing appointment soon but will wait on that for now. And I already have a Doctors appointment for Nov 13. So I am well looked after health wise eh?
Well, Patty you should be back soon from your vacation (haha) and hard at it to prepare for your Show in December. Every time I view the Generations I love it more and more. You did a beautiful job.
Take care all, and keep in touch

Monday, November 4, 2013

Love the banter..

The portrait has created great conversation and I am so happy to see all the comments. With this blog even a few words inspires the others to respond and so it goes. Patty, from this perspective your Generations has already garnered great acclaim!
Harry has been able to sell on Kijiji my old winter tires from the other car that were in storage at the Dealership. I picked them up today and put them in the trunk, and we will meet the fellow tomorrow morning to make an exchange at the Tim Horton's in Burks Falls. We have decided for the moment not to purchase winter tires for this new car of ours.
Have a fun time on your travels Patty over next few days - hope your weather is OK for driving.
Take care

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What a hoot!

I changed the colour.  Originally it was light blue.  But the posture is a dead giveaway--exactly like Dad's.

Which Sister??

It is Beth, of course.  I recognize the outfit :)  

Sweat jackets

Friday, I decided to wash the casual jackets that hang in the front closet. Some are sweat jackets, some corduroy, and a couple fleece. These are the ones that I throw on when heading outside, or down to the studio.  When I was working, my "uniform" was Alia pants and t-shirts with an over blouse, but now that I'm retired these sweat jackets have replaced the blouse.    I don't like washing the fleecy ones too often as, over time, they "pill, and loose their warmth, but eventually they need washing.  I probably should have done it last spring, but what the heck?  I just washed the ones out of the front closet, as the seven in the spare room haven't been worn-lately. The size of the pile surprised me, so when they came through ( two loads) I counted them. Including the ones in the spare room, I have 19 of them.  Who needs 19 casual jackets?

Three of them have never been worn! for some reason. One of them came through all covered with lint, that has to be pinched off, piece by piece.  I'm not sure about the future of that one, although it is one of the "good" ones that I could have worn out for "special".  A couple are getting a little "ratty", and will be relegated to painting days.  But--who needs 19 jackets? Well, we sorted them out and found--tada--ONE--that can be discarded,  but could still be used on really cold painting days.  No, it will probable go out with garbage, although the only problem is the stains.

I realize that this all comes from the days I was working.  I never had to buy a new outfit.  I bought the pants ad T-shirt in the new colour that came out every year, but kept re-cycling older outfits with new blouses.  Well, now my jeans, or black pants and t-shirts, go with everything.

Ah-h-h..... but which sister?

Actually, young Samantha is there too, carefully cradled under her Mother's heart.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

I know who they are!!!

My sister, my niece & my niece's daughter.  I even recognized them from the art!  No question in my mind.  I got all my carrots in the freezer last night.  My slicer misbehaved, but I asked a friend for her carrot cake recipe (with icing)  Her icing is soooo good.  I think the secret is the brown sugar.  So the carrots that were grated instead of sliced have a future.  Our play is November 29 & 30 and December 6 & 7.  The Dicken's reading is November 24. The craft sale is November 23.  I have an ACT board meeting on November 24.  I have no idea how I will fit all of this in.  I think that a cup of coffee tomorrow morning will be wonderful!  It is 6:50 pm and I am ready for bed.  I don't want to go cause I will be up at 3 am, but I am just burnt out!  Part of it is mental stress and part physical.  I can hear the geese flying by right now. I love the sound, but I hate what I know it means.  Our old dog, Nika is doing much better with the medication she is on.  No more peeing without realizing it.  I haven't gotten the bill for the drugs yet, but I ordered another bottle.  It works.... need I say more?!  I really do like having a vet that makes house calls, or listens to the symptoms and suggests something.  It is so much easier on Nika not having the stress of having to be loaded into the truck and driven 25 minutes to the vets.... and then home again.. and Danielle is really caring. She wants to have a traveling vet clinic... an old ambulance or something similar.It will be such a relief to me and so many of my friends.  I have been fighting a cold for a week now.  It has been hanging in. Maybe it would be better to let it take over for 4 days and be done with it.  As it is , it had been over a week with this low level cold.  Now, I have to email the new president of ACT and ask her a question.  Oh boy!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Wow, I can guess who they are......

Even though I think this entry was intended to go in the Mouse Factory, I enjoyed seeing it so much here. I can even remember fondly the walk along the road that was part of the inspiration for this masterpiece.
Not much new here today except more rain but more important very heavy winds gusting up to 100 km/hr. Hydro was out for over four hours this morning. I walked up to get the mail - or should I say I was blown along the road -the one restaurant at the corner has a big generator on a trailer that they haul in and plug into a huge plug on the outside wall. Obviously the place has been wired purposely for such occasions. And there was a lineup of people in the door coming for coffee or maybe food as the tables were full. A Lakeland Power truck pulled up as I went by and two young men dressed in the usual iridescent orange jumpers ran into the place and lined up for coffee. I guess with all the blown down trees and hydro lines they had to fix, a little break was in order haha
Have a good weekend folks - don't work too hard, and Cathy, take a moment to sit down and have a coffee with me OK? Lets all pretend we are together and we can have a real bitch session for a bit - and then we can get on with the rest of our day! I will use my Keurig machine, and I suppose Cathy will use her Tassimo, and Patty, what will you use?
Take care

May I introduce......?

Finally I have work finished,--sort of.  This first piece is titled 'Generations". I took the pictures several years ago at McConnell Lake, and combined elements from three of them into this hanging.  I really wanted the focus to be the height and age of the trees,but soon realized that I needed the  figures to provide scale. I have never put figures in any of my previous pieces--and there have been quite a few of them.  Creating a working sketch of the figures was quite a chore,but I'm happy with the result.I had a simpler image of the three people simply walking away, but thought that it would be more interesting if there was some evidence of interaction between them. There are a couple of techniques in this piece that I've not used before, and I think I  learned quite a bit making it.

The title refers to the many generations it has taken to grow these trees, the five generations of my husband's family that enjoyed the family cottage at McConnell Lake before it was sold, out of the family, this summer, and finally the three generations of my own family, who were models for the picture.

 Here is a close-up of the figures.  Poor little girl has had her shoe fall off, and is asking her Mom for help.

The other piece is titled simply " Bonsai Tree". I spent a lot of time reading about bonsai trees on  the Internet.  I found out that they can be made from almost any type of tree.  They are defined by severely stunted growth, which leads to very dense foliage.  The containers they are grown in are often quite elaborately decorated.  And they can appear in almost any shape and configuration you could imagine.  This piece is done on hand-dyed fabric.  I don't know if it meets the definition of thread painting, but is entirely created with densely stitched thread, two shades of Superior Fantastico in shades of brown and beige, and two shades of green Sulky Blendable, two shades of sulky Blendable in grey,  along with two shades of 30wt Sulky solid.  The different densities of quilting made it necessary to block this piece, but here it is with the binding sewn on ready for hand finishing.

And here is the close-up.