Monday, July 31, 2017

A quickie

Just watched Guardians of the Galaxy on the computer. Mike downloaded the movie onto a flash drive and i was able to get it going on the computer.  I really liked it. But i would want to see it again to orient myself to it's intricacies. Thanks Pati for the suggestion.  Now i shall have to find the sequel. Cathy have you seen both, or one of these movies? Now Harry wants the computer so must go......

Sunday, July 30, 2017


We're lying low with the heat, too.  For some reason David is always cold these days, wearing a sweat jacket most of the time.  So the A/C may be a bit of a guilty pleasure, but for me it's an almost a necessity.  I just wilt in the heat.  Cathy, do you not have a pool this year?

But we did have to go out today.  Got a phone call late yesterday from Loren asking us to pick him up at the airport this afternoon. Say what?  Evidently he got a last minute opportunity to attend a magic seminar in Memphis!  He went to one of these last year in New Orleans, and absolutely thrives on them.  He takes sessions on the internet, and these finish with this three day gathering with classes and demonstrations.  He tells me that he's been getting more and more jobs through his magic, and feels that these sessions help him improve.  Today, in the car, he talked about his retirement plans.  OMG! Retirement?  My child? But, when you think about it, this is the time he should be doing a bit of research and planning.  While he didn't actually say it, I gathered that he sees the magic as something to pursue further in retirement, for a bit of spending money.

Since the heat looks like it continues for most of the next week, we'll probably stay pretty close to home, for the next little while.  This is fine, as I have lots of studio work to keep me busy.  Spent some time this morning sorting though my dyed fabric stash.  This may look like just a bit of tidying up, but it's really a search for inspiration, and I found some.  Since I have a length studio "to do" list, it's probably not anything I'll get to soon.

Starting to feel your heat wave here now.....

Yes, it's getting hot here now so I guess we are in for a few days of the same.  It means more dedicated watering in the yard (which I just finished) and trying to lay low but that isn't always realistic.  But glad you did "nothing" today Cathy haha!
We had a wonderful visit with Mike and Erin today - Harry was able to come after all even though he is still is quite severe pain in his hip. Tomorrow I am hoping he will take the Rx for an xray that the Dr gave him and actually go for an xray. We got a gift basket to bring home - one loaf of bread that Mike made, and some blueberry muffins that Erin made. What a nice treat!  I am not really surprised that Mike is into baking bread as it fits his style, but I was a little taken back to see a round loaf looking very nicely made - we had some from another loaf he made for lunch - like a french loaf in texture - delicious.
On Friday I attended the retirement come and go party at the Library for Denise. They had cake and coffee and stood around a bit to talk but I only stayed about 30 mins as others came in and out.  Pati, I was able to have the first book you mentioned by Phaedra Patrick put on hold for me. and the second book has been ordered for me. So soon I shall be able to read them.  I am sort of in limbo right now for reading material so will welcome these books.
Three budgie eggs and counting..........
Time for bed.  ps I have been working on my Six Word Memoir as promised so maybe soon we can all rehash what we have submitted - I'd love to get your feedback of mine, as I am anxious to provide my feedback to you both. Stay tuned....

I should have done something

i should have done something today but when the humidex is 39 and you have no air conditioning nothing is about all you can do. It really tires you out. We are desperate for rain but I think it is too late for the farmers. We get warnings but all we get is thunder and lightening. Tuesday is supposed to be bearable. And later this week the nights are supposed to get below 20. I am grateful for small mercies.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

And yet another day

i got my computer back. He got it to work  but since the fan is gone he said "don't". Rrain has been checking out refurbished computers for me. All I really want from my old one is my pictures and maybe my recipes. I will pick up a 16 gig flash drive on Monday and try to save them. It was my friend patty's husband that looked at my computer for me and got it working for a while but all he told me was "you need a new computer". I did give them some steaks in payment even though he wanted nothing.   Patty was really appreciative since she loves steak.  Today I intended to get up early before it got to hot but slept in til almost 7. The dogs must. Have heard me saying I wanted to get up cause they started barking about 6:45. I got up and picked beans and beans. I froze the beans but there were just enough beans to eat. Then tonight I slept for a couple of hours. Jim says I talked to him while he cooked some sausages but I have no memory of it. Neither of us were hungry because of the heat so we had some crackers and chees and sausages. It has been so hot and dry for the last couple of weeks that most of the crops have started to burn off. Today we had lots of thunder but less than 2/10ths of an inch of rain. The crops looked so good this spring it must be so depressing for the farmers   Now it is 8 pm and I think I need to go back to sleep. That is so sad to go to bed at 8pm. Jim has gone to the tv for his fix on the "trump comedy hour" as he calls it and I will crash

Busy yesterday-quiet today

We were up early, yesterday, to get David off to have the oil changed.  We have been told that the car was checked out and is fine-snort! Shortly after he left, the woman in red showed up, even wore her red outfit for the occasion. She had a list of areas where she thought my housekeeping was lacking, and was demanding remedy immediately.  She kept me busy until David got home and then roped him in!  Between her nagging, and us trying to get the laundry done, we were both kept busy until the mid-afternoon.  By that time we were both exhausted, and not capable of doing much more for the rest of the day.   I bet she's started a list for next Friday already.

But it felt good to get up this morning to a relatively tidy house. So I was able to spend time today in the studio.  Just beading "Tiara II", but I can only bead in short stages, as my back quickly starts to hurt.  I've tried to look at the ergonomics in the studio, and there really isn't much that can be done. If I sit higher, maybe on a cushion, my feet aren't able to get a good grip on the floor, and I tend to slide out of the chair.  But I got a lot of the piece beaded, and should be able to finish the beading tomorrow.

Hot, hot today, and the A/C has been on for the last 48 hours.  We've been promised rain, and there were even a few drops when I was trying to sit and read outside, with my coffee.  Since the forecast for tomorrow is, again, hot, rain would probably just mean higher humidity.  

So this means that we stay home, and try to keep cool for the next several days. I've already read all but one of the books I picked up at the library yesterday. Have a good weekend.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


We can never anticipate what trials fate will send us, Beth.  With luck this batch of eggs will end up just like the last ones.  It sort of sounds like the birds don't know what to do once the eggs arrive.

Cruel fate also causes  pensioners' paydays to fall on the same weekend as everyone else in the world gets paid. This means that everyone ends up at the grocery store at the same time, along with their children and aging parents.  This may even coincide with Welfare cheques, but I'm not sure. But we were there!

While we were out, the A/C in the car started acting up.   ( 30 degrees with a 36 humidex)  David finally got it up and going again, but we both realize only too well the the warrantee is up on Saturday.  He had planned to take it in for an oil change tomorrow, and will mention it, but we just can't afford a new car right now!  I also remember more fondly, that the last time something like this happened, you were with us Beth, and we were in Fargo!

Then David's poker program started acting up.  In the past I have contacted them and asked for help on his behalf, without any problem.  But today they refused to talk with me, citing privacy concerns.  So I'm now corresponding with them pretending I'm him. Much frustration and not much satisfaction so far, as the information differs on the two computers, and I have to respond to them on his, even though the messages are coming in on mine.

At 4:30, just as we were thinking about finding something for supper, my friend Gail phoned and suggested coffee.  Since I've turned her down the last couple of times she called, I said yes.  She had spent the day looking after her mother.  The lady is 96, and in some sort of care home, but not at the level of care she requires.  She had a nasty fall this morning and Gail got the call to come and take her to a doctor.  The doctor suggested a trip to emergency, and this ended up with x-rays and a CT scan, as she had suffered a nasty bang to the head.  The poor woman can no longer move from her wheelchair to a car seat unassisted, but she's stubborn enough to insist on trying.  I think Gail has just about had enough, but at this point, has no other options.  She just needed to vent a bit, so it was a short coffee, but we both enjoyed it, I think.

But two studio pieces have now been finished.  There is one more on the go, and then it's on to somethign new.  Horay!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cruel irony or ???

The mother budgie laid her first egg today - the first egg of her second attempt that is.  So here we go again.....oh, woe is me.
Rainy off and on but I did attempt to do some more work outside today. The downpour of heavy rain a few days ago really pounded the tomatoes plants I have a big job to tie them up and clean the dead leaves. And since there are 1000 planted in our yard, it take a few minutes haha!
The raspberries are ready now so I picked a nice bowl yesterday. It is dense with undergrowth and overgrown right now with milkweed plants and I lost my footing and fell into the brush backwards and no way could I manoeuvre myself to get up - I thought this is is, this is where I shall end my days! But by moving this way and that, I was able to swing onto my knees and then get up. A bit of excitement I guess in my otherwise predictable life!
The little cat cries and cries at the back door until I put him in his cage - then he is as happy as can be...and when I come by to check on him, he is curled up under his blanket with his little head peeking out, or trying to catch the little chipmunks gathering the peanuts we have put out. Of course he could never catch them but it keeps him amused. Some might think he is being abused to be out all the time but this is what he loves and it doesn't hurt him at all, and he is never left alone.
I browsed that web site Pati, and thanks for the tip. I think I have accessed her blog another time or two at your prompting. She writes very well.  And I'll check our Library on Friday afternoon when I go to the retirement drop in for the Librarian, Denise, and see if they have these two books. I always like to get ideas for reading and yours have always been of interest.
So another day "in the books" and I'll be off to bed to do what else, of course.  Take care

Not so light reading

Today I found a posting by an artist I follow.  She is currently enjoying an artist residency at a historical site in the American mid-west.  The most recent posting talks about the site, and her work, as do the previous ones, but in this one she also talks about her views on life and death.  Some deep thoughts that I found interesting.

I'm now just about finished the "Arthur Pepper' book.  It is a good book, but I admit that I found the "Benedict Stone" one more interesting.  It contains some information of various gem stones that I have copied into my sketch book, as I think there just might be a piece in there somewhere.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Interesting books

I have found two interesting, humorous, and "feel good" books, both by Phaedra Patrick.  She appears to have only written these two: "The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper", and"Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone".   They have a similar plot, but quite different events, emotions, and reactions.  They both involve mature (but not as mature as us) gentlemen, who are moved out of a staid and negative lifestyle by unforeseen circumstances, and as a result find new meaning in their lives, new, or altered, relationships, and a whole new more purposeful lifestyle. 

Strange day-so far

Yes, congratulations to Cathy and Jim. Happy Anniversary.

Today I was to have been working in the gallery in Selkirk, but when I got there, found out that there had been a change in plans.  The issues that made the day so very strange last week have not subsided, and there was a special meeting planned for today between certain Board members and the two ladies involved in the conflict.  With all these other people present, there was no need for an extra volunteer, and for the sake of privacy, I was asked to leave.

So I got home with a whole day of free time. So did we go to the beach?  No, I went to the basement and did an inventory of stock for the two craft sales coming up, making sure everything was priced.  We had planned, and budgeted for, supper out, and will probably go for it, but for now, I'm back in the studio trying to figure out what to do with myself.

Happy Day Cathy and Jim

Happy Anniversary Cathy and Jim.  May your day be special to you both no matter what your celebration plans may be. Hope you might have a nice meal planned, or maybe a sparkling toast to another year. Love XX

Monday, July 24, 2017

Sore feet....

Cathy, I was thinking the same thing as Pati - the sore and tired feet resulted from a wonderful fun filled happy event and therefore would make you feel like you earned it .....maybe? And you were out and about with people.  I sometimes fear going out in case I run into people - sounds silly but hey...I am now thinking about going on the bus Thursday to the Casino by myself. I know there is a bus full of people but I am actually going by myself. Who knows, maybe I'll have a good time!
I finished the book Twice A Spy last night - thoroughly enjoyed it. This authors writing is really refreshing.  I'll tell no "spoiler alert' stories as I know Pati is reading or will be reading these from her Library.
It rained so hard overnight and all day today. Water was everywhere (outside and inside) Only at about 3 pm today did it let up and then I had to do damage control such as tieing up broken tomatoes branches etc.
Yesterday I cleaned the birds cages. Our mating pair just didn't get it right and discarded their eggs. But the man with whom we consult said to take the eggs out ( the birds had already let them drop from the nesting cage to the bottom of the big cage) but leave the nesting cage as they may try again. I was all for separating them into two cages and be done with it, but who listens to me anyway!!
The other day our wooden three tier cat tree broke - the cats love this thing. Harry contacted the maker and he came by on his way home from work here in Sundridge at 6 pm tonight to pick it up - he drives a mustang and no way would it fit into his car so I loaded it into our van and we'll deliver it tomorrow up to Powassan to his home (almost to North Bay)  He will fix it and make it sturdier and then I guess we'll have to pick it up again and bring it home. I watched the latest show on The Quilt Show before bed last night and I must say I really enjoyed it because I kept thinking about the boxes of fabric etc that Harry has picked up at garage sales over the years all sitting in bins in the basement and I know for a fact that there are unfinished quilt blocks in some of them and who knows how vintage they may be? Cathy this lady who was the guest on the show finds old quilt blocks and turns them into modern day show pieces. It was wonderful to see - I probably will never do anything about it but the fact that I could with what I know I have hidden in the basement, makes me happy.  The other day Harry brought home a full green garbage bag of flannel fabrics with some blocks already started and sewn together - all found at the "dump store" as I call it. This has so much potential, and left my mind wandering with pleasure. But, again I put it all in a big Tupperware container and down into the basement.  I think in my after life I shall have lots to do with my time haha!
Anyway, it's bedtime. I bought two books off of KOBO the other day using a gift card Mike and Erin gave me for my Birthday. I haven't used my Ereader for a long time so will find it fun to get back at it.  And speaking of books, my friend who is the Librarian at the local Library is retiring and there is a drop in party on Friday afternoon for her which I shall attend.  I shall miss not having her there as she has been a real help to me in the ordering of the books etc. I know the other Librarian and whoever will be hired to take Denise's place will do the same, but it won't be the same!
Take care

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mixed blessings

Cathy, even though you're beat and hungry, it sounds like you had a wonderful time.  I know you can't blog often, but when you do it makes your life sound much more interesting than mine.  You're out and about in the community, which means that you're maintaining a social network.  According to yesterday's Free Press, maintaining a social network is one of the keys to avoiding or delaying Alzheimer's.  There were nine keys, things like getting a good education, avoiding things like high blood pressure and cholesterol, remaining engaged in life in general ( social network), being physically active, even if it's only walking a lot, healthy diet, and a couple of others I can't remember.  I should be babbling right now. But, I'm in better shape now than I was a couple of years ago, so I guess I have to be content with that.

Not being on Facebook, I had no idea I could have watched your parade.  A couple of things have happened lately that make me think I make me think I should break down and sign up.  David has always been against it for fear of losing our privacy, but the rest of the family keep in touch that way.  As well, my fibre art support group have been talking about the need to increase our visibility, with the aim of expanding our activities to the Provincial level.  I recently signed on to Pintrest, and have enjoyed the little bit I've seen of the activities.

Today has proven a mixed blessing for me, some good things balanced with some bad.  I finished the design construction of "The Old Summer Kitchen", which left me with the final finishing.  I screwed that up, which caused David a couple of hours of picking out stitches for me,  while he was watching a car race.  When that was done, I decided that maybe the piece should be blocked.  I had forgotten that my old blocking board had fallen apart, and we had constructed another one.  Well, that sucker was heavy, but we got it up on the table, and then discovered that the wood was too hard for my T-pins.  David managed to find some little sturdy brass tack that had been enclosed in the packages of curtain rods that we bought.  We just slit the side of the plastic package, but when we had taken out the tacks, and tried to hang up the packages again, the curtain rods fell out, and down behind one of my shelving units.

So we found a hammer big enough to put the tacks into the board, and away I went.  I got the whole thing stretched and tacked down, and only hit my left thumb twice.  Yes it's sore and bruised.  This may prevent much hand sewing over the next while.

We got so busy with this chore that we forgot to put the turkey in the oven, and didn't get supper until about 7:00. And when we opened the can of cranberry jelly, we discovered that it was whole berry cranberry sauce. I figure that the lady in red must have snuck it into the house, because I would never buy the stuff.

Now, throughout all of this, David has still been trying to watch the car race on tv. He seems to have missed the best parts, as there have been a lot of smash ups, but we didn't get to see half of them.

Perhaps wisely, we have decided to defer making stock until tomorrow, especially as we don't have any supplies to  make stock.  
David is back at his car race, and has planned to finish carving the turkey once it's finished. Then I get to tidy the kitchen and may--just maybe--do the dishes, by which time I expect we'll both be ready for bed.  That's our excitement for the week.

What a day!

My feet are so sore I may never move again  we hauled the BBQ from co-op and got it to ArtsForward only to discover they were short picnic tables. So off to the park wher we found the mayor of neepawa waiting with his truck. Another truck showed up and those 3 trucks made 2 trips each and then the one town employee working on Saturday showed up with his fork lift and brought the rest and more garbage cans  we hung flags from different countries between the trees in front of the building. Then I went home to change for the service. It was in polonia and we parked about 1/2 mile from the hall. It was packed inside and out. I managed to give Clayton's sister a hug and Jim spoke to his brother but we didn't even try to stay for the lunch. Hiked back to the truck and I think that was the last time I sat down for the next six hours. The day exceeded all of Rrain's expectations. The march from the court house was over a block long and the width of the street.  Then I helped set out food. 8 8 foot tables packed with food and 4 more full of desserts.  And the food kept coming as more people arrived. Although many just showed up to eat that was okay. We just kept cleaning the empties from the tables and replacing it with something else. We figure we fed between six and seven hundred people. The ones at the end of the line didn't get as much as the ones at the start and I don't think anyone working ate (myself included 😢). The Philippine community donated and roasted 4 whole pigs. They brought lots of traditional dishes. Most of the long term residents brought some sort of salad or veggie dish so it all balanced out. The Farmery donated 10 x24s of beer so I did get a drink. Jim's school reunion was yesterday too, so he was at that most of the time I was at ArtsForward. We had to take the BBQ back last night, but I recruited Dennis ranger to drive my truck and Steve gale to help. Dennis used to drive semi's so he just whipped around and backed it perfectly into place. Steve unhooked it and we were done. It took Jim and I about 20 minutes to hook it up in the morning!!  Jim just got back from Rodney's (did I mention we were also dog sitting all weekend?). Now we will discuss breakfast since we both missed out on all the feee food yesterday.  Love you guys!

Neepawa Parade

"Amazing" was the one word the commentator kept repeating as we watched the parade unfold on a Facebook entry from ArtsForward. 
So many people and many dressed up and decorated with balloons and such. And two men in a big wagon that seemed to be running on it's own - no one pulling the big handle at the front! And I kept my eyes glued on the tiny screen from which we viewed the parade for any resemblance of you folks Cathy - at one point I think I saw Keri walk by and wave so we rewound the video and viewed it again. There she was in a black outfit and balloons - was it her? Did not see you or Jim but you could well have been there somewhere.
A little overcast by the looks of the sky during the parade but everyone was having great fun.  Hope you had a fun day yourself.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Way ahead...

You two are way ahead of me on this challenge. I'm still in the pondering stage - assessing the key words, and definitions and establishing the basis for decision making related to my six words.
Suppose just like everything else in my life, I'm making too much out of it?  Maybe my six words should reflect this sometimes obstructive characteristic of mine? 
Regardless, I, too, have formulated some semblance of initial ideas, and will work at it for awhile before sharing. Pati, you have stirred my thoughts and creativity in trying to step up to this challenge - it is fun...thanks.

Cathy, your plans for today (it is early Saturday here as I write) sound wonderful - so much to do. Looking forward to your summary to us when all is said and done.  Sorry, too, that it must include your need to attend the Celebration of Life for your deceased neighbour.

Yesterday I took a worn out filing cabinet from the sun room used to hold plants in the winter time and refurbished it best I could. It was a bit rusty and worn but I bought some rustcoat paint, sanded it down and painted it up. The two drawer mechanisms are in perfect working condition just the outside was looking awful. I plan to use it in "my studio" (haha) for papers and patterns hanging about. Removing it from the sun room is the first tangible step in my grand plan to organize that room and make it liveable. Wish me luck.  Much to do, so little time - there, I just wrote a little memoir that seems to describe my life - but that will not be my final submission. 

Have a great weekend - take care

Friday, July 21, 2017

Quick thoughts

I've thought about this a bit, while playing poker.  ( Nothing else to do!)

How about-- "Live for today, not for tomorrow"
                       "One step at a time-success"

Don't you eat that yellow snow

there..... six words.  I'm taking a bit of a break at work.  (I think technically it is called lunch)  It has been a busy week.  tomorrow will be amazing.  It is "Jam Fest" in Neepawa, and in conjunction with it is a Community Pot Luck Supper.  We start with a march from the court house to ArtsForward.  This is in response to all the bad publicity we got for the racist graffiti in town a few weeks ago.  the response has been amazing.  Rrain has so many donations she is overwhelmed.  The Farmery donated 5 flats of beer to be given away..... quick.... how fast can we get a liquor license?!  Dairy Queen is giving out Dilly Bars..... HyLife donated 3 whole pigs and there is a chef to cook and slice them.  People have been dropping off cheques..... Co-op donated their giant Kitchen BBQ  (It has a sink, and freezer & fridge and BBQ)  All the stores have offered to donate whatever we are short of.  I don't think they expected this much community support when they came up with the idea.  For the march everyone is encouraged to wear ethnic costumes if they have them and carry flags from their home country and from Canada, their new country.   There is also a school reunion the same day, with over 100 people coming (Jim and I are supposed to be there, but I think it might just be Jim for most of the day.)  I also have a celebration of life to attend in the afternoon.  Rrain hoped to make it but there is just no way she can get away.  He was only of our neighbours when we first moved to Eden.  So,  my 6 word memoir........... "Life's short, but what a ride!"

6 words

I hadn't even thought about the quilts she 's making, I just found the concept challenging.  What would you say to a child or grandchild that would, or could serve as a message on your tombstone?  How can we reduce our wisdom down to six words?  It doesn't even have to be that  much a wisdom, as a guideline for life--along the lines of " Don't eat yellow snow", although that one doesn't have six words.

After pondering my "The Old Summer Kitchen for about 36 hours, I now realize that I need to make a change, one that will probably take the rest of the day.  Not to worry, I'll be able to get the rest of the housework done, as well.  And we got an e-mail this morning telling us that there are 7 books waiting for us at the library.  Whoops!  At the end of June we got caught ordering too many and they had put 14 of them in a basket on the bottom shelf of the "reserved" books section, for us to pick up. Good for a smile and a giggle.  David is still wading through those.

The Six word memoir

Downloaded the site and had a good read. This challenge may be a bit more than I first imagined as one must get it just right. I shall be thinking about it for awhile and then bounce a few ideas off you two. I love the idea of designing the memoir on the fabric blocks - what size are you thinking about Pati, or have you actually thought that far?  Sounds like a fun project for us to explore - I'm in.....
Lots of yard work yesterday and most done before 11 am - weeding, cutting grass etc. The weeding part does affect my back and couldn't sleep well - no nice comfortable position - so up early again this morning. 
Pati, I loved your comment about "no singing lobsters" in your yard,  so must tell you that we no longer own a singing lobster.  Harry got talking with the neighbour after they posted the video of the lobster on their Facebook site so all their friends and family (overseas) could see it. She loved it so much that Harry gave it away (my good luck I guess haha!) But there are still many other artifacts that I must still hold onto eg in my shed cleaning, I threw away an old fashioned bed pan that had been hanging around (don't ask) I came home from the store yesterday, to see it hanging up on a plant stand in our back yard - there it will stay as Harry says it is an antique that we must keep. So does an old bedpan take the place of a singing lobster adequately ?????
So on with my day - big community sale this morning starting at 8 am -a yearly favourite here in Sundridge so I expect Harry shall be off early so as not to miss anything really exciting.   Take care

Thursday, July 20, 2017


Today I decided to sit on the patio to bead one of my mandalas.  I was up quite early, and managed to get myself set up by about 9:00.  The forecast is for high heat and high humidex for later.  So I sat, and stitched and watched the wildlife.  It's surprising how much there is in a  small city backyard.  First were the Grackles, not an unexpected visit.  There are no seeds in the feeder, as we're trying to discourage them, but I had put out some peanuts, as I had seen a young Blue Jay drinking from our eaves trough, a few minutes earlier.  His parents also showed up but they weren't interested in the feeder, they were after the cherries.  Same with the Robins. Most of the cherries are gone, with just a few on low hanging branches.  By this time the grackles had disappeared, but they must have smelled those peanuts, because they were back in a flash.

There were also a couple of sparrows, moving around the edge of the flock of Grackles, but without much luck, from what I could see. Then the rabbits showed up, to see if the Grackles had left anything.  We may not have singing lobsters in our yard, but the activity was enough to keep me smiling most of the morning.

It's now 1:00, and the wind was blowing my beads around, so I'm back in the studio.  All of the FMQ'g is done on "The Old Summer Kitchen", and I plan to spend this afternoon starting on the thread painting.  I intend to try to push most of the maintenance housework to Fridays.  Setting aside specific days for that sort of thing was suggested on one of the blogs I follow, and I'm going to give it a try.

On another blog, I found an idea that I like.  She teaches English as a Second Language, and asks her students to come up with a "six word memoir", as a way of gauging their understanding of, and ability to express in words, concepts.  Food for thought, and maybe something to try, as a family. Here is the address

Out for coffee this afternoon, and was able to sit and drink it on the patio.  What a beautiful day!  This is the day we dream of in January and February.  The kind of day that makes it worth living in Winnipeg.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The trip to Selkirk was relatively uneventful.  Not knowing if the highway around on the east side of the river was open, I crossed at Lockport.  This made we late, but, regardless, I pulled into the drive through at Tim Horton's for my coffee.  I have to say that the drive through at Tim Horton's was the last place I would expect to run into construction, but there it was.  Yes, they were attempting to re-surface the drive through without taking it out of service.

I got to the gallery, late, and the other volunteer was quite busy, but she took the time to tell me there was a problem and she had to find someone to work with her next Tuesday.  I agreed, before I had time to even put my stuff down on the table, as I've always told them that I would be available if needed.  The visitors left, and things became quiet, remaining so for the rest of the day.  Relatively quiet, that is.  The other volunteer did not stopped talking for the rest of the day, at a rapid pace, and good volume. It seems that the problem was that she was convinced that the volunteer she had worked with the previous week had stolen a small change purse, containing $3.53, out of her purse the previous week, and she had refused to ever work with the woman again.  Thus the need to find other volunteers for Tuesdays.  She was absolutely fixed on this issue, repeating her story, ad infinitum,  to anyone who would listen, including any visitor that she recognized as local. One of the Board members was in a couple of times, trying to ease over the issue, to no avail. I can't say I agree with her method of handling the issue, which was  off-hand dismissal of the issue, threats of lawsuits, and personal insults.

At one point, unknown to us, this Board Member had phoned the accused volunteer, and left a message to be called back.  She did so, about 2:30.  The Board member had left, by this time, and the accusing volunteer took the call.  I have no idea what was said, but the lady I was with told me that she had asked the other person about the theft, and had received a total denial.  So we spent some time discussing it some more, and I ended up convincing her that the issue was over, there was nothing more that could be done, and it should never be mentioned again. Then every time she started, she would be reminded that we weren't talking about it anymore.  It still didn't shut her up, but did make her change topic.

I felt as though I was in "therapist mode" most of the day.  I was exhausted.

And where does a smile fit into all of this?  I was working on beading my mandalas, and she was fascinated with them, even offering to buy one of the, as soon as it was finished.  Go figure. Believe me there were a few "tongue-in-cheek"smiles while I was driving home.

Good morning on this Wednesday....

Just did my usual morning walkabout with coffee in hand - it is a bit overcast and with rain in forecast - it just might actually rain. Surprise!  Maybe a good thing as we did not water yesterday with the intention of doing it first thing this morning.
The week is designated as Make Someone Smile Week. So lets all try to do just that and see if we don't feel better as well. I have the Coyote Pancake Mix at the ready and the waffle iron on the counter so when Harry gets up I shall whip up a batch of waffles - that will make him smile for sure.  Yesterday Mike called me and we had a wonderful long conversation together which made me smile for sure.  We have tentatively scheduled Sunday July 30 for a visit to their place so that is making me smile.  Yesterday was my neighbour / friend Ruth's Birthday (she is 79) and we spoke over the fence and of course I gave her best wishes for her day. She was like a giddy school girl with excitement telling me about her phone calls from family, and friends ( from overseas as well) and delivery of flowers and that they were going to have Dinner out. She is somewhat similar to me in her opinion in that Birthdays are a real special day and should be celebrated.  So I hope I made her smile a bit more by acknowledging her special day.  Harry placed a sensor activated singing lobster (don't ask) by the fence of our next door neighbours from Holland. He was fixing his fence and Harry was sure when he approached the fence again that the lobster would sing to him. Sure enough as I was out working there he was smiling and talking to himself so I went over and we had a good laugh. (Harry unfortunately did not see it as he was inside) His wife also came over and then ran into the house to get her ? smart phone and came out and videoed the lobster singing and dancing.  So they had a real good smile over that! And I picked up a book at the Library that was ordered Twice A Spy by Keith Thomson and this made me smile as I had some new reading to start before bed. 
So all is well, and as we look forward, let's try to remember to always smile ourselves! Smiles begat smiles.......Take care.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My heart is with you

I really feel for you Beth.  They are family.

Monday, July 17, 2017

So sorry

You said you would know when the time was right, and you did.  I'm glad you had some special place for the burial, and now she'll always be near you, as well as in your heart.

A day of mixed emotions for me....

Today was the day I have been dreading for awhile but since it was inevitable, I proceeded with what was necessary. This afternoon at 4 pm I took my dear Scooby-Doo to the Vet and she was euthanized.  Lately she has had a tough time of it, and sometimes when she looked at me I could almost read her saying "please, Mom, help me"  I feel in my heart that the timing was perfect - not too soon, and not too late.  I enjoyed the last two months with her.
We dug a grave beside that of Kitten who died two years ago. Harry painted a lovely grave stone today, and when I came home with her, we buried her and placed the stone on top and some flowers from the garden.  It will be hard for me for awhile without her, but this is the life when you have pets and care so much for them.
That's all for me for today....take care XX

Sunday, July 16, 2017

What a story...

Pati, you must have been quite taken aback during this "visit". One never knows what the real facts are but it did sound rather suspicious in afterthought as you and Dave both seemed to express. But did you actually get to enjoy your supper?
One thing after another here but the weather was good so we managed to get the new hinges put on the little greenhouse door and so it is in place again and functioning after a few years of taping and otherwise trying to keep it upright. Doesn't matter right now but in winter when I'm trying to heat it, the d... door was a real pain to keep as closed as we could. 
I had to drive quickly over to the Hardware to buy special self locking screws but as I took the side street way and not the highway, I came across a "wedding' about to begin in a backyard on a corner lot. Big tent awnings erected in back yard, and at the side was an arch decorated as the wedding alter, with chairs all set up in rows and ribbons and bows are decorating the aisles. Lots of cars and nicely dressed people arriving. I think I spotted a wedding cake under one of the set up awnings. I thought it was a wonderful event to witness briefly on my "mad travels". However, I chose to come back on the highway just to avoid the traffic.
So today is another day....never know what shall materialize and thus "one day at a time" mentality prevails. I was pleased yesterday though, as Mike and Erin telephoned in the late morning and we had a real nice talk.  So onward folks,,, and Pati, don't talk with any strangers haha! Take care 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Unexpected company

It's been a beautiful day, and I decided to eat my super outside. I took my book and was relaxing on the patio, when suddenly a bicycle flies into the yard, screeching to a stop beside me.  A woman leaned over the handlebars desperately panting for breath.  She heavily built, sported visible tattoos, in a couple of areas, and was wearing shorts and a tank top that barely held in her breasts.  She had a bright pink fleece item wrapped around one wrist, and was hanging onto the straps of four matching pink seat cushions, while trying to control a huge back pack and a water bottle.  I asked if she was alright, and she nodded yes, not yet capable of speech.  Slowly she gained her breath and put down the bike stand, and more or less fell into the chair beside me.  I asked her what happened and was she okay, and she answered in a bare whisper.  There was no way I could understand much of whatever it was she was saying, but I did get that she was on her way to work.  ( Odd outfit to be wearing to work!) Finally I asked if she need a phone, and she said yes.  So David brought out the phone, and she made several calls, but couldn't seem to get hold of anyone who could come and get her. I considered offering her a ride, but I was too suspicious to actually do it, especially when I couldn't get a clear story out of her. Then she started going through her back pack which was absolutely packed with clothes and other personal belongings.  Not something I would take to work.  She was fussing with it and I asked if it was broken.  Yes.  Did I have a plastic grocery bag she could put her stuff in?  So David brought her a green garbage bag, and she stuffed the thing around her wrist and the four cushions into it, then fussed some more with the straps of her back pack.  They sure didn't look broken to me.  So she put the shoulder strap of the backpack over the handle bars of the bike, and stuffed the water bottle in it and the managed to pick up the garbage bag before pedaling off.

I had several thoughts.  The thing around her wrist was a brand new fleece throw.  I saw the label when she took it off.  I half wondered if she was homeless, and might have the cushions and throw to sleep with tonight.  Then, when David and I talked, just after she left, we both wondered if she might have stolen the throw and cushions from the Giant Tiger store in the mall across the street.  They often have displays on the sidewalk outside the store, and it would have been quite easy for someone on a bike to have grabbed something and taken off. I guess we'll never know.

Sandy Lake

The Sandy Lake we went to is certainly in that area.  However, the soda fountain was in nearby Newdale.  The other woman and her son were from there, where her family owned the drug store, and we went to visit one day.  I could be wrong, but I have a hunch the son, grew up to be head of Great West Life, and ultimately, a multi-millionaire--Raymond McFeetors.  The mother moved to Winnipeg, and worked as a nurse at Tache Nursing Centre when Mom was admitted there.  I remember Mom recognizing her and telling us that "Marion"(?) was there. Her name I believe was Sundell by that time. She and Mom had been girlhood friends. I'm sometimes amazed at how many friends Mom had, who remained loosely connected to her in later life.  Remember Camille, and Auntie May? I wonder how many of them attended St. Mary's Academy? And Cathy wouldn't remember Sandy Lake as that was when Mom was pregnant with her.

I'm just in Selkirk for a 5 hour shift on Tuesday, but Tuesday is often slow in the gallery, with lots of quiet time to stitch. However, there are a few regular volunteers who like to drop in frequently, so I may not lack for company.  Last time one of these volunteers  decided that I was the person with whom she felt comfortable discussing her new-found religion.  There are times like that that I very much value my training and experience.  I think you find the same thing Beth, when you help out with people like your friend Daisy.

We haven't attended any garage sales this year, other than the one at the church across the street, where we go mainly for the hot dogs. I think I told you about the wonderful round "social" table we found there this year. After spending so much time over the last year and a half getting rid of junk, it just didn't seem like a good idea.  I sort of miss finding "treasures".

In an effort to organize my housework, so as to reduce my guilt when I spend the day in the studio, I devoted yesterday to a job list. As we all know, doing one job usually leads to another, so cleaning and sorting out the pantry, lead to washing out a couple of drawers.  I was able to dispose of a few things, and my job list grew a bit.  I had no idea how many 2017 calendars we had.  Go figure. But today, I can stitch--guilt free.

Checking my map

My map of Man and Wpg are always handy so I can follow along with both of your comments about drives or places. So I followed your route Cathy to Clear lake and then along your leisurely country drive. Sandy Lake the Sandy Lake where Mom took us when we were young? I remember sitting at a soda bar on a big chair with ?? ....Pati, you are our historian of reknown - is this so?
Saturday is here so I am planning my day starting with the wash and linen change.  I still have not done the currants so that is looming over me yet.  I went to visit Daisy again yesterday - her granddaughter phoned me in the morning to see if I could come. As you recall from my blog, the first visit was less than anticipated.
Harry is off on the roads - up to Auction in Powassan to pick up his winning bids, and then to Market there and then to whatever garage sales come along the way. I am happy to stay at home and putter although Saturdays are usually my day to try to do housework haha!
Pati you will be in Selkirk this coming week as noted in your comments - and the hand work you are taking is beautiful (ie the mandelas) Do you go everyday? or have you a limited schedule? 
My secret dream of hitching a ride to Winnipeg with the neighbours has fizzled in my mind - they are not going now.  Good job I didn't pack a bag haha!
Well time for another coffee to kick start my day..... have a fine weekend folks - Take care

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I need smaller fingers!

This posting on my phone really strains my fingers and my eyes! My holidays are nearly over but I am starting to relax finally. I stopped at work today to meet Elizabeth's new puppy. A real cutie. 9 week old cavalier King Charles spaniel. There had been a lot of strife with management while I have been gone. The main operations manager is dropping in tomorrow with the facilities supervisor from Toronto. Even Elizabeth dropped hints about me dropping while he was here. I need to drop off my computer for Patty's husband to take a look at so maybe I will time it for when John is there.  We went to clear lake on Tuesday. It was cool and rainy but a much better day for walking around than the 30 degree days.  We did the grand tour and left clear lake and wound through some back roads and found sandy lake and toured it. Then we went to Erickson and toured it. Then to minnedosa where we stopped for lunch (late lunch). Then home again. We have been to the dump and to the scrap metal recycling twice.  Be still my heart!!!  Sunday is the legion golf tournament then back to the reality of work. On the bright side I have the last week of august off.

Speaking of berries and such...

The red currant bushes are loaded and ripe...I should actually have picked some to day but it was damp and cold. So I plan to do it all on the weekend - pick the currants and make jelly. I hope the birds don't have other notions before I get to the berries? It's a hard job to pick these currants - I pick them clean so it won't be too big a job inside. And the bushes are not located in a convenient location so there is some degree of aerobatics required to reach them - and at same time holding onto the dish, and pulling back branches. So why do I do it? Because they are there.
The next door Dutch lady approached me this afternoon over the fence to say she does not want to go with me to the Casino (July 27). I think I mentioned that my friend Ruth, her sister, bowed out because of an appt she forgot about but I was fully prepared to take Gerda and guide her along. Now she doesn't want to go without Ruth. OK. Fine. I'm happy to go by myself......or would you folks like to join me for the day? haha
Well, not much done today if you don't count the sitting on the patio for a few hours. But I guess it doesn't hurt to rest and relax once in awhile.  I was trying to sort through some books with intention of donating to the Library fund raiser in August. However, there is a dichotomy of opinion in the house about what should stay and what should this task too, shall take a rest.......
All for now....Take care

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Who's eating my cherries?

The bushes are still heavy with fruit, and there are birds at them most of the day.  We've seen Robins ( not often seen around here any more), and now we're being visited by a family of Blue Jays.  I love having the Jays around--they have manners.  No pushing, and squawking, and fighting, they just sit back and wait for opportunity, and are then "in like Flynn".

The mouse problem might be worse,  you might not have any cats to deal with them.  Then it would be you crawling around the floor trying to catch them.  Whoops!  Not a great visual!

Still cool and wet around here.  Loud thunder storms through during the night.  We stayed in doors all day, but I'm out to my fibre art support group tonight.  The meeting is relatively close to home, so I'll drive myself.  I've given myself a bit of time off, and done a little FMQ'g, then spent the afternoon ripping it all out.  This is never a fun job, and often almost impossible to do, but it got done.  After a lot of thought, I chose a different thread for it, and will try again tomorrow.  I'm doing this, as I plan to bead it, and will be needing something sort of hand work, when I volunteer at the gallery in Selkirk, next week.

Supper is cooking away, but the time has come for input.  Best heed the call.

Weird - book order

I have ordered the book Twice A Spy at the Library this morning and this is weird because it is coming from South River Library - 5 minutes up the highway.  I asked if maybe I shouldn't just drive there but the Librarian stated that it was not possible - it had to go through the proper process. So there...
I visited with Daisy at the appointed time of 10:00 am - knocked on the door and waited ten minutes before going to my cell phone and calling the home number. Finally Daisy answered and then came to let me in. The granddaughter was in the shower.  Just as I sat down another car came - this is a young mother with a 3 week old baby. Daisy lived beside this ladies husband and his sister from the time both the siblings were born so is really close to this family. This is the first time for her to see the baby so she was all! I stayed only long enough to be polite and then left them to visit. As it was, I really was just sitting there without much input and only socially interacting as appropriate. 
So that is my day so far.... except that my cats have been "mousing" yesterday and today. It is spooky to know that the little critters are about upstairs somewhere - the little cat is bringing them upstairs and then the other two are playing cat and mouse. The little cat is very possessive of his catch - and apparently very proud of his accomplishments.  Oh, woe is me......

Library visit today for me...

I haven't been to the Library for so long...I will try to slip in and see if they have this next does sound as if it may be a sequel. I hope now that you have ordered these books from your Library that you also enjoy. Cathy have you ever read this author, or even this book?
I baked choc chip cookie last evening - to take to have tea with Daisy and her granddaughter this morning. They drove up from Toronto on the weekend to stay for a week so I will go over to sit with her for a bit.  
We went to Huntsville yesterday as usual, but I ran into an old work mate in DollarTree. Actually she ran the HR dept at the hospital for decades(? there a long time anyway) and retired 12 years ago she said to me proudly. We had a nice talk and she said how good I looked. I know people always say that out of politeness, but nevertheless it felt good.
One relic I found in the shed cleanup was our old hand made name sign that hung in the yard when we first came. Made of wood about 2 feet long and one foot high and with those large stick on letters. It was in bad shape but I sanded it best I could and then stained it, and then sprayed with varathan. I hung it up last evening on a cast iron garden post already stuck in the garden by the road, and boy it looks good. 
Even though this week was to be mostly sunny, it is now overcast and threatening rain. A brilliant sunny morning did not greet me today. But I can tell you how brilliant the full moon is at night. When I am out with the dog so frequently in the night I can look into the skies and see the stars and constellations, and also the moon staring down at me.
Coffee time and then on with the day.  Hope all is well...take care. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Spy book

The book sounded interesting, Beth, so I went on line to see if they have it at our library, and they do along with two others by the same author.  So I ordered them all.  One of them, "Twice a Spy", sounded like it might be a sequel to the one you spoke of.

A fun book to read

Sharing a book I just finished and thought you folks might enjoy.  It is called Once a Spy by Keith Thomson. I found it to be a humourous and fun read - a spy book with lots of action and twists involving the main character - a retired spy developing alzheimers and who is knowledgeable about a secret weapon ( he actually developed it) but who now is in jeopardy because his "people' think he is a risk to expose the info. His estranged son becomes involved and as a team they try to thwart the bad people. His son grew up not knowing his father was a spy so along the way with their adventure he is being constantly shocked with bits of info about his father that starts to put some perspective into his past. I enjoyed it......

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The woman in red

has been messing with me all day!  I can't even call her a "lady" anymore, because she's no lady!  First of all, she tried to fool us by wearing green.  Then, because I was working in the studio all day, she started messing with the studio.  She would rummage around in the fabric, and literally leave a mess for me to clean up.  The studio is small enough without piles of scraps and paper all over the place.  After awhile I couldn't find anything, and that just increased my frustration with a job that wasn't going well in the first place.  The she started hiding things--my glasses, my scissors, my pattern.  

Finally, about 2:30, David says " I think it's time you went for coffee".  Yup! So off we go, and she decides to come with us! She tried to convince me that a man riding a bicycle, with a backpack, had a dog in the backpack. Then I realized that it wasn't a dog but rather, his pony tail.

Thank Goodness, I was able to relax over my coffee, and a book, in the garden.  I'm reading a spy novel by Alex Berenson.  I've read his books before, and they're pretty "gritty", and sometimes, a bit of a trial to wade through, but usually a decent "read".  Then, more studio time, and by supper, I had most of the building done, with just the roof remaining-- and that will wait until tomorrow.

Sundays, right after breakfast, we re-load our dosettes.  I've had mine for quite awhile, and it was getting pretty grungy, so I soaked it in the cleanser we use to clean wine bottles. It worked very well, and I'm pleased, as the pills were starting to stick a bit.  Could be the humidity, but I think the grime played a role too.

More poker this evening, and no winning for me.  That woman in red kept urging me to bet, when that was the last thing I should have been doing.  But in all fairness to her, I probably shouldn't have been attempting anything demanding, in the first place. Now it's "snack time", and then I'll try to relax watching "The Good Witch", before bed.


Pati, I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your landscape in progress. Since I know what the end picture is to be ( the old kitchen) I am most anxious to follow your work and see how it will come about. When I saw the picture of your "rant" on the other blog, I wondered how it would start to materialize. But there you have it...amazing how the extra painting brings it out. 
And now about nostalgia and Rainbow Stage. Of course, I have many fond memories of my time there.  I logged onto the web site and there was a little vignette about the last sixty years. I was there before the roof was constructed and other improvements made but it still brings back the same strong emotions I have always felt. I don't actually remember clearly about the Sunday School Church picnics but have an inkling in my mind of maybe having gone. I have the movie Mamma Mia and watch it often - it makes me feel good as it is just a really fun movie and has all the big star names to make it so.  I think the live musical at Rainbow Stage will be wonderful.  Enjoy and of course let us know how it was.....
I have just made out my To Do list for today - ran out of paper haha! I worked hard all day yesterday in the yard, so today I must dedicate some time to inside housework (ugh) The wash piles up as I only do it on the weekends and yesterday with the power outage early I didn't start it and then never got back to doing any. So today I must. So I guess it is ...on with the show Beth as no one else is going to do it ....haha!  Take care

Saturday, July 8, 2017

A small field trip

We have been talking about going to Rainbow Stage.  Last time we went was before my knee surgery, and was a bit of an ordeal.  We got tickets for a special price through the Credit Union, but it was for rush seats, so we had to be in line a good hour before the doors opened.  It was a hot day, and very difficult for me, so we haven't been back since.  But I have been wanting to see Mama Mia.  I had wanted to see the movie, and that didn't happen, so suggested we see the live show.  It was a bit confusing on the web site, about where to buy tickets, but finally we found out that we could go out to Kildonan Park and buy them at the box office there, during certain hours. So off we went this morning.It's also been years since we've been to Kildonan Park.  So it made for a pleasant drive.  We were both surprised at the number of people there.  It was quite crowded, and there were many group events.  Obviously, the restaurant there is popular.  The parking lot was full,and there were a couple of cars waiting to get in. We couldn't find any where to park near the box office, so David dropped me off, and drove around, while I got the tickets.  I knew they would be expensive, but I still had to gulp a couple of times, while handling my Interac card.

It was certainly a moment of nostalgia.  I thought about the pleasure you used to get during your time there, Beth, and I also thought about the many church picnics I attended there with Riverview United Church Sunday School.  I don't know if either of you two ever did that.

Before heading out, I spent some time painting in the garden, on the big piece I'm currently working on.  Here are the before and after pictures.  It will be the old summer kitchen, which became a storage shed, at the lake.  I'm just working on the background right now. The first picture shows the fabric I added to the background yesterday.  

This morning I added more paint to soften the joins  between colours.  Next I'll add the two birch trees on the left, and then finish the thread painting and FMQ'g on the background.  The actual building will be put together separately, and added all at once.  I'm posting this here, rather than the other blog, as I posted a rant there, about my lack of progress on this yesterday.

Update by way of a rant??

Saturday at noon here with a little venting....Last night the power went off at 8:15 pm and was out all night not coming back until 9 am this morning. Thunderstorms rattled through most of night although very little in the way of rain produced for all that light and noise. The dog reacted of course and even going out in the pitch dark three or four times she had to be right at my side all night shivering with storm fright. Poor thing - she cannot help it.
This morning dawned bright and sunny  - but NO power meant NO coffee!  And then I tried to access Internet and it was down. Of course I had to go through the usual procedures here at home to make sure it was not our issue alone, and then when I phoned the server was told they were having "issues and the technicians are working on it" I have finally just logged on now so feel so compelled to write a few words.
I have spoken with the Holland next door neighbours already over the fence- they are here until Aug 17. They are planning a driving trip to Winnipeg with the neighbours across the street (her sister Ruth) Wouldn't I just love to stow away in the trunk or....maybe a pair of roller skates and a rope tied to the fender!
Anyway I must get back outside - so much on the go all at once. I plan to BBQ some pork chops - gradually I am using up the great quantity we bought on sale. 
Hope your day goes smoothly and thanks for your ears. I feel so much better having shared my woes with you folks haha!  ps I have had my coffee and all is well!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

More than we expected

Jam, that is.  With the very hot weather, the Nanking Cherries were ripening quickly, and, since we thought we were out of Nanking Jelly, we wanted to get in there before the birds.  I suggested that we check them first thing this morning, and there were enough ready to picking worth while.  So we were both out there, even to the point of David getting the ladder out and climbing the fence with the neighbours, to get at the branches on that side.  A little scary as we know what an extensive security system they have, including cameras everywhere.  We have never had such a good crop of cherries, as this year's--never.  For the first time I can remember, we didn't have a heavy rain, while the bushes were in bloom, and the weather has been perfect for them, ever since.  Boy, those things are "dirty" to pick, but we got a big pail full, (used the compost pail-lol).  By later this afternoon, we could see that those that we had left, as not ripe yet, had ripened in the heat, and the birds were having a good feed, including some baby Robins, who still had their speckled chests.  Of course, we had to count jars and lids carefully, and we ran out of sugar, but ended up with three batches of Strawberry/ Rhubarb, three batches of Rhubarb pineapple, and two batches of Nanking Cherry jelly--almost forty jars.  Then David found about 15 jars of Bramble Jelly, from I don't know when, hidden at the back of the storage area in the basement.  I'm the only one who eats it, and haven't touched it in years.  Don't know when it might be used, but figure it just might work in Christmas baskets. Hopefully, we won't have to do anything like this again, for another few years.

I don't think we've both worked that hard in quite some time, and now we're both reduced to sitting and vegging out.  I ache all over, and David is moving gingerly as well.  But I expect to sleep well tonight.  We really haven't done much else, for the last two days.  A trip to the library, and played a bit of poker, but that's about it.


Bet there is lots of jam at the Findlay place today.  Hope you had a good day of kitchen work. It is always satisfying to see the jars all lined up and ready for the year to come.
Today I got my hair cut.  This is great celebration for me - always a wonderful feeling to go to the hairdressers. The days have been warm and humid so all the more reason to get it all cut off. 
There may be a bit of rain tonight after several days of dryness. We actually had to water all the plants today - they had been so drenched by all the rain for so long, that we were a bit slack in realizing it was time to water.
My goal to clean out the little metal shed has also been realized although it was tough to accomplish and there is so much residual junk still hanging about.  The car is loaded for the first of what I expect to be many runs to the dump tomorrow.  The dump is closed Wed and Thursdays so we did not have a chance to do it as I was cleaning each day.  At the same time, Harry has decided to renovate the big greenhouse by building a slanted roof over top of the current flat one. It has been leaking for years.  So we have made our own trusses and bought heavy plastic to go over the top. This should be interesting to actually construct this. I'll let you know how things progress.
We decorated the lawn of the neighbours next door arriving from Holland.- they are to arrive sometime around 11 pm tonight so we will not see them until tomorrow. The helium balloons look good all in a row along the driveway, but the wind has been blowing all day and they have been whipped around quite a bit.
Time for bed. Take care!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Not the day I planned

Our neighbour cross the back mentioned, in conversation with David, that she was getting some fresh picked local strawberries, delivered at work.  Of course, David asked if she could get a couple of baskets for him. She wasn't sure, and didn't get back to him, but they showed up at the door last evening right at supper time. Having seen how many strawberries are in two baskets, David decided that we needed to make jam.  Haven't done this in a couple of years, so we had to sort out jars, and lids, and look for a recipe for Strawberry/Rhubarb jam, which I found on the internet. (Kraft Canada-so I trust it)  Then off to the store for supplies.  So now, the strawberries have been cleaned and cut up, ( a LOT of strawberries), jars are in the dishwasher, and we are just about ready to get going--just have to wait for the dishwasher to finish.

By the way, the forecast for today is 30 degrees with a humidex of 35+.  Similar for tomorrow, when we'll be making the Rhubarb pineapple jam--I'm not going to all of the work of cleaning and sterilizing jars, and re-organizing the kitchen more than once.  I figure I should be wearing my red outfit

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A nice day

Just came in from trying to have a fire - it started well but wouldn't keep burning. I expect that it is still too wet from all the rain lately. But the main thing was that I made the effort. I'll try again.
We went to Huntsville today - bought 12 helium balloons that we will set up next door on Thursday. The Holland neighbours will arrive about 10 pm on Thursday night. The other neighbour, Ruth, is her sister. Ruth's husband Gerd will drive down to Toronto to pick them up at arrival time of 3:30 pm.  Yesterday I cut the grass next door to help the other neighbours (Ruth and Gerd) who are really busy haying at their farm right now and still trying to get the house next door ready for her sister to arrive Thursday. Gerd has prostate problems right now, and an indwelling catheter right now, so not really up to all this extra work. So we helped out.
Well, we bought some wood today to fix the big greenhouse by building a new roof. It should be interesting to get it done but it is badly in need of some repairs. It wouldn't suffer through another winter for sure.
Well back to closing up the house for bed.  Still only 6 budgie eggs in the nesting cage so I figure that will be all. Now we wait for them to hatch. Oh joy and bliss !  Take care

I'll be quiet for a while

I think my computer has really died it's final death. I will consult Rrain but the screen is white. Meanwhile I have my phone but I find it difficult to work on. I too celebrated Canada day by not only going to the dump but to the scrap metal recycling. It won't take electronics but we got rid of an old fridge. Some old hunks of scrap metal. Destroyed tire rim and all sorts of other stuff. Today is supposed to be hot but already there is thunder rumbling around us.  Today's project is vacuuming and washing floors. I have to renew my license by midnight tonight so I guess a trip to town is also happening. I keep wanting to stay in bed until 8:00am ( the time I start work) but no luck so far. It isn't even 8 yet!  I will probably succeed just before I have to return to work. Oh well. I get far more done in the morning than later in the day. In the summer we will often work outside for a few hours and Jim will ask if I am ready for a beer yet. I say yes and when I go to get one it isn't even 9:00am yet!  If any rain comes from all this noise it will be too wet to work until later and by then too hot. Awww geeee. What a shame 😋

Monday, July 3, 2017

today's adventures

Today David decided that we should be getting rid of the old appliances that were cluttering up the garage.  We knew that there was a re-cycling depot for hazardous goods and electronics.  I thought it was around McPhillips and Pacific. But David phoned the city and found out firstly, that it was open today, even though most government offices are closed, and secondly, that it was at Keewatin and Pacific. We drove around both areas for a bit, with no luck.  Finally, I phoned the city again, and got an address.  Even so, we almost missed it, on Pacific, just west of McPhillips.  What a facility!  It was very large, maybe the best part of an acre, and very, very well organized.  We realized that we could even have taken the old paint from the garage, but didn't think of it at the time.

Then lunch, and David suggested that I do an internet search for somewhere to buy curtain rods. The first thing that came up was The Bay! Then I tried Walmart, and they had some.  I tried to order them, but after "submit order", the computer froze, so I have no idea whether they are coming or not.  If they do, I pick them up at the grocery store down the street.  Go figure!  Then I found them at Home Depot, for "store pick-up only".  So off we went, and found exactly what I'm looking for, in any size I want, and two-to-a-bag, instead of the one-to-a-bag they were everywhere else. And the price was certainly right.  So, between the large fancy ones I found at Sears the other day (ka-a-aching), and the regular ones, of which I bought an arm full, I should have enough to last for several years.

Now David is down stairs figuring out where we're going to store them.. Hadn't thought of that!

Are the parties all over yet?

Last night we had one party that thought they should let off their fireworks into the wee hours. Since I go out with the dog frequently during night I was privy to a neighbour on the next street lighting up noisy fireworks about every 15 minutes from 11:30 pm until about 1:30 in the morning. I guess he had exhausted his supply, or someone else put an end to it? haha Another let off a show of fireworks at 10 pm in the street just down from us - this was OK because it did not last long and wasn't all that late. I could only see a few bright lights in the sky but the noise was deafening.
On Saturday I walked down to the Main Street to witness the Sundridge Parade - in fact it was the best local parade I've seen yet here in town. The skies cleared and the sun came out just before 4 pm so the timing was perfect. Lots of red and white, and the local car dealership was throwing out teeshirts of which I obtained one. Beats the caramels and suckers others were offering.
More rain yesterday including thunderstorms and torrential downpour but the rest of this week looks promising.  The next door neighbours from Holland arrive late on Thursday for their annual visit, so we plan to buy some of those helium balloons at the DollarTree on Tuesday and decorate their house up a bit (as we have done others years) So there will be no real privacy for us on that side of the house for about six weeks.
It's time to get my coffee and see about what the day will bring forth.  Thinking about you folks - have a great week. And Cathy, tell us what you have planned to fill your leisure time haha!   Take care

Saturday, July 1, 2017


I just happened to have the time right now...Harry went off to the store, and I sat and watched the video.  This was a great few minutes for me - like you said, nothing earth shattering but definitely food for thought. XX

a small mediation

The following Utube video was recommended on the blog Not Afraid of Color today.  I watched it, and found food for thought.  It's about 15.00 minutes, and doesn't really contain any great secrets, but might be worth a look, if you have the time.

Happy Birthday Canada greetings

Not really a stellar sort of celebration for me, but nevertheless happy day to you folks. It is also raining as predicted - another thunderstorm last night and so I was helping the dog to get through her anxiety attack. Doesn't bode well for celebrations down at the waterfront today. And, we now have six budgie eggs in the nesting cage.
Harry is off to garage sales, and I am about to walk to the Lottery store and then slip over to the Hardware - I am hoping I might be able to get some of those rods you spoke of Pati.  There is also an old variety store in South River that I will go into when I can, and see what they might have. It is a bit of a dingy store but you never know haha! Got a wash going already, and plans for housework when I get back from the store, so it's off and running for another day. Take care