Saturday, March 31, 2018

Family time

Beth, please enjoy your time with Mike tomorrow.  Family time is always important.

Girl Guide Cookies

These are, without a doubt, my downfall - totally and absolutely! I have no resistance. Harry came home from the grocery store with two boxes. I love to support the charity and have always felt good about Brownies and Guides etc. But please, no more cookies to tempt me.  I have just finished the first box and plan to throw the other into the freezer.  Not really a deterrent though as, by the way, they are also very good frozen right out of the freezer into the mouth haha!
I am about to pack the car now ready for a swift takeoff early in the morning. The food will go into the car at the last minute but it is all ready in bags in the fridge.  Oh happy days, oh happy days......Take care.


Funny how we perceive time.  Usually, as we get older, it seems to pass more quickly--but never when you're waiting for something.  I'm afraid spring may be a little longer, Beth.  We're in the middle of a cold spell, with bitter wind.  After two nights of not sleeping very well because I was so cold, I hauled out the duvet, and put it on the bed, without the cover that is such a pain to put on.  The last two nights I've been toasty and warm, despite the cold outside.  The furnace has also been coming on at night, something that hasn't been happening often over the past two weeks.

Thursday, we were to Stroke Prevention Clinic.  We only saw the neurologist, who told us that, with the sort of lesion that caused David's stroke, some healing is likely, but it may take several months.  So Good News.  However, on the way out we had a fight with a parking pay station that put a damper on the day.  Damn thing ate my credit card, and this resulted in a severe chastisement from the security guard, for putting it in the wrong way.

Yesterday we spent at home.  Not as much of a pleasure as you might think.  First thing in the morning, David ran into trouble with  the tv.  Nothing worked, so he called Shaw, who offered him a call back that never came. Then, he ran into trouble with his computer.  Shaw again.  So he was without both his computer and tv for most of the day.  Later in the day he managed to get into his computer, but the problem remained, even though he was able to over-ride it enough to play poker.  First thing this morning, before dressing or eating, he was onto Shaw again and got through.  Now everything is fixed and he can watch his Star Wars marathon for the rest of the day.

A short trip out this morning, to pick up his boots that have been re-heeled, and to drop off the other pair of boots for re-heeling.  But now we're in for the day, and probably for the rest of the weekend.

I've been very busy in the studio.  I've been really pushing it to have a couple of pieces and finished ready to go, so as to avoid deadlines. What I'm working on is giving me grief.  I know that most pieces reach a point when they look awful, and one's never sure they are going to work out.  The point when the whole darn thing gets thrown at a wall.  Not only have I hit that point, but the poor body mechanics of my sewing machine, are causing me pain, as they do when I've pushed myself too far.  So, I'm putting it aside for a few days, and working on an easy basic charity quilt.  Just mindless piecing.  And if I don't produce anything special for the sale next weekend, I can finalize my inventory, and get fully prepared to deliver the goods on Wednesday--probably a good idea.

p.s. My moment of joy today occurred when we were leaving the parking lot at the grocery store.  A couple were coming up the aisle, and the man appeared to be dancing, moving around in front of the  woman.  I have no idea what was going on, but they looked like an older couple, probably in their 40's or 50's.  Obviously a private moment. What a strange occurrence!

Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter weekend

It seems a really slow process to get us to this weekend and to get us into Spring and Summer. or maybe it is just me? I can see the snow disappearing gradually and the streets becoming clear and the days are longer but still I wish for a little faster return to Summer. I am anxious to get out and enjoy the yard (work notwithstanding haha!) I am eyeing all the sand covering the streets and knowing that soon I shall have to sweep some up and fill boxes ready for next Winter.  I exhausted the boxes I prepared last year already - it has been that kind of Winter with melts and freezes and lots of icey conditions.
We will be getting ready to go to Mikes on Sunday. I have a few boxes of items for him. and then the food we will take. We are going to hit the road early so that Harry can get the roast into the oven at Mikes early.  I do not think Mike thought much of an early arrival even though we told him to stay in bed and sleep in ( we could sneak in on our own) but he says "no, I'll get up and get the coffee on" Once again I look forward to this visit.
I spent time yesterday tieing up tomatoes and moving them around in the little greenhouse - as they grow taller I have to move them to accommodate the leaves growing. Otherwise they become stillted - is that a word? Anyway there are too many as usual and now some are making their way into the sun room. I may have to move out if they start to invade my bedroom haha!
My best wishes to all as we celebrate Easter.  I hope you have a pleasant and relaxing weekend. Enjoy!  Take care.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Apliquick rods

I've been thinking about the Apliquick tools ever since I first saw them.  I took a look at prices etc on the internet.  Amazon had a set for $247.00, but I found them at a reasonable price on Nancy's Notions, and ordered them.  The price went up a bit with exchange, but they're on their way, and from a reputable company.  I will try them out, and let you know.  I just got the rods, not the kit, as the price for the kit, considering what you get was ridiculous.  The only other thing I might consider buying would be the scissors.  I really like the idea of the three finger holes, for east of use and accuracy.

If they work as demonstrated, and I know one will have to practice, it might make a significant change in how I work.


...the weather is improving and we have warmer temps - it may rain today. Oh no, I have to move all the blankets and quilts into the shed before they get wet! I have them hanging right now on the fences in the garden after removing them from the roof of the greenhouses. I also have to go around the yard and check on the downspouts again as they are all frozen into the ground after the last unfortunate melt and then freeze up.  I bought two long stove pipes to fit around the downspouts to extend them into the yard more for runoff but I cannot yet get them under because the spouts themselves are frozen in. Oh boy!
Getting ready for our trip to Mikes on Easter. He bought a new printer and is in need of stationary supplies so I said hang on until I check out what I have here to share.  I did however go to Staples yesterday while we were in Huntsville shopping to buy one package of printer paper. I had no idea of the selection available now, and was just standing in awe at the long shelf full when an assistant came to my rescue. I am now educated on the different paper and quality and weight etc - I did not know this haha!  Since I also did not know if his new printer was laser or inkjet (apparently it makes a difference as to what paper you choose) I opted for a middle of the road multiuse paper to take Sunday. He can use this until he gets himself to a Staples to buy for himself haha! 
Well, Pati I thought your ATC cards were beautiful and certainly were "pastels"  I bet your other ladies would love them. I did not win a prize on the The Quilt Show draw I guess as I did not get an email from them. Not that my hopes were high. I wonder about that "apliquick" set though that they are advertising. Would you think Pati, that such a tool might be useful? Not that I am sewing much right now but I do have dreams of doing so and always looking to what may be, I think I will watch that show again and have another critical look at the possibility of my using. A bit expensive if I think they would be a waste.
Anyway, time for a bit of breakfast and then on with another wonderful day. Hope you folks are all well and please enjoy this week as we approach Easter. Take care

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Today is ATC day

I thought I would share the final ATC's I produced, in my spare time since Wednesday.  I only make nine, and that's usually enough.  It's also the maximum I can get out of one sheet of water colour paper.  I'm still experimenting with the Distress Oxide and Distress ink I bought recently.  The theme for this exchange is "Pastels".  While I used three different colours in the background, it sure doesn't look like it, but still matches the theme

Now, to get to the Pony Corral in time for lunch.

Wrong impression?

While the show was loud, I enjoyed it, but after two long hours, I could have used a break, even if it was only for a few minutes.  In his commentaries he made many "Winnipeg" references that he might not be making in other cities.  Yes, it was Tal, with him,--a pretty good musician himself, playing both guitar and keyboards.  I didn't get the name during the  show but it was mentioned in the review.  And he did sing one of his hit songs. I wish I could find the radio show.  Whenever I remember to look, it's not the right time.

Today is ATC day.  I had forgotten until Wednesday when the lady e-mailed to remind everyone.  Then it was scramble to make some atc's.  I had gone back to the scrap booking store to buy some more Distress Oxide when planning one of the hangings in my mind. I thought that this would be a good chance to try it out, but that's just background, so I went into what I call my "bag of tricks", a big plastic tote full of junk.  There I found a package of paper flowers that I had bought at the scrap booking store the first time I went.  I ended up using the oxide plus some Distress Ink, on a piece of watercolour paper and gluing on a couple of paper flowers.  Good enough!

Beth, I often can't come up with a word  or name, that I know I should remember, as they may be words that I use often.  I make myself crazy, and then remember it later, usually after I had forgotten that I had forgotten it!  Just relax and give your sub-conscious a chance.  Yeah, it gets worse as we age.  I just tell myself that there is so much good information in my brain, that some of it leaks out, once in awhile.

I'm really struggling with my weight right now--stress eating, I know.  I try to pick my looser pants on days that I know I'll be doing a lot of sitting.  Since I refuse to buy pants in a larger size, I guess I'll just have to find control in some other way--such as going back to eating sensibly.  And here I am going out for lunch today. 

Show review....

Well Pati  you went and enjoyed the event even if it was a tad "loud". Could it be anything else but a tad loud realizing it is "rock music". I wondered if the singer you mentioned might have been Randy's son Tal?  He does the radio show with Randy and has his own hit records. 
Running the roads a bit here after free items on Kijiji. Monday we are going to Huntsville to shop but make a stop first outside of Burks Falls for a free item. We drove there on Friday to pick it up but when finally there (yes it was in the middle of the bush down back roads we had never traversed before) the man did not have it ready after all and asked us to come Monday. More time and mileage I say !!
I believe that I can remove the covering on the greenhouses for good today as the night temps are expected to be in the single digit numbers eg minus 5 or minus 6 and that should be acceptable to maintain the heat with just the heaters going. Actually calling for some rain in a day or so which in this case may be good to start to rid us of all this snow and mess.
Got a call last evening from Daisy's family in Toronto saying that they will not be up to Sundridge as planned because of the cold weather ( is that an excuse??) Today is her 90 th Birthday and the family had originally invited us over for a little celebration. So I guess we will have to wait until they drive up to her place to celebrate in person. I sent her a card anyway so I expressed our good wishes to her.  
Today is also Jeremy's Birthday, and also Harry's sisters son Ryan's Birthday. A popular day!  Best wishes to you all.
Time for my coffee and some breakfast. This morning I lay in bed trying to remember the name of that American store that came to Canada and then dissolved within two year.  In North Bay they had a little Starbucks kiosk and that seemed to be the more popular destination. Anyway I was starting to worry about my memory again as the name would not come to me. Last time through North Bay I noticed that they were making renovations to the old store and wondering what was going in there. As I got up the name suddenly popped into my head .....Target!!! I hate it when I cannot think of something and wonder where this memory lapse is taking me? Am I silly to worry?
Take care

Saturday, March 24, 2018

The concert in one word--LOUD!

It was a new experience for both of us, and, for the most part, quite enjoyable. Neither of us had ever seen the venue before, but our seats were good, in the center section, about 2/3 of the way up. Most of the crowd were around our age-not a surprise.   It was a just as he described his music--Prairie Rock.  There was a light show with it, limited to the stage area.  In the foyer there was a table selling t-shirts and cd's, washrooms and a huge --read huge and long--bar.  Yes, we were able to take drinks in with us and the seats came with cup holders.  As expected there were stories for most of the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive songs, but not with the few George Harrison songs--and there were not as many of those as I had expected. The concert was about two hours, without an intermission.  I read the "review" in this morning's paper, and it was just, more of less, a listing of what songs they played, so I saw no point in cutting it out to send you Beth.  The same with the cd's--pricey, and just the music, no commentary.  I was impressed with the fellow who did most of the lead vocals--very good--and while he was introduced, I couldn't hear who he was.  But everyone on stage contributed to the singing, to a certain extent.  I have to say that I was ready for it to be over toward the end, mainly because of the noise.  We didn't get home until going up 2:00am, so today will be a quiet day.  Both in terms of activity and noise.  Our ears need a rest.

Earlier in the day, Amber was over to help with our taxes.  I pay a little, and David gets a little more back.  All good.  In chatting, she said that my income is higher, which was a surprise to me, as I had always thought that David's military pension made his a little higher. After the job was done, we sat and chatted for over an hour--a good experience.  I miss those chats we used to have when she was able to come over more often.  Also a little sad, as I miss those chats we used to have when she was able to come over more often.

Friday, March 23, 2018

March 23

This day has been marked on my calendar for a month or two and today it is here. Not for myself mind you, but for Pati and Dave. Hoping your show at the casino featuring Randy Bachman will be exceptional for you both.
Still feeling the cold here and I am quite frankly fed up. Oh how I wish for nice temps and no snow and sitting in the yard. I am impatient. The streets are starting to clear and be bare so I took the dog for a walk down to the Lake yesterday afternoon. He had a ball - sniffing at everything and enjoying the exercise. I hope to take him for more frequent and longer walks as he does need to get fit. He has gained so much weight since we first got him as ours. I have him on an acceptable regime but he gets food and treats given to him randomly.
The budgie birds are taking over haha! The two newest chicks are out of the nesting cage and flying about in the bigger cage - we will have to move them to another cage and maybe in with the very first chick that hatched. The mother and father are already showing signs of mating again, I feel sorry for the poor mother and wonder how she can manage all of this. I would love to separate them but that is not the consensus of opinions here.
Easter is coming up soon. We bought a nice big roast yesterday on sale at Valu Mart for us to take to Mikes on April 1. I am looking forward to this visit. One must have something to anticipate right! What are your plans for Easter?
Time for another coffee, and then on with the day. I am using the Starbuck beans Mike shared with me so the taste is lovely and I think of you Pati enjoying your daily Starbucks treat.  Take care

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Running errands

Yesterday we had a bit of shopping to do, and I had a meeting in the afternoon, so we headed out in the morning.  Got everything done in"jig" time, and I was ready when my friend Susanne picked me up at 12:30.  

There were five of us at my Tuesday Stitchers' group, and we met in a very nice apartment in the new section of the facility at The Canoe Club.  Talk about "POSH"!  Part of what we talk about is whatever project each of us is working on. I mentioned that I was in the process of planning a piece titled "The Shadows of My Mind", and it was suggested that I visit a current exhibition in the gallery associated with the Manitoba Crafts Council.  I was leery, but we dropped in this afternoon.  This exhibit involves collaborations between various artists, and members of the faculty from the Department of Neurology, at the University of Manitoba.  The resulting art covers several mediums.  Basically, I was "blown away".  What an intriguing concept, and what exciting ways were used to explore it.  It brought back memories of my own time in University, and after, when I had the privilege of dissecting brains.  Some of the artists' statements referred to the experience of attending an autopsy, and being allowed to touch/handle the brains, and how surprised they were by how soft the tissue was.  One even referred to seeing the brain slowly torn apart, as opposed to being cut--also an experience of mine.

My whole approach to the design of my piece has changed, as a result of that exhibit.

We also took David's boots into the shoemaker to be re-heeled, only to discover that the shop was closed for a short holiday.  Too bad,  It took almost a week to remember to attend to the chore, and now we have to go through it again.

Prior to going out, I had spent some time in the studio, and David surprised me by bringing his computer and sitting at my work table to play Candy Crush.  We have both miss being near each other since my studio moved downstairs, and this is one way we are trying to help recover that time together.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vernal Equinox

Spring you say....hard to imagine the start of Spring today when we are in a bit of a deep freeze here. I covered both greenhouses with blankets and old quilts to try to keep some of the heat inside during these long cold nights. Harry threatens "....we'll have to set up the propane..." and you both know how the thought of this creates more stress in me, right? But two nights in, and they seems to be maintaining themselves ok - maybe one or two nights more of really cold and we may be able to relax a bit. Yesterday I opened the doors up only to water inside. With the heat on and the sun shining it can get quite hot and the pots dry up quick. We had left the covers on over the day yesterday, but I think I may have to remove them today to get some sun inside, and then set them up again for the night.
A while back Harry brought a bag of magazines from the dump store - Pati they were Victoria and although older editions I quickly leafed through them. I remember on one of my visits you bought me a Victoria to say that I deserved to read a special magazine. And you were right. Certainly not within my reality, but lots to dream about haha! I took them over to Ruths as she expressed a desire to look at them as well. I have a few left to go through called Victoria Bliss and Best of Bliss and then I'll take them also to Ruth. In return she gave me a box of magazines that I have yet to look at.
Well, this is my coffee time and pondering time before the day begins. Hope all is well....Take care.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

And here I am.....

Sitting after just finishing breakfast with my Duchess mug and tea--reading your blog Beth.  I do confess that I took a short side trip to see the quilt you spoke of on TQS daily blog.  Sort of a sad trip, as it made me remember that there was a time when I could have done the same sort of work, and thought nothing of it.  This was sort of on my mind, as I had spent yesterday doing something I can't remember having done before--I joined a work party at the local quilters' guild, held right after a regular meeting. In conversation over lunch, with an very long time friend of our Aunt Lorraine,  we spoke of what we are working on, and I was musing about how to do some very simple embroidery on a hanging I'm in the process of planning. She remembered, as did I, how Lorraine and I used to teach this sort of thing--and here I am trying to figure how how to adapt the simplest of task, to my new reality.  The up side of this, is that I have the experience and skill to do just that, and I think I had it figured out fairly quickly.

The work party itself was a learning experience.  What I learned was to keep my mouth shut about anything "arty".  These ladies are so very, very traditional that they firmly subscribe to the idea that there is one correct way to do things--period--no discussion.  Right now I'm looking for some sort of low demand social input/output.  This isn't it.  I will continue to attend meetings, and contribute to certain things, but back off a bit about getting too involved.

Things are getting warmer here.  The snow is going quickly, and most of the streets are dry--full of car swallowing pot holes, but dry.  There was one nasty pot hole close to the home, on Munroe, that they have now dug up and left protected with barricades for the weekend.  While they were digging, everyone, including buses was detoured a block north down a very narrow old street with snow piles and parked cars.  What a zoo!

Well, tea's gone.  I need to make more.  David is still sleeping, so I don't want to make too much noise--maybe I can slip downstairs and do some sewing.

A few thoughts....

As I sit with my coffee and breakfast plate, I thought of a few things I wanted to mention.  When I went to Burks Falls Friday I slipped into the ValuMart there and purchased two more boxes of Twinings Earl Grey tea bags. Here too, there were on sale for $2.99 a box. I had to take advantage and treat myself. Now I know that when I desire a precious moment with a cup of tea, I can use these bags as an additional treat.  And when viewing your Mouse Factory Blog Pati, in the pictures I spotted your Duchess China cup right there on the table. So I had a nice chuckle seeing that and reminded me that we three are really only a cup of tea apart! Cathy I sure hope you also use your cup. 
And here is a thought about the latest postings on The Quilt Show showing a most gorgeous example of a Crazy Quilt Hexagon piece of art. Cathy I would love you to log onto The Quilt Show and click on the Daily Blog icon at the top left and scroll down to see this as well. These postings only stay on for a few days so may disappear shortly.  I wish I could capture a picture of this but I don't know how. So I just sat and stared at it in awe.  I also put my name in for a few of the prizes they are offering for this weekend special. I do not expect to be a winner but it is fun to dream.
And last evening I watched, yet again, the movie Mamma Mia. If ever one wants to be cheered up this would do it. I loved the songs and the interaction of all the stars in the show. Great fun. 
Also the Worlds Women Curling Championship is taking place right now in North Bay.  I read on the Free Press how Jennifer Jones is winning so far. Wouldn't it be lovely to drive up and be able to sit in the stands and watch!  Oh well.
So that's it for this early Sunday morning.  Take care

Friday, March 16, 2018

Pleasant turn of events...

I drove to Burk's Falls this morning to pick up the income tax returns at accountants - got the call later yesterday afternoon that they were ready.  I was hoping for a good result this year as I had made some changes during year to try to reduce the horrendous amounts we have to pay each year. I can breath a sigh of relief as the amount owing will be manageable without the usual stress of counting pennies. It would be nice to get a refund each year but for us that has never been the case. 
Trying to do something in the basement as I have mentioned before so taking it one step at a time and one shelf at a time. Perhaps I may be successful? The day was coldish and with cloudy skies and windy so no one ventured into the greenhouses today. I'll have to go out later to make sure they are covered ok and heaters on.
So happy weekend everyone - hope you achieve what you have planned to do. Take care

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Pizza and snow

Sort of funny when you think about it.  Five of us went to Boston Pizza for supper and not one of us ate pizza. During the day, the temperature around here is hovering around 0.  The snow is melting quickly, but with it being cold at night, all of the sidewalks, parking lots and driveways are very slippery.  So there may be hope Beth, but right now it's just a depressing time of year.

I realized early in the day that I wasn't up to machine quilting, so spent today painting fabric downstairs.  So much for the manicure I had yesterday.  This makes two days that I've more or less ignored the house.  Boy, does it ever show neglect quickly.  Got the kitchen sort of fixed up, but the bathroom calls.  Tomorrow is laundry day, which means more time downstairs, so the bathroom may just wait until Saturday. At least that'll be my excuse for spending time down there, whatever I decide to do.

Birthday supper

You know, my birthday almost escaped me!  Because of the storm we just stayed home and then we had supper with Pati on Wednesday and I never did get my birthday supper.  But now that you remind me...... a beef and mushroom pizza from Chicken Delight sounds great.   Meanwhile I still think about cleaning the house.  In fact the other day I noticed the toilet needed cleaning but the next time I went into the bathroom it was still dirty.   It confused me until I realized that I had just thought about cleaning it.  Of course just thinking about working gives me lots of time to read :)  We are trying to save up enough money to fly to BC for Glenda's 75th birthday in July.  Rrain is already on board to house sit for us, so if I get my requested holidays we are all set to go.  Except for booking a flight.  Without confirmation of my holidays I hesitate to book a flight.    We have lots of snow now.  The snowmobilers are out on their sleds steadily.  Not my idea of fun.  A slow quad ride on a warm day is fine with me.   Back to work I guess :(

What a great message

So it has taken us three girls seven decades to learn such a lesson and now we take control. I second the motion....all in favour? The yeahs have it by unanimous consent. So this makes me wonder now if Cathy had pizza on her Birthday....did you Cathy?  I have almost a month to plan my day - I have ideas - wish me luck.
Back to the grind here - I just came in from watering in the greenhouse and now I have to fill all the bottles again and start all over again. What a life.  I made another batch of homemade dog treats this morning following a recipe that Mike pulled off the internet. This time I shall freeze them until we take a few out at a time - the container I made last week all molded and were thrown in the compost - what a waste of my time and energy but... as Pati says, a lesson learned haha! Take care.


My birthday was everything I had hoped it would be.  I received good wishes from both my sisters and my daughter, as well as wishes in person from David. I found a new place to get my nails done, and I tried a Cafe Mocha at Starbucks--something I've wanted to do--and learned that I'm not missing anything. It was a good idea to take control and plan my own day, after years of planning for the rest of the family, and feeling disappointed when no-one planned for me.  How silly that was.  So, a good day, and a lesson learned.

The Ides of March?

Why do I always remember this day as the Ides of March. Must have been drummed into me during Latin classes at school? Now I do not think they even offer Latin in school, do they?
We had a fair trip yesterday to visit Mike and help him to take his sick cat to the Vet. I was the one to hold the cat in the back seat and it did freak out to be in the cage and in the car. I held it in my lap and it was all I could do to care for her. Poor dear cat. But we made it there and back and the cat will be cared for very well by Mike at home. He has three cats in total and loves them all. I had made sandwiches to take so we had a nice lunch and a wee visit before we had to leave to come home. It makes a full day to do these visits but if the highway is good it reduces some of the stress and Harry always does the driving anyway. So I guess we have to tend to the greenhouses today as they were neglected yesterday. Dustings of snow everyday and overnight - just enough to be a nuisance.  But as you say Pati the milder temperatures are going to melt it gradually.  I am patiently ( not so patiently, really) waiting to hear back from the accountant about our taxes. I should hear today or tomorrow and then can pick them up, and then decide how to pay them before end of April. It is like a game every year haha!
So now for my breakfast and get on with the day. Take care.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Lots going on today for you....

Pati, lots to do today for you so what a wonderful day to celebrate your Birthday.
Have a great day ...all dressed up and so many places to go!
Happy Birthday to you dear Sister of mine. XX

Monday, March 12, 2018

Not much going on

I've been busy in the studio, and David watches tv and reads.  He asked me when I planned to use the 50% off one item coupon I had from Pennington's, and I said "on my birthday".  He figured I was going to be very busy on my birthday, with all I have planned, so suggested that we go today.  I didn't really need anything, but, other than one pair of very good dress pants, nothing but jeans, so decided to look at pants other than jeans.  I found two pair that fit, and will work in my wardrobe, so picked them up.  One is sage green, and the other a black/white print, but mainly black.  On Wednesday, I plan to have the manicure/pedicure that Gillian gave me for Christmas, then I have a coffee date with my friend Gail.  I have enough "stars" for 5-6 menu items, so figure we can both have our coffee and treat without it costing me anything.  Then we have saved enough for a short evening at the casino. 

Yesterday, while grocery shopping, we noticed frozen coconut shrimp on sale and bought a package.  We had them for supper, and they weren't bad--not as good as in Red Lobster, but acceptable.  We may buy another package while the price is right.

The weather is good.  Cold at night, but warm enough during the day that the snow is melting.  Messy driving, but I'd rather have that than snow and ice.  Time for a shower.  Have a good day tomorrow.  The horoscope for Pisces the last couple of days hasn't been good, but maybe tomorrow will be better.

Keyboard woes

This newest fancy keyboard Harry ordered is turning out to be not so nice after all. When new it was good with the letters lighting up and I like the feel of using it. However, now the letters are erasing or worse still are smudging on the key so that if you were not sure about your keyboarding skills you are not sure about what keys you are hitting. I have actually made a few errors and think my skills are still OK or at least still functional. I may have to find some stick on letters today and try to fix it as Harry has some difficulties with it.
I had a chance to fool around on the computer and try to pull up the Google images. Pati had suggested it to me and with a bit of initial difficulty in signing in, low and behold voila there I was and what an experience. I choose a subject and a thousand images appeared. One could get carried away just enjoying the pictures. I shall have to play with it some more.
My friend Sue has sent an email to plan our Annual Spring luncheon at the Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. It will be an outing to look forward to so I shall have to reply with pleasure. I always do enjoy these outings and it gives us a chance to get caught up - even if we do send emails back and forth during the year. 
So the week has started again and it is March Break in these areas so no school. Harry did not do much in the greenhouses over weekend as still suffering a bit with this flu or what ever it is - so today he plans to put a push on. I guess this means lots of work for me haha!
Take care all. I am sure Spring will come eventually???

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fresh reading

Lately reading has not been top of the list and believe it or not, I am still struggling to get through the second book of the Outlander series. I have read others in between but somehow feel determined to finish this current Outlander book.  And Ruth across the street has been giving me more and more books to read.
It has snowed here last few days but not enough to be a nuisance. The greenhouses are almost full to capacity and yet, apparently, there are more plants to plant. Certainly lots to be transplanted.
I had my hair cut on Wednesday and what a wonderful feeling it gives you. During the winter it is not so much an issue as the old knitted hats are always covering the mess. It was time for a cut and thankfully the hairdresser accommodated my need quickly. 
Turned in our Income papers yesterday to be calculated by the Accountant. Should know next week what the damage will be.  I also had Mike's done for him right in the office by the Accountant by special appointment and since they were completed on line and sent right away, and considering that CRA returned the reassessment immediately as we sat there ( wonder how they worked so fast?) we jumped into the car and made a fast trip to hand deliver them to Mike. We picked up Subs along the way and had a lunch and coffee with him and then headed back. He is in need of the forms for other issues he is dealing with so thought this was the best move. Glad we did. We can make another trip later for a longer visit. Enjoy the weekend folks. Take care

Friday, March 9, 2018

I've just finished a book

It's not my usual taste.  It's described as a "haunting gem of a novel", and as "part American fairy tale, part page-turning mystery, part love story".  The title is "The Child Finder" by Rene Denfeld.  I couldn't put it down.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Home safely

I haven't done any more highway driving than out to Selkirk and back, in almost 20 years.  It was challenging and I was really tired when we got home.  Cathy heard our sad story Beth, but here it is.  As we were driving around the North perimeter, on our way to #1 West, the car kept fogging up and there was even frost on the side windows.  We remembered that there was a Chrysler dealer at Portage west and the Perimeter, and went in.  It took over an hour and almost $400, but they got it fixed and we were on our way again.  We arrived in Neepawa about an hour late, and the ladies, who were waiting to hang the show, had taken the time to go for a pleasant lunch.

The show was hung by about 3:00.  David and I went to check in at the motel, and then joined Cathy and Jim at the Legion while we waited for Keri to finish work.  Then we all went to the new Boston Pizza in Neepawa for a very nice supper.  After, while Keri went to choir practice, we went back to the Legion and played Joker Rummy, while Jim played the VLT's, until it was time to head to bed.

We've stayed at the motel before several times, but it's getting run down.  I'm sure glad neither of us needed a bath.  This morning we were up and on the road about 8:15, and home by about 10:30.  We relaxed, while I checked e-mail, then I had a nap and later we went out for supper.  The local buffet, that we often use, is, unfortunately, closing March 19.  When we asked we were told that it just wasn't financial viable, and they were planning to enlarge another restaurant in the same building to take up any slack.  We've eaten in the other restaurant, and find that the food is basic bar food--fast fry starch and sauce.  So, I'm not sure how that will play out.

In the mail today, was the bill for my credit card that I had used to hold the room at the motel, and sure enough, there was a$35.00 surcharge for going over the credit limit, when he screwed up the date and billed the room as "no show" a month early.  There was also a special letter from the water department asking us to read the water meter and call it in directly to the office, as there was a problem with the reading we had sent in just over a week ago.  Scary!  So we did it, and I asked if we might receive an unusual bill next time, but she assured me that the new reading I gave her was within normal limits, and not to worry.  Yeah, sure!  There was also a very nice birthday card from my sister.  Thank you sister.

And now, I can look forward to 5 days with nothing extra scheduled.  I feel as though I've been on the run for weeks, and hope I can relax a bit and calm down enough to celebrate my birthday on Wednesday.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Out and about

When I said we were planning to stay home until Wednesday, I forgot about our dental appointments today.  Now my teeth are clean, and David has no more cavities.  We're also a little poorer.  The dentist has recommended that we cancel our dental insurance with Sun Life ( through David's military pension), and look into Blue Cross.  He believes we might find better coverage and lower premiums.  Might be good advice.

Travelling around the city turned out to be fine.  I gave us about 50 minutes to get to the dentist at Corydon and Kenaston, but we were there in less than 25 minutes.  All of the main streets and bus routes are clear, and they're working on residential streets and back lanes tonight.  It may help that the temperature has remained hovering around 0 degrees, and the snow is melting quickly.  We stopped in at the library, on the way home, so that we both have a book to read in bed tomorrow night.  I just hope that the motel hasn't screwed up again, and that we have somewhere to sleep tonight.  With him billing my little credit card, last month, I may have had to pay a surcharge for being over my credit limit.

When we used to go away for weekends, at the drop of a hat, we would pack and leave in minutes.  Now that we're not so used to travelling, it's taken us three days to pack, what with writing lists etc. We even went through the fuss of things like planning car washes--one before we left and one when we get home.

Now to wash some clothes, so that they can be packed.  Craziness!

and more snow for you folks...

Just reading the headlines from Free Press and see pictures of the snow that has inundated Winnipeg and surrounds. Oh please do not send any this way. I simply could not manage a snow storm now.
Cathy were you able to did out and Pati, could you get the car out of the garage. The Nanking Cherry tree does look magnificent with the snow and should be hardy enough to withstand, do you think? Could you assist the branches to shed some of the weight?  This year I got upset enough with the cedar at the corner of the house to take the loppers and cut all the branches off. I have wanted this tree to be cut down for a long time so took it into my own hands. Once all the snow melts I'll have to clean it up and take the rest of the branches down. Every year the snow would pull the branches over and I could not walk around it or clean the roof off properly with it. Now I would like the apple tree at the back cut right back but that will be a tougher sell around here.
Thinking of you all as you dig out. And also of your trip and get together Wednesday. Keep me informed Take care

Monday, March 5, 2018

Snow came over night

I know we're all tired of it by this time of year.  But, I've mentioned in the past how pretty the back corner of the yard can be, in snow, and this morning is no exception.  The weight of snow bends the Nanking Cherry bush down and the whole image, with the Mock Orange behind it, is so-o-o relaxing and calming.

I've never been happy with the results in re-purposing my work.  I finished one yesterday, turning the piece into a table runner. I was curious about the technique used, as I had only flirted with it before.  It will be acceptable to put into the sale in early April, but not as any sort of exhibition piece.  There is enough of that piece left to do more, and I may.  Then there is one more piece scheduled to be re-purposed.  By destroying the others, I can't reverse my decision not to waste time on them.

My only worry for the rest of today will be how we can get the car out of the garage.

p.s.  David took a look at the Nanking Cherry, and expressed concern about how far the branches are bent--almost touching the ground. I hope than the bush isn't damaged.  It would be almost impossible to replace, not because they don't sell them, but because digging out the roots etc would be such a chore.  Nanking Cherry jelly is one of our special treats.

The waiting game, is it?

No waiting for our sister Cathy as your day is here. Happy Birthday to you and may everything be wonderful for the next year! Thinking of you today and everyday to come.

As far as waiting for the storm - maybe it will not be as bad as forecast?  But your plan to stay put Pati is still wise. Seems a shame to be see all your work from the past be taken apart but it will be like the "phoenix rising" to see you repurpose them. A sense of gratification/satisfaction perhaps!

Take care to you all. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Waiting with baited breath

A beautiful day.  Warm temperatures, and sunshine.  The snow in the backyard is quickly disappearing.  The birds, squirrels, and rabbit are busy around the feeder.  All appears right with the world.  But we under a severe weather watch for this very nasty Colorado Low, the first of which was to have arrived last night.  The sky was clouding over by supper time tonight, but no storm to be seen at this point.  Our plan, at this point, is to stay home and not venture out until we leave for Neepawa on Wednesday morning.  I certainly can find something to do for the next two days, and David is always willing to help.  

Although I had planned to work on a new table runner, from a re-purposed hanging, David came to help, and we cleaned out all of the bundles of fabric hangings in the the big cedar chest Daddy made.  Most of the pieces were old and have been discarded, but first David is taking off the beads for re-cycling.  I found a couple that I plan to use in the exhibitions coming up later this year.

The party's over....

Thank goodness. We did our thing and got the turkey and gravy down to the Arena by 5:30 pm as requested. The chaffing dishes holding the cut turkey went right into the table top heating pans that were all set up on the buffet table. And we bid them a farewell. What a circus there. In the midst of the Lions trying to get this meal made and out, to the 180 ticket holders ( that is the number of tickets sold apparently) there was some other event going on in the hall with lots of Air Cadets running around. I did not stay long enough to even ascertain what - I got out of there and back to the car.  Harry spoke briefly to the man in charge and his wife who were busy in the kitchen and this man just shook his head and said to Harry `we are too old, you and Ì to be doing this....`He owned the meat deli for years before selling out to another German couple, and now he still works part time at Foodland as a butcher. His wife works part time at the Village Bins store. Both are older ( he is turning 80 years this year) Now I have the tidying up here to do but that won`t take long. Wash a few pots and return the few contents back to the fridge - this will give me a chance to clean out the fridge I hope!
Then Harry and I treated ourselves to Chinese takeout. Before coming home to eat though, we drove down to the lake to see the marvel of Mother nature. In this case Cathy, Mother Nature was at her best. The lake is covered with a glaze of shiny ice - one fellow was actually skating around. And in the middle of this mirror like vision, sat the ice huts like little statues embedded in the ice. Along the shore line the power of the ice breaking up is evident in sheets of ice shooting up at least ten or twelve feet into the air all piled together and by the looks of it growing constantly.. Glorious to see. But I would not venture out on the ice for anything.
I received the $25.00 loaded visa card from Loblaws in response to my registering for the rebate following the class action suit about the price fixing for bread.  Harry was also registered but nothing has come back to him yet. We don`t have an actual Loblaws store near us but can go to No Frills, or ValuMart or Independent which are subsidiaries of Loblaws to spend it.
So take care that weather and stay off the roads.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Storms and housework

I think this storm is just Mother Nature ‘s way of saying get off your but and do some cleaning. I was trying to straighten my office and the dust was so thick I was coughing and gagging so naturally I stopped and watched tv instead. Last night I did one load of laundry then watched the wildcard brier playoff. McEwen won.  I would love to share a meal with you when you are here Pati we can work out where and what. I am going to find it hard to go back to 5 day weeks once I use up my holidays.  I think I should get a few meals into the freezer for the days I just can’t face deciding what to eat. I have a quiche in the oven for breakfast but tomorrow I think it will jim’s Turn and I am going to think of something different. I am going to have to try to get my laptop working so I can do my taxes this year. I just use simple tax on line. It talks you through it. Quiche is almost ready. Have a great weekend

Trip and Birthdays

Wise decision all around. As long as everyone is amenable to the change it is best this way. No worries about travelling. Hugs still coming from this way though for the Birthday girl!
Yesterday the neighbours husband Gerd came pounding on the front door. There he was with a cake for me returning the plate I had last taken over with cookies.  It is a specialty cake that they purchase from a bakery in southern Ontario called Fruit Cake with Almond filling aka Dutch Stollen.  I called over to Ruth to thank her - she is getting along much better now and anxious, as I am, to have this horrendous weather over and Spring to come so she can get out of the house.  Gerd told me that she went out to the shed to see her rabbit for the first time the other day. He has been the caretaker all the time she has been laid up.
Well third turkey is in the oven. Harry has gone off to the Auction Barn in Powassan to pick up a shelf he bought last night on line auction. Then this afternoon we shall get all the turkey cut and trayed and heated, and gravy made and haul it all over to the Arena, Yeah!  Harry went up last evening to finalize the plan - the man in charge (who commandeered Harry) was making bratwurst sausages with moose and pork mix, Others were running around doing who knows what haha!  I am so glad we are out of that sort of thing ( well, I guess not totally)  Take care. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Change in plans

The ladies who will be helping to hang our show in Neepawa were quite concerned about the nasty weather forecast for Monday.  So, after consultation with Rrain, and frantic e-mails between myself and the three ladies, our trip is being postponed until Wednesday.  Considering this, I contacted the motel in Neepawa to change my reservation.  After much discussion and growing frustration, I discovered that, originally, he had put me down for February 5 rather than March 5th, as I had requested.  When I didn't show up, he billed me as a "no show".  Now, this gentleman neither speaks nor understands English well.  It's obviously not his first language, so I don't think I'm the one who made a mistake here.  But I kept my "cool", and have been promised that I will not be charged for my stay on March 7th.  We've stayed at this motel before without difficulty, but I will think twice before going there again in future.  I tend to believe that the ownership and/or management has changed since our last trip, as communication was certainly not an issue last time.

Unfortunately, Cathy, this means that we won't be able to spend your birthday with you.   The opportunity to spend birthdays together happens so seldom, that it's a shame to lose this one.  But, do you think there might be a chance we could share a meal?

Your Scenic view

What a nice daily view from your front window Pati - to see the Church sign to brighten your day. That Church has been a source of many exciting events in your life over the years hasn't it?
So as you prepare Pati and Dave to venture to Neepawa Monday take care on the roads. Hope your setup at the Centre will go well. And more importantly. hope that you all get together to celebrate Cathy's Birthday. I shall be with you all in spirit.
Here I watch the weather closely as well. Yesterday I went to the Hardware and bought two long stove pipes. These are to be used to try to divert water coming from the downspouts off the eaves. Most of the ground is still frozen solid from all the previous melts and freezes, but the water is melting off the roof and the snow creating nice little lakes and streams that I don't want to enter the basement. I have the sump pump ready at the door to set up quickly for the front sidewalk if necessary. Oh, I really do not like this time of year.   Yesterday on the CBC Show "Q"  I enjoyed a long conversation the host had with Randy Bachman. I really like to hear all his stories and so often references to Winnipeg that bring back memories. Pati, I am sure you will have a good time at his Show the end of March.  He is just releasing a new album called "By George, by Bachman" which highlights remakes of George Harrison songs (from the Beatles)
In meantime we are cooking turkeys. I have cleaned out the fridge into coolers best I can and for the next few days the fridge will be taken over by cooked turkey and gravy. I shall be so glad to see the end of it Saturday night (maybe toast it with a drink?)
Here it is Friday again and so I send best wishes to all for the weekend. Cathy you are on days off now so please enjoy - have you planned a trip or two , or are you watching that weather the same as all of us. Wouldn't be good to be on the road if a storm comes through.   Take care 

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The church across the street

The illuminated sign across the street changes about every two months.  This is what we're seeing now.

Today I learned something new.  We wanted to have the car washed before heading to Neepawa, and I had to drive it into the car wash. Of course, I forgot to give the keys to the attendant, and he had to chase us down  the aisle, but I got the darn thing in!

Yesterday, with a last minute invitation, we joined the children and their children for a birthday dinner for Loren, at Red Lobster.  the menu had calorie counts with every dish, which was really helpful in finding something to eat.  The chicken breast I ordered came with two side dishes, but the only one with a reasonable calorie count was broccoli, so I ordered broccoli twice.  Then Loren ordered double broccoli with his entree.  Our waitress appeared fairly experienced, but even she expressed surprise at that.  It was nice to see everyone, as even Darren showed up.  No pictures though.

The weather is great right now, but a Colorado low is forecast for the weekend and Monday--through Southern Manitoba.  Not sure what that might mean for our trip on Monday, but we're keeping watch, and I've contacted the ladies coming with us.