Thursday, June 30, 2016


Last day before they come back.  We've had the use of the stove over the weekend, the only problem being that half the supplies are downstairs and all prep work has to be done at the basement bar.  For two old duffers who have trouble with stairs, this is not a good system.  Other than my daily (almost!) trip to Starbucks, we've spent the weekend quietly at home.  We were able to hear the noise of fireworks Friday evening, and into the morning, but otherwise enjoyed Canada Day on tv. Today we're going to roast the chicken--our last one.  This is turning into somewhat of an adventure, but still, that's how we've been amusing ourselves over the past few years--with small adventures.

While I've been a bit emotional over the past few days, hopefully that's moderated by a good sleep (chemically induced on my part) last night--for both of us I think. This morning I could see the effect of the emotions at the scale.  My weight is lower than it's been in almost 20 years!  I ate well yesterday.  Emotional eating-yes-certainly, and in full recognition of it at the time. Our meals have really been "catch-as-catch can" over the past week, and perhaps we needed a planned full meal, even if it wasn't according to Dr. Phil.  I have to wonder if part of my better mood, today, isn't partially the result of eating better, if not healthier.

I finished a small piece yesterday, that has been on the work table for several weeks.  Not much of an accomplishment, but an accomplishment none the less.  Now the dishes are done ( ever try to wash a large roasting pan in a small bar sink?  An adventure in itself), and David has vacuumed the main travel areas, of the rug. The next task is to clean up the studio.  I often make a ritual of this when a piece is finished.  So that's the plan for the day.

Hitting the wall

I hit the wall just before supper today.  With everything going on, not sleeping, having something cruel said to me this morning about my work, I was on the edge. Then something on the internet came to a head today.  If the threat is real, I will loose my e-mail and maybe a bunch of other programming, (anything based on Microsoft software,) tomorrow. But if it's a scam, there is no problem, and I'm always suspicious of anything that states, in fine print, that a credit card will be required.  The only reason that I'm giving it any credibility at all is that the issue they have identified is one that our computer guy spoke of, when he set up our system a couple of years ago. So I had a bit of a melt down, and David wisely left the house to find us some take out supper.  This gave me a few minutes to pull it together, but this evening will be spent quietly and in separate rooms--not that that we don't do that fairly often when we get into internet poker.

The last couple of days have been short ones for the contractor.  They are at the stage when all of the electrical stuff etc is done, and there is nothing left but painting to do.  They come in and sand off the patching they did, add another layer of patching and leave.  They are gone for the weekend, and even put the stove back for me, for the next three days.  So we are going to roast our last big chicken over the weekend, and have left overs for a couple of days.

They paint on Monday, and we spend the night at the hotel.  Tuesday is for any odds and ends, such as removing painters tape, re-hanging lights, and putting on wall plates.  Then the cupboards get delivered and hung on Wednesday and Thursday.  They require an inspection, and that has been scheduled for Friday morning.  Then comes the tile work, which can't be done until after the cupboards are in place.

Cathy, I think Beth is wise and you're headed in the right direction by planning nothing for a few days.  But then make sure something is planned for a little later, to get you back on track.  And make it a fun thing.

Good Plan

Here's wishing you a great vacation Cathy.  And remember it is a vacation so why not just do what you want and don't try to plan too many tasks!  They say that you just start to relax after about ten days off so try to enjoy ten days without plans!! Then you can assess your next few days off and decide what is so important that it cannot be left undone haha!
I was out watering after supper and the Library called ( open until 7 pm on Thursdays) to say the book I ordered was in.  This was the first Stuart Woods novel with Stone Barrington and the library did not have it. So at the time I had to take book #2 on my list I pulled from the Internet, to start my adventure with this series. I was so happy as now I have some reading for over the long weekend.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone - Pati, do your workers take the time off or are they working through? It would be nice if you could have a bit of a break, but then if the work has to be completed before the cupboards come, I guess you have no choice.

Take care.  (ps still total fire ban here fires !)

2 whole weeks off!

I am sitting at home, all by myself since meat draw is tonight, and letting myself fade.  By 2pm today I was a real bitch.  I worked from 8:45 to 4:15 without a single break and I was getting pretty tired.  I didn't even get as caught up as I had hoped but I guess they will have to deal with the mess I left while I am gone.  We got "podded" this week.  Basically we have to formalise everything we do and track statistics and work.  Of course all pods but ours have 4 people. we only have 3 so we have to share the duties of the fourth.  Eventually I will lose my office and have to go sit on the other side of the office in the open area. Kinda sucks, but not worth fighting about.  We shall see how things go.  I am not sure how I will start my holidays.  I have all sorts of things that I want to get done but I would like to start with at least one day off.  I'm just afraid that if I take one day it will lead to another and another and by the time my holiday is over nothing will have happened.  Just have to see I guess.  I think I might start my holiday by sitting outside with a glass of wine and reading.  Sounds good to me!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Just logged on and had some time to view the pictures in great detail.  What a difference in the before and the after. It must really be a shock to you watching it up close and in person. And all the little extra things that need to be addressed - hope you can work through these issues quickly.  Could you book into the Casino Hotel and then have an evening of no worries while the paint dries? Just a thought...
Have you heard of Scentsy products? Harry brought home from the dump four new unopened packages of the Scentsy product - little squares of scented waxy stuff (8 to a package) that you heat in specially purchased containers called Warmers ( like candle holder but use a small electric bulb) to melt the square and allow the aroma to drift into the room.  I immediately remembered that a lady had a booth set up at the Farmers Market here in Sundridge every Friday.  I went to see what she sold and how much $ , but was really just looking. The warmers started at around 35.00 and went as high as close to 78.00 depending on style/size and designs. Some are even more expensive.  When I was at Mike's he looked it up on the net and we got a bit more info. Actually one of Erin's friends tried to get her to sign up as a dealer but Erin realized it was just like other pyramid companies (like Avon, or Pampered Chef etc) and she wasn't likely to buy into it or try to flog it.  So Mike gave me a few of his little burner candles ( those little round white disks things) and I found a little burner at home and tried it. The square melted and the aroma dispersed. Today at the Thrift Store I bought two little burners perfectly suited for this process (each 1.00) . So now I can melt the squares I have, to create a pleasant smell, but I don't really like these certain aromas. They include one called pumpkin marshmallow. On Friday I intend to go to the Market again and maybe buy another box of a more pleasing smell such as Vanilla. They cost 6.00 a package but the lady told me she sells them at the booth for 5.00.
At the Thrift Store as well, I found a Dr Phil book that I was immediately attracted to by the title. Since it was hard cover and only 3.00 I bought it.  It caught my eye because I thought it was a copy of the 20/20 Diet that we have all read (Did you get one at the Library Cathy?) But it only looked like it - the title of this is Self Matters - Creating Your Life from the Inside Out.  I got so much from reading the 20/20 Diet book - suggestions and ideas I thought helpful not directly related to a change in diet but a change in thinking about yourself.  So I am so anxious to start into this book.
Even if some ideas are not really relevant or even possible. I look forward to at least having a good read and boosting my spirits along with it. Food for thought, right?
Well, in meantime, I must get to bed, and continue reading Stuart Woods novel with Stone Barrington - as Pati says "fluff" - but we all need a bit of good, clean "fluff" don't we?   Take care

..And the beat goes on...

Well, today is another day.  The city was out today to turn the water off, and discovered that the underground pipes need to be repaired, and since they are on our side of the sidewalk, it will be at our expense.  The leaking interior valve can't be replaced until that work is done.  So the fellow called in to put a rush work order through.  The first thing is that someone, at some time, has to come out and paint the lawn to show how much needs to be dug out.  Then the city has 14 days to complete the repair work.  I have no idea what this may cost, but I do believe that as of the end of May we are now insured against such things.  I sure hope so.

Since I went out to pay bills and grocery shop, I had to park on the street when I got home, and discovered all this going on.  Walking across the lawn, I noticed a very bare patch of grass, looking very much like the patches we had that were infested with parasitic worms.  This had resulted in having our whole lawn dug out and replaced--Ka-a-a-ching!--a couple of years ago.  The first line of defense is to try to dig out the patch and only replace that much.  Neither of us is in any shape to even think about that today.

It's anticipated that they will be painting next Monday, with Friday being a holiday.  We have been firmly told to sleep somewhere else that night, so another task today is to head out and see if we can make a hotel reservation for that night.  While this is something we had considered, it's still $$$, and we had hoped to avoid the privilege.

But, I've had my special Starbucks coffee, and had an excellent salad from Subway for supper last evening. There is no urgent housework pending, and I get to spend the rest of the day in the studio.

Monday, June 27, 2016

What a day!

They arrived as scheduled and got to work. This is what the room looked like before they started.

And this is what it looked like by about noon.

Several issues came up, not unexpected, but we're getting a better idea of extra expenses we're going to have to cover.

Unfortunately, the roller under the fridge broke when it was being moved, and gouged the flooring.  They have a man who can fix it, but we have to pay for his time, since David was moving it when it happened. (thank Goodness we saved a remnant from when the floor was put down.)  The wiring is a horror, and it sounds like it's going to take extra time to sort it out, and there is a leaky valve associated with our water meter, on our side of the meter, and the city has to come and turn the water off from their end, so it can be replaced, but the contractor will replace the valve. We just have to work with the city's schedule.  After discussion, we've decided to go with pot light over the sink, instead of the fluorescent, and they will have to be purchased and installed.

Now, you understand that the kitchen table is apart, and stored behind the blue chair in the living room.  Vivian's oil painting is off the wall and stored behind the yellow chair, so that the stove can be in the living room.  I had made arrangements for Vivian to pickup my pieces for the Pinawa sale this evening, but she showed up at 2:10 this afternoon, and she had the teenager she sits for with her, as they were headed for the girl's gymnastic lesson on the far side of town.  I had a bit  warning that Vivian might be early, as another woman whose stuff she was to pick up, had spoken to Vivian's husband to find out when she was coming.  This woman, Trina, decided to save Vivian some time by delivering her stuff to our house.  I had to pick up stuff at the tailor at 2:00, and had gone a little early thinking I had lots of time.  Well they both showed up shortly after 2:00, seconds after I had got home.  So we had a good visit in the living room, while work continued in the kitchen, mainly running wire up through the walls from the basement, which evidently requires a lot of shouting back and forth.  Chaos anyone.

But all is quiet now, except David has just discovered that we are missing power in the living room, right behind his chair.

And how was your day?

Ready or you go!

The big renovation event has finally arrived....ready or not, get on the train and enjoy the ride.  With best wishes that all goes well, and that when all is said and done, you are thrilled with your new kitchen.  Hoping as well, to get updates as you are able.
Take care.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

More last minute work

We got quite a bit done yesterday, including cleaning the stove, now I have the fridge to go, and then we have to deal with the table.  I sure hope he can get it apart safely, but if not, we're off to find another one--with better results this time--I hope.

I've really tried to stick with the diet the last few days, but I was up 2 1/2 lbs this morning.  My only hope is that the weight was related to the huge plate of stir-fry veggies I had for supper.  We went to a local Asian stir-fry place.  We've been there before, but not in awhile.  It's gone downhill, and we were disappointed in both the service and the meal we had.  Doesn't bode well for the next three weeks, as we were anticipating eating there fairly often.

Knowing I'll probably have a little more studio time in the next three weeks, I've prepared a "To Do" list for the studio.  I'm busy beading a small mandala right now ( at a rate of about 10 beads a day--lol).

Do you have plans for your holiday, Cathy?  Even a "stay-cation" would be better than devoting the time to housework.  Sometimes "plans" can be minor, but the anticipation turns it into an event.  I remember when you were working at Clear Lake, when buying a Saskatoon Berry pie was an "event'.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

8 pm Saturday night....

and I am ready for bed.  I didn't have a great sleep last night and then I woke up with a coughing fit this morning.  Sometimes things just aren't fair.   We worked at cleaning the house today and weeding the garden (maybe that is why I am tired)  I was excited to realise that my holidays are a week earlier than I thought.. 4 more days and I am off for 2 weeks.  I thought it was a week later so I am very happy right now. Monday and Tuesday we are being "podded" at work.   A pod consist of 4 employees working closely with each other to complete their days work.  Oh, gee... there are only 3 of us plus the District Registrar in our office.  How can we have a pod of 4 when district registrars are required to do only legal work.... not daily work.  I guess we will find out.  We named our pod NEMO.  We told them it stood for Neepawa's Excellent Method of Operation.  We decided it really stands for New Errors Made Often.  We shall see on Monday.  Jim and I decided today that for our 15th anniversary we are going to get someone to hold a party for us that I do not have to do anything for.  When Don and I got married I was up making Coleslaw early in the morning (and at that point in my life I hated coleslaw)  When Jim and I got married I had to plan his entire retirement party for the same day.  We figure it is time for me to enjoy.  Even Jim agrees on that point.  We are entered in the legion golf tournament on the 17th.  Usually Rodney and Kristy golf with us but they will be on a houseboat in BC that weekend.  Jim's friend Dennis and his stepson Brian will golf with us instead.  I asked if Jim told them that I am not a golfer but he said they will find that out :).  The wind has been vicious here the last couple of days.  In fact.... all spring.  We have had one fire this year.  Other than that it has been windy or rainy.  Lisa asked us to cover at the Legion for a while today while she went out and then Jim got a text from Kellie asking him to cover for a while on Monday.  I guess it pays to be a regular that they trust.  It was fine today... we did the till and the VLTs and even sold some Chase the Ace tickets so I am sure Jim will be fine on Monday.   I told him to take a book in case he gets bored.  He hates using the till but he did fine today.  4 more days and I am off for 2 weeks.  I can hardly wait.

"Do or Die" weekend

The contractor came around to pick up the first of his money, on Thursday, and told us they would be here at 8:30 Monday morning.  He's a personable younger man, but loves to talk.  I can see the work going slowly if he and David get together to talk--LOL.  He also told us that we could leave the fridge plugged in, but against the wall under the plate rail, until it's time to paint. I will try to get the fridge washed out today.  I think I'm going to leave the perishables in the fridge, but move the stuff from the freezer downstairs.  That way there is no concern if the fridge has to be unplugged for short periods.

I've made up a job list for the next two days.  Yesterday, we made, what I hope is the last, $$$ transfer--ouch!.  I put the oven on "clean" last evening, despite the heat.  Today I'm going to "vacuum" the residue out, and wash everything down.  (It sounds  silly to talk about "vacuuming" the stove.) We also have to re-arrange the laundry room, so that they have access to the electrical panel.  Then an auxiliary kitchen gets set up on the bar.  Basically, right now, the basement is a huge mess, and that will need to be sorted out before we can spend much time there.  We will be able to move through the kitchen a fair bit, especially after they leave each day, but if not, we can walk around outside.  Every cupboard and drawer must be empty by tomorrow evening, but there is room in the pantry for most of the dishes, so we won't have to carry those up or down stairs.

Last night, around 3:00, there was another violent, harsh thunderstorm, that had us awake, with a possibility of more today and tonight.  Hopefully, that will keep the temperature down, as we both suffered with it yesterday.

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Opening day at the Berry Patch - and guess who were the first two folks standing in line at 8 am!  We picked easily and got 6 baskets with in no time. And then up to North Bay to deliver some freshly picked berries.  Had a coffee at Mike's - always a treat.  And he gave me a belated Mother's Day gift - he had ordered on line and he thinks it came "on a slow boat from China" haha! Beautiful Owl earrings - three pairs. Each with different coloured stone eyes - diamonds, rubies and emeralds ( of course they aren't real gems!) I was thrilled.
There will be more berry picking in my immediate future - I can bet on it, but for now I am going to manage, best I can,  three full baskets in the fridge - and eat them up! Bought some canned whipping cream although I prefer them plain - Harry likes them with the whipping cream.
You were looking forward to this Guild garage sale so I guess the outcome would be a bit disappointing Pati.  But if you "got rid of" some items then that was really part of your plan, right?  
I am thinking about you Pati, (and Dave)  and know you are in countdown to the wire now. Do you plan to eat out the first night of construction just as a celebration of sorts of ....  "yes, we did it" ?
Well,  we are cleaning up outside. Harry has taken a notion to sort through some of the accumulation and take runs to the dump! I'm in!! Let's do it !  (hehe) This includes cutting down some trees - two yesterday and one more slated for tomorrow, maybe?  But all this extra work is taking it's toll - I couldn't even read one whole chapter last night of my new Stuart Woods novel. Shame.
I watered tonight after supper and it only took me a little over two hours. I'm not kidding.....
I am getting all sorts of messages from Bell, and Hydro etc that I must ensure I pay my bills in light of the pending Canada Post strike and therefore that I should be sure I set up E billing! (I guess they want their money to keep coming) So I spent a little time on the computer just before blogging now to be sure all the accounts are in order and on line. So no more paper bills should be coming now. This scares me to think that all our life's activities are being entrusted to Internet. - I like to get mail!  So, folks, keep those wonderful notes and letters coming haha!  Time for bed. Take care. 

minor disappointment

Last evening was the quilters' guild "garage sale".  Someone asked how I did, and the answer I gave was " Not as well as I had hoped, but better than I really expected".  I was talking to our friend Lee ( Alida).  We were saying that while we were both trying to get rid of "stash", so were most of the other ladies in the room, as we tend to be all of an age.  I took my beautiful nesting boxes, that I didn't want to get rid of, but knew I would never use.  They didn't sell, so I took them to the "Hospitality" ladies and offered to donate them for use in future fund-raising draws. They expressed that they were to valuable to accept, but they would rather pay for them.  Then they had a long discussion, right in front of me, about whether the $25/each was too much to pay, and decided that it was.  So I again offered to donate them, and they again said they said that they should be paid for.  We settled for half of what I had been offering.  Then they demanded a receipt, and I filled one out for them, which they then offered to me to use as a tax deduction--which of course was ridiculous, and totally "back-asswards".

Today, David has his eye surgery, and we don't expect to accomplish much more than that.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


LOL  Just the other day I was thinking of Mom and her admonishment to us whenever we were about to set out on some sort of task--" Stick your Dibs out!".  It was her way of saying "good luck!"  I can't believe we both thought of that at about the same time.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

"Beer fridge"

That tiny, little fridge might hold three bottles of beer, so I don't hold out much hope for a gallon of milk or a dozen eggs.


It is my opinion that none of us is ever missing, ever!
I have you both close to my heart and in my mind every time I log on, and every time I write and read. Our lives are so varied, and that makes the communication so interesting and exciting for me. As I see it, Pati, you have much to consider right at home - like where will you eat, and how will you get from the upper floor to the basement without going through the kitchen area for the next month?  Aren't you happy that there is a bathroom in the basement!! And what's a beer fridge meant to hold anyway????
So everyone - chins up, dibbs out and lets carry on!! Take care

Among the missing?

I seem to be the one missing this weekend.  The dates for the reno have been confirmed, so we have to be out of the kitchen by next Monday.  We've been doing it bit by bit, so I don't see any problem, but next Sunday will be busy, as I want to clean both the stove and fridge. Now that I'm down to the "nitty-gritty" of the planning, I'm trying to figure out how I'll be cooking some of the things we eat.  I'm very afraid that the diet will be impossible, although I hope to stay close to it. After all, it is intended to change your eating habits for the rest of your life.  I'll have the microwave, the kettle, the grill, and probably the toaster oven, but not all at the same time.  There will only be the little bar fridge, and that might prove the biggest problem.

Cathy, about Flo, we have to remember that they were married in the late 1930's, and women weren't allowed to work after they were married.  If I remember, some of the small towns, in Manitoba, still had laws on the books requiring women, who worked for the town, to resign as soon as they married--Dauphin as late as the 1980's.  I remember Mom and Auntie Ruby talking about how they could have made a fortune working during the war, but had to stop when they married.  All three of them were well educated, and their parents prepared them to have marketable skills--having lived through the depression.

Beth, you asked about notions.  Usually I stock up on zippers when I can find them on sale, but this time I only bought 2 packages of Olfa blades, a 5 1/2 by 16" Omnigrid ruler, and a fair bit of white muslin.  I no longer work at accumulating stash, rather I'm trying to get rid of it.  And in that vein, tomorrow is the "garage" sale at the quilters' guild, and I hope to get rid of more there.

Had a pleasant experience yesterday--the man ahead of me in line at Starbucks paid for my coffee!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Touching base

I had a really nice visit with Tom and Jadwiga on Friday (2 hours!)  We talked about a  lot of memories and filled in on family.  Tom has so many nieces and nephews I have no idea who belonged to who!  Tom was very ill last year.. They weren't sure if he would live.  He had some sort of liver failure that they couldn't diagnose.  Jadwiga was sure that he picked up something in Thailand when they were there, but he was down for months.  Much better now, but still not 100%.  When I saw him I said "you look like Uncle Jake" but as soon as Shirley (my co-worker) saw us she said "I can really see the resemblance"  So I guess we both look like Auntie Flo.  Tom was telling me about how his mom was an assistant to the Premier(or something like that)  when she met Uncle Jake and she left it all to marry him.  True Love.. We finally got to have a fire tonight.  The wind died down for a couple of hours but it is supposed to pick up again soon.  I was in Brandon all weekend for a strategic planning session. Our facilitator was great and I think we made a lot of progress in determining who we are and where we are going. Now I am just waiting for the moon to rise so I can say I saw the full moon on the solstice since it won't happen again here for over a century.  Work is work..... what can I say.

No relief, really

A big boomer with torrents of rain came though this afternoon  - lasted an hour or two, but left little relief to the heat wave and humidity.  I pumped, of course, to remove the big buildup of water at the front. Then the sun came out again and left us "breathless' with very humid air again. Good thing is I do not have to water the garden tonight haha!  I expect to finish my last Gamache novel. But never fear...Pati gave me a new idea - Stuart Woods "Stone Barrington" series.  I went on line to write down the publishing order of the series so will go to the Library and hope to see a few of them in stock. Otherwise, not much new right now. I tied up all the tomatoes today so kept busy in spite of the weather.   Take care

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hot here

I do not complain - I rather like being outside in the sun, and slight wind, and hottish temps. Although I wished I had a little pool like your's Cathy to jump in.  Harry did his garage sales thing and ended up in Sprucedale to cut the grass on the grave site.  I had put our little manual push mower in the car for him. It works well for me around the yard where it is hard to push the gas mower. Apparently he had some difficulty with it - perhaps the grass was too thick?The heat bothers him greatly as well so he lay down under the fan and I was out watering when .....Surprise! Mike and Erin drove in.  I had a wonderful visit with them (they had brought a Father's Day card for Harry) They were on their way to Toronto to visit her family and likely to take Fathers Day greetings to her dad. It is a short trip as they will be back tomorrow evening.  It has been quite awhile since Mike was here, and he was awe struck with how things around the yard looked so different to him.  Lately he has been nostalgic about a lot of events and happenings in the past - I like this because to date, the past has meant nothing to him. So I encourage our conversations best I can!
Well, another day of nice weather and I expect outside work.  No big wins in the Lottery last night ( a free play but I'll take it) so Hope remains eternal for the coming week  haha!
Take care  ps what notions/fabric did you end up purchasing at Fabricland Pati?

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Shopping again--sort of

Today Fabricland had a sale.  This sale occurs about once a year, usually around the time of Canada Day, but not always.  In this sale, all notions are sold at 50%off.  Usually notions have an price limit of $12.98 when offered for sale.  We watch for this sale to buy good quality cotton muslin and Olfa cutter blades.  The blades are usually $67.00+ a package, and I can't afford them, but at half price--a good deal.  The Omnigrid rulers are also on sale 50% off, and, of course, most fabric.  

Then, since we were in the neighbourhood, and had actually remembered to bring our measurements, we went to buy /order a new blind for the kitchen.  We found lovely 2" fake wood Venetian type blinds.  They come in set widths and lengths, and you buy the closest size higher than what you need.  There is a woman on duty who explains how to remove the bottom slat to take out any extra length, and then cuts the blind to width, while you wait. What a neat idea!

There were two blinds to be cut ahead of us, so I went to check out lamps, and found one I fell in love with, for the kitchen table. The upright portion of the base was a series of square glass-like cubes that would have worked well with the glass decorative line in the tiles.  Then we had to wait forever to get help to choose a light bulb to use with it--$14.00.  Brought it home.  Of course the bulb wasn't the right one and didn't even fit the base, and there was a piece missing from the harp, so David got PO'd and took it back.  They hassled him about replacing it, so he got a refund, and then they hassled him about that.  Guess I'll be making do with the old lamp

Friday, June 17, 2016

New clothes

The new blouse looks lovely with the pants. You look pleased with all your new clothes and I expect glad you pursued the option of purchasing same now. I ,too, bought some newer tops and two pairs of shorts lately. I just need to actually wear them now. I tend not to wear shorts in public, but will try at least to wear them walking downtown. I'll try it today as I have to buy some lottery tickets for weekend. Let you know if I survive.
You both are meeting up with "family" members this week - Pati with Dave's cousin, and Cathy with our Overwater cousin. I wonder who I will encounter? No one around here is related to my family and we never really see any of Harry's family anymore. I count my trips to North Bay and to Mike, and Will, as my family visits!
I spoke with my friend Cheryl in Winnipeg yesterday. It was her B'day June 9 and took some time to connect with her by phone. Different life from mine, but still nice to keep us with old friends.I received an email from friend Sue - she was out with a few of the others I've had lunch with, and ran into some of the other "old" staff that we worked with. She wrote because the conversation turned to the "old times"and my name kept coming up - she said with great fondness and respect. She thought I would like to hear. Maybe nice to hear things like that especially when life seems to be so finely tuned to home and garden these days, haha  Speaking of which, I guess I better sign off as my day starts in earnest.
Hoping you have a good weekend all. Pati your time is closing in for the renovations - I'm as excited as you, I think, but without all the worry and work!!
Take care

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Red Blouse

The red blouse arrived in the mail this morning.  It's still just  tiny bit too big, but I was told that it doesn't come in a smaller size.  For the price, I wish it fit a little better, but it fits well enough.  It's probably meant to fit over leggings, but the red pants are slim fitting enough. It has emboidery around the front of the neckline and down on each side of the buttons. I've decided to keep it for a couple of reasons
1. it's red
2. it matches the pants, 
3. my "boobs' don't fall out, and
4. it's not a T-shirt!

We've talked about the possibility of wearing it as an over-blouse if it gets too big, but I've decided to just enjoy it for as long as I can, even if that's just a couple of months.  That was the intent of buying clothes now and good enough for me. I do believe that I now own more red clothes than black, and that says something about my mood these days.  Most of the time, I'm keeping the "blues" at bay.

Yesterday we got a call from David's sister inviting us over for supper, as their cousin Ian, from Saskatoon, was on his way through, and would be spending the night. He and his wife, Maxine, had been at a car show out East, (Grand Rapids Michigan?)  He was telling us about touring a factory, and seeing the assembly lines etc, and finding the whole experience quite interesting. Coming back they were hoping to make it home in a couple of days, and wanted to avoid the horrendous driving in and around Chicago, so took a ferry across Lake Michigan.  It took four hours, and she said that they didn't see another boat, but it probably saved them a day's travel time.  I had never heard of this, but it really makes sense.

During conversation David mentioned a travel mug he had, that we had tried to sell at the garage sale.  It turned out that it was a fairly valuable thing to a collector of MoPar Auto Parts, which Ian is. So after we got home, David turned around, and took it to him. I hear he left the city a very happy man.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Over 700 tomato plants in your garden.  That's a lot of tomatoes to process or freeze.  Maybe you need to start now.  :)

I took a look in our garden.  The peonies in the back, by the garage are just about over, and starting to look a little ragged.  These are such a rich colour that it is sometimes too much.  They are often the first bloom we notice in the spring, although the ones on the south side of the house usually bloom first.  They tend to be "out of sight, out of mind.

The ones in the front garden are my favourites.  They are a younger plant and the blooms are a very delicate pink.  They tend to be fuller blooms.  The squirrel-hating neighbour has pink ones in front, but they are slightly darker in colour, with more yellow in the centers.  I love these, and look forward to them every year.

Yesterday, David cleaned up some of the bushes in the yard.  While out, he pointed out the rose bush in the back yard of the "grow op" next door.  It is hidden behind a derelict shed, and only visible from our yard.  It was magnificent when the former owners lived there, thoroughly neglected now, but still beautiful.  A tribute to the strength of Nature's drive for life.

Today's task has been to sort out and clean up the spice cupboard and tea cupboard.  Everything that was out dated is gone.  It feels good.  I am very aware that spices have a short self life, but David's Mother used to keep them for years, generations even, and I'm not kidding.  I had to clean out the spice drawer at the lake when we sold it.  We are expecting the contractor to move in for demo on June 26. The new cupboards are supposed to be finished July 6th, and delivered July 7.  Those dates are yet to be confirmed, and the contractor hasn't--yet--asked for money, but it gives us something to work toward.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


First, to see your new outfits, and second, that you posed to have your picture taken in your new outfits. Thank you so much. I am delighted! I can see the tapered bottoms so now know why you chose the tailor to hem them. Looking spiffy, you are indeed!! You should feel good in all your different outfits, as you look good.
Well, the last of all the tomatoes have finally been planted - only have 719 in total. Harry figures with all the giveaways, we must have had close to 1500 grown in both greenhouses. I spent yesterday tying to straighten up around the yard. Tough job.  Harry is now in process of emptying all the compost barrels, and we'll be moving them to different spots, to make more room - I guess for more planting space for next year?
Today we go to Huntsville. We will be buying some gifts for Mike as tomorrow we'll be going to his place to celebrate his Birthday. I'll buy a cake at Metro - really not in mood to start baking today. Feeling a bit under the weather last few days- maybe just a bit of a cold, or stomach upset or the blues Who knows!
Saturday we went to the Festival of Businesses - FAB 2016- in the next town South River. I won a draw prize - Golf for Four at local Golf Course - worth $60.00. Now, tell me how useful this is for me! Too bad you weren't closer Cathy!  Anyway, Harry has an idea to give it away to a fellow he used to work with - he golfs every day apparently!  I asked Mike and he gave me his answer with a few expletives -he does NOT golf and I knew it!
And so the week begins.  Every time we go, I look at the ReStore at the tables. If I could wiggle my nose maybe I could send you one at a reasonable price, haha. They actually have a good selection and I always feel for a solid sturdiness. I am sure you shall find just want you want, and maybe as a surprise when you are least expecting to see it. I like your table, but I helped to fix it once so I know you would like a new one.
Well, time for a coffee, and hope it settles OK. Last few days, just not what I wanted. yesterday, I made a box of KD we had in the cupboard as I had an urge and that was all I thought I could stomach. There is still have of it in the fridge. Anyone want half a bowl of KD?   Take care

Monday, June 13, 2016


Well, I don't look slim and beautiful, but there they are.  First are my red jeans, along with one of the cheap summer T-shirts I bought.  I didn't realize that they could be worn together until today.

Here are the red jeans with a silly top that matches. I so much wanted to get away from T-shirts, but this may have been a poor choice.  Regardless, it's a nice light weight summer top that I can wear over the next couple of months.

This is a cheap pair of elastic waist pants, that don't fall down when I move.  They wash like a rag.  They would look better with a plain shirt or blouse, and I'm going to keep looking for something like that.

And here is the old woman in another pair of fine pin-dot navy trousers.  These are a good quality pair that I may be able to wear for awhile, as they are somewhat snug.  I found them on a sale rack, with a serious price reduction, and like them quite a bit. Again, they would look best with a plain top, so the search for a plain navy top is high on my priority list. 
In addition I bought two more T-shirts. Neither of them will photograph well.  One is a medium grey with a blue design on front.  The other is a dusty teal blue with a tiny bit of silver on the front.

We have been shopping for a new kitchen table (the base of the current one is nailed together with a piece of wood (?2 x 4) for support, and David is concerned that it may not survive being moved)  This has been very discouraging. Our taste doesn't match our pocket book, and kitchen tables we've seen are all rectangular, and too big.  We found we could have one that would suit our needs, on sale, for $1500, custom-made.  Ma-a-a-ybe not.  So we're reconciled to living with the old one.  David found a nice table with a textured top surface ( very fashionable right now) that he really liked.  I told hi that he could have the one out of the studio.  It has a rough textured top, from all of the damage and dents it's received over its lifetime.  He declined.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Virtual "fires"

Ah, to make a fire - every time I pass by my fire pit I think how much I would like to fire up and sit - always wondering if you are also sitting around your fire Cathy. But I, too, have not yet had even one this year.  First it was too dry, and then it was too windy etc. One day it will happen!
Our plants survived the sudden freeze the other night - I guess the spraying helped and the fact that it was really borderline freezing and teasing us a bit?  But after all the work, I wouldn't have wanted to lose any. 
I got a call from the Library early afternoon that my book was in - I was pleased that I would have some weekend reading. I was so tired last night though, that I only got the first chapter read.  I had made a cup of "Nighty Night" tea and sat for a few moments in the garden before heading for bed - so maybe that made me a little sleepy as well?  It started to rain in the night and I pumped for a bit but it was only a light, short lived rain. But any rain we get helps the garden.
Harry is off to his sales, and I am gathering laundry to start a wash. It is drizzly outside so maybe for today, it will be inside work? Heavens knows there is enough of that to go around haha!
I plan to make a homemade pizza tonight - I frequently get the urge as I love it so much. Take care.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Summer colds

I saw the doctor Monday morning and by afternoon I started coughing.  Do you think there is a connection?  It has slowly moved through my body and is now in my chest and head.  Go figure.  The doctor ordered  lotsa tests and said he would let me know if there was any issues.  Since I have heard nothing I guess everything is okay.  Through Loren, I have been in touch with Tom Overwater.  He and his wife will be going through Neepawa next week and we are going to meet for coffee. (or tea in my case :))  He has certainly led an exciting life from his emails.  A world traveler. Lots of things happening at work again.  On the 15th we have training on electronic transfers (oh boy) and on the 20th & 21st we are going to be "podded".  A wonderful innovation out of Winnipeg that has groups of 4 people working together as a unit.  Oh gee....that would be our office.  Each pod has to have a name.  Our office likes "the archetypes"  the "Archies" for short.  Do you think Winnipeg will figure it out?  Oh well.   That is progress, I guess. Because of more problems with the work Winnipeg is doing for our office I have had contact with some of the "worker bees" there.  They are no happier with having to do our work than we are having them do it.  It is the Powers that Be that are the issue.  There is supposed to be a meeting next week to discuss it.  Gee.... Our office doesn't like it..... the people doing the work in their office don't like it..... what is there to meet about? (bitch..bitch..bitch)  I had hoped for a fire tonight, since it is a great evening but, as usual, the wind has picked up.  No way I will chance a fire tonight.  We did get my massive :) pool set up.  8 feet across.  Just enough to sit in.  I bigger pool would be nice again, but for now this is great.  I can sit and read after work.  (as long as I am reading one of my own pocket books and not a library book)  We were under a severe thunderstorm watch yesterday but all we got was 5 minutes of light rain.  I didn't want the hail and tornadoes anyway.  Tomorrow I get to do laundry and clean. (for the morning... then I sit and read :))  Have a good weekend!

Into the tailor

Took the pants in today and they are promised for Monday.

Clearwater Esso

Yeah, it was on the local news yesterday.  That's quite a loss, as it's the only roadside gas station for quite awhile heading west on #1, from Keewatin.  There is gas in both Falcon Lake and Westhawk but you have to go off the highway to get it.  Even so, those two are a bit of a drive from Keewatin.  For people in the area, it represents quite a loss and I hope it gets replaced quickly.

A couple of my pants may need shortening, and I'm waiting to dry them before going any further.  Both have tapered legs, and I would rather pay someone to it, than try myself.  We'll see about pictures once that's done.

Sprayed the plants this morning

Surprise - the temp got lower than expected and we were out spraying before sunrise. I have not been out yet to inspect - maybe afraid?
Happy to read about your shopping trip Pati.  How about a "selfie" or, at least, a picture of the purchases?
Sunny now, so I think we may be safe for the next while as the night temps and day temps are increasing - I read Winnipeg's temps and see you are also warmer.  Also read this morning on WFP that the ESSO at Clearwater burned.
Hope you all have a nice weekend - an special plans for anyone?  I expect my plans will include working in the yard haha! Take care

Thursday, June 9, 2016


We headed for Wal Mart, and found two pairs of slacks and a dressier T-shirt for $46+tax.  Then we went to Pennington's to see if I could find more slacks.  I was surprised at how different the sizing was.  In WalMart, I needed a 2X, but at Pennington's it's X, 1X, or 2X depending on manufacturer or cut.  Not that it matters, in the long run.  There David found a pair of red jeans-like trousers.  I fell in love with them and they fit like a dream.  I found a casual blouse that matches and a dressy blouse that matches.  Unfortunately the dressy blouse didn't come in my size, but they ordered one for me, to be mailed ( at no cost to me).  If it doesn't fit me, I can just take it back to the store for a refund.  I tried on all sorts of shirts and trousers, but settled for the jeans and four tops.  Two of the trousers/jeans are of good quality, and could last through the winter as well as this summer.  But--I will buy smaller, if I need to.  I can tell you that it was quite a shock to be trying on 1X, rather than 3X or 4x.  I sure didn't realize my sizing had gone down that much.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Yeah, the full name of ours is "The Real Canadian Superstore" and it is part of Loblaws.  Here both this, and the Walmart Super Center are beside each other in the same Mall. I have found they have two qualities of linens, one just a little bit better than Walmart.

Friends are invaluable.  I'm so glad you got in touch with her.

additional note

I just reread your message and I got it wrong. We do not have SUPERSTORES here - I now remember the store we went to on Regent right?  I was thinking instead of the two Walmart SuperCentres as they are called here.  My thoughts about Walmart remain the same though.....haha 


Yes, we are fortunate to have a Superstore in North Bay as well as one in Huntsville. They expanded and renovated several years ago to make the regular stores into the Superstores. At the time I was shocked to see the entrance right into the grocery part, and huge at that. I am more familiar with them now, but don't go in them enough to enjoy it yet -if you understand that?? But Walmart has never really been my "go to" store. This new mat was reasonable in price so I cannot complain. But now I would like to try it out.
By the way, my count this morning was 478 tomatoes actually planted. Four more people came today to get free tomatoes, and then I went up to the bulletin board and removed our posting. Since then Harry has planted 12 more  so we shall easily surpass the 500 mark as there are so many lying around in their little pots begging to be planted.  I bought 20 more cages today and they were used immediately. 
I phoned my friend Sue today out of sheer embarrassment as she is so good at sending emails and attaching pictures to keep me up to date with her life.  I just can't equal her ambitious agenda and so I end up never responding. I don't want to lose her from neglect, so made a call. She was thrilled and now I am so glad I did.
Well, if my plan goes as I wish, I shall finish my latest Gamache novel tonight and hopefully can slip into the library tomorrow and see if the last one is in - The Nature of the Beast. But I also plan to get on the bus and go to Toronto to pick up my millions $$$$ winnings from tonight's draw. Oh, decisions, decisions!  Take care

Trying to hear better

We've had to buy new bathmats recently, as well as replace towels.  I found that that sort of thing is both cheaper and of better quality at Superstore.  Do you have one of those in your area, Beth?

Yesterday was our annual hearing aid check up.  Of course, David got his yearly lecture about wearing the darn things.  She really laid it on the line.  Both of us have lost, but only a slight bit.  She had to go back a couple of years to be sure.  I've noticed it.  She says that my left ear is now at the level at which the right was when I got the aid, in the first place.  While they recommend that everyone have two, I've avoided it, but now I guess it's time.

After the hearing exam, David had an appointment with the ophthalmologist.  He has been having trouble, and I managed to get him an urgent appointment.  Now it seems he needs laser surgery, which is a new thing for him.  They are concerned enough to set it up for a surgery day in a couple of weeks, rather than seeing to it in the office, as mine were all done.

This morning I took at look at my weight over the past month.  I weigh every Monday and record it on the calendar.  For the last four weeks my weight has shifted up and down over the same two pounds.  So, as of this morning, it's back to phase one.  For lunch that meant a prune/yogurt smoothie--just what I wanted--not!

But the clothing issue is becoming more urgent.  We took a look at my closet this morning, and there isn't much left.  Even so, we found a couple more items that need to go.  One thing almost every diet known to man states is to get rid of the "big" clothing, or you will gradually get back to it, without realizing what's happening.  David has now told me that my trousers are looking "baggy", and that I need to find some that fit better.  My heart tells me that to buy clothing now, is to accept that this is the point where I expect to end up, and I really don't want to go there.

Rest you say there NO rest for the wicked?

I am about to put on my jacket and go outside - it is single digits here right now - praying the night temps don't get any lower or I'll be out there doing the cover up dance. I am about to count the tomatoes that have been planted - at Harrys request. He lost count somewhere close to 300. But he also plans to plant more today so I have to keep my list organized as to area and type,so i can just add as he plants.  Don't want to do this all over again. We have given so many away. He put up a sign at the post office and another message on Kijiji. Yesterday we went to Huntsville and delivered another about 70-80 plants.  And we went into the Walmart Superstore which is not a regular occurance. We bought a new bath tub mat. I never knew such a purchase could create such a discussion and deliberation between two people. haha So out to the yard I go. Hope your day is just as exciting! Take care

Sunday, June 5, 2016


We were both so tired that we were in bed early.  For some reason David's alarm went off at 12:20 am, but just with loud static-no actual alarm.  He didn't wake up but I did, and it took a couple of hours to get back to sleep.  None the less, I was up at 7:30 and he followed soon after.  Considering that we have an idea that our reno is scheduled for some time around the end of the month, (we haven't been told but the contractor said something that made me suspicious, so I've sent an e-mail enquiry, but don't expect an answer until tomorrow), we took a look at the pantry, to see what we could do for extra storage space for the kitchen china, now that the casseroles are gone.  We found a bunch of stuff that was outdated and so into the garbage.  That gave us a lot more room, so the cupboards and most of the drawers have been cleaned out of everything except what we anticipate using over the next few weeks.  Then we cleaned out most of the drawers.  That lead to taking the door handles off, as we plan to re-use them.  David only got the upper cupboard doors done, when we called a halt.  Enough!

We got e-mail from Amber this morning saying that she, the neighbours and Darren were celebrating quite late, so they would be sleeping in and not to come for the tables and quilting frame until later this afternoon.  So David is in watching tv and I'm in the studio.

All accounted for, and tales told....

I could hardly wait to log on this morning and to read your stories -both Cathy, and Pati out and about yesterday! Sounds as if, all things considered, the day was successful on all fronts. Balloon animals and casserole dishes all received well haha! 
This morning it is raining here. We need it. It means another day inside and maybe I can continue with some badly needed cleanup. After working all day yesterday, Harry said he'd go to the store and get something for supper. He came home with liver, asparagus. and fries to cook in the oven, with bacon for the liver and butter tarts for me. Just what I wanted to do....make a liver dinner!  But neverthelsss, it was done and I enjoyed the meal. Even enjoyed doing all the dishes!
Time to start another day. Hope you folks take time to relax after your busy days.  Take care

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Spider Man Pow Bang

Today I helped out at a Superhero/Princess party at Arts Forward (formerly VCC)  I cooked in the kitchen and did dishes while children screamed and run around.  I am disappointed that I was the only board member there, but the staff (Rrain & Kathleen) did great.  At one point I thought an alarm had gone off but it was a little girl screaming with delight. The super heroes did great and just before the event was supposed to end the police pulled over a driver just outside so Kathleen was right there saying " Oh Captain America and Spiderman you had better got and help the police!!" So the super heroes got to leave and shortly the Princesses got to leave.  A very interesting and fun day.   Rrain made balloon swords that the kids loved. One lucky boy got  a balloon giraffe 'cause he asked. My life is soooo sheltered. Can you believe that is the highlight of my day!!!

Garage sale

Arg-g-g-h!  I forgot my camera.  And no-one was going to drive back to get it.  The morning didn't start off well, at it was 8:00 before we got to Amber's.  The sale was scheduled to start at 9:00, and while we had made a couple of trips out there yesterday, we still had to set up in the driveway.  Amber took most of her stuff across the street, and we sort of divided it up to Adult stuff at Amber's and children's stuff across the street.

There were at least 3 other sales on the block, and some enterprising person set up a lemonade stand as well.  Customers were steady until about noon, and then fell off to a trickle after that.  The rain fell in fits and starts until noon as well, but then the day became much warmer.  David tells me that I have a sunburn on the back of my neck, as I was sitting there until 3:00, when we started to pack up.  Most of the "guy" stuff sold, but not much in the way of clothing, although Amber had said that it has sold really well in previous sales. We were surprised when two women pushing strollers bought the two sets of jumper cables.  Go figure! A friend of Amber's had been there when we dropped stuff off on Friday, and bought most of my T-shirts, but only a jacket sold today, and I had to cut the price on that.  We had taken six totes full of china out and brought only two home. People sure knew their stuff, as my casseroles sold quickly.  I even sold 7 cup and saucer sets!  That was a surprise.  Over all, we got rid of a lot of stuff.  The leftover clothing is all going to a clothing drive on behalf of a local woman's shelter, and I was glad not to bring it home.  Two totes of china are headed for the thrift store, and the remainder is staying in the garage until after we finish the renovations.  It has been two days of heavy activity for both of us.  Amber was exhausted as well.  So now a quiet evening and off to bed.

Yeah, the diet suffered, but I'm finding myself being much more responsible, even when I cheat.  All proceeds from the sale will go to buying me a new wardrobe, since most of the old one is gone.  

The big day is here

So today is the garage sale in Lorette.  Thinking about everyone. Harry is off to his garage sales as usual on a Saturday. Although they start around here on Fridays now!
I am doing house work to try to catch up.. seems all my time anymore is spent in the yard!
Harry bought a record player yesterday at a sale. I have wanted a player to play some of my own and precious (think memories) long play records.  I just hooked it up and it seems OK. Now to find a suitable usable space for it. 
Are you busy with events Cathy, or at home. Hope to hear from you, and then later we'll hear from Pati about the big sale?
Take care

Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Joy Cometh in the Morning"

This morning David just had to cut the grass.  It was getting quite out of control, with  all this rain.  When he came in, he had a gift for me--two stems of Lily-of-the-Valley flowers.  He found a small clump growing under the Mock Orange bush in the corner of the garden.  We had no idea they were there, but have decided to leave them alone, in hopes that they will "be fruitful and multiply".  The rhubarb along the fence is also growing nicely, but is still "spindly" so we will leave that for another year before picking.  We made two more batches of Rhubarb and Pineapple jam this week, and don't need any more.  Rather we are saving the jars in hopes of a good crop of Nanking Cherries.  Otherwise we have 6 dozen jam jars to offer at the garage sale.

We were out and got a "float" for Saturday.  Thank Goodness our bank doesn't charge us old folks for this type of service.  Tomorrow it's out to Lorette to do some basic set-up, and then the big day.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Another quiet day

In celebration of June 1st, we turned the furnace back on.  It has been cold and rainy for a few days now, and the temperature in the house got down to uncomfortable.  We decided that there was just no reason for us to have to go out into the deluge, so put off a couple of errands until tomorrow.

Last evening was the AGM of my art group, and my friend, Gail, picked me up--as well as taking one of the casseroles.  We were to have set up an art show at the Millennium Library this morning, but Gail offered to take my stuff in for me, as she was on the hanging committee and I wasn't.  I'm sort of glad she did, as I was tired, and ready for a quiet day at home.  Now that she's made her choice, David was able to box the rest of the casserole dishes up today, ready to move out to Amber's

The machine sewing was finished yesterday on my latest small piece, and today I finished up all of the the tidying up to make it ready for beading.  I'm sort of looking forward to that.  There  is another small piece that I can tackle now, and get out of the way.  It's good to be working again.

I no longer have any Lily-of-the-Valley.  What we had came from the house on Maplewood, but the last of it was removed when we put in the front flower bed last year.  It had become quite scraggly.  But I, too, used to love the scent.  It was one of the few flowers that I would bring into the house. We never pick the Lady Slippers. They are just about past now, and I learned my lesson about peonies and ants years ago.  The other flower that I used to bring in was Lilacs, but ours were taken out several years ago.

And now I must start thinking about supper.

An early morning post....

Today will be busy for me. But I wrote a list of TO DO and hopefully it will all fall into place nicely. We will be celebrating Erin's Birthday tomorrow and I will be preparing a light lunch to take. As well, the baking and decorating of the Birthday cake (Carrot with cream cheese icing) , and baking an extra rhubarb cake for Mike haha! We have been "giving away" tomato plants last few days. Harry realized that we had too many so put an ad on Kijiji which resulted in two responses, as well as yesterday we took another load to friends around the lake. Still have far too many and need to plant them somehow. I was hauling pots around the yard and filling with compost for Harry to plant but running out of room and compost now. Gets to be expensive buying soil, and bedding plants. Soon the yard should be at its maximum and best ??  Harry bought a hanging Strawberry plant for me - every morning when I first go out, I pick a ripe berry or two and pop into my mouth. Yummy!  Then I'll pick a Lily of the Valley flower, and take whiffs of the aroma as I walk about. The smell is intoxicating!
So, my day begins. One coffee already on board so I'm good to go haha!  I have my list and soon start in earnest. I'm actually looking forward to my day. Hope you are both looking forward to your day. Think of something wonderful to focus on and have fun!  Take care