Friday, February 28, 2014

Revise the plan again

Went to swimming class on Tuesday, and have been barely able to walk since.  I'm hoping this is the cortisone injection slowly wearing off, and have an appointment in early April for another. But this can't be considered functional.  The previous class had also taken four days before I was recovered enough  to take any sort of active role around here.  So, no more swimming until I get back from Cuba.

The power cooking is going well, but even so,  I have had to modify the method.  I am no longer firing up every stove and pot in the kitchen and spending two days doing nothing but cook.  Rather I am tackling one major project at a time and using the slow cookers to best advantage.  The first day we processed two BIG packages of lean hamburger making up 11 patties, and 36 meatballs.  The meatballs were browned off and then put in the slow cooker for 4 hours with French's Ragout sauce. Twelve meals in the freezer. Yesterday a big package of 13 chicken thighs were browned off and put in the slow cooker with a package of French's Mushroom gravy mix and two cans of cream of mushroom soup along with a can of water.  I also made a wild rice and sausage casserole, ate one meal and put another in the freezer.  My plan for this weekend was to make a BIG batch of tomato meat sauce and freeze 4 lasagnes and four meals of spaghetti sauce, but after doing grocery shopping today, we decided to spend the weekend doing the rest of the preparation for the trip, and power cook when we get home.

I read your post Cathy.  Does receiving your "gift" mean that you are any closer to working for the new employer?  How is the treatment for your insomnia working?  My heart was in my mouth reading of your trips through the snow drifts.  But then, even  once you are retired, you have to venture out at some point, although you will have more choice about when you do it.

My "first born" is 45 years old today.  If I'm honest, I can't even claim to be a child bride.  Did I tell you that Jeremy is now driving?  David arranged this morning to have a wheelchair for me to navigate the airport, going and coming.  I don't think I'm entirely looking forward to my birthday this year.  Looking in the mirror, I can't even lie to myself, anymore. Maybe tonight is a night to enjoy a glass of wine.

When? Oh when will it all end?

Today is much warmer.... only -23, with wind and snow showers.  I don't know where we will put all the snow in the yard.  Rodney has cleared us paths a couple of times, but we know have hills you could slide down in our yard.  At least we can still get in and out.  Although Wednesday was a challenge.  I came home at lunch to pick up Jim and the ground drift across the highway had made the road disappear.  Good thing I was familiar with it and knew where I was.  From the highway to the lane was like skiing moguls. One hard drift after another. When we went back to town, you couldn't find the trail I made coming in.  The wind and snow had covered it completely.  I emailed the people in Whitemud and told them that if the roads were like that after work.  I wasn't coming to rehearsal.  They must have taken it to heart, 'cause rehearsal was cancelled.  The wind had died down enough to see the highway, but the road to our land was now one long, deep drift.  -34 with -43 windchill... there was no way I would have headed out again.  I am taking one of my remaining vacation days today.   I have nothing planned, but there were so many things wrong with the work this week that by yesterday my brain was hurting.  I got some semi-good news.  I had taken 4 days VRW (voluntary reduced workweek..... they deduct your pay from your cheque all year to make up the four day)  Anyway, it seems through their error they had been deducting for 5 days.  Since it was their error, and not mine, they are going to repay me the money.  I could have taken the day, but this is like found money.!  Yesterday we had an all staff meeting at work.  At the end of it each employee was presented with a gift.  It was a picture.  It had our name (Cathy) and where we worked and then phrases about us.  All written in different directions.  Mine had things like .... Actress, Performing arts, Sense of humour, dedicated, Cat Spit Holler, (our home)  Rickards Red Ale (my favourite) etc etc etc.   They have been gathering information from us about our co-workers for months, but we didn't why.  It even came with a thank you from the goverment for over 15 years of excellent service. (as Elizabeth said,  15 years of excellent service... the rest of the time was mediocre.....Her placque said "wild sense of humour" and "bad puns")  Even Sandy got one and she has only been casual for 2 months.  I don't know if I mentioned that we have ordered 3 new windows.  The cost is added to our hydro bill for the next 5 years.  You can also buy a gas furnace the same way, but not an electric one...we have no access to gas here.  Anyway, the kitchen, our bedroom and the big living room will be replaced.  That will leave only one original window upstairs.  It is in the bedroom that Kik had and it is still in very good shape.  I am planning on doing nothing today but putter.  I need the down time.  Enjoy your trip Pati.  I will wrap up in a blankie and think about you.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Yesterday I separated the two birds into two separate cages. I think I told you that the little blue bird was acting erratic and that the big yellow bird seemed to be assaulting it?  Also Harry thought they were too cold in the front room so they have been moved to the bathroom with the heat a bit warmer. Overnight the blue bird seems to have relayed a bit - not to say it isn't still doomed but there may be hope? They are side by side to provide company which budgies need but separate so the yellow bird doesn't annoy the blue bird. So that is the current situation in my house - there are now two cages in the bathroom and I have to keep the door closed so the cats do not enter - the bathroom is usually their own special place so their noses are out of joint now ! Cleanup still continues here with more stuff moved to the storage shed and more stuff boxed up to take to the Auction house in Midland next Tuesday I think. I have found more boxes of scraps of cotton fabric and so very excited to keep these around and when time allows to start making the scrapy type quilts blocks I have viewed on The Quilt Show.  Last evening I watched Show #1307 with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tim making Scrap Quilts blocks - she has a book out called Scrap Quilts. It was a show from last year but still fed into my excitement from watching Victoria Findlay Wolfe the previous week. So today more work inside - the temperatures are very cold and windy with a touch of snow last night but perhaps more to come today and tonight? My friend Sue wrote an email reminding me of our tentative visit date in the Spring for luncheon with three other girls now. Wow, the numbers are increasing so my little group of contacts / friends may also be increasing? These are all folks I worked with in Home Care and all now retired. What a relief for all of us -Sue told me of the current CCAC (name for Home Care now Community Care Access Centre) "walking" a worker out the door last week not even allowing him to take his personal items with him at the time. He worked there for 18 years ( and with all of us folks) and well liked and respected but there is NO respect anymore from the big shots running the CCACs. Stirred my anxiety a bit with what happened with me at VON almost 5 years ago now - time I let go right? Anyway, have a great day and Take care

Monday, February 24, 2014

Your biggest hurdle jumped...

It seems to me always that it is the decision making that is the worst part of any change. Once you have come to that decision, the road to follow is generally easier to traverse. I hope it is this way for you Pati as I know only too well what you have accomplished over the last few days to reach your decision. Now it is the wait - how long to wait for surgery, how long to continue with current aquatic exercises, etc etc  I always admired how you "power cooked" and how organized it seemed to be - I could never do it, but wished I could. It is usually always pick up meals around here and sometimes it makes me crazy. We went to North Bay today so got that over with for this week. Mike returned from his Snowmobile Course in Petawawa late last night so we were over to visit and have a coffee today. He was on the trails day and night to Supervise the troops and they apparently put on over 1200 kms of travel with a few mishaps to deal with. This week he is assigned to travel to Ottawa one day, and then to Sudbury the next. He says as long as they pay him, he'll do what is necessary!
So here we are starting another week and hoping you folks are keeping busy and well? Take care

DEcisions made

Sorry to have been among the missing for the past few days.  Neither of us has been happy about the way our days have been going lately, but since my functional level is so erratic, weren't sure how to deal with it. So, a lot of soul searching, and revising priorities.

I have realized that I can't continue to attend swimming class three days a week.  Those days are pretty well lost to me, and I don't get the recovery time I appear to need right now.  So it will  be three days one week, and two the following week, and if there is a holiday, so be it.  This won't be as much activity as they recommend, but I was experiencing so much "downtime" trying to do more, that I think it evens out in the long run.

I have arranged to have my name on the list for knee replacement surgery, as of today.  This will probably mean a loss of range, but hopefully, will also mean a significant reduction in pain and an associated increase in functional level.  Dealing with the pain is just sucking my energy, and David is taking over more and more of the responsibility for our life.  Yes, every aspect of our life.

We will have to train ourselves to more in the way of planning for just about everything.  That will mean going back to our former planned "power cooking", and revising the way we use our freezers.

I don't expect this to be easy, or quick.  I think we will be dealing with this for the next couple of years, given the surgery waiting list.

 Yesterday I had my haircut.  I go to a small "drop in" salon nearby.  They have only recently started opening on Sunday.  There are a couple of women there who do a decent job with my hair, but neither of them were available.  One of the others did it for me last time, and never again, so there was one choice.  She was short, stout, in a skin tight miniskirt, with multiple piercings, tattoos and a bright blue Mowhawk.  Appearance sure didn't mean anything regarding her ability though.  A very nice cut, just swings into place and she didn't use any sort of product--just good cutting skill.  It still looks good this morning.  So one more thing off the list for Holguin.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hi from here

Saturday morning - Harry has gone to the Flea Market in Sprucedale and I am trying to make some order out of chaos here and not having much luck haha.  Struggles with recent weather of mild temps, rain, freezing rain, wind and snow squalls - all in one day! And then last night lots of snow.  What a trial we are all going through this winter - we should all get our wings soon eh? Harry wanted to get the small greenhouse started so yesterday I taped the hole, and tried to repair the door that was torn off its hinges. It is more or less ready I think to get the second heater up and running in there with a few more little things to do before that can happen. The big greenhouse is as full as it can be right now so the little one is to take the overflow and then get full itself in the next days and weeks to come. Apparently next week the night lows may go as low as minus 27 degrees so I am just a little concerned. In meantime I go with the flow and enjoy what I can of the Olympics - will be over tomorrow and hoping I can have my laptop up and running to watch closing ceremonies. Will likely have to take another trip to Midland next week as well as the current auction on line ends Sunday night and Harry has a few items in that as well as bidding on a few items. I phoned our old friend in Coldwater and will plan to visit with her briefly on our way through.  Anyway, hoping all is well with you folks - enjoy weekend Take care.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Milder here too--sloppy in fact--+

A very rough weekend, but I was feeling a little better today, so ventured out to my swimming class.  David has decided that he wants a dual power razor so drove me, planning to shop while I was in class.  A very thorough class, but I made it.  Then David picked me up and told me I had to go to see the things he had selected during his shopping.

He had decided to get a couple of new suitcases, since none of ours were acceptable to the airlines.  Thank Goodness what he had found was on sale. Those suckers aren't cheap! At the same time we picked up a very nice, special, light-weight purse to use.  I think it will be much better than the huge and heavy one I 'm currently using.  The old one suits me for now as I can get an awful lot of stuff into it, but it is so big that I would have to declare it as my carry-on for flying.  After this shopping trip, I was in no shape for the grocery shopping I had hoped to do after swimming, so we bought the bare essentials and I came home and to bed for an hour. This evening I watched that Quilt show that you mentioned Beth.  some neat ideas there, but before you can do that type of piecing, you have to have a barrel of scraps.  I have a few here, should I send them up on the bus? Maybe not, as all I seem capable of these days is the random sewing of scraps.

Since all of this shopping is leaving me so tired and sore, I'm not getting into the studio much.  I spent a bit of time during the holiday Monday down there, but was tired and nothing would go right.  The holiday here is Louis Riel Day.  He is now referred to as a "Founding Father" of Manitoba.  Gosh, when we went to school we were told he was a traitor and hung for it!  

Cathy, you talk about how our lives are so exciting, compared to yours.  I notice you have a significant birthday next month.  It isn't too soon to start thinking about how you want to spend your days, when you no longer have to go to work. I went for a bit of retirement counselling through the EAP through work and felt that I gained quite a bit from it.  Since you are still with the Provincial government, something similar might be available to you.  There really is a lot more to think about than you might be aware of.

Milder weather today

And for that reason I cleaned off the roof again - hadn't been done for awhile but with milder temps I was concerned about melting. There is so much snow on the roof this year - my efforts with the roof rake only allows me to clear about 6 to 8 feet up and even with several  cleanings this year, there is a layer of ice and many ice ridges but at least with melting or heaven forbid, with rain, the water won't soak into snow and create dams  causing the leaking - it should run down to the eaves. Should!!
I watched Show # 1404 (Victoria Findlay Wolfe) yesterday on The Quilt Show and was taken with the technique of randomly cutting fabric into small swatches, and sewing them into a piece of fabric which you can cut into a square or whatever shape to incorporate into a quilt. I quite enjoyed watching this particular show as it was something I could see me doing sometime. I am almost finished the book How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny and I think I shall have to get the other Gamache novels - start at the beginning of the series haha  I like her style of writing .I have been following the Winnipeg Free Press and the stories and pictures about the fire at the mansion on Wellington Blvd - what a shame for the family. One can only imagine having a home like that but a tragedy to also loose it and everything in it. Haven't seen much Olympics on computer lately but have been following the results on the radio. I like to watch the curling and hoping both Canada teams do well. Must go for now....take care.

Monday, February 17, 2014

A bit of time on computer

It seems that Harry has a cold so headed back to bed for a few hours until the Women's Hockey game starts at noon for the Olympics. I hope I can catch up on a Quilt Show episode in the meantime - I am behind although the next show with Victoria Wolfe is not supposed to be aired until today - I might be too early - oh no!
I just heard via email from a friend who lives in Petawawa but is currently on a world cruise. Met them in Victoria and have always kept in touch but not really seen them - never been to their place in Pet where they retired when he got out of military years ago. They have just crossed the equator and will be landing in Tonga where the King of Tonga is supposed to meet the cruise ship. She has looked forward to this once in a lifetime event for years so I am happy she is now experiencing it in real time. She will never fly so all their trips have been by train or boat or car. They went to stay with their son in Germany ( he is in military as well) and travelled there on the Queen Elizabeth II. They always take advantage of discounted train trips with VIA that are offered to military personnel. She tells me to look on the VIA site to get a cheap trip to Winnipeg but I apparently need the serving member to participate and Harry would not be doing that ever. So that option is out for me.
We splurged last evening and went out for Dinner. I think I told you that we have exhausted the restaurants here in Sundridge and surrounding area so haven't enjoyed  an outing for awhile. We decided to venture a bit farther and drove west towards Parry Sound stopping at a fine restaurant just past the next town of Magnetawan. Harry had heard of it before by others saying it was very good. It doesn't look super as is tucked in behind bush and buildings as is part of an Inn. It was perfectly delightful. We had prime rib which was the weekend special to celebrate Valentine's Day. And I had a glass of white wine and then Bread Pudding for dessert. They feed the deer and while we were there a family of about six including two small twins grazed on the vegetable discards they had thrown out. It was a nice break.
So today I shall bake some more to rid myself of bananas and then keep organizing boxes of stuff. Hopefully will watch a bit of Olympics - more controversy with judging of Ice Skating so will be interesting to see who wins that - the Canadians or Americans? Take care  

Saturday, February 15, 2014

what a day!

Our day was busy, as well.  We were up and off, shortly after 9:00, to a pancake breakfast with Amber and Darren's dog club.  It was held in a local restaurant, before the usual opening time.  Fixed menu, three strips of bacon ( and very nice bacon it was) and three pancakes plus coffee or juice, for $10.00/person.

We had some grocery shopping planned, but stopped into the local large sized ladies' store, first, to look for a beach cover-up.  This is almost essential at a resort, and I have had trouble finding one.  Well, I had a coupon, so took advantage and picked up some summery tops, and a couple of light weight trousers, as well as the cover-up. There was a perfect pair of trousers, but not my size, but , we were told that they maybe had a pair that would fit out on Pembina.  So off we went.  Yes they fit.  David went to pay and not only were they on sale, there was a special of 50% off the sale price!

Then I remembered that there was a special quilt vendors market at the Holiday Inn on Pembina.  So we had to go there, of course. David had been having trouble finding something to wear as well, so he suggested going back to the Swimwear store At St. Vital Centre, as he remembered they had some nice men's shorts there. Since it was lunch time we stopped at the food court.  Packed, and we wandered around forever before finding a place to sit. Then off to the swimwear store, where he looked at the price tags and decided to check out the Bay. Sure enough he found some very nice clothes there at a very reasonable price.

By this time it's going on 4:00, we are both exhausted and I couldn't walk another step.  We had nothing out of the freezer for supper, and I was in no shape to tackle the grocery store.  So-o-o-o, off to the casino for supper and relaxation.  We arrived home about 9:45.

David has a hard time buying clothes.  I have learned to let him choose--there is no way I can select his clothing for him. So when he is in the mood to shop, I just get out of the way.  This trip wasn't really driven by the up coming trip, as we both needed to do a bit toward up-dating our wardrobes.  I had actually earmarked a bit of the money from my sale in December for clothing.

Now we are just sitting and decompressing, over a cup of tea before bed.  We are NOT going shopping tomorrow.

Saturday evening update

A quickie message while I listen to Randy Bachman - it is the Valentine's show with love songs tonight so should be good.
We went to the Sprucedale Winter Carnival this morning - watched the parade, and then over to the Community Centre for a Pancake Breakfast, and then Bake Sale and Penny Sale. And then to the Flea Market at the old School. It was a glorious bright and clear sunny day - a bit crisp but still nice.  And that's pretty much my day. When we got home I did the wash and tidying up a bit, and then went through a few boxes - Harry is gradually cleaning up some of the boxes downstairs - sorting through to see what can go to the Auction, what he can sell on Kijiji or what goes to the shed for a summer garage sale. Sounds like fun, eh? One box was full of yarns of various sorts and colours so I started to roll them up and organize it but I had help. I left the room for a bit and when I came back two of the three cats were having a ball - yarn stretched all the way down the hall. I couldn't help but be amused as they were so intent on having fun. I usually play with a string and tin foil ball on the end so I guess they thought I had upped the anty a bit by leaving balls of yarn around.
I haven't used my laptop since the greenhouse has been turned on because of my fear of blowing fuses so back to taking my turn on the desk computer. We have had some of the Olympics on the computer so have seen some of the action but not as much as if we had the TV to watch. I can remember in 2010 when we watched so much of the Vancouver Games on the TV but then the times were more congruent with our time. With Sushi there is a 9 hour time gap.
Hope you are having a good weekend. Monday is Family Day for Ontario so a Stat holiday. When does Manitoba have a similar holiday? Anyway, lots of snowmobiles and fisherfolk in town and out on the lake - they have cleared some ice by the dock so I think there may be skating maybe on Monday? Anyway, time for bed. Take care

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Still not able to post from my laptop

I sent along a little joke about Canadian weather,  Please forgive me, but the Devil made me do it.  David is out blowing snow.  Out of bed, no breakfast, and out in the cold, while I sit here in my nightie talking to you.

We are still finding out of date food.  When it came time for me to ice my Melting Moments for my guests on Tuesday ( only three of whom mad it in the blowing snow), I discovered no lemon  juice, as we had thrown it out.  What to do-what to do.  Lime juice!  OH-oh. Best before Dec 2011. Another morning when David was up and out in the cold before breakfast. 

What this is leading up to is a realization that we have to change our method of storing and buying food.  We are still thinking that buying in bulk is cheaper, but not when you end up throwing it out.  We also tend ot store the bulk items in the basement, and that is where the big freezer is.  The basement stairs are a problem for both of us, although David says that he thinks he is moving a bit better since he started making numerous trips up and down the stairs lately.

We are already moving towards more frequent shopping trips, because of my desire for fresh fruit and veggies.  So I think we are going to buy in smaller amounts but shop more frequently. I am already watching for weekly meat specials and buying when the price is right.  Meat I can freeze.  I can't see us abandoning the concept of planning/preparing for a monthly shopping, but over the past couple of months that shopping has become much smaller. And I want to plan my meals a little further in advance, and make sure we have, at least, one week's supply of meat in the upstairs freezer.  We'll see how it goes.

Yesterday we off to the doctor for a TwinRex booster, then both of us were quite dopey for the rest of the day.  I hope today goes better.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Strange weather report tonight on TV

Very humourous just now on our weather - they pointed out a snow warning for Winnipeg of 10 to 15 cm for you folks so I thought that was very kind of them to keep me informed of your weather issues haha  Good you had your driveway done Cathy as maybe it might be filled again? Actually they were showing it to emphasize that this system is headed our way so I can expect the same snows to fall on me as well. Keeping it all in the family?
I went to the South River Fabric store on my own this afternoon - I was looking for a specific book ( they also have an excellent used paperback section) but while there I had a wonderful look around and then another lady I knew came in so we had a conversation together with the owner. It is nice to relate to others. But then I went to check the mail and a car pulled up and lady got out and looked familiar to me but I smiled and walked on only to be called "I can't remember your name" she said, "but I know you" It was a Nurse I worked with at VON in North Bay. She was with her daughter who lives in Sundridge and apparently this gal comes to Sundridge often. She retired last year as she became fed up with things as so many of the "older" Nurses have done and all retiring early to get out of the poor conditions in community nursing. What a shame as it was so good for me for so many years until the very end. So two separate little situations that were very pleasing for me. As you say Cathy, it's the little things that matter so much - as long as we allow ourselves to recognize them, right?  This morning I made two different recipes for muffins - one to use up some bananas and the other to use the wheat bran we bought at the store on sale. Both really good but smart me froze some so I won't have to eat them all at once haha. I started another Louise Penny book last night (contrary to what I told you I was going to read) I forgot that I had bought on Kobo her next book How the Light Gets In another Inspector Gamache novel. So I can get my fix still, and so better get at it right now - goodnight. Take care.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Adventures in Living

I love reading about everything the two of you are up to.  You always seem so busy and doing so many things!   I go to work and come home.  Today when I got home I had a wonderful surprise.  Rodney stopped by with the big tractor.  I now have a lane into my yard, instead of two ruts that you had to stay in or you were doomed;  I have a path from the pump house to the culvert for the spring run off; I have a path to the hydro pole to read the hydro; I have a path down to the quonset (truck width) that passes by Rrain's shed close enough for her to get into it; AND he scraped the patio down to the stones.  Sometimes it's the little things that mean so much.

How true......

...and it was nice to read your take on my comments as after I sent it I wondered why I might have thought your interest in my real life would not be valued so enough said, and onward and upward we go.....
Just listened to the Federal Budget - at least the CTV hour long news report with summaries and commentaries. I should have stayed in the Search and Rescue as volunteers can now claim $3000.00, however nothing else is going to help me - so sad.
We made a quick trip up to North Bay after going to our rented storage unit. Mike needs all his winter military gear for this exercise in Petawawa coming up at end of week for the following two weeks, It seems we had it all in trunks in our storage unit so hauled it out (of course it was hidden at the back) and took it up.  It was there because some time ago, when he was away on course we got word that the basement of his house had to be cleared out due to Fire regulations. Mike had been storing lots of his extra things down there (only tenant in the house with access) so Harry and I had hauled it all to our storage unit for him. Up to now he has had no need for all the winter gear so it stayed put in storage. We'll likely bring it all back afterwards as he really has little storage in his apartment space and probably won't need it again for awhile.
I finished The Beautiful Mystery last night and for tonight I feel without any purpose haha so I downloaded the Jane Austen book Sense and Senseability  onto the Kobo to read so might start that tonight. By coincidence I bought the movie of the same name in Rebuilt Resources today with intent to watch the movie as soon as I finish the book. That should be fun. I also bought Breakfast At Tiffany's as haven\t seen that in years. I like to see some of the older movies - seem to have more to them than any recent ones-  not that I have seen any recent movies lately.
I'm using the battery on the laptop and just since starting the charge is down to 70 % - so doesn't last long. But it allows me to go onto the computer to check messages without plugging in, and I can always take it to the bedroom to charge when I'm done. The heater in the greenhouse takes priority over the laptop being plugged into this circuit. Speaking of which, it got down to below minus 30 degrees here last night and Harry claims the tomatoes that were about 3 inches high already got frozen last night as they are limp - I think maybe they are just sulking from being transplanted but what do I know haha
The girl who just won the Gold Metal in the Skiing Slopestyle Event today- Dara Howel - is a best friend of Harry's sister's daughter from Huntsville Ontario - they went to school together and taught skiing together so I imagine lots of smiles and congratulations going around that circle of young friends. Time to take dog for a short walk - too cold for any longer - and then 6 pm news on TV and then retire with my new reading material. I'll miss Louise Penny's writing as really enjoyed that book - left me wanting more.
Take care

Monday, February 10, 2014

Been thinking about your last post

Your trials and tribulations regarding the green houses are a significant part of your life for a good portion of the year. This blog  was created so that we could become more aware of, and maybe more apart of,  each others' lives.  Why wouldn't you share something that is so much a part of your daily life, but equally a source of frustration and tension within that daily life?

My tensions and frustrations come with my total disinterest in, housework.  When I accomplish something, that may have needed doing for quite awhile, I consider it an achievement and want to share. This has become more of a focal issue with my diminishing physical abilities, so completing a task is even more of an achievement.  I want someone to take notice.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend come and gone so fast..

Time flies when you are having fun ( I guess?) Glad you are back on the blog Patty - Don't you just hate it when the darn thing acts up and you haven't a clue what is wrong! But I did like all your "Wows" haha
More fun with plants and greenhouse again today and I expect will be "s.o.p." for some time to come as well. So maybe I should just keep quiet about it all from now on?
I did manage to move my Maplewood cactus from the dark side of the back room to the shelf by the window in the hopes that it may blossom soon. It was in flower all summer but hasn't done a thing since I brought it in last fall. Here's hoping it will make a change as I just love that plant.
I used my laptop a bit today without plugging it in and surprised at how quickly the battery life gets used up. But I did play it all afternoon (plugged in) to watch some DVDs while I worked on the Christmas hooked wall hanging in between helping Harry  It works great for watching movies and I'm sure I will use it again for this. Did not see any Olympics today but would have liked to see the Team Ice Skating event where Canada received a Silver Medal. I also took a virtual trip to Holguin, Cuba and toured around a really nice resort. It looks wonderful and from what I could see, I do not think steps may be a problem but then the picture did not really show how one gets to and from the rooms. You'll be fine especially with a little cart to use if available as you said. One of the DVDs I watched was about Cabo San Lucas located at the bottom of the Baja Peninsula of California on the Sea of Cortez. It also looked wonderful and one of the shots was people in the water up at a bar drinking and I could just picture you in your new swim suits idling away your day in a like fashion ?? haha.  One of my birds is acting funny these last two days and I 'm wondering if it may be sick - can't seem to fly about the cage but instead crawls up the sides from perch to perch. Weird actions and then the other bird seems to be either protecting it, or assaulting it - can't figure it out. Oh well, time to read more of The Beautiful Mystery before lights out. You have yourselves a good week - think about Valentine's Day and feel the love. Take care

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Try again

I have been having trouble blogging over the past few days, but hope springs eternal etc.  A couple of times my lengthy blogs have disappeared into the ether

Today I think I may have overdone it a bit.  My Tuesday Stitchers are coming over next week, and this means cleaning up the main floor. ( Last week I cleaned up the basement studio area for Ravenesque.)  So today, I tackled the bathroom, including scrubbing the tub.  With much whining and complaining, I got it done, without nearly as much trouble and pain as last time.  We tidied up the living room--not really too much of a job, and then the spare room.  I have yet to dust or vacuum, but good progress has been made--and I'm almost beyond tired.   Then I discovered that I didn't have the food I needed to make the supper I had planned, so poached eggs on toast it is.  Sure glad we have no greenhouses to get into shape.

Cathy, you had said something about looking up our resort on the internet.  There is actually a good spread, complete with pictures, and, most interesting of all a huge section of comments from other travelers.  One thing we have found out is that the place is built into the side of a hill ( it is a mountainous region of the country), and there are stairs.  Evidently, there are stairs everywhere.  But we are also told that there are golf carts to take you anywhere you want to go on the resort, and it's a huge resort.
You would have to Google Rui Playa Turquesa in Holguin.

We have had to buy bathing suits and sandals.  David found a very nice suit that is a little more concealing than his red Speedo, and I have bought two more top sections for fat ladies and another pair of black shorts to go with them, so that I now have two shorts and three tops. I'm really finding that I prefer the two piece, as the fit is so much better. I will need a beach cover-up, but they were so expensive at the swimwear store store that I think I'll look in WalMart.  We both need some resort wear, but have to do some calculating as the luggage limit is quite low.  The six "a la carte" restaurants at he resort appear to have dress code, but, if necessary, the reviews suggest that we needn't bother with the restaurants as they are nothing to write home about, although I had wanted something a little special for my birthday  Other times in Cuba, the food was nothing exciting.  It tends to be the same basic food, cooked in many different ways, but considering what they have to work with in that economy, we shouldn't complain.

Otherwise, I am slowly but surely working on the six table runners I want to have for the sale at the quilt show.  The sewing  is much faster than the planning and preparation, but I'm plugging along.

Have a great weekend.


It has been a long time since you heard me talking about the greenhouses eh?
And so it begins again...........Harry wished to start up the greenhouse today as some of the seeds he planted indoors and now under the grow light system are needing to be repotted and thus out to the greenhouse. I prepared the little greenhouse in the fall so that it would be ready to go when the word was much for preparation. Harry wanted to use the big greenhouse and \I guess he won out as he went to the little one and shovelled away the snow at the door only to find a whole in the one panel of the plastic, and then when he opened the door, the door came off entirely. So panic panic panic and I found the electrical cord and set it up in the house to run outside to the big greenhouse and Harry bought some stripping to go around the door and then the heater was brought from the house and connected, I'll check the temperature when I take the dog out but it had reached about 50 degrees over the day. If it maintains its heat then tomorrow we will put the plants into the greenhouse, We also got the newspaper wrapped geraniums from the basement and most of them were sprouting so planted them into pots and they will also go into greenhouse tomorrow. And so it begins again........
I watched the Opening Ceremonies of Olympics yesterday on the laptop and then part of the Womens Hockey today. I realize now that I cannot plug in the laptop where it is sitting because the circuits are weird in the house and the outlet I'm now using for the heater in the greenhouse is the same one with the TV and the front room wall - and this is where I have to plug the laptop in because that is as far as the internet cord will reach. I have blown the fuse on this circuit many times because of the outside heaters so know quite well what might happen.  Long story short, I take care with all I do in order to help myself manage without incident (at least for the most part haha)
Time for news and then read and then bed - Randy Bachman is on and I always enjoy Saturday night with the radio!! Ain't life exciting? Take care

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Success with laptop

Yesterday I searched for the CBC Olympic site and got it onto my favourites but could not run any of the videos that were offered. This afternoon I took some time and started to troubleshoot a bit. Mike suggested that Adobe Flash Player was often given as an option to download if the video was not working and sure enough with a little searching, there it was and so with some difficulty still I managed to download  that program onto the laptop and when I tested it, success. I was able to open and watch the videos. Then I got brave and tried to log onto the CBC live broadcast of the Games and again success! So now if I wanted to, I could just sit here on the chesterfield all day and all night and watch the Olympics. But then I got to thinking, if I can get CBC now, why couldn't I get it regularly and be able to watch some of the shows I miss since the CBC went off the air on our TV? The sky is the limit when I then realized that I could probably also watch DVDs on the laptop. I guess I shouldn't get carried away but I must tell you how much I am enjoying this little toy haha  We went up to North Bay today - I won some more prizes on the radio station draws that I had to pick up, and we had some other chores to do, and a bit of shopping. We saw Mike briefly as he had to work, but learned he will be going to Petawawa for two weeks starting next week to instruct a snowmobile course. He never ceases to amaze me with his diverse and interesting skillset and what he is called upon to do in his work. I had a scare yesterday morning with my right eye - just after breakfast I experienced what I could describe as lightening bolt flashes of light that lasted for about 30 minutes. I was ready to head to ER but it suddenly quit. I did not have any residual effects like I had had with previous tears and bleeds but for most of day yesterday I laid low and did very little - a very boring day actually. Today I remain unaffected but I am watching things closely. Well, time to read a bit before bed - contrary to what I said above, I won't be watching the CBC on the laptop all night. Here's hoping that you Cathy will be overcoming your insomnia with the help of the clinic's interventions so described in your last message - how did you do the first night? It may take a while to respond so hang in there.  Take care

Warmth and Sunshine

Everyone has really enjoyed their time away this year and you'll be just as happy!  Please let us know where you will be and we can go online and visualize you there!

My morning excitement too!

To sign on and read your surprise message - I am so happy for you both. You like it in Cuba as you have been there before and this will be no exception. Praying for great weather for you. Keep us updated with all the plans please ?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


David drove me to swimming today, and when he picked me up told me that I would be spending my birthday in Cuba.  We had been talking about it, but now it is all arranged, and paid for.  We leave on March 11th and return on March 18th.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I got my results from my sleep disorder tests today.   It seems that I do have MILD sleep apnea, but I also have a kind of insomnia (I can't remember what she called it...)  She said both could be treated, but that we should treat them each separately to see which treatment is most effective.  I opted to go for the insomnia first as it is medication rather than mechanical.  I will be on a very VERY low dose of a sleep aid.  I am not to take it everyday in case I start to tolerate it and need higher and higher doses  Right now I would be so grateful to sleep through the night.  I told her I never sleep on my back 'cause I always have trouble breathing a make loud noises and wake myself up.  I was surprised when she told me that I had spent about 40 minutes on my back during the test, but she also said that it was apparent that my body seem to recognize that there was something wrong with that position because the longest I spent on my back was just under 12 minutes.  I was also surprised to learn that most people stop breathing while sleeping  The normal range is 3 to 5 times per hour!!!!    I will pick up the pills tomorrow and see how things go.  I have to make an appointment with my own doctor to renew my blood pressure pills,  but I will wait until I have tried the sleep pills for a while.  I'll let you know how things go....... hopefully after sleeping for at least 6 hours straight!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Early start

This morning I had the car to the garage by 8 am - time for oil change and inspection. Now with only one car the process is a little different. I stayed in the waiting room until the work was completed. In the past we would leave the car there for the day and pick up later when we had another car to jockey us about. So for about an hour and half I sat and read my Kobo and generally enjoyed a little time while the car was done. Then I had other chores including the bank, the store, the pharmacy and the post office. But was home by about 1030. Tomorrow we are going again to Midland to the Auction House. Harry bid on several items and as well we had several items in the auction for sale. Tomorrow we will take more boxes of treasures for the next auction. This may be a profitable way to clear out stuff but does require the drive there and back. So that's my update - short and sweet. Thanks for the recipes - I'm anxious to try it out now. Yesterday I sent regrets to the Coordinator of the Class of '69 Reunion set for May in Winnipeg. Does not seem timely or of real interest for me to attend these events. Well I shall go and read some more - I am really enjoying this book by Louise Penny - perhaps I will have to read more of them. Take care

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My recipe

is somewhat similar to Cathy's.  I use a 10 ox package of frozen chopped spinach instead of the parsley. Thaw and squeeze the water out, before mixing it with a 500ml carton of cottage cheese, and egg and Parmesan cheese, for the filling. I will use homemade sauce if I have it, but just as often use a 28 oz jar of bought sauce.  I just layer twice, and don't put any mozzarella in the layers.  So that is sauce, noodles, filling, noodles and sauce.  The mozzarella is only added for the last few minutes of baking.  I make and freeze mine in small aluminum loaf pans--just two generous servings in each. If you give it a few minutes to sit after taking it out  of the oven, this makes a nice firm lasagne. 


 This makes a "sloppy" lasagne rather than a dry one.  When I made it Saturday,  I used two square tinfoil cake pans rather than one large lasagne pan.  I make my meat sauce with hamburger, frozen tomato  junk, onions, a small amount of green pepper (optional), mushrooms etc. and cook it up and simmer for a little while.  Canned sauce would probably be much easier.  This recipe comes from the Reader's Digest "Cook Now Serve Later" cookbook.




3.      PREHEAT THE OVEN TO 375 F.                                                                             





Who needs groundhogs to predict?

I can tell you that spring is no where to be seen - at least around here. I just came in for a coffee and rest and will head outside again. So time for a quickie note. Good to read your news.
I finally got all the hard pack snow piles cleared away yesterday ( from cleaning the roof two days earlier) when it started to snow again and this morning greeted with another 10 cm. I took the dog for a walk to the lake and when on way back the plow was at it - I stood and watched him dump ( and I mean really dump) onto the driveways all the way down our street but I think especially into my driveway. (Maybe he was mad, or hung over ??) We don't have to go out anywhere but I am always needing to clean a path in case we have to get the car out quick.- I think this feeling I have is from our time caring for Harry's mother when we (I) had to be ready day and night to head out.
Cathy what recipe do you use for Lasagna? I had a craving last week and ventured to buy Compliments ready made that was on sale at Foodland. As usual it did not meet my expectations. Harry doesn't eat it so I hesitate to make a batch but maybe if I break it down into meal size and freeze I could think about making some? Well, coffee is done so out I go. Won't be watching the Super Bowl as not interested. If it were Canadian Football I would but since CBC went off the air here, I haven't even been able to view those games so have almost lost interest. I go onto the Wpg Free Press site regularly and get my Bombers fix that way haha  Take care

Saturday, February 1, 2014

An adventure

Over breakfast, and looking at a day of housework, I saw an ad in the paper for a flea market at the race track, so off we went.  What a mob scene!  Thank Goodness for the handicap permit, as otherwise we would have had to park miles away.  Most of it was the usual flea market stuff--over priced garage sale junk--but we found a couple of treasures.  I now have a new thimble.  It was also over-priced, but I have so much trouble finding one that fits.  I found some jewelry, mainly pins and earrings.  David has now helped take the backings off the earrings.  On one of the bags I found a 50 cent price tag under the $2.00 one that showed, so I have to believe that the prices were raised for this event, but no-one twisted my arm to force me to buy anything.  I also found a booth selling Victorian Epicure.  I have acquired a couple of their dip mixes before, but this was my first chance to talk to a vendor. I came away with two bottles of stuff to try with my roasted veggies.  I tried one with supper, and found it acceptable but not really a "WOW".  We'll see how the other one works out.

The rest of the day was spent in the studio.  I had two projects to finish and post on other blogs, and then start tidying up for the Ravenesque ladies who are coming on Monday..  The following week my Tuesday Stitchers will be coming, but they meet in the living room.  They are a more formal group, and I will have to serve teaand  dainties to them.  The Ravenesque ladies will eat just about anything served.  Sometimes we just dig into a box of Timbits plunked in the middle of the table.

All of the cleaning has to be finished by tomorrow evening, as I have another swim class on Monday.  I have been requiring a nap after my classes, as they are really tiring. It seems that I lost a lot of ground during the two weeks following my recent surgery, when I was doing nothing.   So I want to be able to really take it easy on Monday.  While I was not attending, I made myself a terrycloth wrap to use following my shower at he pool.  Now I am able to have a real shower, and wash my hair, instead of just rinsing off and then showering when I got home.  Thank Goodness, because my skin was really suffering.

Bed time now.  Have a great weekend ladies.


Finally the weekend is here. I'm not sure why I look forward to my time off so much.  The last load is in the dryer.  I have two trays of lasagna in the freezer and a big pot of "clean out the fridge" soup on the stove. It is almost 12 noon.  I guess it's because I am at home doing my own stuff instead of at work doing someone elses stuff.  I was really tired this week.  Not sleeping well.  I  told the others that I was tired and bitchy and to just ignore me.  Elizabeth said that if we had a phone call from a disgruntled person they would just pass them over to me.....It might have been a good idea!  I have to go  back to Brandon on Tuesday for a "tele-health" meeting to get the results of my sleep disorder tests.  They will probably say there is nothing wrong.  That's what my own doctor says when I complain.  (want some cheese with the "whine"?)  Rrain gave me a new stock pot for Christmas.  I always used hers when she was here and I really missed it.  Mine was so cheap that everything burned,  This new one is nice.  It has the pasta insert and the steamer insert.  I cooked the lasagna noodles in it this morning and I have my soup simmering in it right now.  Tomorrow is Super  Bowl.  I am not a real football fan, but it is a great excuse to have finger food for supper and just snack all evening.  I was supposed to have Monday off work, but since it is month end I have to go in.  I will take Friday instead.  I have to head out shopping soon.  My freezer and pantry are full, but the fridge is bare.  Time for some fresh produce. (and toilet bowl cleaner... I discovered I am still out!)  I'm glad both of you have received good news about your problems.  Even if you don't think you are worried I know that things like that are always in the back of your mind.  Take care and have a great week.