Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A little break time... join me?

My special Duchess China cup is at my side with Earl Grey steeping as I sit down to write a few words. I believe Winter has returned - wearing my heavy jacket and knitted hat as I just took Bailey downtown to check the mail and we detoured to the lake side - they have the long boat dock out now so we walked its length - Bailey was not impressed! Ran into Fred, the man from the Horticulture Society, who thanked us again for the plants. He said that the most they have usually made at the Annual sale has been around 600.00 but Sat they made over 1200.00 and they were thrilled. Now this was not the result of our tomatoes and other veg we took of course, but I am sure they added to the extra sales a bit. 
Harry has the little smoker going outside with pork and beef in it. We went shopping yesterday as it was raining and cold, but today being the same, it is a lazy day at home. I made a gorgeous beef  stew early this morning - put it in the slow cooker and had some for a late lunch. This is real comfort food for me and since I know I will be the only one eating it, I made it to my liking... yummmm. 
I know now what I shall get at Fabricland with the gift certificate - I pulled out my Olfa cutter to check what number blade I needed and as I was taking it apart I fumbled with it and everything went flying - screws and pieces. I was trying to be so careful not to lose any parts and remember how to put it back together that everything went wrong. I cannot find some of the parts although I have not done a real thorough search on the floor, but I decided I shall just get a new cutter and if money is left, get an extra blade. I looked at my hexigon quilt yesterday with idea of maybe trying to pick up every now and then when time allows. I have several audio books and started one the other night in bed - an Amanda Quick novel called The Paid Companion. I really enjoyed just listening instead of having to read. So I thought I could do the same with the quilt - work at it while listening to a book. I already have a bag full of various audio novels so I am sure I can find something I like.
There were a few comments on your finished piece Pati (Mouse Factory Blog) and in looking at the two options I agree with the last person's comment that Option 2 is also the most pleasing for me.  Have you made a decision yet?
Well, my tea is almost gone, and Harry has come out to use the computer so I guess I'll sign off for now. Hope all is well with you folks...take care.

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