Saturday, June 2, 2018

Yesterday was an adventure

Gail picked me up at 11:00, as promised.  But, her tire pressure light had been on, and she was concerned, so called her mechanic, and talked to him, eventually going out and checking the tire pressure, and getting the "go ahead" for a lot of driving.  We got to Lockport a little early, so had lunch at the Half Moon, and then heading for the quilt store, where I got exactly what I needed ( and more).  Then off to the store where Gail had business.  There was still a lot of time, so we decided to head into Selkirk, so I could pick up the two pieces I needed to have for the sale next weekend, and save myself a trip in on Tuesday.  For some reason, the gallery was closed, so it was off to the art sale, as that was the whole purpose of the trip.  Pulled the brochure out of my purse, for directions, and suddenly realized that the art show was today, not yesterday.

So-o-o, a change of plans.  Gail decoded to visit the business where she gets her wholesale supplies, but wasn't really that sure where it was.  This lead to a trip through a fair bit of the North end, before we finally ended up on Higgins, under the Slaw Rebchuk Bridge.  Part of our travels took us over the Arlington St Bridge, and we hit a stop light while at the top.  What an interesting visual image, looking down on all of the train tracks in the rail yards!  Finally, we ended up at a coffee store known for their desserts.  We had been there a couple of times, years ago, and it was just as wonderful as we remembered.  We had planned this coffee stop a few weeks ago, and it was probably the one thing of the day that worked out as planned.

Today was the yard sale at the church across the street.  And it was (and still is) cold and windy, so the actual sale was in the church basement. We got there early, and I found a very nice French Blue tea pot that will match my kitchen quite nicely, as well as 5 very nice juice glasses.  Later we went back for our yearly B-B-Q hotdog and hamburger, and they had the barbecue set up outside under a tent.  We were early enough that we got our hot dog and hamburger hot.  Usually they are cooked a little ahead of time and can be less than hot.  Not that it made much difference this year, as they cooled off quickly in the cool wind.  Finally, later this afternoon, when they were cleaning up, David went over to see if they had received any bids on the  china set I had donated.  They had asked for bids, with a $500 minimum, and had three interested offers, so I hope it all works out for them.

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