Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Adventure in Fabricland

Yesterday I went into the Fabricland Store in Huntsville to spend my 50.00 gift certificate. I had decided to purchase a new rotary cutter and an extra blade if possible. I had no idea that the rotary cutters were so expensive. I guess it has been a very long time since I bought any such notions. But here is the good and the bad of it all.... This store is closing its doors as of July 31. I had heard rumours of this but there it was - the signs on the door and all over the store. 50% off most selections. (some exceptions of course) If only I had had some time to browse, but Harry was waiting in the car.
So I headed to the quilting notions section - this is where I realized the price of a new cutter would be out of the question. I looked at rulers and other interesting items but took a new blade and a Omnigrid triangular ruler to the counter estimating the price to be near 50.00 The clerk said no, they were half price so i could spend more ( there had been no sign to indicate to me that these notions were 50% off) So with great excitement I grabbed another new blade and only had to pay 4.22 more than the 50.00 I had. I would have liked this neat little cutter for half square triangles that I saw, or also a hexagon cutter/ruler that looked interesting, but I did not have time to look further and estimate I got what I got. Two new blades and my triangle ruler. It was fun in a way, and now I can think about sewing and using my new tools. I may never actually get at it right now, but fun to think about it anyway haha!
I have tried to make a hair cut appointment but could only leave a voice mail - hoping to hear from her today and get a cut today or tomorrow in time to go to Mikes Friday and then Monday night to the Scott Woods Show in North Bay for which I bought tickets over the phone some time ago.  Cathy, this is the show I had mentioned to you before that is also performing in Neepawa at the Fox on their Western Tour. Today and tomorrow I shall be getting ready to go to Mikes - need to bake and then gather what we shall be taking. Harry will be preparing part of the meal here and then we have to carry it there to finished. Mike requested meat loaf, and he will make rice for us in his new rice steamer that he bought recently.
Well, time for some breaky, and then on with the day.
Pati, thinking of you and sending my best happy vibes so that you will be feeling better real soon. At least to get over this little relapse you are experiencing. I bought a bottle of Arthritis Pain pills yesterday for myself, after your comments about it helping - I used to take them and then stopped, but realize that I should really be taking them regularly again. My hands and other body parts are aching so much lately - lots of outdoor work does not help it and I know that I have exacerbated my problems with this.
Take care

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