Saturday, June 9, 2018

New Day--new life??

Okay, life moves on.  I'm still a little woosie, and there is still pain--but not as often so severe.  At this point I'm controlling it with Tylenol Arthritis ( 1350mgms, every 8 hours).  I picked up my prescription of Tylenol 3 this morning, but don't plan to use it, except-maybe-at night.  I had an appointment for a cut and colour with my hairdresser this morning, and was able to keep it.  Then I came home, spoke with my friend Carolyn, ( her phone calls are always lengthy) and went to bed for an hour.  Got up too quickly--pain and nausea--so lay down for another 1/2 hour, and things are fairly good right now.  I'm trying to cook supper.

Obviously, the biggest fear is that this is my life from here on.  I've had to cancel a commitment for Tuesday, and, at this point, can see that I can't make any firm commitments for awhile.  Just live day by day.

Meanwhile, I'm again, almost blonde.  Turns out that this is the only way to cover the ever increasing grey I have.  I jokingly made reference to having to dye it completely grey next time, and she took it seriously.

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