Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time goes by

Sorry you have been feeling so unwell Pati.  I hope you get all better real soon.   As for the home ec skirt, we made a wrap around skirt.  Same idea..... one big piece of cloth and the extra long ties at the waist.  We put a slit in the tie and wrapped it around, with one tie going through the slit from underneath.    Not that I have sewn anything since then.  We are trying to get a little bit done each day at home, but the weather has not been helping.  We have not gotten the horrible rain storms that were predicted, but the wind has been blowing a lot and it has been very hot most days.  We did manage to have our first fire of the year the other day.  With the burn ban on we hadn't even tried it but they lifted it after we got and inch of rain so we took advantage.  it was nice to just sit and talk.  Okay, it is now a day later...... got interrupted at work during my break and never got back.  We have another meeting today at 1:30 (Why are they always during my lunch break?)  This one celebrating some peoples years of service (from 1 to ????)  Patty gets a gift today. No surprise since she got to pick it, but it is all wrapped with a card.  My anniversary is in the fall so I will have to wait if I want anything.  I have missed out on everything event so far.  When they decided to award 10 years, I was at 11. At was at 6 when they acknowledged 5 years.  August will be my 20, so I have to stay to get a gift.  And here I was planning on winning the lottery and leaving.  I heard from Larry again a couple of weeks ago.  His oldest son has cancer and is only given about 3 months, if that.  This will be the second son he has lost.  It must be very hard.  We are starting to get a bit excited about our trip in July.  I might even buy new sandals!  Or pants.  I still have a week in Winnipeg before then so maybe I should wait.  I have no idea where I will be in Winnipeg because we haven't been told where negotiations are.  I hope I find out before I go. It is windy again today, with no rain.  they keep predicting rain but not much yet for us.  Probably on the weekend  Almost time for our exciting meeting.  Then they ask why our numbers are down........

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