Sunday, June 10, 2018

Good to see your blog Pati...

.....And although you say you are not quite right yet (are any of us haha!) it is good to hear that things are better. Maybe not your life now, but maybe its just a little detour for now? Stay put and play Candy Crush- by the way did either of you try that little garden gnome Google game this morning. I tried and failed miserable but you two at least have some experience with gaming strategies so may fair better. 
Harry got rid of some more tomatoes yesterday to a lady on Main Street who was having a garage sale and they were talking about gardens and she said she did not have tomatoes yet. He came home and loaded some up and took them back to her. I wonder if she was a little surprised?
I made a batch of rhubarb/pineapple jam as planned but this too, was not to my liking. i opened the tin of pineapple only to see that it was sliced and not crushed. i could not believe that i bought the wrong tin. I made the jam anyway and cut up the slices very fine. the jam is a bit runny like yours Pati but will still be good. Then i went into the cupboard and didn't i find the tins of crushed pineapple sitting beside my jello packages. I racked my brain trying to figure out my error until I realized that some time back i bought the sliced to make a pineapple upside down cake ( that never happened). So now i feel better about my error but wonder why it did not occur to me at the time? I will be making more batches so can still utilize those tins of crushed. I will also be baking a rhubarb crumble and a rhubarb kuchen - with Splenda- to take to Mike's on Friday. We will be visiting him June 15 to celebrate his Birthday and he requested this as his treat. He is doing so good with his new eating regime that I hate to spoil it for him but with the splenda as substitute for sugar it should be ok.
So the day begins... likely be outside today doing more yard work - yesterday I tired to stay in and do housework but that did not really work out very well except i did get the bird cages cleaned - takes quite awhile to do that.  Take care

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