Sunday, June 3, 2018

Colder weather?

The colder temperatures you folks are experiencing right now, and what usually comes my way, is a bit disturbing for me. It will mean some issues here for saving plants if it dips to near or freezing temps overnight. If it rains that will be OK but not if the night skies are clear. But enough...let what comes, come, and we will have to deal with it!
Well Pati, it seems you have the prize for "adventures" (although Cathy hasn't reporting in yet haha)  A fun story to read and especially that you did not actually go to the art shows as was your intent.  Oh, how I remember the old Half Moon and many a trip to Lockport. It was also a favourite road trip for Dad and Mom - going up one side and back the other, or vise versa haha!  I shall have to get out my Winnipeg map later and search out the route and the bridges you named - I always like to refresh my memory. Is there still the notion to move the train tracks out of the core of the city? I know there was some issues with Symington Yards? or is that old news?
The other day the neighbour lady across the street, Elaine, came to the door with a tray of fresh baking. I had taken over some tomatoes and left them on their sidewalk. Last year they moved in and we had some no acid tomatoes that we actually gave to the other neighbours Ruth and Gerd, but who gave them to these new neighbours because he (name is Mike) was allergic to the real tomatoes but could eat no acid ones. He since spoke with us and we got to know them a bit, and so we planted no acid again this year for him. But they were lost when our big greenhouse froze. I told him we would not have any for him this year but in my searching around our yard I found two low acid ones which I did not know we had so took them over. What a long story - are you following all of this haha. Anyway here came the tray of goodies. She says she loves to bake, to which I responded we would make a good pair because I loved to eat baking.  Her butter tarts were wonderful. 
Yesterday was the Horticultural Plant Sale and so Friday evening we took tomatoes, peppers and kale for them to sell (friends Fred and Grace belong and he has been trying to get us to join - I'm not interested) So we (is that the royal we again!) volunteered to bring some things for the sale anyway. They were setting up Friday evening and they were so excited to get some vegetables especially nice looking tomatoes that early Sat morning Harry loaded more into the car and took them over. It was funny as when Harry came back Sat from his garage sales he said he had driven past someone on Main Street on a bicycle with two tomatoes in the front carrier and they were our tomatoes!  I guess we have made our contribution to the Community - just like you Pati donating some items to the Church sale - but your china which is a bit more than our tomatoes haha!
Well, before you tire of this monologue, I shall go now to make my breakfast and have another coffee before I have to get at more yard work. Yesterday Harry bought a flat of patience flowers that I have to put into planters today.  Take care

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