Friday, June 8, 2018

Election now what?

A resounding change in government - here we go with a Conservative majority under the leadership of Doug Ford after 15 years of Liberal management. I wonder what will happen now?
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, lots accomplished yesterday and for some reason, I am aching all over this morning haha! We also took another load of tomatoes to around the lake for distribution to a friend. Funny how Harry is now looking for someone to take his overabundance of plants.  We have given away to all the people we know - I wonder if I should set up a table on the road?
Weekend is here and on my agenda is making jam - Pati you beat me but only because I haven't been able to get to it. The rhubarb is looking big and strong and begging me to pick. Hopefully I shall pick Sat and do it down. I have been eating kale until it is coming out my ears but so enjoying that recipe for kale salad with creamy poppyseed dressing that you gave me Pati.  Also using the kale in substitution for spinach in that "spinach scramble" I eat at breakfast. Not quite the same taste or texture but still nice.
Have a great weekend folks. Pati where is your event this weekend - I, too, love to look at the map - I found Highway 227 you mentioned that Keri used to come into Wpg and now will look for your destination. Take care

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