Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Carry on Regardless

Slowly getting better, slowly reducing the amount of Tylenol, and then--ZAP!!--woke up in pain this morning. Not nearly as bad as last week, but enough to slow me down.  Thank Goodness my corset has dried enough to wear.  I washed it Saturday, but with the damp weather it wasn't dry until late yesterday. However, this is a bit of confirmation about what is leading to these episodes, as I suffered a bit of constipation late yesterday.

These damp, cool days are depressing, but we  saw a bit of sun in the evening yesterday.  But I did get almost an hour in the studio yesterday--first time since last Wednesday.  I've been fooling around with a large (about 38" square) hand dyed mandala.  Since perfection seems to not matter so much these days, I've messed with it quite a bit, and it's now down to two pieces.  One is about 19" square and the other about 15" by 22".  Since "mug rugs" (6" by 6") appear to be coming back, I may even get a nice set of those out of what's left.  Unfortunately this isn't getting anything ready for the shows coming up, but I've found that my creativity moves out, when I take too much Tylenol.

David has asked if we could got to a show today, and we've settled on one.  It's our habit to attend the late afternoon showing.  Often the theater is not crowded, and what crowd there is, is often older.  Once we were the only two people in the theater.  Guess we're not roasting a chicken today, but it will have to be cooked tomorrow.  Whoops!  Spoke to soon.  David just came to get it ready to cook it for lunch, before we head out. Guess I better try to help.

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